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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, Bakersfield, California Color pie Stoke if feel in Toff a Tan vol. 86 $2.50 monthly delivered Bakersfield California sunday May 7, 1972 ten sections 110 pages it no. 128 heavy red losses told Hijacker promises Quang Tri fighting new Effort costs foe i in in Gisela bedecked in plumes and net has returned to the ice Capanes As a lion Tamer Quot circus one of the lavish productions in this year s ice Capanes. The ice spectacular will open at the civic auditorium wednesday is x shows will be presented through sunday. See the entertainment Section of the Golden Empire for Story and photos. Miami Fla. A a Young Hijacker who commandeered a Western airlines flight to dramatize his opposition to . Involvement in Vietnam arrived in Cuba on saturday. He told passengers he would sneak Back into the United states and take Over More planes. The to dishy dressed gunman hijacked the plane Friday after it left Salt Lake City for los Angeles and ordered it to Fly Cross country with stops at Dallas tex., and Tampa Fla. The 737 Airliner finally arrived at Havana a Jose Marti Airport at 7 37 . And returned to Miami minus the Hijacker at 12 57 pm. It carried 61 persons. In los Angeles the Federal Bureau of investigation announced saturday that a kidnapping charge had been filed against Michael Lynn Hansen 21, of Salt Lake City in connection with the hijacking. Bond for Hensen was set at $500,000. The Fri said Hansen had attended colleges in California and Utah. It said that at the time of the hijacking Hansen sad he was acting a in retaliation for . Bombing in the Hijacker spoke to the passengers Over tile planets Public address system. Jan Hugie 21, a coed at Utah state University said he vowed he would a sneak Back into the country and Hijack planes to dramatize his Antiwar views. . Hamilton 63, Pacific Palisades calif., said the Hijacker claimed he belonged to an Antiwar group called a Down with imperialists and a said if the United states did no to halt the bombing by july 4, his group would assassinate president Nixon. The Hijacker took Over the plane shortly after its Takeoff from Salt Lake City. The Boeing 737, which landed at Havana a Jose Marti Airport at 7 37 ., returned to Miami International Airport a Little More than five hours later. It carried 61 persons. The Safe Landing in Cuba ended a tense three Stop see hijackers Page 2 unanswered questions it v in i v j a a Quot a a a a a a. 9 it Vav see Law for Bayh presses Kleindienst probe Washington up sen. Birch Bayh d-ind., said saturday that confirmation of Richard g. Kleindienst As attorney general in the face of key unanswered questions about the tit settlement would a undermine Public Confidence in our Bayh. A member of the Senate judiciary committee whose two months of confirmation hearings on Kleindienst a nomination were the longest in Senate history circulated a 5,600-word memo outlining 28 questions he said remained unanswered. A your search for the truth was hampered by a virtually impenetrable Maze of convenient forgetfulness by key witnesses who did testify failure to get testimony from other important witnesses a screen of executive privilege thrown up by the administration and contradictory testimony a said Bayh. One of four committee democrats who opposed approval of the nomination. A the hearings have ended with the Cloud of suspicion which they were convened to remove having grown Darker than when they began a he said. A to confirm the nominee under such circumstances would erode Public Confidence in our government and undermine the effectiveness of the office of attorney he said the hearings failed to answer a the most fundamental questions a Why the Justice department dropped an antitrust suit and agreed to International Telephone and telegraphs demand that it be allowed to keep the Hartford fire insurance co. While divesting itself of other firms with assets totalling $1 billion. The department has said it relented on its demand that itt sell off Hartford because it feared the a Ripple effects a on the Economy. But Bayh cited testimony from Richard Ramsden an outside consultant hired by the White House to advise Justice that the divestiture would not have an abnormal effect on the Stock Market or the Economy. Other key unanswered questions Bayh said included a a was the itt settlement a handled and negotiated exclusively by the antitrust division As or. Kleindienst originally stated a a Why did the Justice department feel it necessary to go outside the government to a private broker to obtain a financial analysis of the proposed divestiture a a might the conclusions of the Independent financial analysis have been improperly influenced a a was itt attempting to influence the outcome of its antitrust cases through Peter Flanigan of the White House staff a a if John Mitchell really disqualified himself in the itt Case because of a conflict of interest Why did he meet with itt president Harold Geneen on aug. 4, 1970?