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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives May 21 1972, Page 2

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Bakersfield, California 2 sunday May 21, 1972 Jurj a Mitchell sees no end to peril Washington up a former attorney general John n. Mitchell said saturday no Way exists to fully protect presidential candidates from assassination but the threat of death will never alter the american style of political campaigning. I done to think there is any Way presidential candidates can protect themselves a said Mitchell now heading president Nixon a re election Campaign. A they Ane All aware of it. None of them a Fly from it and they will do what they have always bearing out Mitchells prediction. President Nixon and Sens. Hubert h. Humphrey and George s. Mcgovern worked their Way through crowds Only two Days after gov. George c. Wallace was shot in a shopping Center throng at Laurel. My. Mitchell who resigned As the nations chief Law officer to head the committee for reelection of the president offered this and other political assessments in an interview with five reporters. The interview was held in a conference room of his new York Law firms Washington Branch one flight Alcove the Nixon Campaign Headquarters. Among Mitchells observations Nixon will win the major issues will be Vietnam inflation and the Economy generally Mcgovern will be difficult to Stop at the democratic National convention if he wins in California and has 1,100 to 1,300 delegates the resignation of Treasury Secretary John b. Connally or. Has no political meaning at All. Mitchell skirted some other questions. Will vice president Spiro t. Agnew again be Nixon s running mate a. In Short i done to expect anything except a decision to be made at the right time. This is Are you gearing the Campaign to Mcgovern As the democratic nominee a it is premature. We Are not relating the Campaign to a particular Mth visual. Not until after the How much will the Campaign Cost a a i Haven to the faintest would Mcgovern or Humphrey be easier to defeat a i can t assess that now. It depends on How they handle themselves. Or if they bring another candidate fourth party into the Mitchell said the importance of issues a drops off very sharply after Vietnam inflation and the Economy. He said in certain parts of the country school busing will be a major Issue although its Impact May not be determined until schools open in september. He commented a the president will be in full control of Vietnam As a political Issue come november. A the inflationary spiral has been broken. We expect that to continue. All business indicators Are running in our favor a Mitchell said. A with respect to employment or unemployment this will be More rhetoric than asked to assess Mcgovern As a possible opponent Mitchell said a i done to think anybody can assess Mcgovern because the american people done to know Mcgovern or what he stands he predicted the South Dakotan would suffer from added exposure. A in my opinion the greater majority of americans Are not in sympathy with his stance or positions a the whole gambit of it a he said. Asked for a Humphrey assessment. Mitchell quipped a i think Hubert a problem is the reverse. He has been Mitchell said Wallace s Impact on the political scene will a depend entirely on his physical he said that if Wallace cannot a Campaign in his own style it will have an effect before during and after the democratic National convention. John n. Mitchell. Limited Protection preacher leads Victory trek International Cunard liner arrives safely Cherbourg France apr the Cunard liner Queen Elizabeth 2 arrived intact in Cherbourg Harbor saturday night completing an Atlantic crossing during which it received a blackmail bomb threat. Cheering passengers lined the decks. The giant British liner entered the Harbor at 9 55 . A 4 55 . Edt a carrying 2,350 passengers and Crew. The bomb threat which said bombs would be set off on the 65.00fl-ton liner unless $350,000 in Ransom was paid was revealed in new York thursday. British bomb experts were flown to the ship but their search turned up nothing. Burundi genocide reported Brussels Belgium apr a belgian reporter claiming to be the Only foreign newsman who witnessed an unsuccessful coup attempt in Burundi charged saturday that genocide was taking place in the african country. Walter Geerts a belgian radio and television reporter said president Miche Mico Bero was purging his opponents of most of their intellectuals and scholars. Most of them belonged to the Huto tribe. Geerts said they Are being tracked Down arrested and killed. He told of trucks taking piles of bodies for burial in mass Graves outside the capital of Bujumbura. National 530-630 deaths predicted Chicago apr the National safety Council estimated saturday Between 530 and 630 persons May be killed in traffic accidents Over the memorial Day weekend. The period covered by the estimate is 78 hours loosely considered a three Day weekend. It extends from 6 . Friday May 26 until Midnight monday May 29. The Council urged both motorists and pedestrians to exercise caution because of the unusual volume of travel. Over the 1971 memorial Day weekend also three Days. The associated press counted 553 traffic deaths. The Council said that this year there Are about 3 million More Drivers