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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 19, 1892, Bakersfield, California Vol. Iii. No. 42.Bakersfield, Kern county Cal. He i Day february ii1892. Price 5 cents. Tinfoil and Asphalt Industry. The new works. A Enterprise that will soon ii Isle work for in lid rods of labourers. Fur on the Railroad just West of the planing Mill in this City there is now being erected a Large Iron tank of Over one thousand barrels capacity for the storage of the heavy Petroleum Maltha now being pumped from the Wells of messes. Jewett a Blodget at Sunset. This tank is a part of the refining Plant to be located at the same Point and for which boilers Oil stills air compressor tanks and other machinery Are now ordered. The immediate object of this refinery is to make of Maitha above mentioned hard Grade of the most Superior varnish Asphalt. I he capacity of the refinery at the outset will be about one Hundred barrels of crude Oil per Day with a product of seventy toils of Asphalt and some lubricating and fuel oils. It will prove tile beginning of an Industry whose Extension and enlargement Iii a few years will reach great dimensions if the production of Petro Leum continues to increase. The management of the business will be in the hands of or. Louis Blankenhorn who is also largely interested in the Standard Asphalt company and will take an Active part in tin marketing of the latter company a refined Asphalt for paving roofing and other uses. Tile prospects Are very Good for a greatly increased demand for Asphalt for paving purposes during the coming season in the foil Ming named cities in which it was used last year and in others whose attention has a been called to its Superior Quality. The cities referred to Are los Angeles san Bernardino san Francisco Portland Seattle and others. Or. Blodget said today that As soon As the Asphalt Industry was fully in Bacilli which would be in a few weeks the company would at once commence i sinking Wells for the Petroleum. The new works will give employment to a Large number of men and As soon As the Branch Railroad to Armona is completed the bulk of the work of relining the Asphalt for varnish purposes will lie carried on Iii this City while All the paving Asphalt mined will be stored Here. In the refining of Asphalt for varnish a Tine Oil for fuel is procured and when the mines Are being fully worked Kern county will have in this Oil one of if not Hie cheapest fuel for manufacturing purposes in the world already there is talk of starting Here manufactory of riveted Iron pipe All of which is dipped in liquid Asphalt before being used and there is no doubt but what one manufactory will follow another once there is Quick and easy transportation for the fuel Oil. The Petroleum Wells when Oil i found in paying quantities As it is almost sure to be will add both to the cheap fuel and labor proposition and from the present Outlook there is no Industry or Enterprise Iii All Kern county that promises so Well As the Asphalt and Oil Beds an exhaustive article is in preparation giving facts and figures concerning the Industry which will lie of great interest to not Only our citizens but the state at Large. The fruit growers. The Rosedale association holds los regular monthly meeting. The second monthly meeting of the Al Ove association was held at the school House on monday evening the Lith inst., w Here a Large gathering of fruit growers assembled to discuss the Constitution and by Laws As adopted by the committee appointed for that purpose w hich were read by the Secretary by. Ii. Kent. The committee had evidently studied the w wishes of those present for the articles were Well received and most of them w Ere adopted. One i or two articles were suggested and added to the draft. Forty five names have been placed on the membership Roll and the association promises to be very successful. The Secretary was 1 authorized to Purchase necessary books Etc. As the by Laws Are not yet ready for the Printer the articles concerning membership Are herewith submitted. Members. Any person resident in Kern county actually engaged in the i business of