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Bakersfield Courier Newspaper Archives Mar 22 1928, Page 4

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Bakersfield Courier (Newspaper) - March 22, 1928, Bakersfield, California Bakersfield courier. Thursday. March 22. 1928bakersfield courier a a wait Here s a new member am . , Jiu telephone51 a v Tiju a us i it i her iii t Jiri i by i a i pm mfr ii a ii f Jyi offic. l .1 l i Ltd Ruf i it of a tier if i m. H i�7 Tim a air. . a i ,1 Iti a a a i Quot try i a it it. Y i in it l i la l f. La he a in a a .1 ill Fiolli f. Of Rij tji h. To i Nini a Quot pm i iii i i iii. Liar i . It ii Thor �11,1 a if y. In if if Fri a a 111 i i i a i ii. I a i. I f my i -11 pm it .1 .1,11. pm i. I. I in it ii. Rcpt i in Ltd. if a iii to. Iii \ to v Mhz a Rita i m it f,-.ml i a Vii let a 1 11. 11. K i a u Lilie. ,.r, i.�. A. I 1., iia. . Rill oru Ujma i i i a a iii Hinl no Imi of in ils Viii a 1 Ili i a iii a Quot Huv Quot Collie to in Lii Lii m huh a Viii t in a. Iii in it i in l i i iii l Liol kor iii. R m Quot to Lui Ihu. i i Iriina Tiisik just tin in of Fil Vorn 1 1&Quot l Iti lint in in lib Lily Airi i ii ill lot it air Loii i id to iii ii to liar i nil ukr Usail Quot l Quot Foi. I Quot Loi ill lion Ini an off i Ini of till it Ati i i Ball oink Ibiza lion no ill a Prini in Ilnick in i i in Idi of a iii i Piort to tic Krona Al ten in Al wifi Lirika i Ali l Ai la Voltich of Ili Coal Hia ,ii.-. Ii sex Nikci i a lira ski in ii. Ii in of All Ini in Loci Hof link Riib Al t ii of foil in flu j of i mini ii to Hijaki isl i it i l of Iri Llin inn by iii it i i and ail l in a i act iii id is tin i i Al Loi Alion Lor a sir iii lain iii l nip. And w will it omit iii to train i ii As lout a i Ilio City a Cipr i 111 Lilli ily if is k twin and Aidini ill ill t Hii port i. nay with confide Quot ii c that a Lull ii a iii Quot id api Iro a 1 Ion will a f in Alitt Liivik 111.it adds Loun Njo Nii ii of silo is in his Roin Annily. Alp Rit Atli Lii ,111 i a i lil Iiri cd Vir i iii Ridi Ali a Ofa i on 111 Jarl of til Piil Dii Lias not at any Linn Lii i n King i Lii Opial la it of 111 spoil has Nii ii d it. Ind in Liki iii Lii i i. That till Fornili Loining Hii u Liall a a on ill he pro i Kiev of i Sulls thai Rai Inot fail i Quot i Ali Islik Anisim patrons and play i Alil it i i Lay Hall a iii i i i i Ai ii Jyz Cali ii i Kvil \.\1 my i uis had if till dive Hon of Pari ii Al i in Patlon of i sworn iii a i v i i a iii vim Sil y. Who has Naile an and it Mysti Idy of child psych Lifshi Al ill i 11 1 ii is All u l oni to Laiu a iii clip Linn Lii m Ilii v Maki Ludi Riim s Auk appear civilly foil Isle i in scions and it is , As Wro if to Alluh iii in when admit iii Sis arrive and have them h Lii in Witlie Slock of Quot tricks Quot for Len in hint a child. Myers i i Plains. Do troys its personal i i a a s child asks i Tiesi ions in order to add to Lis very iii iii d Soick of k ii Wii Iki when laughed Al Lidl coiled. H is Luu t Aud decides in asking ii Lions in Solhi i a Lini 1 1 visor his remarks to Leple his Liall Lal 11 c v e 1 o p in e 111toliing his pity tical and arow i i India Crim a child to Peifong Quot l 1 is a finally As had. The Lloldi i the enter of Attell and comes to expect it Al Lini As he i kids older this in ikes him a nuisance. The a lids Lylial Alli ii Tion is shifted Froni Liim. La ninth he behaves Al Nas did. Will iii Inea i stiff Rin thai a child in Situ Aulii i Lulu is till Nisi Parent Accord air to till is it Chirl ii isl never laughs at i child s mistakes no Dialler How finn Lii it arc nor does Hevr. Imper Amin consideration. Iti Aue i be i Hild Quot show off Quot before visitors millions t f Ronus i s pvt a Giitl a ithe if. For to ii