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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Bakersfield, California Talks held at sensitive stage top red sees cease fire Hope Hie state Steeb Dib Man vol. 86 Bakersfield. California sunday oct. 22, 1972 ten sections 104 pages no. 296 Kissinger heading for Cambodia after talks with Thieu Washington to i i North vietnamese Premier Pham Nan Dong believes efforts to obtain a cease fire in Vietnam Are progressing and that the peace negotiations a Are in an extremely important phase a it was reported Satur Day. In an interview with Newsweek Magazine the North vietnamese Leader gave what appeared to be his general approval to a number of important elements in president Nixon s May 8 and Jan. 2i> proposals for settling the War. He indicated among other things that the . Prisoners of War would be released when a general peace agreement is reached a instead of waiting until after the Accord has been put into effect. The interview was held in Hanoi Between Newsweek editor Amaud Deborchgrave and Pham. The North vietnamese Premier approved the transcript of the interview before publication. The magazines Washington Bureau which released the text of the interview said that the meeting took place wednesday oct 18, after North vietnamese politburo Merlier be due Tho returned from secret talks in Paris with presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger. Negotiations Are in an extremely important phase a Pham said. A we have done everything humanly possible for a successful conclusion and that Means peace with Independence and Freedom. This is that we have fought for almost three after an allusion to elements of president Nixon s May 8proposal. Pham was asked a then a cake fire followed by american withdrawal will take place first and then direct negotiations Between the provisional revolutionary government and the Saigon regime a a Pham replied a that is the present evolution and it is a positive one. The situation will then be two armies and two administrations in the South and. Given a new situation they will have to work out their own statement due prior to vote Saigon up �?. Presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger and president Nguyen Van Thieu of South Vietnam con termed for two hours sunday morning in their third meeting in four Days on proposals for a lease fire in the Vietnam War. Government sources said. Tile sources said the United states and South Vietnam intend to Issue a state ment prior to the . Presidential elected statement Page 2 arrangements for a three sided coalition of transition and defuse the situation in the Wake of the american withdrawal. They must work out arrangements that will promote democracy and Speed National Concord in the South because without this there will tie no peace. Now7 is the time for both sides to dare and forge Nixon in his May 8 and Jan 25 proposals stated that the . Blockade of North Vietnam would be ended with the return of american prisoners of War and a supervised cease fire throughout Indochina. He said the United states would withdraw7 its forces completely four months after the agreement allowing the South vietnamese to negotiate political arrangements with the communists. In the interview. Pham said Nixon a proposal for free and democratic elections within six months of a peace agreement a seems reasonable to in other Points Pham a said the communists sought a reconciliation of the political elements in South Vietnam and would engage in no reprisals. A insisted the United states should help reconstruct North Vietnam. A gave Only sparse details How North and South Vietnam might be reunified and said Hanoi did not seek to com Munize South Vietnam. The last members of the grand army of the Republic ire Long since dead but they re remembered through monuments such As this erected in Union cemetery in 1888. Lori Updegrove 7, and her brother Tony to children of . Army Recruiter . Ronald Updegrove prepare the shrine for monday s veterans Day Observance. The Holiday honors those who fought in All of America s Battles. A californian color photo fan leaps at Mcgovern Kutztown. A. Up in angry football fan was halted by secret service gents saturday when he leaped from the lands and charged at sen. George i it love in with such Speed that he nearly chided with the democratic presidential candidate. Mcgovern. Campaigning across Pennsylvania in Pursuit of the hardhat Ole. Made an unexpected decision to Isit the game Between Kutztown state allege and Cheyney state. Mcgovern arrived just before halftime and waited in his car until play ended for in intermission. Mcgovern was then riven around the track surrounding the held. He then got out of his car and began addressing the crowd. While he was peaking a Man in his 30�?Ts, rushed at Mcgovern shouting something. He came nth such Speed that he knocked Down nother fan. Reacting quickly secret service agents posted themselves in front of Mcgovern seized the Man then leaned him against a car. He was handcuffed and escorted from the Field. It was