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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 8, 1892, Bakersfield, California Vol. Iii. No. 6. By a rooster fight Between California Auh Maryland. A horrible mine disaster in Indian territory. All the latest news As received by Telegraph by t in daily californian up to 4 of clock today. Crisp s condition serious. Washington Jan. So in spite of the favourable reports which have been j sent out from speaker Crisp s room at the metropolitan for the past two Days the speaker is still critically ill and his family Are very much alarmed about his condition. His physician said last night that the crisis of his illness had not been passed and that pneumonia was still feared. A gentleman who saw or. Crisp today says that lie is so weak that lie cannot hold a Lien in his hand and that when he was called on to sign a Cheek today mrs. Crisp had to hand and guide it. Market report. Chicago Jan. 8�?wheat easier. May 93. New York Jan. 8�?wheat easier. Jan., 102j feb., 103 March 104js april 104� May 1041. San Francisco Jan. 8�?wheat no sales. Barley inactive. Buyer season 114j. Bakersfield Kern county Cal. Friday january 8, 189j. New today. Price 5 cents. Wood Yard. Situated at terminus of Street car line South of court House j All kinds of Wood promptly delivered for Cash. G. C. Shepard. Telephone no. 3. Jas def miscellaneous. _ for Sale. Advertisements of five lines or Ess under this heading $1.00 per week. Must re sold forty head of horses mares one and two year Olda and Colts at a bargain. No offer refused. Apply to this office. Jas def it a bargain a a few extra Fine government land Clavius on hand. These Taly to claims must be Dis Rosed of this week Philip Klass p. 0. Box 41, Bakersfield seventy tons of wheat Ano Barley Hay for Sale at the lowest Market Price also six Brood mares Sumner. Apply to c Ritzman Alcazar Bald Tai lost. \ a a our rooster Flap Doodle it. New York Jan. 8.�?the Cocking main Between California am la Pland so much talked about during the last few weeks began late last night near this City. Tile contracting parties were Arthur b. Suit of Ucland Brince Georges county Maryland and Anthony Green of Sacramento California. One Hundred dollars a Side was staked on Cadi Batt and .$l,0 h went on Lase Britt. Spectators each paid five dollars admission fee. The fifth Battle broke up in a Row because of a foul on the part of the Marylander. At 3 a. In. Tile sixth Battle was commenced. When the eleventh Battle was Over the main stood six to five in favor of California. At this time the electric lights went out and the referee left the building. When Green took ids twelfth Bird to the pit he found no opponent. The other Side said As there was no Light lid no referee there could be no fight ing. The crowd jeered them but to no purpose. It looked As though Hie Marylander were very glad to find a pretext for avoiding the two concluding Battles. How an award of tile stake Money will be made is not yet settled. There May be a suit for it unless it is awarded or. Green or lie is Given a Chance to fight the main out under an acceptable referee which lie says he is willing to do. The woman did it. Oakland Jan. 8.�?alex. R. Otter who was arrested in n. A. Walkers House wednesday night while holding a Tete a Tete with mrs. Walker met the angry husband in a corridor of the City Hall this Forenoon and a killing nearly resulted. Upon seeing Otter approach Walker who had some papers in his hand attempted to put them in his coat pocket. Otter mistook tile action for a pistol pocket movement Ami immediately Drew ids own pistol and covered Walker with it. Auditor Snow jumped Between the two men and an officer appearing on the scene both were arrested Otter for drawing his pistol Ami Walker for carrying one without a horrible disaster. South Mcallister i. T., Jan. 8�? the report of a mine disaster near Krebbs last night is confirmed. Already ten bodies have been taken out. Reports differ As to the number of men entombed in the mine but it is believed about 150 men were at work when the explosion occurred and it is feared that none of them Are now alive. Another report from the mine at Krebbs places the number of missing at 225. A land title settled. San Fkan Cisco Jan. 8.