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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Bakersfield, California A a a a s it temperature sigh yesterday Law today expected High today exported Low tomorrow expected High tomorrow Soa Rixe 8 17 Raia Lall total to Date Trace Seayoo Normal .41 Isabella dam Reservoir Arre feet Kern River flow la sir cos oat 300 of Farer Ait sunny today and sunday with Light winds and not much change in Teper natures. Att Tefft i ii californian vol. 84 $2.50 monthly delivered Bakersfield California saturday oct. 31, 1970 three sections 30 pages no. 92 Kern production diseased vain a -___________31.832�73f>948 agric Mare _____________________334,837.70 Book deposits _______________s4s3.53s.sss Rui diag permit ----�?------s4s.87s.4ss pipal Flaa a 351,580 Telephone 175.489 Kern county Board Ai Trade i Gore it second class postage paid la Bakersfield. California. Published daily by Tho Bakersfield californian Ai 1787 Eye Street. Send form 357s change of address to . Bis 448. Bakersfield. California 93383. Thugs hoodlums rallies support president Nixon holds up the arms of California gov. Ronald Reagan right and sen. George Murphy at Republican rally in Anaheim Friday night. A be rapt a Phoenix Ariz. A fit president Nixon said today a Law and order Are a code words for Freedom from fear and declared a if we do not and now to protect our Freedom we shall lose our Nixon re jelled the thought violence in the nation stems from the Vietnam War or repression. A there is no romantic Ideal he said a a let a recognize them for what they Are not romantic revolutionaries but the same thugs and hoodlums that have always plagued a Good Nixon a statement Bas delivered at a Republican rally at the Airport in Phoenix. Nixon charged a Congress has Dilly dallied in passing new Laws to Deal with criminals and he called for Ledion of senators who Bill approve Strong judges to interpret the Laws the nation already has. He also called for a new attitude in which parents exercise their responsibilities in moral guidance for College administrators to a Stop caving in to the demands of a Radical and for moderate students to stand up to violent ones. A night earlier he called tuesday s election a probably the most important and decisive election in american history. And appealed to the nation for a vote of Confidence in himself and his program. A vote for those men who will vote for the president rather than against him so that the president can keep his promises to you the american people a Nixon told 8,008 Republican partisans in Anaheim convention Center and television viewers across the nation Friday night the Republican National committee purchased network time for a telecast of the speech in the Wake of thursday night s incident at san Jose in which rocks bottles and eggs were hurled at the president. Nixon had said a the time has come to take the gloves off and that he would discuss in the Anaheim speech a what America must do to end this wave of violence and but he gave a toned Down version of the same Basic speech he has been delivering in political swings about the nation. The president said in referring to the san to 2 incident a a it a time to draw the line against violent demonstrators and that the Republican can election spawns peace fetes by the associated press Antiwar rallies parades and speeches were planned in dozens of american cities today in what was billed a a massive demonstration for peace on the eve of the nov. 3 elections. In contrast. President Nixon will be honoured in Salt Lake City tonight with a a candlelight patriotic Parade which sponsors say is expected to draw several thousand persons. Nixon will be in i Tab on a Campaign swing for Republican Senate candidates. I nits from veterans groups labor organizations and school children will March in the Salt Lake City Parade sponsors said with state attorney general Vernon Romney As Parade marshal. The Antiwar demonstrators said they would not interfere with the Parade confining their protest to such a a dramatizations As Selling apples on Street Corners and setting up soup lines to protest military spending. About 2.000 students gathered Friday night at the University of South Florida in Tampa in an Antiwar demonstration that included Rock music. A candlelight March was held on the Campus Early today and a Parade through downtown Tampa was scheduled later in the Day. In Chicago the sponsoring oct. List peace action committee said up to 25.000 persons were expected to March through the downtown area to attend an Antiwar rally in Grant Park. Jerry Gordon a Cleveland attorney and coordinator of the National peace action coalition which called the demonstrations said other protests throughout the