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Bakersfield Courier Newspaper Archives Mar 22 1928, Page 3

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Bakersfield Courier (Newspaper) - March 22, 1928, Bakersfield, California courier thursday March 22, 1928 3 % i vast herds saved from starvation at rotary ornery e. Nikom faculty of c Liale of comr Quirce to Vic speaker i r a a a a. Al a a ii in orc Trie i i it a i in �.,< hot maker i old hot to a Rah it iii iii i inf or to i 22 Ishea i or a -. F it p i it i .t.r Ltd i Quot quot1 f Quot. A of in Quot i of Al fornia a a i die dior of a a Ito tit. Of mull in Quot 1 air Nln Traylon i it h i l in auz i t on Thi Trojan a input. Wil i Quot speaker. The or i a n i Al a a a a halt a a Ltd a it. Or Al if Al Quot i or it i Quot in Ifim Ray cd the Quot iii it pm of to. of apr Helicke i or. Fib for Quot How unit w 11 t111� Ltd or 1 a y a re la i in future Muy h let Iury. In or re t .n, Fuit i1 nil Ido ii. 1 1098 see Traini Down to the sea to death Buena Vista will visit every car and checked by actual count As Thev finish a 11 i it in f. H to j it act a thin y a yet Rwy or i Quot j f r t h y r h t a h un/1 t h in pro h he a i r i 11 or. Oil a he to m la y to 11 r i n a a of la t a i Orf to i in to a to it a r a ii i in a a a i Quot �if"n1f f n i Ltd a nth i i v t a a. 1 h f i tii i i f a m a n 1 Hilf t h r n a incl or it Quot a i a a Imi it get get v g a. A a a in a it n.<1i-rn to a it in a to a. Kor it with or it poll it h f Ion t f a h o i Fin n a my f1 h of a Haj a fun / Ltd a t Ion m a a Rel it h m h j n for who he by huh a a a a Righi ally to i �><1 a full i. In Jot i a Quot of v fat to the j Miff i pal my it tit Ltd a Jil h in t a f f d ii a l Tinl n t in a a Ltd of la no la l in h. Al irl filial la Alrh will Ronal flit n nth i a of a Al the i a nil of hoj he ii it i a if Irrwin a to a uru.� 13-18 it get ii my my of f u a a pm Fin l m m 11 or a i i a a Psi of of if in a from 1 l i of k in ii Tatri built fair a Fly re at Watern we tvs used to claim the lives of thousands of members of the however the state of Wyoming and the United states biological Survey the animals by feeding them 4000 tons of Hay. Those shown above Are through the Winter at Jackson Hole Wyoming. \ a j Ullha h urea u Elk tribe Inot the Lodne. Thio year have saved the lives of vast herds of part of a Herd of 2100 animals kept Wormy path in 32,390 Kern acres planted to fruit is crop census report Russia is faced by 22 countries in opposition Lino up against soviet i Hui for disarmament of All nations front of House tax Cut Bill measure will leave shelf on april a it for sea of trouble air i a 11 f kit . Wiio Winfry -. R. O is Disi it Quot i ill Quot in Izro in in up i i usus y f t life Roll i i y re Riti Rili Vaji Quot my. I . I h it i Lilily lim ii i i a Chr s in 11 put inf. A urn lit "1 til Quot in i i i of Quot in in ii so i Quot iii iii Quot a i Quot. 1.1 a i i l iii i a if i ulu a Quot with .1 Ltd j2 ,&Quot Likibi a i n Quot no Ili 11 Quot input Ini ii l lil il�.-, inn i Quot Quot a i t inn m i 111 v ��111 in 11.1 u 111 i a Whit. Harbir Turilli in 11 mini in i . I. In a i l Iid Quot a i i in hit Quot in i i 11 171� m iii i s flt a la fire i i. -1. A. iii pm. Tifis Irir. is i Quot a 1 u Ris i. Of mini Insl i i Quot rim a Iurii of Quot Nini Crim a i 1 n 111 i0 s Quot Unni of who Lin ii2k Prip i i l l Hill i. Jelm i Quot Quot la id it i stat Ila. Quot i i n t i Lilii n "1 a up Quot a i t h Ains Quot i in l he Iris i Quot a a is for ii a Tarioli Quot. A Ai is Cai l in 11 pm Ai i is i Roii Quot in Uri is a Quot i i Unis 1 1 Ai of s Penni s of ii Narres a i it r r i i i it a ii i hard a i we r i a prion i a in i 11 i i i s was Annu Uil i in it Quot St Rila it in s.