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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 2

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Bakersfield, California 2. Saturday june 5,1965 Jar californian Progress of gemini flight brings world wide Praise London up a news of ments of soviet i evening Post said friends and the successful Progress of the Story got Banner head j foes alike should Salute the americans gemini space flight lines was greeted with cheers and i spite in Tokyo yesterday Competition from a de big applause by most of the world National political Story. Progress reports appeared on Many Eisaku Tokyo front pages today. Today. Japanese Premier Sato acting on behalf of his nation cabled congratulations to president Johnson. United states for the Brilliant Success of Whites space walk. Tokyo a Asahi evening news front paged the Story of maj. I Mcdivitt sighting the satellite i and the space twins Chat with Sug j their wives. A White e n j o y s 20-minute heard from the ground exchanging easy bad Inage like two a buddies in a Saloon and each sleeps through several circuits of the Earth a the Telegraph said. A the idea that the attainment on the Moon is but a few years away is after an interval of hesitation once More taking european newspapers tested that it is time for the elven the Moscow communist United states and Russia to j walk in space a said the eng hold of menus Organ pravda expressed grudge Pool their efforts in the space Lish language yom Iuri. The Jap american i race with the idea of speeding an times also an English Lan Man Guage ing. Admiration of spacemen James Mcdivitt and the Day when the first Edward White who it said sets foot on the Moon a have rebated the achieve paper announced the beginning of the second Day of in Hong Kong the new Lite flight with a bold triple deck Bandit murders three in Holdup big Springs neb. Up a act Tough before he front Page headline. Most japanese language evening papers moved the Story j to inside pages in order to play up a Sato news conference. The Amsterdam Tele Graaf recalled that president Johnson has suggested space cooperation several times but stitched j said there seems Little Prospect sex judge implicates 3 associates Oklahoma City okla. Police pushed through pouring eight bullets into the backs of the russians accepting his a _ a weary old Man rain today Hunting a suave a his victims As they Lay help bid. Fristic Bandit who calmly killed Lessly spread Eagle Friday on three persons and wounded a the floor of the Small Farmers fourth in a wild West style Bank state Bank. The killer aimed Holdup carefully to hit their hearts. 4 one victim was a widow police chief Veldon Fuller of mrs Lois Ann Hoth Aii 35, a the Day an american space former member of the Oklahoma supreme court a stunned a r. ,v.,Federal court Friday by a Mali Craft will be sent into orbit by i. A. S Cating three present members a russian rocket seems very far. A. Of the High state court in a off indeed a it said. A the idea of common russian american bribery scandal. The witness n. S. Corn a vietnamese peasant woman has a bitter ing. A wire photo marines who have apprehended the father Owfook and her children Wail As they watch . Taken into custody during a Large sweep an the family As a Viet Cong suspect. He was the Village of be son six Miles from a nod destroy operation along the yen River in marines slay 79 reds in action near Danang out in twin murder trial Pasadena apr the Fate of wealthy Timothy Nicholson charged with murder in the gunshot death of his twin brother Todd awaits further deliberations monday by a Superior court jury. Judge h. Burton Noble who gave the four week Case to the jury late last thursday ordered the seven Man five woman panel locked up for the weekend after no verdict was reached Friday. Nicholson 22, co heir with his twin to is million four years ago. Is accused of slaying him with a Rifle shot last . 