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Bakersfield Courier Newspaper Archives Mar 22 1928, Page 2

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Bakersfield Courier (Newspaper) - March 22, 1928, Bakersfield, California Bakersfield courier thursday March 22, 1928 fall declares he i will a Ell Story Teapot dome at proper time and at the right Placiti he Ashum the ill explain late bulletin f to 0& ilits j r a Quot t h i i Washington March 21 a. Pm Chat Irma a nyx of the san it ? Teapot Dom committs a tonight received a Tefu Gram from former Interior Sacre Tury Albert i. Fall Tamina he would prefer to live testimony the Leai ing of the naval Oil reserved court than before the committee. 1 11 i Ali d All Ili h or v i i i ai�?�yry.r-, Ltd 21�?Ai-t,i i 1 i Roll t iii i of lit�111.i <1, Tiivi iii with Diirr. I Inch or a Lily >.11 Noiin to iii of i it Raj ii a to Ted to iia a a or re Vun Rii i. 1,11 i it Kilt a it a j it 111&Quot t f l Eric or. 11.&Quot Quot i Quot r i 11 i quota 11 m to ill Illk to till i ii i know a ill Mil i . La. Imil. R. I Villi it the a ii t ,11,1 i i i iii Ali Quot Uli ,1< 1 11,. Ii. I. . ,-iii. I a Quot or. J i ii i. It l Ali it lit. Ii he i Ihu 1ji i he ii h-.ntl-,j,.,ii-. I i. I till a 1.1 f nil la i v the. be Nirali iii ii Iilva i v a he ulily a Willi iii ii. I it it Fly ii lilt iii melt i of will iii ii by Ltd a i i inn iii. To is i 111. i. Liat i 1 t iii i l Olioli u uhf. Or. i. l ii Lily Tliatha it ulily Ollk Vii lilt Tim l ill Sili a a a Ini . Hulk Fli Ilc l to Lepelis Ili Isle april ii Rel Quot i iii Liili ii Ini a k play he it i iii Lin h.1 1 iii to �11 iii iii i or. A Quot will iii tilt it Ili i la. . . Report i Lylial i . 111,1 . ii. Util i l trial. Ini. 1 ii w.-. T.,Nielli Mil All Shaf ii Hilt to till Teapot Toini int Tai Ami la Lari 111 Ali. i . I Wiy to. It la the flirt . 1 Ili \ i to Ilii fait a hot a a Ini la i of i Effii a Neil or. Slyn Lily a a if a nov. Sicri Liik ill a Lilauti Robirt Quot i 111 utile. Or Quot All if ii foil till of a ii Nahl. To. It i ills Trio to 111 .1 Kio u Itrich Anil Thill 111 a Uii lil we ulna to i vilify . Tilc if iii Riih Itiat it Wokim he Ini Pronier Anu unfair Rny to Kun o a a i Orrin it Umu Iwuc flush Tionel of of cry mls Ai Foniri Kirilc Ltd Liy. We Jialih run or Aily to it to Trio world Quot or. I vill i Larod i be who of twin Ali f Auch to Melni oily Elk part iii Neil Luigi ill to film i it of and it ii Dot of a a dint Harry slip i 111 . Or. I All it Ald ii would a Iron a a Royp All to Klye huh a Villi ii. Jumi Smirl. L it that . To that ii Sinh r Oigt iii Ltd wan , ii. Llinat Lily phys Lefian pro uni tic Lynu Quot not ii Rohiy ill i or. L Ali raid Long he that hand Buhl r Illi a brain from Sena lot. Of Rili iii Kink if h i would i vilify a Tikili Roni iii Ltd. . or that the. Iii Oil Ian drat a ?.ir. H All a Tatry 1 that s. Nwafor Ami sri tor w a ii Ivio ild i. Himm of iii rom iii Ltd i. Ill Aklak of till Miti Coni i iii tar. Or. Kali Yard that to Silipi Inducil a a would he. Lotta a Allty no �1111 a till Conill top. Init to whim of i ill i . Till Privi Dur a wild h. Iii . 11 . D Louii a lil Hal ilio1. 1 St Niazy no the la Roii a Liim i tii Iiri l had a god u .n.i. If the i a iii lie Haid that i Milr . Urr my i1i3 i i Init i. or. I ill Liat Quot it or Ini iii Birrd i Ilif 1 Novi Rimini iii Asu spoilt inn am a Quot All i Larcil i or. Sim Liru Nikii it a. l a Hill Nikko that i ii Osl Ami a thai i. 1- a. Of Plant had Akril a limit Llic drop Quot it mad. Llou. A i a Ani find i it ii ind that i .1111 u Illing a Mak Quot Alrh 11 ,.p., i . I. Said and added Quot should it i. 1,. Irald and ii a Ipar 1i1.1i the nut a la orly. j ill Quot a tini.-, Amy 11 Milr f i i by Ali . Ii Irv . 