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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Dec 30 1903, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - December 30, 1903, Bakersfield, California Vol. , Kern county wednesday evening december .10,1908. No. V27blazing theater becomes Charnel House five Hundred burned and trampled. Terrible tragedy in Chicago play House follows fire at a in Tinee Chicago dec. 30.�?fire broke out in the Iroquois theater this afternoon. The audience fled in a panic to the Street. The Iroquios was Only recently opened being a magnificent Structure modelled after the opera Domique in Paris. The fire broke out in the second act of the play a Blue the fire started in the flies of the stage presumably from a defect in the electrical display. In an instant the draperies and Flimsy stage settings had burst into flames. The actors and actresses ran wildly about the stage As the Aud once fought and jumped Jas Way to the front doors. In a Short time the Interior of the theater was apparently a mass of flames and smoke was issuing in Clouds from the front of the my people Down most of them unconscious and sonic crushed. Some of these people were suffocated by the smoke but most of them were thrown Down during the panic which ensued when some one cried fire. Chief Davis said that most of the actors were accounted for but that a number of minor employees were missing. He said that the cry of fire created a panic and that this accounted Jot so Many people losing their lives. Three additional bodies were quickly removed from the building one of a 15-year-old child and two women. They were taken to a store nearby. The child was found burned and trampled to death on the first floor. The women were found close to Tho child. While the dead bodies were being re House. A dozen Woiten and a num a covered fifteen persons were stretched Ber of men with faces and hands fear j on tables in Thompsons restaurant a a a not far away Many of them believed to be dying. It was estimated that Twenty persons in the Balcony were Cut off from fully burned were soon taken into a neighbouring drug store where the worst injured were hastily attended to. As the fire progressed four dead were taken out a Little girl about 6 years of age was also taken out with face so badly burned that she could not be recognized. A Man who jumped from the third Story window was taken to the emergency Hospital in an unconscious condition. Fire marshal Retreat and probably perished in the flames. Three dead women were carried theater to the Tremont building. Most of the spectators who escaped from across a ladder which was stretched across the Alley from the rear of the the Balcony were rescued in this manner. Cry possible available place. The loss of life was the greatest at the foot of the stairways from the upper bal conies. At that Point the bodies of the persons who sought to flee from the flames were piled full twelve feet deep. The bodies were taken out As rapidly As the men could enter the smoke filled corridors and grasp their awful Load with Over sixty bodies recovered from the theatre a conservative estimate of the firemen was that there were at least two Hundred More persons inside either dead of unconscious. Firemen and policemen said that inside the. Building bodies were piled five feet deep. In nearly every instance the bodies were fearfully burned and the hair singed to the Scalp. At 4 45 p. In. The fire was our. At this time chief Musham of the fire department said that from personal investigation he believed that there were fully Sou to 500 dead bodies in the first Balcony of the theatre. The firemen found at the head of the stairs leading to the Balcony a Large number of people piled up six or eight feet High so tangled together that the police and firemen had to drag them out by main Force. At 4 50 of clock fifty bodies find been Musham who was up in the Balcony rays it looked to him As if there would the Northwestern University Law carried from the theatre into Thomp by two or three Hundred people lying school in the Tremont building and son s restaurant of these fully thir piled up on the floor of the two upper other surrounding places were turned to were dead balconies. He could not say whether into temporary morgues and hospitals. A number were showing faint signs they were alive or dead. In one place nine injured persons arrived at the of life and it was impossible to Tell at there seemed to be Over too. He is Sisters Hospital within Twenty Minu first glance whether about one dozen going up and Down in front of the tes after the fire first broke out. Of them were dear or alive