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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1965, Page 2

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Bakersfield, California 2 saturday pct. 30, 1965 in in alien Rotati civil disobedience Hoover warns of crime plight Washington up a Kab i director j. Edgar Hoover said today civil disobedience will increase the nations crime problem and Lead to anarchy. A sowing contempt for Law and order and promoting Pride in Law breaking among the nations youths can Only result in an acceleration of a serious problem a a the Fri chief said in an editorial message in the bureaus november Law enforcement bulletin. Hoover did not mention any groups or individuals by name. However civil rights and pacifist groups and opponents of the United states Viet Nam policy have used civil disobedience As a Means of protest. Or. Martin Luther King jr., a civil rights Leader with whom Hoover clashed publicly advocated use of civil disobedience by an oppressed minority faced with Laws it considers morally unjust but Only when the group is willing to accept penalties. Hoover described the doctrine of civil disobedience As the a startling theory that if one does not agree with a Law and believes it to be morally unjust he May disregard it to achieve a particular in some quarters Hoover wrote a it already appears that Teh social stigma formerly attached to lawbreakers is being replaced by sympathy for their actions and an irrational hostility to Law Hoover asked a where is the line to let a drawn against the snowball effect of civil disobedience wilfully disobeying Misdemeanour statutes today and committing felonies tomorrow is a logical regression from a government of Law to an anarchic no matter what the goal of groups who practice civil disobedience Hoover said a the fact remains that a peaceful. 26 persons die in Auto crashes across nation by Ufi a total of 26 persons died last to a High school football game night and Early today in four were killed when their convert Auto accidents across the a n. Table overturned at Pomona Tion. Eleven of those killed were students. Overturned at Calif. The Driver of the car a escaped with the most lethal Accident of 16-year-old girl curved at Carthage tex., where minor injuries nine persons died after a two police said she lost control car collision turned both autos of the car after swerving to involved into a a blazing mass avoid a pedestrian who Indi of rated he was going to step onto six persons including three the Highway children were in one car. Three j adults were in the other. At Stratton Maine four men a head on collision at pm died when their car plunged out Mitsburgh md., brought death to of control and into the South eight people including six Stu Branch of the dead River dents at nit. St. Mary a col police said their car failed lege. The two occupants of the to make a Sharp turn just Boother car were also killed. Fore coming to a Bridge Over two other it. St. Mary a Stu the l Iver. The car left the Road dents were pulled from the Cut Down a Telephone pole Rico wreckage and taken to a get tvs dieted Oil a Bridge abutment Burg pa., Hospital where they and flipped upside Down into Are in critical condition. The River police said. Five teen agers on their Way Colette Agnes Daiute miss new York City was crowned miss teenage America of 1966 in Dallas last night. Colette Brown eyes swinging shoulder length dark Brown hair and stands 5 feet 62 inches. She was contestants favorite in the pageant. A wire photo Rhodesia 60 Indonesia reds slain in clash Over reburial from Page i ital rejection or acceptance was expected during the coming week. Smiths caucasian minority Jakarta Indonesia apr and on their government is demanding hide the indonesian army Informa-1 occurred. Pendency for Rhodesia on the Tion Center reported today 50 basis of tile 1961 Constitution. Members of the Young Wing of the indonesian communist party were slain wednesday Irviv the the British government refused to give Rhodesia an internally self governing Colony full Independence until Guaran Ash the situation been restored Brig. Gen. Binu Subroto chief though curfew of the army information Cen . To 4 30 ter. Said measures and actions maintained lie against elements involved in the in a thwarted sept. 20-Oet. I coup in Jakarta a to Normal Al hours from 9 in. Have been said. Clash with air Force troops near continue to be taken firmly by in tither developments the newspaper duta tees Are provided opening the dog Jakarta. In Centi a1 Java Way for political Power to the country s 4 million africans. There Are 225,000 Whites in Rhodesia. Earlier informants said Wil the announcement said the communist youths were guarding a grave filled with