-Iit by a. Ii. Thi in Quot. Of Lin Lilily Ali i l Quot i Ivl Ivill i i Lia i r a n Ami a. Of flu ail Isar Quot Fth Quot Quot l nil ii Quot in n i i i n sri Niri i Quot let in t in k Quot in i unlit y Al i i Halliii. I. , Quot mini h in y. It in a i Ici h i i Lary util of k. I."0 i i it i i a us in i South . March Ryar Tual a ruins no to and Niti Ety eight pc hons Thi of Nitro length of the agricultural Sper Ial train which Risiti diet land . When More than two people assembled for the lecture of and other deaf ional features of lie train. A lure number of those the special did not to through tie entire train and hence were not counted. A Larto per be Itai re of the ladies did not ret any Fiji liar than the Model Kitchen which was a very interesting feature of the exhibit and claimed the major portion of their Lime. Stuewe and it. 10. Kelly of the department of promotion work for the Southern i Ai Ifica spoke on ii half of the Railroad. A. I Quot. N Elon of the j agricultural lox tension service spoke on the raising of poultry Robert Miller on sheep Elmer Hughes ii oks cd Wail Gordon Dairy cattle. Misses Harriet i Day and Mae Secrest spoke on 111.i demonstration work. Hoy scouts who directed the traffic and did a Fine piece of work were Kny Mol 1 Ratt Joe Robinson a .1 items , Lames i Lep frass Fenry Taum a Keith Kellcy Kenneth i Ratt Kenneth Kelley. At the Afi Ernon meeting which was held in the Delano theater Frederick Welsh prey Deni of the local chamber of Commerce opened the inciting i ail introduced Walter a of lilo Ravn who presided As chairman of the meeting and introduced the various speakers. Or. Unas is vice president of the Kern coun Yarm by $1,000,000 is involved in the decision of owners on canal water Sale it nil l jts a am the Imi Ridi Lile Quot i Quot Quot tie i i Lula i i Iti Delano optimistic 1 in Moi Quot opt Imis i Quot of Quot Quot Lill i Aprilli a nil in f Ilia n i 11 Nini i. M i. 11 n 11 i re r i i in s l re ii i a i e iii la ii i to i Lille >1 a Ili Eil iii ii Ai d ill 11 a illicit s v a in i Quot i-111 y 11 loll i , Sia it i i i. F v i in Quot lil. w in 11 ii. I i i d inh i. Ira i ii. N 11 in in Quot Ltd i 11m i n it i Quot to Pini a 1 i t v Lull i Oil the in in i m no i Quot Foi in i m Oil a i a i a i uni. I of my. Idea i ii i Ami the. L-.liki-Ninim iii a \ i .1it i i i list Ito w ill Leitten Ber \ a Ion Fol Quot 111 til Quot in i i i of Quot in in ii so i Quot iii iii Quot a i Quot. 1.1 a i i l iii i i Quot Quot a i t inn m i 111 v ��111 in 11.1 u 111 a 1 i t v Lull i Oil the in in i m no i Quot Foi in i i i list Ito w la. 1 i will 1 Ami Quot l to 1 Quot i 1 d ibis so Quot i lulls 1 1 a i 111 r Eastil a iu., Din .1,-1. Mill first in i Oil a la r i u i i a in quote r Lmh have a Barm z1, Ila i \ Leni of 1 de u c t i 11 a tin s Quot Al Quot l. O Marcia Ibe 1 i Surv 1 and in 1 2s.ii, i c lib �27 Quot a ,r,2 i that Date Las veer i la Radii ,.&Quot 1 1 1 1 e i Ici 1 v list ice Iba Lin s it 1 d 1 y the ii. I 1., i quote a 1 a n y i a 1 111 1 in 1 in. L in ill ni r. I Ibi. In i Idle in the iii 1 a m 1, 1 �?��?�1 in Quot i a i. 1,11 be Millili an of the cell Ollil 1. E h Ivi us led up in v. A i 1 1111 utile ii is 1 be 1. Fuse Quot Uli Dei Ile 1 in Bill hive a ver a -. 11 rpm a Quot i , Une w. P led up i a 11 ii 1 Lai re a Ilea a of m Isa pal a i Elu i v Ilia h Quot Quot Ohi Quot i ,"1, i i a i l the id Quot a Ilei Ber la is i a Wii a to h. Held 1 he Quot Uliuli la Quot a Epal Quot i Ull la. A i Lull a in of in Quot i m Ali de 1 a Aib l i r i Riu a to in set at sin is up i. 1.� it. 11 Quot i full Lull 1 la i net Quot i ii i u n i a i o lil i i lie 1 Lei i pro ii w. Mlle norther ii k i of uni in Quot than la d Condit inn Quot v. A Quot was Bere Unity Dis i ii la id visor. Invited by iii Quot o.mmitt address upon Quot status of rape growing Industry in Ali Torii a weather observer Here Lini i Unica i Quot Quot in l orto the Job of Lenice sillier of e. 1 sat Quot a weather Bureau v. In v. In the West indies fur seven Sears stated i. .1. K isl Quot ii of Tob Adla i ill 1, i lie Quot Peri elves of i he new we Ither Bureau until in Ilo n a u n i a i n p.ii i Ulrici. Alixi d ill i l la. I Ila ii ibis and has up 12 stations 1 it a f Frost lbs Quot i ions in the Peir District. Readings will be taken Al s o clock a it husband Slayer saves wife his red Gallows of the be raised for victim North to one Rea u. A Coni Parati Civ Small crowd tended the afternoon meeting. 