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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1903, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - August 4, 1903, Bakersfield, California Tic Hail vol. , Kern county tuesday evening a i just 4, 1103. No. 3cardinal Sarto becomes Pope Pius tenth will Trail fugitives with bloodhounds and indians Possee under direction of sheriff Bosquit will follow convicts further into mountains. Placerville cal., August i. A sheriff Bosquit received a Telephone message this morning from mrs. Sanford d. Diehl of Pilot Hill whose store was visited by the convicts last monday evening Wuen a skirmish with one of the posses resulted in the death of convict Allison. Mrs. Diehl reported that a negro Miner Nam-3d Ingram who with three other negroes was working in a mine three Miles South of Pilot Hill hurried into Pilot Hill this morning urging that a posse to organized to pursue the party it sheriff Bosquit asked that Taylor take escapes off and eventually surround them. Bosquit is of the opinion that Davis Case and Leavis the negro and possibly one other Man compose the convict party which is in the Webber Creek country. Sheriff Bosquit is very confident that the party of three sent out by Bim last night to Trail he five convicts now in the fair play District will come up with their Quarry today and that a fight will ensue. Wyatt who leads the party of Man Hunters is an experienced trailer Aud Man Hunter having seen much service in Arisona Colvin and Gignac the other members of the party Are experienced philippine scouts Well acquainted with the Region in which they Are going. A posse under sheriff Norman of Amador will leave Jackson and Plymouth today to take up the Trail described yesterday and although the fugitives have a Long Start Norman thinks his men will come upon them before they reach Ham station to which Point it is believed they Are heading. Word new pontiff will continue the conservative policy of Lustrous predecessor a number o his men and go in search has been a received from Sacramento of the Webber Creek party but was that the Reward for the apprehension informed by Taylor that acting under of the convicts has been increased to instructions from Captain Murphy of $500. The increased Reward is a great the Folsom Penitentiary lie had sent j incentive to the Hunters Ami will ail of the guards bait to the prison j doubtless result in Many More men this morning. The guards have been on the Hunt Ever since the jail break Over a week ago and Are tired out. Taylor however volunteered to organize a posse at Lotus and meet sheriff Bosquit at the Gorilla ranch which is situated near where Webber Creek convicts who visited the mine last empties into the South Fork of the night about to of clock and stole a j american River Quantity of meat and Beans which were cooking on the fire. The convicts made no Effort to molest the miners and after securing food Nash ened in the direction of the Mouth of Webber Creek. Ingram was unable to say How Many convicts were in the party that robbed his place. Upon receipt of the news from mrs. Diehl sheriff Bosquit telephoned to Lotus where guard Taylor of Folsom has taken up his Headquarters. Bloodhounds to be used. Sheriff Bosquit will take with Nim two bloodhounds owned by fennel of Reno and a number of men proceed to the Orlilla place and join with Tho posse from Lotus. Sheriff Bosquit has not made any plans a to the method of Hunting toe convicts but states that it is very probable that the party will be divided into several squads and an Effort made to head the engaging in the search. Indian trailers also. It is expected the several Indian trailers will be induced to go into the Hunt for the fugitives. The funeral of Festus Rutherford who was killed with William g. Jones in the fight at Manzanita Hill near the grand Victory mine saturday evening was held this morning Ani was largely attended. Services Over the remains of Jones will be held this afternoon. Enters upon pontifical duties with Good nations though some cardinals fail conceal disappointment. A i will to of May make for Nevada. Sacramento August 4.�?private Secretary Wye of the governors office was notified by Secretary Brainard f. Continued on Page eight 0000000000-00 of of q Debroy shoes $3.50 a Ultra Quot shoes $3.50 Harvest Sale second week of the Harvest Sale. Second week of bargain getting. We never appreciate the possibilities of Midsummer business until we started this Sale last week. Hum redo of new Caiu Zimt Aud friends have been made thousands of dollars Worth of goods have been sold and the increased business has More than compensated us for the decreased profits. 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The usual Large assemblage was before St. Peters at about 10 10 a. In. To await the rising of the smoke from the sistine Chapel. Hundreds of carriages stood in the blistering Sun which seemed hotter than Ever. The colonnades were blocked with people but even there the anxious watchers could scarcely escape from the severe heat when the clock struck 11 15 the crowd Lett its shelter and Sto gtd bravely in the Sun in the belief that smoke would appear within a few minutes As it had consistently Given it 3 signal at about this hour since the conclave commenced. A new Pope. Minutes sped on and still no smoke was seen. When the Bells sounded 11 30 the ministers and others left their carriages and joined the watchers on the Steps of the Basilica in Side St Peters Many also were waiting and the suspense brought thousands running from the nearby streets the delay on the fourth morning of the conclave