ii a a in.Dii. J m i Millili. H1 i it a if his , fifi a in111 Lii Rifaa if i Iri Iila Tiomi and Huv swi pm on Puhl Arij overran i Irot a Atli fire and word lint Thene Lipp Ruairi d of Ina i it their were aus Quot Day Econos iii i editions the a Arch for la i Adrove Iceni i i j he american Nomad Loai in for the fun of Roain inn not h Liik driven a Nei Salty Ali Quot open Toad cull him Ever Zimmei. And away i Quot fits to i Tiern a Lew Wei a later Crown and fit. for another Yar on the Sani Quot old Joh the in finance of ii fail is Hal Llie Asilom Ollile has done som Thirsk More important than to Mak Quot Henry l Quot Ord a Hillion Alre. To evry american it Lia i Roii kit a new kind of Freedom a in w kind of Trio sin. If a i Ai Ini lined to test thai stall to Neil contrast the lot of the Avera american Loday with the lot of his father a Keizer if Ini at of Many men live out Iligir in a a with Oil leaving Elwir Home county. Their travel. Nilesh they wre fairly Well to do. Wer Lilied to Currii d s., trips. Today Llie Man who a not Ijoyi in Quot open coi inlay of Hall a do Enni i Lillior him Stati i a rarity it o Loii of in it a proud distinction to la in j across iii con i i ii ii i j the a Tierica n no loner a i ran Pla iii d l a Tropi an a Motif the Illings Itiat have set him apart nothing is much indie important i Hall the motor car a other some moisture aids food preservation Mill in Pil Quot if 11 1 1 a Quot isl 111 i Illuk it thai 111 lir Ili 1 l Ili til la iii Ithai ill i a in Denim i Fly Oliai in Alicr Lle inv . Iii 111� l undid in iii 111 i Avirl i i 111 p pull a Quot limit Iell i in i 1 a 111 v Al us foil a a a Fai l my Aid. I it Rva our a Laird official for keep a we i Wilt a iii Amei ican marines in vicar Aku isl 111 will n find Quot of e i i Ari known in isl no is univ ii Ris 1&Quot a a Iichi Ipi n a. Fer any Lilik he in i i i map Fri i dryness a fire fold Mug of tie Mikl by i atom a i a Lull Adams . Adams will i and in answer any i of St iii Asili iii lie arc. Ira iii iii and Lii Havir pro minis of a Hiligh ii a St of address in Sla Piiru d i inel ipe ent the Liapi a will brins a real from him. Table talk and the older children the i Cari of a Al ii d Ali iii the Din it. I Lull i rail Lull a w .1 v is h. Mil h i i of the Ian Luto Mohi associations us Lue a mind v Lias Sivali sics pro Erly Tahni ated. I i s Allilea. The Lii led staf s will a i no Les it than , people iii ring the Louiry in aulos Cohiles i l ,0 i in a nation on u Heads .\11<i ill 111,it Brief Sii Tenient we hive Lom i Eil inc vast Milf Ferriu e he tweet ill Derli Nie rican Civili a 1 Ion and ail Oil is Rill wins Are i thir i million in Ople. Which is More tii i Wie living 111 All of Vrancik .11 111. Tiivi of the Breiu h Volu limit k Kinin Aho it the count in a a 1 of 11 1 1 1 at Ion to iii t y million p. Popli Vai a to oink inn Ilovino and Bridge pm across . S and deserts Ali Ronli that state was i has now Ione Uli Merlin .sf we were in i Araina to protect Merican lives and property and Ili to to air elect american to the Hui Jim Home a of a vicar Jenan canal.ut As the dial lie front moved away from Holli the aces s of american s and and the future Sili of the Canul iii Lidolph still i Inai died in Xicara a a and Nave their support to one faction a,.la Jain St the other. 