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Bakersfield Courier Newspaper Archives Mar 23 1928, Page 4

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Bakersfield Courier (Newspaper) - March 23, 1928, Bakersfield, California Bakersfield courier Frt Oay March 23. 1928 Bakersfield courier a i it i n Mill to Telephone 31 yes but t Ink All de work you d have Fig Gerin yer income tax Quot a a Quot a i Livi in , Frici a ral fornia t.7 it it i . Ii , a a Juji i. I it. A a i Levi a i i to ital ii1 i in. Ill i i a a. Ai c a Fnu Immi. i i it i i 1 it Raj a it he 1,1 �,1.�� t m Quot yet. Ill , in a 1-1 , an i .�.�.�.fidi, 1.cent. Ire ii thur u i. Iris Fulli my first h m Vork v ,,l . F ii i,,.,i <1 in to tiny 1�?z ,1i. I i i a i Ciuc Waits a i Aln Iida iii Quot in ill Ali Ltd to Hin t a it it it . Fruit fax iii a i inn do i Anil Pic jilt in k i Noii Zitin into Tir iii Onk ��.n-. a ill in Ili i to ill i Uniti v re k Tiki in con Liori a a a a it it h re Loru h for Iny Ini ii iii h looking t i in i Necly a i vent Ali Quot Vicinity ii Mcivor wire it Liivik iii n to a Tiftic i Dilik i in ii i a no a 1 iii Wilry to limit i Tio i Quot. I -�i1� Iid ill Iti to ill Quot Slitni Telic Ali in Laith Quot iii Jar a air Chuhui a a it it Kitoi i for Trio Mir iii rih Quot i Izill lion Wiiki ii i Hidi Nam Ono Willii he iii ii Nodi d a in Liavine Ald lint ill tile Daizi i ii Paclo a a Illi Aidini. It a Molia a in Tenti a till i iii in iii i i i i Vall i a Fiti iii in Aiu i let a that iii Iliadi a ii rho Ial . ii Ion dam iii a five iii i i iii a Aki lop Oci iii ii d and Lourid till Toliu Ilioiu Quot Viry Lead Quot ilm in Quot Liroi m Alno a to told Oliai no iii Iori 111 i Iraldi Ali in that Ili Liik i Tori i a tiap Only Piar ill hid i ii v. That had Irnen minion a a Quot i Liapi in not. Thoi Vik ii hitch Roins Laitila 1 mad quo with i Ood i anon. A i iii a it Sirp a ski d to i i around a Lini Quot hit. In Many Titio iii kit in and Nofil Viiu Pilar to Hohf about. Which Thi i Altor Han Voic Ltd his protest. A ii i n a i ii w Roii iii Lippi a c i i i Nti i i d h mind mad there Hei ii any sense 111 the i a.1 danger he stated. He \ ii id Hae sin on an Iroini Edmaie a Aarnink and Evarn aled the Emir a area in tiie path the flood. I hat no one in Aii Thoi ily Heenie d Larini d Over what in now iii Niit Ted iii Ive Hei ii a Verv Quot had Londi i lion Quot at tile dam the amaze in iii Rizin ii Ian it Mii it i reported that a general line Aswini Khz isl i d a Niini. peo i a the Ilea p. 1 iii i a 111 a Lara \ Alle v and a that the leak i iii ii had existed for a Ioli period Lime Wah a Leni Ial lop ii Iseini Ion the same cond i t ions May he found ii i a dam similar in i i i ont Ruck Ion to the one a 111i w Hen there in in j tor i Picern. I Liere me Hilly that some a dam to h i co. Ari Ai customer to a link traffic the chief Contri Hii Lor to our steadily total accidental deaths in the i United slates. I it the March Issue i Zhik Kafi. Organ the Nallie safety i uni in. Disclose that Durl tii january i this year accidents in Home i aused More Fatali Tien on taif san ets 111 that month traffic caused itch deaths. Ill the same period Acci dents in the Lime caused 2n20 a tall Levi i his rather Ai Kiazin. And Aho disquiet in i. I he Woi. Safet y i Duc Atlon apparently Only he Kunii. We can a it upon Laws to Vieni to 111 in Cut Down the traffic loll hut for acc deals in the Home there Only one Reniedo school shop course crowded for space g. A. Spindt principal. Tells the conditions due to increased students those Bonds City analysis Quot at the Ujj Romont Tnp the in Uip a shop department to nails any Sohol Stu it