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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 9 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 9, 1892, Bakersfield, California Vol. Iii. , Kern co Enty Cal ties buy february 0, 1892. Prick 5 cents. A Row at Rosedale. An old War relic. Criminal court. The Domestic Bliss of the mores destroyed. Dins a Sample of the articles written in a jury secured in the Case of the people Dixie in 61. Against Buhn. Hotel arrivals i i South Kuk. Miscellaneous. The wife willing to leave if she gets her share of the property. Office n Suie Rinien newspaper article such As appeared a Down South in 1861. Attached to the Artic is a letter in Winch the writer outlines his a reasons for writing of lie aces. He before Many Days there will lie com believed in Southern people the Ouray fenced in tile courts of this county a Jug Home Industry and since Tiey pro suit for a divorce that will furnish fessed to hate the Yankees Sto it buying a a mighty interesting j everything Back East. I he letter is tile parties to tile suit will be or a gentleman who served his country j promptly at to of clock monday morn nobly in the late War has loft at this j ing judge Conklin ascended the i no Chin tile supreme court of the county of Kern Aud the criminal calender was taken up. Following the routine business incidental to the opening of tile session the Case of the people against l. Buhn upon tile charge of grand larceny was called. District attorney Fay answered yellow with age and bears the Date of i ready people and j. By. Ahem Grenada miss., sept. 1st, 1861. It was i the attorney for the defens echoed the t p spirt a san just t m Seaton 8 k e Warlock Telia Chipa e Wirt to a it f. Weldon i i Hill b v farm 111 Doughert s k b Mcfarland. Toronto k cooker Syracuse Vav la me Kittrie Cal k Bascom s k mrs me Kittrie s f m Vav Sun Nierhaus fug Elizabeth Dinsmore against her Hus i found in it. Henry when the Union j announcement band f. A. Dinsmore but on just troops took Possession and rinds As the selection of a jury was tit once we hat grounds tile action will by based i follows i entered upon. Of the venire of sixty is not known. A you arc waked in the morning by five summoned forty jurors were pres 8ome two years ago or. Dinsmore a Yankee clock you turn Yon feet j Cut. It took but Little time to secure had a Little Vineyard in Washington from Between Yankee sheets fam off twelve Good men and True to try tile Colony near Hie City of Fresno where i a Yankee Bedstead push them to rough Case and then judge Conklin excused he lived with his wife in peace and j Yankee pants into Yankee socks stick j tilt remainder of venire until thursday Prosperity until she joined a religious i them into Yankee shoes and rest them next at to of clock order known As the band of holiness j on a Yankee carpet. J time a missionary among the j Complete Yankee in the outward Man. In chinese of Bakersfield having you Are then summoned to breakfast Liv Oreed from her Chicago bus by the sound of a Yankee Bell. You when holiness came in at the door of Dinsmore a residence love flew out of tile window. Or. And mrs. Dinsmore quarrelled separated were divorced Hie property divided the woman getting the Lions share and then Hill Mere Shook the dust of Fresno from his brogans and emigrated to Kern county. Here in course of time lie met mrs. Elizabeth Barnes late of Chicago but at tile Heathen been divorced band. Mrs. Barnes was fair fat and forty and Tad red hair and charming manners. A gentleman by the name of Frary was a keeping company with the widow when Dinsmore a dismayed by his tonner experience with women fanatics entered the list. It Wasny to Long before he had everything his own Way soon too soon he thinks now lie Ami the fair grass widow were wedded and moved out to Rosedale. Its tile old Story of a marrying Iii haste and repenting at Leisure on both sides according to the neighbors of the Dinsmore a who have been called upon to interfere More than once Iii the Domestic brawls Between tile husband and wife. She says Dinsmore lie ats Lier chokes Lier and generally ill uses Lier arid besides wants to Rob Lier a it Lier share of the Homestead