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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Bakersfield, California Vol. 58 Quot to Quot two sections Bakersfield California wednesday september 19,1945 14 pages no. 43 a i by one criminal list to be published second paper stopped Tokyo sept. 19. A general Macarthur Headquarters announced today it a Tild Issue soon a new and lengthy list of suspected japanese War criminals while reliable japanese sources predicted an imminent purge of reactionary elements in the Cabinet of Premier Higashi Kimi. Premier Prince Higashi Kuni himself in a press conference yesterday told Allied correspondents that his government intended to determine responsibility for starting the War and try its own accused providing general Macarthur approved. The Prince did not elaborate however and there was no word from Macarthur Headquarters on whether the japanese would be permitted to punish their own War criminals. Demonstrating its resolve to keep firm grip on the conquered j Aparise Headquarters suspended for one Day a second Tokyo newspaper a the English language Nippon times. Fail to submit article the paper w As ordered 30 minutes before press time to withhold publication of its thursday morning edition not because of objectionable material bul because its editors had failed to submit for american censorship a Printer proof of an editorial of the recent change of foreign ministers. The big japanese language paper aaa i tuesday was ordered to skip publication for two Days for printing inflammatory articles. The sources who spoke of impending Cabinet resignations said vice Premier Prince Fumi Maro Konoye probably would Lead the list. He is a minister without portfolio. Two other Cabinet members without portfolio who May step Down at the same time the sources said Are lieutenant general Toshihiro Obata and take Ora Ogata. The latter who also is chief Cabinet Secretary was named by Macarthur on a list of members of the Quot Black dragon society but it was unde stood american authorities had taken no action against him in order to give the japanese government time to prove its Contention that he was not a member. Tell of a wide Gap japanese predicting the cab resignations said a Quot wide Gap existed Between Premier Prince Higashi Kuni and the three they expected to leave the government. They described Higashi Kuni As personally interested in the gradual democratization of Japan both As a Reform step and in compliance with the wishes of general Macarthur and said Konoye and the others had opposed Tho premieres attempts to smooth relations Between the japanese and american governments. Out in Tho Pacific the largest Carrier task Force Ever assembled was no formed into special Quot Carrier continued on Page two i if b-29s i 6500 Miles Washington sept. 19. a three big super fortresses manned by Blue ribbon Crews roared across Alaska and into Canada today on a record breaking 6500-mile nonstop flight from Japan to Washington via the great Circle route. The three sky giants which left Japan at 4 p. Rn., e. W. T., yesterday reached the alaskan coast at 4 11 a. Rn., e. W. And swept eastward at an average Speed of 236 Miles an hour. The flight passed Fairbanks at 6 20 a. Rn., and was due at White horse in the Canadian Yukon the Halfway Point at 8 20 a. In. 26-hour trip lieutenant general Barney Giles Deputy chief of United states strategic air forces in the Pacific who was aboard the Lead plane radioed the army in Nome that the flight expected to arrive in Washington at 3 p. Rn., p. W. an elapsed time of 26 hours since the Takeoff from Japan. Their nonstop hop would not be the longest on record however. The established record of 7158 Miles was set november 5-7, 1938 by two British Royal air Force Vickers Wellesley planes which flew from Egypt to Australia without refuelling or stopping. Quot can see nothing Here that will Stop us a Giles message said. Quot May have to squeeze out a couple of Gas cells to make it. All ships took off with 10,000 Gallons experiencing no Giles said that while the planes were flying off the tip of Kamchatka three russian p-63 s flew alongside and Quot performed meet headwinds the flight moving along at 20,-ooo feet met unpredicted headwinds on the first 1000 Miles of the journey but Giles said the Weatherman Quot changed it to tailwinds Alten told he would be thrown overboard unless he did something about Giles also asked army officials. In Ruman pledges fast return of forces Washington sept. 19. Gbo president Truman declared today that there will be Quot no padding in our armed forces and that Quot no one is going to be held in the service a Day longer than is the pres Dent said in a statement that no one can accurately forecast at this time the future military needs and noted that general Douglas Macarthur had revised his own estimates of the number of troops necessary for the occupation of Japan and Korea Macarthur first estimated that he required a Force of 500,000, but Cut this to 400,000 and then to 200,000. Quot the army a plans Call for the return to their Homes of More than 2,000,000 soldiers Between a a Day and Christmas 1945,�?