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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 24 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 24, 1892, Bakersfield, California Vol. Iii. No. 4�?~>bakersfield, Kern county Cal. Vedes pay february 24, 1892. Price 5 cents. The editorial convention. Bakersfield to be Given a Chance to entertain the visitors. A mail and woman supplying Banios Here. A Mother Iii search of her daughter who was employed a a seamstress. There will arrive Here from san Bernardino this week a broken hearted Kotlier who comes on a dual Mission that of trying to reclaim Lier daughter who is leading a life of shame in this City and to try and find and expose the Man and woman whom she claims Are responsible for tile downfall of her daughter. The Mother whose name is withheld for several reasons has been in correspondence with parties Here for sometime regarding her daughters whereabouts and occupation lint it was not j until sunday last the girl was actually i found As an inmate or Annie burkes House. The California press association and the Southern California editorial association met in joint convention tuesday afternoon in the chamber of Commerce building at san Francisco. J. M. Reuck proprietor of the californian was the Only one of the seven delegates appointed to represent Bakers name adopted also a a on stint Iii and by Laws. An important meet ingest manifested minutes. Much hiter tote the new athletic club met pursuant the mothers letter to the Cali j Tive of the Santa feline Forni an giving the Story says a some their recommendations Field who was present at the meeting. J to adjournment in Mattson shall at 9 tile itinerary for the visit of the National editorial association delegates was discussed and finally an executive committee of five was elected to make the programme tile two associations agreeing to endorse any action taken by it and empowering it to appoint a j by Laws was read and adopted subcommittees. Was in substance As follows the e or. Reuck then appeared before the convention and extended Bakersfield s invitation for the Eastern editors to visit Kern county and stated what i would probably to done to entertain j them and what they could see by com-1 ing Here. His statements were heartily i endorsed both by will if. Mills of j shall lie the Southern Pacific and the represent trea months ago a Man and woman giving the name of called at my House. A names Are suppressed for the present As it is certain arrests will follow if the mothers Story eau lie proven. The name she claims tile Man and woman gave is one Well known Here de they said they had heard my daughter was a Fine seamstress and As the lady and gentleman were going to san Francisco to live they wanted me to consent to allow my girl Togo with them promising to take Good care of her and give her $15 per a the woman was Well dressed hut both she and the Man had a look about them i did not like a hard look that was not in keeping with their Fine clothes and apparent wealth. My daughter was wild to go with them j did no to know then lint i do now Why she was so anxious to leave Home the Man and woman had met Lier and i several of her companions and Hadj during tile it promised them everything. Well and tile curly finally i consented to my daughter leaving me and they took her away the first letter i received from her was at the of a week and contained some Money but it was from Bakersfield not san Francisco where 11 in woman said she was going to live and it worried me. My daughter however wrote and sent me Money each week but i soon noticed a change in her letters Ami then they became less frequent. She claimed to he working As a seamstress lint she sent me too much Money tor me to he easy a i tout her. About tile same time several Young girls who Wen my daughter s companions at schools Here began to ask about her and to Tell nit tin woman she went away with had tried to coax them to go too even calling on their parents in several cast s. This alarmed me and i began an investigation. I wrote to my daughter to come Home at once and have never received an answer to the letter. Then i wrote to an old Friend of mine who lives near Bakersfield and Lier husband made inquiries concerning my girls whereabouts. God knows he found Lier All too soon and found she was living in a House of prostitution kept by the woman who to look her from a of have enlisted several of my friends in my cause and i am going to follow the Man and woman who have ruined my daughter and punish them. I canoes veiny Sari id i save from the gentleman who made tile inquiries Here it was Learned that the girl was certainly an inmate of the Burke House As lie had seen Lier and talked with her. He also intimated that Steps had already been taken Here looking toward the prosecution of the Man Ami woman who coaxed the girl away from Home of the mothers Story proves to he tile truth no mercy will he shown the people by the Good citizens of Bakersfield and the girls friends eau count upon Hearty support Here in bringing them to Justice. Who