7. Tile defense has contended that Todd was subject to psychotic rages and that tim acted in self defense when he shot his brother. The prosecution arguing that the slaying was deliberate has sought to picture the Youthful defendant As a liar who changed his Story when his first account to police of accidental death failed to stand up. 81 Ogallala neb., said the killer Bank cashier Quot he two Rule a Quot and a Faizi he three red Ai i Panl of a american was believed to be holed up boys 6 and to lost their father i t. To u dle per3ury to Al of former okla killed 79 Todd two minutes older than his brother died in the Plush t Taxt. Ruji. D a a i apartment House the Brothers rive com-1 the Danang and Phu Bai area military spokesman described in no it Irv Tomn <1 pit marines of Central Viet where the As a the most Active Day for the in the rolling wheat and cattle last november. Country near this stunned town of 550 persons. Another was the Bank a president Andy Kjeldgaard Between police finished a House to 70 Anco 75 a quiet Bachelor. He House search in big Springs Anco has older brother Carl come Only when earthly obstacles like the Berlin Wall have been removed. And that. We fear will take a Long in Finland which Borders on communist guerrillas leathernecks Llama City mayor o. A. Cargill prot Jay in the heaviest action i defend vital sr., 80. That Cargill helped for 20 for Tjie leathernecks since they area is almost 400 Miles North Are air deployed bases. Owned in nearby Temple City. It was one of Many investments Ocene of badman Sam basses now retired bought the Bank 451 Union the new spa big train Holdup of 1877, and years ago. Franklin Kjeldgaard fanned out to look through farm is Carlos son. Years to finance his election campaigns in return for his vote on the High court. Landed in yet in March of Saigon. The marines battered the enemy on the ground and from to . Marines since they landed it the twins made after they Beltie in Viet Nam. U. ,., came heirs at 18 to fortunes i lie marines were aided by a rom the Pullman sleeping eau captured guerrilla who turned and Cudahy meat packing far his former comrades and on in an american observe Corn who at one Point and ranch buildings in the quiet Green Countryside. Franklin Kjeldgaard 25, Only survivor of the brutal attack was reported in critical condition today at a Hospital in Denver Quot colo., 200 Miles Southwest of Here. He said the Bandit was Well dressed Calm and a did no to even the third was another cashier Glenn Hendrickson 60. He is survived by his widow and a grown son. The Bandit left his victims for dead grabbed $1,500 in Cash Anil walked out shaking politely to a Farmer he passed in the doorway. Russians should apply their presiding dist. Court judge Roy policy of peaceful coexistence w. Harper St. I Juis a i Violat the americans lost two dead flew told the air in a series of actions in and 19 wounded in what a . Tion plane to pinpoint two com pan size yet Cong concentrations. Hies. To space exploration. De my oath and i ruined myself instead of space Competition completely disgraced my Fame people should strive together by it disappointed my toward the great dream of said Cargill told him that five Mankind a the finnish paper other justices on the nine member court also had been a taken care Sacramento summary slippage by the associated press said. In Neutral Sweden the conservative newspaper Sven ska Dag bladet said the russians the Assembly Bills passed Greenbelt a authorizes City councils other states a 1864, Thelin a Glen Dale. Cigarettes requires cigarettes sold in Marine phantom jets pounded the communists from the air in 18 sorties killing 60 of the Viet Cong and destroying 40 enemy structures Leatherneck riflemen picked from Page i the Motel is on Sunset boules Vard about 400 feet Inland from . 101. The officer estimated its value at More than $500,000. Police closed parts of Sunset Oft another 19 \ Iet Cong and 1 Boulevard and Castellan ies he Idem tied them As Wlliet and county supervisors to establish Spe California to be labelled a caution cig wounded la More. Cial assessment districts to maintain Arette smoking May be hazardous to open Green areas limits tax Levy for i your health a 2514. Russellr to he then drove away either apparently realize that they state hiding in or near the town or dodging roadblocks which police said were posted 20 min have lost the Edge they enjoyed _ i in spaceman ship. The London daily Telegraph the from Page i Northern state. Utes after the Farmer found the Sald the Day has aved Vohen Bench after being convicted of bodies and gave the alarm. Man has lje8un t0 at Home Justice Harry l. S. Hailey Den ver Davison and w. Ii. Black such districts to 25 cents per $100 As Junga. Bird and two former members of the court Earl Welch and n. B. Johnson. Welch resigned from the which the search spread throughout 111 space. Would have 7.8 million people a 70-mile radius today including would have 51 counties. Sections of Nebraska Colorado a not Only one senator said a there Are and Kansas. Police inured into