111. ,-. Ii it i iii Nilli it a it or Shudy old Quot do Ralrh lol it Erdil l Simili iii iii Chr Limi i Quot want Quot i i Quot Ii All Quot Liro Arhl or. Lall i a iii i ,1 hi., worry Quot i , a Liiro Horii rail Iron Kiima i it ih.11 new , a Skinn rx.rym l of the i . A Rhyn i l,.trams Laii to.ijr press a. To iii i i iii a Nili Lilin ilm. I am Mil very i Quot a Ami Icv iii girly . My ild Quot i said Quot sign nut Lair . A Quot a Iri. .1 i. I. M had a iii. .1 . Quot Quot la. Iman Arih a i it 1 iii . by . i a to Imp ilium a Riim Ihil 1 Ami p. I 1> u illicit. I inv ."ill., i Afisu Meil ,lh. pm i will Raizik h. . D and 1 prt.-. Fly i Mich to ally a. R . I Willlim 10 Tell All limit urn or Quot a r Quot or. L All said Loa Ali d .1 lilt i the. A Aii i isl Mil thai of a i a a. Mil. Sell ,.nim .a Yll lil. Aria uni Minnii Siml. R a Law i timilism-<��1 1.nur. Is. Teapot dome now polio ical brew Congress republicans and democrats renew feud Over gifts of Harry Sinclair Blackmer Musi return i re / rus a a Rand 11 Irry , mar i 21�another i turn Roy Lyrik around Teapot Vimo rolled through both the Rha Niber tort Iho Estl by tip room As and mucin Ocram run overt per fond Over Ilii f. Sinclair s Pali trial i Ftp. Stein dip alone Tho Senato among Rit i Millican Oulu Agut a Robin icon of Indiana i rain entered attack inc nor a Smith of new York and Roc Fiyod return a bar Raro of front nearly a dozen r a Nisi ratio. A Roro Tho Oil Ronn Nittoso a new i inquiry into Desinor ratio party of Llano int Wii i fori by the Ite publican i chairman Nyo of North Dakota with i Wilbur Martin former of the the National Tomti Littee flatly i that the dior rats Hail to i i paved any contributions from any to nerf. Vii h they de Lurf d to conceal j emphatically declared that he i Neyer had Eyen to the late a red w. I Pham try insurer of the he Jiu Allcan iii Lonai Minitte that i \ is ii to enl i risk win wahh1n .t0x, March Nobl Tvitlonalltv of the act proved ,. ,. ,.ins the of a ,itl7. to who refuses t., return from Ahro Iid ,0 j that he not then act Lye Joe iffy a criminal irl. yeas upheld today by Justice Kre Derli k ill the strict of , sup Reinie Nurt overrun iii a motion to is cont mint Charlies a m. of denyer.sslnif Teapot l Ime wet nest. Hon Rui liar Tho Justice held that Lack Toner Owris allegiance to it Zunio u Holch Ioulia Liay it Hlin to obey its ii Pena. Blackmer subpoenaed he Wickmer Hornier chairman of the Hoard of the Midwest Yoni Pany ,.- a to Ernt Neni witness the trial of Harry l \ san chair ii nil Albert i. Kali charged with Hay i iii conspired to a car Lud the i Oyer party affairs due to illness and knew that no report to was required by Lay Sintil 1924 after lie would Haye Fri yen office. The outburst the Senate lamp after the committee and lifter senator opeland Democrat new York Hail earned to be read lnt6 the record governor Smiths letter to sen i tor Nye which the democratic Caine Date Quot filse and the of Nye ail Ito Hanson the Senate Monica a Sinclair had contributed to h Campaign find the new York i us it Eric atari race Muo Aiu Ertis Liik to the Smith letter Hob Inson characterized the Koye nor a Navy efforts to save Oil Supply Toldby Wilbur be Ridge Oil company pays increased Royalty he says Wells Small Edward Hickman Quot the Fox Quot who a confessed to kidnapping murdering and mutilating Marion Parker log Angeles school girl and pal Welby Hunt Are now numbers at san Quentin Penitentiary where Hickman is condemned cell a waiting execution and Hunt faces life imprisonment. Above they Are shown being hurtled into prison with other convicts. Below they Are shown with Warden James a Holohan. ,. I land Nike of Quot Quot and rent the Lea of the Teapot dome and a imply been Tryluk. I t a a i i 4 Vil i a. A a re i Viii iii tit ii to it a talk whether Simiu Lair had Omi horse climbs into Auto beats its passengers it \ it Fri Milr t Rrok Iriri Downey calif., to Larch 21,�? when automobile runs Over a horse it t news but Early today a maddened horse climbed into a passing automobile severely injuring