and added urged of clock last night with a quorum present. The president s. L. Sludge called the meeting to order and following the Reading of the minutes the report of the committee on Constitution it ii shall be known As the Bakersfield athletic club and its objects shall be to encourage All Manly sports and promote physical culture. The mein tier ship s 11 a 11 to restricted to persons Over is years of age the same to he elected by the Board of directors. The officers a president vice president user and Secretary also a Hoard personal. Bakersfield lie made a stopping place for the excursion later or Reuck went before the executive committee and rendered ids demands for recognition for Kern county. The committee assured him that there would he some time allotted to this place and promised to notify the citizens Here As soon As possible of their decision. No shooting match. The sons of veterans fail to toe the scrap Chi no ammunition. Quite a Large crowd of people collected on the Bluffs North of Sumner monday j of directors in whom shall he vested full control and management of tilt club All officers shall serve for one year. The Active club shall he office red by a Captain and first and second lieutenants. All vacancies in office shall be filled by the directors until the next regular election. The annual meeting shall be held on the first monday in March of each year and monthly meetings shall isl held on tin 1st monday of each month. Expulsion of meal it ers shall he made by the directors from whose decision an App amp la May lit taken to tilt body of the club. All amendments to tilt Constitution or by Laws must in made by a two third vote of the club the Standard games were fixed As follows putting the shot 16 and 5t> s. De. Bailey returned to Hie Tejon ranch today. A. A. Maude went to san Francisco today on business. S. A. Fergusson returned from san Francisco monday night. Laden Beer is Home again after a weeks visit in san Francisco. James i it. Phelan of san Francisco arrived Here monday and went out to Bellevue. E. A Sherman of Chicago is visiting his brother Charles e. Sherman of this place. B. H. Kershaw and ids aunt mrs. O. D. Fish have returned from their visit to los Angeles. Father m. Marron who at one time was the priest of this diocese arrived from Watsonville on tuesday. Mrs. Anker with her Little daughter Arri vet Siefe from sail Bernardino in Day for a visit to Lier brother Phil Marx. I. W. A Lac a one of the direct a of the Bank of Bakersfield came Doe n from ills Home in walkers Basin it monday. E. E. Elliott and h. K. Sli Ortmei have sold their eighty acres of Al Neyomi d in Rosedale to a Syndicate of Cantel a capitalists. Or. And mrs. Silas w. Jewett of Way Bridge i arrived Here saturday visiting their relatives or and mrs. Solomon Jewett. The South bound passenger train was delayed an hour Ann a half on tuesday night on account of ail Accident in the Bakersfield Yards. The train Here takes an extra engine to help it Over Tell acid a and when the locomotive went around to couple Oil to the train it ran off the switch. Miscellaneous. Niederaur opera House monday fell. 2911 Ole Niit Only. A the Hoium Joseph Grismer a and i Darvis company. Comedy drama by Augustus Thomas author of Alabama. Seats on sate at tade Raury to store. Furniture pounds weight running races Loo a too afternoon for the purpose of witnessing j �20, 440 Yards one half and i mile the proposed shooting tournament he walking races one half to a i Miles tween tile teams from the grand army and sons Al veterans of this City. In hours saturday night hours yesterday morning the in the match was redoubled and considerable Money and unlimited drinks were wagered on the result. The time fixed for the match arrived hut the marksmen came not and after waiting for some Little time the would lie spectators returned to town much disappointed there Are two or three stories told As to Why the match failed. The real truth seems to he that through some i. Oversight no ammunition had been pro a v t idea for by tin sons of veterans and Cliene when they came to shoot there was nothing to shoot with. Others say tile sons of veterans had provided cartridges hut the j. A. It. Team was too smart for them and captured the ammunition. At any rate the sons of veterans Are having to stand no of chaffing and Are accused of weakening at tile last moment. The match will take place on next sunday. Have Many a. Your eyes tested it a. It fold Jet Lotf new today. Probate notice i n Wmk or Fer of Couk of his county j of Kern. State of California in Hie matter of the to to of George to Doherty de Cee wed t notice for Pizuti Eavou of time appointed for probate of will. Notice Iii hereby Given that monday th7ih Day of March. Is of to us cd in k a. In. Of i March 7th next the first regular meet a that Onai the courtroom of said court 1111�. Jai the court House ill the Aid county Oil Kern mete of California have Taen appointed him time and place for pro vim Hie will of said Cooee c. Puberty deep Ted and for i bears the application of Laura puberty fur the issuance to Ber of in Beni testamentary i when and where any person interested Malaj. 