10. Voorhies was unable to speak at this meeting but or. W. Ilow tii l. A i Shaw and k. In. Smith a poke. Al the morning session at the train two Hoys or Hie Hoys agricultural club of the Blanford High school spoke for Twenty minutes Oil Quot How i raised Libby Chicks they were Harry mass Karl and John Van in. Nig iii. Liar Les Keagle also of the j Blanford club was with the train As an alternate representative of he club. Young Maaskant claimed to have earned from 700 Chicks. Prev in Trice Ottawa on March 21.the red Gallows raised at Valley v held que. For the hanging of a husband and wife on Arklay is to lie used to carry out the sentence of death Only against the husband George Mcdonald. The governor general today signed orders in Council commuting tin tence of mrs. Doris i Almer Mcdonald to life imprisonment bin. Affirming this is the Wasp like super Marine Napier seaplane in which flight lieutenant s. M. Kinkead British Speed Ace right plunged to his death in Tho English Channel near the Isle of Wight at 330 Miles an hour. In his attempt to better the world s seaplane record lieutenant Kinkead is believed to have overstrained his tiny machine hich was later recovered from sea. To involving approximately for tile Transfer of the Miller and i us inc. Canals and ditches serving 48,-00 1 acres with first run water rights an election will lie held today by property owners to ratify or reject the Vista water storage District project As formulated by the directors of the District and approved on february 21 by state Long Ineer Kiwi try Hyatt it was announced last night by w. T. Wells of makers fiend a. Large property owner in the District. Quot we expect the vote to he unanimous in favor of the project Quot said or. Wells. Hut to proposals Are contained upon till ballot to lie used in the Cleo Tion today stated As follows Quot completion of tiie project. A e� Quot completion of project. No 1 Olling places for the area in the District South of the North line of township l i will be at Miller and Litis Headquarters Buttonwillow. And for the area in the District North of the South line of township 27 the voting will be at the office of the c Virniel cat tie company Section 15, 27-23. Zolmer Slouch in is president and j. H. Jordan of this City vice president of the Board of directors of the District. Other members of the Board i include 11. Ii. Bell l at Reardon and a. 10. I Hoagland. I Filer the water storage District Law stated or. Wells property owners Are entitled to one vote for each $100 or fractional part thereof assessed to them in tile District. In i n or i Quot Deposit Annovi or. P. Re the As i Clain "11 of the t valium l a Lipil 1. Am a inn it is i Rucci the visit a 1 v i.t an a y men t s and it i a i quotes i Lii Quot i its Sun maid "c1i i Yema ill i of Tir. 1 s of the in is pro in april a 2 o in made to r John Cole Quot this ill a lie t the Quot a Rda y in san Loa l a i 1 n s a a i 11 Aid that other a a l i Setti Quot All Olith Quot Dollar. Meeting Miniti e Quot of i nit in Irwi is. Will a i Al 111 of i i in 1 Iglus and Cadi Semi f l i is i Quot a i Turai o 11 y c. A buds a was i Ron Lii Allt Anil Lile a Quot ill h a n 11 no s be Indica led. Is will not he said Kau Teju pm n i i s s i o to Eye-1er,Lay cuff , Cul Lili. Cindi a 11 a ves reported Quot and a Ather Man will should killing i in Bloom f. In Pul y Hurt in us who was m the Quot r i Uri with Whit a 11 n iss Ione. Quot the Quot heavy crop Quot it 1. Favourable sea de Gardner leads in bunion Derby i ssi Quot i a a Navajo Ari Cardner of Seattle i ill t lie i Oast to or in in in i March 21. Won today ast Marathon a Lod Lap l ii ave the Oil u i Hali said Ila. La ought Lle 111 i Ceol $7quot a Sof Hap i is Visi or Row ers Ion i Tri Quot la Quot and a n a i of pears to Casile crop rage net Holbrook n g hours. New a Mem a Rint that a <1 Anro from Ariz. In Xavy to. 11 Milf is i a ii Niini and a a seconds. Laid nor s tidal of lapsed Timo today was in i iii Urs 1 minutes fic or ones. Tomorrow s Lap will Hotrum Navajo in a up it i. Ariz., n Distant Ltd a mi.