astronauts swim does one alone of the in the income tax evasion. Johnson was removed by the Senate on charges of accepting bribes. Cargill is accused of lying to a two different worlds in califor big Springs some dressed in vacuum alongside his colleague Federal grand jury Vohen he said a. He echoed the sentiment of Many members of the 40-seat Senate dominated by men from lightly populated Northern farm and Mountain counties. Their constituencies still Bear the scars of hundreds of once prosperous Gold mines a and their constituents like to think of themselves As the Independent minded descendants of the Gold miners who came to California in the mid 1850s. Tradition is prize in the Senate. In fact when the senators redecorated their Chambers they tossed out electric lights and substituted Gas lamps and a victorian decor. Californians legislature once asked Congress to Divide the state but that 1859 move we As ignored in the confusion of the opening of the civil War in 1861. Five states have been formed by dividing other states. Bike translations London up a the Bible in whole or part has now been punished in 1,232 languages and dialects including those spoken by about 95 per cent of the worlds population the United Bible societies reports. It said 70 million copies of scripture were distributed last year throughout the world. Traditional Western outfits. Iii the space Craft they Sites requires Subdivider of 400 or taxes received by cities and counties More Homes to dedicate school site at derived from tidelands so 1095, of sul assessed value a 1238, Bagley a san Livand Williams. Rafael. Transportation declares need for Cre i arts Grants property tax exemption on action of Southern California transport Cross examined by chief Art objects to owners who agree to Dis tation study commission so 1517, Rees play Art for 90 Days in Public museum a Angeles gives museum curator authority to de fore a wire photo sue Ann Downey miss Usa Are he did not know of bribes paid to the supreme court. Corn appeared near exhaustion at the end of five hours on the stand. For four hours he was defense counsel Percy Man Houston Tex. Foreman brought out that in 12 cases involving Cargill before the supreme court that com did not vote for Cargill a clients in All instances. A the did no to Call me on those cases or he called me and told me that he had the same kind of a Deal with the other Side and i voted the Way i wanted to a Corn replied. Corn said he meant attorneys opposing Cargill Vohen he said a the other the aging sex Justice who last december completed five months of an 18-month Federal prison term for income tax evasion said Cargill paid him $4,-500 while he was on the Bench. Earlier in the trial which will resume monday witness Hugh Carroll testified he had paid Corn $150,000 to see that Carrolls firm selected investments corp., received favourable decisions. Cora said he paid $7,500 each to Welch and Johnson. Passed valuation a 2841, Knox a Richmond. Teachers requires 90-Day waiting period Between time teacher is charged a with unprofessional conduct and dismissal a 2710, Petris a Oakland. Open requires state Highway com the Senate constitutional amendment adopted Mission to conduct meetings in Public Ture division of state so 109, do makes it Misdemeanour for commission a a in a major search and destroy Mission 55 Miles Southwest of Saigon . Army helicopters so a san tot it a a miss poured in government troops to an estimated 800 to 1,000 Viet Cong. Helicopter Crews estimated Liones and revello drives. They i asked sightseers to stay away. Aries of two new states sea 5, Dol-1 pursue wig r san Mateo. Bills passed state a expresses consent of Legisla wig. ,. A a makes present formula for that 64 guerrillas were killed in valid any commission action taken in state sharing mental health costs of. Secret a 316o, Lanterman a la Joean health districts under Short Doyle the Eai in action. Program permanent so 1313 Short d members to meet in secret makes in Canada. Billboards bans billboards from state Stockton. The government lost la killed highways except in commercial and in crime allows family of person killed and 44 wounded. One of the dust rial areas gives owners of exist As result of crime eligible for Ai unto toc. Ing signs to years to remove them Der Aid to families with dependent Chil Neil opted s was Usu lieu Uhl provides Bonus for sign owners who Iren program so 1057, Mcateer d bought he Crew to safety. Remove them before 10-year deadline san Francisco. A 1641, Zoberg