� the presidents statement said. A a Between now and Christmas the discharge rate will steadily Rise from the present daily figure of id Soo to not less than 22,-000 per Day and by january 1946, to More thin 25,000 per body of murdered ave washed ashore san Francisco sept. 19. Up a the badly battered body of Mary Joan Durn Mcdermott Auburn haired wave from Dobbs ferry. N. A. Was recovered late yesterday from the Waters of the Golden Gate. City and county officials who the search for ted the 23-year-old on duty in the and her body foot High Golden launched in her slayers wife of a a from it ring. The girls body was washed ashore on the i rim county Side of the Golden Gat e. Coroner h. O. Hewitt said the go was dead before she hit iter. She had a punctured three broken ribs and internal her nose was broken and badly bruised. To notify mrs. Clyde a. Smith of Fairbanks that her husband a Captain and a member of the Crew was passing Over her Home but that he was Quot sorry he can to drop mrs. Smith was Quot miss Fairbanks in 1941. % the mileage from the Takeoff Point Muza Tani Airfield on hokkaido northernmost of the japanese main islands to Washington is 6509 by Way of the Nome fair Banks Yukon Point followed by the planes. An alternate Southern route w hich w Ould have stretched it to 6762 Miles had been prepared in Case bad weather was met. The next longest non Stop flight now on record�?6235 Miles was made by three russian airmen from Moscow to san Jacinto calif., in july of 1937. Boys Given Choice of school or draft Washington. Sept. 19. Upit selective service today gave american High school boys the Choice of going to school or toting a Rifle and if ifs school they can to play hookey. It announced that boys who entered High school before they were 18 years of age will be Given a Chance to graduate before becoming eligible for induction. If their Choice is school selective service said the boys will have to attend Quot continuously and the new regulation applies to Al students until they reach the age of 20. If a student fails to graduate by the time he is 20 he automatically becomes liable to induction. Invited to China chunking sept. 19, Gbo p. H. Chang a government spokesman and Counselor of the executive Yuan said today the United states had been invited to Send troops to Shanghai banking piping and tientsin for the purpose of helping disarm the japanese. A ballots to select provincial Assembly discussed by big 5 London sept. 19. A the governments of Britain the United states and France issued a joint statement today expressing the a firm opinion that elections pro visionary Assembly in Greece should be held As soon As possible. The three Allied Powers said they had held consultations Quot on All subjects concerning Greece with the greek Regent archbishop Damaskinos during the big five foreign ministers conference Here and they held out Hope that elections could be held Quot before the end of the the three governments have agreed it was disclosed to Send observers to Greece to watch the elections. Three allies said formation of a government based on the wishes of the people and the provisional parliament Quot would facilitate the restoration of conditions of stable Tranquility and Quot Only w Hen these conditions Are in the due course firmly established will it become possible to hold a free and genuine plebiscite to decide the future regime in Greece. Quot the three governments in full agreement Hope and recommend that till parties in Greece with the interests of their country before them will collaborate sincerely and willingly in the execution of this program Wilch in their judgment represents the Hest Hope if an orderly and democratic development chiefs Power to reorganize . Approved president would have sweeping authority under legislation Ash Washington sept. 19. Exp a the House committee on executive expenditures today approved unanimously a Bill authorizing the president to regroup co ordinate or abolish the bulk of the approximately too executive agencies and their functions. However the measures unlike the Bill before a Senate committee would not permit the president to extend this Power to the reorganization of departments. President Truman asked for Broad reorganization authority in his recent message to Congress. He now enjoys such Power under the first War Powers act which expires six months after a declaration of the cessation of hostilities. Macarthur s wife arrives in Tokyo Tokyo sept. 19. Or a mrs. Douglas Macarthur wife of the supreme Allied occupation commander arrived in Tokyo today. She will join her husband at his residence in the american embassy. Mrs. Macarthur and their son accompanied the general on his trip from Bataan to Australia in the dark Days of 1942 and rejoined him in Manila following the liberation of the Philippines