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Bakersfield Daily Californian Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1905, Page 1

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Bakersfield Daily Californian (Newspaper) - April 27, 1905, Bakersfield, California 70l. Xvi Bakersfield Kern county. Thursday april 27, 1905. A a no. 231 much speculation As details of to russian plans Vladivostok appears to be the objective Point of Admiral Rogestvensky. Torio april 27.�?the movements lie announcement which has been and intentions of rear Admiral ro-1 made of late. The Public knows jest veil sky continue the subject of nothing about the location of vice general interest and speculation admoral togas Fleet. The latest japanese reports Are con a the prospective Junction of the filleting and Oon Fusig tailing to a a Jhio Sian naval is viewed lie tie be Hetely the purpose it the amp b the govern ant Kussat. Admiral. And by the Public. The people a it is evidently the intention of and j Preci ate the Temperance of retaining a viral Rogestvensky to await a june Jie sea Power and of the great Coa Tion with the third division under rear Admiral neb Gatoff when he will give Admiral Toga a decisive Battle. It is assumed that Admiral Ojest Vensky will bring All his ships Aud guns be possibly can into action it be intends to make a decisive fight sequences which binges upon their Victory or defeat during the approaching Battle but they remain confident of Success. It is Felt that the superiority in numbers and strength of the armoured cruisers of Japan counterbalances any disadvantage from a shooting Given at the inquest three jurors wanted to bring in a verdict of justifiable homicide. Havilah Carnegie provides fund for professors As a result of the coroners inquest Burton was engaged in mining with Over the killing of Burton and Bagsby i him Ami came into Havilah on Mon which was completed in Havilah last Day in company with Burton and evening too late for the californians j Bagsby. Report it appears that even the jury was divided As to whether or not Wal Kei was justifiable in committing the deed of last monday. The verdict of the jury was that a the deceased came to their deaths from gunshot wounds at the hands of Newt but it is significant that three of the jurors were in favor of adding to the ver dict that the homicide was justifiable the others however resisted this addition and demanded that the fixing of the guilt or innocence of the accused be left with the courts. The inquest began at to of clock yes so Portage of battleships. They rely or will detach and abandon the slow upon the personal morals of the cumbersome and useless ships if lie Crews and the Superior mobility and intends to run the Gauntlet for Vlad the condition of their Fleet to bring Vostok which is believed to he his them Victory ultimate destination. The Date of extending comparisons beyond the ter Lay morning under the direction of the coming conflict will depend in first ships of the line it is argued Coroner Mullins with Deputy Dis tire upon Admiral , Japan posses pre,.devil. A Lemony nature . I lie japanese will Adap valuable advantages in Lier Imbler of Tho wound la that produced death on tile defensive their plans of action cruisers Lier torpedo boats torpedo was Rea Aruj g Ujj Gibson was the being concealed with absolute boat destroyers Aud in Lier sub first witness. Gibson is a brother of secrecy. I marines. The a Gibson boys a who were convict the proclamation of martial Law in a Jed of killing Fletcher Burton and sub Formosa which will be strongly and i full associated press dispatches in sequently pardoned. Strange to say the californian he was on Friendly terms with Dave extensively fortified is the Only pub . A the store of Quality i wac Ray gang go wbk swell dressers or a ladle re so clothes saturdays bargain news. First mortgage Bonds for $10,000,000 have been transferred to a Board of trustees and Steps will he taken to organize a corporation to receive the Vanderlip have been selected by or. Carnegie to obtain data on the subject to he presented at the first meeting of the Hoard of trustees which will fake place on november loth. Or. Vanderlip today sent Tho following letter to the press Debro _ _ Fyk Debro shoes shoes for for men $3.50 Tutu Wii to overt. Women $3.50 bargains in new Spring goods. Not unseasonable goods. Not trash prices but new seasonable Spring fabrics at special