nation would be linked to a recent grand jury indictment of students at Kent state University. A we feel that Nixon is trying to throttle the student movement a he said a to turn them into vegetables and to sterilize the the student indictments were returned by a Portage county Ohio. Grand jury in connection with disorders which led to a confrontation with National guardsmen in which four students were killed and nine wounded. Gordon criticized Nixon s campaigning for Republican candidates As a a last minute smear and fear campaigns which he said was designed to Avert voters from a the real issues and problems that confront in new York. The peace action coalition scheduled a lunch hour Parade Down seventh Avenue from Colum Luis Circle to Bryant Park for a rally. Similar afternoon marches and rallies were planned in los Angeles. San Francisco san Diego. Seattle. Portland Detroit Philadelphia Boston Columbus Ohio. And Atlanta. In Elpaso. Tex., scheduled speakers in a rally at the University of Texas Branch included rename Davis a defendant in the c hic ago seven riot trial sponsors said another 18,000 demonstrators Wert expected at a rally at the state Capitol in Austin although police predicted the number would be much smaller. Rate Millett feminist and author of a sexual politics a was on the list of speakers for a rally at Independence mall in Philadelphia along with Stewart Meacham. Former director of the american friends service committee Anc Jan Crumb founder of a Vietnam veterans against a 1 a scheduled rally in Trenton. N j., was cancelled Friday because of recent racial Tun Noil in that City following implementation of a school busing plan. In Waterloo. Iowa permission to use Exchange Park for a two hour rally was held up until organizers posted a $508 Bond to cover the Cost of any damage spokesmen for the los Angeles get. I out now committee said they expected several thousand persons and no violence at their rally. Watson ruled insane by court los Angeles apr Charles a a text Watson accused of leading two murder missions in which Sharon Tate and six others died has been declared insane and in danger of dying. A judge ordered Watson committed to a state mental Hospital and said Friday he would not be tried until he regains his sanity. Or. Marcus Crahan one of three psychiatrists reporting on the tall lean texan said a emr. Watson in the last week has become listless flaccid and makes no movements. His lips Are pursed. He is being fed by nasal tube. He is. Becoming a vegetable. He is rapidly reverting to a fetal state. Which would be rapidly the insanity ruling by Superior court judge George Dell came at a hearing across the Hall from a courtroom where Charles Manson and three women Are being tried on murder cons mrav charges for the deaths of miss Tate and six other persons in August 1969 trial witnesses have described Watson 24. As chief lieutenant of Manson a hippie style Watson fought extradition from Mckinney. Tex., until after the trial of the others began and was returned Here sept. La to stand trial separately. Gaunt but clean Cut looking. The fi-foot-2 former High school athlete has made several court appearances since then. Always remaining silent his Mouth agape occasionally smiling vacantly and staring into space. Officials told judge Dell that Watson was in serious condition in the jail infirmary where his weight had dropped from 180 pounds to 110. Jail spokesmen said a there is a serious possibility he could die from two other r e p f r t i n g psychiatrists told Dell that see Watson Page Charles Tex Watson new raps agitators stirs fight Hammond. Ind. Up about 50 Young demonstrators quietly walked out on a speech by vice president Spiro t. Agnew Friday night. One of the youths was punched by an older Man. Touching off a five minute fracas. A there goes an agitator from North Vietnam a Agnew said As the youth was led from the Hammond civic Center. The vice president was heckled at an earlier speech in Belleville iii., where he denounced demonstrators who threw rocks and eggs at president Nixon a limousine at san Jose saying a it s time to sweep that kind of garbage out of our Agnew spent the night in Chicago before resuming his campaigning. The vice president suffered a bit of embarrassment in Hammond when he referred to the City As Gary. A a Hammond Hammond a Many of the 5,000 in the audience shouted. Rep. Richard l. Roudenbush r-ind., who is running against sen. Vance Hartke informed Agnew of his mistake. Agnew who called Hartke a a Radical Liberal a said the san Jose incident involving the president was a the most tragic incident since the assassination of John f. the vice president in his Belleville speech described the san Jose demonstrators As a an angry mob and