capital last year. Into the stretch a scenes such As this will be re enacted this week at Kern county Fairgrounds with opening of the county a ninth annual fall fair. Racing thoroughbreds of the Tri county racing association will being a three Day meet at 1 30 p. In. Friday. Other outstanding features of the five Day fair which opened at noon today will be a horse show sponsored by the Frontier Days association Friday and saturday at 8 p. In. And agricultural and livestock exhibits As Well As an entertainment program. U. A. We Federal Man study strike Union schedules conclave to Settle dispute idling 50,000 Detroit sept. 19. Up a the c. I. O. United Auto workers Union acted today to bring order into its own House and beat government conciliators in settlement of sweeping strike threats in the automobile Industry. As a Batten of Federal labor department agents w As ordered into the explosive Detroit labor situation Richard t. Frankenstein u. A. W. Vice president scheduled Day Long conferences with strikers and management at the Kelsey Hayes wheel company. Production suspended a 28-Day strike of 4500 c. I. O. Members at Kelsey Hayes has forced Ford motor company to suspend production of 1946 passenger cars in la plants. Some 50,000 Ford employees Are Idle. This dispute Over dismissal of 12 Union stewards is the major blot on the production scene in the automotive Industry. Within a few hours after Schwelm Lenbach designated Detroit As the testing ground for the revitalized labor departments Power to keep Harmony Between labor and management there were signs that the strike tension Here was subsiding. Here is the picture attempts settlement 1. Richard t. Frankensteen International vice president of the c. I. O. United Auto workers and candidate for mayor of Detroit said he personally would attempt to Settle a dispute at the Kelsey Hayes wheel company parts supplier which has idled 50,000 Ford motor company workers. 2. The deadline set by the u. A. W. For general motors to reply to demands for a 3d per cent wage increase passed without Union leaders continued on Page two Forrestal urges sea control with atom attacking Navy Washington sept. 19. Lbs postwar control of the seas with a Navy capable of Quot delivering atomic bomb attacks was urged today by Navy Secretary James v. Forrestal before the House naval committee. Testifying on legislation to determine the size of the peacetime Navy Forrestal said the key to future Victory and to the Freedom of this country Quot will be in the control of the seas and of the skies above Soo combat vessels an Active Fleet ready for Battle consisting of approximately Soo modern major combatant vessels including la battleships is aircraft carriers including 3 45,000-tonners, 21 escort carriers to heavy and Large cruisers 29 Light cruisers 176 destroyers 40 destroyer escorts and 90 submarines in addition to supporting h a a the battleships carriers cruisers destroyers and submarines would be new ships completed since 1940. A Laid up Reserve of 7 old battleships. 22 carriers built since 1940, 58 escort carriers 14 heavy cruisers of Light cruisers 191 destroyers 257 destroyer escorts to submarines and supporting Craft. Quot a ready reserved of too additional major ships. Forrestal and Fleet Admiral Ernest j. King chief of naval operations were called As principal witnesses at the hearing. Nucleus Crews in the Quot ready reserved would be ships in commission but manned by Nuce ius Crews and available for Active service on 30 Days notice. The Laid up Reserve w Ould be ships wholly out of commission and tied up with Only caretaker Crews aboard. While the Active Fleet would be numerically smaller than the prewar Fleet of december 1941, Forrestal said ii would be Quot faster and incomparably stronger in fire Power and Forrestal said no one knows what effect the atomic bomb will have on meddling navies but emphasized that the United states Wavy intends to adapt the atomic bomb to Carrier based planes. But whatever the future brings he asserted Quot the Mission of the United states Navy s to control the seas which Are important to our Security by whatever a weapons Are most while immensely destructive he said the atomic bomb Quot is still a bomb requiring land or Carrifer based planes to deliver and the Best defense against it is Quot in intercepting air Tokyo Rose released As husband s charge Tokyo sept. 19. Up a Iva yogini los Angeles born Tokyo Rose of the japanese air Waves was released into the custody of her portuguese husband today. A Nisei she had been arrested by the american eighth army for possible trial As a War criminal. Final disposition of her Case awaits determination of her citizenship status by the United states state department. Under the terms of her release she May be recalled at any time by the eighth army. Another alleged War criminal Shigenori Togo japanese foreign minister at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack was revealed to have suffered a relapse at his