bodies belonging to a religious group apparently moslem at pram alas the armed forces and the peo Parakat said 51 members of an ple. This Means communists sort the youth Wing of the mos who were involved in the coup Lem nah Datul l Lama party a attempt. Were killed in tile Eam Java area of Banjo Wang by comm Subroto said in a statement Iii activities. Security forces have succeeded the communist party and its on warned Smith the Blit panal1 p Saab tha when local in isolating the coup elements affiliated organization and the people attempted to remove the from the people and a their communist press on Bali Island bodies for a a decent reburial room for movement liar so far not been it up Uliey were barred by the com rowed and that a purge of preyed. It added that there Are Monist youths. Communists from government indications fleeing communists the local citizens alerted agencies and institutions con from Java May make Bali their nearby troops of the air Force tines. Healthy orderly society cannot exist now or Ever if each individual May determine w hich Laws he is going to obey and which he is not. A civil disobedience and the unwillingness of Many to resolve their differences by established Legal Means will surely Lead to the destruction of the institutions which protect their freedoms. A it is Folly to hold that a Utopia of individual rights will Rise from the destruction of respect for potent nuclear device exploded at Island site amch1tka Island Alaska apr a thermonuclear de ice packing the Power of 80.000 tons of int was detonated far under tile Bleak Flat surface of am Chitka Friday in a shot scientists called a near the atomic shot with four times the Power of the nuclear bombs which devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki in world War la. Was designed to test tile United states ability to distinguish Between Earth Waves caused by natural seismic disturbances and those generated by underground atomic blasts the United states invited All nations with seismological stations. Including the soviet Union to record the Earth Waves generated by the shot and promised that All data compiled from the test would be made available on request. Col. Donald i. Prickett test manager for the underground detonation carrying the code name of project Long shot was jubilant. A i Don t think even an atom got Prickett said. A it was near the thermonuclear device buried 2,300 feet in the volcanic Rock of which this Island is composed. Caused a Shock described by la. Col. Ben Grote. Deputy test manager for the department of defense As a Sharp Brief Jolt. Viet Nam from Page i marines near Danang however was made by both hardcore \ Iet Cong and teen agers the . Spokesman said. Marines said the youngsters been recruited a few hours earlier at a Village and forced to join in tile attack. Map w ire photo this gruesome sight is frightening youngsters at a haunted House in Salem Ore. House was prepared for halloween by boys and girls and society. Older children who tour House May realize mrs. Gary Uppendahl s head and hand Haven t really been Cut off but that she s standing under the stairs and stuck her head and hand through a Hole. Legless Navy Pilot seeks astronaut role one of tile nations a double amputee who think vocalist candidate i newest he a height is Monterey up potential astronauts i an advantage Over other a pm Etc anxious to be an astronaut that i d loin immediately. Said la. Prank k. Ellis a 32-year-old Navy flyer who lost both legs in a plane crash three years ago. Ellis thinks the was to convince the National aeronautics and space administration Nasa of what he can do is to show them. When United press International first tried to Contact Ellis Friday to inform him of his possible Quot election As an astronaut by Nasa he was living a t28 aircraft. The astronaut candidate is an authentic Navy hero. He lost both legs in 19<>2 when High Jet crashed near it. Mug As he struggled to miss a residential District. The Brave Pilot stayed with his plane too Long for his personal safety and bailed out Only 65 feet above the ground. Both his legs were Cut off. Ellis said he applied for the space program before the Accident and was delighted to hear that lit is still being considered. A i have the desire a he said a but i am surprised to hear till now. I think it is awfully premature. There Are a lot of candidates. A the prevalent attitude about an amputee is. A that a too bad. You can to do this and von can t do he Hopes to change All that. A a a think it should be a now jets see what you can do a said the potential spaceman. $3 million award jury Grants Walker More than sought tempers boil As 90-plus in la continues los Angeles up a los Angeles suffered through its fifth straight Day of thick