\s. Tho following Day t to will run to Gallup x. A. Root los Relief to Honor Veteran dead 111e death sentence imposed on Mcdonald. Word of the commutation was sent by Telegraph to Montreal and was carried to he Young wife from the i United states As she waited in the Fuhing Street women s jail to be taken to Valley Field with her husband. She received the in of Ina i Ion with tears for she was told at tile same time there had been no mercy for her husband. The Mcdonalds were convicted of tin murder of Adelard Houchard a i a Chin a Jur taxi Driver. Hoe body was found in a Roadside Pool of water last july. The Young husband and wife were arrested lie next month in Hutto. .mont., and extradited to Canada. When they were Coin cited and sentenced to death in december. For weeks appeals for tin not Emu lation of mrs. Mcdonald s sentence have been pouring into government offices from both Canad i and the United Stales and a i View of the evidence resulted in today s action. Mrs. Mcdonald s Mother. A Chicago woman who Long had been Una Wam of her daughter s until the younger woman was sentenced to die has been Here appealing for mercy. Although mrs. Mcdonald was i pitted confession used against trial As having admitted Houchard. Snatching from her husband kills self and babe now York March 21.mrs. Lolita Lith Levine a Quot ook her 2 it it Yeal old a ugh t a Ruth wit i her when she leaped to death from the sixth Story of an apartment House Here. The bodies were found with Lite girl clutched in 1 he Mother s arms. Short skirts Oldi , Switzerland March 21.�? Quot there s nothing new under the Sun records show that when Charles 111 wedded Hent Rice of Portugal Genevese women paraded with skirts above the Knees in Honor of the occasion. H Midy i h ill i. Y i a i .1 dil Quot eng iii Lune d every 1 i a 11 tin Nilly Zitilli o 111 1 Nul burglar k i. In m a i 11 e i i a \ Quot o bid Unta in ,1 i monday a Quot ,1 Lileith i. L Lile i p n 1111 us .-111, c r i i a i Lulu ulily 1 m i i i a a in Lippi a fun i Quot iii a i iii to m Anea t off a up my i1 be ii. 111 prop Ipi Lai up i. On vacation i t y. M i i la 21�?poni Tulili e in c 1 u s i n u i Rasi t ii in i Nier a Uto. La i 11 i 1 i l i s Indi 1111 s i i be f i n yester in f Hier. Lilg. Would not be 11 i 111 s e 1 f no Uli it Wama Aile i be nit h Burgla t Ai a i 1 a 111 r j ,1 up hic i i a poll lie committee of Senate hears John d. Rockefeller jr., and Charles m. Schwab judge of.,1 it pop i e 111 i Ofa 1 i \ Ini i r a ill.n g l on m lug i Diat. L i. Lite of a i.11 a is itself i i pos. Be Sinai Luv i Ulli i Eriv. C u 11 i -11 i Quot in n no n i Nulli lateral an Insi ruined Al 111 e same sup Puri the i i Illa i e Ami the worm turns i. Ioviti. Avi March 2 i. A hat Rolli m u in. W i i 1 Quot v l areal Illa the i in Olie e Quot loll l us i Quot so Quot l in e t e w e t it Linds it a pal a a 1 Numi iii Quot cum Iuit to Quot Quot Talli Quot c Cep i a e Cima i i. Russi ate and turks be ii i i i l i in Eli i u 11 i o a \ e Are engaged in tells Slun us to Pelicci Hill la a Lons and the Irei Imi of a Loen t a by agreement. Quot Are 11o\\ Aski ,1 to scrap Bis a Urli Lush i Ilo Sestili of Severa i Yeats it a a i inns and accept in in a Lai i june la i e Ilisa n us Lile 111i re 11 u i in 11 \ i i ii s i in e the 11 the worm turns i. Ioviti. Avi March 2 i. A hat Rol n i an Les