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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Bakersfield, California 12 pages californian associated pics if is give i All the new All Ute Lime 12 pages m Aln new Section covering local Field end Telegraph Rte Pone Complete associated press service vol. , California wednesday. Jine 23, 1020 no. 282wilson prods rail labor Board a in pc a it in a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a now announcement May Avert nation wide Railroad strike brotherhoods Sah to be impatient May withdraw opposition to Luau horned walkout a sugar Price again takes sudden drop s it an Francisco june 23.�?the Price of refined Cane super was reduced effective today from $32.50 a hundredweight to $23, it was announced Here by the California and hawaiian sugar refinery. This is the third drop in the Price of sugar since three weeks ago when it was Selling at $26.50 a hundredweight at the refinery. The retail Price of sugar Here today is Between 26 Ana 27 cents according to Secretary Connolly of the retail grocers association. The new drop in Price will not affect the retail Market for a time he said. Restrictions on sugar sales have been discarded by the refineries it was announced. Heretofore wholesalers have been allotted sugar in amounts prescribed by the refiners but beginning today an open Market policy becomes effective. The drop in sugar is die chiefly to decreased demand according to dealers. Olin Cist Drys in majority at conclave Union Heads Ismark Edby insists on nominating Mcadoo Are in favor of other contests depend on outcome of prohibition clash defense closes Case and argument to Start tomorrow atty. Henderson is warned by court Early close of ase by the defense cause of Surprise w Washington june 23. A president Wilson sent a message today to the Railroad labor Board at Chicago urging that it make an award of the wage dispute. The trend of the message was not made Public at the White House. Announcement of the presidents action was made after w. N. Oak vice president of the trainmen s brotherhood had called at the White House and conferred with Secretary Tumulty. Or. Oak declined to discuss his conference Secretary Tumulty but said he would have a statement later in the Day. Decision expected within two weeks Chi ago j him 21.�?tile Mutiny labor Hoard derision revising wait of All Railroad employee probably will be handed Down within Tho next two weeks it was indicated at the Board s Headquarters today. J Ideo h. M. Barton chairman of the Board said the impatience of Railroad men to get a decision was Only delaying the Case. To declared the Board s deliberations were timing interrupted Corea of times daily by delegations of Railroad men asking that a Date for the decision be set. As Many As 300 Calls have been received in a single Day he said. The boards publicity department declared that the delay in reaching a decision had nothing to do with the present Railroad strikes and that the Board believed the strikes would continue even after the wage Case is settled. The strike it was said. Are promoted by an internal fight for control of Lite railway unions and not primarily by dissatisfaction with wages. Tho wage question has Lieen injected it was intimated. To deceive the Public brotherhoods to take action washington1, june prepared for Secretary also director general of the Railroad administration. Today indicated that unless assurances were Given immediately to railway worker that a wage adjustment might be expected soon. The unauthorized strike of trainmen at Philadelphia. Baltimore and Many other Jaunt might not be opposed further let a the brotherhoods. W. X. Oak. Vice pro a legit of the brotherhood of railway trainmen plans to leave this week for Chicago where the Railroad labor Hoard is meeting. Re it Orts to labor Headquarters Here today indicated no improvement in the situation this morning and minted to increased unrest among the men. I a Hor leaders said that Ainee the beginning of the unauthorised strikes. 30,flo0 men had been dismissed from the unions but thut the feeling was growing that to continue disciplining the men was impracticable. Rival factions erect barricades anti nut intense Cire Lon icon Derry june 23.