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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 4, 1892, Bakersfield, California Vol. Iii. No. 29.Bakersfield, Kehn county Cal. Thursday february i 1892. Bric e 5 cents. The world s fair. Meeting of the Kern county association. A costly Blaze. Sax Jose Cal., feb. 4.�?shortly i1-fore 12 of clock last night the windows of the second Story of t. W. Hobson a co., clothing store were seen to be All ablaze. An alarm was Given and the firemen quickly extinguished the flames but not without considerable loss by fire and water. The origin of the tire is supposed to have been caused by a spark dropping from an arc electric Light. Footpads at work. San Francisco feb. 4.�?d. K. Carson a Surveyor was attacked by footpads Early this morning. They Cut his Throat and severely bruised him and robbed him. He is now lying in an unconscious condition in the receiving Hospital. High water feared. Los Angeles feb. 4�?the storm has started in afresh and it is raining hard. As rain fell on the mountains yesterday we anticipate High water in the streams by this afternoon with probable washouts. The regular monthly meeting of the executive committee and the Board of director of the Kern county worlds fair association was held yesterday. The Secretary a report showed there Board of supervisors. Proceedings of the Board for the regular february meeting. Tuesday fell claims of Madison Peery until March meeting. Claims allow Al. Had been collected on subscription lists a f shaken r. Of memberships the sum of $129, and i a there remains uncollected $287. The j t e Taggart medical services total of subscriptions received $413. I j no edema run rival la mini in die Secretary sit id that the system of j t Taylor veterinary collections owing to the Large Quot number subscription lists widely the Gipsy festival. I1 i i a change made in the Date the practice last night. It was decided last night to change the Date for holding the proposed Tipsy festival in Aid of tile Baptist Church from Friday night february 12th, to thursday night the Lith inst. The change was made necessary on account of the visit to this City on the evening of february 12th of Hie eminent actor James of Neill. It was argued that but few of the really great actors i it Bakersfield and that dining of of Neill would draw a Large audience and in consequence the festival would Sutler financially if Given the same night of his performance. Last evening tile male and female of spies gathered at the residence of l. S. Rogers to rehearse the choruses. Prof. Taylor the musical director was in charge misses Sybil and Emily la Onklin Jessie Mcleod Trace Carter Myrtle Walker Mollie Shaver Annie i Hirshfeld Alice Jardner and Mes Dan s cond id and fish were the ladies present the gentlemen being messes. Buck reus Hollis a Hyman Beer Mcleod Jamison and Mcdougal. The Anvil chorus Aud the Angelus were successfully rendered. It was also decided last night of what the lunch should consist which is to be sold in baskets by the Tipsy Maidens during an intermission during be concert. The menu selected will furnish a Dainty and delicious lunch. Iii a Day or two the full programme for the festival will be published. That decision. Of subscription lists widely scattered Over the county was unsatisfactory and recommended that a personal address lie sent to each tax payer naming a number of places located at different Points in the county where Suhs Rij tons for membership in the association and Hammill memberships will be received and deposits of funds made. The recommendation was concurred in and the matter left entirely to the Secretary. It was stated that in obedience to an order of the executive committee a Large number of the lithographed certificates of meal Pership had lie ii procured from the Secretary of the California worlds fair commission. Owing to the size and unsuitable Ness for mailing it was ordered that they be issued Only upon special application either of tile Secretary or at the several places where1 subscriptions will be received. The Secretary was directed to procure from manufacturers and dealers in Glass Ware and other articles for use in preparing exhibits catalogues Price lists Etc., for use of the association and to keep tile borne association fully informed in All the essential matters pertaining to the1 exhibition. The receipts and disbursements for month of january were reported As follows Bancroft. Whitney a co Law books j m Hubble witness c Bickerdike. Rent ii s Nichols witness thee Lacy sheriff fees c f Lindgren labor j m Mckamy Bort commissioner Western in Miou Lei co messages t a Baker supplies a Harrell Board of education j ii Berry. Do is