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Bakersfield Courier Newspaper Archives Mar 28 1928, Page 1

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Bakersfield Courier (Newspaper) - March 28, 1928, Bakersfield, California Daily thought la or a in the Muri that my Ireth t nip lation or when he in tried he Chad receive the j Crown of life a Jame 1.12. Ii it in in to 1.1 a a Bakersfield courier and Bakersfield morning Echo weather report Sau ruin Valley. Fair and mild moderate Northwest winds. Bakersfield temperatures maximum 6fi minimum m. Vol. 1, no. 8�?207 Bakersfield. California wednesday March 28, 1928 8 pages House votes $359,000,000 Navy Supply is authorized Al new air liners will started at coat of $2,000,000 be Nicara Cija question reopened by Moore Laguardia discuss Cost of Marinen in pacification of san Lino hotels turns to pups As Oil delays Fortune Lurk just a round the Corner for Wayne Nolan Bell boy at hotel Al Tejon for he own an acre a Ite in the Union Avenue Oil area Nouth of Bakersfield City limit. The land is leased for Oil development but operations have been deferred from month to month while awaiting the completion of a Well by the Pacific Eastern company. Quot i got tired waiting for an Oil Well to blow in and make me a Fortune Quot he commented in explaining his latest venture Quot so i have started raising English Bull in the meanwhile he is placing orders for pups at the a a ate of $75 each and expresses much enthusiasm in discussing pedigrees dog biscuits and other fancy Points of handling a Kennel of thoroughbreds. W Ashing Ron Mardi out. A record c Intra 111 it in Vrtis nerd it in / with Voli till ii to pith cd the i Ifko of annual Supply Bill for Navy department. Hence the Washington naval Lillta to ii conference. L Ile inca nire which now Koch to the Senate Carrion $ 1>mioo.iioo or 32u,. A in i lore than the current appropriation. The Hlll i consideration wan marked with a demand by he pie Milita Tivi la Ltd in Ella a new York Republican for Hii i it a wit i a in i ban inn line from in. Ratila ii h l i a by .1 prot a d .11 -. Us Mim ovoid i letting of i Quot 1111. I. A Lizi a mail Pilot Gale in Duel declares state Engineer had examined foundation before concreted j asserts they had made no criticism foundation not Clay says tested with water for j holding character uneasy residents Force test of Mulholland dam visor Satril or Rex Itin j t of Angeles March 27.�?uneasiness of residents below the Mulholland dam above Hollywood a Structure of the same design As the ill fated St. Francis dam today caused the los Angeles Board of water and Power commissioners to order an investigation to determine the lowest level to which water in the Hollywood Structure could be reduced and still serve the area it now supplies. At the same time the Board ordered an investigation of Quot the necessity of reservoirs in the Hills overhanging populous sections of the City Quot and the possibility of substituting some other source of Supply. The Board s action followed a conference with a committee representing the Hollywood chamber of Commerce. The committee members declared that the people of the Hollywood District had become uneasy because of the proximity of the Hollywood dam following the collapse of the St. Francis dam which resulted in the loss of probably More than 400 lives. Deneen party Midnight rattle held High wind ends with storm Victory m go. Asked in. 11 Ai a am Simili unit in ill i. In explained .1 fur la a i Riis ill. G refill ii i new air Al id i stimuli Liim Quot Willi <1 i loll a a a a a Vitu i Ihn i \ \ Dep. Wii ill l i Quot i . I. .1 ii Ich Tili a. I \ it iry i Quot i a Ltd i vef Quot i a i d bid from tin i a k Ion. Clito. I m tin i unit 11 oui t Hgt a in i Lover i 1 Lii i o y of 11 i to i Loi Quot . The. History Otilo i l f Bogan i in in a ill.11 a a in i w Reck Quot of i ii Sii of i ii. H i us Borl Nuil last Quot 1 v i Tell Pilot Teri Ilo a ii i off his Roll e kill Quot Richard i i in in ii i ill morning after n a Loi in i Ove i in Kerf i old a a a be w a s i to a in. Fiti Ling the Gal Quot hut Landing a i Ali. Mail Pil t i hip a �.111 Quot . H of Quot . A i a l i Quot Ai i Hail h Paul am i rout i Al i in Al i a in. A 11 ii a skill in i Willi great an Ira \-7 in 1 a m of .1 . 