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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Bakersfield, California The weather High yesterday. 83 Law Timit. In expected High today $5 expected Low tomorrow 55 expected High tomorrow s3 Sunrise 7 64 . Sunset 6 19 . Rainfall total to Date Trace season Normal .26 Isabella dam Reservoir 162.338 Arre feet Kern River flow in 3w5 Els out 306 cos forecast sunny today and sunday with Little change in temperatures and Light winds. Ile Guif omit Kern production assessed value----slm2,738,941 agriculture $324,237,788 Bank deposits building permits population telephones $485,526,000 $41,976,461 851,500 175,609 Kern county Beard of Trade Figaro a a a la Baker vol. 84 $2.50 monthly delivered Bakersfield California saturday oct. 17, 1970 24 pages three sections no. 78 second class postage paid Beld California. Published daily of Tho Bakersfield californian at 1707 Eye Street. Send form 3576 change of address to . Bin 440. Bakersfield. California 93802.explosions rip giant aircraft firemen fight fire after this giant c5 Galaxy transport the world s largest air plane exploded and burned on the flight line at the lock heed Georgia co. At Marietta ga., last night killing one person and injuring another. National guard cleared Kent president requests Calm Ravenna Ohio apr the president of Kent state University Robert i. White has asked its 21.000 students to take in stride a grand jury report which exonerated Ohio National guardsmen and criticized the University for disorders that left four dead and nine wounded. A we have Long known that the grand jury report would create problems a White said Friday on a closed circuit television a few hours after release of the report. It accused University administrators of surrendering leadership to dissident students and faculty members. The special state grand jury indicted 25 unidentified persons. None was a guardsman said special prosecutor Robert Balyeat who directed the month Long investigation in which 300 persons testified. Portage county sheriff Joseph Hegedus said he did not expect any indictments to be served before monday. White assured the "25 unidentified defendants that there will be Quot full judicial process. I am sure every Legal safeguard will be White told the student body Quot the May tragedy will be with us for a Long time. The Strain of the successive reports investigation. Discussion and the like must be surmounted one by one in 111 to this we White said he was forbidden by court order from commenting on the report or indictments but said a i appear before you rather Well the jury said the administration had constantly yielded to demands from a segment of the student and faculty bodies Quot to the extent that it no longer runs the the executive committee of the Kent state faculty Senate issued a statement saying it was Quot dismayed by the Over simplification of the issues involved by tile inaccuracies and exclusions of certain information and by the grand jury a evident failure to understand the nature of a University in a free the committee said a it is simply not True that a fall the conditions that led to the May tragedy still exist a a As reported by the jury and said a if it was appropriate for the grand jury to discuss events after May 4 when the deaths occurred Why did it not include a note of the extensive efforts of students faculty administration and townspeople to create be atmosphere of nonviolence on the Campus and in the Community a the committee also said the jury failed a to understand that Kent state University a speakers policy is an open one consistent with the policy of great universities across the country see Kent jury Page 8 invective hurled Reagan flares up at regents meet National is Agnew earning salary Ogden Utah up a House majority Leader Carl Albert d-okja., has questioned whether vice president Spiro t. Agnew is earning his $60,000 annual salary As presiding officer of the . Senate. A let him explain what he is doing to earn his $60,000 salary while he is going around the country attacking Albert told a democratic rally at Weber state College Friday night. A a let a put his record on the line a he said. Live bomb found in Gimbels Pittsburgh up a live bomb described As a a Small package with a ticking device inside was found by police in Gimbels department store in City a downtown Friday and later detonated in an empty freight Yard. Thousands of shoppers and employees were evacuated from the store and several City blocks were cleared after the store received a tip from an Anonymous Telephone caller. State teamster strike ended los Angeles Iti a negotiators announced that a teamsters Union strike which has idled More than 50,006 construction workers in Southern California is Over. Picket lines were immediately removed. Terms of the tentative agreement were not made Public however pending ratification by both employers and Union members in la Southern California counties. San Francisco up a gov. Ronald Reagan lost his temper after a University of California Board of regents meeting and cursed the former Campaign manager of the Man he Defeated for governor. The Republican governor w asked quickly around a table moments after the regents adjourned their session Friday and Shook his Finger at Regent Fredrick g. Dutton a longtime Democrat and critic of the governor. A you Are trying to use this Board for politics a Reagan shouted at Dutton who managed gov. Edmund g. Browne a unsuccessful Campaign against Reagan in 1966. Quot but you be been doing it governor a said Dutton and fellow Regent Norton Simon almost in unison. A you Are a lying son of a Reagan said looking toward Dutton As dozens of spectators and regents gathered around. Reagan refused to apologize for his remark and repeated his charges that Dutton and Simon were a outright liars in a televised news conference a few minutes later. The governor also accused the two men of a cheap politics and a total Simon a Multi millionaire industrialist from Southern California and recent