Eye burning smog today and mayor Samuel w. Yorty anti gov. Edmund g. Brown accused each other of part of the Illume. The smog attack described by the air pollution control District ipod As the worst since the mid 1950s, was aggravated by 90-plus temperatures for the Lith Day in a Row. When the civic Center Mercury reached 91 Friday it tied a record set in july 18s6 for consecutive Days of 90-degree heat. Fridays heavy shroud of smog prompted the a cd a emergency committee to Appeal to motorists to reduce or curtail driving on streets Ami freeways. Scientists fixed the major portion of blame on tile four million vehicles which daily use the vast network of freeways in the los Angeles area. In an angry Exchange of telegrams Yorty charged Brown with delaying smog control measures and Brown retorted that it was the first time Yorty was a showing an interest in the work the state i it Een doing to ease the smog problem in los said Yorty a i am convinced that if you want nothing done about a situation you Lave the state do it. A either through design or because it does no to understand the problems of this Urban area the state done nothing and its programs have ended in confusion and in his reply Brown said it was the state that got the crankcase controls on autos four years ago. He added that it was the state that forced . Car manufacturers to equip their cars with exhaust controls. A until a system for used cars is developed and produced there i it nothing government or anybody else can do to require intonation on used Brown said. A we can do that no More than we can mandate a cure for cancer a he said. A this is an engineering and scientific problem and nobody can change it into a political Brown was joined by d a Jensen executive officer of the motor vehicle pollution control Board who accused Yorty of h government would isolate Rhodesia economically and might suspend its Constitution and administer the Colony if Smith declares unilateral Independence. Smith issued a statement saving. A let it be clearly understood that or. Wilson levelled no threats whatsoever to me or to my Cabinet at any time in the past Wilson a press Secretary Trevor Lloyd Hughes told news Anc Tuart refugees Brave sea in continued Cuba exodus women key West. Fla. Up a of a plan count re it was might agree 15.000 and men however there is a difference Between a threat and refugees in Small boats poured 1 re us to to warning. Wilson he said a out of Cuba without setup for a Long time Ilieen warning t0 Jav. Braving a Spray driving about Hie serious consequences in the Florida Strait of a unilateral declaration Independence by Rhodesia. British sources said a land and sea blockade to Cut off Rhodesia soil supplies appeared to lie the most Likely British step. Wilson scheduled stopovers in Zambia Ghana Aud Nigeria on his Way to London presumably win to discus economic from Page i president of the organization charged that a school Are encouraged by government auction Lor moving 3.imh to i month to this the same sources said her keynote speech to the possible Fidel Castro More than 1,000 rep to release Between resenting 63.000 club member Quot ---------------------1 in we a a a a. 30.000 political covered a w Ide Range of sub while . And cuban officials i prisoners. Jets and reflected w she neared agreement on a safer the Florida Straits claimed called a a woman s Point of and More comfortable air Jle Jim victims of the Small View of the great shuttle for exiles. Let oat shuttle which been she Quot Aid Quot lie was concerned under Way since oct. 7. One when she read in newspapers in Washington officials said woman died in route to about i a w i e s be s it on the Only minor details stood in the Freedom and a dazed Man told streets Complete Lack of of concluding an agree of four companions who went respect for Law and Law offi Crown with a boat taking to Cuba to refugees. One captured Viet Cong was quoted As saying to get he be longed to a hard Core battalion miyio7, jury of 400 men that massed in the mountains late Friday for the assault. The v Iet Cong attack opened w till recoil a Quot Quot Rifle a a it Fortar fire followed. At the height of the clash. Marines engaged the Viet Cong in vicious hand to hand fighting in tents Iii the Marine bivouac area. The City of Danang a Quot temporarily placed off limits to All . Military personnel today because of recent a jct Cong activity and a Viet Nam National Holiday on monday. Lii Quot meant the temporary canes nation of All Liberty for 30,000 . Servicemen who often spend one Day leave Danang. Out of smog. A by Ort t shown up once views about Mug or smog control even though dozens of Pei meetings have been held in los Angeles a Jensen said. Shreveport. La. Apr a dist. Judge William