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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 17, 1892, Bakersfield, California Vol. Iii. No. 40.bakbusfield, Kern county Cal. Wednesday february 17, 1892. Pric e 5 Cento. Kern county land co. Colonization work of a great corporation. How the 031 Hany operates. Blan by which such a Buill i nil eau he erected 400,000 acres of land for Sale to it it settlers great irrigation works description of its lands. Has been made. Here Aplin is an and i Vantage which will be duly appreciated by the Man of Small Means. Another guarantee of just and equitable treatment is that tin company having so much land for Sale cannot allow the slightest miss care j sensation of its properties. It i the other hand its literature and advertisements a Are so framed As to rather leave unsaid Many facts of interest than to misguide it anyone by erroneous or highly coloured statements. It has found this to let of the j Best method because the colonists who come Here soon realize that All of the truth has not been told and become at t the meeting of republicans held once Earnest representatives of the com at the Ltd Curt House on monday night it puny in the matter of inducing others of was the sense of the gentlemen present from time to i that a a Miyori Shoul boat oms a make will he fill made to Sere i a rouses and but Little. Many Cost Lse their friends to locate statements Are appear there is one feature prominent Iii the helped still More by Alfalfa in tins Pas recent history of Kern county which is i Turnage process. 3 on it an easily under nuni Ikani , St stand ii of water can be made to a source of i Hie to every Cit zen 01 the it a a now in canals and ditches in Sulci a county. I his is the successful Coloni a Way As to afford Ain Jile irrigation for nation Effort now being carried Forward every acre of this remarkable tract. Being located in this natural Basin it Ekx the 41 i i with such signal ability by the Kern county land company under the direction of its aide agent s. W. Fergus1-son. We usually avoid personalities but when it comes to treating of an Enterprise of such moment As our recent colonization efforts it is certainly excusable in us to put off this modest trait and speak individually of those to whom so much credit is due. T he Hope of Kern county is in its rapid colonization. It has not been Long since almost the entire area of this favored District was one vast Plain enjoying no higher cultivation than that incident to cattle raising. The present owners of the Kern county land company s property lie gun tin Purchase of land Iii this county nearly Twenty years ago and have continued their acquisition until today they own four Hundred thousand acres of As Good fruit land As there is Iii California. After obtaining this vast body of agricultural and horticultural land they set about to bring water to it. This they have successfully done by spending about three and a half million dollars on their irrigation system which is the largest Iii the i tided states. The origin of Rill company. Away Back in the seventies j. Ii. Haggin familiarized himself with the Superior natural advantages of the Kern Delta around Bakersfield in Kern county. This was the niacin Spring which Lias since developed the most Gigantic land and colonization system Iii America. Ile soon associated with him Lloyd Levis esq., by Zsidi it of the Wells Fargo Bank and express a Stem of Tho i tided states. These Typo master minds studied t be sit hat Ion they saw with absolute certainty the great development possible to this Section of California. After satisfying themselves on this Point they began with the intelligent and determined Effort which has made them so successful in Many other vast enterprises. They saw that nature had made reparation for the Lack of rainfall by providing the perennial How of Waler Iii Kern River. The source of this River is the melted Snow from Ila High Sierra Nevada mountains. At to time when tile idea of irrigation was extremely unpopular and against the advice of Many whose judgment in such matters ought to have had w eight they began a system of irrigation which was not Only the most extensive Ever planned in this country but which has since been fully developed and now enjoys the just distinction of timing tin most extensive and Complete irrigation system on the continent. Their expenditures did not Stop with the three and a half million thus nut into ditches but they established what May let a properly termed experimental stations at various Points Over their vast Possession of four Hundred thousand acres. This was done at an additional Cost of $.