fruit grow ing whether As owner occupier or employee is eligible for membership. Persons desirous of joining the association shall be proposed Anil seconded by members of Good standing and duly elected at a regular meeting. The Secretary will be glad to receive names for election at the next meeting which i will by held on thursday evening j March loth. The subscription fee is tilled at one Dollar per annul payable half . I Andrew pet tits team buns away injuring him. He is bragged around and around the Street the flight of the runaways. Arm broken. Or Ray pts in the peso bandits try a new lint fail. Plan again selected As for the operation Rig scare. The scene a a the confirmation Bishop \ Nichols confers the ordinance upon twelve persons a Large Anil attentive audience tilled St. Paul a episcopal Church last night the occasion being tin visit of Hight Rev. Bishop Nichols of this diocese to this Eity and the conferring by him of tin ordinance of continuation upon twelve members who recently joined tin congregation. In he choir consisting of mrs. Alex Mills Soprano miss Jessie Mcleod contralto a. K. Sherman Tenor and la. H. Taylor Basso rendered the following service of song incidental to the Sermon and administration of the rite a Gloria in Kex Celsis a magnificat and nun Divittis confirmation hymn offertory a inspirer Aud hearer of previous to the confirmation service Bishop Nichols preached a Short tint eloquent Sermon a the new those receiving the confirmation were mrs. Mrs. Ii. P. Olds mrs. I mrs. A. T. Lightning in Den mrs. By. I. Wear Morrill miss f. M. Davi Miller la. I. Freer f. La. F. By. Scott Bishop Nichols went this afternoon when services tonight and continue his journey. This morning Bish with the vestry of St. Church at which tilt Quot of the Rector i lev. La considered. There i Flint the resignation and a new Nomi Uati Ash englith humid passenger train i on the Southern Pacific Railroad was i nearing Poso last night and while about three Miles North of that station the Engineer saw by the Light of the headlight a queer looking object laying near the right hand i rail. He was so clo a to the obstruction that it would have in be i impossible to Stop ids train in to due to avoid striking it even if it had been of sufficient size to look dangerous. As it was very insignificant Iii appearance however lie paid Little attention to it Hilt was shortly treated to a Surprise and scare that a pile of Cross ties on the track would not have Given him. When the driving wheels of the locomotive passed Over the object then was a terrific explosion the engine was lifted bodily from the track and the cab enveloped in a Sheet of Hallie. The insignificant object proved to i a heavy charge of dangerous exp wive. Fortunately the engine was a heavy one and held to the rails while the momentum of the train carried it quickly Over the spot. As soon As possible the Engineer began to slow Down not with the intention of stopping tin train for that was undoubtedly the object of the parties who had fastened the explosive to tile rail but he wanted to be sure no serious damage bad Lieen done his engine. When the train Bud slowed Down sufficiently to ii Ermit tin Engineer to get Down on tile Steps be was astounded to find the Bruke beams on tin engine Ami express ear trucks on fire. The train was Stop Ted and the Lames extinguished. The cry of Quot train robbers ran like j wild fire through the crowded couches i when tin train stopped for tin passim i Gers had All seen tin flames from the explosion and for a time a scene of in when Andrew Pettit stopped ids team in front of the lumber Yard at the Corner of Railroad and Chester avenues last night about dusk and climbed Dow n from the heavy Hay Rick on the Wagon proper the bookkeeper of the Yard noticed he was under the influence of liquor. Pettit tied the reins to the Wagon and going Over to the bookkeeper began to bargain for a Load of lumber. It took Lait a moment to conclude the bargain and the bookkeeper turning to go into he office said to Pettit a drive in this Gate a a pointing to the Gateway opening off of Chester Avenue. Hardly had the bookkeeper turned his Back when he