Wood Quot three week trial of Edwin a discharged the All male jury and walkers libel suit against the reserved decision on the to. ,. Associated press Ami the new Lions. In his instructions to the trying ,0 make poll Cal Capua Orleans times Picayune pub jurors he said. A no one May Lishing corp. Has ended in a s3 recover More for any item of award to the for damage than the amount sued e e express h1>s Mer army major general. Or the a said any final judg Jelense lawyers immediately Quot tent lodged against it will moved in court Friday for a appealed. Mistrial and also to have the Fie Caddo Parish civil court verdict get aside on the ground jury decided that Walker was Litho it exceeded the $2,250,000 it eled by an a account of his in damages alleged in Walker Quot activities during the desegregation Lints at the University of Mississippi sept. 30. 1962. Similar filed by Walker against the associated press and newspapers in those cities have been dismissed Iii Denver. Kansas cite and Louisville. Complaint voting from Page i literacy tests but the provision of reasonable Access to new the new counties Are Jefferson. Neshoba. Hinds. De Soto. 111 Holmes and Walthall in missis state sen. Thomas m. Recs. D los Angeles said it was a terrible that the mayor make Quot this an obvious political meanwhile the ipod said that because e of a a terrible weather conditions and the areas uniquely poor meteorological situation the stifling smog attack might continue another 72 hours. In another suit the a. As sole defendant is appealing a $500,000 libel judgment outstanding in favor of Walker in fort attack exile Transfer. Strategy for possible Nhy in on a mass and that agreement could lie reached today. Friday highly placed sources both in Washington and Havana said monday was the More Likely Day for an announcement t Hev brins were be Back ii v. And riots against author Crooks outlaws still on increase Sippi a Tauga Elmore and let a it it a Greene in Alabama Clarendon a Saikei. A. And i it Orch it Hun. And Loui Kina. Quot Lei in South Caro West Feliciana in Tir californian the great newspaper of the Souther san Joaquin Valley established in 1866 published every afternoon monday through saturday by the Bakersfield californian Corporal 1707 Eye Street Bakersfield California 93302 charter member audit Bureau a circulations member american newspaper publishers association member up the associated press the associated press is excl Snell Beanie i Anama Cio. I la. Him ordered South fridas was the a Friday was a Day of rejoicing i him Suwat group of l s among the Crooks and outlaws. Examiners dispatched since the Peggy Loineen Crook and voting Wights it became Law in Lier Robert outlaw were born two August. It brought to 32 the years and car hours apart at Bay memorial number of counties where hand when she Hospital. Examiners have helped negroes from Page i it since our meeting Early in weather cleared. October when the president was entitled to use for publication ail news signing tile immigration Bill at dispatches credited to it or not Othen visit aft to i a credited to this paper and also the local the statue of Liberty. News published therein. The Bakersfield californian is also a ,. Client of the United press International. At the Hillier. Willim Prev the californian receives the associated heartily endorsed Beanie but press wire photo service. _., the Bakersfield californian maintain conveyed oms tile presidents a warm the Lack of an representatives outright presidential Endore Neison Roberts associates ment caused a flurry of Specula new York. Chicago Detroit to Angelet. San Francisco Seattle Portland toil. Washington do Bureau Humphrey telephoned Beanie my the Haskins service Washington do Friday that he planned to return entered in Post office at Bakersfield. New York before tuesday s election and stump for him. A it concerns nit that women. About Iso refugees arrived in mothers and c Hildren cannot key West and Marathon Fri play in Parks a she said. Mrs. Day bringing to nearly 2,400 Elston revealed that she the total of cubans who have carried a tear Gas gun fled their Island since Castro purse for two opened the doors. Scores of t ies it in her boats were reported waiting to walks the two blocks from her their mothers been Register a to Iii Mississippi to leave Cama Rioca when the office to her Home in washing sharing the same Hospital in Alabama. 