1 near and contest the same. Rated feb. 24, pm in k. Cacka up clerk. Marion a i Ait attorneys for Petitioner. Ltd id jumping running High Broad and pole jumping hurdle races 120 Yards to hurdles pole leaping tug of War fencing football spurring baseball. The rules and Laws us adopted by the olympic Chih of san Francisco with some slight changes will govern the athletic sports the committee on Hail reported Progress and were Given further time until the committee on membership was instructed to circulate the list up to the first regular meeting and All signing will is charter Mem to. J. Packard was appointed collector and with authority to collect All initiation fees before the Date mentioned. Jos. Wer Liger tendered the use of ids opera House for the next meeting and his ofter was accepted. After the introduction of prof. Young do Telly to the dub in adjournment qu.8ter Avenue next to a. F. A was taken until March 7th. Earth to Earth a a ii is Duad to his own interests who tails to secure a piece of land in Kern county. Land Iii Kern county will produce the largest crop of raisins and fruits of All kinds in the world. The Terras sire the most Liberal find the prices More reasonable than in any other irrigated Section of the state. A Fine list of improved and unimproved lands. Vineyard land a specially. For further information apply to or address Edward a. Elliott , oui. Kern county improvement co., Jia k Kush Elj Kehn county Cal. Offers for Sale improved lands Orchards Ani v1nf.Yards at Low Brice and on a it a terms. A rain of tears. Attention meeting of the National guard tomorrow night. At it of clock tomorrow night All persons who have signed tile Router for the formation of company of the National guard in this City will meet at the Southern hotel for tile purpose of electing officer and arranging All prelim l4mkv nary Natter. Of s Mph entry to Tat every member of Lite company should he in attendance upon this meeting and it i expected there will he no absentees. The organization of the company la a mutter that must not lie delayed. To it Rew Ard. Pretty musicians weep and sigh the loss of a manager. Over fair gr0un0 association. Meeting of the stockholders this afternoon for organization. A the californian goes to press the business nun who have subscribed to the Stock St to form a fair ground Anocia Tion in this county arc in session for the Purd a of organizing. Much interest is being manifested in the formation of the association and it is believed that tin project will now be pushed Forward to a successful Competition in time to provide ample quarters for exhibitors at the next fifteenth District agricultural association Quot Bleb is to tie held Here and for which the entire state appropriation has been secure. The question of building kit shaped track i also ih1sigdiscus�?cd bul particulars of the mis Ting Quot ill i e Given tomorrow. Temperance Sermon at the Baptist Church next sunday evening Rev. J. Jordan will preach a Sermon on Temperance by the Lequet of Lite order of bid templars. The w. C. T. I band of Hope Ami it on d templars Are expected to is present lit a body. All Temperance workers Are invited. Good music May i sex peered. Medical Triumph. It will destroy Worms Aud microbes Iii your children and keep them healthy. L-4ti on sunday last in the streets of Bakersfield or of the roads Iii the immediate Vicinity a red leather Bill Book contain papers of no value except to the owner. The Book Ulso contained numerous Railroad passes which the finder is cautioned against attempting to use the same having been countermanded by Telegraph. A Liberal Reward will be Laid for the return of the Book tot. B. Barton daily Califon Nia n office. Or ii tight it or Butin m f Turbit i. A j ii in Vul s k j i Terry do a u Ferndale k it t Smith i it Huger. Do c e i a. I. A j Alexander 8 f in a a hiker i. A hotel arrival Tow of i Kim. La Niville in i. To do Tutu ii s i Iii ii it l a 8 Goldman i f a in Hurt. Stool a Iii Ihu s f Vav Kent in a a it 1 Sente. S i miss i a Terr s k ii f Vav Liams k Vav i Rami 4i.li. I i Marx Eit the question has been asked a dozen times or More a Why were the not it is of All the churches published Iasi saturday a a the answer i that the col untie it it Fth Cali Forman have been opened for churl news and tin various misters notified to that Gleet As Well As the choristers they should eur Tail tak it a touch interest in the matter As we do. All Church notices with the sing service included the a a tines of the mends of the choir en., will receive undivided attention win n they reach this office in time. In tile matter of the six remaining charges against is it Ula Montana for cattle dealing j. It. Ahern the of Sornev for the defense appealed Liefer judge Conklin tuesday and moved that the trial of the a urges i in Chi lately i at Poi Ted Anil the defendant upon i own recognizance. The court it i order. <1. When the North bound train arrived at Bakersfield tuesday night sheriff Borgwardt hoarded it and