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Bakersfield Courier Newspaper Archives Mar 23 1928, Page 3

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Bakersfield Courier (Newspaper) - March 23, 1928, Bakersfield, California Bakersfield courier Friday March 23. 1928 3 e when death diver came to surface be Bat Takis in submarine disaster and Al i fowl voters m lobby it \ to iof it >1 i Rrt of a a s of f . My a i. A get it a a it it Ltd tii a it ii m 11 fit in to Fri rail wal it a Rhi air a Ltd Ltd lug i h in Quot Mim an m. A a or him in a Imp a a a a of j it my let a Milt <-il.r,"f it Ltd it by h Rii a l into 1 Olhs to f it h of it Lair . Al in i it a or Ai it a a a int a tin my v. Imi it a la it v y j y it r j. I / n Lill. At 1 in f in a t i Quot. A f it v a ppm l A t inf. He if Noil Ltd t h i t h Juif if 1 a i to i in i to of i t the s 4 i it a to a or it it a Ltd a a a a re. Ihl h a Quot Mii air it. U pm a re i Hhd a of 1 a a t a 11 a i j. I a a or. 4-j y of 1 h / in i h f r1 it i h a a Quot 1. I \ i 1 Oura Row t lav1 1 i t v of a t no Cimic n f t a on it u it to j to port Moi Quot a of la it. M put i. A 11 for it in yet mar of of if i t Tori. Of to a it it it Ltd for i f t f t i in h f h t in i Quot i Riv i Quot u i.,i Quot it i to 11 a 111 i , r a i Refl h v t h 11 a Hal ii it a r i. I i 11. T few Milf it a if f i o f i to. Taif a in w m a v %. I a ?. R i f Ltd 1 Rajjo shirts shown u Jin my ii i. M lion Vav t i v it -. A my of t a it Dort. 111� m 1v r t t Oil and . Luitje a. T for a uni Siut -. Ina a flit it Vul t o in do a of a Art report on in la Flke Hill take it Phi a of a tor i nil Lia \ Ink Quot Ato Ltd Quot n warm it get t a Hall to rvs i h Imp / . Arif Klai in tax i has I. Has k up Hin remarks a. Id Fly \ id i in t Ion pow r and i Pri \ on a population a i f a a if Fly a h Hill a i nth and to v \ v Lif f a \ a r Hie i ii a 111 j . I f i j it i j Fri t rih i t if it a Tail k a on in 1h� Jlou a i Quot not u do. I la r Hill ii k Al n a t a a it ii Hir it i f o u of. That a ily a journal. Meed support Cou cons i Lif a if j t Ion Fhi Viand in 1 a >111 v ? a r a i v Ruina t if Nfn a a Lity of iffy Ted via re Ltd it in Udink. i Ion in i Hgt Mitiu a nil huitau Loihl a Vauta of .\1<1 a Oil pain so Natow cd r. J la no Nia t it it it i. Up it Udo a i. In t he a i 1 a t a i is it a a h a if Uhn it a i / a n Fini a Quot . Ont Pou . It. I Al Oij lib a Quot it in pfc a Quot Uttof Ihu f 111 i Rio a it it i u 111111 a a a a. Hill ii to i he Lyl t a. I in a and i r Impi i tin r ill ill pin a Wani i n / in not Hia , that a How to Van Ltd a i id to of he a. .id�-.i, in i Rui ii i on . To. I a pm m 111�-< a a s a 11 a. pit if i r v Iota i s lid a add 11 a i y Pia nto \ i. I a i huts it it a i y l Ali log it a i a to 11i. 11 tid Oil a a a ,1 of t., �-Oil.-, i Sha t k h t a v. I y by . 11 in. L hit pro Hahlo d i v a a i i Oil t i. A la Ray t Ltd Norro \ v. Fuld i ondi i Ion inquiry w it h in h w it it a a a i Din . To. Ltd a a ii. I. Ina hard Quot Ai. S it h w a ail n i Utah lion a Hun i it. M. Mrs Al u i 11 in d to t i f \ runners warm up for Texas meet candidates for Delano offices All Are guests of ladies Aid of Community Church and give platforms Here s the conning Tower of the wrecked submarine s-4. As it came to the surface after three months on the Bottom of the a a off Provincetown mass., with a death list of 42 men. The conning Tower of the