�?there was no cessation today in the bottle Between in no list and nationalist factions which has kept Londonderry in a terror stricken stage for some Day . During the night the rival factions erected additional barricades from which they kept up a continuous tire at times the shooting reported the intensity of volleys. The is contents today were in a tire charge of most of the City and it even was impossible to learn Hie number of casualties. Reports were that several bodies had Heen seen lying in Bishop Street but it was Worth one s life to attempt to get to Bishop Street to verify the reports. The military remains passive troops watching armed men Tass along. Considerable lighting occurred on the water front which was Cut off from the rest of the town. It was rumoured that a Force of sinn Petter was gathering outside the City and Al that the Irish volunteers were about to take a hand. No More troops had arrived in Londonderry up to this afternoon. As Many persons As Are finding it possible to do so Are leaving Londonderry. 23.�?i n for mat Ion Payne who is deny rumours of a general strike Cleveland. Ohio june 23.�?rumors that Railroad unions will Call a strike this week affecting All unions. We re denied today by the chief sex Emit i Vee of the four transportation brotherhoods engineers firemen conductors and trainmen hero. A simply strikers propaganda Quot said w. G. Lee president of the trainmen. Some improvement in mid West states Chicago june 23.�?the sporadic railway strikes which have broken out in a half dozen or More cities during the last week spread to Savannah ii today with fifty Chicago Burlington amp Quincy and Chicago Milwaukee a St. Paul employees out. The situation elsewhere in the Central states showed improvement according to to the brotherhood of railway trainmen offices Here. John Grunau president of the Chicago yardman s association and Harold in heading president of the United engine men s association the two organization of a railway vacation lists a As the strikers term themselves a today issued a Call for a mass meeting Friday night. The purpose it was explained is Quot to Lay before the Public the True Side of the Railroad situation and just what Means have i it Een employed to bring the a it resent controversy to a successful improved conditions reported by Reading Philadelphia june 23. A improvement in Hie yardman s strike situation was reported today by bulb the Pennsylvania and the beading Rte Ilyf id. Officials said a number of men returned to work on the Miil shift last night and that conditions generally were a it preaching Normal although the movement of freight was still More or less seriously affected. Embargoes except on perishables foodstuffs and Coal for Public utilities were still in effect. Lincoln neb., june 23.�?frank a. Harrison of Lincoln manager for senator Johnson s Nebraska presidential preference Campaign w no recently charged that the a treachery and desertion of delegates from instructed states broke the heart of the Johnson movement a today made Public a personal note from Hie senator in which the latter says he wishes to take Steps to hold up to deserved Public obloquy and scorn Quot those who he said a broke Faith Quot at Chicago. Senator Johnson said to was going to do this in every stale where the a crime Quot was done a so that the people May be protected in the future when they express their Choice for he added Quot to be Frank with you. I never doubted what the Nebraska delegation would do. But i knew you were exerting yourself to i the utmost to prevent the betrayal. I lets make it impossible by branding i these scoundrels and prevent a recurrence of such in his recent charges against delegates from instructed states. Or. Harrison declared that just two men on the Nebraska delegation at All times refused to obey the instructions of Nebraska when the Roll was take Steps to Start Russ Canadian Trade new York june 23.�?preliminary Steps toward establishment of Trade relations Between soviet Russia and Canada have been completed according to announcement today by Ludwig c. A. In mat tens Vii i unrecognized Quot ambassador Here. A Mission Lias just returned from Canada Martens said where soviet representatives were re tee Elved favourably by Bankers Man fat tilt ers and officials of the government. A contract for $5,000,000 Worth of rolling Stock will lie signed within a few Days Martens said adding that ids government also Hopes to buy agricultural machinery machine tools and drugs. Rene Fate of George o Neill alleged Vav. W. On trial for criminal syndicalism Here will be placed in the hands of the jury tomorrow evening the Only remaining episodes of the trial being arguments of counsel. Iii a session marked by heated arguments Over the term Quot capitalistic Zourik Quot a Challenge of defending attorney la w Henderson patriotism by District attorney Horsey and a threat by the court to Tine Henderson for contempt the defending attorneys rested their ease shortly before noon today when court was adjourned until i o clock tomorrow morning the Dost of the