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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 15 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 15, 1892, Bakersfield, California Vol. Iii. No. , Kern county Cal. Monday february i 1892. Price o cents. In Drury addition. A most delightful place Lorn Home. The leap year Ball. The ladies select their committees arrangements made. All the members of Rebecca Lodge no. 47, . F. At a meeting saturday j night completed their arrangements to easier terms of investment any a the Gram leap year Ball they will where uttered. J a Ive 0,1 the night of february 22ndand j selected the following committees for Home years ago j. Amp. Drury purchased act Jav work. Ai hey Are As follows committee of a Section of land just North of the depot j arrangements a. H. Goldie re Dave lying on the sloping Mesa lands known Hirshfeld mesdames. Ii. F. It undid. As the Sumner Plains Only five blocks. I. Walker blesses Annie i Hirshfeld from the business Centre of Sumner. I a Lla Fay. Reception committee this lie has had surveyed and Laid ail my Soldier has his pension Money stolen. And a teamster hoses his wages in Sumner Hast saturday night. No arrests. When the North hound passenger train pulled into the depot at Sumner last saturday night an old Man named Michael Credick a passenger in route from the soldiers Home at Santa distance was 200 Yards and three shots Francisco nit off tin arum Kila Fay mesdames. A. F. Conflict in l. Borg Wardt hr., o. I. Fish l. Bryant o. Out in town lots which were last year Vav. Price and o. O. Mattson. Floor Monica to san placed upon the Market. No est Yehial i director miss Emma Suender. Floor cars to get something to eat. E efforts have been made to push the Sale 0.1,.u hl.e�?T1 misses _ Lottie Cora let Evv minutes later the train pulled of these lots yet during the past year or j1 m1 a i to Rii a Ulm out of the depot leaving the old Man Over 250 have been sold due to the fact i m. 8 Urti a a i who is unable to take care of himself a of the admirable location of the land i Moung. Ladies Are enthusiastic in strange town at dead of night and the exceedingly favourable t mis of Iver the promised Opportunity to return Tedick is a Veteran of the lab1 War Purchase. The courtesies of the gentlemen and tile j an j draws a pension and lie had in tile lots lie on a sloping Mesa from i i p/,1 y .f1 in a Good time. A Small packet fastened Between i whence the whole of Kern tar6et practice. The g. A. R. Getting ready for their coming match. On Holiday afternoon mein Liers of the grand army took their Springfield rides and went out on tile Bluffs North of Sumner to practice for the coming match with the sons of veterans on the22d inst. From the records made it was decided to choose a team of five to meet the s. Of v. Team on that Day. The target was made of a Sheet of cardboard 22x20 inches painted Black except a Centre Circle ten inches in diameter which was left White. Tin miscellaneous. Let before the View like a rams. The land is in in Mesa from a./. Ivi a a Quot. A in a Small packet net Ween ins i Valley lies out i thing to ult Cointin anyway add to j outer and under shirts and $28 Ami a Dutiful Pano in a enjj>3 in it tie guests will he Railroad ticket in a pocket Book when Beautiful Pano a Thermal licit Sidden death. Ayus it found dead morning. Taken advantage of and it will in where frosts Are unknown and it has i a kit remembered been pronounced by Riverside Orange growers As Well fitted for Citrus culture As any land in the state. It lies under the proposed �?T78 canal and when that is constructed As is sure to lie done in the near future it will immediately More than quadruple in value for by irrigation it can be made a Garden spot of Earth. And As to climate it is also unsurpassed for residence purposes being Balmy and perfectly healthy. At a Large expense or. Drury has constructed a Reservoir system which is More than ample for All household uses. He Lias had a ten Inch Well sunk 105 feet deep and a Ling Well 50 feet deep upon which he has erected a compound pumping apparatus driven by horse Power. One pump lifts from the on a or longed Debauch lowest level to a Tunnel 50 feet below time very drunk. Burst the surface Hall this in i Mit Iest to be held