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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 7 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - January 7, 1892, Bakersfield, California F re Quot vol. Iii. , Kern county Cal. Thursday january 7, 1892. By Iii la Iii til Kub Ullin Conin trouble in anglers. I on Dom Jan. 7.�?the Stock Exchange today is in a state of great excitement owing very wild rumours. A report is current tile effect that i British War vessels at anglers have landed Blue jackets and marines at that place. It is added that the French Admiral there has Given the British Admiral notice that France gives England 24 hours in which recall her Hasty action and that if this is not done the French Fleet will attack the British War ships. It is supposed that this startling report is simply a canard circulated by the i bourse speculators but it shows the feeling in regard affairs in Morocco j information is obtainable at the admiralty Oft ice. A crazy prisoner attacks lie Warden of an English prison. Market report. Chicago Jan. 7�?wheat weak. May 94j. New York Jan. 7�?wheat weak. Jan., 103 feb., 104 March 105? May 105? june 104. Sex president Noah Porter. New Haven conn., Jan. 7�?ex-i resident Noah Porter of Yale is dangerously ill with Grippe. Nut gathering Days. All the latest news As received by Tete graph by the daily californian up 4 of clock today. Kaweah leaders desperate. San Francisco Jam 7�?special dispatches from Washington says a. A. Redstone who says he represents the citizens of Tulare Fresno and Kern counties Lias a iced in Washington and will try have introduced a Bill j that would give All persons who file on land now within the Sequoia Park reservation even though they never j made entry Possession of that land. I this is believed be a move in favor of Kaweah Colony. There is every reason believe that the leaders of tie Kaweah Colony those who engineered the scheme amt collected Money from j dupes Iii the East will lie arrested and charged with using United states mails for fraudulent purposes. The men most Likely find themselves in the hands of tile Federal officers Are sex president Burnot i. Haskell and Secretary Martin who is now Pratti ally Iii charge of affairs. Tile amount of Money received by Kaweah leaders through the United states mail from Eastern dupes is estimated at about sixty thousand dollars. Bedlam in prison. London Jan. 7.�?a convict named Swinburne terribly beat Warden Hinks in Warwick prison this morning. Hinks would have let Een killed on the a a a pot but for the interference of convicts who held Swinburne until other prison officials arrived. Swim Burne is crazy and it has been found necessary shut him up in a padded cell prevent him from dashing his brains out. Hinks is thought be dying from the effect of his injuries. The men who came his assistance will probably lie pardoned. The worst of crimes Somerset ky., Jan. 7.�?miss Vint Woods belonging one of the most prominent families of Somerset was assaulted by major Barney Higgins yesterday. Higgins was staggering arrested and the girl was removed Lier Home a raving maniac. While Higgins was in court today tile Rumor started that a mob was organizing neb him. The magistrate therefore adjourned tile court and Higgins was taken jail. Chili becoming sunny. Washington Jan. 7�?senor Montt the chilian minister was unable leave Washington today attend the dinner of the Home Market club at Boston tomorrow. Iii his letter of regret he said that his absence from Washington at ibis juncture might retard the promotion of a Good understanding. Distress in Chihuahua. I m ii a ii Tami x., Jan. 7.�?the snifter ing among the people in tin state of Chihuahua on account of droughts i i increasing. There has been it thanks it deaths from starvation Here. I speaker Crisp. W Aam Xerox Jan. 7 it a maker Crisp is better today than last night but will not however be Able out for son in \ Cora Liary of murder ,tw., jaw. Orf b.-.w-. Graves who a. I Een cow Barmil is murder is pm i a in a be beating time. When the Raton was first used it was a formidable six foot club. Investigations into the origin of the Baton or stick for beating time which is used nowadays by the conductor of every Large orchestra have brought out the interesting fact t hat the first conductors Baton was a formidable staff about six feet Long which the old time French musician Lull by name who invented it May have used As much intimidate the members of his orchestra As Mark the time. Iii the very oldest orchestras As in chinese orchestras of tile present Day there was conductor in the modern sense. Every Jie former played Aswell As lie could and the Man who played u it on the loudest instruments the Kettle drum for instance marked tile time for the rest. When music became More systematic Ami refined the chief command of the orc Quot a Ltd a Quot Cin the Iii it Wber who was regarded a me most accomplished and skillful. Ile assigned the other members their parts drilled them at rehearsal Anil supervised tile final performance. produce a Good effect it was necessary of course that the musicians should play in time. And the chief of tile orchestra who him of played