Lent i. The Avorn Date inc Reimiro in enrol Anent per year in this Branch the High school silk Lily More than 13 per cent per annul Quot , h. A. Sindt Prino lpns the Kern county Union High school yesterday when a peaking m the cry iwed Ronert irions in that department. upon a Normal Kruth such a.9 has taken place each year the Roplh Traylon in a hop next apr will exceed the present capacity. Nia Kinu it Imp Sissil it to for a it on Side Rahle Meiher students to re i it i c instruct iii in this Type w . In some cases Huch a in tuition arose this continued . Cpl not. The situation particularly Auto in the follow Ufi cases Fiuk shop i apace to inn present Eurnhi sent 114 in aching shop Kin present j Enro Thiu ii Liri Auto Ine Hanics pm ily 110, ii resent enrolment 110 j Inch Dink Hoth elementary and advanced capacity 2liri, present 1 Cir Ollmert 270. J my Means Nunnink classes Chi Sously from ii Tull 4 00 p. M., i the rapacity was increased 20 per i cent this year Over il2fi<l27 without 1 Lucre Isino the Cost i equipment. Act Cordine to Jar. Cpl not. In Misti ii years this depart a Niento occupied ii too Square feet i flour space and cared for i Stu dents. The present flour space three times that used ten it ago a iii the enrol Luseni and Oue half tin ii gue Semery e. Olsen tells club need to review the routine operation Roy West cd achoo Secretary the Republican National committee hell asked about those Liberty Bonds that Harry Sinclair gave the party in 1923, senator Nye. Chairman the Senate Public lands committee conducting the Chicago Branch the inquiry. Public forum t,. In new Yorkton Eama. By i education. N a other tin he Resi the state watch Iuit a Awili iii every move the id to Angeles in the levas cd Sant i Clara River Valley. Tile Oiin Clinent to toil in a Lucid Liim dollars will he placed a Spok in the Eniy Lor Reli Ahil a Usui a a 2.t.�?the noise Helni Rizy and try an extra tnr-y., w i orders. F re in Isaili d Parli ulary in a sume guest from the Ivou iii this Chis Triin tvs it an no ill on the Soji his Ham Hoilly i Lial Iai i i i a Little Impresa so. He Laid this acid res Quot to we a oink. A Loo a cell Quot All High re i it Prai Ali i iii iary Huinh a t a Naif iii the i Csc ii i old 0 Matthew . Adams will a lad to answer any questions about Llie Ini Ami Lieh for probe Chi i child i n. A self add envelope sent to this paper will Brink reply from him Seiti Aluta Sii u. In i u h i a ,1 i Ihal in Ood 11 in Iua a in. A Zirri in Pih i lint Hill ii 1 oni ii Llave Olna lion 111 \ i Quot i in a i in cedi in 111 ii May i in iii Ellis iii u i in act aider and Ihal i in ipos Dill in so iras corned Hai 1 Limiter record lha ii h horrors history the n win Cali Ini to in get re laymen conclusions i d the ills True in tile Hittne prop racial in the i ii lion tile a Liiv Imi it i i Hill Lud fit fir Kui Danci men and Dimis Are con-.1 response Liilie y he Loirs who will have a Haid Informa-1 Trioply Nei me i Livial Lehtla 111. A v ital i now und 1 1 a 111 iii know in v he \ o 1 i p ahle 111 Puli t rained con the author to Imo All the fact y to Hrim Ever i d Willi the Coll to in. oper Ilion and ii Iio Lile Giro id Lav Lvalion work will cause general j i i Low Vratil Ude at the apparent Inte Ilion Areat cily to should i a Hurd ii which Jiecai Learly own. L i everal ears there his Heill friction Het Weon ally Elesi iii the Owens x Alley. A the expense the Latler the former so cured for own m ods the a Iti that was vital to each. Some a be that the methods employed in a Ettima Talbat precious water were not Ait Ether ethical while others claim that Les Jaid dearly for All in i . Hut on the Quot whole the Silva lion in Owens Quot Ailey will he ii Quot Das Ai Kumel that Losin he should at once ii Sisinio full Ohlia Timi for the recent Laily senile a one Nimori my Anllo two Init e names added to the Uhi who Llave i Teil to prove Mith him it f and that tins should he the epitaph it Apt iii 11 iii Cliffe and till lion. I Isie my Cluny who 11 Poitiers Ivalinn in in Keip Salai red i aug it in Quot a a. A Quot Ca a Quot Kuji Alir a t .