�?~1,000,. Here for More than a decade they have under the direction of Alife experts carried on investigations and experiments in the line of horticulture agriculture viticulture and Stock raising which have Iteen of almost inestimable value to t he state of California n general and to Kern county i i particular. The foundation has thus been Laid for still greater development. After preparing the Way and demonstrating what could is done they organized the Kern county land co., of whose Stock they Alc the principal owners. They then declared themselves ready to recommend the same of ii Mients soothers and were led to adopt tin colonization idea which i the Homie of the country. I Hsi la 11�?Ti Ion of these Kanos. It might not is necessary to describe to California Reader the composition contour surface and location of lands situated in the Southern portion of the san Joaquin Valley hut our Eastern readers w ill doubt let note such a description with interest nobody of nearly half a million Ai n of land is apparent a a level As a floor has served As a receptacle or depository for the Rich Mountain soil which has been brought Down for Ages by the Rains and melting snows and deposited in Kern Delta. So Long has this process obtained that the sediment soil in the Kern Delta varies in depth from fifteen to one Hundred feet. Year after year throughout this unknown period vegetation has grown decayed and thus contributed its in fluence and substance to the fertilizing process. Tile result is that the Kern Delta owned by the k in county Amu company is considered to be till most j rect seed cd in the s de of California if not in the world. In connection with this remarkable conditions of soil the climate is so perfect that every fruit and vegetable known to the temperate or Semi Tropic zone can be produced Iii luxuriant pro la Usi it n. The irrigation system. The irrigation system of this com a puny includes three Hundred Miles of i main canal and about one thousand Mill of laterals and ditches. Some of j these canals Are the largest in tile i world. The Calloway canal one of the largest of the system is thirty five Miles Long 12<> feet wide eight feet deep and generally carries six feet of water. The Goose Lake canal is Ito feet wide but not As Long As the Cal iodine from settlers which assert that the company s re presentations have been absolutely True and that Many things f try. I that could have been said favourable to the country have been left unsaid for them to find out from actual experience. The Best proof of these statements is die fact that during the past twelve months More than one Hundred families have located upon lands sold them by the Kern j county land company these families contain Over five Hundred people All told. The company has sold during this time nearly $700, Worth of Laud principally to settlers who buy Twenty and fort acre fruit farms. This Chias of work cannot be estimated too highly. If a Man deserves to band ins name Down to profited to for causing a two i Blades of Grans to grow where but one grew before Quot How much More credit is due to the Man or set of men who cause the desert to Blossom As the Rose and then goes to work to bring the masses into close connection with these enjoyable conditions where formerly vast herds of cattle roamed at Large there Are now scores of prosperous Homes each supporting its Happy intelligent Little family. This Good work is going on rapidly in fact it seems that it has Only begun. At this rate the next decade will witness some grand transformation scenes in this favored Section. The Kern county land company w ill increase Iii influence Aud capacity for Good work us the time goes on and year after year these Happy families will continue to be established and the congested cities w ill he depleted to add to this work of philanthropy and True Home building. The me a int of work Al com Cush Ich. What Lins been done is Only an Earnest of what will be done. The colonization machine is built and its operations have begun. Its ramifications extend almost throughout the civilized world. Iii every state of the in Ilion and in Many foreign to secure the co operation of the democrats in building a wigwam in tills the proposition is to erect a cheap but substantial building of such i dimensions that when the Public Halls i of the City will not accommodate the crowd the wigwam can lie used. A floor suitable for balls is to be Laid and i it is