one instrument was accustomed Mark the beat by stamping on the floor with one foot. For this reason the conductor of an orchestra was at that period called the Ledarius. Afterwards it became customary for him Totive tile time by clapping the fingers of his right hand against the hollow of his left. The Irater of time after Titis fashion was called the Maud actor. Meantime experiments were made in marking the tii Neby striking together shells Aud Bones. The Bones were soon j Given up As instruments he used by j the conductor of an orchestra but they survived As an Independent instrument j boys and negro minstrels a play on tile Bones with great gusto this d a. In the Early part of the seventeenth Century the musician already alluded flu ii by name arose lie found All these instruments of leadership ineffective and in order reduce his perform ers Complete subjection he procured a Stout staff six lot Long. With which lie pounded vigor Ottly on the floor Mark the time. One Day becoming particularly impatient and pounding with Especial vigor Lully struck his foot instead of tile floor with his Baton. The wound gangrene and Lully died from its effect it in igh7. The Baton continued in use through j out the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries but though ii gradually decreased in size. There is evidence that conductors marked the time in any other Way than by pounding upon their music stands or some other hard object. All this pounding must have had an unpleasant effect upon the music and critics and musicians began ridicule the practice. In course of time there i fore we find musical conductors longer thumping upon the floor or their music stands but boating the time entirely in the air. It seems have taken players a very Long time learn that they could get the time As easily by Means of the Eye As by Means of the ear. A youths companion. Never la fur of Ulm. let it Raj Lier stories Are unique my ii time and they not hesitate Tell that Happy t Lii Uhi Oil sex j Imin null it a perpetuate them there Are oldish people who cannot look Back at the evenings spent at the fireside in the old Homestead when we were boys and girls cracking nuts and jokes As the most enjoyable moments of our lives. We who Are now in life s autumn should look it that our youngsters can have a Chance enjoy the one perfect Outing an autumn Nutting Day. A a the Groves were god s first temples. A and even yet Are nearer him than great piles of Brick and Stone with sky piercing Spires. This coast is strangely Barren of Forest nuts but make of for this natural want we can have nearly every edible nut of the world for the planting of the tree seed or Bush. They finely nearly everywhere if a Little care is used in selecting soils Aud exposures. As a Rule the nut bearing Trees should be planted Ingroup and Groves each species Iii a group of several varieties that they May pollinate each other. Especially the chestnuts and this not because they might not pollinate each one its own Flowers if it could but for the reason that they have the male and female Flowers separate on different Points of the tree. The male Flower of any particular tree mature and shed their pollen before the female Flowers Are Ripe receive it. Hence we often see isolated Chestnut Trees for years maturing Only burs with nuts in them. Where several Trees Are together some Early some late All Are fruitful. Nearly All nut bearing Trees have this characteristics. Isolated Hickory and Pecan Trees Bear us a Rule Only occasional crops and then Only when the male Flowers Are in some Way retarded or the wind has blown steadily toward them from some other tree in Bloom. The Walnut family which includes All the hic Kories pecans and walnuts of every kind is quite varied in its nut characteristics habitats and soils. Yet nearly tiny tree of All the species will thrive on nearly every Good soil if Given a Chance. We often make mistakes if we follow nature too closely in tree planting in i he selection of soils. For instance the Pecan is Seldom if Ever found growing from natures planting except on Rich deep Bottom lands and generally on those subject overflow in Winter and Spring. Why simply because nature can nurture the Peculiar nut Aud seedling Only in such locations. The same is True of the soft or White Maple. Yet both these tries can be readily grown by Many a skill on Uplands and they thrive much latter than in swamps. Many Trees have the same peculiarities. Other nut Trees Are oui found growing wild on Uplands. Suet Are generally Squirrel planted. The instinct of the Squirrel teaches it not Bury its Winter store of nuts and acorns in ground liable be covered with ice and water during Tho Winter. The Hazel or properly Filbert of this coast is about the Only nut of the wilds except the Pine nut which is edible. Unfortunately it ripens its nuts in july when the weather is rather too warm for Nutting. Therefore if we would enjoy country Home life we Mast Plant nut bearing tree Saml such is will linear nuts that we can crack in the old Flat Iron and Hammer Way. We want hard Shell almonds and hic Kories Butternuts walnuts pecans Etc. Hard Shell nuts Are As a Rule the sweetest. The largest