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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 1 1892, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - February 1, 1892, Bakersfield, California It a. Iii. To. 2 5. Bakersfield Kern county Cal. Monday february i. 1892. Discharge your deputies. Killed by burglars Savannah feb. In William love the commercial guano work was shot dead by burglars a Little after Midnight last night. An official the supreme court throws the state in a panic. Of the works heard a fusillade and found love with a dozen bullets in his body he discovered no Trace the per a tractors the crime. About a week ago Angust Meyer was slain by burglars. Five men were arrested Aud indicted for the murder and three worn in were also held As witnesses. A mass meeting was held at which a committee was appointed to wait judge tolerant and notify him the Public discontent at the slowness the courts. He assured them that prompt measures would be taken. The cause last nights murder is regal de d As a Challenge from the criminal Cie ments. A Law and order league is to be forint to meet it. Russian refugees. New Orleans feb. In the families Twenty seven russian refugees consisting 12ff persons arrived Here yesterday from new York. A committee hebrews met them secured accommodations for them and will find them work. The hebrews new Orleans have organized a committee for the Relief russian refugees and have raised and Are still raising Money to provide for them. The refugees committee will distribute the emigrants in the country parishes As it can find accommodation for them and As soon As All Are provided for they will make a requisition new York for another party. Steamship the rocks. London Felt. In tile Steamer hider from new York to Bremen is ashore athe meld rocks nine Miles West venture Isle Wright. It is believed All in it Ard Are Safe the life boat is endeavouring to reach the vessel. A terrible Gale is raging and the situation vessels outside is critical. Tugs and life boats have managed to take off the mails and have landed them. From this fact it is believed the passengers Are All Safe. Markst report. Chicago Felt. In wheat steady j May 99. New York Fob. 29. A wheat steady. Feb., 101 a March 102$ april 102j May 101 a june 99$. San Francisco feb. 29�?wheat stronger buyer season i i seller year 143. Barley stronger. Buyer season 103 seller year 92, Loo. The bus Ness Twenty nine counties must come to a standstill. That faint number. Superstitious Boarder yes i like the rooms very much and will pay you a month s Board in Advance. Is this your Little girl May am Nice child How old is she Landlady just thirteen sir. S. Moback that Money. Here s your receipt. I would t live in a House where they had a thirteen. Good Day a free press. Why i Ain a protectionist. Because farms and factories should be allies and neighbors in our land saving 1 freight and keeping profits at Home the farm in Michigan for instance and the factory in England is wasteful Folly. Because Protection gives most employment at Best wages to Home labor and skill and a Home Market for the products Home Industry uplifts Tho life the people. Because free traders constantly assert that a a Tariff is a tax Quot added to the Price imported goods and to that like Domestic goods also a poor cause that must be whose advocates ignorantly recklessly make an exploded falsehood their main b. Stebbins Detroit. Miscellaneous. 4 ice. There was a panic at tin court House this morning. The employees the county clerk and recorder assessor and tax col Leetor As Well As the Heads the various offices replied their work and looked at each other and murmured a a what la we the pretty girl clerks were inclined to cry while the Stalwart male members the Force said words under their breath not usually heard in polite society. There was a reason for the panic and it is liable if All reports Are True to spread beyond the confines the court houses to All the citizens in Twenty nine counties tile late California. Sometime ago the auditor Marin county refused to pay the salaries the deputies the county clerk. The county clerk tried to compel him to pay the deputies thro ugly the courts and now the supreme court the state has decided that the auditor was rigid in his refusal. In other words the supreme court has decided that the supervisors the Twenty nine counties mentioned which Kern county is one. Have no right to allow the county clerks assessors recorders tax collectors any deputies and if the officers employ deputies they must pay them out their salaries. It does no to nee11 a vivid imagination to picture til a scene at the court House this morning when the full import the decision became known hut unless sonic Way out around the decision is found it will take a vivid imagination to picture the condition in which the Peoples Busic so will be in about a month bom now. Said clerk n. R. Packard yesterday a a a done to know what ill do As yet j j but if tile decision reads As i hey say it does Why course i will discharge my deputies and do the Best i eau. I have three deputies now and to pay i them would compel me each month to raise $50 Over and above my salary a prov iding i allowed myself a living. A if is us stated Iii a j 9 n2teh j.,0, if a month i rom now the recorders office Icv Bank Bakersfield Cai. Will he eight in months behind time. J in other words people Jan come Here i to and leave papers to be recorded but j with Only myself and one assistant to i do the work you can imagine How Long j it would he before we could record j office one door Ortli bunk Bakersfield