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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1965, Page 4

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Bakersfield, California 4 saturday oct. 30,1963 Chr californian rep. Harlan Hagen s stand recorded on 18 selected votes cd of t he key of Pree Washington Are description notes in the i Sci utile in 1965, selected by it congressional quarterly and tile positions taken by California i a Ive Harl ii Slugen Here Ber of children hum Low income have reduced fund Lur devel Law but operating funds were Congress provided for families in the area. By using this approach the administration successfully avoided a controversy Ever the religion Jostle that could have again prevented favourable House action. .1 Quot i us or the 1 u1j pas6.ed by a 203-15 1 i a Ostli District representing 228-57 la 35-96 Roll Call. John Kern. Kings and Tulare coun on in Lav or. Hagen voted be ties. Medicare. The major adminis to help wit ii of trot Ion Victory in 1905 was a Tiiu. Pic Trident Johnson s to Proval of legislation providing Ilion is Given when available medical care for the aged. But Here Are the House votes administration forces first had House buies. The House made to defeat a Republican proposal a major change in its operating for a voluntary comprehensive rules Jan. I when it voted to health insurance program in allow the speaker to recognize place of the presidents com a member to Call up tor door Pul Sory approach. The method action a Bill that had been be of financing the administration lore the buies committee for Ami Republican plans Dif-2 Days without being granted a feted. Tho Gap proposal was Rule for floor consideration Quot Lins Jet ted 191-236 63-220 la 128-Groatlv increased the Power of to. Johnson oppo cd. Hagen the majority headship and the voted no. Finished the Power us the rules social Security. Medicare. Committee a committee which once the Republican substitute in the past frequently blocked had been Defeated the admin action on administration Bills by is ration s Bill providing a health not granting a Rule tor floor insurance system for the aged consideration. Some legislation passed tile House by a 313-115 was brought to the floor under 248-42 63-73 margin. It the new Rule while other Bills was the first time that the were probably cleared by the Hon Chad voted on a medicare committee because of the exist Bill. Which in pre viol years once of the Rule the Roll Call had never been reported by tile in the i site. 224-202 208-79 ways and Means committee la 16-123. Technically was on a Johnson in favor. Hagen voted parliamentary procedure but yes. Had the effect of approving the presidential continuity. With Elution which about funds for the program in resident the president s support the position House approved a constitutional voted yes. Amendment to permit the the i t vice i it Lent to become acting preset Idem if the president were in a Able to perform his duties. The bib Bill also provided tor filling a vacancy in the office of the v ice lilies change.-. The did not Ila pc a Public on the Issue. Mage Appalachia assistance. First major great society in tire to Clear Congress it Bill providing More than 81 lion in Federal Aid for the a elopement of the economically presidency. The legislation depressed 11-state appalachian which later cleared Congress Region. By a 257-165 Roll Call and was sent to the states tor vote 232-56 la 25-109�. The ratification was intended to House passed the Bill and out oho ambiguities and end year it to or. Johnson tor his in of debate about presidential lift lire. Johnson in favor. Hagen ability and it effect on the voted yes. I Tinct idling of Tho Zofih e. I lie id to education. Code Ai Aid House approved the Bill 368-29 to a la mental v and secondary 246-21 122-8. Johnson Iii t hoots Long blocked Iii con lax or. Hagen v noted yes. A ass Over the Chin a a Tate a Issue foreign Aid. Although foreign it assistance for non Public Aid went through conure in a Bools. Won approval in 1965. 