>10 Elliis Loillie Ipnar tank peple Quot the a i slurp i iii Quot in Iso such Nian t iii in St i Riiii-1u this i ill it ii i and a 1,. Lak i 111 Quot quoth i a 111 makes Alfha no i Pender. I Quot Quot in Ini line Ini cd Lef Ali Neil Thi in own iii and Dilli with Leople in heir i i. La Ini i n i i it i n to Affield i Quot 111 i Quot in Preti iii Iblis Eukah i ii a Quot Fulli Aie Nel a i iii iii in Bya Hals at. Incl i i. Liei i. Eliise wit i Buhl a iii who Lher Quot it fear in babies it was not Many years Iko ii ii Musi Lem . Ii Vitelio Able. And mothers followed the custom just i �1 True that Sonu babies Lauc. A a111 i in by m a approach letting the babies know up. Icy .j.,. Lowed the cull utile ones to Devi .1has been greatly Jeniar dazed. Ill sorts habits and at 4 Start Fulier Hohl Liik the a iii a shrieked to train them out the bad ones j Ini ind 2-Ycai old 1�?z ret they had acquired. To. Lim. Une to touch a Don cow. The modern Mother Heves it it ii, in Ineaser Ible Dani Ine to the belter for the baby iii t ,.1,11,1. This May not show ii until it much Ewsii for her to Start the j yi>.,m Lier. Let tar Ine with Rit it habits. To latin i Zeldes normally Are not afraid Musi his a set time for food Liilo Ritli it dark animals St Rancer and for evacuati.11 flan probation granted san Rafael banker Asci Risili in i like h san iiafaei., March 22, r. I Clanian i who a Aci ised falsify records the liar in Italy san Lafaid Branch and obtain Ini .$10,001 Civer Iier Lod Muiir was for Intel probation Superior Indue Edward 1. Littler Here Loday. A idl Nian a Isky ecu a three years Sims Pendol Lien Lenici in the county jail i which he was to serve Lusht months. Alre has served two months which will credited in his Eutenie. Lie i Reed to make Resti Mtnlion 111, iii Iney and to Reid Ort monthly to the probation author Titis. I Elinan was Well known and has a wife Ami cell in. A m Eric a n a Ca dem i in state University Ilir a 11 v i Nii iii i Ilea 1. R Nia Liao link gained thai Ilis m nyals. .1 Quot has k i a i. Ill that a i inn. In 111,. Rich Sli a it ,.l. In Pili i Ltd Casi. The y a Alp,.r Pri ,.s we i Billari Ai Illi iii. A ill 11 11 ill. T Ponsi i 1& i he i Quot instantly ii longer tendency to such 1, wants iii sit Sii ainu no stairs i hipness Ami a Vili Ink to 1, for a i Oppl i null had a 1 i iii ii ii 11 a 11,1 i Bla Ildi Ami bowels. 1 i Vas born practically deaf and j Blind. I in Lions in Respa a to Side stimuli commence in Pom in in 111,i Little Ine when i iii fences to see and hear Cleir. Tho i coining sooner were the a Skull baby Piile dial a lands touch. There no Ai t uniformity t when y irilous iii Lions show up Fine .v aches the filk Iwine a list three weeks fear 10 weeks an Ker and curiosity 12 Wei it play and Zilfi i Lioni in los. Pride it 1 Moni i ii ind 111,Mills. Rente a j a Anil in. Fir ain.11,111 to Lieve iop. ,ii.,l one in Bild so Silil a sheltered 1 iii Uch Sibie from which mini i frighten it. Ziph a ill 111 and Ilia have to ii \ t ions Timve the truth Wii Tever Els will he a opinion followed the lure d adv their death. course the Pacific i commonplace. ends civic Ulvi. C Pride i Vilu the Assel won Hach Larm loan and d 1 win 111. Editor the