a the decision Means tile clogging a Tiute tin in time peace prepare for War which Means ii it moans anything that i have hand 59 stoves amp ranges which is More than i have room for. E por the 30 zd-ap2"s. The a Model Eureka a to Beautiful six Hole Range made especially for the California Trade is guaranteed to Wear longer and do hotter work than any stove Iii the Market. My hardware and tinware Stock is Complete tis usual. Jai Idof b. A. Hayden. Gaites Block. Price 5 cents. Miscellaneous the Union ice company has established a depot at the Southwest Corner Atid nineteenth streets where ice May be had and orders left which Wil he prompt filled at reasonable rates the delivery Wagon will run in Rakers Field and Sumner and for the convenience the Public the office will be open until 7 clock p. In. I. C. Hounshell. My i it t f manage a. M. Clark conveyancer Anil Ira Rance agent Sci a Ksn drawl Aff a1 kinds instruments rely Init to Tho Transfer property a int depositions Ami general Agency for nonresidents. Of pick room 2, Fresno loan and savings i Bank. I. It. Box mid Fresno. Cal. Jan2t 1f Kern county improvement co., Bakersfield Kern county Cal. Offers for Sale improved lands Orchards Ani vineyards at Low prices and easy terms. Is the oui the Kern county improvement company reliable company in Kern county that makes a business planting and taking care Orchards and vineyards for non residents. Tobacco. There its always a Best even among a score Good things and every pipe smoker memo has tried tile mastiff Brand acknowledges it to be the sweetest coolest smoking tobacco made. It does not bite the Tongue and is positively free from any foreign mixture. J. La. I Lur tobacco co., Richmond Virgin a la Ltd can he reclaimed Alkali neutralized by in ii Lani plaster Nevada Gypsum amp fertilizer co., Telephone building Sun francium Cal iiovl2dmmaw strictly first class profession a l Ca eds. Wiley attorney and Counselor tit i. Bak Kuhfield Cai. A entire county government maj for Sale. Chinary in Twenty nine counties if it is i in tile terms reported a said District attorney Fay. A course something i adv is Lens Ive Quot Quot le55 unde fading must be done at once for the Relief $1.00 per week 200,000 it. W a jury secured. San Francisco feb. coroners jury was empanelled this morning i in tile Case Henry de Greayer tile contractor fatally shot in Golden Gate Park saturday last by policeman Samuel Harper. The inquest was continued until Friday afternoon. English Money in american colitis. Discussing Tho question a to whether English Money is sent to this country in the interests free Trade a gentleman in Texas writes i served my time to a Trade in England when lord Brougham told us in his speech in parliament that it was the policy England to strangle foreign i manufactories in their swaddling clothes. Lord Brougham had no idea at that time that so Many the american people would Volunteer in 1891 to strangle american industries in their swaddling clothes. We in England did the strangling then. Our merchants manufacturers mechanics and factory girls paid their Money i paid my part to help elect James Buchanan and if i lived there now i would give two three Days wages to defeat Mckinley in Ohio and another two Days wages to help elect Grover Cleveland. Why we want More steam line. A merchant in the Interior Peru who ships and receives his goods at Payta in the Northern part that Republic talks attention to tie fact that tee rate freight from new York to p to is Twenty eight dollars Gold i it 2,240 pounds while that from Ltd Pool to Payta is Twenty dollars Jer ton 2,240 pounds. That he says is the principal reason Why the merchants do not buy their goods in the United states it is evident that our Trade with South America will to seriously handicapped until we have vessels our own to carry our merchandise direct to its destination. Which can successfully compete in freight rates with British vessels. We never shall till our government extends Aid to its ships As substantial As that now received by the competing foreign lines. Boull work Cook. I Sumner the county officials. Why take Ala India county for instance. It is one the Twenty nine counties to which the decision As reported applies. The county clerk has got to get out a Grea Register. The last Register Cost that county $30,000. Tile clerks salary is $13,Ooi a year. Do you Sec not Only would he i Lave to provide Money for the great Register hut for All Oiler poses in running his office. A the remedy Well i suppose a special session the legislature but i maybe we re All too fast about this j this office. Tiling. I want to see the decision Lxi fore i pass any opinion it. What i say now is the basis the newspaper until the decision arrives officially there will Boa lot uneasy people not Only in Kern county hut elsewhere in t he state. Rooted Muscat vines and too xxx Sultana. Apply to k Loveland Macorona Vineyard Rosedale. Whf wanted e will sell you Laud Plant it to dues and Trees and bring it to full to. Tiring at Price bal Voll net you by per cent the investment after a years. We handle Only the Best int for fruit growing and non residents buy intr without seeing tile Hinds can rest assured being Tri ated fairly and Cholee lots Heinie select d for them and the very Hest care Aud attention Al von to them. This company is under the direct management the who Are Well known in the fruit business. They Are also proprietors the Kern Valley Nursery shunted nineteenth Street Bakersfield California and Curry a full Stock ii la Al lids Trees and vines fruit Trees Shade Trees ornamental Trees roses Etc. I