walking i through the coaches closely scanned the faces of All the passengers. Suddenly lie stopped beside a go of looking Well dressed Man who was seated in the of list of a i Levy of pretty girls and Sai i a your Intuit i. Juslus a a yes a replied tin Man. A Well in be a warrant Here for your arrest it is from los Angeles and you re charged with embezzlement a then prose the Maidens and wept Long and loudly. They Clung around the handsome sheriffs neck and1 moistened ids shirt bosom with their tears. Sheriff Borgwardt blushed Ami in ids excitement culled one of the girls a my boy Quot hut managed to ex-1 111.ti11 to them that lie could do nothing so poor Junius was taken off the train Aud put in jail while his company went on. A ii tils is the noun age of tin ladies hungarian orchestra an Wilson his Way with his company to fill in engagement in sail Francisco. When seen today Junius said his a \ rest was line to it it a quarrel with tin. Annan r of tin. Los Angel s i i Bure theater a sort of Beer Hall Ami he is certain of timing Only detained tiler in j hour Ort and. Ile will is taken Hack to los Angel s ail of til i Joy a say that Borgwardt offered to of. Well its Only the boys and besides Henry could t in adage an orchestra anyhow. A pretty Fli tily Row it is said will is one of the outgrow Tim of the recent i a a year dance. The it at use thereof i a handsome Muni Man Boce i wife was absent flout town accepted the escort of a charming lady Friend an intimate of the wife. They were at the i Iii 11 whet the wife unexpectedly returned Home. Lull eur fed Light and Shiv curtain and yet the wifi admit so lit disc shed Tim propriety of her a untamed attending the Hail with Tim mailing lady hut at hut time she a eff a to i a at hoi fit herself t watch him. Medical Triumph i a pm Chi to i to the Medicine that mrs. Meth Al a rave to the Obi Man Ami to her children. F24t2 j i so Taylor a medical Triumph freely j in your family Ami Lear neither croup j diphtheria pneumonia or Lauri ije.f24t2 express. Open Day and night hot and cold lunches her vet at All hours. Tile Best steals til tile Market. Meals 25 cents and upward. Bianchi a co proprietors. 241 f Pound notice. Have this Hay i Aken la the Kol lowing Hill til his. Which will in it i of set tinder to Okiu Moe not it a it panned tit ii regular Neef Tatj a of tilt rim if of Mivle or of Ken j county Caf. August 7 pm i one Liny 11im re Tuioi 4 Yean id unaided on left ii 11> with a hem t. The will to out i ideation stable Niue cecum Street Bakersfield on saturday March it , 2 in. At Public auction unless cd a Lye my homier pub Hod the muh Sis taken Awny. It. A Licon 4 Kil of a my tot Pound keeper. The Kern county improvement company is the a Lily reliable company la Kern county but makes a business of planting and taking care of Orchards and Vineyard for non residents. We will Neli you la i Plant it to vines Aud tries and Brief it to full Livia plug of. Prices that wit net you Kai per cent on the investment after i year. We handle Only the beat land for fruit crewing an t nou rest ont buying without motifs tie Laud can fest assured of timing treated fairly amt Choice Iota in lug selected for them Ami theory be of care and attention Given to them. Thin company i under the direct management of the who Are Well known in the fruit taurine. They arc Ulo proprietor of Hie Kern Valley Nursery finial .1 on nineteenth meet , California Aud Tarry a full a lock of All kind of Trees and vines fruit Trees Shade Trees Quot ram no Al Tress roses Etc. 1 True to hat free from thu i Al is a i cd a Quot a in eve Khy Heupel. Private rooms and Entrance for ladies. Fresh Eastern 0\ sleds Frozen amp in Shell Ai wit i of hand. Special arrangements for banquets parti a Ute. Open Day Anc night. Mea from. A a up. Freach Limner 75c. Isa k ii. I Al. Ati Gwidt j. W. W Iley attorney him of at Law has Erski eld Cal Oil ii e one Ltd i North of it of Bakersfield the Ingleside. Of every description it the on pest. For particular Chi i tree Fiu Trau Poi it or s. Siefe retie Kern Vail it Market rut at hic Mullet. Kern county Improvrrr. co. A Kenfield Cal to. Oui flank. Jakl we build you a Home the i a it us president. i. Fred Mirer Hymera a Ovidea the mean for mall it a Home on Cay payments at to very Low Lek holders to build rate of interest. The third series will a Titis inane. Appl to the be Cretaro for a few Lay tile finn Ion for u competency. Allure att Felt def having Token Poi Sinh of the Angl id it formerly occupied try Tho into a g. Thom i am prepared to furnish Tim Best of Taille Board at lowest prices few More Genii. Ai Tommo Dupion for Lemon Tso Arder. Mil r. Semi i up Elf relieve that cough or. Bew etts cough Lictus the mighty healer or pared from the origin recline of or. Bennett u a a Rute it English and German Phi Hun. Price 35 arid. 50 cts. Per bottle. Prepared Only by Dino debt Dudi Iby christs to the people Kern Valley i pharmacy. Fish Block Baken Durhl. Mar b Rumieh opposite depot Sumner Cul Sto Medicine May he obtained i Lay or night
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