1965 without major reduction. Quot he i Louse Early in the session in administration props. an administration Bill forts were made to which provided Aid to school spending in orc area i drifts on the basis of the num. Republican sponsored Cut Vav our opulent Loans by 8130.958.000. To not forthcoming see next tem. Elt a anti poverty a Tivin a total of $649,292,000, and would Johnson in favor. Hagen voted have stipulated that labor unions no. Participating in latin american rent supplements financing. Housing pro a acts under the Aid although the administration by increase was nut in program be a non communist a hair breadth margin won a acted without controversy a. S the dominated it fort May 25 Proval it its controversial rent Federal program came under in j7�?o�?o a rejected 178-219 62-205 supplements plan above of creasing attack by republicans la i Pill and the administration ponets late in the session were and Many state and local of f i Aid Bill went on to the Able to prevent the program vials. An indication of the con Houe virtual without change from being put into effect. This Troverso occurred during House Hagen was a paired was accomplished when a Coa action on the Bill when an of department of housing. A pro i Moi i of Republican and Sou fort was made to Cut Back a postal of both presidents Ken pm democrats jct. 14 voted horned funds to the 1965 level Nedy and Johnson to establish 185-162 to kill a supplemental and to kill a Section which Al a Cabinet level department of appropriation for the program Lowed Federal officials to Over-1 housing which had been and 24-141 so 62-19 la 99-2. Ride a state governor s veto of blocked in Congress for several Johnson opposed to defeat of certain Federal anti poverty a years won approval in the first appropriation. Hagen voted yes. Tivi ties. The Effort however was session of the 89th Congress. Voting rights. For the second not successful. 178-227 57-214 the measure passed the House consecutive year. Congress in 121-12. Johnson opposed. June 16 by a 217-181 Roll Call acted major legislation to pro Hagen voted no. 208-66 la 9-118. Johnson in Lect tile rights of negroes. The right to Vork repeal. The and favor. Hagen voted yes. 1965 Law was intended to dim ministrations pledge to Organ rent supplements authorize incite the Dedal of voting rights sized labor to obtain a repeal it Tion. An administration proposal that occurred throughout much Section 14 b of the Taft Hart to have the Federal government of the South and led to Many and Ley act appeared to be on its part of the rent of poor sometimes violent negro dem Way to fulfilment when the families who could not obtain on stations. The legislation sus House july 28 passed a Bill to decent housing with their own Pended the use of literacy tests kill the Federal statute. A Fili incomes was one of the most and similar devices and pro Buster in the Senate however i controversial issues of the year video for Federal v voting exam prevented final action on the it also was one of the few new Iller to order the registration Bill. Section 14 b permitted proposals sent to Congre. S in of negroes in certain areas states to enact so called right-1965. The innovative nature of mostly in tile South. The House to Vork Laws barring the Union the proposal was believed to passed the Bill june 9 by a 333 shop. The House vote was 221 85 Roll Call and 1ss-1 so 33-60 203 200-86 21-117. Johnson it 112-24. Johnson in favor in favor. Hagen voted yes. Hagen voted yes. Farm Bill. One of the Many anti poverty amendments major pieces of legislation during 1965 was the omnibus farm be on it House important reason the june 30 nearly killed it a 202-208 130-4 iou can i lie proposal dec 17 named grand jury indicts insurance Leader Minn 13 a Polis. Mini. A Loit wis. A a Federal grand jury indicted it rank Allej Minnesota state insurance com i missioner Cyril e. Magnusson and 16 other men today on charges of mail fraud and con spiral a to defraud. An associate of gliomas. M. Sax. 53, Chi a ago. The of ded can. Cd j lice one .1, Euk go 13 i o O Casco a too 109 a the information contained in thi schedule is furnished by the St tons. The Bakersfield californian not responsible for errors. Make pro. 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Of St. Paul which was declared insolvent in August with mgt me si.2 million in debts. Rite indictment contended that about $1 million of Premium Iii Money paid into american Allied a went to Phillip Kitzer sr., Phillip Kitzer or. And Joseph f Kitzer. Their companies their Benefit tile jury charges oui of conspiracy and to cd fraud through letter Grams and false Tianci ments. They Are Phillip Kitzer or. 69 pm Kitzer jr., 32. And Joseph Kitzer. 28. All of Chicago and officers of american Allied. George j. Aurbun White Bear Lake. Minn., an officer of american Allied. Jerome Rotenburg. Hic ago an attorney. Peter j. Lingam or. 42, Pittsburgh pa., an insurance executive. Wilbur a. Thomas 35, Rockwood pa., an insurance executive. Frank g. Buffum new York City Security brokers. David Kroman Minneapolis an attorney and an insurance Man former assistant Tate attorney general. C. Nicholas Torzeski. 