Benson. Do g w Wear printing j to ret plumbing w r Macmurdo surveys j k Liber postage Briggs it Jestro. Meats c Borgwardt labor l8 Rogers examining insane k Willows Bort commissioner i Wardette. Road work t Bland do a Staley and son Road work i 0 Mattson later w a Peabody Road work m e Chapman do j w White do m o Donnell do t a Baker supplies Vee lung sing laundry 2, 18 �2. Continued i of j so of i it so 8 of i to of i. By 31 a 23 so 5 of i. 46 of 37 50 15 Al 45 of i 3 of too 6 of i 5 .0 j. La of 45 of 50 75 53 of i t of 13 of 17 25 23 of 107 to i 75 to of 35 of 147 25 51 of 25 70 i 65 111 of 92 2r 333 of ii of 3 75 i 60 miscellaneous. Pound notice. I have this Day taken up the Kol i lowing animals which will be disposed of Limiter the provision of ordinance no 30 As passed at a regular meeting of the Board of supervisors of Kern county Cal. August 7 1991 j one Black horse branded j s. One dark Bay horse no Brand these will be Soli at Telephone stable nineteenth Street Bakersfield on saturday feb. 13, 1392,at 12 in. At Public auction unless charges Are sooner pail and the animals taken away. Ii. A Ard f3dl0l Pound keeper. Professional cards to a a. Haralson attorney at Law eighteenth St., next door West of Kern Val Ley Bank. Bakersfield Cal. J. W. Wiley attorney and Counselor it Law Bakersfield Cal. Office one door North of Bank of Bakersfield i Jaf iut f miscellaneous. 3-13-Ajfctd Ope big House i proc Lay Evoniuk Fob. A Atli. In Ltd a eminent extraordinary of romantic actor world famous or. James of Neill and his supporting company of present Dumas 22 artists who will Monte Cristo As played by them Over 8,000 times. For Sale. Advertisements of five lines or less $1.00 per week. 2 10,000 wednesday feb. Claims a i. Low i. F Clem men a nurse. I co of f Bailer scavenger 2 of j m duty janitor 75 of t Canty Road wok 200 25 f Soto witness. 5 of Vav Smith to 26 of i Hirszfeld supplies 82 30 e k of Neill sheriff feds 15 70 sing Lee laundry 20 of rooted m Ducat vines and 100,000 sultanas. Apply to k in Loveland. Orona Vineyard Rosedale. Jan2.n1 Wii wanted note it is owing to or. Of Neill having an off Niht that we Are enabled to present this great attraction. l7�?T5c arid. Is. Reserved seats six on Sale at tile Southern hotel pharmacy. By anted a position by a Combe tent lady As housekeeper w Illing to do Housew Ork or Cook. Address hol ski Kerek Sumner Fem a match game. Wednesday night the executive boys Cali to solicit is Buciu Hoks to the Moil apply at t to is office. Tio is so to it u i St 20 disbursements californian 83.50, Bakersfield news co. S.7 to Secretary or postage 8la. S. A Rocker amp co. $25. To total i.75. Tile balance in Treasury was Kaimoi iced As 802.25. Tile meeting then adjourned. Tampa i born m. D. Received membership fees $124, Dona committee of the foot let Ali club held a meeting for the purpose of deciding i upon to program for the future action i of the club. J. C. Morrison president of the Chili i j was in the chair and t. In. Dudley j Secretary j. J. Mack in a. J bid get Ami i. J. Taunton composed 1 the quorum. It was decided that a game of foot Ball should be played on february 22d next in which a team from Bakers Field will face it team from the surrounding country. Both teams will be Conli nod strictly to the territory allotted the captains in the selection of men. Taunton will Captain the town j eleven and Dudley head the boys from a the suburbs. No admission will by charged to the game and everybody is invited. Special attention will be Given to accommodations for ladies. The executive committee also decided to give ii full dress Hall to be followed or preceded by a dinner or banquet Early in March. To rent. Of All cottage okeh for to. Is on k 1�?T Mill 25th streets. Apply to a. P. Eyraud. I Wii rooms jan2� t it for Kent Siita ble for i housekeeping. Apply to miss Arter North rust Corner of k Ami Twenty first streets. A Lotf 1mrst-class office of desk room on reasonable term. Address i Nix i this Illier Jolls Clef. Kern county improvement co., Bakersfield Kern county Cal. Offers for Sale i in proved Lanos Orchards and vineyards at Low prices and on easy terms. In an old settled Community everybody knows i neighbor and personal Al airs Are common property while in to town of new growth we hardly know whom we know. It Hap oils that Kern Valley is attracting the attention of people of standing and affairs from All Over the world so to speak and till new Comers desiring to abide wit ii us and grow up wit it country Are heartily Welcome. This is especially ease when men skilled in professions arrive Here for their training and experience brings into the Community a value additional to and above their pecuniary investments. When such