seven persons. They were taken to the Downey Hospital suffering lacerations and one the probable loss of Eye from the horse s flailing hoofs which also practically demolished the touring car. The injured Are Harland Pat ers of Hynes lacerations about the head Herbery Peters Leland Dollinar and Wilbur Tetwiler of Clearwater head and shoulder bruises Evelyn Peters Leila get Wiler Keith weeks Sisters and companions of the youths who suffered lacerated scalps and head bruises from the flying hoofs. The Tetwiler girl May lose a badly injured Eye. Peters who was driving the car through Here shortly after Midnight said that he slammed the brakes when one of the girls the rear seat screamed. He heard a crash and then saw a Large White horse half the machine pawing madly. After injuring All seven occupants and nearly wrecking the car the horse untangled itself and raced away. The police Are searching it and trying to establish its ownership. Nay ii i 111 i be. The Oil Man who with Sinclair and outliers Kuari indeed a , whereby the Oil Nientai any purchased �z3liftd.odij barrel of Oil from the late a. 1. Humphreys of Frenyer a wanted 11 Tell what he knew of Liberty Homi Payi Uenta which the Al if s Itil. made top alter tiie Iben Secretary of Interior had a ised tie res. Rye to Sinclair. A it Clear Quot said Tup Tice Siddons Quot that the Aller Lance of a citizen of the United state though Ali rally Liy iii a Forel iii jurisdiction iii a macs the of Otie Clience to the Laws of that to which a member of the Smith and minis ration after a i i the office of i icim . Pressed by a number of to a statement that democrats had betrayed their Trust Tho inan Saiid Liat three of the Wilson Rehl Klied to Tako places with Hdward 1 Dohony became the Lessee of i Alifornia Nayal Oil Reserve. Quot i it Oheney Ano Sinclair sleep Tho Saine bed and a lot of Ojeino crafts t Kep with Ali iii Quot Robinson shout Don tacitly heckled by democratic senators the Indiana Republican the picture shows Stanley Dunham the Man who built the St. Francis dam near los annexes which Cost nearly 300 lives and wreaked millions of dollars of property destruction when it crumbled and flooded the san Frances Quito and Santa Paula District. The picture was taken at the scene of the disaster. A a i has the alleviate is due. Indeed a a thou Fin Illy r. Called that Sinclair Linail held Nion Avenue to is declares happiness is unlawful u. S. A i most Al mis it , the i .>11 is Ihil . Riih Mie All Peis to the is the least Ali ,\ p.ipiil.u. Villi -. Pc inns . I. Of Minuni finn i a tar one ton .11, six Miles South of the t Nio venue area and re Poi i arc to the Effe. a As slow uni a were of Tain ii at Aparri Ulmat Lyls . I Mirin Ibi. I ast Ai Donnell Han Ricord .1 a . Number of new Leass Boilini. the Distri. 1, ind is said that incr Fasco interest is be iii taken by couts of major Oil companies. Signal proves area show uni output of by tween 400 and no i riels a Lia Liiv , the of 1 will Drill. by the sinal company Section 1�z7, it is it. Iso i Loti. a s Rich Oil Inoichi r Iri iii Houdini of k Ern it i Oil 1,Mills, it was uni Ysii-Rilay i a company offi Jal. test fluid stood at soil , and Silil 11i he , so Neil ,111 olcr\.r. The Well iii Ali to a of l a . A mat rials a . Asenimed Jim Pill 111. Lallatin at the . Superior is Active a . I of Kern. Oil i area. 1-, mad a. Dick Lami a lit of Ali Oil i of i Lany m or this week to it Inlo a i Inal ton. I with a num 1er of iii giant orals it was i. Port. i Crilly. The Suprir. offices the i la offi. 1.Ili,Lini this Cut. Ami re a .�111 , has been Atic, Leas a iii Lin Vale and District. I Poso District test i mairials us Ine assembled by he i califini.1 p,.renni . i ,.i j t --1 a "11 to a grilled a a 1. Iun i til a of Wisl Torii fihe , Pia a Quot of i l to is i ill my i Distri.