theater urging his men for gods Sake at 4 40 p. In. It was estimated that they were mostly the bodies of to go up stairs and bring the people at least sixty dead bodies had been Young women under 20 years of age Down. Numbers of firemen rushed up rescued from the fire. The bodies and children from 8 to 12 years of in the smoke and they Are now bring were taken to nearby stores and eve age. The bodies were laced on Tan floor on chairs tables and one Young woman in dripping garments was stretched along the Cigar ease. All Tho i Large dry goods stores of the City i which were situated within two i squares of the theatre As soon As they. Heard of the emergency sent Wagon i Load after Wagon Load of blankets lint i Aud Cotton for bandages. All of their i teams were placed at the disposal of the authorities for conveying tin a wound d to houses or to the offices of j nearby Ahja Iciano. Within 15 minutes after the fire broke out fully to physician were on the scene and trained nurses seemed to Spring from the ground so rapidly did they appear. As soon As a body was taken into Thompson s or into one of the neighbouring stores it was examined with a Stethoscope for signs of life. At 5 p. M. The police estimated that 500 persons either lost their lives or were injured in the fire. Some of the persons being carried from the building at that hour were still alive. At 5 05 p. In. One Hundred dead bodies had been taken to the principal of morgue of the City. The keeper refused to take any More bodies saying the place was filled to overflowing with dead though wagons were backing up to the door constantly with More bodies. Up to 5 p. In. Forty three bodies had been carried out of one Entrance of the theatre. Only one a woman showed any signs of life. The bodies taken out of the different entrances accumulated so rapidly that they had to he piled up two or three deep on the sidewalk. Police ambulances and other vehicles took them to the hospitals and morgues As rapidly As possible. Most of the occupants of the first gallery were taught in a trap. When the fire Hurst out they with one simultaneous Rush made for the exits. In the aisles they fought tooth and Nail Aud Whin the firemen reached the Bah Cony they found bodies upright wedged Between chairs like so Many Sticks. Some of them were burned to a Crisp others were suffocated while some Iii their frenzy had leaped Over the Balcony rail into the auditorium Aud were incinerated. After the first alarm of fire when the excitement was at its height two explosions of Gas tanks occurred hurling fragments through the door. It was then that the flames broke out at. The roof and through the windows. No War i Oday but May be tomorrow an a Clea a a a s Inual i Ranee i ale i i a a i begins monday i greatest i Sale this county Pink it i and it will be the i i clearance i has Ever known. Iii s a a a a a a a a a a a a a i ii of ports in China Paris dec. 30.�?the chinese 2 government has promis d United i states minister Conger to soon Forward the chinese copy of the treaty to Washington for tile exp change of ratifications. It is Nee 5 assay first to obtain Tho Kenper v Eros Seal. After the treaty is rat a hied the opening of Mukden and v ant Ting to the Commerce of the a world can be pressed. A a a i 1 a a a a a i ors at Tokyo that the situation at this moment is unbearable ate that Japan must strike of Russia does not accept tue propositions Japan has submitted a Japan cannot longer wait for a final it May be averted. Berlin dec. 30.�? the foreign office continues to assume inquiries that the German government docs not believe War will Issue from the japanese russian controversy. This also is the View of the press whether derived from official sources or As Independent opinion. The japanese legation believes and Hopes Russia will Grant would appear to be a renunciation of Japan a just requests. Count Vonos the defense of Hor vital interests in j ten Sacken the russian ambassador the far East. Russia does not desire Bas been accepting invitations in Unwar but nobody in Russia will permit usual numbers appearing at break the japanese or other friends to Oxe fasts receptions dinners and balls cute a diplomatic dance upon russians Serene and confident always taking it peaceful disposition in firm con As an impossibility that the situation of Ber Power Russia will in the far East is oven grave Awalt j other of the diplomatic corps seem situation unbearable. To be without new and expect Gen Oerlin Der. 30.�?the in Kal an eral ideas the easy and Safe one being Zesiger without Reserve says that a hostilities Are quite unlikely a a the japanese government has in and each Side is testing its adversary formed the representatives of the flow to the breaking Point. A i Paris Doc. 30.