every description at the lowest Market rates. Tree guaranteed True to name and free from i pest. For particulars apply at the Nursery address Kern county improvement co., Bakersfield Cal. Reference Kern Valier Bank Bakersfield Cal. Isca i for Salk. Guaranteed True to name and fully a ult anted. Address in i to Khz it it Idstein o., Selma stating Quantity wanted. D2ltf announcement. The Southern hotel Pharr Iseji in anted a position by a Combe re opened. Address housekeeper Felt n a by furnished room kor two gentlemen in private family. A room with a i by Gen to two single bed preferred address a a room jan2tu3 s. A. , prepaid it. In i Mack cashier Edward a. Baer. Proprietor. Hoi Ali Roknian daily and weekly commis Sion. Apply at this office. To rent. A. Urt Goti i it Destarte mine. Marie Iraldy Delsarte. Nays rile Nan come to this country to show americans what her fathers mysterious science expression is. She declares it is not gymnastics and not acrobatic performance it is the Art expression All kinds and she will initiate americans into that Art vocal and otherwise. Mali. Foti age flit it rooms k and 25th Street. Apply to a. P. Kraud. Jau�?~jm7 iwo room s for rent. Kuita ble for housekeeping. Apply to mitts Carter Northeast Corner k and i Welty first streets jul St s t i must clash office Pehr room reasonable term. Address i,., in it Xiii Iii i Al be. Jill so to. Capital 1250, a Kyj. A k e is Field fall flt in f a. A general Hanking Busine to ii shut it i. Sell Exchange till the principal places in the world. How the British american provinces love one another a late number the Telegram Tho Newfoundland government Organ says a every Fisherman in Newfoundland knows that but for the stand taken against this Colony by Canada to should today to enjoying the inestimable advantages free Trade with the United states. Canada deserves no favourable consideration at our hands. She has been corrupt at Home and treacherous to her sister personal. Dentistry . J h. Waukon Keksi deut dentist util continue his extensive practice Uthi office Iii the Burnup Block Over lie bunk . Or. Wanton la Well known to Tho people Kern county and Hun been u resident Bakersfield for a number years Felt butterick patterns Complete Stock hand. Send 25 cent for met in pol a. J. Monty agent Baker. I a ii 22 y i inter kit p All a term deposits Hun catalogue held. F you Don t advertise in the daily attract their Trade talk def it to 33 i is 18db in i Ca i t -%1 invent your sayings in the citizen s Mutual building and loan Assoc n Bakersfield authorized Pipit ii $ 1,000,. Shares Loo each. L h i pharmacy a been re opened in Nihon Lei cent style with a Fin line pure drug 1 Medicine. Patent Medicine mid toilet article the finest importation. The prescription department will be under tin personal supervision . Baer which i a guarantee for Hie accurate compounding prescription and Correct service. In connection with Ilia Superior Stock drug he w ill carry a Fine line uni it sorted Ami do mealie cigars. Flue wine and Liu nor for medicinal use. Al a selected Stock flue stationery. Jalit def c. It. Thurlow contractor anti builder estimates furnished application. All lob work will receive prompt attention. Whop Alley in rear the Kern Valley by k Bakersfield Cal. Jalm Dif Pyle a Nursery i he facilities the californian for turning out first Elal Job work Are by tar beat up and i he Price lower chided Secretary i Dward a Elliott. D. L. Brown. Vice pie i restorer Lent John m to ii n a Mack Leith auction actor great reduction. You have a Good Chance to buy a Fine Gold Silver watch tit the great sacrifice Salt jewelry tit the Southern hotel. Jan2hdtl letter Betels Bill Heads dodgers most ers tin niness card Etc., Etc., printed in tin lit pet h vies Tine Quality Palmr Virid Ai he shortest notice at this office. F. W. Hickox Chintu autor and pm Ilder shop Cor. F Aud Hall st., n a Craft eld. Cal i it tor. T e. K. Elliot. I David h Irsfeld. W. j min Moon J Mack It a co operative savings institution. Keith Vav i lev our plan operation in a a Large profit and absolute to he without Slock in til Security com pit to investor it afford estimate furnished Arni All Kin dig him trusted. I. O. Box 97. Of build l r Iii Ili vol a j in my 11 Marls Board by the Day in week it the Ingleside the plat formerly occupied by the late a. O. Thoms. Or. And i is. It. Seymour. No def you Are suffering from to cough cold one bottle it . Bennett s ugly Lintus will give you Relief. Dc3hduw the Davis sewing machine and ail kinds sewing machine supplies at the Model millinery. W no27tf German Hothi Best $1 a Day House in Kern Valley everything find Cia. Bar supplied with Tim choicest wines liquors Ami cigars. A. By Quot Quot Quot jut c. W. Pick prof vol kit us Al. And i i w no. Make i Hrh in. Vol mom v. A do to your i n dip Indence. Stock cart be subscribed for at the Bank Bakersfield e. E Elliott 0. Hirshfeld. Send for a prospectus. Tommie Toole Here we have i onic to slav. It a pop it Vav Ali s la Al. Son seedless Liaise i Raper a. Frail Trees Ever variety Shade Trees Ami shrubby parties intending to Plant Vine Anta Aud Chard w ill find it to to tar interest to see aaa before buy lug. When the season opens i shall a depot of�4j none but the Best brands liquors and cigars. Jail it i give in e it i11 wines the Troy laundry i the place to get your hotel and Barber Baun dry Dom All work carefully looked after. Bar u r and hotel work dont reasonable. A abort order promptly looked after. Wyc Ough proprietor a a and few a let the Post office m. A Vijh Bakersfield Cal
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