Home. Togo ill with a heart ailment was reported Quot resting today after his condition began to Worsen at 3 p. In. Yesterday. His appetite was described As very poor. Race to save life ends in two deaths Santa. A it up pie pm. 19. A by a wild to save a woman a life last night brought death instead for two persons and critical injuries for two others. Dead Are j. D. Gibbins of Firebaugh and Rosie Martinez 19, his sister in Law. Badly Hurt Are mrs. Gibbins and her daughter Shirley 13. Coroner a. C. Silvershield said the survivors told him a family quarrel tuesday ended with mrs. Gibbins drinking Poison kept in a tent where they lived on a Sebastopol ranch. The distraught husband hurried his wife and the two other members of the family into theft car and sped for the Sonoma county Hospital the machine shot through a Boulevard Stop at 60 to to files an hour hit another automobile driven by e. Shipley Adf Oakland and then crashed into a Oak tree. Cd Haw Hawk gets death for treason use of passport makes propagandist liable to Crown London sept. 13. Uhf who Lam lord Haw Haw Joyce was convicted of High treason against Britain in old Bailey today and sentenced to death on the Gallows. A British jury took Only 25 minutes to find Joyce guilty on the third count of an indictment charging him with broadcasting nazi propaganda while Britain and Germany were locked in a death struggle. The verdict brought to a grim Climax the career of Joyce who during the War cluttered the air Waves with tales of nazi might and sarcastic belittling of Britain Schance to survive the struggle. Counsel for Joyce announced As soon As the conviction and death sentence were brought in that they we Ould Appeal the Case. Just before the jury retired Justice sir Frederick Tucker knocked the main prop out from under Joyce s defense. He ruled that Joyce owed allegiance to the British Crown regardless of his citizenship. Joyce heard the verdict quietly. Then he turned away and walked to his cell. As he swung Down the Steps into the cell he made a gesture that some thought was a nazi Salute. Unemployment Bill nears showdown Washington sept. 19. Or a the Senate drive to a show Down today on the controversial Bill to provide increased unemployment compensation during reconversion. Senate democratic Leader Alben w. Barkley ky., expected the Bill to pass before Nightfall. But first the Senate had to dispose of sweeping amendments which bring the entire jobless pay question onto the Senate floor for a close fight. Senator Harley m. Kilgore do. Seeking to overcome his defeat in committee asked the Senate to restore a Federal guarantee of jobless pay to a maximum of $25 per week for 26 weeks. Under his proposed amendment which Drew Sharp Republican fire Kilgore would let the states decide whether they want to accept Federal funds to increase unemployment compensation up to $25 weekly. More oils soaps promised civilians Washington sept. 19. By More oils and soap will be available to civilians in the last Quarter of 1945, but sugar supplies will be Shorter for the next six months. Secretary of agriculture Andersons estimates vegetable Oil shortening cooking and salad oils up la per cent. Household and bar soaps up 5.4 per cent. Sugar Down 28 per cent. Anderson said last night there would be St per cent More fats and oils for use in paint varnishes coated fabrics and linoleum. There will be More butter available because the government has withdrawn from the Market. Margarine supplies Are expected to be about the same. Anderson did not guess whether opa might be Able to Cut ration Point values on edible oils. Takes bar oath los Angeles sept. 19. Oie a John g. Clock will take the oath of office for newly elected president jeer Giller of the state Ber association at the organizations annual Quot sleeting Here tomorrow. Schwellenbac with Quot labor Boss Quot Power Steps into dispute Washington sept. 19. By labor Secretary Lewis b. Sch Ellen Bach armed with new authority carried out today his Promise to Quot get right Square in the Middle of Detroit a troubled labor situation. He delegated his newly appointed chief of the United states conciliation service Edgar l. Warren to study the Detroit strikes to determine whether Quot government intervention is required. Warren who flew to Washington from Chicago last night also considered calling principals in the Michigan City a strikes and threatened work stoppages to a labor management conference. Broad authority Schwellenbac became the governments labor Quot Bossy under the departments reorganization. He held a presidential Grant of Broad new authority although few new Powers to Deal with Industrial disputes. President Truman shifted the War labor Board the United states employment service and the War manpower commission to the labor department. By that action he conferred All the authority inherent in those agencies on Secretary Schwellenbac. Schwellenbac had presented his reorganization plan to or. Truman Augustio. Yesterdays White