defending ease in testimony and evidence today was received with Surprise by spectators who expected attorneys alien and Henderson to occupy the remainder of this week in introduction of evidence. Beading of a considerable bundle of i. W. Vav. Periodicals. As intended by the defense was not permitted by the court however and it is thought that this in piled the proceedings of o Nell s attorney in the Bud. Issue of Industrial economies labor conditions and published works of the Industrial workers of the world were not allowed to tie read into the record when they were branded by the prosecution As justification of Force and violence rather denial. That the i. W. W. Practice Force and violence to accomplish an overthrow of Industrial ownership and control. Hot argument 11< an excerpt of the i. W. W. News Organ Quot one big Union a later read to Hie court by t. F. Allen the term a capitalistic courts a occurred and to presenting of this article to the jury District attorney Horsey objected o ii grounds that it casted a reflection on the court trying o Neill. A was an official of this court a the Declarer a i disapprove of the us of such Allen replied Quot i do not approve neither a Quot neither do you condemn a Dorsey Cut in. Quot it is against the principles of a. Riot ism. I lose my Quot i love the people of my country a said Henderson making a distinction. A my patriotism is a great As is Horsey arose a i Challenge counsels statement of his patriotism Quot he shouted Quot of he use this court interrupt Here the court interrupted Quot or. Henderson i will Tine it in Tor contempt if you continue to imply Yoni Altitude toward these to then Deison a Iliff Oil inn ii Oil i it f Nellil by Gilson Gardner special to californian an Francisco june 23�?the platform fight will be the first number on Hie democratic convention s program. There will be u try out Bety Veen the wets and the Drys. The Wen known or. Bryan will head the Drys. Probably some Delegate from new York Amie possibly Norman Mack will appear for the wets. The new York state convention adopted a Plank favouring Beer and wine. A careful Canvas of the committee on Resolution whose membership is already practically determined shows a dry majority. May stage fight on. Floor this insures a majority a Quiri drawn by Witt. J. Bryan endorsing the prohibition amendment and declaring for irs strict enforcement. There will also he a minority report recommending change in the Constitution in favor of except ing Beer and wines. The presentation of these two reports will Start a debate on the floor arid end in a Roll Call which will line up the wets and Drys. A one Lias been Able to predict even approximately what tills vote will lie. It is believed to tie rather close. On the outcome of the wet and dry Dulcet will depend oth a events. Tile vote will show to what extent Bryan retains control of the situation. A decisive defeat of the majority or or it report of the platform committee would open the Way to Lite nomination of a wet candidate perhaps James m. Cox of Ohio. On the other hand an of t whelming dry vote in this test would show Bryan to be in almost Complete control with the probability thai no candidate disapproved by him could tie nominated. Little interest in league this is where the Owen candidacy would begin to figure. The wet and dry Issue is receiving More attention than tile league of tuition Plank. Although there Are two distinct and opposing View on this subject the topic is on on which there is an obvious Lack of interest. It is regarded by Many As Remote and becoming More so. The local issues Are crowding it out. President Wilson a views will be presented by senator Carter Glass of Virginia in a Plank modelled on that of the Virginia state convention. The Bryan views will be embodied in a Plank which Bryan will draw or have drawn. Bryan and Wilton to have tryout the Virginia Plank endorses the treaty of Versailles and the league of nations draft and talks for it ratification without mutilation. The. Other View concedes Tho possibility of reservations to the league draft. I m this question there will be a tryout Between the Bryan and the Wilson control in the convention and the result again will he significant As to what kind of a candidate will he chosen to stand or the platform. Of for instance Bryan should himself come into Hie running As a candidate to lid this is not Itne possible the first thing he would require would be a platform with these two planks in it conforming to his idea. On the Oiler hand the adoption of a moist Plank Aud a Wilson plunk would almost alienate Bryan and his following. A a a undertake nonstop flight Fedor it Ini prix ii Wirt Omaha june 23.