people come Here with in honorable record of past achievements it is fitting and Well that it should he told to their neighbors whom they Are. The subject of this sketch James u .1 Osborne m. I m. B. And m. �?T., about of supervisors to Twenty years ago commenced the prac it of salaries to j lice of his profession Iii Huddersfield by clerks Reezor Yorkshire England. In his ten years stay there lit built up it very Large and lucrative practice which the state of his heal alone forced him to relinquish. He then removed to Bournemouth a noted Winter resort in the South of England where he established a Hydro Pathic institution building it up in the ten years of his stay there into a very Large establishment with a capacity for too people where Hydro Pat by Quot Massage personal. Knt itry or. J. La. Wasson it Esi a Lent rent la still continues his extensive Prin t ice it Bis office Iii the Burnup Block Over tile bunk it Bakersfield. Or. Warson is Well known to the people of Kern county and Lins been to resident of Baken to eld for a number of years Felt f the Kern county improvement company is t lie Only reliable company in Kern a Ortity that makes a business of planting and taking care of Orchards and vineyards for it non residents. Fri Kric is lock Oil bund. I la catalogue. A. Field. Patterns. Complete Send 25 cent1, for met in put j. Munty agent Bakers a h n�?~22y i e it if Yoh Don t advertise in Mik Dai Yalik Okman von fail to reach the Public and attract their Trade. Las def Imp. Facilities of i ii k c a la Kornia n i for turning out first. Al aaa Job work Are by far lie be id of any Ami Hie Price new today. County officers must pay their deputies. The decision of the supreme court Iii regard to the right authorize the payment deputies Iii the county Der a assessors or tax collectors office in Twenty nine counties of the state was received officially by judge Conklin this morning and by him read to the Board of supervisors. It is the opinion of both judge Conklin Ulm District attorney Fay Eliut the decision is Good Law Aud that Iii no Way can its provisions be changed. To fur As Kern county is concerned clerk and recorder Packard a office is ,.the Only one affected at present and i treatment As annul or. Packard has decided rather than a .u7. Block All business to continue his deputies in office Aud pay them himself. The decision will seriously affect the larger counties and it is proposed to petition fora rehearing. Leo. Be May Horseshoe t of crippled trotting or running i orc i Bis Wagon making Aud blacksmithing establish ment Cor. Nineteenth and i streets Bakersfield. Al. I particular attention Given to the repairing of farming implements and general Job work. Ii you land Plant it to Vino and tree mid bring it to full tearing it prices that wll net you ski per cont on Tho investment after 3 year. We bandh Only the Best land for fruit growing and non residents buying without seeing the lands eau rest assured of being treated fairly Aud Cholee lots boing selected for them and the very Best care and attention Given to them. This company is under the direct management of the xxx can sex Boot hubs who Are Well known in the fruit business. They Are also proprietors of the Kern Valley Nursery situated on nineteenth Street Bakersfield California and carry a full Stock of Allkind of Trees and vines fruit Trees Shade Trees ornamental Trees roses Etc. Of every description at the lowest Market rate. Trees guaranteed True to name and free from Jiesta. For particulars apply at the nut very or address Kern county improvement co., Bakersfield Cal. Reference Kern Valier Bauk Bakersfield Cal. Ice. Leet amp Lang wholesale Amo a Eta la Oba Ler id. Wines liquors and cigars St a begin too a Zazzu n in v Fri Yoch Hayi Nib in the mazy dance. His practice constantly increased 1 and became very lucrative. But he i was induced by a Friend to invest j largely in a manufacturing business. 1 he trusted the Friend implicitly Only to Wake up one morning and to ii i tile i investment a total loss. He became dissatisfied the scene of a his losses was a constant disturbance thirty five couples of Young people j and so having heard of Kern county attended the dancing school last night. I California he suddenly made up Liis this school As it is called is under m1,"dlt<. A me and a t i 1, ,. With his accomplished wife and their the charge of mrs. Ila. Lingers hut it family of seven Wright children bus la is not conducted for the purpose of j come a resident in our midst. He has financial gain. The object is to furnish j purchased too acres of land which lie amuse i for the Yourn ,.lo, and Viton to z Lov to. The Young gentlemen of the chit pay Tutu Homo j j i but when a Man has