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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 25, 1892, Bakersfield, California Vol. Ii no. 46.Bakersfield, Kern county Cal. Thursday february 2o, 1892. Price 5 cents. A close Call. Indications will be received daily hereafter. The sheriff s ready hand prevents a tragedy last night. The signal flags interpreting the prognostications will Fly from the Southern. On and Atter today those interested in the forecasts of the United states weather Bureau for Kern county predicting the what might have culminated in a tragedy in Bianchio a restaurant last night was averted by the presence and prompt action of sheriff Borgwardt. Owing to the reticence of the parties concerned in the affair it was hard work to get at anything like the facts until the matter had become the com Mon property of tile St Ive t. From what can lie Learned Deputy f District attorney j. E. Patton was weather for Twenty four waiting to take tile train for Tell Acluba hot Springs. It will meet tonight elect its officers. And Brig. General Muller Ami staff visit the City on Friday to inspect the recruits. To hours in Advance need Only to look at j and went into the restaurant named the Flag staff on the Southern hotel for a lunch. There he met or. Sam and from the signal flags flying there f Rane it formerly drop Rotor of the Arl. A i i v i Nigton hotel and the two lie Gan to Dis read the forecasts according to the Fbi-1 cuss a business transaction that inflowing code Pellet some months ago. During the if a simple White Flag is flying the discussion Crane became enraged and weather for the Twenty four hours Fob i applied a vile epithet to Patten lowing will be fair and Clear with St a-1 Patten was on his feet Iii a second tonary temperature. If the Flag is Blue Mol an instant later his Battery of Light it indicates rain or Snow. If the Flag artilery was moving rapidly to the is half White and half Blue the for Oast j dont. As he Drew his revolver Patten is for local Rains. If the White Flag with Sam a no Man on Earth can Call me a Black triangular Flag above it ays a and get away with from tile staff look out for fair and 11 was Patten swords that attracted warmer weather but if the Black Tri-1 my attention a a said sheriff Borgwardt Angle is below the White Flag then it this morning. A i was just passing the will be Clear and cold. If the Blue Flag door and i sprang into the room just is seen with the Black Triangle above it i m time to catch Patten a hand and the weather will be warmer with rain or Snow and if the Black Flag is below it colder weather with rain or Snow is j indicated. If the Flag combination con j lists of a Blue and White Flag with tin Black Triangle above it read the forecast As warmer weather with local Rains but with the Blue and White i Flag above the Black Triangle read colder with local Rains. If you see the White Flag and above it a White Flag with a Black Center it indicates fail weather accompanied by a cold wave and if the Blue Flag is shown with the White Flag with Hie Black Center above it look out for wet weather and a cold wave. These signals Are now in use throughout the United states and Iii Many places combined with the flags the Eather Bureau has a code of whistle signals which May in time be also used Here. Postmaster Cher receives the indications at to of clock every morning and j they Are for the 124 hours ending to a. In. The next Day. Or. Morrison of the Southern has kindly consented to look after the signals. Wrench his pistol away. It was a close Call for / the general opinion seems to be that Borgwardt is right. R i every Man who signed the Muster Roll for the formation of a company of the National guard of California in this City is expected to lie present at the company meeting to lie held at the Southern hotel at9 of clock tonight for the purpose of effecting a company organization. The election of officers and other important business must lie transacted at once Lief re any Steps can in taken towards mustering the company into Active service. In addition to several gentlemen who have seen service Iii the state Malitia lieutenant f. S. Bice of the United ,. ,., states army will in present at the in titty last. After the usual business meeting to lend such Aid As May Bede-1 was transacted the question came sired in organizing the company and j whether to have a debate or a play at Hunting on sunday is objected to by some of the residents along the South Fork. Sam Gann is training j. Hooper a horse for the races. The race track is now completed. D. A. Walser paid this place a Short visit Aud returned to Walker Basin on sunday afternoon. James Powers found two of his stray horses. He has also had the misfortune of losing a very valuable horse by Foxtail. The of Brien Brothers Are blowing their land. They have several men working for them. They intend sowing Grain and Alfalfa. The Home of or. And . E. Taylor on the South Fork Valley has ins la brightened by the