100 Miles by own Ian. Nail or Quot ally ,.-Itili with Ai Rigort Lami Al a Quot full i local Pori was i . K Sinio or Ali Quot finally found i tor Pilot Quot it was n Peri Eli Quot of tin Board visitor at the mail. Inu Wilry Ali it. Mail Pilot / Atho Risili in j rth.-.riiitrtl or t of Anri Klokk March 27.�?-i- Ham Mulholland Veteran chief1 i Kineer of the lok Aii Kroics Bureau of water works. And Supply looked the world in the face today and took on Hin own Broad shoulders full responsibility for the building \ of St. Francis dam. I recalled to the witness stand late today in the inquest on the victims of the darn s collapse March i 13. The 72-year-old Engineer said i Quot i did t neglect this Job any Way. it. Good or bad it s Niv re Sponski by 1 i t y lion t pass Taliej Lilart from met. If there is any blame Ion in two Hundred Anil eighty one bodies have been recovered from the Silt and d Liris strewn wastes a Quot it in san fran Quot i Quito i tiny in and the Quot Santa Mara Valley by Hie Flo Oil deluding Forth in a great Wall from the broken dam. Tie i. I of missing is around 170 persons. That n stat Quot engine Quot the dam sit Quot before t h w Asti St lied in n. Y. Marke toss prices mayor Thompson accuses leaders of Effort to make capital out of outrages $65,000 total of rewards offered outrage starts City head on plan to advertise great growth of population big town asks . A. Advice an inquiry has been received from the Kansas City chamber of Commerce As to the methods pursued by the Bakersfield civic commercial association three years ago in a Campaign for reduction in insurance rates reported Secretary Harrison Elliott yesterday. It was a matter of satisfaction stated the Secretary to have attracted the notice of a big City chamber of Commerce. W. E. Colby chairman of the committee on state Parks in a letter dated in san Francisco also sent an inquiry As to preferences of the local civic body in location of proposed state Parks in this county. An endorsement of Tejon fort and red Rock Canyon was forwarded. Path of flood highest water expected Taj arrive Between noon and Midnight today had ill veer Quot a i the i .1 d not a i is 2.onii, is opt Iona 1 Itti i it i h 1111 1 s Risi Quot i Quot 7 h. M Muno it a Ress at i Aioli a Lungi in Inai i it i idea r t of 11 a ii Tubili plus t Ulii h Quot i accept. Till Bill whips hut it Pilepi Irani ii win Chi both exc that tin Ial two my i oui Quot within the limit of. A is Quot a by r the Quot Lime the All liners i Czetl i la Quot n 1 a a Glia i debut was opened by representative , i Quot to rat. Virginia who How l he presence Quot i 111.&Quot ill . Litral Ali l i Lili to Misti Quot was i nil inn 111� Rul Lili Stilles. Marines useless said in Quai Illa ,1 tin a a a a sip Prunell Llull. In Bel Ween All i $10.1.-Imiil per Day to ice the .marine., i la i la Ella and that he belled Tlley were there toi a in a it a purpose la Mallei How the x a i a n election results he .ieclar.il. Marille will a Quot needed enforce it decision. I he Bill allium Quot the Quot Tell lots ii ii i Funch to maintain the a Al Piem he Mem the and also to Oplin oust l Ilei Ion of a . Iii, m Cruis a a re and two Fleet submarine. Itell Esnil a v Quot Lila. A i Leino crat. New Vorlik was unsuccessful in an attempt i Quot provide funds to Nui Hubli Iario is and nine d i ailed m. The dirigible Are t., i n i plei 1 for carry Ltd five air planes to h. It slim said Al the Navy impart in. It a in Poi i a Lei Ila v a my Aslo i he experience Quot of in tiie storm a Quot ill Pill i Quot Pori in thai la Quot Naif was is str., in i Lvi no zone thai in a. In sible to Quot Inak Quot a Lafdili Aid the official. Quot Ami ii is a Surprise Ilia he did not strike the Mountain in his l Irli South As his altimeter showed Only Pinoli feet in All it Nile was the comment. Quot a or i Una i Ely the Pilot favourable Quot ondi ions for making a la dim at i. M a s t Quot a Quot he in ported. The Quot Bis then ii Quot Quot , Sis Tants named Quot St limb i &Quot,1 Aid. Examined was Mulhilland. Lure Anil All around Quot but they Bolli the on the Mulholland Aid any Hini to me la said m. I lure w by i f a Day