-, it was a Nunce i j be lnl.iy by a from the Ilist . I the ccn.Al 1 ,. I a cum c., is Drillon. its no. 7 Tiomi 21, ii. Thi area. The i Many re Antly a Empl Ted Wells of this / la ill fresh Iriri 21.kyery-Ihiiik Ihit a Man Happy Woi Lilier is i unlawful or Una Callboy the l iii Ted states senator to Flint Mih icon ral .\5aiyland, Siirid today the course debate the Mif a Story blvd refuse dict. The m Al aider opposed Lottie j Norbeck Bill was Plevi Ulrik that Liere a too Laws Iti the t United i Slali s and that the pending Bill Kiy s the Secretary of a Ric Miltun the Midili i to enact More Law As he secs fit. A Quot i Wisla some iii Wii wild rain president the a Ole Pla Fonn that. If elected he Woi ild repeal of a Lile Laws of the Len ipod states Quot he such Iller Tance would to but empty fails to answer when Blackmer failed to answer the subpoena the of Erna Quot it sized $1000 ii Bonds belonging to under a provision of the Law that when tiny we Nesh refused to return from Abro Iid to testify the govern intent i Oxild seize much of property. The Oyer men said inst ice Sid Don s opinion. Mikhol not be Able to Punili a citizen Lizins abroad by pro Sonzeni. But that it did not follow that the govern mint was without authority to enforce obedience. La its by Quot imposing a Jie Nalty that does not require the i physical presence of Llie offend iii citizen within the territorial jurisdiction of Ovorn Nikont its Quot Wolf boy Quot 5 years wilds is rescued said. The Hea Cox ers Tiree quarters of the Eirtis surface but does not pro Ide propel Iona Lely Imin s wants. I Only Eliout Ime Ali Artieth of the world s inhabitants Gizin their from the sea. Lii re Are several countries which a census has Neyer been taken i hey Are Persia of Hanl Laii the ii Ido chinese Peninsula Liaf of , parts of South America and most of . Wichita , j exas March 21. Sin Liobis Indian Yout i who is now is come Lack to Civili Maluin after i Yini Flye year the mountains Willi Only a wild Wolf Coni Pliay. Hon sin a is i i Ather a is forced to leave Home Icho Riser at Fin Bee Iuse if . The boy and huh Mother decided to i of Aloir. Thi v headed Tho Louii Tilin. Avil a Short time both tie father and Mother died leaving sin to slip Al i Liin self. Officials it to discovered near Ilie Uio a Rinde Nikhil Here. Ill broken Spanish he told a thrill iii ,v experiences. After parents died he captured a Wolf cub which he Tau Klit to help Tho Hunt food. He wins naked when captured find refused first to put tiny cloth iii eat cooked food. offi. Lai position under Smith until a month before term expired and added Quot wonder Why a Quot was retained All time boy error Smith could Easil it have said or Sinclair you Are unclean and we Tam Quiny mail i eople Are clean. We Don t ant you Quot did he do so do did not lie Neer diff fire . Quot there s no use talking. Thirds of �1 Feather will flock tot Iether Quot the democrats were Lulck to Pelcl it this quotation. Harrison of Mississippi turning it Back Robinson. A minor one by one the Liol tical associates of the ind Lanan Olio Haye been indicted or brought under a Barres India Ina Harrison fat Aid Afler each one Quot lairds of a Feather will bind to Pether As the Senate and 1, alleles literally rocked with laughter. After the iii glider had subsided Kobi Sim declared that none of those mentioned by the m Issis Seppla had had any connection with Harry a. Sincl Jill. A Sel Laior Vaish of Montana prosecutor of tie Oil iii airy r lived the sunni ii fire of Debite with i vigorous attack the Teapot dome subcommittee which visited Calcai of and which took the testimony of two former associates of Pharn to the effect t that the late Republican treasurer had told them had suggested that neither ii arty make a report of ii2. Contributions. Dinner f anniversary judge e. W. Owens talks to Post service of legion to the country Loyal citizenship and service by intr rendered to the Community the state and