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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 4

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Bakersfield, California 4 so Turnoy july 16, 1966 the if Alif Cir Itiat gains Likely for republicans in House Washington a the 1966 seats they held before the Mas gains almost exclusively Iii the crushing defeat in the 1936 pres elections for the . House of Sive losses they suffered in the South the net democratic gain identical election tor instance. Representatives Are Likely to i ski elections when Barry Gold in 19t�4 was 38 seats. Republicans gained six Senate produce some significant gains water headed their presidential asked to name the reasons and 80 House seats in 19.18. Tor the Republican party but ticket. For a Likely Republican gain in though Defeated again in the the shift to the Gap May be the House in 1966. Observers 1910 and 1914 presidential elec smaller than some Republican on the other hand if the re around the country named the tons the republicans were Able leaders have suggested and May publicans were Able to win All following factors to pick up to Senate and 47 very Well not be Large enough the of doubtful -.eats. Their new a declining popularity of House seats in 1942 in the midst to return the gof to the House strength would lie 197 seats a president Johnson generated in of world War la and 13 Senate strength it enjoyed before the gain of .77. That would lie the Large part by deep Public con and 56 House seats in 1946. 1904 presidential election. Most House seats they have won Cern Over the War in Viet Nam these conclusion emerged since they captured 201 with splits among democrats in 1958, two years after presi from a congressional quarterly president Eisenhower heading especially on the Viet Nam is Dent Eisenhower is r. Missive resurvey of trained political of their ticket in the 195o elections sue election Victory of 1950. The servers in the 50 states Analuz before november relative a inflationary pressure also democrats gained 17 Senate and my the Outlook for shifts in party strengths Are Likely to a fruit of the War in Southeast 49 House seats. House seat control in their Par change in a number of districts. Asia the pattern was reversed in titular areas. A major Republican sweep if a Farmer discontent with and 1962, however when the demo it should materialize could even ministration agricultural policy Erat under the leadership of the existing party balance in jeopardize erne of the 35 eats dissension within the dem then president John f. Kenne the . House is 295 democrats now listed As leaning Democrat socratic party organizations in try. Held the republicans to a to 140 republicans the Strong in Many state and two seat gain in the House and est democratic margin since hut barring such a sweep the presence Ai the top of actually gained four Senate the depression years it the which individual state observers Many tale tickets of attractive seats no one expects the demo-19308. The cd Survey identified do not feel Likely Ai this time local Republican candidates who Erat to do that Well in 1966, 238 districts Iii which democrats the likelihood is that a number Are Likely to help Republican chiefly because they currently Are currently favored for the of seats will shift toward the contenders for other offices Rath hold so Many Oats in normally 1966 elections and 137 districts republicans and a number to or than Hurt them As Goldwa Republican territory where Republican now appear Ward the democrats Leav ing the ter s candidacy did in the 1964 to hold a Lead. That leaves 60 final outcome not far from the election. A a doubtful races where the in current Outlook. Portent contests will take place. Counter balancing these pluses if the Republican. And demo the republicans Best chalice for the republicans a the sex crafts were to split the on doubt to improve on the 27-seat gain Pec tation that democrats would till seats evenly Between them currently projected would be to continue to reap the benefits of the net Republican gain in 1966 sweep the tales with unusually their successes in recent years would be 27 House Seal a Large numbers of doubtful seats culminated by the 1904 demo enough to weaken the House a Iowa with six. New York with cratic landslide. It is axiomatic margin for Many of president five. Georgia. Michigan. New in i a of it in thai an incumbent Johnson s More controversial Jersey and Ohio with four each always tarts with a certain add great society programs but and California and Pennsylvania Vantage and the democrats hold tar Short of the 78--eat gain the with three each. He vast majority of . House republicans would have to make Many of the doubtful eats eats today. To take control of the House. Are