vessel is shown at the extreme left. Behind it Are two of the four pontoons that were used in raising the vessel in Salvage operations. Mrs. Chenoweth guest of office stall at party Mother and aunt of dead Ciri attack alleged police Slayer i .1 Ltd m h Ltd m n a it it to w 11 a j a him min a Ana ala., mar h 2l\-tv. O in l Idiak d won nth it i Oulu r and aunt of Ai t a . Took the Lav into thir own haicl1 today . Fri in to it kill in Man he y had a Ltd Al Lavina the a . In a i Anilie it Lima. In of i ii. K Ulaki of i Jim a. Ala., flu m i j r it a i Ltd the Ala a a a Fiadaro hot in and Vii Tush an a a put d i m u 11 a no of mrs. Liuima f k. I lion of the i ? u i or yes Nuda y on Lar Hirt h a a n n Quot by Quot a iian n a hot is the o f f a staff of t us k. Re i Ity i up Rint Ltd Ltd a int of it a Ltd i it it it i Rit Rrt a i Neil at a. O log k party. Miss i Isis w Filu it was in a a to it in a Rik Moi t Ami in a it he vial a. Love by us of Yllo a a nit White in i m f s. Ship Rint it and it Quot Ifilio a Ltd Ami the offi a it it a a l a 1 11n hour into h y the is Hooi s up�.-1&Quot iffy thy a Phijit. Of. Ltd Maff f Sci v . U. S. C. Group meets with j University visitors at informal dinner p Ltd Ltd a will m 111 f Linin d it Wil l jury Lii inti it it i f. Ii. u i 11 y hoi in .1 ilm la x. I k.-11 h i m a j rih. 1 he pm i r. T h t it in in in offi \ x r 1 r i f. J us 1 t it Pron ii Himi a air Chr i met. Ii in nil ii i to f 1 him offi Box social will Fly to i. Unni . Luiu u v. In j. Mill Flat a n a i to in in. No in i 11 11 la. I. Quot Mil. T Uri Oil i 11 he m i by ir.&Quot i la Quot i to . R i .-. l i u<-.-�1 m w 11 h to in h1, in a i la l Ion la a ii i .1 111 la Orlilia Ion Nili l a lid 11111 1. A Quot ill of i. I i of i o 1 i iii11 j i 11 a rho womb la it i ply a of to ill Lilii h Ilo i ird i Moos h a inn. Tiirik ill Lihi Sfilio in. Ii. , i miss Lirk s of in la i ll.-1 h a Olill. J til lit . In Jinil n it a 1111111 h i s Llu to ill end Olin Wiidik i la 111 i is of mos in Ltd dirt 1. Ion will my 1 m i x in. I. A. I a t join Ilo to Fol of Musi ill ii fr.-., will i., it it a Insik Ito in Mit t , inn. I ill until u in to hour. Kivi of hip Lor Al. S. I. Alumni inti i Cstro in to if pc i tit onial Olis Ormi pfc of their Jihnu Muter k a tiered inst list rat. To Greet hurry Sillie. Representative of tin be ii 11 e. A i e ii a i eos Ornitto and Lanery Wilson. of coordination Fot the. University of Southern i Alifornia. An informal dinner was held at hotel Al Tejon. The uni Erst it has in exist Nee for approx Tel years and the alumni Are undertaking a Campaign to raise Jin . The Committer is looking into future needs the last fat years have seen a. Pheno Nional growth. The Campaign will begin april 2t and culminate May 1.&Quot,. The local committee will lie chosen later from at Large there Are in members in this Diclaro. March 22.�? candidates for election to City offices and to High and grammar school boards of trustees april of a were the guests tonight of the ladies Aid of Community methodist Church at a 6 0 o clock dinner. Rev. A. C. Botkin pastor presided Anil As toastmaster called upon the various candidates for speeches. John f. Haberfelde who has thrown his hat into the ring for election to fill one of four vacancies on the City Council was one of the first to respond. Either City Council candidates who spoke were Clarence butter K. Stradley and j. F. Krebs the