also purposed to use the building for Citrus fairs horticultural or Agricula i Tural exhibits. Iii furtherance of the proposition the parties now interested in building a fair grounds and Speed track Bere have come Forward with a proposition to i build the new w Ign am on the half Block of land offered As a donation parties Here for the fair ground Pavilion thus making the wigwam i Aud Pavilion the one and same building the fail ground association will be incorporated within the next ten Days or two weeks and if the proposition they make is accepted by the political parties the question of leasing or renting ground for a w wigwam ii at once eliminated from the expense of build lag it. 11 is also understood that if the two political parties will nut up a suitable building fora Pavilion the fair ground association will be w Illing to allow the Revenue from rentals to be returned to the Treasury of the parties until the first Cost of the building is paid and make such terms fur its Purchase As a ill be equitable. The committee appointed on monday night should look into the proposition with the Aid of the democratic committee at once. The wigwam is a much needed improvement. Governor Markham. I he attends a leap year Ball at Poso a Brilliant party. Last Friday evening will be memorable in the annals of Poso because governor Markham was a guest at the leap vent party Given by the ladies of Poso and neighbourhood. The Hall was prettily decorated with flags etc., Aud brilliantly lighted. Misses Campbell and Perrin were the decorators. A committee of ladles consisting of mrs. T. Lodgers mrs. Win. Perrin and miss l. Smith received the governor on his arrival. He was accompanied by colonel Depue and t. A. Moncure f.sq., of i a Oso ranch. Tin guests were then presented to the governor to Hertz being a Large contingent of guests from i Elano present. Dancing was commenced Early and continued till an Early hour. Messes. Perrin Meagher Huntington and Hollingsworth contributed the music which was excellent. A bounteous supper w As provided by the Poso in lies and served under the management of mrs. Rogers mrs. Perrin and miss Mackey in the warehouse of tin Kern land company which was placed at the disposal of the committee for the occasion by or. Ivy Ain Bell the superintendent. On his departure the governor expressed himself As much pleased with his reception and seemed to thoroughly enjoy t he whole affair. There w Ere present mesdames Perrin Rodgers Kimberlin Phillips Taggart re higher Glazebrook Brown Crittenden 11 nil Woodward Cross Laud and Hall misses ii. Smith m. Dyer n. V. Mackey m. Bassham c. Martin. Bonham ii. Rodgers f. Rodgers a. It Glazebrook c. Glazebrook it. Perrin m. Wiseman m. Crittenden five list of gentlemen in attendance is too Long for publication. He arrives this morn Illy and lectures tonight. His trip through the comity search of views fulfils lecture. In Arbor by. Way. The capacity of the Goose Lake \ countries representatives of Kern Counti to to too Miner s inches while that of tin Calloway is 74, he miners inches and these Iii connection w Ith theolier canals have an aggregate Low of 12,000 cubic feet per second. The remaining thirty canals of the company Are modelled after the same plan As those mentioned hut Are not so extensive. These Are All taken from the Kern Rivi r at various Points near Bakersfield. They Branch out in All directions sons to Render irrigable every i acre of land owned by the company. The company has experts to look alter this vast irrigation system so As to prevent Breaks flooding and damages of any kind when a purchaser desires to have his land irrigated he notifies in general and of the Kern county land company Iii particular Are preaching Tho interesting and remarkable gospel of Kern county. As the years go by people will come from the North and the South from the East and the West and i turns from Tho uttermost parts of the Earth to take Possession of what Lias been so attractively prepared for them. We have object lessons on the North and South and in Many other localities in col form which illustrate in a most substantial and emphatic Way what our possibilities Are. It will not be ten years before these Rich alluvial Plains will he smiling with Homes of thousands of Small fruit Farmers. The raw material in our mountains and forests will be transformed into useful aril speaking of t lie proposed planting of Trees and shrubs in the various school Yards throughout the county in i Rin to in Cut of schools Harrell says a in the mutter of procuring Trees