unsuccessful candidate for the cop nomination for the . Senate said of Reagan a the lost his Simon also apparently called for the defeat of Reagan George Murphy who beat Simon in the primary and state superintendent of Public instruction Max Rafferty. A i have supported Many republicans and in this present election i am supporting Many republicans. But i think it is really about time to see the colors of Reagan Rafferty and Murphy. William French Smith chairman of the regents and Reagan a personal attorney later told reporters a you Are bound to have flare like this. In the Long term i done to think its a bad what triggered the shouting match Between the governor and the two regents was decision of the Board to postpone until next month a discussion of a controversy in which regents Are being asked to approve enlargement of a planned City near the Irvine Campus of the state University system. Simon claimed the regents see Reagan Page 8 flight line blast fire kill Man Dobbins air Force base a. Apr a c5 Galaxy transport the worlds largest air plane exploded and burned on the flight line at the Lockheed Georgia co. Today killing one Lockheed employee and injuring another officials said. Doug Wheeler Lockheed a Deputy program manager for the aircraft said preliminary investigation indicated that three explosions rocked the controversial $50 million aircraft which was produced by the company. Wheeler said the explosions apparently entered in the left Wing and Center fuselage. The rear end of the fuselage was destroyed although the right Wing escaped serious damage. No other planes were damaged. Maj. John Eckhardt Dobbins information officer said the mishap occurred during a de fueling operation aboard the plane which had been on a test flight ending about 5 . Lockheed a Wheeler when asked specifically if the plane was being def eled said a i done to think it was but in a not really he said the two civilian employees were working on the aircraft and a the work apparently was being done in the fuel tank according to Wheeler the plane was owned by the air Force but had been returned to Lockheed for test purposes. The plane carries 318,000 pounds of aviation fuel stored in a total of 12 fuel cells six to each Wing. The Jet has a history of controversy mainly entered on spiralling costs. One of its Foremost congressional critics. Sen. William Proxmire. D-wis., has called it a unsafe at any Load and has repeatedly attacked the program. A $2 billion overrun disclosed in the c5 program last year added to the controversy. The planets 248-foot length 223-foot Wingspread and six Story height would crowd a football stadium. Although Security officers at the military installation sat a Fri agents had been summoned to assist in the investigation Wheeler said he w As unaware of any such action. A have you ruled out sabotage then a he was asked asked. A a we be not ruled it Wheeler replied. A it does no to appear to be a possibility at this killed was Phillip l. Smith of Rosell a. His age was not immediately available. The injured employee was in the base infirmary for treatment of Shock. His name was withheld pending notification of his family. Wheeler said reports indicated he was a not seriously injured although he suffered some the explosion routed residents from their Beds for Miles around. Steve Ridling who lives directly across from the Lockheed Plant some 15 Miles Northeast of Atlanta said he was awakened about 1 25 . A it was a loud blast loudest one in be Ever heard a Ridling said. Quot i could see fire and a lot of smoke from my window. Walter Walker a Lockheed Painter said he heard a motor Start and then heard the explosion. At its Peak the Blaze shot flames several Hundred feet into the air observers said. The c5 is designed to carry an army divisions largest weapons into combat particularly during the first to Days of a sudden War Fly Low to avoid enemy detection Settle onto dirt runways on its 28 wheels and then Kneel Down to True bed level for fast unloading. The one that exploded was see planet Page 8 vigilantes loom threat Mitchell Indianapolis ind. Up a the greatest threat to America is not terrorists but Quot vigilante tactics to which citizens May resort to protect themselves . Attorney general John n. Mitchell said Friday. Mitchell Here for dedication of a new Indiana University Law school building told a news conference that he does not regard Radical bombings and violence As a major threat to society. A there is no question there Are organizations in this country dedicated to the destruction of our society and its government a Mitchell said. A we Are aware of the intentions of some of these terrorist Quot reasonable precautions have been taken he said and the officials involved have been warned. Members of such Radical groups a Are capable of trying to carry out any illegal undertaking a he said. However Mitchell said his greatest fear was that the Quot Public might tax let it upon itself to defend Quot our society will go on and improve a he said but add d he saw a counter move of a vigilante tactics As the Only possible Mitchell said he doubts that the government will overreact to terrorists. A we have the Constitution and the courts to cover these situations he said. Getting nowhere talks continue on Middle East United nations. By. Apr the first of two meetings Here Between Secretary of state William p. Rogers and soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko tailed to remove . Concern Over Kremlin intent on some major International issues. This was reported by . Officials Early today following a four hour Dine and talk session Between the big two foreign ministers that lasted until nearly Midnight Friday. The Middle East peace Effort and alleged soviet truce violations improvement of conditions for West Berlin and president Nixon s latest proposal for peace i n Indochina were among the items discussed. A a in a describe the atmosphere As Businesslike not unfriendly spirited a . Spokesman Robert j. Mccloskey said afterwards. A follow up meeting is scheduled monday night. . Strategists have been concerned that the soviet Union despite Nixon so Era of negotiations policy May be veering toward a Tough cold War line. They have been particular upset by w hat they term blatant soviet violation of the .