bargain prices. At High special values in Wash fabrics at 23 cents Yard former Price 35c to 40c. A imported Mues Selines and Dimitres in elaborate brocades Floral patterns Satin and lace stripes Best value and handsomest fabrics Ever offered. Special values in sum a Trot underwear Gibson a testimony. According to his testimony the three men were in front of Dooley s Saloon when the stage came in Aud they observed old Man Walker and Newt in the stage. Burton said referring to Newt Walker a there goes that who tried to hold us a yes a said Bagsby a i Sec in the meantime the stage had stopped at the Post office and the two walkers had gone into Millers store. Burton said Quot lets go Down and get our Gibson declined to go with them and went into Dooley a Saloon. Shortly afterwards he heard the shots. The Village Blacksmith. U. S. G. Hubbel the Village Blacksmith at Havilah saw some men standing on Millers porch just before the tragedy. He saw two of them Start up the Street Iii the direction of Kernville walking rapidly. They were the walkers father and son. A moment later Bagsby and Burton left the porch Bagsby walking up the Fence toward tin walkers and Burton moving out diagonally toward his Wagon tied near an Oak tree. He saw Walker turn and fire shooting Bagsby first and Burton second. Aged father on the stand. New Yolk april 27.�?unless the. B. Walker the father of All the prosecution a some striking bit of walkers and bowed Down with the evidence Iii the Case acquired since weight of 7d years was the next wit the lust trial and which has been Zeal Ness. He related How he and his son Ousby concealed thus far Nan Batter went into the store to get lunch. He j son s Fate probably will be entrusted sat in the rear part of the room with to the jury on the Case As presented his Back toward the door but his son by Lier accusers. After yesterdays took his plate and went by the win a session when pawnbroker Hyman Clow. Burton and Bagsby came in. Stern failed to identify either j. Mer there were three strangers in the Gan Smith mrs. Smith or miss Pat Roon at the time who were Passen Terson As persons who were present Gers on the stage. The old Man heard in tits store when Tho revolver which no words spoken Between his son and killed Caesar Young was purchased the other men but he was apprehend Abraham Levy miss Patterson Sconn Sive of trouble and he made haste to sol said he was convinced that the leave the place with Newt. They Hadj state s Case had fallen Fiat. Started up the Road when Bagsby Fob a Nan Patterson needs no defense a Lowed and accosted Newt and asked j said or. Levy after a conference with hint what he meant by that last Regis associate counsel. A Tho defend aged educators will be retired and their places Given to younger men. New \ Ohr april a Tift of. J or. Andrew f Arpegio has transmit too too by Andrew Carnegie to it rred to a Board of trustees you provide annuities fur College pro Histing of presidents of the most in lessors who arc not Able to continue Portal led colleges in the United states in Active service was announced to and Canada $10,000,000 first monday by i rank a. \ Atule hip vice Gage a per cent steel Bonds. The Pur president of the National City Bank pose of the Trust fund thus created i t new Ork. Professors in the is to provide annuities for College United states Canada and newfound professors in the United states can Kirn will share in the distribution of j min and new , who a from the income of the fund. United old age or Oiler physical disability states steel corporation 5 per cent arc no longer in a position to Render the most efficient service. It. Is or. Carnegie a belief that this fund will not Only provide a dignified pension system for a body of most worthy donation. Or. Britches president of j sell sacrificing and poorly paid men the Massachusetts Institute and or. But that it will be of distinct value to the cause of education in offering a Opportunity to tilt1 trustees of a College to retire members of Tho faculty who have faithfully served the institution for Many years and then ii place such men with Young int Clit Gen and efficient professors. Case against Nan Patterson Falls Flat that she wont ii to go on the stand a Ain. I it ii tic jurors her own Story and herself try to convince them of ii r innocence. She will not be per Mill d to influence the conduct of Tho Case this time As in the previous trial however. La to the prosecutor