being interpreted to mean that a decision had at length been reached. The troops spread themselves across the Square and nervous anticipation possessed them All. Hundreds of surmises based from Mouth to Mouth. Minutes seemed like hours. I a a. Peters boomed out the three quarters of the hour and there was still no sign. A second later the great Cental windows of St. Peters facing the Piazza swung slowly open. A loud shout arose and All rushed madly to wards the Cathedral. At the open window half a dozen Vatican attendants appeared. Suddenly there broke out into the fierce sunlight a Georgeous Banner bearing a cardinals arms. Kit enforcements of troops crossed the Piazza at double Quick. They closed their ranks and held Hack Many we strained every nerve to get close hot window. L or a minute or so none knew to which lard ins belonged the arms so significantly displayed. Then thu. I r arose that they were but few persons were absolutely sure of their identity. Five Hundred troops lined up around the top of St. Peters Steps thus dividing the great crowd which was increasing every moment into three sections. Announcement made. The tension was soon relieved. Cardinal Marchl in his Cardinal Robes carrying a Large Book and preceded by a glittering Cross appeared at the window. A wild shout went up Cardinal Marchl waved both bands for silence. In a second a solemn hush Ell on the scene broken onily by a Sharp word of command from an officer and the rattle where with the troops brought their rifles to the present. In Clear tones Cardinal Marchl read the preamble with the people below being scarcely Able to sustain themselves until he reached the word a Sarto a when a terrific Roar went up. Those out of hearing of the cardinals voice joined in the acclamation Aud the whole Square became one mass of men and women throwing hats in the air shouting and cheering at the top of their voices. Vainly the Cardinal waived his hand for silence. The Long pent up feelings of those who had watched the conclave for four Days now found an outlet and for some minutes they could not be suppressed. Finally it was quite enough for Cardinal Macchi to proceed and say that the new pontiff had taken the name of Pius x. Then with a Blessing from the crowd the Cardinal disappeared from the window. Those below made a Rush to go into St. Peters and a mad scramble ensued for the Basilica thousands dashed toward the four hugs doors and in spite of their Width a desperate Jam occurred in which women narrowly escaped injury. Like a roaring wave the people swept into St. Peters. Pope plus x has expressed his desire not to dissolve the conclave until this evening. It is supposed that the cardinals will therefore remain at the present quarters until at amt 7 p. In. Dons official Robes. While Prince Chigi the master of he conclave was drawing up the official act of the election the Pope surrounded by Bis friends disappeared into a Small room near the Alfa when a. Donned the whits Robes of Nat r. Solomon Cha 3 i the american jewelry co. Diamonds watches and jewelry Cut Glass and silverware opticians manufacturing jeweler expert repairing Money loaned �430 19th Street t # phone main 73 his office. Plus x was assisted by us conclave its who first Knelt and kissed their masters hand and thus received the first apostolic Blessing Given by Pius x. The new Pope was attired All i White with the exception of red shoes which was quite regular but he did not Stop to remove the red Cardinal stockings for the White papal ones and these showed Asho raised hid gown to move Forward. When he a quite Robed the Secretary of the conclave. Monseigneur merry Del a kneeling offered him the papal Whit Cap amidst breathless silence. A did not follow the precedent created by Pope Leo who declined to give hid red Cap to the master of Cere mottled As a sign that he would soon be created a Cardinal but with a slight smile Sarto took the White Cap placed it calmly on his head and dropped the red one lightly on the head of mgr. Merry Del Val amidst murmurs of approval. This is taken As a certain indication that the Happy recipient of soon to be raised to the Cardin late. He looked the fart. As the new pontiff stepped from Boti hid the altar the Only touch of color about him being his red and Gold shoes he really seemed to he embodiment of his holy office. His face we Pale and clearly softened by emotion. He paused a moment As he came before the expectant cardinals than seated himself on the throne with a hurried movement As though he bad suddenly grown weak. His Back we to the altar and he was enthroned to serve the so called a first obedience of the cardinals. They came Forward one by one some Calm and smiling others sober and non committal while still others found Consic. Bio do Fol rutty even at this hour in concealing their too obvious disappointment. All kissed his hand and foot while he saluted each on the Cheek with the kiss of peace. Then an broke into the tedium with such effect that scarcely in Eye was dry Pius x then arose and in a voice at drat tremulous but gradually becoming full and firm administered the papal Blessing to a1 of the members of the barred College. It was receive d with bowed and uncovered Heads the Fisherman s ring not yet having been found a new one designed i. Camerlengo Ore Glia was placed in to. Pontiff s Finger As a Symbol of re continued on Page eight Kodak Kodak Kodak your vacation will not be Complete without a Kodak. A full line of Kodak and photographic j supplies at j. A. Hug Hies j the leading prescription druggists. Phone main a. R Triy a

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