arrival of a thirteen Pound Young lady Boarder. Miller Peterson who has been staying at i bit Springs for tin Lien eff of his health returned last week to his Home in the Walker Basin and we Are sorry to say not much improved. The a f. L. S. Had a meeting on miscellaneous. Niederaur opera House monday feb. 89th one night Only. The next meeting. The majority of the members voted in favor of a play to in had in four weeks from sunday last. Tin piece has not imm ii selected yet. February 22d. M. H. Meeting of the stockholders. Permanent organization. Name of the association chosen a charter to be applied Buat once. Saturday next brigadier genea1 Mill Ler of the a id brigade accompanied by his full staff will visit this City for the purpose of inspecting the new recruits. The company As soon As organized will be taken Limiter the jurisdiction of the famous 6th infantry and will be bellied along in every Way possible. Much interest is being manifested in the future of the company Here and several wealthy gentlemen have into. Mated that they would gladly assist in j county. Giving the boys the fluent armory club a a room company room and officers Quad use Taylor a medical Triumph freely ters in the state it is intended to in your family and fear neither croup give the Soldier boys the Lien eff of a diphtheria pneumonia or la grippe.f24tj2 club As Well As a military training and Joseph Grismer Ani Josl trl company. A Louie by drama by Augustus Thomas author of Alabama. Seats on Sale at Niederaur to furniture Ste. Weather report. For the Twenty four hours ending at to of clock a. In. February Titi fair hut threatening in the West portion of she denies it. Georgic Lee writes a letter to the wornian. Cali yet a Cli Ai stockholders representing i co of the 200 shares of the capital Stock sub scribed for the building of a fair i grounds in this county met at the Southern hotel wednesday afternoon for the purpose of organization. After electing temporary officers the Meliers present proceeded to discuss in outline the plan of Proe endure to lie i followed in starting the Enterprise and i then elected the following temporary i officers president John c. Morrison j vice president s. W. Ferguson Secre tiny j. M. Keuck treasurer j. J. I Mack. Directors s. W. Ferguson j. A. Morrison sol. Jewett w. H. Scrib i Ner and j. M. Keuck. Upon motion Alvin Fay and j. W. Wiley were appointed attorney for Tho association for the ensuing year and were instructed to at once prepare the necessary papers for the incorporation of the society. The Secretary was instructed to make application for a charter As soon As possible. It was decided to Call the new organization the Kern county fair ground association. It was decided that All shares of Stock subscribed for shall lie paid up in full on or before april 1st next. The meeting then adjourned until tuesday March 8th next. The Hachita items. Miss Nellie Fiekert leaves for los Angeles Friday for an extended visit. Or. Perry a new building which is designed for a Hospital is nearing completion. Or. Paul the to sorial artist is comfortably located Iii ids new shop adjoining tilt Messing House mrs. Smith and Lier Elma have returned to the Summit after a Long sojourn in los Angeles. Or. Shafer has the article published wednesday in regard to the horrible traffic among Young girls has called Forth a letter of the girl whose Mother it is claimed is looking for her. The girl signs herself Georgic Lee and is As stated an inmate of the Burke House. In her letter the girl says she is of age that she left Home of her own Accord and went to los Angeles before coming Here. She proceeds to apply uncomplimentary epithets to a certain Deputy Constable of tins City for informing Lier Mother of her manner of living and winds up by completely exonerating the people the Kotlier charges with having coaxed her away from Home. In fact the girl denies the Story As told by the Mother in Toto. The matter so far As the californian is concerned has now resolved itself into this shape if the Mother comes Here and proves her Story this paper will help her Hunt Down the peo j pie guilty of enticing her daughter away regardless of threats or at any Cost if on the contrary the paper has been misled in any Way it will take Good care to see to it that the people who have done the falsifying Are shown up. The Cali Forman will not willingly misrepresent any one no matter what their social status and it will publish news wherever it finds it whether the parties concerned Are millionaires or paupers. Orange blossoms. The nuptials of r. C. Date and mrs. Rose m. Hartwell handsome presents. There was celebrated in this City last night at the residence of the Bride on nineteenth Street a quiet wedding in which two of Bakersfield a highly esteemed k Ople linked their Fortune and lives until death shall part them. The High contracting parties were it. U. Dale Tho Well known hardware merchant and mrs. Kosem. Hartwell. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. Ii. Henry pastor of the methodist Church in Tho presence of the immediate relatives and intimate friends of the Bride and Groom Only it Inrig their desire to have a quiet wedding. A number of handsome arid costly presents were received by or. And mrs. Dale and while they were receiving t lie congratulations of their friends a pleasant Surprise was Given them. The employees of a. Weill a establishment headed by or. Alex Keyman were announced and being ushered into the presence of the Brid and Groom or. Keyman proceeded in a neat speech to present upon his own and his fellow clerks behalf a handsome Silver water service to the blushing Bride. The bridegroom responded it tie item merely a briefly and then after a half hours appropriated by no general Chat during which refreshments were served the guests departed. Or. And mrs. Dale will continue to reside in this City. At no Distant Day the company will lie a powerful Factor in the social circles of the City As Well As an ornament to Tho people in the ranks of the citizen soldiery of the state. Personal. A. In. Warren of Lebanon Indiana is the guest of j. W. Wiley. Andrew Brown the leading merchant of Kernville arrived Here on wednesday. Mrs. Melvin Baker and mrs. F. S. Hunter went to Delano this morning As delegates to attend a mothers meeting of the w. C. T. U. The football club has decided to charge a Small admission fee to the next match game Between the town and country elevens on sunday March Lith. The exciting contest on Washington a birthday has not Only stimulated the players to greater exertions i but has excited unbounded interest among the lovers of Manly sport and at the next match the attendance will la double Eliut present at the last game. It is probable tile club will give a Ball and supper on the night of monday following tile game. Alter All there must be something ii. It although the ladies insist that leap year is of served Only by a dance or1 two and that no girl would think of proposing no matter How much she loved a fellow. Certain it is that tin i county clerks records show the issu-1 Alice of More marriage licenses since j january 1st last than during the same period for four years while the air is full of rumours of coming weddings j boys while there is a single woman in the county there is Hope. Have Many a. Your eyes tested it a. Gold Jyl Lotf new probate notice in try Superior court of the col qty i of Kern slate of California. In the matter of the estate of George c. Doherty deceased notice for publication of time appointed for probate of will. Notice is hereby Given that monday the 7th Day of March i i 2, at to o clock a. In. Of that Day at the courtroom of said court at the court House in the said county of Kern state of California have Tio ii appointed As the time and place for proving the will of said George c. Doherty deceased and for hearing the application of Doherty for i the issuance to Lier of letters testamentary i when and Wiere any person interested mar Ajo a near Aud Content the same. Dated feb. 21, 1 .2. N. R. Packard clerk. Maims a i Altin attorneys for Petitioner. L id i Earth to Earth a lint ii is dead to ids own interests who tails to secure a piece of land Iii Kern county. Land in Kern county will produce the largest crop of raisins and fruits of All kinds in the world. The terms Are the most Liberal and the prices More reasonable than in any other irrigated Section of the state. A line list of improved and unimproved lands. Vineyard land a specially. For further information apply to or address Edward la. Jill Lott. Bal Xera fled 01. Kern county improvement jo., Bakersfield Kehn county Cai. Offers for Sale improved lands Orchards and vineyards at Low prices and on easy terms. Work on tin new Branch Railroad to tilt Asphalt Beds will lie commenced within a week in other words us soon us tile men Aud material can in concentrated. Tile question Lias in ii daughter miss Al us Hie Tabor whether or not the majority of tile employees will by chinese. Iii answer one of the gentlemen closely connected with the Guild removed ids office i lug of tile Road said a if it is possible from ids late residence to the room Iii to secure the quota of White men not ii tile Summit hotel formerly occupied by j chinaman will draw or. Paul. John feet i. Johnson n. B. New All joint Glenn and several others started for Kern River on a weeks bunt wednesday. The new literary and debating j society will hold their first meeting at Nicholson Ball on Friday night their program is Well Lilied. The proprietors of the Summit hotel Are making arrangements to build a Large addition to that building which will add greatly to tile hotel capacity of the Hachita. Felt. 18, 1892. Howard professional science. There is a probability that Jake Erli Art who stood up in fore John i. Sullivan for four rounds will Box with prof. Young Dut Eliy on next saturday evening at Mattson shall. Young Dut Eliy will then spar with Frank Groniga a heavy weight. This will be a Fine