1 this anomalous situation end gtd a when la Eirv i succeeded in Armani Ini a Lince Betti in the Riiser at Ives and the lib Rais a nil a new i liner the i h ird. Was 1 Pul Forward to our task in Ica iia i Liis it As the theory stall d by Ili mip s Al the Havana coif i eau thai we were in Nicara aria Al the Reid a St of Boll ii parties 111 Knar Avitee a election. Of. However one party specifically and emphatically declines to permit is to Nara Lee a Elee lion and our third argument Koen no in smoke. Obviously we cannot say thai we Are in Carat iia at j the Reid Lisl of Liollio parties when one of Lii in is loin its . L Best to Pill us oui. A a v irk times dire Ard Tuv the to clinical advice Hal it has received the House of Lieres Ellal i is has passed Ilici Walson Hill Arr a Ili Tom \ Able Davis Amii deut. A iii i won id equalize vae leu kills and i 11,idea i in pow a Anions the live ministrative zones created by the Licadio act of Lull to ii seems Ovi deut bal Sec Cury Hoover must at least temporarily Assunia control a Ain in accordance with tin act and use the a ederal radio com Ini Sion As an and isor Ami Apriel Lale body. There is still a Chanc that radio will be sax cd from paid Lentoi Piini for the Senate is not Likely to accept As it stands a pro vision so at variance with the Public interest As is the Davis Linen Dniel new York tinnis.,ils Dii Ipi d 1 find i and wiil iii ii still. Iii Riih ii Ali t is fact Liili iii iii 11.1 i iii Al it Lii Aii iry Lial Lla Ilii Urivi ill 111 Vil Al 111 Quot i iii if i a it Nat . La acl i it i l ill warm iii Eist. air iii Quot flew 1 i min a Livirt Mill i ipod i Irula Tieti Waltr cuts 111.ill inching iii by i iii in Vail. Wins ii Cursi cute a he is into. Siai Lllan it As this Slaton Keiit Lila it m in at Fisl Klancic Lii i study 111. In Alici it iii 1&Quot simple i Lyrl Lii ,. Ill Llic fir a Ilia minis ii it iii . Ii Abs Iris doors and 111. Iii iii in ii s of Licat rial action. Rifi i Al a iii Imil Aliis Many foils n iii diff ii it Quot Durs. If the air is Siili Mill dry it Mcavis Llu is inns in 111 and icy Forrai Liwally Lii iii a Quot and it Llavat 111 if in nil is ill in i ill Alvoil. Hut is Olli ill y. In i iii l i s iii natural Niteis Mil Quot of 111. Of coils. Iii i Ai a ii Ltd Hal 1.1,-1, 111 wild Lilia iii up of lick Irv air e h i Quot ii to lit in. In list a. I a i Annii lil. In 1. Liki Lyle in i a v i Viniam of i l i Quot a Quot of 11 a i 111 i 11 and Leav Chr naturally iii ii iii e in to fruit and Lili i a i i \ it Ltd a i l Sil i a if How t Lori i a Cria ill Ini ii in Efini Isi in 11 incl iii with Cir a ill i Teri Hal h u 111 i l i i a ill take iii 111&Quot Hacili Ial iii irs and Bei the Quot --1 i i a 1 "1 it Al Aii l d Hall. I a i Hii y P Aries i iii a i Hiu lil it a the Yocun Quot in a a a of i 111. Family and Fhy in i it Are nth who. But i Cali pc if Lii in a Are Quot a if a Quot Al up Uio yet a Juk t. A a it a Tail Ltd tent. It of main As if at the Ralile h Lys Aiho a Perl. Ai a i t 11 to Al i a Way to air i t ideas Kaiui s ions at a i spy la can Mph of their payouts. As Lwy Are at no oth a Timo Duj Ink Tow Day. I Liat is the in Ninon Par tii fat ii at Timo Fliche is tall of Ali bad Woith Quot of. Tini is taken u with it i tii i iii of tic food Oit Lut As to Wii at Lias he in of the Way it has i in a ook Oil. Tacit is Aptt it it in a it it \ Vijarro of Kohsin. And also of personal a it a i of Trio of slut May at. He Tabu. I Sally ibis is of in adv i he har Netum. of sol Tiirik of blame. Toil often Trie meals fire car nihed with Dise cursors on i Aifoi tunes of friends Uii Foi Lunate eve fails fat a aeneid fits in the neigh Burl Odd elsewhere. Many to iii a business anal of us Eliotti Lai is Are i in Flentail. L Unish it is Meford out to the children at the table. This not an i it Leal situation ii. For it Ine not Malio use of the Vespoli Sive at a cheerful Firne of Nind Wii Ieli Lii it Reri Are in Ali in fitting Agio it a family table. Now is a sub did Opportunity to Mold the Ehara Eier of tin you of. Liis is Prael Icahn the Only Fini uhen the a life it fat Nily to not t of else. It should he a tiny that the children will knt a Back to