Lom denies inactivity a lies toned Abolitz Ima i ions no longer was notice As an a Bolla nil decl Areil brusque he was e Quot first at tin office several Hurt spi i Chr. St lev. A my a i e to have Mach in Illk and la tul i in he i flight by for la in. H alies Willil Quot in h. H. Smith takes oath of office Sitivi i la Lam w Lii. T uni. Park. �1 i \ Quot gains the . Ion Quot Jeri Quot Lull of . I Quot k l \. Brno k. A. Alla. N the Ila Anil several Wnm ill not be b arned taken to. Taft Sut for a. I in in an a Uto t n i 111 due to e occur de m Ai i lid said to have been Ai in which the Irivin toward Tali is another aul onto bile on the Hii Liway while the was putting no the rain cur four men knit i nov i b in whose Nam last Liwer from injuries Mobile Aii old it 1 lain. The Quot Erath my Wielb Quot ,11 to 1 site Quot of w Hei i hat h Enil Quot Quot by thai and certainly not Hie first to leave at he de it Lai Eil he personally visited All the Bureau s Engineer jobs. I Enlal that Ali foundation strata of1 the Quot dam turned to n ni.1 Nebo naked Willi water was made in a Riidu voice by Miil Holland. I Quot that foundation want Elay at lie declared. Quot i had numerous lest Boles bored into the Earth of Khout the Canyon. These holes i were Lill d with killer after two weeks time i bad the water drained and the Earth was no softer than in the the Veteran Engineer asserted that upon his experience As an Engineer in believed he bad not erred in selection of the dam site. A hitter denouncement of his subordinates who previously testified before the Coroner s jury was made by Mulholland for their failure to recall this water the Testimony absurd said testimony of lie panty District attorney k. .1. Ii Ennison also was attacked and branded As it was the a instance in which ii Ennison had a piece of Earth from the dam foun Jill Eil i Long a re i nose deep Ash bruises and possible 1. Ii. Kent deep and near jugular s cuts and bruises Witkosky i to jaw i Liest in Kash in in John bout the l i Oli t in Urti m new Tim ii. Ii. Smith formally toi office of c i y treasure Quot morning the Oah of off ministered by Colv i Lell. V Ulith his to St Ille i a y was Van r and the new official set about task of familial Teim him a of with duties or Smith was appointed the Post it at the weekly. Of the cily Council l ,.u Taki offi. C. Or. Smith said Quot i ill not Ali ,.in Lily familial with my duties a i present but i expect to familiarize myself Uilah la. W in iut As soot As possible tills will nol be a difficult task As 1 h i a a \ get a competent a Deputy in a ill i Ormi Ity ties hirer i Stilwell. Indicted vesti counts Char Liu the Misa ppr of funds from his office is the i Lii nity jail a 1111 been i Toni i e Ball set tor ills release. Lena Bergman asks overriding Royalty Lamina an interest m an Oil Royalty As Well As a per cent cominis on out of Cash a la Era in to local woman realtor has Bio Zirli suit against Lohn i Aldwell it was re Xea Leil \ a s t y in a complaint filed with k. 1. Smith county clerk the suit is based on an Allried a Clement Maile on May , Ito in which t Ald a 11 Hal l i in to pay to lib realtor five per cent of Ali Quot Cash consider i ton and t la of the Oil invoked m an and head and Thonia race r of their Olio was Ali the injun in live in , Ordini to the Story toll Hospital Bis b y Iho Jur d Meli Eviey Ai. Employed ail allows the l Park lug e l Oman. And a Ere re tii Nilu to Bonus in ibis City. Thoy a w the Ca r to ii Kii we it l it l Eca 11 be of the Raill co told net Sec the lari., Sedalia in which the w Lii Quot in Weie drive uni. The a ars. L Allied head of and both of them Alinosi Dino Lilii in. L ass motorists. I e k e d tip Tell Quot to Tal t while Llvell into them to accordino l i c traffic if ices i local and bit it w to invest the Case Cai in the Leister d to 0 1 Frolli Street pass. Akers Conilio officers said that car to pass and did Noi Achilli until i. Alley floor has copious a in f a la stumble on motors halts charging bulls Only first half hour by Stanley w. Prenosil associated press financial editor sky York March 27.