and 4 million More motor vehicles in operation than there were at this time in 1971. Vips blamed for vandalism Washington apr rep. William j. Scherler Iowa. Says it Wasny to tourists but vips who stripped the Kennedy Center of every thing they could carry away. Carpets have been snipped away tiles taken from the Walls and toilet seats stolen from the restrooms Scherle said in a newsletter. A contrary to popular belief Ushers and Volunteer guides at the Center maintain that these thefts Are not primarily the work of be said. Scherle quoted one guide As saying a ifs the More elite groups the theater goers and v is and even the actors. Washington a several thousand persons marched Down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the Washington Monument saturday and stood in a drizzly rain in radio evangelist Carl Mcintire s fifth a March for Park police estimated the crowd at 3,500. And while Mclyn tired a press aides claimed 35,000 Mcintire made his own estimate when seeking donations by saying a if everybody gives $1 Well get $6,000.�?� most of the crowd Many carrying banners on the theme of winning the War in Vietnam stayed to the end of the 2hours despite the rain that Mcintire said had Cut the crowd by two thirds. Not far away in the Ellipse behind the White House a gathering of mostly cubans estimated by Park police at 3,000, demonstrated almost As Long at a a free Cuba rally the highlight of Mclyn tired a demonstration was a Short speech by Georgia it. Gov. Lester Maddox urging the crowd to vote for Alabama gov. George Wallace for president. He said that is the Way to get the things that Mclyn tired a followers want. Mcintire asked his followers to Stop everything for three minutes during Wallace a operation next week to remove the Bullet from his spine and Pray for a successful operation. Mcintire said he agrees with president Nixon mining the my Tammy Keast. Free surgery map wire photo lung Vietnam from Page i Lek on the old Imperial Spital of Hue. New fighting was reported saturday in Phu my District of inh Dinah province on the mitral coast. Phu my is just Hith of three districts which ill earlier in the offensive sitting some 200,000 people id a major Rice crop under lev control. Hie Northern ird of Phu my was reported old by the enemy saturday though the government still strolled the District head starters. Qui Nhon. The capital of my Dinh province was hit r mortar fire saturday of Moon. A civil Ian defense dining Center was reported to but there was no report of Salties. Government troops claimed be making Progress in of its to retake the Northern strict. Elsewhere in Indochina Cambodia the High command reported 19 cambodian soldiers killed and 78 wounded in two Days of fighting within sight of angkor wat. A spokesman said government troops had been forbidden to fire in the direction of the ancient enemy held Temple Complex and were a using mostly Laos . Military observers paint a somber picture for Southern Laos saying communist led forces continue to thwart government efforts to recapture the provincial capital of Khong Sedone. There was speculation that the enemy wants the pause Airfield but not pause itself though the City is the communications and trading Center for the whole Bol ovens plateau. From Page i presuming underground miners of 15 or More years experience have Wack lung if afflicted with a respiratory disorder eliminating the social Security offset for benefits and providing benefits for orphans of deceased miners As Well As dependent parents Brothers or Sisters. Before the measure passed the House and was sent to the White House May to rep. John Edenborn r-ill., summed up arguments by administration opponents calling the legislation a a bail out for the Coal Industry. An unconscionable raid on the a chief proponent sen. Robert c. Byrd do. Va., argued a miners face special hardship and special danger in prodding the Energy on which this country runs. It is time these men and their families receive just compensation when pneumoconiosis takes from a Miner his Only Means of earning a gov. Arch a. Moore of West Virginia a Republican up for re election this year against John d. A a Jay Rockefeller in also backed the Bill. Pair held in Art robbery Worchester mass. I a labourer and a housewife were arrested by police and Fri agents Here saturday and charged with complicity in the theft last week of four paintings from the Worcester Art museum which Are valued at More than $1 million authorities said. Die paintings two Gauguin a Picasso and a Rembrandt have not been recovered police said. William j. Carlson 28, a Worcester labourer was arraigned in Central District court and charged with armed robbery assault with a dangerous weapon and breaking and entering in the daytime. He was remanded to custody in lieu of $45,000 bail. Charged with being an accessory after the fact of armed robbery was Carol Naster 30, a Worcester housewife. Her bail was set at $10,000. Police said they made the insurance from Page i actual size and magnitude of the insurers business a the regulations say. The new rules go into effect june la but Barger said companies Are being asked to observe them voluntarily before then. Arrests at Worcester apartments Early saturday morning. A second Man arrested at the same time was not charged in connection with the Art robbery police said. Police