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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Bakersfield, California The weather temperatures High yesterday. #2 Low today 64 expected High today 95 Low tomorrow. 66 Sunset 8 08 . Sunrise 5 41 . Rainfall season total 5.75 season Normal 6.32 last tear. 4.59 Isabella dam Reservoir 233.020 acre feet Kern River flow la 2.362 cos out 1.128 cos forecast sunny skies and warm temperatures today and sunday with Light northwesterly winds. Vol. 78 no. 265 Kern production agriculture assessed value Bank deposits building permits ------------50.810.9. Petroleum 880.170.164 copulation --------------------325?�� telephones 147.929 Kern county Board of Trade figures second class postage paid at Bakersfield. Calif. Published daily except sunday by the Bakersfield californian at 1707 Eye St. Send form 3579 change of address to gemini passes Halfway Mark split state voted orbiting tourists sight space duster Senate approves 2 califor Nios by Bill Boyarsky trip end to come Mcdivitt Pegasus Sacramento up a californians embattled Senate fighting reapportionment like the �?T49ers beat off Gold in i n i n g claim jumpers has acted to split the n a t i o no a most populous state in two. But the state Assembly gov. Edmund g. Browne and maybe the Congress of the United states a All appeared ready to head the move off at the pass. Sen. Richard j. Dolvig. A Republican from the san Francisco Bay area Community of san Mateo offered his plan As an answer to a Federal court order for the Rural dominated Senate to re apportion itself by july i. Dolwig reacted in angry Frontier fashion to an order that would turn the legislative upper House Over to populous counties a particularly those in the Southern part of the state. But the Assembly dominated by Southern California was certain to turn the plan Down. A a we re one state one California a snapped assemblyman Don Allend los Angeles whose Assembly committee would have to approve the legislation. Gov. Brown has spoken similarly in the past. The Senate voted 27-12 Friday night for a constitutional amendment dividing the state at the Tehachapi mountains. A 22-16 vote sent a companion Bill to the Assembly. Pending is a Resolution asking Congress to approve the separation. The Southern state would have a population of 10.3 million a the third largest in the nation. It would consist of los Angeles Ventura san Bernardino Orange Riverside san Diego and Imperial counties. See state Page 2 Call later to brag this is a View of working Model of Pegasus satellite which May have been the satellite astronaut James Mcdivitt sighted while orbiting in his gemini-4 spacecraft. Officials at the space Center in Houston said the Pegasus b was about 1,200 Miles Quot in the proper direction to be observed by the astronauts. N wire photo Nightrider fire at Home of Bogalusa chief Deputy Bogalusa la. Up a night Riding gunmen fired shots into the Home of a chief Deputy sheriff in this racially torn Community last night then telephoned their victim to brag about the attack. Their intended victim was Doyle Holiday chief criminal Deputy of Washington Parish county. He is second in command of an investigation of the slaying this week of a negro Deputy. Holiday and his wife Bonnie were watching television in their living room when shots rang out. Their son Doug 14, was asleep. Two other children were rot at Home. De Gaulle ruled out As object Paris up a the communist daily newspaper humanity reported today the fact . Astronaut James Mcdivitt saw a an object with Long arms in space. A having made inquiries we find that Gen. De Gaulle is not travelling in that part of the world a humanity said. A it must have been a Holiday is investigating the ambush slaying wednesday night of negro Deputy o Neal Moore. Moore a patrol partner. Assembly kills Cranston plan for appraisers Sac ram unto ply a Bill designed to shield the state s controversial inheritance tax appraiser system from politics has been killed by assemblymen. The measure backed by state controller Alan Cranston would have prevented the appraisers from contributing to a controllers political Campaign. It was an outgrowth of a charge made last year by . Senate candidate Pierre Salinger that Cranston his opponent in the democratic primary was requiring the appraisers he appointed to contribute to his Campaign. The Bill sponsored by assemblyman William e. Danne Meyer a Fullerton was killed by the Assembly government organization committee Friday on a 6 to 3 vote. I Creed Rogers w As wounded in i the attack which took place near Varnado a Rural Community i seven Miles North of Here. Mrs. Holidays brother is sheriff Dorman Crowe. Holiday s Home is on the Edge of town and is set Back from the Roadway about too Yards. The Only Access to it is by a winding driveway which the Deputy said was difficult to navigate