Aiu new who Levidi h i har Ihal virtue. Has had Sion to. Phil Ilioiu in Phish whip ii he ,.r. I Disi i hated the his.h\\,i\ i lose to i town. ,1.1 a Coqui Ilion which o Lusht not to Cisi in an . N iii use in Uii Sii Luly hut i ii Ilso 1- in Lulli Erous to he Illi in Ohl Ilioiu. There an mole i iii pro Idi d Toof i onh i i Nis Puhl in Laws such to i Ray in a the Atlantic dither were Safe and a Quot uti Iroini a spirits Mikl not i fascinated it. They try it it a Leilh shot. They j Ket a thrill out the Mishle Ami it to he hoped for their Sakos thai they Kel Ell Mol sutly fact loll to compensate them at the Moi Ieni i they find they have lost. For their personal the Only thin to he served. Ali limits a Ivia Tiomi d Velini silent Are sufficient Well known to need no further i iii nitration sacrifice life. New Devido Pim in the Lahore Itin y aviation May for Voli Mii hut the old ones require no Furt no. Experiment. San h t at Cisco Chr ii icle. C. Man Jaks he for e pm y Sci a Lati i ii no Lylial h . Llu a i Laby iii. Ii ii Illi a Quot. Pilli in a Lull ii i i i i Ina St i i has pro iii Asp. In t inst ills i Berino have a Tell iii litre Riihl not hav i no one i ii ton nervous sys the Wiiks that sort. They Are trained i this fear the adults with whom they in e. A Mother Nan show fear in her face in the tremble her Oice hand. This Feir transmitted Minlu Lively to the child who has 11 a Pearl his i Qulin Keiit. This Nina ii i fire in it mothers Sliwi wild extremely i a Refl in not even feeling fear while near the Iniba. 1 1 Pei Latiola sonic t inies iii ill i ill j fear in a when it a it ear iwo old. I eople Epe the cell in to to afraid certain Chintis because other Illren ii in incl. Have in. In want iii babies Enrri Ami not to Afri Iid parents Ami put thu emotion into the child mind. It Betlaf to assume without expire Slub it the fact that the child will not afraid. A some children Are crippled physically. Far More become crippled tier Ina Nelly in their intellect and emotions result thro Zirli fear. It in an infer Lorty a Jourd Complex. I it inks March 22.�?a m w cultural asset has been won a a peles in the establishment Here a local the american a cad Emy political and social science the Parent Ori Anix Atlon which was Orf ionized in Rhi Ladelphia in 18st. purpose to provide a Nat Limal for iii for the discussion political and in Cal questions and since inception it has Beci Ime writable for dissemination the Best Tho ii it on All topics d Alink with i Blic pie Stiokis. The invite i Ion to organize a los Anprele was extended to 1 Ini to. Howe president the i Ella Delphia Academy who ingested that the headquarter should at. The i Qiyen ily Alifornia i an Fieles. This a 111, result the Active Ini Resi taken the departments political Sci i. And dec Mim at. I. A. In the Ivory the Academy and their contributions to i pro Rains. i in a. Two a departments a a chiding i . Charles March 2 Quot the dear Fultor the to Sisters club will Lleve next monday lunch hour to a discussion ways and Means establish in i local Creamery that will guarantee dairymen Folts. We re Rognlie that the farm problem s problem. Proft Susor Mayhew. In film Miff up today said Quot what needed in this Nei Hilior Hiiop that everybody should to to work on these Tohms to improve the status let. say Elk hero must Recoski Rixe the personal permanent rain to a Ery an Eric in in Mien Spirate Willi Sirof Itallie american farm Diirr. 