on the remains today. Heart failure. In which is constructed a Reservoir from which the twin pump hoists i he water to the top of the ground. Immediately below these pumps he has constructed a Reservoir of 50,000 Gallons capacity which is lined with Asphaltum and will soon be covered Over thus furnishing to residents a constant and unfailing Supply of pure water available not Only for household use hut from its head invaluable for Protection against fire. There is nothing that steadies a Young Man equal to the Possession of Laud. When lie once owns a lot it is a nest egg whose Possession spurs him to further accumulations. It is an acquisition that cannot he broken up like a Twenty Dollar piece and Dissis Ted in a Day Ami Iii the Drury addition is uttered a rare Opportunity for any one to become an owner of land. The terms Are within the reach of everyone. The Price for Corner lots is and for inside lots $50, Only $5 Down Aud the remainder to lie paid in one two and three years at 7 per cent interest on deferred payments each lot is 50x120, the streets Art of feet wide. There Are 32 lots to each Block to on each frontage separated by an Alley 2o feet w Ide. V there is water at present sufficient for household use the soil is Rich the climate delightful and when the �?T7s canal is completed these kits will More than triple Iii value. It is very hard to find a better investment than this. Hast night win. B. Smith better known in and about Fresno As a Cayuse eds called at the lodging House kept by Frank Carson in Sumner and asked for a room. The Man had evidently been Rad was at the Tyson told him the House was full bul Smith begged them to find him a place to sleep and to take care of him. Having known Smith Iii Fresno Carson finally told him if lie was willing to i suit of sic i on a cot in Hie store room lie would Appere fix a vied for him. Smith eagerly assented and mrs. Carson prepared Hie cot. Smith sat in the bar room or an hour or two and then suddenly got up and went to bed. In Carsons place lit Only took one or two drinks of pert wine. A i he Man had no Money other than a Little change but told Carson he had left some Money with a Friend whom he named and would Settle hts Bill to Dav. Nothing was heard of Smith through the night and us he had not complained of feeling Iii when he went to lied no attention was paid to him. This morning when the bar keeper entered the store room for the purpose of getting a Broom to sweep out lie noticed Smith lying fully dressed on tie cot on his Back with his month open and eyes rolled Back in his head. He went to the Man and upon touching him found him dead. Coroner i Buckreus was at once notified and took charge of the body. An inquest will vie 11eld this afternoon. The supposed cause of death is heart failure. Poc i he got off Hie train. The Money lie intended for his son who lie was in his Way to visit and who works Iii san Francisco. Before leaving the train a Young Fel a Low sat with the old Man Iii the ear and easily got out of him t he Story of i his Money and where he had hidden it 1 and it was this same stranger who got i off the train with Credick at Sumner i telling the old Man he had plenty of j time to get something to eat Trad advis i him to go across the Street to get his lunch. The two had a drink together and then the Fly Young Man disappeared. Before old Credick got half Way across the Street his train began to move and he was too old to run and catch it even had lie fully realized he j was being left. The old Man went Back to the depot j and tried to find out something about-1 the time of the next train North and also How he was to recover his Valise which he had in the ear when he got out and which contained a new lot bes among other wearing his inquiries elicited no information and the old fellow treated one or two of Tho depot loungers in tin Hopes that they would Aid were allowed to each contestant with the following results a. Storms i c. A. Maul i r. Seymour i i. F. Co diet 0 r. M. Walker 0 a. Sea a ilk rum 0. Tile practice was across the current of the wind Aud the target was then changed so that the marksmen could shoot the same distance with the wind. The following is the score under tile latter conditions. A. Maul 2 a. Storms i it. Seymour 0 