As on of the spots of the Day with u Little foresight. Arrau Cems to. planning Liis May be Doc mini sind i he eneral Type of Eon Vei a t Ion Sli Ould to of Quot Bik things Quot Quot Whilt h of of interest it it i an i about All May Tiki a part a Inversin of Only Hli Ould tin Topes tone ii us it Nite 1 it in Stin a. Init Tony a Boniti Ai to be inst be Tive there should be Ali Leif Alness Al oui my Al time which my in t pm. Possible at Al a family Attr this your boys Ati it i behaviour to it u old a Roii Piu of the is the time to Praise girls for their a of Momeni wit i iraqi Lyle i it on the Blassino is received no better Way to do this than by ii Aie. The my i time is in a any. A of fial fun Etin. It is the time when the contagion of a Ood feeling family understanding and Loc should set int the mind the child Many Hap y memories. It print icily the place to Tauv. Ali i l to that Quot do i m Nti should be anal not heard Quot should Notin ply. In our Modt ii Amei acan life c no loner hot die e it. L e tric. And i dem Ltd Ratic Ileal for the family for part i it la t Ion of our briy.�. Ind i ills in All our family net Init . Lulor Ltd siio\5d not Monori Citize \ to in Ersa Tion but they Sli Ould live their part in it. Meal time Tatlor and Mot Lier this is when the parents tray l e real teach.-, Rettini Over it it Thi in Childreth hit h ideals altruistic Points of if a. Pood morals in a Woid. All that of would Liopo the you iii ones would but. Marine flyers fail to find Rehel band in Quot l i Ike .m.wacfa. March 21. . Air Jil Arif. Fly iii the Murra Rei it a Toda % ii lil find no Iraco f the up bal Liati is Wlinich attacked the iii yester j . In. Was Jiorle Uii ii their of i Tulli l i Managua to Nikit. Tel . I l i Pori lion to. Ihal 1 i \ site to it c Iliili iii Lif marines Silt Tov Ard Murra Frt in Jalapa and san Ali iii capt iii a a a Ricks Ier \ Wou Nih d a Coli Ira a at Murra held a radio con Versai Ion wit i Bis wife at san in of. J a ill. T inlay. All i i a it Suri gtd in i As in Bis safety i Amateur s i und. In. 1 Rai Laili l a i "1 a h Adlin. L ii is must. M Atieh in i self Ifni i i it rih a Quot a Lii its. In iii la in the i. I Nel ,. Neu l in flak i it i sin. Is had Fin Cann l so Pinili is Ihu ups of Ciff drinkers i aft i All Llo s aril it wants p. L a a 1 in a Tiwarri l. 111 v Hir is in. In irs 1 i Iti .1 l i a .11-1.1, Day. Loli acid St.111--i alls i to i i. Tail jury indic iii i l Iafe i Man of Quot a Framl in Nia Kiim his ii Enio tax iii ii iii it i tiie Norli mind. I i a ii rally ibets a a a Lin of what it s All All lit. I l t l feet i Lii. Oniu Fiill Quot Quot ill Ponds is in is t in in of to Ltd a Anaina , i will flit lit was a Brand thin ii. Lid All thai Ami it Fie. I really Wirht be lastiniai.-, in. All i.-en mail plan cil a Burn a Ilii Quot a ind Chwi in iii Sticks if1 111 Al lbs inn Liine w. Fien t Kan a what Inird a he was irid f.. Lilies Ami ii . Film Liutik lie Alth uni Hap iii is in the open and Wadeiii ii their , Noih a ii of the Quot Kiihul i i i was known Beli Lisin .il of Russia and Quot in Ria knew trib s of Loam iii ,01 Al Tien. Pitcl ii in l i. In Lenis 111 a i fall .1 Tihoi Isamli Niki from a a Idace Whei Prillip a. Foil ii 11, -1 i >111 Arni i. In i i a the Lowa h Kis Lator who Intro inc Eli a Bill it Nai Hes in Stilioni. Riddled twinks. Poker the University of a Etious nuked. Bui Maki s lain Bis Altitude 10-Ward tie lend Amicy to plays ical Edn Calion in colleges and schools Oric Luau it in Ilii ated to Ines Talu Velo Puu to Iti Sical train Pius and in modern sports cil far toward 4 the Norale of Studem bodies but it will be a Toni to l that the tendency Erows to Mak the Coli use of study Sec Liioi i i importance 10 Thi 111. Liiri Quot of iii b Impat. M Ini p.