1 therefore Siik Kest that a Iopu Lar Stock be formed to conduct a Creamery Liere. That the first unit located near the Cotton compress q hat the. Diree i los sell led from our Distin Tiit shed Essul citizens to serve a Lahout May. That tile articles incorporation he such latitude to Permil h other sulis diary enterprises become Necess and Cou Euie it to pro i a Badi haul cars x vehicles used in marketing the Creamery Giro ducts. 1 will,.atly appreciate your pith Lissiuk letter so that our Niem i May apr Par it d to substitute Amend i decl. Willicut extensive discussion our sessions Are Short. Mespelt Voiers �r1. L.xoall. Quot the modern business Man makes a mistake and disappears hut when a a Diblle official makes a mistake he must stay and rectify his error and have his false step paraded before the in Bolo Quot declared Emery k. Olson professor at the t nip Ralty Southern California yesterday in an address before the hot Ary club. Tic chose his topic Quot Nynn macs City Quot ollies and ,&Quot he said Quot Bra tools and we should Stop Focas locally to on Mono tools to see How they Are a nip Sharpen ii and some thifs War Mit modern Maalii fiery and Advance Merit has Kiven the Given iii Catlen Inore Leisure than his Kindfather on Joyed and it depends upon the citizen whether this Leasure shall to in diversions that May May not to Hene a Ial shall turn his Leisure time to Adan Lake in the hotter ment his Community Quot we have a Continental horizon today brought Elxnit the radio motion iii Ture and the printed Page a. Few years ago a Man he had dish asked his duty to Thoj Community thro Iirth Voln a in Evory election but today his duty tones . .son will director the municipal Institute to he held in August when City off Chrls and Heads departments in the City government will spend one a Geek staid Lynu the civic affairs. Speak his the Public official he said that in the Public ser Vlco eff Cle icy without the human lenient dih k not mean Success and that the City Engineer any Community Quot must remember that even Treona Hiiva Kefor Rizik to cily Jilann Lnor conic Slons . Mson lauded their work and warned that Quot when the plan Ilni scheme attempts to Tako one Nian to for the Benefit group and Van lenient ii time for an adjust Niento j Harles ii list Crar architect and thl Itari Lub in classification talk told old work Orchitis Ture and illustrated his tall Willi so belches i an Ripen Bill Dongi made himself while Toulue thu cont iii company Toby other plan burglars in China Huiai March 22. La. A protein to e Assoc i Ion h. i i n Ori Aii sized to install Moil in big Tilar iii fire Larnis in Shari Xihai. Ami Rii Aii porn a i to i Apia ratios Snell Akin and bulb to proof Klass will used Quality and plies suit the Iai Ion. Martinique ships bananas Mai Iliin . Lari i 22. A. A Liana a banners a to pro mole Export cultivation to Briihl a i do i Rance. Silipini iils the in old strap Quot Ina ii Plant a ii rape Pia 1 i Ort iii Ici run.i ii Rii h inc , March 22.�?th& Ireat a ,.Stern Power company to div applied to the state Railroad Coin nits Sion for permission to Purchase the Colimon and i referred Stock total inf $2,ii0, 00, the Feather Luver Powei . The Lathi Ulver company i com Ali tip a Liziie Power a project on Bucki Creek in i Eather Ulver Cany a Quot he Ileal Western company pro i to Purchase All Tho Electr i i Power from the end Irin ears the Plant. Project intends and at Thi to Purchase married women 3/.,red , n,.b., Ivi Arch 22j a. Pm Only unmarried girls am Avoine will Tea i in the Plattsmouth schools after next. Year. The Boa Yoti d to discontinue the practice ii a i Imi contracts i Narried women a inc close the so hold year. Thi. Nut in Hinn i Bolli 11 Skull the Aiji lilt Niue 20. L foolscap paper kids Zianio fron the fad that originally a. Deal cd o fool Cap and Bells was used Watermark for paper that barbs the hear re hardly Ham i these what you d Call a Days ill Wall Street. Ohio College tests teaching methods Ito Keya Desoi Kii Nini a ii limit. In Sii in 111, Lial in a and Ai ,. In 111, iii Mivi i Lilily Suppi irked in Sli Irmy sission Wheir a but half tilled. 