5 in Louisiana and ton. Room. 2 in South Carolina. Nationwide backing Given Viet Gas new York a \ massive demonstration of support for american fighting men in v Iet Nam is being marshalled today on new York s fifth ave lacking of mayor Robert f. The Council representing six Pupil Quot Are spearheading a Wagner and the City Council. It colleges and 20,000 students will hawaiian drive to have each is cosponsored by City Council act As a Clearing House for gifts Man Matthew j. Troy or. And to servicemen in Viet Nam. A 30-foot Telegram from More than 2.000 students and faculty Christmas members at Marquette univer i to site in Milwaukee been by Springfield accused the a of falsely depicting him As Assum Ming command of student Ritter at the i Niv Ersita of Mississippi and leading them in a charge against . Marshals. Riots Over the admission to Ole miss of negro student James Meredith claimed two lives. Vista to Quot Aid Richmond Idle needy Sacramento apr the Domestic counterpart of the peace corps will move into from Page i and a second Man. Appearing suddenly Bode him lashed out with his fist catching Flowers in the Mouth. Flowers said. A it hit right on the Button. I was out on my feet for a few seconds staggering backwards the state official Quot Aid that he was a saddled for about 20 minutes after it happened and i a blinding Flowers ha., Ilieen an outspoken moderate on the racial question. Ile gained considerable National attention recently a Quot prosecutor in the murder trial of a Kun flux Klansman in Lowndes county Iii the slaying of mrs. Viola i Niuzzo. A White civil rights worker lie said in the can. New York journal Ameri Pupil Send a postcard to a . Elderly Serviceman in Viet Nam before gov. Brown said that Volunteer Quot in service to America California As second class mad under the act of Congress March 3, 1879. The californian accepts no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts subscription rates Carrier delivered and by mail in Kern county. 2.00 6.00 12.00 i month. 3 months 6 months. By mail outside Kern county i month. 3 months. I months w foreign service additional postal. Single copy to cents for Home delivery Call 323-7631 a any agent now you know. Spanish Moss which grows on Southern Trees in Long strands neither originated in Spain nor to. ,. The past that he received Richmond to Aid Low income treat groups the unemployed and the he refined to comment on the reason for the attack. He said that he did no to tee the Man who threw the punch Vista will launch a program which split his up and loosened scheduled to shy in Milwaukee been in Springfield mass., the with the sponsorship of the several Teeth. Five holders of the medal of participate Are veterans groups sent to american troops in Viet american International College Council in communist i he other Man was described Honor the nations highest Mili labor and fraternal Organiza Nam in support of their efforts chapter of Young americans for Flowers As Quot looking the Typ tary decoration Are grand mar tons. Youth and student Asso the Telegram Cost $800 and each Freedom will hold a demontra.,. Xolumeeri5 will to Leal shall for the demonstration relations and a number of Hun signer chipped in a minimum of Tion in court Square in support ult now income groups Iii plan he attorney general said that billed As an answer to tile anti Garian a Freedom to cents. Of . Policy. Mno projects for preschool Chil he a went Home and took some Viet Nam protests two weeks a a silent Vigil against the ago Iet Nam War will be held at at Provo Utah Brigham among those the Parade was new evidence the same time by several peace Young University students Northern Illinois University in of students for a lie Dren South. School dropouts in aspirin and ions Idle stand in Viet Nam at employed adults and the elder the assault went to bed after and that the attack not been reported to it . The flowering rootless of Welling support for . Poli organizations in times Square planned a March in support of de Kalb plan to raise Money to Psi a which recruits trains he said the aftereffects were 6.75 Plant grows from a seed and cd in Viet Nam. Elsewhere oth in Memphis tenn., the inter the . Position. Tile City com run Tull Page newspaper ads and places volunteers in poverty evidently not serious. Depends on water Light dust or signs of support appeared City Council of College students Mission granted a permit to the telling american soldiers of areas throughout the nation a1 a my jaw and Teeth Are pretty and air for growth according to particularly on the College Cam adopted the men of the 1st students and mayor Vert Dixon their support. Copies of the ads ready Lias worked in California sore this morning a he said. Brigade of the 101st airborne said a i support you will be sent to military men in with migrant farm workers re but i think the loosened Teeth seventy Honolulu High school j Viet Nam. National geographic Magazine pus. Up the new work March Lias the division now in yet Nam. Traded children and indians. Iare tightening up All right.1

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