it. M. Walker 0 a. Boa right i and c. An Krum 0. Under the rules the trigger pull must equal the weight of the gun so it prob ably averaged an eight Pound pull. Grand leap year Ball a tvs Ruder the auspices of Rebecca Lodge 147,1.0. Onto Niederaur a opera House monday evening feb. 22d, Ai bar today. Mrs. La. F. Co diet. Or. It. M Walker miss Ell Fay miss Aunio Hanii fell cd h. Goldberg mid Bur mrs. Ii. F. Co diet mrs of i. Fish Price and or. Of o. Mitt non. Personal. I. It. Hove of Caliente arrived in town today. E. J. Menu Teveon arrived from san Francisco saturday George Mcleod a brother of a j. Mcleod arrived Here from Leadville on saturday. Rev. Ii. Ii. Daphnia returned from attendance at the episcopal convocation in san Ita Fael on saturday. Mrs. Charles Johnston left today for Salinas where she will visit for a season with her sister mrs. Charles Howland. S. Silverberg father of mrs. J. J. Mack and in whom Little Irene takes a Grain daughter a interest arrived Here from san Francisco on saturday. Rev. William Ford Nichols i. Cassis int Bishop of this diocese will preach in him. I St raids Epi foal Church thursday even 1oiii in it Loo of arrangements him Ahu of Irr Tifeld. Reception a Ommittee us f Tbs we floor director museum. Sri slim 171,. J 1an,,o Imi Little co diet i Annie Hirshfeld i Ella Fay. Mrs. L. Riopi v ,Elmer, or. R. M. Walker. Tickets Lier couple Slipper. $1.50. Kern county improvement jo., Hayek Fjeld Kern county Cal. Offers for Sale improved Orchards and lands vineyards at Low prices to lid on easy terms. Finally the liquor in had taken made j big commencing at 8 of clock and w ill also him drowsy and lie went into tile wait i administer the rite of confirmation room and sat Down. Foot Ball. The exciting and hard fought game. For further particulars address Drury Bakersfield Cal. Growing rapidly. J. S. Then appeared on the scene one of the women who live in tin notorious Dens of infamy that curse the town of Sumner. Who sent her and How she knew where to find the old Man can Only lie conjectured hut Hie smooth Young Man who left the i Ain with Credick could probably explain. This woman coaxed the old Soldier to go to her House and he was robbed of All his Money and even his Railroad ticket tile attention of some of the Good citizens of Sumner and the great majority of the residents lifelong under that head was called to the affair and one or two of them went to work to hum Down the people who stole the old veterans Money. They succeeded in recovering $125 of the amount which was returned to the old fellow and last night he went on to san Francisco. An hour or two after the robbery of the old mail a teamster named Cunningham strolled Over to the Quarter infest a by the woman mentioned and he too was robbed of $-50 but for him no sympathy was Felt As he knew where he was going and the kind of people he was going to meet. The officers should look into tin Bakersfield building and loan association to make some changes. The Bright Sunshine brought out a Large crowd of ladies and gentlemen yesterday afternoon to witness the weekly game of football rapidly be earn of it Vic a aaa and Uliey will find the Good. Citizens of Bakersfield More than ready my so popular. It it us Liemth. U a of a in an exciting and hard fought contest City should make it their business to interesting facts. Only 9 per cent of cases of amputation Ever prove fatal. The population of America increases by 7, xxx persons a Day. Thera an thirteen in Hen of took Skleres la the British museum the Pennyweight was the exact weight of the old British Silver Penny. A Man of average strength can lift with both hands a weight of from Wolo Imo pounds. Bank notes Iii Austria Hungary Are printed on one Side in German Aud on Tho other in Magyar for i la Liene Ritof Tho Jinn g Arian. Few English words Are derived from the chinese but the names of some of Tho Best known chinese products a Tea silk gongs Ginseng kaolin Aru of chinese origin. Tho Marks a �., d., used As the designs tons for the principal denominations at British Money Are an abbreviation for Hie j lit in a a Libra Solidi it Denar ii a pounds j shilling and incorporation. Owing to an unusual press of local news the interviews on the question of the Kern county improvement company is the Only