---the speculative sky scraper created Exchange was rocked to its foundations today b v the temporary collapse of its leading pillars but new supports were i Uii erected and a few towers built \ up to new record Heights before the Day a As Oyer. The Day s Tradii set another new huh record at l,7tili,00 shares is contrasted with the previous Peak of 1 1.1 7ci. 1100 shares established yesterday. Wall Street has never experienced such a Day of violent and bewildering Price movements. Prices crashed to nearly ?2ft a share in the first half Hoir but the Quot Low prices bail nol a i geared on the tape before a general rally was under Way which Cut Down. Or wiped out. Most of the Early losses and sent a few issues to new his Levels. Break without warning the break came without an instant s a Var nine. In the first two dozen i in Numis appearing on the tape were i several blocks of 500� to la,000 shares of the so enl Leil Independent motor stocks with Chrysler Packard and Studebaker mounting to new High Levels on initial sales. This brought a a flurry of buying into other stocks but the eyes of bit traders were glued on i the general motors Post which has held the spotlight for the last week fir More. A exited among the Bank Al s crowding around the general motors Post was heard by hundreds of spectators leaning Over the Rallins of the visitors Palleres to watch the latest skirmish in the Quot Battle of Bill it was i thickly apparent that a storm was brewing As la Quot shouted offerings of tile Slock drowned out the spoken bids. Finally. 10 minutes after the Konn had sounded the initial transaction had been agreed upon and appeared on the tape at the spread Price of Ellis to 51 1 1 a share As contrasted with the record High of $1 19, Estable lobed yesterday. Wall Street Hail expected another big opening in general motors at a new Haluli Price of $200 or More but the unexpected decline was quickly interpreted by the speculative element As an indication that the Quot insiders Quot were a Ettilla out of the Stock. Thousands of Small Specula tors threw their holdings overboard. Quot Bear Quot traders who had taken enormous losses in the spectacular Rise of nearly a a a share in general motors in the last three weeks resumed their attacks with hem wed be ready within three months Plant will be finished says superintendent gains of the ire being made in the Battle medical men against the Scourge of tuberculosis and it has j been Only since 1ss4-5 that the world started on a systematic Effort to Check the ancient disease stated or. A. I l shaper superintendent of the kern1 Unity tubercular Hospital at Keenan a speech delivered yesterday at a meeting of the Laker shield Exchange club. Through the gift of a magnifying Glass from his wife or. Robert Koch discoverer of the tubercular germ was enabled to make his researches said the speaker. Since then great advances have been made and from a death late of 200 to each 100,000 persons from Tiberiu a Losis the number has been reduced1, i to a Quot persons annually. I there has been a reduction in All a a Classa a excepting among Hoys and girls of High school age and tuberculosis has been unchecked in persons of ibis class stated the doctor. Illey five of such cases out of 100 can be prevented said the doctor i through proper attention to under nourished children and a regime is i indicated from recent experience in i diet. Hera use if the Success in Han j doing the earlier stages of tube Reu Losis medical men have taken a step farther and now recognize the importance of Presentat Orums. During the past 12 years we have Learned that we must get at tuberculosis in its incl Piney he said. Within three months it is proposed to have the new children s Hospital completed at Keene and this will be located upon a 120-Aere tract adjoining Stony Alrook Retreat and some distance away from the adult Hospital stated the doctor. The children s Hospital will have Beds for10 patients. There will be 12 Beds la the boys Ward 12 in the girls Ward and six Beds in the receiving Ward. There will Alio be quarters for the Matron and a school teacher at. The children s Hospital also a dining room Kitchen and schoolroom. There will also be a room for occupational therapy and terraces for hello therapy t Rea t men. Provision of $r,0,000 was made for the children s Hospital in the