not known immediately whether the unidentified Man was charged with any crime. Later at the Reading Airport before a flight to Johnstown Mcgovern told reporters a i did t see anyone lunge at me. I Wasny to aware of he then made Light of the incident and said if he had been in danger be would have sent Burly rep. Gus Yatron dpa., after the Man. Yatron is a former College football player and looks like one. The Man Well dressed in a suede jacket was described us heavy set. Secret service agents said no Federal charges would be placed against him. Gordon Weil an aide to the candidate said Mcgovern had decided to make the unscheduled visit at the urging of the Kutztown College president. Lawrence m. Stratton. Witnesses said the Man ran at Mcgovern Yelling a get out get tile agents grabbed the irate fan and pushed him against the car with such Force that his Mouth was Cut and he began to bleed. The Man told reporters that a these people paid two Bucks to see a football game and they turned it into a political the Man refused to say if he was a supporter of president Nixon. Undisturbed by the near encounter Mcgovern proceeded on to address several thousand persons on the main business Street of Reading a. Mcgovern is on a tour which carried him from the states Eastern hard Coal Fields to the steel towns of Western Pennsylvania. On a Cloudy autumn Day when he had see Mcgovern Page 2 Saigon a . Presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger left Saigon on sunday after four Days of intensive talks with president Nguyen Van Thieu on a peace formula for Indochina. Informants said Kissinger left Saigon Stan son Nhut air base on a t39 Light Jet bound for phenom penh. Cambodia after meeting with Thieu for two hours in their fourth session in the four Days. Kissinger a unannounced trip to phenom penh and earlier unannounced visits to the capitals of Laos and Thailand by William h. Sullivan Deputy assistant Secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific affairs indicated that the talks in Saigon included discussion of a peace plan for All of Indochina. Thieu has insisted that any cease fire must be Indochina wide. . Embassy spokesmen could not be reached for comment. They had reported that Kissinger was still in the embassy building in Saigon when two informants disclosed he was in route to Phorn penh. Sources said Kissinger four engine yc137 transport had remained in Bangkok during the four Days he was in Saigon. . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker accompanied Kissinger to the presidential Palace for the meeting which began at 8 . Saigon time. The two americans returned to the . Embassy two hours later. There had been speculation earlier that Kissinger would leave Saigon perhaps on a Side trip to Cambodia or Laos or Fly directly Back to Washington to report to president Nixon on talks. Vetoes expected to hold tax line300 in custody after egyptian coup attempt Beirut Lebanon a a travellers arriving saturday from Cairo said about 300 egyptian army officers and soldiers were arrested last week following an abortive attempt to overthrow the government of president Anwar Sadat. The informants said the attempted coup was put Down less than an hour after it started. They reported a Brief fire fight near the Al Hussein mosque in the Eastern outskirts of Cairo but they had no word of any casualties the travellers said some diplomatic sources in Cairo had confirmed general information on the attempted coup but their versions differed in detail. Nothing had been published in Cairo about it. The informants said rumours about the coup attempt have circulated in Cairo for More than a week. According to the reports brought out saturday the attempted coup was timed for 5 30 . Oct. 12, the first thursday when most of the egyptian Cabinet was scheduled to attend evening prayers at the Al Hussein mosque. The British broadcasting corp., which also reported the coup attempt said the rebel officers were protesting what was described As Egypt a failure to wage full scale War against Israel. The bbl report said the rebels also objected to Egypt s proposed Union with Libya. An egyptian army Captain one of the rebel leaders was reported to have harangued a crowd outside Ai Hussein mosque denouncing Sadat a close ties with Libya and calling for War wit Israel. He was arrested. Athens m an olympic airways gave name of am of the leaders. 53 persons aboard on a there was no of top level in a into the sea near mass sad oort Oie Troup Athens Airport saturday nigh in a Blin Ding rainstorm. Early reports said 18 11 6 reported plan wis to strike 3t persons were rescued from the water. Three main targets Sadat s residence \ olympic airways spokesman said on the Banks of the Nile River the 1in to Rhotten War federation of Arab remitted head the plane a twin Nerme Turboprop was federation of Arab republics Lead minute away from its scheduled Tan quarters in suburban Heliopolis and the r Al Hussein mosque. Dins Here when fel1 a athe plane was on a flight from the to the Headquarters is the seat of the no an is an lot. Corfu also called federation of Egypt Libya and Syria. Kercira. When it ran into one of the worst see oho Dace rainstorms to hit Athens in years. The a Page Airliner went Down about 500 Yards from the coast in the sardonic Gulf. The Airport Iii m i is adjacent to the Gulf. My q o i of g to an olympic Salesman said he did not a a w a in if i know How Many foreigners were aboard the plane. Low yesterday. 