two last named being incumbents. Invitation to speak either for or against devoting a $n000 Bond Issue originally intended to build a civic Center to the erection of a City Hall was Given the dinner guests j. F. Krebs and City attorney Fred Velsh both responding in support of the prop sit Ion. No one spoke against this Issue which is to appear on the ballot at the time of the election. The High school Bond Issue for $75,-Nfto, Defeated in february is to be voted on again april and was advocated by Harry Devenney president of the High school trustees in his talk. Charles m. Middens also urged its passage and Hay Hale of the grammar school Board spoke in favor of it. There was no opposition speaker. Mrs. Catherine , present City treasurer and i s. Mae Dunn candidate for the same Post both addressed the gathering and miss Emma Allen candidate for City clerk spoke in her own behalf. A message of regret for , was received from Scott Jadd. City clerk who also is a candidate for re election. To i 21 Loren Murchison to try comeback t i Kuril a a six mated cull i t y. Ltd a april a ii will he not rur informal lunar Able a radio prot a a ram will thai dab. Thiv arc alumni in 1 most of ilium Haw a it a Lumn i Assoc a t ions. The graduates is estimated at of alumni in pm pal at. Nera alumni Mie Tili i Oll 1 la e t Ion with it is prob he heard on Statas and 11 Ornis filed n usher of and la i. U. C. Hospital is in need of books civil War Veteran is Laid to rest 1.1 i to in. / in ii i from i ,\r.ti.\, Manli the l i Hill t i. .1 Quot in i lie a i unit Sil \ or \.i11 of u to a Ltd a a hundreds 1 at >111 the 1.1.1 Ltd u l i Mill a o u t i w a -1 War Iurii up toi Ile in Winnai m int i t a i 111- term l Eia \ l Ai la t o u let 11 r. I w. I . L , 1, Oil called a fid s la i e i Buina a e a i Chol with i ice 1.1 e t j r i f. .1 Mer Michigan sprint mar. Fanning with i he Illinois Allinei kill of teas i Liiv or it v a lie Lai i in \ a i d dash t Lia t Tea til the Lav a l i Ern Oil i g . Hay Myvalt new president Kellier Circle of Council Chi Ken dinner Waer a Al Ali All tiny meeting of l inti. R Kiel of first d la Nini Irli at the Boni of mis Kate Spil Lili \ is t or. I a v. Service were .111. Led by my /. In Moses be poll Quot 1,1,11t it e e s be e e i .1 As follow ,1 urine tile pcs m in Walt . My s. .1. Ii. I . C Pic Deili. Mrs .1 i Quot. Shepar a. A usurer Ami .1 i. I l u n. Secreta re i it let a ill Oll of. Were Nixon a a be of , and m is v. I. Moses if tiring i e . It presented xxx Itti a beaut ital t Ern. Inning the. A it i m m m tilt in and the making of articles occupy. Iii. Pan i Ime. I Sulli r Circle a Hie pledge of l tile la w Cal of. La 1 a Uii Dilu Ingwalla t . Off i ers xxx ill take place on \ Pili Al 111. mis. William Al. V o k Street. Itti Lap ends heir. / a Ltd a nit4 to u. I air/., Mardi a today s or count r y Mara i Hon to new York ended n cd l re in a of a Les of lie ii instil l ii j a l Stix Mutti ohis ii. On. test sprint months ago Xiv with cerebral night announced he Hack next Spring Mardi 22 one of the who less the fighting for world s three life t n in Meni is to would try a Critne i Chi ago. Of Ali be la a t w a urea Ishi iof n pie a r Fie said he a could show his the i<2i indoor lie is Here tomorrow. Id h believed he has Rcd from the illness. Convinced he again heels to the pack in season. For the Texas relays Sei x if m Condit c. White marked Tho last