House action was attributed to the labor storms which appeared to be gathering last we Eek end Over Detroit a automobile Industry and elsewhere. Folds up Oes along with his news conference announcement of the labor department revamping or. Truman also disclosed that he is folding up the office of economic stabilization and turning Over director William h. Davis duties to reconversion director John w. Snyder. Davis himself and Schwellenbac both indicated to newsmen that a statement recently attributed to Davis had embarrassed the administration. Davis had been quoted As saying the government w As behind a program to increase wages 50 per cent while sitting on prices. Davis took the position privately that the remark attributed to him was a misinterpretation of what he had said at a news Sehi Inar but he issued no Public denial. \ a Nimitz flagship Pearl Harbor sept 19. Or the Navy announced today that the battleship u. S. S. Missouri has been officially designated As Fleet Admiral Chester w. Nimitz flagship. Admiral William f. Halsey a flagship will be the South Dakota. Fair Olor Ful 5-Day Estival opens _ agricultural exhibits horse show races featured As annual fair begins at noon by Happy Girton the old lure of the fair gripped Kern county today As residents thronged at noon to the opening of the five Day annual Kern county fair first regular show since Pearl Harbor Complete with five barns full of Well bred horses pens of fat sheep and Swine carefully groomed Dairy and beef cattle and Pink nosed rabbits and proud chickens along with shelves of colourful preserved fruit and vegetables fresh Garden products farm machinery educational exhibits and hot dogs. For the first time in Many years horse racing will be featured. Highlighting the evening programs Friday and saturday will be the annual horse show Given by Frontier Days association in cooperation with the fifteenth agricultural fair association in front of the grandstand at 8 p. In. Gaited horses jumpers and Hunters and judging of Western Saddle and Stock horses will be featured according to Herb Vaughn general chairman. Opening shot official opening of the fair came at 4 15 p. In. Today when a. S. Goode president of the fair Board welcomed the throng mayor Alfred Siemon represented Bakersfield and c. W. Harty chairman of the Board of supervisors spoke for the county. Other dignitaries present included Howard Dickson vice president of the fifteenth District fair association senator j. R. Dorsey assemblyman t. H. Werdel Ralph Ryan editor of Kern county Union labor journal and Emory Gay Hoffman manager of the exhibit building and chairman of entertainment. Other members of the fair Hoard include g. O. Nay a. J. Alexander j. W. Boehm Herbert Vaughn and Law son Lowe. George Wendt is general manager of the fair. Horn of plenty gaily decorated with Victory flags and banners in the Quot Horn of plenty theme the main exhibits building is filled with displays of farm machinery preserved foods Garden products county industries and recreational exhibits. Cotton picker tractors disks and planters of interest to county Farmers Are displayed in the Center of the Large building. Explanation of Central Valley project with Relief maps and pictures is provided by one exhibit while the United states Forest service gives camping information from a setting of Pine Trees and logs in another Corner. Service of the railroads to the county potato growers is portrayed by a Model Railroad scene Complete with farms loading platforms potato Sheds and miniature rail cars. Fruits and vegetables fruit and vegetables canned by the pressure cooker and water Bath methods and preserved in Clear Glass jars showing Rich natural color Are continued on Page six events Suth of Kem sparkling program to attract throng to ask 65-cent minimum wage rate Washington sept. 19. Gbo representative Norton in. A reported today Quot the impression that president Truman is agreeable to legislation to provide a 65-cent hourly minimum wage for workers covered by the w age hour Law. Leaving the White House the chairman of the House labor com Mittee said she would introduce such legislation today. Or. Truman in his september message to Congress called for Quot substantial increase in the present 40-cent minimum rate provided by the wage and hour act. He said that rate was now Senate confirms Burton for Justice of supreme court Washington sept. 19. Gbo the Senate today unanimously confirmed the appointment of senator Harold h. Burton Ohio Republican to be a supreme court Justice. On the motion of chairman Mccarran a Nev of the judiciary committee the Senate suspended its rules to approve the nomination less than 24 hours after it was sent to Senate. By Elton c. Fay i Washington sept. 19. Gbo judge Patterson chewed his gum hard today. He always does when he has a Tough Job at hand. And that he has president Truman nominated the undersecretary of War to succeed the venerable Henry l. Stimson As head of the War department. Stimson with 77 years three Cabinet jobs and two wars behind him resigned. Praises Stimson Patterson who entered the Quot Little cabinets As assistant Secretary soon after Stimson a appointment by the late president Roosevelt in 1940, says of the retiring chief Quot those w to worked with him Day in and Day out will never forget How a sparingly he gave himself to his country a cause through the War but those who looked into the immediate future foresaw a task for Patterson Only slightly less Complex than the War years presented for Stimson. If the Senate confirms his nomination the 54-year-old, former. Federal judge will have these assorted problems on his hands 1. Demobilization. 