51 olympic airways is owned by Aristotle High yesterday. 73 Onassis the greek shipping magnate expected Low today. 52 married to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Expected High today .78 the plane went Down in a storm expected Low tomorrow 54 similar to one in which another olympic expected High tomorrow. 80 Airliner crashed in three years ago. Sunrise 7 08 . Sunset 6 13 . That plane a dc6 Enro Ute to Athens rainfall from Island a Crete crashed into a i c Mountain top in december 1969 while 7�k�?z ?. A a ,v5 making its approach to Athens Airport. Isabella dam Reservoir rf.239 Are feet m m were Kern Ruer dam. In 2m cos out 13# cos be Piane that went Down saturday forecast was identified As a Psi i a Short Range mostly fair through monday. Afternoon transport made in Japan and powered by winds 5 to 15 Miles per hour. Two Rolls Royce engines. Hot Springs a. A president Nixon is confident he can veto or withhold enough congressional spending authorizations to reduce budget outlays to 8250 billion and avoid a tax increase budget director Caspar Weinberger assured Industry leaders saturday. A the Short and easy answer would be to increase taxes and the president believes that is the wrong Weinberger told the fall meeting of the business Council. Weinberger said the whole bundle of newly approved Bills left for Nixon a signature when Congress adjourned is eligible for veto in the White House quest for savings. Weinberger said he is now preparing recommendation on vetoes. A fall the measures Are under close examination and the biggest spending ones Are under the closest we Einberger told reporters after his appearance at the closed business Council session. He listed among those vulnerable to veto the social Security and welfare measure the appropriation Bill for the welfare and labor some proposals for departments of health education and additional Aid to the aged some veterans Benefit legislation and a a very Large number of other Jet with 53 Down 18 saved legislation already on the books exceeds Nixon s $250 billion target for fiscal 1973 by Well Over $8 billion the director of the office of management and Budge said. A some speakers at the business Council session As Well As a number of the nearly too corporation Heads attending have predicted that a tax increase is needed if not inevitable. The resident is absolutely determined to avoid higher taxes a the budget director said. Weinberger said the prospective cuts of More than $8 billion a a we ill not interfere with economic growth or cause unemployment or have other Adverse the budget a will continue to of a stimulative one a he said. Secretary of Commerce Peter g. Peterson another speaker at the session told reporters that opinion polls show an increasing number of americans consider Federal spending a cause of inflation and want to see it held Down. A there has been a change from the conventional Wisdom that big spending is Good politics a Peterson said. Director Donald Rumsfeld of the Cost of living Council concurred that the administration has a better Chance of controlling spending and inflation because of the shift in the Public attitude on the Issue. Rumsfeld said studies by his office suggest that next years wage contract settlements need not bring a serious inflationary bulge even though an unusually Large number of contracts Are up for negotiation and renewal. The fact that there have been relatively few strikes resulting in a period of conf Para Tive Calm in Industrial relations Sug. Gets there May be less pressure for another round of big increases despite the Large number of contracts due for renewal Rumsfeld said. Both Rumsfeld and the Price commission chairman c. Jackson Grayson insisted that the administration has not yet decided whether to seek Extension of wage Price controls which expire next april. Price chairman Grayson told questioners he has encountered considerable support for Extension of today californian circulation service hours daily 8 .-6 30 . Sunday 7 a.ro.-16 . 323-8211. Ten cents daily 25 cents sunday. Delivered monthly �?T$3. Page ser. Business and finance 32 4 classified ____________35 5 editorials ____________________16 2 farm be metropolitan section__________9 2 Oil ---------------------------33 4 perspective __________________17 2 picture page_________________34 4 scene _______________________19 3 sports----------------------27 4 television to week Heaters be vital statistics_______________42 5 youth be renegades 28 use. 34 Urcla. 49 Oregon. 15 Colorado. 20 texas.35 see sports Pierce. 3 Wash. 7 Cal. 13 Stanford. 13 Oklahoma. 14 Arkansas. 15 on Page 27 a

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