heard a scream and turning saw the team dashing madly around and around in a Circle with Pettit w Hose foot w As caught in the j single Trees of tin Wagon dragging underneath it. The Man had evidently stepped on i the single Trees to get into the w agon and losing his balance fell As he was falling he must have grabbed one of the lines and Iii tins Way the frightened i team w As guided in a Circle. Soiling As the team kept running j around and around Pettit was Safe i from the wheels hut w As being dragged on his Hack Over the Street ear tracks and stones in the Road. Suddenly the Many a foot been me loosened in the gearing holding it land instantly he was swung around under the Hind w heels of the Wagon and a second later the team was free and Pettit laying unconscious and bleeding Iii the Road. A number of gentlemen ran to his assistance carrying him into the nearest dwelling. It was found that his clothing was literally Cut into ribbons on his Hack his face hands arms and legs being Cut and bruised and he was evidently otherwise injured. Pettit was removed to the resilience of mrs. Yan orman and or. Fergusson hastily summoned. He upon examination found that three Libs on tin left Side were fractured Aud the Chest badly bruised. Or. Fergusson said the injuries were serious Ami might prove fatal As it was too soon to form any estimate of the extent or seriousness of the internal injuries. W Hile Pettit was being eared for the team was running amuck through the town. It dashed Down Railroad Avenue to k Street and Iii making the turn the Wagon came apart the horses running with the front wheels Only. This increased their spied. At the Corner of nineteenth and k streets the horses again turned and taking the sidewalk ran As far As the Arlington hotel where they fell. The run from i h Dinkelspiel a Corner to tin Arlington was a marvellous one no damage being done other than to Knock a Hole in one of the pillars supporting the hotel Trout the runaway caused intense excitement a co a i of several Hundred people gathering around the fallen team the horses were uninjured. Today Pettit is listing fairly Well hut is not out of danger. S. Payne living near the Weed Patch fell from a scaffold this morning a distance of seven feet striking on ids left Side and breaking his left Arm close to the shoulder. Or. Payne was at work alone upon his new residence when the Accident Hajji eyed and had to walk a mile and a half before he could get assistance. He w As brought to the Hospital Iii this Eity. Hotel arrivals. I la k s i Omen s Jill la Spooner. S f n f fouler. N y k mercy s k \ Jones. S k Vav la Davis Detroit Vav f it eary sue Vav i Harrison s k Vav a Reece i Tinea to s Vav Fergusson Cit miss my noun Al Cliv la f Smith. Baden t fumes Modesto t k b in Rise do i. Brady Fresno j Jacobs s k Vav j Barrett s Octh Xun. It ii Korn a. Of Tulare j to , s f ii la Armstrong s f j f Campbell Leo so s Boukosky s f k s Thomas Quot Boston v it rain s f c Vav Dringle i i eau k la Loveland s f Vav j leu is Conn Vav la me Kittrie. City r i Vav right. Baden it Mchenry Modesto la j Dotter Oak land s k seller s f j Blum. Do miscellaneous. Grand leap year Bali i idler the auspices of Rebecca Lodge to. 47,1.0.0.f. At Niederaur a opera House monday evening feb. Wantling Tony a Birtle stay. To rent. On Acio Vineyard and Orchard in Fresno county for rent. Ranch Loon i of on Elm Avenue and Only a few Miles from Fresno. Vines Ami free eight years old Good two Story House Well furnished Large barn and out build lug farming implements cow. Too hens Etc., go with the place. Call on or address k. J. Boland Cau Yousian office Bakersfield. Al of ,. Mrs. In k. A indict mrs. K. M Walker miss Kila Fay commit acc in am Miil Emonts ?m1s Annie Hixi Fehl c. Ii. Wohlberg Aud Dave of infield. Uoo ont inn in Mittee Lerv 11 1 Inorg Werdt by. Mrs. H. A indict mrs la. I. Fish a i i lion i Omil Lulli i in. I Bryant mrs. Ltd. W. Price mid my. O. O. Mutt Moil flour director miss Emma m Ender i1 i Ooi Gill in it tot j ii it Law tickets per Cootie Muling sniper. Annie Vav alter. Hir hold miss Hla Fay mrs. L. $1.50. Two rooms for rent. Suitable for i Tseki Ping. Apply to miss