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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Bakersfield, California Courtney and Daria Miller Ages to and 5, take advantage of Spring to Plant some Flowers of their own under supervision of their parents Judy and David background. They Are getting ready for a Little Spring clean ing starting with a fresh coat of paint for window shutters. The Miller Home and Yard Are one of the features offered in the Home and Garden Section of the Golden Empire Section californian color photo vol. 88 6 sections Bakersfield. California sunday March 31, 1974 Ford labels Nixon re election unit an a arrogant guard a the political lesson of watergate is this never again must americans allow an arrogant elite guard of political adolescents like creep to bypass the regular party organization and dictate the terms of a National Ford received another ovation when he said a your Republican party organization must be the vehicle for future elections. If there Are any More cliques of ambitious amateurs who want to run political campaigns in the future i say let the democrats have them next he opened his speech noting a i was specifically admonished before coming that i talk about watergate but with some prerogatives of my own Iti ignore those he later told newsmen he really was not admonished by anyone and inferred that organizers of the conference indicated they wanted him to speak to the conference theme a a looking the White House said it gave no instructions to Ford regarding any watergate comments he might make in Chicago but had no immediate comment on Fords speech. In the speech Ford said a the political failure of creep in 1972 was a failure to reinforce the presidents impressive Victory overwhelming mandate with enough republicans in the House and Senate to insure the Success of his programs at Home and abroad. A the vice president told a news conference his remarks were not cleared with the White House. A i spoke As my own he said. Ford also said a i done to think you should interpret my remarks As a criticism of the asked if he had intended to divorce himself from the White House or president Nixon a philosophies he said a not at All. I simply said creep did a great disservice to the Republican he was asked who was responsible for the appointment of creep officials. Ford replied a i Wasny to around he said that in his opinion the president said to the committee a a in a Busy. Go ahead and run Ford said the president was Busy seeking peace in Vietnam opening the door to China and planning to strengthen relationships. Ford also urged in his speech that each and every candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 1976 a should sign in Advance on the dotted line that they will not set up outside committees without the specific approval of the Ford was also asked about his political plans. A i have said it simply and emphatically. I have no intention of being a candidate for any political office in 1976,�?� he said. He said republicans a Are blessed with a spectrum of candidates any one of whom if they got the nomination could win in 1976.�?� he listed Percy California gov. Ronald Reagan former new York see Ford Page 2 Chicago apr vice president Gerald r. Ford said saturday the political lesson of water age was a never again must americans allow an arrogant elite guard of political adolescents to dictate the terms of a National election Campaign. Ford referred to the committee for the re election of the president which ran president Nixon a Campaign in 1972. A it violated the historic concept of the two party system in America and ran roughshod Over the seasoned political judgment and experience of the regular Republican party organization in the 50 states a Ford said. A the fatal defect of creep was that it made its own rules and thus made its own creep is the double edged acronym Ford used in referring to the Campaign committee in his speech to More than 1,000 Midwest republicans. The audience including presidential hopeful sen. Charles Percy and gop National chairman George Bush stood up and cheered when Ford said 132 pages no. 90ehrlichman to obtain new counsel Washington a one of the attorneys representing both John d. Ehrlichman and h. R. Haldeman in the watergate Case said saturday that Ehrlichman is going to change attorneys. Frank Strickler a Washington attorney w to along with John j. Wilson represents both men said Ehrlichman is seeking new counsel because it would be strategically better when they come to trial now set to begin sept. 9. Both men Are charged Irr connection with the coverup of the watergate burglary. A we have foreseen this event since we first started representing them a Strickler