display of science Aud As they 1 Are All closely matched the contests will be very interesting. Prof. Young Dut Eliy in in Fine condition and the others Are in training. Its funny How Many feet the same Lute pinches at times. Wednesday a pleasantry was less than four lrsoii8 As having Iteen written for them when the truth was that none of them were concerned in it. Notice. If the parti who found the pocket Book near the Gas works and have taken tilt unwarranted Liberty of show Jug tile contents of the same about town do not return tile Hook Ami contents to this office Legal Steps will in taken to secure its return to tile rightful owner. Billy Smith the Southern Pacific detective who carried the pieces of the gasoline stove to san Francisco and showed them As the casings of the j Vainous Poso bomb now tries to steal the credit due the Bakersfield officers by saying that lie ferreted out tile True inwardness of the affair. The truth is lie knew nothing about it until the facts were telegraphed from Here. T. J. Packard reports mighty five signers to the roil of the new athletic club and collection coming in remarkably fast. That the new club will in a Success is certain but lie toys want it to in a big Success. Medical Triumph is supposed to be Iii Medicine that mrs. A Tiiu Sulen gave to the old mull Aud to her Chil Deli. F24t2 Chester Avenue next to w. F. A express. Open Day and night hot and cold lunches served at All hours. Tile Best steaks Iii the Market. Meals 25 cents and upward. Bianchi cd co proprietors f21tf Pound notice. I have tilts Day taken it the Kol lowing animals which will in it l of Limiter the provision of Grill in Nee no to Aspa. At h regular meeting of the Bourd of a perv wors of Kern county Cal. A Iii it 7 i hit one Liny Mare Hunt i years old branded on left hip with a heart. These will he sold at Telephone Tahle n be teen the Street saturday. Mardi i 1822,at 12 i. At Public auction unless a Hargis Are Tootler pai<1 Aud the animal taken Awny. I. A Leonard. F 211 Idi Pound keeper. French restaurant fir class in every respect. Private rooms and Entrance for ladies. Fresh Eastern listers Frozen amp Iii Shell the Kern county improvement company is the Only reliable co Nuny in Kern county that makes a business of planting and taking care of Orchard and vineyards for non residents. We will sell you Laud Plant it to Vine Aud tree and bring it to full hearing at prices that will net you per cent on tin investment after a year. We handle Only the beat Banda for fruit growing Aud nou real Denta buying without actin the land can real xxx Rcd of being treated fairly Aud Choice Iota being selected for them Aud the very Tat care Aud attention Given to them. In his company is under the direct Iii in lenient of the Huitt si50tssbiss, who Are Well known Iii the fruit business. They lire also proprietors of Tim Kern Valley Nursery situated on nineteenth Street California and carry a full tuck of All kind of Trees and vines fruit Trees Shade Trees ornamental Trees roses Etc. Of every dear Leflon at the lowest Market rate. Tree guaranteed True to name peat. For particular apply Al the Nutter or add free from reference Kern Valle a in county improvement co., Bakersfield Cal Bauk. Bakersfield Cal. We build you a Home alway on hand. Bat am building id loan association. Anital authorized $1,0 >0,0 i. Hiliare $2 1 each. Special arrangements for banquets parties Etc. Open Day and night. To 2&c a. French dinner 76c. Bakersfield. Cal. Ii. A. J Ahi to president. Ii. A. Boroi i treasurer j. In i Kua i la it b u. W. Bun i vice . .1. W. Willy attorney and at Bakersfield Ugat it a a the system provides the Means for Small stockholders to build St Home on easy payments sit is very Low rate of interest tilt third series will soon ire issued. Apply to the Secretary Lay tile foundation for u competency. For allures am Fel Dlf Orth i ii of Bai j Mou i f Al of we keep drugs j that s our business. The Ingleside. A hut a More we keep u Large Stock of in he drugs besides everything Els usually found in a Glrst Cla drug store. Furthermore Medicine May lie obtained Day or night and i pan a to till mail hinge or special messenger orders at All hour. Are pre Lim Toro of Tim apply or address Ersfeld Cal. Baled Liny for Sale. La. Ii. Spears tak Flat the girls should give a party on the 29th. I the illustrious go Ortli has a rival As leap year the a Man with Hie voice in the soap vender now Selling on the streets. Medical Triumph. It will destroy Worms arid microbe Iii your children and keep them healthy. F24t2 having taken Possession of the Ingleside formerly occupied by the Tut a. It. Thoms i Ani prepared to furnish tile Best of table Board at lowest prices accommodation for a few More gentlemen boarders. Mk9.lt. He amour. Dodty 1310x30jbt a do dishy Rimai Mandata. Kern Valley pharmacy. Telephone la. Mrs ranch opposite depot bumper Ca i. Quot us a qualified pharmacist in charge. Telephone 11,3 Bel a
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