�?� the hearings examined suggestions that the department settled the itt Case out of court possibly because of an itt pledge of financial support to san Diego so the City could Host the Republican National convention in August. Saigon up -. Intelligence sources said saturday the communists suffered such severe losses at Quang Tri they were being forced to Send in one or two divisions from North Vietnam to replace them and were calling Back reserves from Laos. There was no estimate of the actual number of dead but the sources Basing their information on monitored radio broadcasts and prisoner interrogations said two North vietnamese divisions of 10,000 men were so severely mauled they were being consolidated into one. The . And South vietnamese commands reported a series of major clashes Friday and saturday ranging from the outskirts of Hue to the Central Highlands in which 648 North vietnamese and Viet Cong were reported killed at a Cost of 40 Arvn dead and 143 wounded. One . Adviser was killed near Plesku. A about Ioos South vietnamese were a killed or wounded in one of the actions. The . Command reported the loss of four More aircraft in South Vietnam including a cl30 transport and a second ac119 spectre at embattled an Loc 60 Miles North of Saigon with loss of nine men. But it reported five americans believed killed two weeks ago in the fiery crash of their helicopter in the Central Highlands had been found alive. All had been Given up for dead. There were these major military actions in Indochina on the eve of the 18th anniversary of the French defeat at Dien bin Phu a communist infiltrators hit the cambodian capital of phenom penh with 115 mortar and rocket shells during the night killing 28 persons and wounding 135. Cambodian paratroops and tanks battled throughout the Day on the Southern Edge of phenom penh with about too communist sappers some of them women who were trapped while trying to blow up a see Vietnam Page 2 Cash Tran Van Tuan bearded and sporting a Chest full of medals carries Flag during Parade saturday through the near empty streets of Hue South Vietnam. The 70-year-old Veteran of the French and South vietnamese armies is part of the Quot City defense division a paramilitary Force of the militia made up of government workers and civilians charged with the last ditch defense of the old Imperial capital of Hue against the North a wire photo # Iron division Hue girds for enemy attack Hue Vietnam apr the last ditch Volunteer defenders of Hue paraded saturday past shops closed with Iron grates past knots of noncommittal bystanders and past the bastions of the City sold military might. A thousand men from a 15-year-old in a White sport shirt to a 70-year-old Man with a Chest full of ribbons and a Long White Beard. They had been gathered against a North vietnamese attack that is a foregone conclusion. A if Hue Falls Vietnam Falls a said Nguyen due Mai a teacher and political adviser to hues so called a division of the government has provided 20,000 weapons for volunteers to defend the City if the cannot hold off the North vietnamese. The provincial government Hopes that As Many men will heed the posters calling for volunteers. Hundreds of citizens have returned to Hue in the past two Days but thousands were still Riding southward saturday in buses and overloaded trucks. . Officials estimated Only 50,000 remained out of a population of 200,000. The Parade had elements of the Noble and the ridiculous. A military band played a Shade off key. The men in the ranks wore a Jumble of Black pyjamas camouflage uniforms and tattered sports shirts. Some of the troops wore boots some sandals. Militiamen civil servants and a a a commander a regiment of a half dozen retired officers were represented. See defenders Page 2 demo report asks Nixon offers new lunch program overhaul Washington up a democratic planning group that included a former Deputy to j. Edgar Hoover recommended saturday that the Fri and its surveillance practices be placed under firmer supervision by Congress and the executive Branch. The report prepared for the 1972 democratic convention platform committee said the Fri Quot has gone 51 years without a full Public accounting particularly of unjustified political it said there should be a hard look taken at a the bureaus archaic assumptions and practices of Reader Index Page Sac. Business and finance a2 5 classified __________35 4 editorials___________16 2 farm be metropolitan Section 9 2 Oil 43 5 perspective 17 2 picture Page 34 4 sports 27 4 television to week theatres vital statistics -41 5 women ----�?3 youth be of Fri individual privacy and political the recommendations were drafted before hoovers death of a heart attack tuesday after nearly 48 years As Fri director. The panel was headed by sen. Adi Ai Stevenson Iii d-ill., and included Courtney Evans a former Deputy Fri director. The panel the democratic policy councils intelligence and Security