Kern county budget for this a Seal year. P. 11. Ling Gnu architect stated that the building would probably Cost $10,000. He is planning the Structure in consultation with or. Shaper who recently visited 12 Eastern hospitals on an inspection trip As to latest ideas in tubercular institutions. J mrs. J. F. O Neill As soloist and mrs Fred Smith pianist supplied i musical numbers for the program. I Charles Llaver and James Memahan late bulletin Chicago March 27. A pm bomb number 62 in five months in Chicago exploded tonight at the Entrance of a building owned by Emil Seiler manufacturer of Beer pumps. Seiler said he was visited a few Days ago by a representative of a political faction which he did not desire to name and was asked to display a political Banner on the a front of his building. He refused. He said the Quot pineapple Quot tonight was served on him in retaliation. The damage was slight. Rain Hail Snow c1 reas last of floods Redding swept by storm Lakeport is deluged Madera butlers damages estimated nearly half million request Amei ican red Crofal to take charge of Relief work in capital i its Virr hic ago March 27�?bitter Crim nations can tonight the aftermath of the bombing night of the Homes of Charles s. Deneen United states senator and judge John a. Swanson candidate for the Republican nomination for state s attorney. Rewards totalling were offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the bombers. From Washington sen. Deneen head of a Strong Republican faction in it Lii ago issued a statement asserting that Quot the bombing of my Home is. The Woi k of organized and protected criminal classes of Chicago and Cook county in their desperate Effort to retain political control of Ihu City and at the Swanson Home the bomb exploded just As the judge drove into his garage missing him but damaging the residence. He said he regarded it As an obvious attempt at assassination. Robert ii. Crow candidate for reelection As state s attorney and co Leader with mayor William Hale Thompson of a powerful Republican faction offered a Reward of $10,000 for the arrest and conviction of tiny one connected with the bombings. He also offered immunity to any one who would Supply inform Patlon. Accuses Deneen faction with his offers however he coupled Ati accusation that the Deneen faction leaders themselves were responsible for the bombings in an Effort to bolster sympathy for a ticket facing defeat in the slate wide primary. Michael Hughes police commissioner offered a Reward of Tiogo and issued a statement backing up Crow s illegal ions. J nowhere was there an arrest in sight and no one professed to have a clue to the guilty persons. I mayor Thompson issued a statement i asserting ills belief that Quot Liob Crow has the right slant on what is going i on Quot and later came out with a plan 1 to use brass bands Anil Obi fashioned Street parades every two weeks until next Christmas to advertise Chicago s growth and offset her reputation As a crime Ridden City. Ass Ortali <1 l it is Reddino. Calif., maxing a Day attended by Lvin j March 27. A Cli f spasmodic showers variable winds a heavy i hailstorm this afternoon swept a two j mile strip through Shasta enmity damaging fruit tree adding to the toll of the past five Days to be in the cent which swept hiring the s and vines and the. Rainstorm of Redding appeared a of the visitation Down from the North height of the storm Hail stones As big As peas fell in this City while Farmers on the outer fringes of the area visited reported them to have been As Large As Quot Quail the rainstorm appeared to be abating in 1 he upper Sacramento it incr Canyon. A big drop in the River has been recorded since last night and the Waters still were receding tonight. Two Bridges Miles East of Ding were washed away or Farmers from reaching tin ways. One was on the c the other on the Flat red venting main High a Road and Woods Highway and both spanned Hatchet Creek. I Trinity Bridge saved j authentic reports tonight from Trinity county said the Canyon Creek Bridge had been saved by much Effort. It first was reported swept away. However a Large suction Dredger engine several tanks of gasoline and a Barge anchored in the Trinity River at the