son. Civil War buried yesterday died by Rev. Quot Willis a shaterian minister rites for James i of Vel ran who was in t Nion cemetery. The funeral xxx As held from the Doughty funeral Home an escort being furnished by the women s Relief corps and pallbearers by Frank Reynolds j Ost. No. 21 ,. American Region. Interment was in the Ltd. A. Ii. Plot in tile cemetery. L Ine Oak Spruce and most Likely to be struck fir Trees Are by lightning. The University of California Hospital in san Francisco which draws its patients from All parts of the state is. Running out. Of Reading matter for the 200 or More children and adults Noxy registered there according to a report just made by or. s. Sohmitt director of hospitals and assistant Dean of the medical school. Or. Schmitt asks that anyone having books fiction or , for children or adults for which they no longer have any use Send them to the t University Hospital to help patients some of them state cases or people without funds to while away the Long Hospital lavs. At no time has the Hospital had a very Large Library and at the present Date through losses and the destroying of books following exposure to infectious diseases the Library Lias shrunk to a Mere handful the authorities explain. Bridge motion pictures new diversion of fans xxx leaned wire Sacramento March 22.�?twleve two reel motion pictures demonstrating auction Bridge practice Are. To be prepared under the direction of Milton c. Work Bridge authority work announced Here today. Of. N i lie la i xxx o w c 111 i. I t Laci t Llie in i111111 a i is Mil. De inn oui 17 n my �1 t la s is jogged into Louii ult Tol in the coast to a Aio ariz., Coin Miles in five hours thirty seconds. Fur nil i of Angeles the r the t xxx 11 runners in l i 1 hour l to la . T Hil l a t so Lap a l 1 of finish. Ii a Quot i is order were York in five. A seconds and ii Nipton Fng-2 minutes and want into Selx a minute lax . Of so ill file . The end of s Lap n. Detroit he the fied t i me. Having taken is it Quot minutes for the distance Angeles. A Rne id in hours from Light he a vies to get Jack de Lan e y. I a ,\1 m Laek de Mio i to i Lek int. Ioli Lan in .-.ioli. 1 a 1 t Tinnie v Usu ii i d i /.riis. Ill ii-1 March 22 recently stepped class xxx ill go. Ini in l l a xxx to r. In a by Xvi i l. The Light heavyweight by til meet Tommy Lunghino for tin title in that Man a will meet in ibis Imit he Wickard an i on ii h That 11 a great a a a Quot is Lial uni Lai. I he a mile Bloetz a visiting Charles w. Hail w. I , prominent in in am in Kern of into is in Santa marital Lin xxx a a k a a i u is i ne.--, trip. I Lient i inti i or 1.1, Temer bus i. N in i. Tii. A. Lor in my Oscr a to Ilma n a Quot Fie i of Llie attendance Rizes opening Vista Park so nday see tomorrow s papers on your savings watch for our monthly income certificate announcement unt 15is eighteenth Street phone 715 him Tiirik Mitt to i Harry coffe society Brand Clothier 1409 nineteenth Street. ,.ilnm, nim.-..m-Itiflilimt an event eagerly anticipated by everyone who possesses Fash Mellow d 41 Apo a l.4&Quot arts s amp w health exercises at 6 45 15 . And 745 .tune in Geo. I. Wilkins investment co. Insurance real estate Loans Corner eighteenth and k streets phone 717 a Globe drug co. Nineteenth and Eye streets phone 15 free delivery service our system cleaners tailors phone 4030

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