oily i hos ii a profession and made its study Ami the Union Joe company has Estah electricity Ami such i listed a depot at tile Southwest Corner a a Quot necessary i of i and nineteenth streets where ice May Lye had and orders left which Wil Lye prompt filled it reasonable rates Field and Kenner and for the a Iii celebrated Buffalo Beek Lence of the Public the office will is open until 7 of clock p. In. I. Hoenshell. Myl7tf manage the citizen s Mutual building and loan Assoc n of Bakersfield authorized capital 81,, pm. Blin res $100 each. Agents my bottlers of the Best brow to the Market. President Secretary m r Pix ii Edward k. Khz lot i. A. L. Brown. Vice president John m treasurer John j. Muck. Eth. Dirs tors in. K. Elliott 1 David Lair held w. Berg 1011, j Mark. J. M j w k if ii Wiley atty a co operative savings institution. Owens amp pc Khz Duj Bhul i Kiokh the expenses mrs. Jeorge Borgwardt was the nineteenth and i. It Trees. Dial list of the evening and played in i Pectic his life work Lien not easily in . Of i 1111 turf my to practice Medicine hoping Here to a a a a a. Or. Osborne is a graduate of Glasgow University and is a Merlier of the British medical association. La Speaks volumes for the inducements of Kern county that such gentlemen us he will give up a pleasant Home and the associations of a life time to Settle Here in a comparatively new country. But we who believe in what we know can honestly declare that the inducements Are great and that rewards will Lye Golden. I him in ti.? Moat comfortable pts 1 town of resort in and Elliott and messes. Tray Weber Hall Kershaw Mcdougal Jamison Mcalpin Dudley Beard Carlock Borgwardt and May. A most delightful evening was silent. Pure wino. , whiskies and lie nor of All kind. Tilt Best lager Beer. Apr Choice brands of cigars. Wifi k 01.1 old Friend not to forget us and cordial in Welcome new Comer Owens so Eek Boff Currier St. Paul a literary Guild. The annual meeting of this Guild was held in the Parlours of the Kern Valley Bauk on wednesday evening. New officers were elected for the ensuing year As follows a buries no a Olton president miss Kila Fay Vic president miss Lida b. Jewett Secretary and j. J. Blan treasurer. These officers with Rev. La. H. Cap ilium. Charles Morris Aud Charles Sherman constitute the executive committed. After the election a part of Emerson a essay entitled a a compensation a was read thought Over and talked about. Aud i. Street nov Alif hikers fled of Pilj Trade w respectful Solidi car. 20th and l to rata. Cd Iii assessment notice. I it to Bravo Vineyard and a is in Tom Irani in. Location of principal place of Bune san Francisco California Luxation of work Kern county. California. Notice i hereby Given that Ai a meeting of the director held on the Atli Day of Jan uary iw2, an a cent of five Dollar Jar share a levied upon the capital Stock of the Cert oration payable immediately to Octal e Gnu by tile Secretary of Aid corporation it the office of the said oui Pally room 32, no ill California Street an Francisco Ali Fornin any Toi k upon which assessment shall remain unpaid on the 11 Day of february192, will Tai delinquent and Advertis d for mule at Public auction and in payment i made before will be sold on Hie Lith Day of Mardi i 92, to in a the delinquent together wit ii co to of move Rte Iii and cd Lien Enof Sale by order of Board of director. Octave Dury Secretary. Office room 32, no. Dis it Lafornia Street an francium. California in 11 Iii id tiie if operation Iii Kiric Large profit Aud Auto Lute Xee Tilly to inventory to without alack in till company. You eau not afford or builds you a Home. It Makkah you frugal and Thrifty. It will make you Money. It adds to Yolk Independence. Stock can be subscribed for at the Bank of Bakersfield of e. E. Elliott or d. Hirszfeld. Send for a prospectus. . Maude real estate ins Nince jct court notes Suu Kiriou. Co a Btu Conklin j. We it los Lay feb. 8, 1812 Bitz Ian a. Verdier. Ii Corfis hied and argued Ami taken under advisement. Thursday fed. 4�?people is. A. Khizh assault with a a deadly weapon. Defendant arraigned and Given until tomorrow at in a. It. To plead. A. M. Clark Iro Tabt Ruri in. And insurance aleut seat i Alth a drawing men relating to the frat lug do mid Ion Aud Gen resident. 11 kind of in Arii or of property Tat a rat Agency for non off 1 Baukea room 2, Felt Iio l p. O. Box sikh fre to. It Aud saving a Uzma Nick Britz. Proprietor Headquarters for t ool Ami fresh la or commercial lunch serve j at All hours. Everything plea Tut and agree Abii Niederaur Block. Cor 19tb and l its. Ial2d�f town an in country Urc Phi by Kok Salk Chester Avenue bakersfield4 Cal
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