even when Well lighted. He said All outside lights were off at the time of the attack. A Short time later Young Doug received a Telephone Call. I he said the voice sounded like i that of a teen Ager. The caller asked a did we hit you a then began bragging about the attack. There were a number of other Calls to the Holiday Home. Fri agents dug bullets hit of the Walls of the House and said the weapon used was apparently Low Caliper. A a we Hen the first shot was fired Bonnie was on her feet and i hollered a get Down a Holiday said. A by the time of the third shot i got that gun and was out firing at he said Only recognition he could get on the car was by the taillights. Police narrowed it Down to Sev Leral years of Chevrolet. Cairo crisis feared Cairo up a unconfirmed reports reaching Here today said Khartoum Airport was closed Down and trouble appeared to be brewing in the capital of Sudan. Cairo Airport said it lost radio communication with the Airport at Khartoum. Airport officials noted the loss of radio Contact could be due to a strike rather than political tension however. Word of the Airport closing reached Here after reports from the Sudan that four army officers including one general had been arrested there in an alleged attempt to stage a coup d eat. Unconfirmed reports said the authorities had seized a Supply of arms designed for a coup and More arrests were expected. Telephone communication Between Cairo and Khartoum also was reported out of order but this is a fairly regular occurrence. A Story from Khartoum Friday said the caretaker regime of Premier sir Al Khatim Al Khalifa had resigned to make Way for a new government but was asked to stay on until next tuesday by the state supreme Council. Monday America gathers list of records space Center hems ton up a astronauts James Mcdivitt and Edward White soared past the equivalent of two round trips to the Moon today Halfway Home on gemini 4�?Ts record breaking voyage. They began their third Day in the heavens at 8 16 . Put. Proving with every hour that i of ii Man and machine can withstand Long periods in space a one of the objectives of thi it Mission. As they mrs. Edward White left and mrs. James Mcdivitt Chat with their astronaut husbands As they whirled through space yesterday. The e women went to Mission control Center at the manned spacecraft Center in Houston where they talked with their husbands during the 18th orbit of gemini-4. Map wire photo 31st orbit. Reader Index Page Sec. Calendar 9 2 Church 4 i classified _________20 3 comics 8 i editorial __________14 2 farm Empire features 15 2 Home and Garden Empire local Section 9 2 markets ----------25 3 Oil 6 i picture Page ------26 3 radio 6 i real estate Empire Heaters 7 i sports la 2 to Empire women s__________17 3 flashed through the which ended at 9 17 . Put they had covered exactly half the projected distance of the flight and were still pointing toward an Atlantic splashdown off Bermuda Elxnit midday monday. They had covered 880, xxx Miles twice to the Moon and twice Back. There were minor annoyances none serious in the View of flight officials. And none of them involved Pilot Mcdivitt or space Walker White. There was Little doubt the gemini capsule about the size of two Telephone let Booths was cramped. Mcdivitt radioed Down at one jux int asking permission to use the a bungee cords a an elastic device that they hold on their feet and pull with their hands to get exercise. Capsule communicator jus Grissom asked a they Jim Why do you want to use the exerciser Are you feeling stiff or cramped a a i just Haven to moved around very much a Mcdivitt replied. Both White and Mcdivitt were sleeping and eating Well and saying they enjoyed the food special preparations costing $18.75 each per meal. They also reported few ill effects from breathing pure oxygen As against Ordinary air a for such a Long time. Mcdivitt said his Throat was a bit dry. Which was expected. He also said his eyes and Whites were slightly irritated at the end of the first. Day a again from breathing pure oxygen but this had cleared up. Mercury astronaut l. Gordon Cooper who until last night had costly Homes break up in coast land slippage los Angeles slippage and cracking of land on a Bluff Al Jve Pacific coast Highway suddenly accelerated today rending and shifting expensive houses and apartments and threatening a deluxe 36-unit Motel below. A three houses Are gradually cracking a said police sgt. L. C. Allomong. A you can hear the windows popping and the lumber snapping and see gaping cracks in the sides of buildings As they tilt and Allomong gave this description after a mid morning Survey a Large apartment House on i los Liones drive caving in and falling away. One fourth of it severed by workmen in an Effort to keep the rest of the i building from sliding. An j adjoining apartment building i also giving