37. Be Jerome _ a banker. Maurice j. Mettel 59. Chicago. An attorney former assistant attorney general of Illinois. John Carroll 59. Deerfield ii a banker. Francis j Savage la. Scarsdale n y., an insurance executive. Robert Piersza 39, Chicago. James l Holly 34, St. Paul. Bill covering wheal Cotton. Wool. Dairy and feed Grain commodities and providing a cropland retirement program. It passed the House aug. 19 221 -172 202 68 19-104. Johnson in favor. Hagen voted yes. Immigration revisions. Proposals that had been before Congress for Many years to Reform the immigration system were brought to the floor for votes in 1965. The measure passed the House aug. 25 by a 318-95 Roll Call 209-70 109-25. Johnson in favor. Hagen voted yes. Arts and humanities. The Long controversial proposal of expand Federal financial Aid for the Anni leg and humanities was enacted into doubled Law by Congress in 1965. But no 1966. Without the protests of Many who argued that this activity was none of the government s business. In the House a pub Iii it fort to kill the Bill w As rejected 128-251 49-207 79-44. Johnson opposed. Hagen voted no. . Home Rule. Although nut an Issue of National importance legislation to provide self government for the District t of c it Lumina produced one of tile presidents few and one of his most notable outright defeats of the year. Johnson pushed vigorously for the legislation finally persuading enough House members to Force the administration s Bill out of the Southern dominated District committee Only to see a substitute measure approved on the House Fluor. J lie administration Bill which the Senate passed provided for automatic establishment of Home Rule the House Bill prov eel i or a roundabout process that in tin end could be vetoed by Congress. A a result. No Home Rule Bill was enacted. The key House vote on the matter was sub tit Ilion of the House plan tor the administration Bill 227-17 let 122-151 it 105-23. Johnson opined. Hagen voted yes. Highway Beauty. One i the administrations key proposals to improve the appearance of the United states was a program for control or removal it billboards and junkyards along interstate and primary Highway. The legislation also provided Federal payments to states to cover costs of landscaping <1 Scenic development of certain roads file legislation with which the presidents Wile we identified a much As tile president. Went through Many revision in Congress but finally became Law. It passed the House it. 7 by a 245-138 Roll Cai i 219-49 26 89. Johnson in favor. Hagen voted yes. A 1%5 congressional quarterly inc. Magnusson was appointed in 1959 by former gov. Orville l. Freeman who is now . Secretary of agriculture after serving As Freeman a executive Secretary. He was reappointed to a in year term by gov. Karl f. Rolvaag this year. 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Murphy in on confirmation 19-14, of Nomi Tion of David g. Dress to be attorney for District of Columbia. For Kuchel against a Murphy. Housh on age. 178-88, of Compromise Bill amending and extending sugar act of 1948. For a Baldwin. It., Brown d., Del Clawson in Hanna d., holi Field. D., Johnson d., King d., my fall. A. A ill lard. In Miller. To. I Smith r., Teague in. In. In younger in against Cohelan. D., Dyald. Detroit apr five or Lipscomb. In. Yan deerling. Ali Odom jew have asked w Ayne not voting Bell. In Burton d., county circuit court to enjoin Cameron. Idun la Clausen. Their by Nat be to restore the in. Carman d., Edwards a. Traditional segregated seating Gubser. In. Hagen. La i lawful men and women at worship Kins. A. Hosmer a. Leggett i services. A. Reinecke in Roybal a. Judge Horace by. Gilmore , la. Walcott. R., Tunney thursday ordered congregation d., Rob Wilson r., Charles in Gem Luth Chassidim in Detroit Wilson To return to separate seating until a hearing next wednesday. The synagogues Board had voted integrated seating last month. The plaintiffs said this violates 3.000 years of jewish tradition. I i i i i i i i i a five fingers James Mason a Dandle Darrieux a Michael Rennie brought to you by Sage department store i i i i i i i i i j separate female male seats asked i i i i sunday 5 30 i i i i i a seven arts theater i is spay am a v. Of porch. ? Obj cd. Chrit a a i5_pent. Cd to in St. Frauen p.30�? flight line ooh staid at monday am ooh fee Fie Val 9 of Young heart pm 12 15�?classified 3 46�?elvis p kind Sunrise to Sunset news on the hour sports on the Holf hour Community calender on Tho . Kodak executive Dies Rochester. N a Graham c. Alecs 55, president of the distillation products Industry division of Eastman Kodak co., collapsed and died thursday at work. 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