and finest tree for its age be seen on this coast is an Eastern Black Walnut. The Nati is also a Fine tree. The chestnuts Are All trim and Beautiful. Tile Eastern Chestnut is one of the world s finest Trees. It is a remarkably rapid grower on a Light Rich Well drained warm soil. Tilt Eastern White Walnut is a Beautiful fast growing tree. It is 1k\t hinted Rich deep Loamy soils not Laking kindly stiff clays and and dry locations. The great variety of japanese chestnuts Are mostly dwarfish but very Early and abundant bearers. The French and italian chestnuts take kindly our soils and climates and Are Beautiful As Well As productive of Choice nuts. The Royal Walnut Jugans Regia the Walnut of Europe is the grandest nut bearing tree of the Earth. It thrives finely throughout a wide stretch of this coast. Like the Black Walnut its Wood is of High commercial value. The Primus family gives the almonds the Queen of All nuts. It should lie grown in abundance everywhere. Yet it will never give full satisfaction until we learn the fact that like most other nut insuring Trees it is necessary Plant several varieties near together they May pollinate each others Bowel a Dill ii l out Macli. One Day a gentleman named Fleming called our. C a and kith being in tuber of the same society the conversation drifted in that direction miscellaneous. Mis it diamonds. Watches clocks. Silverware. Gold spectacles Gold pens. A. Ac., a. Goldman Nied Cmur Block extra charge made for engraving. N5tf fun of Coli heard of Cut but Hal it yourself ing new Fried Day indeed Points nobody always even than people expel hotel for Sale. The Central House a flue hotel Corner of Baker and main streets opposite the Southern Pacific depot. Best inca Tion in town. Street cars run by the door. It covers four town lots. Frame building containing 29 rooms All furnished throughout. Having established my borne in Costa Rica South America i have concluded sell this flue property before i return for the sum of $15,000. The property will lie for Sale until Christmas. La. Vigne smaller. For further particulars regarding payments Etc inquire of a. C. Maude Bakersfield. Pecos Valley new Mexico Wmk great still continues. Clothing Ani Hemd dams hits Iii Caps. Largest irrigation system in u s. Just completed. 2,000,000 expended fruit and flu i Lff viands Ren too 120 30 Erst terms great opportunities new country illustrated pamphlet free address Board of Trade Eddy of of. Bern he Ltd p. It p y Fresno Cal h. W. Wible Prest. J. J. Mack Canille the j. P. Pace tobacco ., Richmond a. Jand can be reclaimed. And. Alkali neutralized by cuing land plaster % Nevada Gypsum amp fertilizer ce., Telephone banding Sun Francisco nov d Jiaw Southern hotel Barber Shuf the finest Baths in town with rooms reserved for ladies. Ladies hair dressing a specially 8l of a. Goldstein. J. S. Drury druggist Chester Avenue Corner eighteenth Street door North of former site. A w Holk Alk Aho Rit 11. Bialka i pure drugs Patent Medici chemical and toilet faints oils varnishes Brusher window Glass et�., never before in the history of Ila Field was then such a sacrificing Sale. Every Man boy and child can have a new suit or overcoat at less than manufacturing Cost. Capital a $250,000,00. A gun Kral a n i Busi n Khz Tea n8actk interest Bald on term Dupont in m. Stevens Boot Ami shoes hade and repaired with neatness and dispatch. Ivan . Ii ii turn i Eli out Kite i i Illif cd be Muntu come first Day. K delinquent Sale notice. As they will not inst very Long soon i Oom in in Nill i Iii id i Iii Chester Avenue Chehade Raisin Vink a he i Omli any. I t Ion kith county Cai i fora in. There is delinquent upon the pol. Lowing de Crl cd flock on aeronaut of Aiken input levied on the 12tti any of ovum it id the Ever a amount net,.o the the mime of the re i it cd it lure Holder ii follow name. . Cert. . Slime. Aint curl her d. Bothy �?~j7 $ Mio of and in accordance with Law Ninny a Home of in. H i it Mel of ugh mock ii Lime tic Nice try Wilt lie Oid at the Coin puny office on the pith Day of Tuii iffy a it in. Of Schdy Jav Dell lenient he neut thereon together Wotli of advert a Aud exp ene of a Nie. K. I rot Kwh Btu Secretary. Southern Hole. Dock Kern county. It Hli Fornitt. I a Ltd pm a Acri Iti of accurately p air a Abd. In jewelry watches and clocks precious stones silverware rings Diamond lace Pina studs emblems Eta. In Okay a Al Ety. Tkv Ryt Litant que hrs it udi i Alao a kick mks of Blank books amp stationery a at Maude 8 jewelry store Cikk Tutt Avenue Kicak in i m Kaoe Eick. Jati2dtf Hak lust i , Cal. C. O. D. Lumber clothi1tq s t Ore tor Bale Ula Ler in is Helling lumber lath shingles shakes i jut Iii ill k Jos ii Hie sew j qty flies with was sent a it Ywe Benni that if -4s a or i h i now Elf Fth explained i a Overl Dute in Oak i. St o8 it a Mark and you did t nurse the Iii a present kit a is Low of i ices. Non. Are into Ain ologies i joining under my had thought of be s or. Of a w As known Oolite and tenderly Eon lost Terr a a a Wmk i a Imam Viz an Ted i Vilh Moth a Svall Munir thud la fun ii he room tillable for lid Mil a Aud . It iou the. By is Yan i left i >1 f. Ii
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