they no i in she is willing to leave him if or you turn and make your miming salutation to yourself Iii u Yankee looking Glass shave yourself with Yankee soap and Brush. You then Wash in a Yankee howl in water poured from a Yankee Pitcher dress your hair with a Yankee comb and Brush Aud clean your Mouth with a Yankee tooth Brush. You Complete your toilet Vest Cravat coat Etc. Etc., and you Are a the jury to try Buhn who came from the Hachita on the charge of grand larceny a True Bill being found against him by the last grand jury is composed of the following citizens s. M. Judd j. A Smith it. J. White Hugh Goff Chris Wirth f. Jordan j. M. Ellwood i. N. King Peter Mccaffrey s. A. Pindar i. J. Mcfarland e. T. Carlock. The new Church. Sit Down upon a Yankee chair before to Yankee table covered by a Yankee cloth everything before you and around you is Yankee except the family. Your Coffee was imported in a Yankee ship paid duty to a Yankee merchant a relied on a Yankee stove ground on report a Yankee null poured from a Yankee urn into a Yankee cup sweetened j with sugar refined in Boston and stirred with a Yankee spoon. You arc a trite blooded Southern Cotton planter Yon disdain dependence on tile Ortii. So you Rise from breakfast put on a Yankee hat and Yankee gloves snatch up a Yankee whip mount into a Yankee Saddle seize hold of to Yankee bridle and ride Forth to your farm. Here you find your negroes much against your will i suppose clothed from head to foot from y Ank Tedoni and working wit ii y Yankee tools y our Cotton when gathered is ginned in a Yankee Gin pressed under a Yankee press sent abroad on a Yankee Bottom paying duty to a y Yankee merchant. It night you gather your loved ones around the family Hearth ornamented with fender andirons shovel and tongs from y Ank Tedoni. Your delighted thrum a Yankee piano or read some trashy Magazine j while you read a Yankee newspaper by the Light of a Yankee lamp until j time for you to stretch yourself again on your Yankee lied. This is a meagre Skeleton of one Day j which is repeated with some variation through life. You finish your Muse with Yankee doors Sash blinds Glass and paints. Your children Are summoned to school by a Yankee hell. They recite their lessons to a Yankee teacher out of Yankee books. On sunday you ride to Church in a Yankee coach to the sound of a Yankee Chu Cit Liell and frequently your devotions Are led by a Yankee Organ or Melodeon. And finally when you can no longer a Quot the the an important meeting of the members of tile methodist episcopal Church South was held in the Superior court rooms last night. There were Between Twenty and Twenty five persons in attendance. The sub finance committee made a of tile subscriptions secured ill give her $2060, hut claims she she too hard Morhim to lose All. Myi Lismore says his wife has the runner usually supposed to belong exclusively to his satanic majesty and denies her allegations of ill treatment except when in self defense. All Iii All it is a mixed lip affair and when the trial comes on nearly every resident of Rosedale will be a witness on one Side or tile other. Refuses to pay the Bills the auditor declines to endorse two of the supervisors orders. Auditor Howell stated yesterday that he had refused to pay two of the Bills passed by the Board of supervisors at their last meeting. The first Hill refused was at the request of clerk and recorder Packard in order that the attorney general might pass upon it. Ami incidentally upon tile recent decision of the supreme court declaring unconstitutional tile Law which allowed supervisors to fur patronize Yankee mechanism to dish certain county officers deputies neglect of your own you die by a Vand also to make provision for paying Light of a Yankee Candle Are sealed up j ch-0 monday night. Toward the building of the new Church i As follows subscriptions secured by mesdames j. A. Haralson $80.j. Vav. Mahon $150 i e. E. Y Oung Siuyu James Hunt $50 h. Ii. Melanie $25 m. A. Davis $20 Vav. M. Taylor $2.50. The report of the general finance commute followed and was As follows Lou Davis $75 Vav. F. Coffin $156 e. E. Young $400. The total subscriptions reported to Date by the