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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 2

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Bakersfield, California Ithra californian 2 sunday oct. 22, 1972 Nader releases profiles on Shell . Base Saigon i a communist led forces sunday fired More than 50 rockets into the big Allied air base at Bien Hoa is Miles Northeast of Saigon. The . Command said preliminary reports showed that 18 americans were wounded. Initial reports also said la South vietnamese were injured in the pre Dawn attack. One . Truck and one South vietnamese helicopter were talks bog new York up a Union and management negotiators began talks Here saturday in an Effort to end a nationwide strike which has stopped All Rea express surface deliveries except medical supplies. A it looks very said John Carlo chairman of a new York local of the brotherhood of railway and airline clerks As he picketed outside Rea Headquarters where the talks were going critical Miami Fla. Up a capt. Eddie Rickenbacker remained in critical condition saturday following a stroke but his doctor said the world War i flying Ace was improving. A the is much better and talking with the nurses a said or. John Handwerker. A the is an amazing embarrassed Scranton a. Up there a a William Scranton supporting sen. George Mcgovern for the presidency and this is causing his father a former Republican governor of Pennsylvania some embarrassment. William Scranton Iii 27, a newspaper publisher whose father was governor from 1962 until 1966, handles press arrangements for the Mcgovern Campaign in this building crumbles Austin Tex. Up a workers will Start inspecting the travertine Marble a a skin of the Lyndon b. Johnson Library monday to see what has caused some of the facing to crack loosen and fall off the i8-Rnonth-Oid building. The University filed a suit against t. C. Bateson construction co. Of Dallas and the Federal insurance co., Holder of a Bateson performance Bond after cracks and missing slabs developed on the Library a Walls less than a year after it was dedicated in May 1971. The suit is pending in a state from Page i to compete against the world series and College football games for crowds Mcgovern son of a methodist preacher was joined by a jewish governor and a Catholic colleague from the Senate. Gov. Milton j. Shapp a millionaire told about 3.500 persons in Scranton in the heart of the states hard Coal Fields a a a we be already got a a in four years time Nixon had succeeded in doing what it took Harding Coolidge and Hoover 12 years to do a Shapp said. Sen. Edmund s. Muskie a Maine joined Shapp in lacing Nixon. A a Man who holds the office of the presidency must be a Man who believes in the people and Nixon does not a Muskie said. A the uses people. I told you you could not Trust Nixon in 1968. Nothing has changed. You still can to Trust him. I told you he would put you out of a Job and he Mcgovern seized upon fridays Cost of living figures announced in Washington to condemn Nixon a economic policies. The figures showed an increase of one half of one per cent in the seasonally adjusted Cost of living Index for september. Noting that an administration spokesman called september a a dead month a Mcgovern said a the fact is that we have had a bad year. Indeed it has been four bad years for the families of from Page i informants said this is How the coup was stopped the first group of plotters we As intercepted during a routine Check at an army checkpoint some distance from Sadat a residence. They panicked dropped their arms and. Under questioning gave information on the other two strikes planned. Tipped off military police stopped the second group headed for the federation Headquarters and subdued it without resistance. But the third group heading for Al Hussein mosque resisted when military police tried to Stop them and a fire fight ensued. According to one version the three groups moved on their targets in columns of armoured cars but there was no confirmation of this account. At the time of the reported coup attempt prime minister Aziz Sidky was about to leave for talks with soviet leaders in Moscow. Sidky was in Moscow oct. 16-18 and spent seven hours conferring with Kremlin leaders. Washington up Ralph Nader a raiders saturday labelled sen. Philip a. Hart d-mich., an outstanding Leader. They called rep. John r. Rarick d-la., paranoid and a bigot. Neither Hart. An admitted Liberal nor Rarick. A professed conservative is Likely to bleed about this. Both might even want to take paid advertisements to proclaim Nader a findings. And so it went with most of the Nader teams reports on 392 House members and 92 senators released across the country saturday. Publication of the profiles climaxed months of speculation by nervous congressmen about possible election eve fallout from the Nader a Congress in the end. Most members did not appear to have been Cut up much at least not in a Way to damage them in the eyes of their Home folks. It will be no Surprise to the voters of the Lith