said. A a it a just not strategically Wise for two defendants in the Case to be represented by the same Wilson declined to comment on the matter. Ehrlichman could not be reached for comment immediately. Strickler added that a a there a no matter of disagreement Between messes. Haldeman Ehrlichman Wilson and Strickler. We re All still completely compatible with each the decision was made he said a because you can to Tell what a going to arise in the trial and there should be undivided Strickler said no such problem had Arisen As yet so he could not give specific examples. But sources close to the Case said a problem might arise if Ehrlichman had information helpful to Haldeman and if Ehrlichman were called As a witness to give such testimony. The fact that both men were represented by the same counsel could detract from Ehrlichmann a testimony in the eyes of the jury the sources said. A the jurors would say to themselves a sure he a going to cooperate with his own lawyers a one source said. See Ehrlichmann Page 2 inside today californian circulation service hours daily 8 .-6 30 . Sunday 7 . 323-8211. Ten cents daily 25 cents sunday. Delivered monthly $3. Page set. Business and finance 33 4 classified. 35 5 editorial. 8 i markets. 32 4 metropolitan Section. La 2 perspective. 9 i sports. 19 3 television. 30 4 theater. 30 4 vital statistics. 41 5 scene. 25 4 Kissinger scores new diplomatic Triumph a Fet Elington a Secretary of state Henry Kissinger who cultivated a a a swingers reputation by dating Beautiful actresses we As married saturday in a civil ceremony to Nancy Maginnes a tall blonde foreign policy researcher and his most constant female companion. The marriage evidently had been tentatively set and called off several times since last december. The judge Francis e. Thomas jr., told a reporter that he finally got a Telephone Call at 4 . Friday and was told a it looks like a Green but it was not until an hour before the wadding that he was told the couple he Wras to marry in his Law office were Kissinger and miss Maginnes. A but i had surmised it a he said. Kissinger spent the morning at the state department conferring with Moshe Dayan the israeli defense minister. He had said he was going to Acapulco on vacation saturday afternoon but made no mention of the marriage. W Hen a reporter asked him saturday if he were seeing anyone else before taking off Kissinger simply smiled As the elevator door closed in front of him. Secrecy has been Kissinger a diplomatic trademark. When a reporter asked him on the flight Home from Moscow if he was getting married this weekend Kissinger grinned and said he gave the same response when the question was put to him on a flight Home from the Middle East last month. T. The 12 new Smen would not be put off with a quip. Kissinger growing serious promised solemnly that he would see to it that they had four or five hours Advance notice. There w As none. Judge Thomas in a Telephone interview said he was first contacted last december through Carlyle maw. The state department Counselor and a close Kissinger Friend and told he w Ould be marrying a an important a then id get these Calls with tentative dates and then a Call later that it was being postponed a he said. A a in be had several tentative Thomas said the wedding certificate Wras delivered to him saturday morning by Allen h. Harrison jr., an Arlington va., lawyer. A a that a when i knew for sure it Wras Secretary Kissinger but i had assumed it Long before a the judge said. The ceremony was performed at about 2 30 . And Kissinger and his wife left directly afterwards for National Airport where they boarded a private air plane for a 10-Day honeymoon in a rented House in Acapulco Mexico the first vacation the globetrotting Kissinger has taken in a year. Kissinger 50, and miss Maginnes who is 39, met about eight years ago when they were both working for former gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller of new York. She currently supervises International studies with Rockefeller a commission on critical choices. Kissinger appeared to be in a buoyant mood when he concluded his discussion with Dayan about la . He told reporters he expects to be Able to we Ork out a separation of israeli and syrian forces in the Golan Heights. Then after seeing Dayan to the door and taking the elevator to his seventh floor suite Kissinger gave a luncheon attended by the wedding party and seven other guests. He then slipped across the Potomac River with miss Maginnes and they were married in Thomas a office. Five relatives and friends As Wrell As Kissinger a two children Elizabeth 15, and David 12, were present. Kissinger is a jew and his wife an Episcopalian. His first marriage ended