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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Bakersfield, California To assumed lost dazed miners rescued photographers bulbs went off like harsh fireflies. There also w As sadness among relatives of the to missing men crowded to the Entrance in Fain Hope. Mine officials had not released a list of those known to be alive and those presumed dead publicly but it was Likely that families had been notified. But they still crowded in Hope. I Elwood o Dell was the first Man out. The men appeared dazed by the harsh floodlights and the questions being thrown at them by mine officials and relatives. Only five minutes elapsed Between the emergence of the first Man and the last. After a few minutes sitting the first Miner came out of Down on foam covered benches the mine Entrance into the Glare outside the mine Entrance the of floodlights and the waiting men were led to ambulances arms of his wife and family but All did not go. At 5 20 . He had spent a total of is hours and 20 minutes one Man who came out of in the mine since he reported the mine did not get into an for work at 7 . Monday. Ambulance however. A woman the others followed in Quick had her around his Waist succession. And yelled a there he is a As each Man stepped off the th3 Miner had gone from the i belts unaided a Blanket was mine Entrance up the opposite thrown around his shoulder and slope Over barricade ropes and he was led to a padded Bench j wag greeted by the woman in by Holge Jensen Hominy Falls w a. Up fifteen stiff and chilled Coal miners Rode a conveyor Belt to Freedom before Dawn today after spending five terrifying Days huddled in a flooded mine. Left behind deep in the Mountain were to of their Fellows for whom All Hope was lost Long ago. It was believed the to were swept to their death monday noon when a break in the Wall to an adjoining abandoned mine shot millions of Gallons of water through the mines Wavy passageway. I a a they re All in Good shape a said or. Todd. A none of them wanted to go to me Hospital. They Are being taken Home by ambulances. Their relatives will the Days of waiting and Pray ing through disappointment i after disappointment fell away quickly from the families of the Lucky ones who escaped the miners greatest Hazard a entrapment. A this is really the Best time a shouted mrs. Lonnie Bennett. A there s old Lonnie. Good old Lonnie a yelled some of his mining friends. He acknowledged the greeting with a wide Grin. No one talked of it at that moment but the miners will have a healthy paycheck coming a an average of about $528 a for 40 hours at straight pay and 73 hours at time and a half. The miners were trapped in three groups separated by a half mile each in the 36-Inch High passageway that is shaped roughly like a printed lower Case the mine Entrance would be at the Bottom of the left leg the Wall break and the Point where the group of to was lost at the Bottom of the right leg a a but at a much lower level from where the others crouched. Until Friday morning 13 men were in one place. Mine Foreman Frank Davis and Miner Edward Rudd a who had rushed into the passage when uhe water first was noted a were together in another. Then when the water level had been lowered by round the clock pumping Davis and Rudd joined the 13. They crawled toward the i Entrance Friday afternoon until i they encountered a a a swag a i a floor to ceiling trough of water 200 feet Long. Giant pumps forcing out some 15-million Gallons of water in the five Day period finally emptied the swag to the Point where the miners could crawl through. Announcement was made at 5 . That the men would be out in two to five hours. Then it was a by then a by 2 .�?� then a by 5 .�?� Rescue officials had been Overly optimistic about an imminent Rescue Friday and All evening hundreds of friends and relatives clustered anxiously on a Hillside facing the Entrance. Mine Foreman Frank Davis is hugged by his wife minutes after he was rescued from a flooded Coal mine in Hominy Falls w.va., where he and 14 others spent five Days. Another to men Are presumed dead. Man at right unidentified. Map wire photo they were Black from hardhat to Boot and wet from the water they had to Wade through on part of their journey. Front of the mine office. Or. Lee b. Todd of Quinwood the mine physician quickly looked Over each Man before the lamps on their hats he was led to the ambulance flickered through the gloom. Earlier officials had said that at first the 200 friends and i the men had agreed Over the relatives who had waited most radio Telephone to undergo Obol the night around the mine ser vation in hospitals at sum Entrance were silent. Then there Merville and Richwood. Was a great wave of laughing and hugging. It Wras difficult to make out any of the conversations As the scene turned to bedlam. But there was a change in plans that attested to the menus Good physical condition despite the Long cramped confinement. They were allowed to go Home. Hanoi spokesmen begin talks on monday Paris apr american and i pressed As to whether a North vietnamese negotiators i Vietnam cease fire would be the reached agreement today on a list order o business mond procedural matters for mondays