committees amount to $1,128.50. This is exclusive of hic subscriptions received outside of this City. The chairman j. A. Haralson then asked for the Reading of a full report of Hie movements of the congregation regarding the Church since the inception of the project some two months ago. In response the Secretary e. E. Young read an exhaustive report showing that today the Church has property to the amount of$2,500, wherein the Start it was penniless. The lot donated by the land company to the Church is about three docks from the court House and in the most desirable residence portion of the City. It was decided to build the Church upon Hie most modern plans within six months but the contract will not by let until every Dollar of the $8,000, the building is to Cost is collected. It is expected that $1,0 h will be donated by members of the Church Iii South Carolina and already various prominent and wealthy citizens in this state As Well As numerous sunday k e Elliott cite j c h Aulder of j Iri Barca Dail to Steh la v it meal. Do j Neil Kernville a t Harvey i. T m Cern Teh s lie Noli n v Quot la Orr Delano s Vav be Njus Aon. City or Shafter. S f Vav k Meek. Haywood mrs Vav s Tevis Stock it t j in avid. City a i m Shannon Cal m Curtis of e Miner s f b Ross do k Wheatley or. Delano j Vav cropland Delano e Chauvin do j j Martin Butte j m Bowers Butte. A reception should lie tendered i governor Markham during the Brief j sojourn Here Ami he should be Given every Opportunity to see Kern county. Tile daily californian is de i Vert d at Sumner every evening lie for Sunset. Where of where tax the marriages. Clem m Kos a i, the residence of or. K. A. Ferguson february 8,18b2. Gay Rev. J. La. Henry Frank Clemmons and mrs. Alice la. Allen. New today. Over 23,000 acres in Ama Valier. The ii v f0r Sale. Advertisements of five Linos or less $1.00 per week. Schools Are bending in contributions for the Church. Personal. Mrs. W. S. Tevis left for san Frau them. In a Yankee coffin Laid in a grave dug the ease before the auditor is As Fob with a Yankee Spade and covered up lows two thirds of Hie month of with a Yankee shovel and it might i january had elapsed i Reform the us be supposed from the foregoing that preme court rendered its decision and j your children if they could would the clerk holds that up to time the de-1 buy Yankee tears to shed at your vision was rendered the county was i funeral a wanted a Ooi ii i Al to do gun Khal House a work in h Fenily of two. Apply at the Southern hotel pharmacy. Flits w liable for tile salaries of his deputies. The auditor holds that having had official notice that the Call was unconstitutional Lief re tile salaries of the now that the War is Over and people have become better acquainted Aud closer drawn to each other than in those Days it would be interesting to deputies came due he has no right to know if this letter of Long ago might not have ii Eri paper with Yankee pen. Written Yankee upon inky Yankee by a Lay for Hie two thirds of the month which they worked before the decision was rendered. In order that tin matter Lime be finally settled the attorney general on Friday night James of Neill will has Ilieen asked to decide it. J present for the first time in this City the second Bill is that of $296allowed the Only Correct version of Dumas for the banquet Given the delegates to i famous work a Monte or. The recent Railroad convention. Audi of Neill will be supported by a company tor Howell wants to be understood Eliut of recognized ability Aud nothing wiil lie Lias not refused absolutely to audit is neglected by the management to the Bill gut is holding it until Sud make their performance perfect in every time As he can examine into legality of detail the Sale of seats is already very Hie action taken by the supervisors in j Large the matter As he is in doubt As to whether they have the right to pay out county Money for banquets or not. The mutter is causing a Good Deal of discussion. Remember gentlemen and fellow sinners that f. G. Park agent of the old Mutual life insurance go., lives in Bakersfield is Here to stay is on deck for business is decidedly in it and writes any and All desirable and special forms of life insurance policies. Anything you want in this line he can give you either Ordinary life limited life special income life policies annuities or anything that is desirable or reliable. Policies issued on men women or children. Fed of to reduce Stock i will sell five More new Home or Wheeler a Wilson no. To sewing machines at $.