a Sacramento. Tidelands authorizes state to deduct tires prohibits person from Selling Termine whether Art suitable for Dis passenger car tires not tested and a play thus tax exempt a 997, Young proved by Highway patrol so 392, a Napa. Blind a authorizes establishment state orientation Center for Blind of Rodda a Sacramento. Schools gives local school districts Southern California a 3326, Barnes a san Diego. In and Board of education More flexibility in organization and administration of academic programs so 832, Miller funerals limits to $150 prior claim a Martinez. Of funeral Home on estate of deceased driving a provides for financing of for unpaid Bills a 2712. Petris a Oak Driver education program so 831, Mil land. Freeway Ler. Requires applicant for Drivers i requires Independent hear Cense under 19 to show valid out of ing officer to preside at freeway route state License or completion of Driver hearings requires 60-Day notice before education course so 833, Miller. Route hearing requires Model As Well As map of proposed freeway makes mandatory for freeway route maps to show full extent of route rather than just Section a 1429-1433, a 1435, Zoberg. Teletype provides for state teletypewriter system under direction of attorney general a 1671, Williamson d Erhard talks with top leaders Washington to a West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard spent Friday in a series of conferences with president Johnson Secretary of state Dean Rusk Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara and Bakersfield. Registration a requires registration of j make an annual Progress report to leg those convicted of narcotics offences in Slature scr 56, Farrd Carmel. Data authorizes governing Board of school District to maintain data processing centers so 1291, Grunsky a Watsonville. Advertising prohibits advertising Dis congressional leaders play that is obsolete or unclean so 1430, Collier a Yreka. Resolution adopted Scenic requests advisory committee on master plan for Scenic highways to division of Germany and to re Erhard and Johnson agreed to seek new ways to end the gemini puts . Ahead from Page i i Grissom told him Pegasus was Sist weakening of the Atlantic Alliance. Their joint communique also called for better relations with communist Eastern Europe. Went away and you can still come up to play in the Redwood Empire the december floods came and went. Gone. Dried up. Remedy without the astronauts 1,200 Miles away. Gip lab ref Virld californian blonde from Ohio wins Beauty Crown israelis attack jordanian Post Miami Beach Fla. Apr a stunning blonde Beauty from j Ohio w to dreamed As a child of becoming a nun holds the seep ter today of miss .a. Statuesque sue Ann Downey Crown Friday night Over 14 oth the great newspaper of the Souther san Joaquin Valley established in 1866 published every afternoon monday through saturday by the Bakersfield californian corporation 1707 Eye Street a Bakersfield California 93302 charter member audit Bureau of circulations member american newspaper publishers association member of a the associated press Tbs associated press is exclusively enu Tod to use for Publica Uon All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited to this paper and also the local 20, of Columbus Ohio won the news published therein. The Bakersfield californian is also a client of the United press International. The californian receives the associated pres wire photo service. The Bakersfield californian maintains its ohm county wide news service and is also a client of the Copley news service. Representatives. Nelson Roberts it associates now York Chicago Detroit Angeles. San Francisco. Setsue Portland Denver. Omaha Washington. ., Bureau the a Haskins service Washington. Entered in Post office at Bakersfield California As second class mail under the act of Congress March 3, 1879. The californian accepts no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts. Subscription rates Carrier delivered and by mail Amman Jordan up Rae i soldiers attacked a Jor having to bother with it. Gemini control emphasized there was plenty of oxygen left for the rest of the flight just As there is enough of fuel. One mystery still remained to be solved a just what did Mcdivitt see yesterday that had a big arms sticking out a the space detection and i tracking system of the North american air defense command placed to pieces of space a junk a including one 15-Inch but Mcdivitt firmly said a a his object Wasny to that Distant. A i took a