2. The Structure and size of a postwar army. 3. Occupation forces in Germany and Japan. 4. The congressional investigation of Pearl Harbor. 5. Proposals for consolidation of the armed forces the army favors it the Navy does no to. Atom problem 6. Policies concerning the atomic bomb with a decision on whether the War department should recommend for or against. Revealing the secret to Friendly Powers. 7. Arguments Over a separate air Force. Or. Truman in announcing the resignation of Stimson said that assistant Secretary John j. Me cloy and Robert a. Lovett assistant Secretary for air also had submitted their resignations but that he had not accepted them immediately. A judging of fruits and vegetable displays preserved foods poultry and rabbits hogs horses and agricultural mechanics opened the program of the ninth annual Kern county fair at 9 a. In. Today with judging continuing through saturday noon. Official opening for spectators came at 4 15 p. In. Today with a welcoming address by fair association president Alberts Goode. Puppet shows by the Little theater Guild will be presented each afternoon starting at 4 p. In. Today in the main exhibits building. W. Reese is in charge of this p Gram. One show a Day will be Given today thursday and Friday with three shows on saturday and sunday at i 3 and 5 p. In. Hobby collections will be exhibited at All times in the building. Musk scheduled glee club music will be presented by the Taft youth Center under the direction of Tom Stevens at 8 p. In today in the main exhibits building. East Bakersfield High school brass quartet led by Justin Burston will also give several numbers. Pacific Quarter horse association will hold its Semi annual meeting at 7 30 p. In. Today in the chamber of Commerce building. Lyle Sheldon Secretary of the organization will be in charge of arrangements. Herdsman judging the showmanship contest for open class exhibitors sponsored by or. Goode will be held at 8 p. In. Today in the grandstand. Safeway dinner for All Junior exhibitor has been scheduled for 6 30 p. In. In the Spanish room of hotel Al Tejon. Judging continues thursday s program opens at 9 a. In. With continued judging adding beef cattle. It will be official Quarter horse Day and Champion mares and stallions will be judged for the sweepstakes at 8 p. In. In front of the Ballpark grandstand. Judging of horse champions in All classes will take place at the same time. Judging and showmanship contest for a herdsmen of the Junior division is scheduled for 8 p. In. In the grandstand. Mexican group from our lady of Guadalupe Church will sing at 8 p. In. In main exhibits building thursday under the direction of the reverend father Silvana Baquedano. Mrs. Walter Jaynes is in charge of the evening musical programs at the fair. Sheep and Dairy cattle will be judged starting at 9 a. In. Friday continued from Pate one Macarthur adviser boards Tokyo plane Oakland sept. 19. Gbo George at Cheson jr., political adviser to general Macarthur in Japan is flying to Tokyo today with his aide John s. Service. The two left the Oakland Airport tuesday night aboard a naval air Iran port plane under orders from the state department to proceed directly to the japanese capital. Neither would comment on the nature of the assignment. Atcheson was named september 4 by Secretary of state James f. Byrnes As Macarthur counsel on political phases of the Allied occupation of Japan. He is a Veteran at 48 of 15 years diplomatic service in China and for the last four months has been in the state department office of far Eastern affairs. He returned to this country Early in May 1945, from chunking. H women in Okinawa to get first vote Tokyo sept. 19. Or a the first women a suffrage on japanese soil was approved for Okinawa today by the american military government. Under the new plan both men and women Over 25 will have equal voting privileges in native affairs. Marine colonel Charles l. Murray Deputy Island commander for the military government approved the plan requested by okinawan. The islanders pointed out that Many families lacked representation in native councils because they had no adult males. Okinawan said their men voters had been lost either in a amp a deaths or in labor grafts to the japanese Homeland

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