�?a non Stop flight to new York will be undertaken on the return trip of the All Metal air plane which arrived her yesterday. John m. Larsen the owner said today. Or and mrs. Larsen came to attend ii wedding. Hell Kic k up rumpus Over wet and dry i will show support of Wilson policies through planks in platform off s Wil hav Jan Nihar Uryah is Fele in South Battles buildings this morning but does no damage i i last minute news of dated fret i tilted wire los Angel pcs. June 23.�?a slight earthquake Al i a. In. Today was Felt chiefly in the Southern Section of Loa Angeles and at Inglewood which sustained the heaviest damage in the Shock of monday night. The tremor today rattled buildings but caused no damage. Work of repairing buildings damaged it Inglewood continued throughout the night and today. Officials of the town declined with thanks offers of assistance from los Angeles and other dates saying the inhabitants were Able to repair their own losses. Thole Are no homeless persons in the Tow a and no needy it wan stated. Some of the merchants Whoso Stock was destroyed May be pinched financially for a time it was added but All they will ask for is extended Bank credit. The worst blow to the Community it was slated was the damage to the grammar school erected it a Cost of $10,000. Building experts said it seemed probe tiie that the Structure would be condemned making a new one necessary. At present prices of materials it j was estimated a new kindling would Cost about twice As much tis th1 old one. The Walls were badly cracked and i broken and the roof fell in on both Side of the Central Cross Walls. I fishermen arriving at Isis Angeles Harbor reported they were caught in a heavy swell monday night about the time of the first shocks. They said i they thought it indicated a storm rom Ting in. And started for Shore but the i swell subsided As quickly As it came Vav Francisco june 23. In a Telegram sent from lie Halo colo., from Iii train hearing Missouri delegates to the democratic National convention Burris \. Jenkins Kansas City Clergyman arid publisher announced thai to has definitely decided to place the name of Vav g. Mcadoo before the democratic National convention for Hie presidential nomination. Western Delegate to Tho democratic convention who Are planning a conference will meet without any schedule of questions upon which agreement is to be sought. Cavin Mcnab Sun Francisco announced today. Through open discussion the westerners will seek to define clearly the issues they desire to urge upon the National gathering lie Stid. Whether the question of japanese immigration will he liken up mrm it Nab was not prepared to say. He assumed he said. That some Western United states senator or governor would he chosen is chairman of the cd Ferenee. The delegates from Western states anti territories including those from the Rocky Mountain Region Are to be guest of the California delegation at a banquet next saturday night May Wear itself out some party leaders Here predicted today that Tim fight Over Hie wet and dry Issue would w eur itself out by the very Force of the Cla Hong element in the Resolution committee. These Leader held that of the committee deemed it advisable to ignore the question in its report. And move for n definite statement on the floor of the convention would i prove futile. The Idaho delegation due Here late tomorrow will cast it eight votes As a unit for Quot an uncompromising Plank endorsing the eighteenth amendment and the volstead act Quot Tho anti Saloon league announced Here today there a ii tendency among some Delegate to discount the Rumor that the convention might give a Bug vote for the nomination of la of ident Wilson a a demonstration of the strength of it support of by policies. This support i hey contended intern better be shown in the platform. Vote a a body a complicating feature of a convention floor fight would tie tile unit Rule under which Many state delegation. Are instructed to vote a n body. It was suggested today however i hat there might let a a general agreement to let each Delegate lie counted according to i own convictions when the prohibit Ion Issue tame to its final show Down on that basis both fide were predicting Victory and Many of those in Hest position to know were declaring the outcome would to close. Some of the Onliest leaders declared in fact that the division might be close enough to a nuke argument and oratory on the convention floor the deciding Tactor. In any Case such in open fight would be Likely it was predicted to fur Nimit Many thrilling turns. William Jennings Bryan would Meg. Peeled to Lead the Bon Drys Aud he probably would find pitted against him strategist and orators of the first rank. W Iio Urke Cochran of new York a mentioned a one of those who might be asked to match wits and eloquence with the nebraskan in the convention debate. To Reserve great Effort although or. Bryan is expected to make a fight also against the administration treaty Plank the general belief of i friends Here is that he will Reserve i greatest Effort for til prohibition problem. Ile is expected to reach san Straw Yolo taken at a. Of of l. Convention in Montreal political writer sounds sentiment win. Mcadoo second Choice of Labouring men with Cox in Bunning m a to railed Fritt heated wire Herlin june 2.1.