Uta in 111 i thinking a unit Vav i a Arine ill lil Fri n when off duly in 11 e Fuluio a. A a Eri a Only i la never a Ain 1isl a 1 e 11 Dullar 1 ill while dressed in a e v i 1 Lau cd Otiles Quot a y s a Quot. While 1 duty he of icer e ii i died a i ii i r a t ulem Uli a a l Pic liase and Seal tid to a the e Al k a t. A to Dollar Bill. Tuoti aus Vav. Ilk Quot in in. 1. Ii n b in Tansky in ii Quot Luti a Ulli left with he toil spot r a of i Ich. We its a t t Cut phae in i i i t 11111 my u Ili w t a Gil i Lui Lohn d. To m. Schwab is outlive of Eil in Conni i. Mar a i the a i Ich. We a u a vat a i m Mille said i. Lated i Lini la a i i i 21. Switch West \ Irginia f l i c us i yes Lese 11 i no he Idu siry ule see ale Coal cum in i Tiee to Day heard "fell.-r, jr., and Charles arraigned by a repro i 11 e i United mine Wurl Tiomi with the abrogation contract affecting those Ini ii i to Ned a s a Coli i 1111 hell Lebec steel11 u As said to Operle Quot Ull Ough the hello Rora t Iota. Rockefeller old Power in the can Quot in any of West Vir Ili e l Eairs. That his Howard a. L Eairs. 1 candidate to succeed Al tile next election. Judge l Eairs has been on the Bench in the Superior court of Kern i a i 11 n i y i m the a t i a years and several months ago suffered a Complete nervous breakdown. The breakdown o Ciu so in a immediately following ins services i aug the Quot appellate court. In making the aim l Eairs Sai Ilia it a of his l Allier r Noemi makers fiend. L Ite new opened after Hie first Allen l Eairs who i w ill be in ins lather s offices. U the tie announcement that judge i Eair will not he a candidate to succeed himself on the Superior i Bench several makers fiend attorneys have been mentioned As possible i a my Ida i is but in finite annoy Nice Lin its have not yet been made. A members of he women s t Elief corps of Hea. R. Will a Terni the funeral of James i Alson. Civil War Veteran. At lie Doughty funeral Home at id a. In. This morning. Officials of Hie organization have asked l or a full attendance. Cop turns i a has Ohio a hell boy up a Linker g Bell hop ,. March 21. A pos i a i Rolma n Riner j nue dial had been in a police her at the thai she killed 1 iii 1-1-v Olver Eil it Quot of a third person who has not been arrested. Mcdonald himself denied this in an affidavit he swore to is v Fra 1 Days ago. A insisted that his wife had nothing to do with the killing. Funeral services set for j. M. Akers a no eminent Allen is the Intel dior offices in offices will be f the year and studying Law in Progress in a local hotel for two1 Days. I Laiu meting on the door Audi crying Quot ice water Quot Riner was admitted and placed the players unde a Tresi. Fuzier i p. He fill liar Les la services will be held in. Today for j. M. Akers Kinger Chapel with the Rev. Wesley Ipie in charge. In Ai at torment will lie in 1 Nion cemetery. Farm with horse Power and save Money the horse hand made liar repairing of harness saddles and Rvl Hing eve i Ness All kinds of leather goods. Large Stock let Lis Bells. Full Slock of Canvas. We in the Canvas line. Of dog harness and collars make or repair your leather motor Lake everything Oliver implements Slock of extras for Mccormick Adriance Osborne Thomas Crown and Johnston Hornung 1606 nineteenth Street a iii v. I Al daddy of mails a Derbak named for Federal Bench Soli Glia. These were charged Van a. Hittner a representative i lie i United mine workers with Pudia Ting the wage agreement is the . Be National iii in Gest Library sins inner Hai scripts maps ii rationale in i i a ,. France in the world and a civil ii in bunks i ind prints. A is he lived h operators it fall ii Northern Triniti Union More in Mari Kef Eiler have and i to testify in in Friday. Al Quot a w brn tler i j i Seel lire further . I it Ner Bright Lile i e. V is t ii a t i ,11 Vav i us Cha ryes Illa t Hail Piui opted Sta t Virginia represent h 1 21. A been