Carter Northeast Corner of k and Twenty first streets a tilsit St class office or desk room on reasonable terms. Address i it., tills office. Jut is in. Personal. Entis Tkv a or j. In Vav Asson. Pesi Lent dentist still continues his extensive practice of his office in the Burnup Block Over the Bank of Bakersfield. Or. A son is Well known to the people of Kern county and has been a resident of Bakersfield for a number of years Felt i 1 Earth to Earth a mini is dead to his own interests who tails to secure a piece of Hind in Kern county. Land in Kern county will produce the largest crop of raisins and fruits of All kinds in the world. Tile terms Are the most Liberal and the prices More reasonable than in any other irrigated Section of the state. A Tine list of improved and unimproved lands. Vineyard land a specially. For further information apply to or address Edward i. Elliott , oui. B i t t Eric by Stock on hand. Ital catalogue. A. Field. Patterns. Complete Send a a cents for metropol a. Mollify agent Bakers lanky i k you Don t advertise in the daily Kokum a n you fall to reach the Public and attract their Trade. Ais it Ltd Mie fac i la ifs Oeth e californian for turning out first class Job work Are by far i he Best of Ani and lire prices lower. For Sale. a a a in. In Quot a a a a a a a to 09 it a a a of Mig Chance Deach trek i of Quot Oconto late peach Trees i ski rooted vines wan toned True to name Aud raised at the Wilde Orchard. Appl at the Bank of Bakers Field. Flaw Kine Black Kour year Oli filly with foal to Barrington for suit. Apply to in f. I indict final a a in i Kim Kern county improvement ho., Bakersfield Kern county Cal. Offers for Sale improved lands Orchards and vineyards at Low prices hint on Finisy terms. One Yevko old tfx As Mammoth Pecan tree from seed especially procured by the undersigned for his own use the Only Dees of the kind in the county and More pro fit aide than the Ora Nee or Walnut. Iii quire of a Brower Bakersfield. Flint a i in egg rooted mum a i vines and a us Usu too too sultanas Appl to Kivi land i Corona Vineyard Rosedale. Jann i u 11 wanted Oom and Board in a private Tami by by h gentleman of quiet habits and j. W ibis office giving terms and Iona thin. Fpud amed \ i i it nov a of intent lady As housekeeper willing to do housework or Rook address housekeeper Sumner Felt or a ires w Solomon Jewett has Wen greatly sur Rise and pleased by finding placed in his buggy a handsome whip with a Gold land around it upon which his Hallie is engraved. He has no idea of who it is that has so kindly remembered him. Hut is delighted with tin gift. Gwo smar t boys pm i la horses to i deliver the daily c a Fohr a s. Boys attending Ach Tad preferred apply of once. F in a a a a a ii. O lit la i it the Kern county improvement company is the Only reliable company in Kern in oilily hint makes a Busine of planting and taking care of Orchards and vineyards for non residents. Vav e will sell you land Plant it to \ die and tree and bring it to full bearing at Price that will net you by per cent on the investment after a years we handle Only the Bent i and for fruit growing and non re i de i it buying without Quot Celli he Hinds an re assured of being treated fairly and Cholee lot being selected for them and the very Best care and attention Given to them. This company is under the direct Nanri gement of the h who Are Well known in the fruit business. They Are also proprietors of Tho Kern Valley Nursery his subject timing old Ilia i Lee of t. A. I Laker out. Atchison is. Of a. Maude min Mary Hatty and tense excitement ensued when tin i train started up again tin passengers calmed Down. At Boho tin officers were notified and at once left for tin scene of the explosion. It is thought by some that the rot tigers attached a heavy charge of dynamite to the rail intending to throw the engine Oil the track and that attached to the charge was a lot of Oil soaked waste which tin robbers Ca leu lated would in set on lire by tin explosion and furnish them Light to work by. Others hold that they expected the Niome Tuni of the train to carry the derailed engine Forward until the express car was directly Over the