in a divorce. The marriage License Wras signed shortly before the wedding by Arlington county clerk Joseph Gwaltney after he checked the blood test reports and other necessary data. It was the first License he has issued. Gwaltney took office Jan. I. Sla convict urges Freedom for Patty san Francisco up Randolph a. Hearst made a Surprise visit to a state prison saturday and returned with a letter from a mysterious a death Row Jeff urging the sym ionese liberation army to begin negotiations for the release of Hearst a kidnapped daughter Patricia. The proposal for immediate negotiations was made by Clifford Jefferson w to Calls himself a death Row Jeff and who has Strong ties with the terrorist Sla. A i hereby suggest to general Field marshal Cinque Sla Leader that it w Ould be for the Best interest of the poor and oppressed people to Start negotiations As soon As possible with Randolph Hearst to release the prisoner of War Patricia Hearst a Jefferson wrote. The letter was the result of a series of four meetings Hearst has made Over the last to Days at the California medical facility at Vacaville near Sacramento. Jefferson who has spent 28 of his 48 years behind bars initiated the meetings. He asked authorities to be allowed to meet with Hearst attorney Vincent Hallinan the Rev. Cecil Williams of san Francisco a Glide memorial methodist Church Fri agent in charge Charles Bates and department of corrections director Raymond Procunier. Two other inmates Raymond Lee Scott and Albert c. Taylor a joined Jefferson in signing the Brief letter which brought a greetings to the poor and oppressed people of the the letter Given to Hearst in a visit to Vacaville before noon saturday said a i have been assured that upon the release of the prisoner of War four million dollars will be placed in the appropriate organization for the purpose of feeding the poor As per the instructions of the . Negotiations should Deal with any combat see clears to Page 2 or. Henry Kissinger and Nancy Maginnes were married in civil ceremony saturday afternoon in Arlington a. The . Secretary of state and his new wife left Arlington in mid afternoon for Acapulco Mexico where they will honeymoon for to a wire photo Libya takes Over dutch Shell Oil Beirut Lebanon apr Libya nationalized the entire operations of Royal dutch Shell saturday according to a broadcast Over Tripoli radio. Oil experts Here saw the nationalization As a retaliatory move by libyan president Moa mar Kheda by because Royal dutch Shell has refused to abide by an order for partial takeover seven months ago. Khad Afy last september ordered a 51 per cent nationalization of the predominantly american owned Oasis Oil co., but Royal dutch Shell a minority shareholder has refused to comply. The libyan broadcast indicated Shell a British owned company would be compensated and that its operations we Ould be taken Over by the american shareholders in Oasis. Foreign employees of Shell were Given the Choice of staying on or see takeover Page 2rain-gorged Rivers cause 460 to flee by the associated press rain gorged Rivers sent flood Waters swirling through scattered areas of Northern California saturday forcing As Many As 460 persons to flee their Homes in Humboldt and Shasta counties. From 300 to 400 persons left their Homes in the Lowling Ferndale area of Humboldt county because of flooding from the eel River said Cecil Hinly Ferndale civil defense coordinator. He said the eels 26-foot flood Crest saturday would match the Jan. 15 level when two people drowned and damage was estimated at $12 million. Another 50 persons w Ere forced to flee their Homes in the Anderson area South of Redding and an additional to persons evacuated a to bile Home Park in Redding itself the Shasta county sheriffs office said. Weather forecasters predicted rain in the extreme North of California sunday with s uttered showers Over the rest of the Northern California. The Federal Bureau of reclamation decided to order floodgates at giant Shasta dam opened to their full controlled capacity of 79,000 cubic feet of water per second. The dam had been pouring 75,000 cubic feet of water per second into the already swollen Sacramento River. A civil defense spokesman said the water input to Shasta Lake behind the dam was the largest recorded in the dams history. Water crept to within two feet of the dams top threatening an uncontrolled spillover. Water blocked interstate 5 briefly saturday near the Sisk you county town of Castella. In Redding workers at a furniture store in the downtown Village shopping Plaza began moving furniture upstairs and out of the building in vans. The Riverside a restaurant in see floods Page 2

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