opening of talks which replied a no comment. Be could Lead to an end of the must leave that to the Heads War in Vietnam. The i of the atmosphere of today a meeting Vance said an Agenda for the languages would be English and was described As a very Good j talks monday was not discussed. Vietnamese but their by an american official. J Vance and Lau were reported language would be other sources confirmed that this was an american suggestion. It was widely reported nevertheless that Vance and Lau had agreed at least tentatively that their official Harriman and Hanoi Stop negotiator Xuan Thuy will have their first encounter on monday. . Officials who see prolonged and difficult negotiations ahead were not quite sure what to make of working i Friday s events. French the simplest explanation Cyrus r. Vance Deputy Leader i t0 have shaken hands at the meaning they could speak appeared to be that the North of the american delegation told Start 0f the meeting As they French in addition to the other vietnamese were genuinely newsmen after today a session. The first time they met. Two languages As they wished concerned about conference a we have concluded procedural arrangements will go into substance All we on Hanoi losses student picks up a Cobblestone As others overturn a burning car in the latin Quarter of Paris last night during a Street Battle with police. Riot police crushed the student revolt after an la hour clash. There was no immediate count of the injured or arrested. A Adwir photo mount High Paris police clash in new Battle with student mob by Bernard Lavallee Saigon up a . Forces from american air strikes and reported today killing 442 North artillery barrages. Vietnamese troops below7 the demilitarized zone in renewed near Hue about 50 Miles below a tin Quarter at Sharp fighting described Doz. Full i some officers As another phase a the enemy has definitely 01 101,1 their opening round Friday Vance and ambassador a arrangements and that they had also had been described As Averell Harriman top . I decided As a matter of tactics polite. Negotiator will use English in Inot to make a major Issue Vance and Lau reportedly the meetings associates said immediately of such matters As one agreed that they should give because neither is fluent in a cml. Many questions the has oui As Little information As French. Vietnamese diplomats prelim May tasks cover possible on their discussions. Normally speak French As Well on monday the two sides the North vietnamese As their native Tongue. What were expected to face the first with his opposite number col. S p of e so a n said a the language they will speak in the stumbling Block in the Way of a Van Lau that the conference americans suggested that conference is optional among the full dress peace talks the will be conducted in tw7o official nothing further be said and two official and one working question of . Bombing North languages a English and the North vietnamese agreed language. Vietnamese a with French As a a a. A a. The working language. This Vance was emphatic on Point a the atmosphere been very he said it had been agreed Means that each Side will use its own language in conducting the Day to Day business of the conference. But French will be used for any conference documents and statements which can be readily translated and understood by both sides. Russian troops press czechs of the 17th parallel Boundary Between North South Vietnam. The and Moscow up a the soviet j routine military Maneu vers. Paris up a Gas masked riot monday closing Down All after today a second and final Union would probably not try a but the czechs would take police crushed the latest and French schools. Two hour and 22-minute military Force against the due note it any military move other fighting was reported bitterest student revolt Iii the procedural meeting Lau was czechs unless they abandoned meats a the sources said. The archbishop of Paris issued smiling broadly As he usually communism Western Diplo while making it Clear the in Dawn today of tear gassing a peace talk escalated two fold a said col clubbing and warding off rocks i an Appeal i ministers for of Calm the and top French does and told newsmen he was Lunatic sources said today. The North vietnamese maintain that unless the United states stops a fall acts of War against North Vietnam without any conditions attached there can be no discussion of the broader issues surrounding a settlement of die War. Washington has said it would require a gesture of a Mutual restraint1 on the part of the North vietnamese if America i soviets did not appear on the. A Verv asked if there commenting on reports of verge of taking any military 18 t0 Cea e its combing raids government met in emergency tomorrow he said a tomorrow session. Is sunday the ministers including Jae of the enemy a offensive. Milton Hull of Plant City. Fla. J thrown by youths. In the enemy a seven Day old i commander of the 3rd Marine police chief Maurice Grimaud attack on Saigon the american regiment. Said 367 persons were injured or. Command reported d0 let Cong Marine officers said they ques Roccard. De Gaulle s soldiers killed in fighting in and believe the fighting around Dong and 468 arrested 111 what he closest personal