said a when an elected representative is subjected to this its time to sweep that kind of garbage out of our approximately 30 youths interrupted agnews Belleville speech More than a dozen times with Boos chants and cries of a racist Agnew taunted Back calling them the a fringe specimens of our society. Elitists who done to know enough to come out of the rain in a deluge. As much intellectuals As the Cro Magnon let s get them out of our hair where they do not obstruct Progress a he shouted Over chants of a Kent state Kent state a he said the Way to do that was to give a vote of Confidence next tuesday to candidates a who favor a Tough stance on Law and order who favor Strong Campus administrations that will not tolerate this kind of outrageous presidential caravan dilates for whom he has spoken have taken a Strong stand against a this kind of lawlessness and this kind of Nixon appealed to voters to a stand with these men who understand the after the spech press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said Nixon will amplify his remarks on the san Jose incident today in a speech at Phoenix first Stop on a four state. Windup political swing to Arizona new Mexico Nevada and Utah. Nixon s speech received an enthusiastic reception from the party faithful who waved Small american flags and held up multicoloured signs including ones that proclaimed a no rocks in Anaheim and a a we re for Nixon not both of these were held aloft behind Nixon and in View of the television cameras. In contrast to Many Nixon speeches there were no hecklers and demonstrators inside the Hall. Outside a few dozen demonstrators some opposing the Vietnam War and others urging military Victory paraded on a sidewalk. Nixon flew the 35 Miles from the Western White House by helicopter Landing in a parking lot out of sight of the protesters. The Anaheim appearance was designed principally to bolster the re election Campaign of sen. George Murphy. The Field poll released Friday in California newspapers showed that democratic nominee John v. Turnkey has lengthened his Lead Over Murphy in recent weeks from two to seven percentage Points. Murphy introduced Nixon saying Quot this is the greatest Honor i have Ever experienced a then blinking noticeably As the president heaped Praise on him. The program was opened by gov. Ronald Reagan a Strong favorite for re election Over Democrat Jess Unruh. Reagan said a we see the threat of anarchy in this land and sharply attacked Tunney saying a a Young Man lusting for High office has forsaken decency and then. Nixon came on acknowledging a wild Roar from the crowd by waving both hands fingers in an outstretched a into the air. His biggest applause came at the Climax of a portion he often uses in which he said the picture of Youthful protesters shown on the nations television screens gives a false impression. A they re not a majority of american youth today and they will not be the leaders of America tomorrow a the president said. International 150 die in Viet floods Saigon up a foods fed by teeming Rains swept coastal areas of South Vietnam a five Northern provinces today in a catastrophe which killed at least 158 persons and devastated an important Rice producing Region looters prowled the streets of Danang. Nearly 158,818 persons were homeless in the flood disaster area. State butchers Ponder wage offer los Angeles apr retail butchers mulled Over the latest wage package offer of Southern California supermarket chains today As their strike deadline of sunday Midnight approached. Robert k. Fox president of the food employers Council announced the offer of a $1.48 hourly raise in wages and benefits Friday night unions representing 8,888 retail butchers have demanded a $1.81 raise Over their current hourly wage of $4.22. 500 stricken at us san Francisco a a stomach disorder among More than 588 students forced cancellation of classes Friday at the University of sen Francisco. All suffered from Hansen vomiting headaches and fever gastroenteritis which causes inflammation of the stomach and intestines he said. Unemployed hatred draws Thieu forecasts _ blame in san Jose attack get Cong defeat Jet seized for Havana san Jose a up organizers of an Antiwar rally say a a wave of hatred ignited a violent attack on president Nixon s motorcade. A it was so Strong the crowd could feel it a one of the rally a leaders said Friday. He said the crowd erupted Wrhen they saw Nixon emerge from the san Jose municipal auditorium climb aboard the Hood of his limousine and wave both arms his fingers flashing the a Symbol. And that when hecklers began hurling eggs rocks and bottles at the motorcade. The president reported that an egg brushed his face but secret service agents said the object was a Small