in Many instances in doubt if the subject i it properly presented ample Doua Mill be made try patrons and pupils but no District need depend exclusively on tins. The Purchase of Trees i a proper charge against the school fund and orders drawn Iii payment thereof will in honoured at my office. Knell child May Plant a tree t he company mini it instructs the super tides by machinery whose motive Power intendant of canals to let on the water at the int desired. The charges for irrigating Are regulated by the county Board of supervisors Ami Are cheaper in Kern county than elsewhere in California. The prices Here Range from $1 to $1 a Quot it per acre per year owing to tile commodity planted. How the company operates it should in remembered that the Kern county land company owns All of the lands it advertises for Sale and cannot be considered Iii the Light of a real estate Agency in the Ordinary acceptation of the term. The company is Only one feature of the vast wealth of its owners Anil they establish the Agency in Kern county to dispose of the lands owned by them exclusively. Tins is an undertaking the magnitude of which can scarcely lie realized by any one not familiar w Ith the situation. While the intelligent efforts of the company have been coupled with the blessings of nature to Combine the greatest attractions and Oiler them to the would be settlers there Are thousands of other efforts being put Forth Iii the state. These Al have their methods of advertising and operating and it is doubtless difficult for Hie outsider to discriminate Between tin spurious Aud the genuine. This company having such immense interests in this county and having decided upon the policy of Selling land to Farmers direct is on tin rigid Road to tin solution of the Grout problem of increasing the population of t in county. The Kern Gottily Lund gom Paziy the have adopted the Wise policy of segregating hair entire 4 of Obi acres and disposing of it to the Small Farmer direct in lots of from Twenty acres upwards i Bis is the inn basis of successful colonization. It is an Opportunity for the Home seeker that does not exist Al sew Bere int alter Ilia. The Small Farmer can Purchase directly from tins company Bis Twenty acre farm be that of the great Kern River Bakersfield will become a Railroad Center and commercial port from which All of the most desirable horticultural products will lie distributed Over die wide have been tardy in our beginning i but the foundation Bas been Bud Broad and deep and we will not Stop it a Given Point As some of our neighbouring counties i Lave done. H. It. S. The shooting match. The g. A r. And sons of veterans teams ready for the fray. Milch interest is being manifested in the shooting match to be held on next monday Between two teams of five men each selected from the membership of tin Gram army and the sons of veterans. Hair trigger rifles with telescopic sights pistol grips and ill the rest of it Are barred and the match is to lie shot w Ith the regulation Rifle of the Soldier. The distance and target w ill la strictly in accordance with the regulations also and while the scores made May not be surprisingly great there will be no end of fun. The two teams mentioned Are willing to admit to tin match of a team of marksmen from the Tow ii providing they will use the same guns or Sini liar guns under the same conditions and it May be that the Challenge will be accepted. Which he or she can claim for ids or Lierow nor certain ground May he allotted to particular grades or Grade responsible for the condition of its own property. This will stimulate a healthy rivalry among the children and make Arbor Day one of unusual interest to them. A in addition an appropriate literary programme can is made a profitable feature and w ill proven Means of insuring tin attendance of the adults of the District. I wish to urge the teachers on whom in a great measure rests the responsibility of preparing and carrying Oil t t lie work suggested to use their Best efforts to make a Success of this movement w hich Means so much to t he school interests of the personal Yin London time on in Germany. A the number of work people in Germany Bas increased about 5 per cent each year since 182. And is now estimated to reach 7.000,000, since 1888 a general Rise in wages Lins taken Placo in most German Industrial districts and amounts to Between to and 33 percent., while tin Cost of the necessaries of life Lins decreased. In Liis statement is made by Tho times on the authority of a report from Tho British embassy in