�?several persons Are reported to have one killed another badly Hurt in crash san fkanc1ihco, june 23.�?lame-t Ltd. Huhra Unstadter w a killed and George a ode be injured a Sib fatally Here today in a collision Lethe is it Raustad terms a Lune another automobile driven by Gerald Hadley and a standing Street ear which both Driver were trying to avoid. Lindley received minor injuries. A a a a bar Silver remains same nem York. June 23. Bur a Hoilier to Mestie foreign 02$, been killed at Tim Yurt tem Berg in the course of riotous demonstrations against the his Cost of food. New York june 23.�? umbel Brothers of new York operators of a i re department store and controlled by interests which own similar establishments in other cities today were indicted on 207 counts for profiteering in clothing. Boston june 23.�?fourteen persons awaiting deportation As alien radicals were ordered released in Federal Jude George w. Anderson today. London june 23.�? a re it apprehension has Heen caused in Dublin by an attack on assistant inspector general Roberts which recalls the recent attempt to assassinate Field marshal Viscount French. Roberts and Rathe the chauffeur were conveyed to the military Hospital from the Castle and Are doing Well. St. Rai l. Minn., june 23.�?congressman a. J. Volstead Republican author of the Piohia Hixion enforcement act has been Defeated for re nomination in the primary by the Rev. O. J. Kvale of Benson non partisan league candidate on virtually Complete returns. Salt Lake City june 23.�?two trains of ten cars each known As a Cox specials a carrying about 10 1 residents of Ohio to the democratic convention at san Francisco arrived in Salt Lake City today. To make paper Pitsburg input 23. Alfalfa mixed with Vert Ain organic chemical will produce a service Hie Grade of news print paper a hiding to a Nark of Huston repro Amatine of a paper manufacturing concern who addressed a meeting of the Pittsburgh advertising club Here Tuduy or. A a Lark said that Corn stalk and gras could he use i for pulp if necessary. Krum Lei of Lute in the wee treaty fireworks May Start rival late today of senator of Virginia who is credited president Wilson a co Tami the administration league \ Plank. Senator i i the Lead i for the chairmanship of committee and the i Day a that he a it position with Little some of the ant though the with the arca Rte r 21a is with holding Ion to write of nations details of Bergdoll a Gold aches Given Philadelphia. Jun. 23 detail re Harding the $ it/5, do in Gold Coin obtained by Jam e. Montig for Grover c. By re lion escaped convict draft dodger were Given today before the Federal grand jury by to. Alexander a Loyying Teller it the United states Treasury at Washington according to Alexander Roku la Exchange $15, Mio in Reserve Ink notes for Gold on october 22. Ugh Arni fan ooh on november 17. It a to inn Tiro thin Coin Wahidi her doll alleged he had hidden Iii the Mountain Iii Maryland that he a Given to leave the Barrack at fort Jay a y., where he was serving a five yearn sentence for desertion child burned to death Willits. Calif., june 23 the infant son of it. W. Christie was burned to death yesterday when their Home at Hearse. Is Miles ast of Here was destroyed by fire Ding candidate the platform neral prediction to a he chosen to that a position. Drin Eistrat inn manager had Bot abandoned Hope however that they might Cor bin their Force. To elect some Otic Els chairman Cummings said today that it still Waun open question whether the adoption of the a platform of the Choice of a nominee would come first on the convention program. Tile Prospect of a prolonged Light in committee Over prohibition and perhaps nine other subjects Las led to a movement to go us id with balloting while the committee sits. I he usual order i to dispose of the plat form first however and the general feeling seemed to be thut custom would be followed. I May be deadlock i such talk i tiler was today regarding candidates seemed to strengthen