would not say How they think the other two Are connected to the Case or their alleged roles if any in the actual robbery. They declined to say if More arrests Are expected to be made. As Many As 22 detectives have been working on the vase since the thefts last wednesday police reported indicating the massive search for the paintings is still in Progress. The four paintings were stolen wednesday afternoon by two men wearing ski masks. A museum guard was shot As he attempted to question the men when they left the museum and now is reported in fair condition in a Worcester Hospital. The two men were reported to have used a stolen White station dragon for a getaway but Only for a few blocks before they abandoned it and vanished in another vehicle. A partial set of fingerprints were lifted from the abandoned station Wagon although police said it would be a Long process to identify the prints. The stolen works Are two by Gauguin a brooding woman and a head of a woman a Rembrandt a St. Bartholomew a and a Picasso a Mother and Cycle helmet rules pushed Washington us noting a dramatic increase in motorcycle fatalities the transportation department saturday proposed new safety standards that would require safety helmets to meet specific performance Levels. A maximum Protection of the motorcyclist is extremely important in order to decrease potential deaths and serious injuries resulting from head injuries a said Douglas Toms National Highway traffic safety administrator. A this proposed Standard should contribute substantially to our program for increasing Highway safety which president Nixon has Given top Toms said that Between 1965 and 1970, there was an 82 per cent increase in motorcycle registrations and a 54 per cent increase in motorcycle fatalities 70 to 90 per cent of which resulted from head injuries. Mcgovern huh Zero in on state North vietnamese harbours but a we did t approve. Of his drinking chinese communist booze. And done to approve of his drinking soviet russian several resolutions adopted by voice vote included deploring Nixon strip to Russia calling for prayers for Wallace calling for full Victory in Vietnam backing an amendment to the Constitution to ban busing of children based on color Creed or National _ origin. Hospital offers free operation Browns Mills n j. Apr a Hospital Here offered saturday to perform open heart surgery free for Tammy feast the two year old girl for whom perhaps millions of cigarette pack wrappers were collected in the mistaken belief they could be exchanged for Money. Jack lesser the president of Deborah Hospital said he was contacted about the Crown Point n.y., child a problem by a person who had read news accounts of the efforts to raise Money for her by collecting the cigarette wrappers. He then offered to provide the doctors and facilities for the operation. A if they bring the Little girl in tomorrow Well Check her right in a lesser said. About 70 per cent of All open heart surgery in new Jersey is performed at Deborah Hospital which is supported solely by contributions. Approximately 459 open heart operations were performed at the Hospital in 1971. Lesser said the girls Mother would be Given free lodging at the Hospital. Tammy who has a Hole in her heart was the object of a widespread Effort her parents launched to collect empty cigarette packages. Her Mother mrs. Robert Keast said the Campaign was started after she heard a Rumor that cigarette companies would redeem them for Money. Die feasts now have about 600.000 discarded packs and others have thousands More a lot of paper but none of it Worth Money. Cigarette companies do not give away Money for empty packs a tobacco Industry spokesman said. Miss feast was scheduled to undergo the operation in a Hospital in Burlington vt., in july 1973, and her parents were trying to raise the $6,000 it would Cost. The family reportedly has no insurance. The cigarette package drive which began in Crown Point spread to other parts of the country and even to the Navy aircraft Carrier Enterprise in the Pacific. Sens. George s. Mcgovern and Hubert h. Humphrey zeroed in on the key state of California saturday in their quest for the democratic presidential nomination. Mcgovern forces also looked to Vermont and Iowa state conventions for further Delegate support. Mcgovern made a Campaign appearance before cheering longshoremen in san Francisco and arranged a Side trip to Phoenix ariz., by Way of Fresno calif., for formal endorsement by farm Union Leader Cesar Chavez. Humphrey spent the Day campaigning in the san Diego area. Both candidates have described populous California where the Winner will take All of the delegates in the june 6 primary As the key to their Hopes to running against Richard m. Nixon. In Des Moines Iowa democrats met to round out the slate of 46 delegates to the National convention. Mcgovern and sen. Edmund s. Muskie of Maine won 13 delegates each in District conventions last month and the others remained uncommitted. Vermont democrats gathered at Colchester for that states convention with Mcgovern expected to capture a majority of the 12 convention votes at stake. In Seattle meantime orbit clock in test of theory Huntsville Ala. Up a scientists at the space Agency a Marshall space flight Center plan to put a clock into orbit in late 1974 to test a portion of einsteins theory of relativity. The