District of Texas that rep w. R. Poage d-Tex., is 72, a Cotton Farmer chairman of the agriculture committee and a Friend of the farm Bureau federation. Nor will there be any electoral revolt against rep. F. Edward Hebert. D-la., wha the voters learn from Nader a profile that Hebert chairman of the armed service committee is a Friend of the military. Rep. Gerald r. Ford r-mich., the House Republican Leader was t Happy about the Nader claim he has a a near perfect anti feminist Ford said that was t so. But he did no to deny being a hard worker for the Nixon administration. Frugal on Domestic spending and a Hawk on Vietnam a As his profile reported. Rep. Peter Kyros a Maine comes through As a popular Pip smoking. Self confident dark haired son of a greek immigrant working hard to ease the economic problems of Maine. His Auto Accident last year in which three parked cars were damaged was also mentioned in his profile even though it is old news Here and at Home. Sam Green of Cleveland Ohio has everything but the Kitchen sink on his motorcycle and May put that in since he s a plumber. Green just passing through Macon ga., is proud of the Quot loaded Quot motorcycle which includes a television stereo Taj get player air Homes am pm radio 17 lights on rear of Bike four on the sides and nine in front plus reflectors All a wire photo from Pennsylvania crooked dealers sell flood damaged cars Harrisburg a. Up it unscrupulous dealers Are Selling thousands of flood damaged Pennsylvania cars to unknowing buyers All Over the nation state officials said saturday. The estimates ranged from 18,000 to 30,000 cars which have turned up in Maryland new York South Carolina Georgia Wisconsin Illinois and California. Some dealers know they have flood damaged cars. But Many have been tricked by dealers who bought the cars at huge auctions fixed them up then resold them to retail outlets. A these Are the same people who Deal in stolen cars a said William Titelman state director of motor vehicles. A there is no question that the flood damaged cars Are gone from Pennsylvania. A the first Rule of thumb for these vultures is to get it out of where you got it As fast As you can a a Titleman said he has warned every state and Canada of the seriousness of the problem. He sent a letter offering a list of registration numbers of damaged vehicles to every state motor vehicle department. A i Haven to had any interest expressed to me from anyone for the list a he said. A fall we can do is write another letter and try there were about 35.000 cars damaged when tropical storm Agnes caused massive flooding last june in Eastern Pennsylvania. The state insurance department said most of the vehicles were covered by insurance. A the companies settled quickly then sold the cars in lots of 200,�?� said Calvin Urban a state insurance department official. A local Salvage dealers offered them about 22 per cent but 25 or 30 dealers from out of state were up to 50 per cent before you knew it. There a no doubt that they planned to resell them at full Urben said he received a Call recently from Wisconsin motor vehicle department asking for a Check on a car sold there. The buyer noticed a Musty smell which lingered inside the car. A the insulation under the Hood had been painted a Urben said. A the thought it was strange so he pulled some of it off. Underneath he found Susquehanna River the car was sold for $200 to a Salvage dealer at an auction. It had passed through at least seven hands before the Wisconsin buyer paid $2,200 for it. A you can to blame the last Guy who sold it a Urben said. A unless he knew what to look for he have known it was Pennsylvania a attorney general has issued a ruling which states that the Sale of flood damaged cars could be considered a violation of both state and Federal consumer Protection Laws if the buyer was not informed of the vehicles history. A a we re hoping other states will come up with similar rulings a Titelman said a but until they do Well keep trying to generate Public awareness from Here Are some of the signs of a flood damaged car a a Musty smell. Even if the car was fumigated Well the odor will return if it is closed up and left in the Sun for several hours. Water spotted upholstery. A dirty taillights. In Many cases the taillight lenses Are not removed and mud will be on the inside. A Silt around the air filter. Removing the filter and tapping it lightly will Tell. A discoloured or painted Hood insulation. Unless the insulation was replaced there will be mud caked under from Page i tons nov. 7 describing terms of the proposals. Neither Thieu a office nor the . Embassy disclosed details of the latest round of discussions Between Kissinger and Thieu. . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker also attended the meeting sunday As did Hoang due Nha Thieu a Nephew and personal Secretary. Hoang also finances a newspaper that said saturday Thieu has rejected a a temporary peace solutions during his talks with plane distress Call held possible Anchorage Alaska up the air Force reversed itself saturday and said the voice heard by California citizens band radio operators could have come from the plane missing in Alaska for six Days with House democratic majority Leader Hale Boggs aboard. When the plane went Down monday five californians reported having heard Many details from a Pilot in distress in Alaska. However the conversations were eight hours after the Boggs plane would have run out of fuel. For this reason plus doubts about the planets having citizens band equipment aboard an air Force spokesman said earlier this week that the reported conversations a just did no to jell with what we but the californians who make occasional Distant contacts because of Freak weather conditions were flown to Anchorage for interrogation. Col. Earl Ray an air Force spokesman said saturday a it is Clear that if we assume certain things the distress signals could have come from the missing Cessna 310.�?� what has to be assumed is that the Pilot. Don e. Jonz landed the plane somewhere on his 550-mile flight from Anchorage to Fairbanks and then took off again. It also must be assumed that Jonz had aboard citizens band equipment which is not common for planes in Alaska and perhaps that his Normal equipment was not functioning. The californians said the voice they heard indicated that he had landed and then took to the air again presumably because of some technical difficulties. Maj. Ken Shelley another air Force spokesman said to the Best of his knowledge this had not been mentioned in initial reports received by the Alaska air command. Victor Parker of Nevada City calif., said he heard a Pilot report that he was too Miles Over the water with an hours Supply of fuel left. Later the Pilot said a ooh my god in a going to hit the the Pilot had put his location at 12 Miles Southwest of Juneau but an intensive search of this area proved fruitless. Parker speculated that the Pilot was lost. By and Large Nader s reporters avoided unvarnished value judgments of the kind applied to Hart and Rarick. Their reports ran heavily to voting records Campaign financing and biographical matter of a kind already available but not usually Handy. Nader a reporters who worked through the summer for room Board and spending Money were College students recent graduates political scientists and lawyers mostly White generally literate and uniformly Young. Their youth scared off some members who found them Brash and opinionated but most members cooperated with the study which entailed not Only personal interviews but submission of a list of 633 questions. A this report is not the last word on Congress but it is a base for citizen Nader told a reporter of his latest and biggest a a consumer project a it gives the voter information about his congressmen. Once the citizen has information. He will have the self Confidence to ask the questions that should be rep. Ken Hechler d-w.v., had his own question after Reading Nader a reporters description of him As among other things Brash candid outrageous unorthodox and articulate. A what does avuncular mean a he asked a reporter. Japanese soldiers harassed Farmers Lub Ang Island Philippines a two japanese infantrymen unaware that world War ii is Over harassed the Farmers and fishermen of this mountainous Island for the past 26 years. On thursday one of them was killed in a firefight with five members of the philippine constabulary. He has been tentatively identified As Kunishichi Kozuka. His Comrade believed to be Shiro Onoda Wras wounded but escaped. According to it. Col. Pedrito de Guzman a constabulary provincial commander at least 30 filipinos have been killed by japanese soldiers on the Island 70 Miles Southwest of Manila since the end of the War. Scores of others have been wounded he said. A their method of operation was always the same a de Guzman said. A they remained in their hiding places most of the year and were Only spotted during the Harvest season. A a they a shoot at the Farmers to drive them away then Burn their crops. I suppose they thought they were aiding the War Effort to do this a he added. He said the incident thursday began Between 6 . And 7 . As a Small group of Farmers was harvesting Rice. A mail of a sudden the two japanese appeared and opened up on the Farmers a he said. De Guzman said the Farmers fled and reported the shooting to the constabulary. A five Man team led by m. Sgt. Napoleon Sotto went to the area on the Side of a Hill. A was soon As we got there the japanese started firing a Sotto said. The troopers returned the fire. After the initial skirmish Sotto said the japanese started moving to die other Side of the Hill. As the constabulary pursued them the japanese opened fire again. The Chase continued for about 30 minutes Sotto said and then one of the troopers found the body of Kozuka. Sotto said Kozuka a Rifle Wras missing. A we pressure his companion picked it up and took it along with Sotto said. A shortly before we found the body we heard the two calling to each other in Sotto said Kozuka was wearing striped Blue pants that were heavily patched