pictures i just Hope it turns out a Mcdivitt said. A so do i a replied the laconic Grissom. Gemini spokesman Paul Haney later said that a a we re fairly Well convinced now that in All probability this was the disparity in distances could be explained by the suns Angle which could have made it Ideal gift Micro to Long segment Danian Post on the River Jordan j 26,000-Pound, Bat like Pegasus by Kelly Smith foot-8 Ohio state last night but were driven off after an hour of intermittent University firing a miliary spokesman seem closer than it actually As Well As the i was. Meanwhile gemini 4 Contin-2 satellite in the area at the used to make space history. Air coed. A a it a the most marvelous said today. Thing that has Ever happened to the spokesman said there were no casualties among the time. Officials Here had Mcdivitt saw a space Pegasus which was 1,200 Miles away from gemini-4. But Mcdivitt today raised a question about this. At one Point tract and a Mink coat among said that because of darkness Sac object he saw we As about to or 20 Miles away and that he was closing fast on it. Sue we on $5,000 in Cash a $5, jordanians holding the Post at too personal appearance con the sheikh Hussein Bridge. He other prizes. A this is Well it s it was impossible to Tell whether beyond any israelis were hit. Yesterday it not Only beat Coop believed Eros distance Mark but set a duster new world record for Multi tracked manned spaceships. The one re Corci it will not break is that held by soviet cosmonaut F. Bykovsky who on june 14, 1963 flew Vostok 5 for 81 orbits and 119 hours and six minutes. Of Quot a a i r $ i ii or finalists in the Field of 47 and dreams. When i was a child i will represent this country in wanted to be a nun. Now most miss next months pageant. First runner up and sues stand in is Jane Nelson who As a voice major at Arizona state University state. She n.m., and was a finalist in last universe important to me is being a Good wife and the Man a a he la lie the kind that a honest someone you can right now she says represented that a there Are lots of lives in Tularosa her proud parents the John i month a Keri county t 2.oo j youngest entrant Julie Andrus 3 months 6.00 6 months 13.00 by mail outside Kern county i month. $2.25 3 nymii16.75 f Man Tbs 13.50 forties service additional postage. Is Agla copy to Cesti. For Homs delivery Call 323-7631 a r any agent Falls miss America pageant As e. Downers and Brothers Jeff miss new Mexico. Judy Baldwin of Clovis n.m., was second runner up. The la and David 17, were Here for the crowning. Like others they noticed a striking resemblance it Between sue Ann and her Prede-18, of Mayfield ky., was third. I Cessor Bobbi Johnson of Wash blonde Dianna Batts a Secretary at the Pentagon in Washington from Falls Church va., was fourth. A a in a elated. I done to believe it. It seems so so impossible a said the shapely 35-24-35 Inch 5 in ton . To sue that a no problem. She says each girl is judged i divid i rally in Beauty contests and All her life. A no a resemblance wont Hurt me. There Are Many a Muter �ala4 special serve yourself til satisfied Quot from our Large assortment of salads muffins Rolls butter iced Tea lemonade 75 daily except sundays-2 . To 5 . Sony builds uhf Bito the i famous Micro to the Sony Micro to 5-305uw is a remarkably sensitive television receiver designed for the full Range of modern broadcasting both vhf and uhf channels 2-83. The set permits total portability and is operable on three distinct Power sources its optional snap on rechargeable Battery pack 12v Auto or boat Battery and a current. This is a compact lightweight 8.4 Pound extremely versatile television designed for Many hours of trouble free total television. Come in for a demonstration today to Wheeler television a 7.5324 204 lanyard is. Everything a ready last years flood damage has been repaired. Roads Bridges resorts and recreational areas Are open. The Majestic Trees Are taller than Ever. The Redwood Empire has never been Greener. Everything a open the Sun is Back on. The lights Are Back on at the resorts motels quaint taverns. Campgrounds Rivers lakes beaches and Parks Are open. It in keep your Redwood Empire vacation plans visit san Francisco Marin Sonoma Napa Lake Mendocino Humboldt Del Norte and Josephine counties. Cross the fabled Golden Gate Bridge. Send for the whole romantic vacation Story to Redwood Empire association dept. Re 476 Post St. San Francisco 94102 Rea

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