1 iii in Casion in Nunier 111,11 to Mulher and ,. to i i 111, in ,.s ,.f Bali oin seats. Lii ill Quot iii mor vastly than i he i i i. I i i h 111 Quot i i this would ii. I. I -i-h,,.i. I ii Efluri i the i Audi i iii a ii it t,n.\-,.. The. Nii it it ii it i on fi a Lime but has iii ,11 c-.tilil.n Slass full they railed Yijin Tiei Ali "l.one.akl Quot i Supri est for the Brenlle Naii Ihn Aims to shot himself to n ii ill a rocket Quot the i Vifler the sin Kiim mis fran 1-, 111 Ris Solus a i i Ouri a. m 1 a i t Uri had i strip iii when the Orla ill Choppy i Zontrai toi who. a ,1 that his Loisl try Umill to in in i a Arib d the fires had mild do the o Pii Liiri hew in Contra Job been work y fill a in ounce d High an a fur 5t,&Quot Iio. That Man i in .11, iii i�i1 the a a ,.iii. I i 1 to Nikhil table i in he 111,1 willing i a isl 1,1danin a �?�r.-. Ielli i .11 been res. Files a Quot i ,.. T he Pat Ron ii brass his ii est. Fill iii i Iol Ltd Quot at the else in ii i i ii i . Ill i a i Reniers. Ill the a idea Tell it Iven 111, i Pii recall inv ill it the ii iii Nijiu nce. S Rashir wealth i danger in 1 Manli. Tiisik business to i have in j p 1 111quot Pii iii Pula a ii All ,--.ther. Riler a writers so ,111-1 we that tunes thou a it. 1 i ii Hibi i leu in t an Issue says a i iii intent Polit i Ian. The a de Are talk Liik a lilt Abolin prohibition hut a Tiuis. That Iloise t mean any hindi. An cell 111 i .1 i a ,111 hot 111, prop n. Fiat iii and a Olid Lini a he line ill enforced a authorities. I hos Sill. -. H. , Prule 1 our town h. Max ,1 a 11, e i Pressi ills from a Lull till publisher Tim iii Ali Tulini Tinati Ai iii on the her his Hoin a spot Lucli iii out.i .111,1 he add i. .111,1 Doe i i Rii a in i to the Veiel. In the Auni the Ini Itlie i i 111.phi,. 1-,-p 111.phi,. 1-,-p a ii in .,1 in fiii\,.i 1 i �?z.,i 1 .,.1,1 iii. 1 1., . Ih., in ii ii iii 1. Lull pm 1. A i 1--h 111i. N. "11 1 a 1-. -., i. 1 1 a ,1 ill a1. A Lull h Ipin 1 ilm 1. .li11 in. A the. 1 a. Lirosi i in. A ill ,.f 11, Arlo to. L,k Ih. 111, upon sail. I in. Imi 1 Siw a. I Row in rile Kather w in Load Hay in Snow i lift ii,p.1. It sw.\.\. C. Medical Man Speaks before club a n list menial d . W to ii some i.ok inter women. Lys All iii Der Othi wine ii a she has writ a that Mif it u. S. Bureau asks u. C. Man to talk Nanri otnel.ruscd Virrl sprig , Ohio mar h 22.�?to deter Miniie whether Learnix Mere Rapilio under a Mel teaching the Whol. Herfor Winnee at the St re but the Niesent system step Sec Insl Ria Ion. Wittenber i Jolieke com prelim a p roup experiments which has been Carri d on for two years. . A. In. Iley Mert. Director the Wilt i Berk . H laboratories Elev a the results May Lead to important changes in the mesh ods Tea hip children and train iii men and women fur athletics. So far. The Rizik no has a the Frau info the Effin to students City Amin iii and firing a Rifle and throw baseballs. Partial results show said Rey Mert especially in the instance men Olio were handed a Rifle and tried to Shoffit that learn left May come Spilcker the individual attempting to grasp a total motor performance rather than learn his the elements a a perform Ance fore combining them. In the Ball throwing Experiment ii St dents have Learned to throw with their Tinl rained Arm the left and the. Learnine process has been re a corded an apparatus