Bead of Valley Creek wire swept away As the Trinity reached the highest Levels in history. The Dredger and Oiler property was owned by .1. W. L Ryor and Cgeorge Kniight of Santa Cruz. Willi the Clearing of the storm in this area authentic reports of damage in the higher Mountain regions were coming in. Alturas flooded Alturas Modoc county was under from three inches to i to feet of water this afternoon As the result of the overflowing of the i it River. Reports reaching Here were to the Lunt Nuril acc i Len members of the of the Kern River Drift Roeom pained a. I. Trowbridge Board of directors water storage dishy chief Engineer and f. K. Horton. Ciral counsel spent yesterday in vis Timi the four dam Sites which from time to t Ime a e been considered in geologists favor Bakersfield meet St w. l i made in lilt Ihrl to la t in Sac tin site win v nit. K f in Viliy a the n t s River the projects. The Quot trip a is a a if th�1 wkly a a Sion of to a Fon my i business by Ink s i inn As it Quot and la first a it i. Thu party Katlyn ring at t it it Riun la i it a a it a a wants. Intr to lib Quot North Fork of the Ltd i mors we no on towards i n i inspected Sites a and a the latter in a ii known As the Isabella site Shieh not it a is under consideration in the present project. A a Nife arising on both Skuk a a of the late bulletins my i. Mar. H j7. La. 1 or the entire coupled with heavy Snow noun tans last in and considerable to the refer irrigation during the inc. Ous rainfall Quill Vail fall in the i added s. Re Supply summer. The change of tempera ure bronc it Snow to the Quot i Ion about Huntington at an Altitude of 7>iin feet. Snow a As Tepo Iteni falling at North Fork but for. St super of m. A Hen Dici w to stated that. It ii bes or capita Tioli has been added by the recent lorm the snowfall today will not Pavli. Court awards $$00 for lost baggage a shaped notch said or. Horton in trip and he described 1 dam Quot the notch the Dow flow of the is of River Canyon forms at. 111. Ii site up. Aking of the it As a Quot Natura Narr. Is t of a oils River be said. Several members of directors fam a Ilies went with them on the trip and Slippery l oads were encountered so that the machines. F the party slipped a Hill skidded at several places. However All returned safely at the end of the Day. Los Angeles City reports rainfall a i it it d a u a or los Angeles March 27. Charles ii. Swa Foril. Santa Barbara merchant today was arraigned on a charge of receiving stolen property the result of allegedly concealing $17,000 in Cash in his Home which was obtained in a b0,000 Holdup Here March 2 of a Pacific National Bank messenger. Stafford s preliminary hearing was set for april 1, and his release granted on the posting of $5000 Bond. Yuma Ariz. March 27.�?"hess.&Quot the horse that had carried Paul ,. Lienhard of Hempstead. Long Island More than 3900 Miles in an attempt to break the world s endurance record for horseback Riding from new York City to los Angeles dropped dead yesterday overcome by the heat of the desert at Estella a Remote spot in the Arizona desert East of Gila Bend. The fall meeting of the Pacific Oast Section american association of Petroleum of geologists will be held in october and Bakersfield May be the meeting place stated Fgeorge Suman of the associated Oil company Kern River division who returned from Angeles yesterday after a conference with members of the association including president h. K. Mccol lurid. The National association meeting was held in san Francisco for 1hree Days Anil then wont to los Angeles for t to Days for the closing frolic it was reported. About Twenty local geologists were in attendance at the sessions. Quot i he members of the Pacific coast Section of the association interviewed seemed favourable to holding t he fall meeting in Bakersfield Quot said stimuli Quot Bui the matter is decided by a committee. Quot the completion of the new hotel j padre Quot he said Quot Ann the hotel Al i Tejon make this an attractive con i Ven lion City Quot and president Mccullum i commented upon the hotel accommodations. He seemed favourable to i Bakersfield. Heavy showers fell in Bakersfield and Over Kern county generally yesterday after p. In., but