�?~>5 each Rath Jyl Lotf r. J. White agent on Friday evening there was a merry party of Young folks assembled at or. Wee to a residence Oil the North Hie known us tile Purcell place. Bead the want column of hic daily Ali Forman. T. J. Of Boyle intends to remove his store to Sumner in the near future. He has rented a storeroom next to Tbs Post office. B. A. Hayden and ii. J. Flite have rented the store formerly occupied by or. Of Boyle in the Guiles Block. The United states recruiting office is now opened in w. Ii. Be Ribner a building of Chester Avenue just North of the Southern hotel. There was one applicant today. The office is for recruiting Tho artillery Brunch of tile service. Is. E. A. Boer wife of the popular Are or. And mrs. Ltd. Wirth came Down from their Home on tin South Fork on monday. Miss Rosa Harris of do Angeles is in the City visiting the family of in a. J Astro. J. Iribarne came Down from Tea Eli Ipa on monday being summoned As a juror. His two daughters accompany j him. Sixty five jury men gathered Iii today from All Over the county some of whom will have an Opportunity of ascertaining if Gularte is a Success in pickling meat. Or. And mrs. E. E. Y Oung have re a moved from mrs. Grenville son j t Bester Avenue and have taken rooms. At the residence of w. A. Howell on j seventeenth Corner of ii Street. There should have teen a meeting of the directors of the Bakersfield building and loan association lust night but owing to the absence of two of the Board aum the City and the illness of three other members the meeting was adjourned until tonight. There will is a full dress rehearsal of the chorus and vocalists who take pit of in the gym Ray festival tonight. As a musical event the festival promises to no r paucity. I i to rent. He Stoke now occur shed by Hayden. Apply to i unite. Ii. A. To Fok two rooms Emit Corner of k and Twenty first Street rent. Suitable Fok ii Orth Jamef i in tip Kelt Ping. Apply to Mina Carter North St i Fass office of desk room on re Anima Hie term. Address to. office. Jal Katf. Personal. Dentistry or j. A w Asson rest Dent Dent int. At 111 continue i extensive practice at till office in the Burnup Block Over the Bank of Bakersfield. Or Warson i Well known to the people of Kern county and a been a Redden of Bakersfield for a number of years Felt it trek ices patterns co of . Stock on hand Send ascent for metro Poi Kau catalogue. A j. Muity agent Bakers Weld Jabaay i ii if you dont advertise in the daily i a 1.1 roust a n you fall to Leach the pubic and attract their Trade Iris def i Mik facilities of the californian for turning out Tiro Elan Job work Are by Are Lieut of Liiv. And Hie Price lower anything Ever Given in this real estate transfers we of a proprietor of t he Southern hotel Pilar Limey will arrive tomorrow from los hand Angeles. Wit ii her conies the heir of the Burr family a the cutest and Best hairy on Earth says its proud father. R by not Aud wine ,. Til Sec i til l i. Dalai it Dew it or to no Aud a blk so a Kentfield agreement s p r k a o to Dobbins Sis and Fae i a to iof i in r j ii to Nathan v la r in. I n a 1.1 ii to is. J Gillespie to >4 Aud ii to acre f Emo. I f Manly lot 4, by a do s i dive and affect it n. J j Mel i to and g Wii see it to a r s within the next ten Days there will he made Public ail item of news hint will cause every business limn in Bakersfield to rejoice. The Cau Foki in is the oldest paper Iii the county it gives All the news and has by Long Odd the i Okst cinch ration. Jtimo m kith to Frank j. Orr lot i and blk 6jt, fad Bakersfield flu pm m Keith to Mira Orr lot 27, 2and is is East Bakersfield to. Not k owing to a pret to of new the at transfers Craw Ted out yesterday. I possible All Teal estate Tranter will tie t Dally there Morrow of hot Cla its in every respect. Private rooms and Entrance for ladies. Fresh Eastern oysters frown so in Shell special arrangements for banquets parties Etc. Open Day and night. Housti pricing us Rosius pod. 12th. extraordinary of the world famous romantic actor or. James of Neill and his supporting company of 22 artists who will present Dumas Monte Cristo As played by them Over 3,000 times. Note it is owing to or. Of Neill having an Oft night that we Are enabled to present this great attraction. 