planning group advocated creation of a congressional watchdog committee to include members of the House and appropriations and foreign affairs committees. It also recommended that the same thoroughness be applied to selecting a new Fri director As a is required for a supreme court Evans was quoted As saying a a Way must be found to maintain the integrity of the Fri at the same time providing policy guidance and direction in Security and i n t Ell gence investigations particularly in areas where there is Likely to be a legitimate difference Between Freedom for individual citizens and Security for the government without mentioning Hoover by name the report said a new Fri director was needed a whose primary qualities Are see demo report Page 2 Wallace in primary win Raleigh . Of Alabama gov. George c. Wallace Riding a wave of election year popularity that has surprised even himself at times won the North Carolina primary saturday and crippled former gov. Terry Sanford a Hopes of becoming the democratic party a leading dark horse presidential candidate. Wallace who has said he wants to shake the Eyeteeth out of the democratic party this year appeared Likely to finish with More than half the total vote in the five Way race that included Sanford Black new York congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and two . Senators who had previously dropped out of Active campaigning. Weather temperatures Low yesterday. Oil Birt yesterday to expected Lew today 52 expected High today 74 expected Lew tomorrow 53 expected High tomorrow 75 Sunrise 5is . Gusset 7 47 . Raufail total rail 1.87 season Normal Cli Isabella dam Roer voir 115,48$ acre tee Kern hirer flow in 882 cos it oat 419 cos forecast fair through monday Northwest winds 5-15 mph slightly warmer Days. Washington a the White House said saturday president Nixon will Send Congress a comprehensive program next week to revise and Reform school-1 Neh and breakfast programs. Under the legislation Nixon will ask for an extra $44.5 million for various school nutrition activities. However he has directed Secretary of agriculture Earl Butz to offset the increases by an equal amount in other areas so the Over All budget will not be affected. Two democratic presidential aspirants Sens. Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota and George Mcgovern of South Dakota criticized the Nixon proposals. Each claimed in a statement that the presidents plans could mean denying food to Many children. In a statement Nixon said the most important change he will propose would offer incentives to the states for expanding school lunch breakfast programs so that each Dollar spent on them will do More Good. In place of the present apportionment system for Parcelin out Federal lunch breakfast Aid Nixon wants to substitute a performance system. He said a under the performance system the More pupils served in a state the More Federal assistance it receives. This arrangement establishes an incentive for states to insure that All needy children will be fed. The legislation also would guarantee free lunches for children from families below the poverty line. At present schools have the option of offering them free or at reduced prices. Nixon also is asking for an extra $25 million to be allocated for feeding needy children in cities this summer. Tills would bring the total to <30 million which he said would be two and one half times higher than the amount spent last year. In addition he will seek an additional $19.5 million to extend the school breakfast program to an extra 3,000 schools in the coming year. The agriculture department estimates Federal child nutrition Aid in Cash equipment and commodities at almost $1.3 billion for the current school year and expects the total to Rise to just Over $1.4 billion in 1972-73. Humphrey said Nixon a proposal could remove nearly Bakersfield californian circulation service hours daily 8 .-6 36 . Sunday 7 . Call 323-8211. Published daily by thy Bakersfield Ca Iii or Man at 170? err Street Send form 3.vi5 change of address to . Box 449, Bakersfield California 9&i92. 2 million children from the school lunch program. A it provides Only $1.4 billion the same figure the president reported in january a Humphrey said in a statement. A not Only will this prevent any expansion in the program but coupled with rising food costs and the Low eligibility standards proposed by the president it would lop nearly 2 million needy children off the program most of them in Urban areas. Mcgovern said that Senate hearings had pointed to a need of at least $50 million for the summer program and a the administration has now found see programs Page 2 agriculture Secretary Earl l. Butz and Richard e. Lyng left assistant Secretary for marketing and consumer services have their Heads together at a White House briefing on president Nixon s proposed legislation to revise and Reform school lunch and breakfast a wire photo <1 i t v v

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