Sunn Reilein Al l i i ves invalid lined after flood in v est Iga t in Itti a h. Mellon a e Ury Selimi As a Pittsburg Coal Cornil new Angle Inlo late in he Day personal interest a judge i. C. , Al Murgan own. W. Va., to. Deny a Peu tinn in 1221 fur an injunction to i e i to i i Quot tin Paisley Coal company to operate under the Baltimore agreement he a id secretan y Hoover had advised him thai the agreement was binding hut that judge turned Down the Rei u is t and sharply it i it i -Ei?.Eil the miners Union. Later. Be said it developed hat the judge a receiving As much As yearly loyalty fran land based by him to the Paisley interest.-. Bitt a. R added that in sought to inaugural e in Pei Llin enl proceedings against the judge but that they were never brought Tuti a attention of the Siale i Legisla t tire. Kindness repaid i h 11. A 11101. P111 a. March 21. When Clarence Des Piunt a Quot sgt ear uld Bachelor died l cent la his will revealed that mrs. Pasceri a .Eil. Widow of his old Friend. Or. Hell a dentist of Hes a r. Pa., was i e it nearly a Lars. Alth Tigh an a ova i at to Dihong was iii Ely and mrs. Hell often Allie Lier husband s death. Million Dol my Wotan in iii last visited him car r v i. Turns Butcher 11 id m Eye Transfer Success Fralo March 21.-thai med i Ai science of the future will be capable of i transferring human eyes is tin prediction of or. Howe. A t Ier 2ii years of research on lie subject. Or. Howe has succeed de in transplanting eyes from the lower classes of animals o those of the same species poor attendance . March 21. . A till it. Ida Nee a r the 1 Louse of fifty six out of a Meti her ii according to professor . Professor Aski also Quot a a a lit Loudon meeting that Nie Inbi is Ever had delivered in tin House. In crossing Bridge i persons daily Ravel Delaware liver Bridge to -i., in come Hunting Between Hia and new Points. Stop wish or. H. Coleman nine r i Ai s a chiropractor my for health get it free examination Willi Nervo meter p. Id i Lilai in is a u spi in. In a oldest Postoia Ster in the service of the u. S. is Francis e. Bush 95. O standing Stone. A. This photo. Taken on ins last an Ninfi ,.a-y was Sint to postmaster Pic a new at Washington. A . Through e it 1i sly Ture bad i Quot a Quot la l i n la the let la i. A the. R i., let 1 Ali 21.�? is the Reclus Ero Bra n tic i a Quot a t i Quot. He a Stop i. T c a Quot and Catie i v it s Nice to have a change of uthes anyway even if your Home has been washed away in the Fload. This Young refugee from the Santa Paula District is Happy with a new outfit of clothes and shoes received at the free clothing dispensary at Santa p.i. California. Tides you to sice iii oar Liioi. The cause of your rouble. It registers the nerve sounds of Quot the body like a radio registers air Waves. Come Anil is. For . Quot Makk my i Koyk it Quot i r. J. H. Coleman painless chiropractic and common sense diet 203-4-5 Hopkins building office phone 912 residence i860i asked the it Bank of Italy to act As executor and trustee of my estate because Quot who among my friends or relatives could possibly possess the cumulative knowledge of estate procedure of this great financial institution Quot who among them has the resources financial responsibility Broad experience and specialized facilities of California s largest Bank ? Why should i Burden a Friend with the cares and responsibilities incident to managing my estate ? Quot i knew that the Bank of Italy was thoroughly equipped for this work and i Learned that the Cost was no More than i would have to pay an individual. for further information at any office of this of Italy National Quot Usta a Trust to savings association National ban Italy company i identical in ownership combined capital investment 2-00 million dollars Kaker fiem Branch 1705 nineteenth Street East Branch 821 Baker Street

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