Bertin on Tho present position of tin labor question in Tho German Empire. Protection invariably increases the number of people employed. Augments their wages and decreases the Cost of the necessaries of life. But free traders Are not Happy under it they figure out the relation Between tin to t of tin article Aud Tim duty charged on its importation. And As in Tho ease of wire nails which sold at the Mills throughout 1881 at an average Price of per Keg while the duty was i Jug per Keg they find that Tho Tariff on wire nails amounted to Over 135 per cent. On making this discovery they ask every one to join them in wailing Over this addition to Tho Cost of wire nails the trial of Csc Apulu Montana before judge Conklin and a jury came to a sudden close today. Shortly before noon tin prosecution rested when the defense moved that ids Honor instruct the jury to acquit the prisoner. Judge Conklin said that regardless of his personal opinion of the ease lie wanted the jury to pass upon it and denied the motion. Hie defense then rested without introducing a w fitness. An adjournment was then taken to 1 30 o clock w Hen the Rase w As Hui it fitted without argument. The jury found a verdict of not guilty in loss than five minutes. John Cushin superintendent of tin Nion ice company is in the City. Look out for the scorch its com when examined from any one Point of All ready for cultivation and with the a View. It is located at the extreme South end of the fan Joaquin Valley which is at this Hgt int surrounded by mountains on three sides. This great Mesa has therefore one general slope a i rom 5 to 8 feet to the mile to tin Northwest and the flow of water is not Aurum a that he will have ample water for irrigation thus setting aside the question of Uncertain crops Fie purchases this land at the same figure that the middleman in Ordinary cases would have to pay tor it and thus lie saves tin middleman s profits Aud All other sex senses connected with a roundabout Way of purchasing. The company offers him Twenty five Miles away. Terms one fourth Cash and Quot the remainder there Are no Hills rocks , in Oue two and three years or three pumps or other impediments to imme four Ami live years As he May choose Diate cultivation of the land. Every with interest on deferred payments at 7 acre is available. Thousands of acres per cent per annul. This will enable have been used As cattle pasture for ten every purchaser to make the land pay and fifteen years Anil live been in for itself utter the first Quarter payment the leap year Ball. The daughters of Bebe Eru an busily engaged in preparing Abr their leap year Dull to be Given next monday night and All the boys Al amt town have begun making Between ten Ami twelve trips a Day to the Post office in the to of hearing from their Best girl. It will be the Lance of the season and some of the Prettie to costumes Ever worn Bakersfield w ill Grace the occasion. Real estate transfers. Mrs. Ilg. Taunton Ami mrs. J. A. Gorham Are visiting friends in Visalia today. D. D. Allison of the National Lei company is Lien to locate a Branch for t lie season of 192. A. I. Turner of the firm of Wood or Turner of Modesto is Here to note the Enterprise of our Cit . Col. Buries i Logan of Fresno is in the City looking its fat and Hearty us Ever. There is Only one col. Hogan tint he counts for two generally. T. Ii. B. Brice a real estate Hustler from tin comity of Tau Islaias is viewing the rapid development of the greatest county in resource in the state. I. It. Loud of the Bacilli improvement company was Iii the City today completing arrangements for commencing work on the new Road to till a dial Tum lied Early next week. Ira Mchenry tin youngest Bauk president in the state is Iii the City looking after his land interests or. Mel Leury is the president of the first National bunk and tin Modesto sayings Bauk of Modesto California. Iii. Fresh oysters and Nice steaks at a. Blanchi near express office. Di2ldtf prof. A. B. Do Otterville the eminent journalist and lecturer who is on his w a around the world Iii the interest of the world s columbian exposition arrived in the City this morning. He Yas met at the depot by judge Conklin and j. M. Houck of this City and driven to the Southern hotel. Brot. De Ger Vullo is accompanied by an artist with photographic apparatus Ami he expressed himself As eager to get out in the country in order to personally inspect the world famous irrigation system of Kern county. Or. K. E. Young Secretary of the Kern county land company and c. Brewer Secretary of the