measurement i up to -1 p. M. Only was available the i Santa be depot gauge showing .04 of an Inch at that hour. J the rain began suddenly before j noon with a Short Sharp Shower j while the Sun made a Brave attempt to keep shining. Intermittent Light i showers during the Early afternoon followed and by a o clock a steady rain was falling continuing up until late in the eve ii a. I ass Fin Tail i a res leased wire Sao ram in to March 27. Whilo the croat of the pres ent flood hero was expected to reach Sacramento some time tomorrow. Probably Between noon and Midnight tributaries of the Stream were falling this afternoon relieving conditions which caused inundation of portions of Oroville Clinco and Biggs. This with the prediction that the Afner ican and Feather Rivers it vill fall tonight and tomorrow was expected to reduce the Crest of the flood to a Point below that attained today. Ortli Sacramento under water since Early monday morning was relieved of some of the Flo Oil menace today but this afternoon a Rise had again swollen 1he Stream. The overflow reduced two blocks tills morning brought the water Hack a Block ibis afternoon. Estimate loss High while City officials estimated the water damage As it swirled Over 4000 acres had caused loss aggregating approximately $100,000, slate officials were not so optimistic. St mates of damages made by engineers High in the slate service ranged from a. Quarter of a million dollars to $500,000. Thirty seven business buildings and Al least 2 10 Homes suffered loss. Mayor a. A. Sweet of North Kac Ramuto has requested the american red Cross to assume responsibility for Relief work. J Butte takes Stock Chico calif., March 27. A. Pm a Butte county today began taking Stock of is storm damage a is Prinic Sunshine brought an end to five Daya of heavy rain which constituted the a season s heaviest precipitation. The danger however was not entirely i passed As the Peak of the. Flood in the Sacramento River was not expected to a pass ibis Section until late tonight. I the financial loss to railroads farm Els and the county was expected to i reach into the thousands of dollars with the Sacramento Northern Railroad As the heaviest loser. Three quarters of a mile of track was washed out at Glaze Bush 25 Miles South of Here a Large trestle wan washed out near Oroville and smaller damage was reported to other sections of track. To trains have been run j Over the Road South of Here for 24 hours and officials would not estimate the damage. The soul Hern Pacific company a Light Irain through to the South today and expected a Bridge near Ulges would lie repaired by tomorrow. Tile nop damage in the a Luthern part of the county is expected to he heavy principally in the spinach Beds Orchards and some Grain Fields. All motor roads to the South were blocked by flood Waters and were expected to remain so until tomorrow. The Road to the West Side by Way of Hamilton City was closed tonight by county officials in anticipation of flooding when the Peak of the Sacra i Menlo passes. No damage from this flooding was anticipated however. 1 in the Liu Rham land Colony Many acres of farm lands still were under j water As the result of the overflowing i of Nutte Creek yesterday. The dam anti Nurul of Ayi two flood town sends s. 0. S. For yeast a brisk Breeze Neom pained the vain but. Finally lied Down leaving i lie sky still Cloudy at a late hour last night although the rain had ceased to fall. Shafter test is to be made soon if tar area Zompa Rayi uil.,1 1 i us which fell Hele it a the seasonal l Ali making the total inches coi Pai to 1 1 1� a Quot Mill e i March 27.--Ilain arly today increased by .12 of an Inch l or the season Iuli to k7i at this time last year and 13.gil 1.ormai. Los Angeles March 27.