-sponsored Mideast truce by putting new missiles into the Suez standstill zone. . Officials said Rogers raised the violations Issue but did not show Gromyko . Aerial photos of the new missile installations. They also said Gromyko denied any soviet violations As Moscow has previously. In general they said the american Side still came away with questions As to whether the soviets Are seriously interested in finding ways to reach a Mideast settlement. Earlier in the Day the . Effort to get Arab israeli peace talks going suffered another setback from a strongly anti-. Speech by Egypt a foreign minister Mahmoud Riad. Riad accused the United states of wrecking its own peace initiative by siding with Israel against the arabs. Heatedly replying to Riadi a general Assembly address . Ambassador Charles w. Yost charged the egyptian with raising new obstacles to a negotiated settlement. . Officials said Israel and her Arab opponents for their own reasons May not resume shooting when the .-sponsored 90-Day cease fire expires nov. 5. But they doubted that the Arab israeli peace talks under . Mediator Gunnar jarring could be resumed soon. The officials said Rogers did not ask Gromyko for a Suez missile Rollback As Israel has demanded As a Price for attending the talks and they said he did not specify what kind of a a rectification the United states wants of the alleged violations. The officials portrayed the Mideast discussion As exploratory and said there was no change by either Side on other major subjects. Rogers did not ask about see Rogers Page 8 Nixon campaigns in 4 states today Washington a president Nixon expanding his Campaign travel schedule almost daily and enlisting his family in the Republican cause flies into Vermont new Jersey Pennsylvania and Wisconsin today. Already scheduled for a five state Campaign swing next monday and tuesday in Ohio North Dakota Missouri Tennessee and Indiana Nixon added a North Carolina Stop. He had announced plans to Campaign oct. 28 in Texas and said Friday he will go to Illinois and Minnesota on the 29th. Whereas just two Days ago the White House had been talking in terms of vote seeking trips to 16 or 17 states Nixon aides now speak of spending a full week or More campaigning in 18 to 20 states. Nixon a first Stop today was the Airport at Burlington vt., for a rally aimed at boosting the re election chances of Republican sen. Winston l. Prouty who faces a Strong Challenge from former democratic gov. Philip h. Roff. Next state on the presidents schedule for the Day was new Jersey with stops at airports in Newark and Teterboro and a gop conclave at Ocean Grove. In a crucial new Jersey race democratic sen. Harrison a. Williams is facing Nelson Gross the states former gop chairman. The chief executive resigned himself to spending much of the Day aboard helicopters flying via that contrivance All the Way from Newark to each of two stops planned for Pennsylvania. The first Stop in Pennsylvania will be at the Airport in Lancaster followed see Nixon Page a dragnet sweeps Quebec Montreal up police dragnet squads swept through Quebec today in the Federal governments intensified Effort to crush the terrorist Fly and locate the kidnappers holding two High ranking officials. There was no word on the Fate of British Diplomat James r. Cross kidnapped 13 Days ago or Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte abducted at gunpoint one week ago. The shaken government of Pierre Trudeau Clung to Hopes both still were alive. Trudeau who invoked emergency War Powers Friday and outlawed the separatist Fly placed the responsibility squarely on the terrorists for the safety of Cross and Laporte. A the guns pointed at their Heads a he dramatically told the nation on television Friday night a have Fly fingers on the a Quebec government official said Friday a there is every reason to believe or. Laporte is still no one speculated about Cross. The kidnappings have plunged the government deep into crisis. Trudeau mobilized 4,000 Federal troops to Aid Quebec s 9.000 police officials in the crackdown on Fly leaders and sympathizers. Dragnet Friday netted 270 persons in 158 raids. His suspension of certain civil liberties especially in arrest situations Drew fire from opposition leaders in Ottawa. One likened it to a trying to crush a Peanut with a in the raids said inspector j. R. Melancon of the Quebec provincial police a Large quantities of firearms a guns pistols bayonets and knives a were seized. Trudeau his face drawn and grim declined again Friday night to meet the Kinda per a demands for release of 23 political prisoners Safe passage out of the country and $500,000 Gold Bullion Ransom. A should the government give in to this crude blackmail a he said shifting uncomfortably in his chair a we could be facing the breakdown of the Legal system and its replacement by the Law of the he said to agree to the demands a the government has offered to seek parole for five of the political prisoners and guarantee All Safe passage from Canada a would be a an invitation to terrorism and kidnapping across the Trudeau said he based his invoking the extraordinary Powers on communiques from various governmental officials in the province. One letter from Montreal police director m. St. Aubin had a paragraph that said a the slowness of procedures and the constraints which result from Legal mechanisms and methods to which we Are currently subjected do not see Quebec Page 8 Reader Index Page see business and finance 24 3 Church 3 i classified _________17 3 comics ___________22 3 editorials----------14 2 features ----------15 2 metropolitan Section 9 2 Ann Landers 7 i oil_______________24 3 radio 6 i Heaters 7 i television 6 i sports to 2 vital statistics 23 3 r in

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