burning waste which would set the ear on tire. Whatever their object the waste Burnet As expected Anil so fiercely As to get tin i rain Oil fire ruin Wingat it High rate of Speed. Tin engine was uninjured except for a Genera slinking up which loosened tin joints. Tin Railroad officials an reticent As to what is being done in the Legal Blanks for Sale in Large or Small quantities it tin californian office. Tile daily californian id it Vered at Sumner every evening before Sunset. Firs class in every Eskeli private rooms and entrance1 for ladies. Fresh Eastern oysters Frozen 4 in Shell it ii Nab ii no nineteenth i. , null Furtula urn it Arr a full Huck of Alt kind of Trees and vines. Fruit Trees. Shade Trees Al Ramanlal Trees room Etc. I True to we from of every Dexter Piton at the Iowa to Market rate. Tree guar Antei i get a. For particular apply at the Nubia cry or add Kern county improvement co reference Kern Valier Bank. Baker Fie a Al Bakersfield Cal i a res ii oysters and Nice steaks at a. Blanchin near express office. Del Lett special Ai we a on hand. Have your eyes tested at a. Gold Many a Jyl Lotf k. I. Wheatley of Miramonti Rived in town on thursday. Arrangements for banquets parties Etc. We build you a Home open Day and night. I. Meal from 2ye up. French dinner Bawd building and loan association. A k Krs i eld. Lal. Nug Alt a Anil id authorized la ,0 i 0 id. Hoar s $ j 11 Ca ii. Union meat Market Wood Wood g. C. Shepard matter of die but it i known Are in i he Field. In limn ill Nichols i be i. Paul a episcopal e the resignation i Clapham was it every probability will Quot lie accepted in soon is made. The jury in the ease of Hall charged with an a deadly weapon upon or unable to agree after Ever Jyh cration and were Nee a in i William Sault with a a of w Al a1 hour the re i ugly w j. H. Hatten ii. Ii. To j Ysiano president. i Treasury j. Nun i to. W in a i la Pun i Villi president notary. Choice beef pork veal Mutton amp Salt meats in prepared to furnish parties desiring Wool in Large quantities at very Birse figures. Nix pm Homo provide Oil la Sylt tip i in v input. Uhm in for Small Utti a Vav i took Holdosh to of in to of in ton a it i Ishii Lav the h gtd apply to tin seen mid All on for a Corn Joku Tai v div. A ii build and Felt def Supply Nail qua any j ii it i Art i the Wool bit deliver prompt i v charged i stood six until Lin to judge Conklin. And mix. The Case next term of court. In a Dis vote Over he lit Dow Lua Al Yard located at terminus of strip line South of court hour t car Rex Zzz j. W. Willy to reduce Stock i will sell five More new Home or a Reefer w Wilson no. Sewing machines at it in it each Sauk Jyl Lotf it. J. Whit agent. Work has been commenced on the Beardsley canal to extend it from its terminus at i Ordo to. Pose. Over one Hundred teams Are it Wick and Tine Progress is being made. The parti who engaged to bring a traction engine Here to haul the material needed for the Reservoir Railroad from Sumner to Buena Vista Lake have Given up the project on account of the conditions of the roads Aud so a lag lot of teams will i put on instead. K. A. Gould an old Friend of Solo Mon Jewett arrived Iii town on thursday. He set out one of the first Orchards Ever planted in Santa Clara and in after years set out some of the very first fruit Trees in Fresno. Ii Sornev an l if to i Klix Cai. Nick Britz. Proprietor. Headquarters for fool and fresh lager commercial lunch served at All hours. Niederaur Block. Cor 19th and l St. For fair grounds. Mar. In <1 til of ii i the k hell lit Thoj tier or to nuut five an i ten year \ Aurelia Price Kiel term Jirout to Al. Tho right i a it Kiel All in Qto sunlit. Add j. M Heuck for Lith Helie i it in veil to j i e<1 reject Prole to the relieve that cough lilt. Bena etts cough Lictus in he mighty healer up rated from the original reel a of or Bennett a celebrated Zungli ii and German physical. Meyries 3s Stryd. 50 Etc pc a bottle. Prepared Only by nod out to Usu Ivey chemists to he people Kern Valley pharmacy. Fish Block Bakersfield. Yrjo Branch opposite a Cju of Sumner Medicine May be obtained Day or night
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