the nation Aro a Quot to. Spain Cornine Dable the american i Eklon stated Lude k. A. Owen of Tho Superior court address at fifth anniversary Turkey dinner i Ives i last night Liy Anasco Post of the a Kion the older men Wiio been carry iii activities of to eni intent and fraternal affairs that the american Region worthy and patriotic leadership Lias been de Elope i it. Was said Tomb of Columbus subject dispute , March 21.where is Christopher Columbus buried that is the question. have been Tell iii the world that Chris ashes Aro buried Seville Spain. Luit Senor m cocco who attended Tho Dan american Road convention Here takes Issue by assert the Are burled american specifically under the great Cathedral Santo Don Intro City. Senor cocco says that Tho wife of Dler to Colu Wilnis son of the ills covered petitioned v to remove the ashes of the discoverer from \ All a to Santo Domingo. I or Masslon was granted the remains to be moved to hispano i america., a Coral no to Story and 1542 burial was effect d under tie altar of the Cathedral Santo Domingo City. Isno Clateal or can Wirf . March 21,Soer�-Tnry Avi Ibur Leat Liony before the nouse appropriations Conin Ilttre the naval Supply Bill reported today went into to exhaustive discussion of the naval Oil Reserve lands and told of Steps being taken by cup Navy do part enl to protect them from possible drainage. To i Aid that naval t it role Ini Reserve no. 1, the department had reached Nerre ement with the la Eirl be Oil company whereby the River Ami it would receive additional Royalty of 20 per cent increased production of Oil front the first line i Ridge Wallfi As a result of shuttler the Navy Wells. This brings lie said tie Nix mum Royalty received by the Iro Verniet this increased production to a i per cent. He Enid t the government already received a maximum of 35 per cent be arding the Teapot dome Reserve the a Secretary said under the court decree of september 20, 1037, nil production operation of the receivers Reserve no. H Censed at mid no Trot december is and All Well a were As of that Date and now remain closed. Quot there were 62 producing this Reserve at Tho termination of receivership and 12 Gaa Wells All of the latter being already shut Down Quot he continued. Quot All will be continued a shut Down condition the present close observation of bar Presa Iro will to invade and future action will be guided by Tho results of those Quot some of the Oil Are such Smitall producers that they Are being abandoned while Tho others Are being put such condition As will Best protect the11 Panda from which they have been producing Oil. Toil production of Tho reset vet to the end of september 1027, h,470,834 barrels total ultimate of recoverable Oil 20,000,000 modesty almost costs Man life the writ of Hareas Corpus meaning literally that Quot you have the body Quot la one of the oldest writs of common Law. Its purpose to compel the Giro Ducolon the court of a person claimed to be wrongfully held custody to determine Why he is de Mori than 300 of icons were present trained. At the dinner which was served by.dies of the Kastern Star masonic Hall. As Illimani so incr of fellow commander Huirles Moira i adj Ian. Kern county Cost Neil of the american legion presented Avns a it Post with a citation exc iii it Sarvice obtaining Fuli of iii id members. unique feature of the entertain intent program consist ii the Reading of telegrams of regrets from Sill to a Lars. And Many notables Aslo inability to attend Midway Mikkl March 21.dack of pair of pants nearly Cost the life of Ninh r Ivre recently. Herman the Only male a Houseful of boarders was taking a Bath. And thereby a tale. He became dizzy while the tub and realized that Gas i Timon were escaping from a beater the room. The time used struggling into i. Underwear might live been used opening the door but did not want to do that until he had put Panta. As he reached pants he fell unconscious and was saved by the Landlady who heard fall. When Alfred Mcdee a wealthy Farnier near of Lenville Ala died Lio requested that Gruve lie near the Road and Hal Farmers Lia uling Cotton to Markel should Call out a loud voice the Jiricek of Cotton that Day. has been done -15 years. I til annual nun her of per i of , Quot. stats. Ill a Vii Ien Mil i. ill.11. 