by Prospect of a deadlock for several a i lots. Koine of those Iti the inner Circle of politicians. Said it was hard to conceive How la two third necessary to nominate could tie brought into on column for two or three Roll ails it least Ami they pointed out that of two or three Candida Tea divided the Hulk of the voting strength among them favorite son Aud dark horse Ltd i be encouraged to prolong Hie deadlock by holding to their bal Anre of Power in the generally accepted View la withdrawal of w g Mcadoo w a operate to make a deadlock More Likely by Dis i trl buting More or in widely the strength which had been lined up behind him t some thought however that a consoler j aide following would vote for hint Des-1 Pite his Public withdrawal while in most enthusiastic of the Mcadoo support j erg still Wane predicting that he would i he the nominee. By Frederick m. Kerby f apart to i or foil Ora Tan unt real Quebec Jun 2$.�?labor log winging to Tho support of Govor. Nor Jamos m. Cox of Ohio democratic aspirant for provident of Tho results of my poll of dolt Atao to Tho a. F. Of l. Convention Hor representing the largest organizations la an indication of the sentiment of the rank and file a referendum in the membership today would show 75 per cent of organized Laberis vote for cos and 25 per cent for Mcadoo. The Mcadoo men give cog their second Choice. This is a sudden Chang. Of sentiment. Inquiries a few Ftp a ago showed Mcadoo a favorite with Cox a second Tholos. The railway men Are for Mcadoo. Most of the other big Union favor Cox. Tho railway unions represent 1,000,000 workers As against in other crafts. Teamsters for Cox Daniel Tobin. A. F. Of l. Treasurer Here representing the powerful teamster chauffeurs stable men and Helper organization. On if the largest in the federation. Said to me Quot Cox i til last Man the Democrat a could nominate to win against Harding. Practically every me of our Union in Ohio has telegraphed me that it favor Cox. We Ore powerful in Ohio. Quot Cox labor record a Good. Our melt say he complied with every jut demand of labor he is the Al my of a Man who will act favourably when he thinks labor right and refuse la request when he believe it wrong we could a a no Mote of any Man. Quot i ilk Cox and i think tailor likes him. Cox can carry fido against handing and Ohio is a Pivotal state. The de in tic rat s will need it in the elect Ion Quot Cox called a conference of mine workers and proposed a working agreement to them in an Effort to Settle the great Mal strike. Government action prevented the agreement. I am told Tho United mine worker Are Trot in for Tho Ohio governor Stosl workers like cos a of it i said protected the rights of striking steel workers and at Canton. Ohio where armed guards had Heen posted compelled the mayor to permit speaking. Quot we re Gar i Cox record a excellent Quot William la Johnston president of the International association of machinist with a membership of 400,000, told me. A the would receive Large support from now York labor leaders pointed out to my that while Mcadoo probably could raise a larger Campaign fund than Cox. Thi very fact would operate against him with is or Mcadoo financial connections Are swinging sentiment to Cox Here. Co Strong with typos the printing Pressman internal tonal one of the most Tower fill of a. F. Of l. Erg Ani nit ions will support Cox according to George l. Berry. It president. Berry told me that w Hile lie i personally Friendly to both Mcadoo and Cox. His organization undoubtedly would support the latter. James Duncan first vice president of the federation declares he believes Cox will make a Strong race for the White Holton. expressions of Opinio make me i feel that if tomorrow were election Tay. Organized lab i presidency. I democratic r Liberal pm. Of. I Ruanda of lab would support Cox for the rays providing that a a Kina i convention adopts a and recognize die be decision aids lever act prosecutions Mitt a. To Deriv a Ute of depart i Day. Intuit Idt Ciao ngto.n�?T, june 23�?application a Horary injunction to stay in a dings instituted by to gov under the lever act. Against i anti the Suita Latch clothing Bot ii of new York has been in associate Justice Day of Ted state supreme court the flit of Hustle was advised Tole of the Justice department de Oday that vigorous prosecution Tunis of the a a would As a result of jul Dice Day a Texas wheat on Market fort Worth Texas. June 23 a the fir i Carload of new Texas uncut reached the Market Here today front Rochester. Texas. Ii tested 6b i pounds to the Bushel and brought $2. S Lier Bushel f. O. B Rochester

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