attached to i the boy Arm. the new method proved Feas Ible item inert hopeful that under i it athletes May reach new Heights 1 skill. A. Haines and j . will have Charpe the los Conter Durlik the process nation. More than a Hundred Pron Sineni citizens i Aii Keles Are in embers the Philadelphia. Academy and these will called a iou to affiliate with the tos Angeles cent and to assist in iii isling a Larte members from Anion i those who an in questions Larice Public Inte rest. The it to conduct two i Ingli i ses Sivins each year in Fos Areles whip h will i voted to discussion p Liti Ami so Jal problems that Are keenly Ali a the time. I aiders read at these Sis sinus will published in Jinq Ihlen form and Given circulation Amon the members. To Denim read capital Russia formerly called St Petersburg was will on a . I Eier 111,. ill had his army serfs drive Kichii Lotis Tato swamp a for the 1. 1 Iliff. will join with in Tehachapi in set Nous protests to Linsly. Ill Mii -.iii, e i .1 pm i slim Hii Hwi. Till edit in stalls .ipidly cow ii to blog iii Duni Puiia d Quot it 1 far a rot ii Sulit present iii i urn it ,. Lilt u Siu h a 111, iii i a i.1,1 1. .i no Thilla i . .1 a .1 11,. thei i ii it i. I a in a i iii. I. I ii ii i i Fin iii siin3 it ii re i i .,. F .�ip.t..,-ii. A .1 w i 1 11, an in. In i Ibler Amber Phi i . It in y ind 1 i Ini Ian. I Quot Llis uses Olf . Ill,.s a the a ii Iuit a h1.1. Was a Ili ter i a Nix a a Liili he i Neer set Valisi ii Dise it 1 in in Stilt. Ill aut Lior ,.f Biii. Ami ii tii Les on \ i ,.f the .-.lllije. A last re in county medical .�.-e Pirn in 111 i ii a and Luis ii .minlest,., in Sii.,,.�-. A.y ii., Modesto nit ii stairs children.ii-at Wash . Has in assistant pn. Ili hard a. i it i iii i Meni .n a Iene Ile Sii Quot Lilii to repro no .1 Nall in in Intili health can Liille in Vunier Iliin me i Chi Irro <11,1 a Cdr a Niit Liniai Ilir ters ,.1 state bureaus Hgt in it ii in we isl iii ton on i ski i ii i was Tullier a and the value Une in the . Porter Whu c. In University a ,11, Back from res,.an h in rome.-.-ently it to in ibibip1 i i ii-.,.ii,- he self i est Lon the Rean a died the univ it ill ,1 Fren e i.- Ami in. Niceli iii i Hill april 2. In Ailini Itin. The ii Illren Buri Aii i ."piesti d Lisath i i in in Nia trial ii a have Yai herein in a Philil welfare Survey the Stai new a a . Y. At in Ciui in Nice tick professor p. It will iii 1,-Iper on the , i a Quot ii a Ami prevention Uia i in i Shiaoti ii in Tim he w ill Dis uss a pair on the sub Sci t Quot health the trip will Row i weks Stai tin ii March 2i ,. Andin Milim. Prillo. forests immense . March 22. A. P the Forest land tile felted Stiles amounts in All in about 720,000 Stpiere Miles .ooo which ,., for p. Ria Keiit Timir prod i Tion under millili.wnersliip, Federal slate and iii. The other ,"i.so.ooo Square nil�.,s, an Ai i.irtier than .in,c, , the. Netherlands ii Nimark Man it and 111, in Irish Isles privately in sued. Good roads Congress Mexico City March 22. A. Pm my Vii interested in Arrieri in a i Well a airways. A ill a Host 1,1 in a Iod mails Mirin in Rizii Ilis. .&.Ite Ami fed -i. pm Ernnient and private in. Ini i. 1 i Quot inner the i in the a a Lusi Rui t in .11 i Riopi n. De Hiilnvay ill i i ears it a. Win Gyp . Quit Lars ill Acu. r a Flicht 2"00 ,.s, a h o in iii try a v.a picked up e.\h. in a a Erk air i. In Bri a a. Simiu i liar in Hiitt Rausl Insi 111 ii iii.Stern Ommy. Stop wish . H. Coleman nine y a chiropractor my for health get it free examination Slih the Nervo meter it enables you to 11 far and full i., the i Nuse your trouble. 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