reliable com Pally in Kern county that makes a business of planting Aud taking care of Orchards and vineyards for non residents. We will hell Yow Laud Plant it to Vine Sud tree my brim it to full bearing at Price that will net you per cent on the Iver trient after 3 year. We handle Only the beat land for fruit crowing Aud Noti resident buying without teeing the land can re to a Wared of being treated fairly and Cholee lot being selected for them had tin very Bent care had attention Given to them. A i Bis company is under the direct management of the Buttz tax Boot hubs who Ara Well known Iii the fruit business. They Ara also proprietors of the Kern Valley Nursery situated on nineteenth Street Bakersfield California and carry a full Stock of Alt kind of Trees and vines fruit Trees Shade Trees ornamental Trees roses Etc of every description at the lowest Market rate tree guaranteed True to name Aud free from peat. For particulars apply at the buttery or add re Kern county improvement co., Bakersfield Chi. Reference Kern Valley Bauk. Bakersfield Cai. Arboin Loo an Zox zit ii invert Youk having in among Hie Many institutions that have waxed Strong in Bakersfield none shows a healthier and More rapid and substantial growth than the Bakersfield building and loan association. The association was incorporated 1 Ashford captaining out. I . Taunton the other. Toto with a capital Stock of up. Game was won by a score of four $1,000,000 divided into 5,000 shares of goals to Ope. Tbs Par value of $200 each. The first of speaking of the game today in old june following it was ready for Bual i player Sain a tile players with one or Ness tile first series of Stock bearing two exceptions kept their places very resulted As can easily be proven by see Quot that the pie Polo who robbed the old incorporation Are postponed until to the citizen s Mutual building and loan Assoc a of Bakersfield authorised capital $1,000,000. Shares $100 each. Several of the players who Are today nursing sprained joints and bruised my soles. I the teams were selected at random i from the body of the players t. Ii. A a nine and ii. Veteran Are brought to Justice. I Morrow the citizens of Sumner say that they 1 the subject is one of such Paramount Are heartily sick and tired of having importance that it a Annot he slighted tin dangerous element of the town run j and hence owing to the crowded moralist Lait they seem powerless to interfere. I Hon of our columns the discussion of Date june 2d, i being a has shares taken and w Hile the majority of the Stock remained at Home it was found an easy matter to interest san Francisco capitalists w to at once saw the investment would lie a profitable one. The association at once began loaning Money to persons wanting to build Aud Lias today about $100,000 out at interest in tills City and county amply secured by mortgages ii the Beautiful Homes it has built Aud tile Thrifty farms Oil which they stand. The system adopted by the association is one which makes the Burden i easy for tile Borrower to Bear and at the same time nets to the concern a handsome profit. The men who Are at the i Lead of the institution Are of themselves a sufficient guaranty As to its solid financial character and Lait a glance at the Secretary s looks is needed to convince anyone of the great Good the association has already accomplished. To a few Days the association will move into new quarters and it is intended to rapidly increase its usefulness As Well As tin volume of business it is doing. The present officers Are la. \. J Astro president a Nic Vernur vice president ii. A. Sludge treasurer g. N. Price Secretary w. Lowell ii c. Park a. A. Minnie is. K. Houghton in Hirsh fold directors b. Btu adage attorney the californian is de venal at Sumner every evening before read the want column of the Baily Jali Forman. Well but were inclined to shout making it almost impossible for Hie teams to hear the captains orders. It is to in hoped that in the match of the 22d, tile players will Endeavor to remember that tin Only Way to win is to keep their j ducks pass the Ball and refrain from making the town will put a Strong team into the Field on the 22d, and of the above lid unctions Are attended to it will i be a lot of hard playing to defeat them. The goals