and a Blue Denim jacket strapped about his Waist. He also was wearing a japanese army Cap. His shoes were rubber and Canvas sneakers. The japanese were carrying some dried Beans Sotto added along with a handful of Rusty bullets some locally made cigarettes a sewing kit and a spoon carved from a Coconut Husk. Kozuka a body was taken to the Loyola memorial Chapel in Manila awaiting the arrival of relatives from Tokyo for positive identification. Early saturday a 15-Man party including a japanese peace corps Volunteer began a search for the other Soldier. A your orders Are that there is to be no shooting a de Guzman said. A we have High Hopes of capturing him the search is being concentrated in a two mile Square area on the northeastern Side of the 100-Square-mile Island near the town of Tilik. The japanese Volunteer in the search party Kazumi Kawasaki spent saturday issuing this Appeal in japanese through a hand held megaphone a abandon your weapon and respond to my in Tokyo prime minister Kakuei Tanaka announced a plan to search for other possible world War ii holdouts in the Pacific. He instructed Cabinet members to appropriate funds to carry out the searches. He said the japanese government must Bear the responsibility for finding any missing soldiers and the remains of the men who were killed. Black Assembly opens with display of Unity Chicago a the first Black National Assembly opened Here saturday with a clenched fist display of Unity and a pledge by on organizer to fight what he called a a new conservative More than 400 delegates began the two Day gathering by joining in the Black Power Salute and invoking the names of slain Black leaders Martin Luther King Malcolm x and Medgar Evers in vowing to a preserve defend and protect the Black Community. A we Are pressed our patience has its limit and we Are being threatened in Many ways As we have never been threatened before a rep. Charles Diggs d-mich., told newsmen before Start of the meeting. Diggs said president Nixon s appointments of conservatives to the a emergence of a new conservative coalition that the Assembly hoped to fight by forming a Structure for dealing with political problems facing Blacks. Mayor Richard Hatcher of Gary ind., and playwright Imam Amiri Baraka the other organizers of the Assembly were with Diggs at the news conference. Hatcher saying that a the level of immorality in this country has risen to a new High a charged that american involvement in Southeast Asia has pushed correction of injustices to Blacks Low on the priority scale. After the emotional opening of the convention the delegates turned to procedural matters electing Diggs Assembly president Hatcher chairman of the National political Council a subgroup of the general to coordinate the two bodies. The Assembly is an outgrowth of the 4,000-member Black political convention held in Gary last March. The convention nominated to per cent of its body to the Black National Assembly. In a joint statement calling the Assembly Hatcher Diggs and Baraka described it As functioning a like a congressional a it May endorse candidates support candidates run National voter education and registration drives lobby for Black interests assess Black Progress make recommendations to the National convention and become a focal Point of Black politics in the United saturday however Diggs and Hatcher said it was doubtful the Assembly would endorse any presidential candidate this year. A i think there is a sincere desire on the part of the delegates first to organize ourselves to the broader issues of political empowerment a Diggs said. He added that it is a entirely possible that future assemblies will endorse presidential candidates. The Assembly like the National convention is expected to become a permanent body. It will meet three times every other year by state assemblies. The 427 delegates to the National Assembly will in turn elect to per cent of their number to serve on the National political Council a permanent organization which will meet six times a year.3 get contempt jail sentences in bomb probe by of jury san Francisco up -. District judge Robert g. Peckham Friday sentenced three persons to jail for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating bomb conspiracies. But Peckham stayed the sentences on contempt a week to give their attorneys time to file an Appeal. Daniel r. Rosenberg 31, Howard j. Berg 33, and or. Philip Craven 28, must surrender to . Marshals next Friday unless the sentences Are stayed by the 9th u. S. Circuit court of appeals. The grand jury continued their investigation until nov. 13. The three witnesses were not charged with crimes and they said they did not know Why they were called before the panel. A i think ifs Clear that none of the witnesses knew each other before being called before the grand jury a Rosenberg said outside the courtroom. The Justice department apparently was seeking information about the perpetrators of the bombing of the Park District police station in 1970

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