-i 1 a i in t Quot 0 Nuiji iils 11 o 1 cult i Quot Lii a Ellwill a ii . In. l Ilia �?�1l Ai Lile Vith. -. N a d Elido Silv. Nili1\ v it l Osi. 1 in a ii ills the old reliable Pioneer dyers and cleaners .1. C. Jacobsen Tol Rishoi i. Your business associate a Yon today put him in Complete thai of of your prop m by place iii the Comfort of your Lily Suh opt to his Joule would you today endorse his inan Kement to tie full extent of your Fortune does he know inheritance a state and tax rates Liroi Rienth exemptions and regulations will he conscientiously without vacation , resignation other incapacity live to fulfil his Trust this Trust company is not one Man but Many successful men expert in activities pertaining to prompt and most satisfactory settlement of your As per instructions contained in your will. The services of a Trust company Cost no More and they Are at All times under strict inspection of the state. Be purity by cd Trust Compaq by office Sian Francisco we have moved 1 see new address below corks Are unsanitary Puritas is tic Only water sold in Southern Alifornia which i is protected by a sanitary Crown tap. Corks Are i insanitary corks used More than once arc a Souter of danger. Puritas distilled water Puritas distilled water is the cleanest and purest Type of water obtainable. Money cannot buy a purer More wholesome writer than Puritas. Puritas has a distinctive taste found Only in the purest Type of wafer this distil Viive taste is due to the absence of alkaline conic funds commonly of Ted in most All Spring Artesian and Domestic water us plies. Read what authorities say about Spring and Artesian water Quot Spring water is rain water Liat has filtered through the Earth. Hence Springs Are Apt to i e of precarious state department of Public health. Bulletin no. 18. Quot Mineral Waters Are no More natural Healing agencies than Are minerals Vliem selves. No one would to link of recommending Iron Pyrites Limestone As a Healing agent neither Are the Salt Beds Alkali deposits regarded As natural Liebling agents. Quot Mineral Waters Are simply rain water Lii he has Leconie you laminated by coming in Contact with various Mineral substances while percolating through the question Book John Harvey Kellogg m. D. Quot the consensus of authoritative opinion is Itiat Llie drinking of Large amounts of water is a beneficial rather than any particular Mineral substances the water Mav stale department of Public Haltli bulletin no. -18. Avoid delay by calling 3388 for fit tas coolers la aned ree bottled and guaranteed i v the los Angeles ice and old storage company world s largest manufacturer and distributed of distilled water distributed of Kern county Philip Mayer manager618-620 e. 19th Street Bakersfield Billy Quinn licensed realtor315 Brower old. Phone 3816todars Opportunity Home on Truxtun Avenue a room Louse. Modern in every respect Locatell on Corner lot Lawn Flowers Sikiru libero double garage every modern convenience. Easily Worth yir0 Only $10,000 when you think of investments think of Billy Quinn Quot Best buys in Bakersfield Quot Complete office supplies everything you need Valley office and school equipment co. Affiliated with Bakersfield paper co. Wholesale retail 1623 nineteenth St. Phone 1325 we deliver promptly stages to Mckittrick Reward and buttonwillow7 55 a. M.�?3 30 p. Patch and arvin7 00 a. M.�?5 00 p. M. Package and express service nineteenth and n streets phone 260 Geo. M. Wilkins invest ent co. Insurance real estate Loans Corner eighteenth and k streets phone 747 Globe drug co. Nineteenth and Eye streets phone 15 free delivery s our ervice fur system cleaners tailors phone 4030

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