yesterday were kicked by Fox Taunton heard ural Ashford. The game next sunday will lie called at a it of clock and on the 22d at 2 of clock Sharp. It it is to be Hie fashion in this part of the country when a Man or woman does Rad like a Uchs Pujic article to thread ii to club the reporter or editor or even kill him. Reporters Ara cheap because the California Market is overstocked w till one lunged Pencil pushers from the East and so pol dislers of tapers Ara not very much worried even if a reporter or two is killed. It makes news for Iii paper and they eau easily get a new Man. The practice if curried out is however jut a Little hard on the reporter. Bul what we started out to say is this the daily c Alfo by an proposes to publish the nows when it can get it regardless of the Creed color or sex of the parties whom the news concerns ural also regardless of Hie removal of any handier of Sor Ilies from its stat a by violent Means. We re not Hunting trouble but w e ure Hunting news and w Hen we find it we Are going to publish it. The matter in now called directly to the at nation of the officers. In the language of the Man who struck Hilly Paterson a what Are they going to do about it a the fire company. Numerous inquiries Are being made concerning the condition of tile tire apparatus and fire company of this City in the of pre i above a ounce by business men w to Good old adage of an vent As to the apparatus it is said to by in Good condition hut a test of it would do Ira harm. Several general agents of fire insurance companies have visited tin City during the past week and everyone of them Lins asked the Maine question namely a is your tire com puny Here to Ping up its practice and have the reservoirs liven examined recently a Ari affirmative answer Eon id not be Given. It is stated that several weeks ago when tin water was turned off from the reservoirs while t he ditch w As a cleaned the reservoirs went dry from leakage. It would is a remit i to the citizens if the fire company would utilize thew Fine Moonlight nights Aud get out with the hotel arrivals. Tin matter is postponed one or two Days. On account of Hie lecture of 1�?~rofesaor de guerrilla on wednesday night in Niederaur shall mrs. Or. B. Rogers has courteously consented to f lost Pone the dam school until saturday night. To reduce Stock i will sell five More new Home or Wheeler a Wilson no. Ii sewing Mach i nos at $55 each Rath. Jyl Lotf it. J. W la it agent. Col. Of. I 11 be r to rec Mark of her majesty a Royal Bengal engineers is in Hie City visiting ural will probably locate Here. Remember the Republican meeting to Niue to at tin court House. Incorporate. Prevalent Edward k. Elliott. Secretary a. U Brown. Vice president Joha m Keith Treen user John j Mack. Directors in. K Elliott David i Hirshfeld w. I Rig 1011, j. Malt a Kell a Wiley atty a co operative savings institution. Our Pisa of operation insure Large profit and absolute keen fit a to investor to he vv11bonr Stock Iii Thiim company. You eau not afford it Iii ii us you a Horn. Ii mar in Yoe frugal and Thrifty. It w ill Mark Yoi Wonky. It Aims to your Stock can be subscribed for at the Bank of Bakersfield of e. E. Elliott or Hirshfeld. Send for a prospectus. A. C. Maude births. I Bra Takt rat iced feh Raar Friio Arrau a Daue 14, i i i Umi i class in Kyi by mks Wmk 0 ii c la w it seater to i car Chi Fth s f w Fox. It., s Gilver Mug it i it m Sheifer do k Howu. Do j i Ribarin. I i iia Chipa j Settle 8 k la m Day a of. S y or might Reau Mel a Mig k la Bladen Back. 8 r vaseline. Do s o a Iii is Iri vat to l i to w Inston Salt i c Gorhamjr via a ii i fringe Ile. Rosedale w i. Lot Rii Juu hit Vav it Toa to m 0 la i m Webb 8 m Vav Hall to. K j Mel Ute ii ii j j mid i it i f an to. I a Larke a so ii knit ii a Oveland. Rosed a ii Swata do e Fero Amaua do s w Fern Tao ii City j k , Ohio private rooms and Entrance for ladies. Fresh Eastern oysters Frozen amp Iii Shell alway on hand special arrangements for banquets parties Etc. Open Day and night. Mea1 from avs up. French 1 1 ii tie in or a a Kuhfield. Ual. Auff Idt Keal estate i ice Kate. Fillies Aud final Fri ols made of Goroni Weot lauds. Town Aino country Foo Fekety Kok Salk Chester Avenue Bakersfield Chi
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