Hydrogen Maser clock selected because its stability rate varies Only a few parts in one quadrillion is being especially designed for the Lek by the smithsonian institution astrophysical Observatory. Scientists of the National aeronautics and space administration Nasa said the device will be pushed into an elliptical orbit 11,185 Miles High at its a Zenith by a scout a rocket from Wallops Island va., to test the equivalence principle of einsteins relativity theory. In its simplest terms. Einstein believed that two similar objects a in this Case clocks a in different gravitational Fields would appear to operate at different rates because of Gravity a effect on the geometry of space and time. If that a True the orbiting clock to be monitored by telemetry should appear to be operating at a More rapid rate than a similar instrument to be stationed at nasal a Bermuda ground station. Scientists said during the three and one half hour flight the difference Between the two clocks will be compared with shifts predicted by Einstein. Court rules on obscene writing Rome us Italy a constitutional court told news vendors they must decide if a Given publication is obscene and go to jail if they err. The court upheld an article of Italy s fascist Era penal code which Calls for up to three years imprisonment for whoever produces imports buys holds or circulates obscene writings designs or objects for commercial purposes. Washiington democrats were Ca Cusing to choose 48 of their states 52 convention delegates with Mcgovern Given a Chance of grabbing 12 or More from Home state sen. Henry m. Jackson still a candidate but virtually inactive. The South Dakotan is the front runner in terms of committed delegates. In san Francisco Mcgovern said Humphrey had chosen him As a running mate if the minnesotan wins the nomination and retorted a i have other Mcgovern said Humphrey a has instructed his aides to be very kind to me in the next couple of weeks because he fully intends that in a going to be his vice presidential running mate. I want to say to my Friend senator Humphrey that i have other Mcgovern said California is a the make or break one a that a whoever wins in California will be in a very Strong position to win the nomination. I think we be got the nomination if wre win in also campaigning in California Hep. Shirley a. Chisholm d-n.y., the first Black woman to seek the presidential nomination accused Mcgovern Humphrey and Muskie of pouring Money into the state in an attempt to buy Black votes. She told a cheering gathering in los Angeles a take the Money and vote for a i can to be she continued. A i have integrity and i have morality. No wonder the Black politicians can to stand me. No wonder the White politicians can to stand me. Even if you can to stand me. Ill always Tell the on sunday Mcgovern is returning to Oregon where he and Humphrey Are among la candidates on the ballot for that states primary on tuesday. But Humphrey planned to spend All his remaining time in California where 271 convention delegates Are at stake. Belfast from Page i ant roman Catholic Battle since violence erupted in August 1969. Fourteen persons died this week one of the bloodiest since the shooting started. In the county Antrim town of Ballyclare to Miles North of Belfast four gunmen burst into a Barbershop and shot owner Thomas Mcnally 38, in the stomach. The town is about 95 per cent protestant. In Belfast British troops said they saw a gunman fall during an Exchange of shots but his body was not found. British army and police reinforcements moved into Carrickfergus a Seaside resort North of Belfast for a rally by the militant protestant Ulster Vanguard movement. The rally was called to demand British forces invade two Ira held Londonderry Catholic districts declared a no go areas for troops and police. The 1st battalion of a Parachute regiment a the British unit involved in the Jan. 30 a bloody sunday clash in Londonderry in which 13 civilians died left Northern Ireland saturday. During its two year tour of duty it did not lose a Man and Only five were wounded. Bernadette Devlin Ulster Catholic Leader and member of Britain a parliament heaped scorn on the departing paratroopers. A boasting of their Lack of casualties. Is like beating up a Blind Man in a Back Alley and then making much of the fact that one sustained no serious injury in the process a she said. Nixon arrival marred from Page i idiot transformer to the Detroit Edison co. A interest in establishing stable Long term Trade and economic relations with the soviet Union can be noticed everywhere in the West a Tass said referring to one area of soviet american agreement Likely to result from Nixon a eight Day visit. U. S. And soviet negotiators held their 123rd meeting in Helsinki in the strategic arms limitation talks Salt that began in november 1969. The chief russian Delegate first Deputy foreign minister Vladimir s. Semenov suggested afterwards that work toward an initial agreement with the United states was still unfinished. Semenov indicated that the talks will continue throughout the weekend. The american delegation chief Gerard c. Smith is to join Nixon in Moscow some time next week. Asked whether he also would return to the soviet capital Semenov said a this depends on the instructions i will get from my it

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