follows the course of the previous trial As has been done up to this Point All important wit news remaining to be examined Are mrs Young the widow of the dead bookmaker and John Milieu his racing partner it is probable however that Tho letters seized when Thor Smiths Wen arrested in Cincinnati which did not appear at Tho last trial will he put in evidence. What these letters contain is not known to the he turned and noting the positions Timony Public us a i d a amp old that among them he jury on the Case a a a Lien it a a made out by the state when ass. A Ait several a i ,. Aeq or Nat ant. Patterson to i Tea of to Smiths. Marl Newt replied that he did not ant will go to tin mean anything at All and Bagsby tol _ Low i with an oath. The witness said District attorney Rand close a a Whitam Patterson to her sister after the flight these letters Are sex peeled to throw souk Light on Tho reason for the Smiths hurried depart j tire from this City and their alleged determined efforts to evade agents of at 11 cents. Former Price 15c. Ladles elastic ribbed Gauze vests Low neck Aud sleeves. Of both Bagsby and Burton and that Bagsby had his hand on his gun conclude d that a their time had Conn. Then it was that his son fired. It was done so quickly that he did not even see the pistol in newts hand he a Bagsby fall and he saw Burton fall almost at the same time. The shots were too Quick to be counted. Gas Miller testified As to what happened prior to the shooting and before in left the premises Aud this closed the testimony. Or. Levy added tha son was not in favor miss Patter of this program noon. The ten will be Shippe ians of Dave Burton Tho attorney who were search night s train to Hoh Angeles on to a lir Fly had in thai and interment will lie and wide Olys Mother Sisters train the w went South on Tho same at carried the body. A correction. I my 1 Ker uncommunicative a the county Bastile Hosh at 11 cents Yard former Price 18c and 20c. 30-Inch fancy Satin striped Bastiste extra Fine and sheer Quality in Small Horal designs of newest colourings. At 9 cents Yard. Former Price 12j/2c and 15c Yard. 30-Inch fancy Batiste in handsome figures stripes dots and Floral effects new shades Beautiful Wash material. At 15 cents. Former Price 25c. Ladies elastic ribbed vests White Blue Low neck and sleeves. Pink and Newt Walker the Man tot and killed Dave Burton and his companion bog by at. 2 of clock monday afternoon near Millers store in Havilah and the Story of whose sur continued on Page three lug for them. An interesting overnight development was tie statement Given out by mrs. Shapiro in which she claims to have been wit bin a Yard of Tho cab when the shot. Was fired and signified her willingness to go on the stand Andi. Swear that Young had the weapon v n o statement published that win. We Lith he death Valkyr is an inmate of an Arizona. A prison is an error. The Warner of that name is a resident of Mariposa county where to has resided for a number of years. At 18 cents. Former Price 35c. Ladies Fine Jersey ribbed vests extra Large size Low neck sleeveless. A at 35 cents. Former Price 50c. Misses and children a Union suits summer weight All sizes. The Price of wheat is 8till going Down the pleasure of Kod aking Chicago april 27 Zero adorned for a time today to be the goal of May the funeral of Bagsby Market. Under renewed liquidation held this afternoon Tho Price of option broke 4va cents a a Bushel. The Market closed last night two Brothers of George Bagsby Are at 91m, opened today at 0, and in tills City and his daughter a Young sold Down to 87. The Market was sex lady of 18 years also arrived hero this j Tremley nervous and after rebounding morning. The funeral of Bagsby was to 89 dropped again to 88. Held from Morton amp Connelly a under a Taing Parlours at 2 of clock k this after-1 read californian want ads. At $1.25. Former Price $1.75. Menus Fine Quality Union suits egyptian Cotton Well finished. Mens suits $7.50 former Price $10.00 and $12.00. A number of Cheviot and worsted fruits in Light and dark patterns wll be on Sale saturday at this Small Price. The tailoring is first c ass the fit is perfect and linings s Good As can be found in higher priced suits. There Are not All f f?8 a kind but All sizes in the la a a8� stouts and slims. Come is and have first Choice they a remain Long at that figure. Boys suits menus shoes at lowest prices. 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