Rock. Police chief Ray Blackmore estimated that some 900 persons were in the crowd that was screaming and hurling objects at the motorcade. Calling it the worst mob action in san Jose in recent years Black More said the crowd came within minutes of surrounding and trapping the president s car. Leaders of the rally said the a wave of hatred came not Only from Young radicals but a also from White Collar engineers thrown out of Wrork by cutbacks in government spending who were also picketing Nixon. Earl o. Hedemark. An attorney who represented several of the Radical groups who planned the rally said they a did everything in their Power to prevent Hedemark said the rally organizers had intended to Reader Index Pac see business and finance-.30 3 Church ____________12 2 classified __________24 3 comics ------------14 2 editorials-----------16 2 features -----------17 2 metropolitan Section. 9 2 Ann Landers _______7 i oil________________30 3 radio______________6 i Heaters ___________7 i television __________6 i sports 19 3 vital statistics_______29 3 keep it verbal and nonviolent. A the big Shock and Surprise to the protest group was the intensity of feeling which sprang from the White Collar Guys a Hedemark said. A there was a True merger and this sudden wave of anger seemed to be shared by at san Clemente Friday Nixon called the demonstrators a an unruly mob that represents the worst gov. Ronald Reagan and sen. George Murphy r-calif., who were the chief beneficiaries of the Nixon Campaign trip to California both condemned the violence. As did rep. John v. Tunney Murphy a opponent. In a speech Friday Reagan said California was ashamed of the youths who participated in the violence at san Jose. A they seek to tear Down and destroy rather than build a better world for All of Reagan said. Four persons were arrested in the Melee As police used a wedge of officers to Clear a corridor for the presidential motorcade. Two policemen see unemployed Page 8 Saigon apr president Nguyen Van Thieu said in a state of the nation report saturday that the Viet Cong cannot win the War. A the enemy has lost his initiative on the Battlefield a Thieu told a joint session of the National Assembly. A the has lost practically All control Over the population and we will continue to destroy his political infrastructure. The communists will lose and we will Thieu speaking on South Vietnam a National Day reviewed the governments Progress during the three years of his administration and outlined its program for 1971. He gave an optimistic report on the Progress of Viet Nami nation and the pacification program and said the emphasis next year will be on Village and Hamlet self defense and economic self development. He asserted that improved local defense by regional and popular Force militia and the Peoples self defense Force will enable South vietnamese regular forces to replace american troops during the coming year. Thieu called the Viet Cong and North vietnamese proposal for a coalition government a a a a machiavellian ruse and said All South vietnamese who support such a plan Are a lackeys of the a my conscience is Clear a he said a because i have not betrayed my countrymen and the sacrifices of our people. I am determined to end the War and to bring about peace and Freedom and Prosperity for All the people and to guarantee that the South will not fall into communist hands through any machiavellian a i will never betray the nation a he declared. A i will never surrender to the communists or enter into any coalition with Thieu called for National Unity and said the government should consolidate its position to prepare for a possible political settlement of the War. He referred at least three times to his assertion that the War will a fade away or a die Thieu delivered his address on the third anniversary of his inauguration As president. It had been scheduled for oct. See Thieu Page 8 1sid it rip Miami a forty nine Pas sengers who boarded National airlines flight 43 from Miami to san Francisco found them selves in a Havana hotel to Day the victims of a Man what pulled a Hijack. A National spokesman said the airline had Learned that passengers who arrived a Havana a Jose Maili Airport at 11 36 . Friday had Beer taken to a hotel. He said he did not expect the dc8 jetliner to return unti later today. Flight 43, which also Bac scheduled stops in Tampa new Orleans and Houston was diverted at 11 05 pin Friday 20 minutes after it Lefi Miami International Airport. The National spokesman Anc Federal aviation administration officials said the had no details about the Hijacker. Capt. Carl Greenwood Pilot of the Jet. Made his thin unwilling trip to Havana when he landed at Jose Marti

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