�?one girl was injured seriously and Over two score others were bruised in a panic stricken fight to escape from five that swept the Charles i1. Grogan Olive Cannery Here today after the explosion of an overheated vat of boiling Olive Oil. Lupe Villasenor 18, was taken to a Hospital with a broken tinkle and internal injuries. Others of the 17 girl workers were trampled in the Battle to escape. Forbidden fruit brings its grief option Given to tin Quot of Plaut the and in. And 7, Tain area but t it Irod in t Ion the plaintiff a a if. 1 de the it .1 a iced a a a. C. O , >1 la. I a �,-t. i included sect in the hound to i the Smith of premi allies h p. In Neni. T Nilles Sil. A i Lilli a was she but is be c \ it \ l ii. 1 sax Cisco l Al torni. Sure or. N Al i tii Franklin damages against the c in airy or . Ter i Hurt a t a it s s was a a a a a. I Quot a . I i Lilily b a i t 11 i e h i in j a Quot in t i v. Of Lodi. It Lien a lost by a .�?�1 tile. Be a. I 111. I a a e 1the in $ Vii Effic por school boy Breaks a Fig Hamilton nine year old son of or. And mrs Borg Hamilton and grands a of i Deputy sheriff William Lyst r. O in tile Kern general Hospital with a broken leg revived yesterday. The Hoy slipped 011 the. Floor at the. I Luuis school during the Lui b Leur Anda Siam d a severe to the right knee. Manteca calif., March 27.�?with j. A. Whitman rancher missing but believed to have escaped flood Waters broke the levee on the South Austin Road last night and today from 5000 to 10,000 acres were inundated. Twenty families were forced to seek Refuge on higher ground when the rising Waters readied their Homes. John chios. Arrested Early yesterday morning according to police while in the act of robbing a fruit and vegetable stand at nineteenth and l streets is in the county jail awaiting trial in tin Superior court. He was arraigned yesterday morning Given his preliminary hearing and held to answer to the higher court All within a few minutes. According to police Linos when arrested had the lock and hasp in one pocket and several dollars made into paper Rolls Lor transportation to the Bank. Police claim that the Man was arrested in Ali act of looting the Stor Quot but. In spite of this and the fact that Ali loot and the lock were found ill his Poss. A Sion the Man declared that he Cuba Quot explain everything Quot when the Limu came. An test for Oil in Sii will he livid by a major Oil according to advice received Froni los Angeles yesterday stating that a. S. Lode Man and of that District had Eon lured Nevolla t inn in which a Largo Block of land to the West of the Townsil Hall been is signed in leases. Lode Man has been in the Softli during the prese i week and it is said that he has been engaged in negotiations wit i the California Petroli uni corporation and the a Onevai Petroleum As to Shafler area go. Several weeks ago Farmers in the Shafter Ogiony Alea Sig Lici up a Largo area go in leases Wotli the Pian of Olita ining an Oil test. In Leluan was Ali Tivi in the leasing program. 1.1 suit in i in j Russ tit to wire san Francisco March 27.�?an air plane carrying 75 pounds of yeast took off from Mills Field Here today for the town of Quiney Plumas , which Lias been without bread due to the flood conditions. A Baker at. Quincy telephoned a j company Here for the yeast and i Stephens assistant he Perl tend enl. Of Mills Field arranged for t tin yeast to he transported to Quincy i in a plane piloted by Harvey i,. A Parachute will be used to drop the yeast at Quincy. Wins $20,000 for injuries to leg i As i to l Renn wire sax Francisco March 27.�?damages of ?20,000 a were awarded miss Lydia m. Crestetto of Oakland by a Superior court jury today for injuries suffered August 21, li2lj, when she was run Down by the miniature railway Blora Park near Oakland. She sued for $27.752, alleging her leg is Semi paralysed As a result of the Accident. Broken neck stunt aviator will wed abhor Illel to f Rush i. Hollywood Mari Gage Merit of Richard broken necked movie a Lici win i h 27.�?the in Quot Dick Quot a race stunt aviator to Alice White also of the films was revealed by her today. A race who wears a steel Ruck Brace As tie result of one of his Many stunts of Quot cracking up Quot planes before the camera last summer made two attempts to Cross the Pacific Fiorin the hawaiian Islanda. Fight results Fannora Laurii 1 Rynn wire los Angl is March 27.�?mushy Callahan world s Junior welterweight Champion proved himself the master of Veteran i k Hoppe of Glendale by a somewhat decisive margin Here tonight w inning in the opinion of Rizig Sib i Quot seen of the schedule tor funds
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