Way. Fifty to sixty families evacuated from the Motel apart in e n t s Homes. Cracks Johnson promises fight for Equality by Alvin Spivak Washington up a presi of poverty did not have to face and $60,000-$70,0001 Dent Johnson stating that the barriers caused by the color of Van it Ltd a i their skin or a cultural tradition american negro is still had been twisted and civil rights battered in of the Bluff 6 to 18 or Nat Jon despite a a or Varc inches wide looking from a bal. A Ules f Ais conv above a like the veins in Awse says the chalet goal of has hatred and hopelessness. Our hand a administration is to give be Johnson said he a will dedicate Groes their full rights As Amer 1le expanding efforts of my Adieu ministration to solving prob lems relating to a breakdown of in one of the most far reach tale negro family Structure. Above hand.�?�. Workmen Cut off Gas Trinity and water lines to affected properties. The three adjoining hard hit houses Are on revel to drive. One at 17470. A probably has dropped 20 feet below Street Allomong said. The Pacific Palisades area a picturesque residential area on a Steep 150-foot Bluff overlooking heavily travelled . 101 and the Ocean has had slide ing statements he has made on racial problems Johnson announced Friday night lie will Call a White House conference on Equality this fall As a step. Unemployment Lack of decent Homes welfare and social programs and other elements of the drive to improve the negroes lot. First a but there Are other answers still to be found a the president the president pledged himself Sakl to a shatter forever. The Walls which bound the condition of trouble in the past. A few years Man by the color of his skin ago Earth thundered Down on in an address at commencement the Highway. Firemen stood by today in Case Gas lines broke. Deputy chief Harold Johnson surveying the damage remarked a the worst of it is there nothing we can exercises of Howard University a predominantly negro institution Here. A nor do we fully understand All the problems. Therefore this fall i intend to Call a White House conference of scholars expense negro leaders and officials at every level of government. Held the . Space distance record of 22.9 orbits had re-1 sgt. Allomong said the slip ported the same thing at the i a amp get gradual for the past few end of his Long trip. Gemini weeks suddenly opened a foot scientists were delighted and slightly surprised White and Mcdivittt a trouble had cleared up. Another minor problem that had cropped up at the end of the ships second Day of flight was too much oxygen pressure in the Cabin from an overflow from the oxygen Supply. To counteract it Mcdivitt and White reduced the pressure by hand. Grissom radioed to gemini 4 a we done to think its any but he asked Mcdivitt to wide crack at 4 30 . With a noise that awoke residents who telephoned police. Dozens of he said its would be a to dissolve As Best we can the presi an Klue eternities of the heart which diminish the Holder Divide the great democracy and do wrong to the children of god. It a i pledge this will be a chief Johnson said that negroes goal a a administration of my program next year and in Vears to hundreds of negroes pressed Forward to shake the is i dents hand at the close of the speech As a choir softly Sang i a we shall overcome in the background. Had been a buried under a Blanket of history and circumstances and that White americans were largely responsible. Heart on the part of White persons was More important than civil rights Laws. A the harsh fact of the matter Astro alarm clock checks spacemen Houston Tex. Apr astronauts James a. Mcdivitt and is that in the Battle for True Edward h. White ii carry built Equality too Many Are losing in alarm clocks in their helmets ground a the president said. In Case both should fall asleep at the same time and the he told his audience that ground wants to communicate he said the sloping damage Many negroes Are trapped in with them area is in a a shape that i a inherited Gateless poverty any of the ground stations other cracks then appeared he be said an a understanding said. The 4 30 . Fissure 200 feet Long cracked a water line. Police evacuated 30 to 40 additional families today Allomong estimated. About 20 families had been evacuated earlier. Threatened to pour shattered keep making checks so the con. Structures and Earth Down at its tool Center Here could evolve a i Point onto the Motel. See gemini Page 2 see slippage Page 2 that is not quite like the Pover around the world can summon to of Whites. Them by sending a radio signal he said other minority groups which triggers the Buzzer that have fought their Way free dubbed an Astro alarm. A to cents per copy $2.00 monthly delivered Bakersfield California saturday june 5,196$ five sections 62 pages californian it r

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