�?the Superior court toil a dismissed Hie suit of Andron Leo Castro it a1 against the City Ami county of san Francisco it a1, on the ground that the plaintiff had been negligent in their prosecution the complaint having been tiled in june ins. Tile action was taken to adjudicate the i plaintiffs ownership of Over id blocks of land in the City and thousands of a pro a erty owners were concerned in the ease. _ Blaine Well. Washington Jan. Vblaine this morning is reported quite Well and hard at work in ills Library with a private Secretary. Nudie. Uart Luiu. The late mme. Bartholdi was no Ordinary person and on Lier Ninetieth birthday she looked so full of life and beamed so with mental vigor and heartiness that i wonder she did not live to a Hundred. She was left a widow Early and devoted herself to the education of Lier sons and the stewardship of their paternal properties which under her management were increased to fortunes. Though so Well endowed with the Money making faculty she was a person of a generous disposition and Given to hospitality. In youth she was reputed the handsomest girl in Alsace. As an old woman she was More than handsome. The pure outlines remained and the fire of tile kindest quickest and most lambent pair of eyes imaginable was never quenched so Long As life remained. The son must have had her in his head As he re Mem 4 t the native son s Ball a ladies. Blue Aud Gray striped circular with Gimlet lined with Navy Blue velvet Aud tied with tan j ribbon. Finder please leave at this office. Diamonds watches clocks. Silverware Gold spectacles Gold pens ac., ac., a. Goldman Niederaur Block no extra charge made for engraving. N5tf is All it takes to secure a lot in Zdru Rosr -Ra-d.clition. Miscellaneous of course you have heard of mastiff plug Cut but have you tried it yourself it is making new friends every Day indeed it disappoints nobody. It is always even better than people expect. Wanted pro rent a mall furnished House i or two furnished rooms suitable for housekeeping. Scud Price and location to this office j a id to Tup great Slaughter Sale Breed her in Lier younger Drys when lie still continues. Was sketching the design of the statue o a a Liberty enlightening the it was her idea that libel to should not been Pate de Gui mauve but in. A grave and severe aspect. Liberty was the Best of All conditions she used to say. For these Ali were severe upon themselves and the \. It St for the self indulgent. One never saw a Trace of self righteous bars Ness in the old lady. She was very indulgent toward tile erring but that Grace she said came with the wide experience of old age. It was a source of enjoyment to her to drive to the Isle of swans in the Seine and look at tile reduced copy which was set up there a few years ago of the famous statue Winch now stands at the Entrance of new York Harbor. One of her sayings was a do not repress badness crowd it out with Good ideas a a London truth. Clothing univ p. X c e h Tir 1�?4 5 Ltd a a Ash us Iii its. $5 ail lots under the projected Kern River consolidated canal. Particulars at Drury a drug store. A Pari Caudle Story. A every traveler who stops at a pans lodging House a laughed a woman the other Day a has a Candle Story and Here is mine we were served with two candles every morning which we never half used up these would be taken out however and fresh ones appear in their places. Knowing that we were being charged for every Candle we determined at least to enjoy added illumination and my husband looked around for a place to hide them during the daily do Flag up of the apartment. On the top shelf of a Cabinet arrangement in a Corner stood a Large japanese vase wide and deep. Up to this or. Climbed to discover that we had been forestalled for in its capacious hollow we found seventeen candles every one burned Down perhaps an Inch. A some former lodger had resented the Candle swindle like ourselves Aud had put his daily allowance where it would do the proprietor no Good. That night a Brilliant illumination of Nineteen candles each set in its own grease on the Marble top table gave us something like Light. During our stay we hid and accumulated candles so that we had always enough to read by and when we left we deposited our Overstock in the vase for the Benefit of some searching York times. Never before in the history of Bakersfield was there such a sacrificing Sale. Every Man boy and child can have a new suit or