adviser went around the capital. Some a is part of a general called a a veritable guerrilla i to the presidential Palace this guerrillas still were holding out escalation in the Northern War morning presumably to Brief on the Southern fringes despite zone aimed at giving the North the general on the situation. He heavy Allied air attacks. Vietnamese a bargaining Edge the students who varied in is scheduled to visit Romania in the Paris talks. Number from 10,000 to 30,000 Early next week. In the Northern War zone . J Hull said North vietnamese during the action held a Square the general strike on monday i would be a further meeting soviet troop movements near riot torn University to reopen the polish czech Border the sources said the soviets also would be under pressure to use Force of Czechoslovakia withdrew from the Warsaw pact. Steps tile sources said Ineys could prove us wrong at any they said the soviets would have no trouble fabricating a provocation As an a a excuse for Vietnam such intervention should they a a a decide it was necessary Foi they. North of the dividing line. Until this question is tackled diplomats said it is too Early to say whether a handshake is a first gesture toward peace in Paris up a Paris 1st air cavalry division troops forces reportedly two mile of the French capital for the Day the United states and University officials said today rushed in to reinforce Marine regiments Are trying to close several units battered in heavy fighting the Cua Viet River East of Dong around Dong a where 1,500 a one of the main Supply channels to . Combat bases along the Doz. Dong Hall Miles South of the Doz is header the 3rd Marine hours. This morning several Hundred students blocked traffic along Boulevard St. Michel and police again used tear Gas to disperse them. Two big labor unions a the communist led general enemy soldiers have been reported killed in the last two weeks. The army reinforcements and quarters a marines reported killing 442 division which is responsible i confederation of labor and the enemy soldiers in the last 24 for defense of South Vietnam a i French confederation of transportation and the Gas and student hours in five Battles ranging Northern Frontier. Democratic labor a called a electricity systems. Sorbonne from 5 toll Miles below the in Saigon . Jet bombers general strike for monday in j following North Vietnam Are expected to begin hard bargaining on the Vietnam War at their conference Center about 2.8 Miles away from the riot scene could bring virtual paralysis to Paris. Such strikes in the past have they planned to reopen the suburban Branch of the University which with the ancient sorbonne University has been the Center of bloody student riots this week. The Branch at Santerre was meant shutdowns of All Public i closed a week ago because of protests and the was Dav it was recalled that a similar withdrawal by Hungary a Revo other reasons Luti onary government brought in soviet troops to crush the Buda East Germany was probably pest rebels in 1956. Working hard on the Kremlin a but the main thing is the to pressure the czechs to tone continuation of a socialist coun Down their internal Liberal Reader Index try a the sources emphasized. They said the soviets displayed similar fears towards communist China where the soviet press has already expressed concern that the cultural revolution May bring overthrow of communist Rule. The Case of Independent shut Down the minded Romania is different be the closings cause Romania until recently demilitarized zone. American made repeated runs for the support of the students who highly placed French officials sparked riots that left More than has kept a thoroughly orthodox casualties were put at 24 killed j second straight Day today but i have been on a week Long said they saw a connection j 1,000 persons injured and communist Domestic policy the and 54 wounded. If the . Count is Correct is enemy soldiers were killed for every american slain. Many of the enemy dead were claimed a the Viet Cong Are still there dug in bunkers deep and heavy a said it. Col. Tony de Luca commander of the 9th infantry see War Page 2 rampage demanding University Reform and release of arrested comrades. The federation of National education also decided to strike Between the rioting and peace talks. They pointed to some of the student leaders who have been labelled As see students Page 2 the hundreds arrested. Student leaders said thursday they would Boycott classes at both schools unless All of the arrested students were freed. Sources said. There were no immediate indications in Moscow that the troop movements reported in Poland were anything other than Iza Tion the sources said. They singled out the meeting in Moscow wednesday of the soviets four closest ideological allies a East Germany Poland Bulgaria and Hungary a As one form of such pressure. But the meeting broke up with no announced agreement a or even an expression of unanimity in its final communique a perhaps because one or More participants such As Poland might have Felt it dangerous to establish a precedent for Strong intervention into an Independent communist states internal affairs the sources said. 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