1 Hri nil company at .1 1 my Oil Quot i. Inthe weather san Francis. Jul i Unity Occam Lonuel a Titis mild Tempora Luie moderate it ii West winds. Northern ., Riih ii Iivla mild i Nair i Ute a Lull ital Ina i then Ith c-.it and i a \ la y. I Ita,.i. 11 1.1.1 lil. Wilur i 1 or no it. I is a ouch or to f s. 11. Sani. A a Quot 1 i by. M i la 1,., drilling ahead i to Quot f.-. T 111 ii. Ii Honolulu to test cell company is starting a new Den irk its a tuin s Hoh Ungs ill . Ni a .i Hills a i of i he a Midway Sunset ,,., i. The com Bruiy is Al maintaining Allie drilling operations Oil to ,-.s the Kolind m.-, area to the North full 1 e Quot i it. Mine workers ire beat he a balls More is a alien Sali is added to their drip King water. ixccsiy&Quot l iii ses a loss of Salt Froni the body and the of this ele Mont Helios to prevent exhaustion. Danguagci of Ali the races of . Wor i v. Ill preserved phonograph records posterity when a unique .Llection being made the new museum of languages Paris or impacted. it or South Vales the blow Fly does annual Danio go amounting to $10,000,000. _ a a = 1 first National Bank Bakersfield a word to Bankers executives lawyers brokers credit men merchants Utheil. Tobacco is the latest »Uptliutc Lerz Nsncy thin fhe i of or i Deiper Imp Reg Al Ile,1 Slih Aliemi i i i a. A dind Perlum. Ii to Reseniblihs material is mad. Inc. 11 -. Ilici a Ideiil ii Mai ii i living. I Aliquot a this Well Billiu Quot to the minute Klein Ash Type Home jut Lom peeled has Large living room with is Ini gothic ceiling and real fireplace. Elliptical Arch Between living room and dining room. Finest i Mility floors throughout. Hall and two bedrooms attract Lovely papered. Mosaic tile Bath with Shower. Sink has tile splash and Drain Board. Plenty of and cupboards. Inlaid linoleum Kiti Lien and service porch. tiny and Antonia tic heat. A Rought Iron electric fixtures and window shades. Beautiful so rubber around House and Patio. Garage with Concrete floor. Shinnies Quot creosote dipped colors House and garage. Galvanized Iron valleys and water drains. Situated lot Oxias. Several feet above sidewalk fast growing residential part of City one mile from civic Center. For Sale by owner who built own Home. Four und one half months under construction to injun i perfect stucco and plaster. No contractors profit or Selling commission. Price reasonable. I \ u to and Punk if you want to own a real Home do not miss this Opportunity will move to our new quarters within the next ten lays. This move will enable us to i Ive belter service to our Ever increasing clientele. The Bank owned and operated by r3akcrsfield citizens Lor the building of this come Emily. tuls advertisement we direct your attention to the s list of a papers filed the recorder s Oitice and the Soltice of the county clerk. The last papers filed either office Are now Jib listed daily and one May have the morning a Complete list of filed documents the first Complete list printed daily. We solicit your patronage b. C. Kipling contractor builder and designer Englif hand Spanish style houses free plan service to join v oui own idea. Office and residence 1835 Niles Street. Phone 1695 i Rie Ferenc a. First Hank off Ern ,1. Gaii. My Hakr Street or sudent of k Ern iii Niy iii dial iii living ill i Waii As ,i.,.n. Or. Ray Walt special to Moor Delirs a s i Ferrii i Ohlms four years Bakersfield 2 512 Twenty first Street i hone 5712

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