overcoat it less than manufacturing Cost. Or Bbown Loon n a Oszt a invest your having in the citizens Mutual building and loan Assoc a of Bakersfield authorized capital sick too. Shares $100 each. President Edward e. Elliott. Secretary a. L. Brown. Vice president John m. Keith. Treasurer John j. Mack. Directors h. W. Fergy Imon j. J. Mack j. M. Keith j. W. Wiley atty. Come first Day. A they will not lust very Long a co operative savings institution. Our plan of operation insure lame profits and absolute Security to investor. You can not afford to be without Stock in this company. It builds you a Home it makes you frugal Ani Thrifty. It will make you Money. It adds to your Independence. Stock can be subscribed for at the Bank of Bakersfield of e. E. Elliott or 0. Hirshfeld. Seno for a prospectus. Storeroom in Monde Bui id inn Chester Avenue s. W. While president. J. J. Mack cashier. Jun Impf Bakersfield Ual. The religions of China. The three great religions of China Are confucianism buddhism and Taoism. The bulk of the people Are buddhists rather than confucian its and there Are millions of infidels. The Tomb of confucius is it Mecca for Many of the Chinsami they make pilgrimages to it. Confucianism is More a philosophy than a religion. It contains Many of the beauties which we noose to be exclusive a Quot Iii Quot pro retries of christianity. The Golden Rule in a negative form was Annunciate by confucius and As a system of i a i laity it is Beautiful. The Taos hts a i i King v More superstitious than the con i lumber Iez. C. Paek capital #250,oho. Bakersfield California. Dealer in lumber lath shingles shakes posts. Doors. Windt is blinds. Moulding line Cement hash hair. Asp ill Kim Ujj of Ciau time a one l tile material hts. They began about Tho same confucius their preacher being of Tsze. State religion in connection with Isa k Kus Al eld y us it Gnu Block North Quot i i ii Nihon a which All these religions come in is the worship of the emperor who is the son of heaven and the Prophet priest and King of the people. He worships for Ltd it Iii them in the temples at Pekin. When the great Temple of heaven was burned Down u shudder ran Down the 800,000,000 j a a 1 arises of the great chinese nation. It was thought that this was a warning from heaven that the Ernys ror should be g. Carpenter in National Tribune. Sam Nek Yang k a let of la ii i i of h warehouse. J. W. Willy attorney Ami Counselor sit Bakersfield. Cal. Ill to a general banking Busine transacts. Sell Exchange on All the principal places in the world to hotel for Sale. The Central Hoise a Fine hotel Comer of Baker and main streets opposite the Southern Pacific depot. Best locution in town. Street ears run by the door. It covers four town lots. Frame building containing 20 rooms All furnished throughout. Having established my Home in Ltd Osta Blea South America i have concluded to sell this Fine pros try Lief re i return for the sum of $15, ski. The pro Yerty will be for sub until Ltd Brist Mas. In Vigne Sumner. For further particular regarding payments Etc., inquire of a. C. Maude Bakersfield. J. P. Pac tobacco co., Richmond a. Southern hotel Barbershop the finest Baths in town with rooms reserved for ladies. Ladies hair dressing a specially a a Quot if a. Goldstein. Land can us reclaimed Alkali neutralized by using land plaster Nevada Gypsum l fertilizer ce., Telephone building a Han Emnot a Cai h vl2il3maw _ j. S. Drury druggist Chester Avenue Corner eighteenth Street next door North of former site. A wholesale Aho Bita in la Lam tax p tire drugs Patent Medicine chemical and toilet articles paint Oil Vandalia brushes window Glass Etc., Etc. Pau Caimmi Matilt Pura Iio. Do jewelry watches and clocks precious stun Khz silverware. Rino Diamond Laos pins stud emblems cts. Is Opiat vanity. Everything Oudara Naadi Alao a hic l1hi of Blank books amp stationery a at Maude 8 jewelry store chem tar a Knik or a we ii Yakoo kick Khz owes. C. O. D. A Thilia store. It Helling at Aht Nill i ugly Low prices. A. Hakka. A us i dissolution notice. I it a nor of fee he Coba run Kush 11 heretofore Kex Isatus Bat to ii ill. Mccord Kiel in rite of i hereby declared dissolved. I will not by Al myself Japon Slphie for mud of hts debts. J. Trullinger. Veterinary surgeon. Dated Raker Field pc. 33, us de Jului
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