75c a.n.3. A i. Reserved seats $1�?on Sale at the Southern hotel pharmacy. The land is the finest of Bottom land Well watered Aud All fenced in. To lease fora term of years. Apply to a c. Cebrian 106 Montgomery St. San Francisco ram i assessment notice. Kern county improvement co., Bakersfield Kern county Cai. Offers for Sale improved lands Orchards Ani Vin a Yards at Low prices and on easy terms. H he Southern hotel association. I locution of principal place of rust a Bakersfield it Alifornia. Notice is hereby Given that at a meeting it it of the directors held on tin nth to of february 1882, an assessment of two dollars per shale to is known in a Meux in Cut no. 12a levied upon the capital Stock of the Coronation payable immediately to the Secretary of said corporation at the Kern Valley Bank in the town of Bakersfield California. Any Stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the Hilt Day of March 1b82, will be delinquent and advertised for Sale at Public auction and in Leas payment be made before Xxiii be sold Ltd the with Day of March i 1882, to pay the delinquent assessment thereon together with coat of advertising and expenses of ale. By order of Tho Board of director Paul , Secretary protein. Office Southern hotel building Chester ave., Bakersfield California. Feb a 29&inch7 undo i this heading. A Jug egg hooted Muscat vines and 100,000 Sultana. Apply to k la. Loveland Vineyard Rosedale. Jau26dwtf anted a position by a pompe teat lady a housekeeper willing to do housework or Cook. Address Iio Pukk Kopek Sumner Felt two Ham it boys with horses to deliver the daily Ca i Forni an boy attending school preferred apply Al ones the Kern county improvement company is tin Only reliable company in Kent county that makes a business of planting and taking cure or Orchards and vineyards for non residents. We xviii sell you Laud Plant it to a incs and Trees and bring it to full bearing Al prices that will net you too it coat on the investment Attar 8 year of handle Only the Best lands for fruit growing Aud non resident buying without seeing the land can rest assured of being treated fairly and Choice lots Betag selected for them and tile very ties care Aud attention Given to them. Tins company is under Tho direct management of the Huitt Beo thees who Are Well known in the fruit Bual Ness they Are also proprietors of the Kern Valley Nursery situated on nineteenth Street Bakersfield California and carry a tuft Stock of All kinds of Trees and vines fruit Trees Shade Trees ornamental Traer roses Eto. Of every description at the lowest Market rate. Trews guaranteed True to name Aud free from pests. For particular apply at the Nursery or address Kern county improvement co., Bakersfield Cal. Reference Kern Valier Bank Bakersfield Cal i by gun too b i a in t i a invent your having in Hie citizen s Mutual building and loan Assoc n of Baker Flold authorized capital $1,000,000. Bharti $100 each. President Edward k. Elliott Secretary i. L. Brown vice president John m Keith. Treasurer John j. Mack. in. K Elliott h. W. Ferguson j. M. Keith Dike to Khz Iii shield. J. J Mack j. Vav Wiley. Atty a co operative savings institution. Of a plan of operation insures Large profit Quot and absolute Security to investor. You can not afford to be without Stork til that company. It Bim Umi you a Home. It Mark you fat Gal and Thrifty. It will Makk you Money. It Adda to your . Stock can be subscribed for at the Bank of Bakersfield of e. E. Elliott or d. Mira fold. Send for a prospectus. A. C. Maude real estate Etc. Fill and final pools made to government in. Town Ano country property for salp7 will is Dight. Ii dancing school o Cal from be up French Darnel Bak eth Al old. Cal aug fait Chester Avenue Bakersfield a Cal
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