�?while still not believing that War Between Rua a Ain and Japan will occur Tho optimistic tone Iii official and Clipso a it magic circles Here was somewhat modified today by advices from a a Tokyo and it. Petersburg. Japan it appears is hastening preparations for the purpose. It is suggested of influencing russians action a i upon the japanese note. Russia on the other band has no indention a i to hurry. Her reply is not expected to be made before january 1st. I russians purpose seems to be to put the onus of declaring War upon a Japan of such be the result of the negotiations. A St. Petersburg dec. 20.�?the foreign dispatches received Here yesterday afternoon Are reflected today in More pessimistic editorials. The novae Eremya begins its Leader with i a there is no War today tomorrow there May be the paper rather fatalistic Al directs attention to the fact that wars marked the opening of the seventeenth eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The novae Eremya nevertheless still possesses Faith in a peaceful set-1 element. Saying a we believe Japan will not place Russia in a position where to yield preparing to go to Bottom of killings relatives of the choosers arrive los Angeles to Force investigation. In weather forecast. San Francisco Ike. 30. A san Francisco and Vicinity fair this of noon and tonight los Angeles dec. 30.�?attorneys d. W. Choices of Harrisburg and f. M. Parish of Carmi Iii., cousins of lost pm and Vouis Choisser of Equality 111., who were slain by detectives in this City ten Days ago have arrived in la prose Cera. The District attorney la Incesti Galt Rig Tho shooting hut it. Is not yet decided whether criminal proceedings will lie brought or not. All three of the officers Are under suspension from pending their hearing before the police Board which is set for tomorrow. A Telegram has been roce Ivd Here from the local Lodge of the masonic order in Eldorado Iii., stating to at Joseph Choisser was a member of hat Lodge and calling upon the order Iii los Angeh to investigate his thursday death. The Eastern relatives of the Antrin to i Choisser say that neither of the dead though the doomed men were seen at the windows nothing could be done to save them so dense was the sin Oka and so rapid the Progress of the flames. T Edward Carpenter of new York wag thrown from a window by the fireman and removed to a Hospital where a is recovering from the effect of smoke inhaled. He was in town preparing for his marriage with a Young society woman of Tho City. All Tho a a persons killed were occupying room City to assist in the wok of on Tho up or floor of the club build rating the Case against the offt eng. Which is four stories in height and it was the part the flames attack of first. 30, of san Francisco dec morning sales too Caribou. 4. J,5g too Monarch. 49 430 associated or .17 500 associated ii. It 200 Home Oil. 1.20 too Petroleum. .07 200 Petro Leiyn .06 i it to _ London dec. 30, Batuto me n were guilty of any crime and As a member of the Ontario legislature killed Hirn in if Here during the night by culling his Throat. He had been accessing meetings in support of Jot. Chamberlains fiscal policy. He a born in i860. E with rain along thy do invent against them Southern California Flea Ltd from Raught in the in inferior. 1 0 0fa�� a fail9 tonight cd fourth Story burning build. Ing. Biggest ship yet. London. If. 30. It is reported iat the Whiten Star line has ordered the construction a. The my j Troy n Yin a. 30.�?moses t. Clough the Nestor of Tho kens Rattler county bar and the last survivor of the Clush of j848 of Dartmouth College win Shaw head of Tho Law finn of Shaw Bailey amp Murphy and Benjamin w. Kinney manager for the Fuller Warren company of Boston Tost their lives in a fire which partially destroyed Tho Troy club today. Ai Chaa. 6. Law jewelry co. A Winter safeguard diamonds watches and j jewelry Cut Glass and silverware opticians manufacturing jewellers expert repair Ruth Money loaned a Kwa Quot him Fri ii ii i i Vest Are made to save liver. They do what they Are made to do. They shield vitality and protect the Chest from chill dampness and cold five people need them where at present one person qua it a them for at Best we Are careless about health. Let this re mind you of them and also remind you that we have the better sort All sizes and varieties vice from 50c to $3 of. Free delivery in Bakersfield in Kern. Flume Mala 64 1430 19th Street phone main m i j. A. Hughes i leading prescription druggist

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