Kern county world s fair association met Rob de a Nervine a few minute after i tis arrival and All arrangements were speedily made for his visit. Iii a Brief interview or. De Iller Ville said a i Ain certainly More than pleased w Ith my reception Here. I have been anxious to visit Kern county for i have heard so much about it. I am not Only anxious but feel satisfied that myself and assistant will he Able to secure today some Fine views of your irrigation system and also some pictures of your scenery. From these i will select to number of views and mount them for my stereo Etienn lantern and they w ill la used i my lectures around the world. I feel that i cannot fall to do the country some Good wherever i go. The one feature of your county from w hat i have heard and read of it that will he a credit to tile whole i tilted states is your wonderful irrigation system w hich i Ani led to believe is not Only the largest hut the most a rect on Earth. I shall give it very close accompanied by or. Brower and a Driver Rob de Tuerville and his assistant fully equipped for a a picture taking a left tin City for a drive to Buti Orama Heights to Renee to the Bellevue ranch w Here they had lunch t Hen to the Stockdale ranch Anil Home taking Iii All the places of interest along i he route. Poll their return to the City prof. I it Tuerville accompanied by he Perl tend Clit of schools Harrell visited the Public schools of Bakersfield and gave a Short lecture to tin children. The professor is suffering from a seven sore Throat and in consequence curtailed his lecture to the children. The lecture it Nelda Ruurt shall tonight will la Olio of interest to everybody. The pictures of the worlds fair buildings As they will up our when completed a Well us numerous views of the grounds and surrounding portions of the City will in themselves be a rare treat. The lecture is free and if you want ii seat you w ill have to go Early. Hotel arrivals i in i Ile him ii. H f k ill Iviz Lii ii Klif it in it luit w la Mymit Tryc i -1<� j m Paul u a a a it Ulf Quot i tumor la to on to ii Mchenry Modesto i k unhurt helium la Vav 111 lit Iii la. Sue Lull Kritun euro Tulare i a White 8 k ii s Stitth t i a afire we 8 k ii it allium. Fret no oui Akus k j Hartman 8 k m w i i xxi Lynoil in Philo Vav Henna Haugh City i i orb min k t k la Klco to Jeato i k Jar Modesto jilt Ebrain h i to i. Colburn 8 k a m Alexander 8 i i i i it a cd Porterville a la be Quern it j dec ii Lego Jav Adon rho him j c anon h k have Many .1 la Rewiuk Angeles your eyes tested at a Gold Jyl Lotf two thousand five Hundred people read the Daiv Call forma. Miscellaneous. Earth to Earth who fail to Heflin interest omit v. Ii or Ltd it hic ill kind i the in tie Man is dead to i own a piece of land in Kern land in Kern comity w of Raisin mid fruit of ii term Are the most Liberal and the reasonable i Hail Iii any other irrigate the state. Line lit of improved am Itie Yjord land it specially. Largest crop world Price More i Section of ii to i in j to co i Lam in the Hight Rev. Bishop Niehof pleased to meet any men interrupted by any obstruction until it reaches Buena Vista Lake Reservoir ii is port by Moco i John m Keith to Mardi Mhz hand lot Quot i Quot a a. East poker Lenl Ami lot Etui Akern Stehl. 1-70. Fulled stun to Kona Carver 2&-2h 8 p r it to William Greenfield of ref Xibi St so. The a Moux. Planner id a i aft Aud 2>>, i lift Aud Quot i blk blk nut tee la fractional in1 to reduce Stock i will sell five More new Home or Wheeler a Wilson no. Ii sewing machines it $35 each Cath. Jyl Lotf it. J. White agent. Win in this Community who May choose to cull upon him at tin residence of Rev. Ii. Ii. Shipham thursday afternoon at j o clock. Till Southern pharmacy is crowded with pretty girls these Days. It Isnit because of tile handsome proprietor but on account of rite sods Fountain having been started. Tile glee club met in Odd Fellows Hull last night wit i a full attendance of infill born. Just us the practice closed the Well known Sumner Artur Tettz serenaded the club. A v pm further information a adv to by tub in Edward Tei. Elliott Bokon it oct Cai. Relieve that cough or. Benini etts Quot a cough i actus tin mighty healer prepared from the original reel a of or. Bennett a celebrated English Aud Gentian physician. Brice 35 and so cts per bottle prepared Only by blood Gamt do Sudz Siy. Chemists to the people Ken Valley pharmacy. Fish Block Bakersfield. Or Brunch depot bum Lier Medicine May Fie obtained Day or n ight. £1
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