held by the 48 freshman traditionally in of republicans Are Able to win Democrat who won previously the party which in half tie doubtful seats their Republican districts on presidential election gains mime seats new House seat level would be Dent Johnson a coattails in 1964 in Congress in the ensuing elec-167 eats ill Short of tile 178 because of some Republican lion. Rely funding from their 1966. Congressional quarterly. Inc. Key Republican endorses new housing plan Washington up a Compromise version of the administration s fair housing s nil it in. Proposal w on endorsement Fri the presi Jay from a key House Republican. In . Tax Dollar tuft un0 pay fits such As social so culty Ano Comal Aid to highways it oops Init let cd atoms a of Hiss ans Dihm Intonational of f Alt $ including to Ion Aid St Aci Mooi ams a this Chart shows How the . Tox Dollor is divided up among spending categories of our government. Defense costs get 41 cents by far the largest share. Constitution fails to fix ceiling for . Tax rates by Joseph r. Coyne Washington Apier asks Quot is there a tile total tax take Federal slate the first income lax was Rev and local amounts to about 28 red during the civil War and Nat Luna a read limit to i 1 Cem k�8 Inver All taxes has it Ever been tested in court a it Mac come As a Surprise Uci raised $376 million Between 1863 i Staltz i ii Al i hic and 1873 when it expired. A Sec rep. William a. Met Alioth. A Ohio joined with rep. Charles Mcc. Mathias d-md., in a re Piort on the revised prov i Ion Mcculloch is ranking Republican member of a judiciary group that considered the measure. Previous major civil right Bills won House a age with his help. The Bill approved by the House judiciary committee would exempt owner occupied Homes from the anti discrimination requirement in the Senate where healings on the Over All Bill continued. Sen. Edward m. Kennedy a mass. Accused realtor of attempting to i tort the meaning of the House proposal. Man l. Emlen chairman of the Washington committee of the National association of real estate boards had testified it a is More oppressive in terms of denial of human right arid More violative of the due process clause. Than the original administration Projio-1 27,422 demos in Reagan s name Sac Ramento Pic democrats who wrote in vote for republicans in the june primary tor governor were t Vav ice As loud of Ronald Reagan As they were of his chief foe. George Christopher. This is one finding of the Otinicial write in vote trials thursday by Secretary Frank m. Jordan figure showed Reagan map wire photo these two Harbor seals seem to Hove lost their Heads Over the heat wave scorching the Midwest. The two seals reside at Indianapolis Washington Park zoo where they took time out keeping Cool to come up for air. Improvements and penalties legislators mix package to combat Urban rioting write by nor m an Kempster sack amen to up the rest bonded to the violence of the Watt. Riot with Money of improve slum area school and harsh new it Naltie it tor a Onisi and riot mongers. But Only time and hot sum Mei night will determine if the Effort to head off new tit we a Uccles lat Angeles mayor Samuel Yorty warned the lawmakers his racially tense City laces the threat of a Urban guerrilla warfare provoked by commune to anti racial zealots. Oakland. San Francisco South and downtown san Diego. Venice a Playa Central and South Baker Field. San Bernardino Riverside Central Lanig Beach. South Fresno wet and North Vallejo and South and East Stockton another part of tile Long Range program Call for establishment of late a service centers in 13 sum neighbourhoods to Cut the bureaucratic red tape Between the poor and available welfare programs. The Hon term approach of new criminal alienable was More controversial. Ile called for a new Law against inciting a riot. The legislature passed the Law although it made some major change in Yurt v s proposal. End income tax was adopted in cawing 2i,422 write in von 1894 but was declared in constr from registered Democrat Vear after Init Many tree or id have Tulion a. Of own a higher take. In 1962 citizens of raising Only $77,000. But there s no constitutional Limu put. Pink a -,14i a West Germany Fiance Anu modern income tax ii to the amount o taxes t e it a Ween were taxed at 35 it or ated with the 16th amendment government can Levy. Teu f theol. To s Natl Unal to the constitutions began with. Her or a a product. In a the Nevin re aim it Quot a live dual re a it Many tax questions have been 7 per cent m 1913-la, increased a tested in court a in spawned in the flames of the Watts uprising will apply stateside. The lawmakers were warned repeatedly other cities Al of face the threat of rioting. The new anti riot plans took two forms Long Range efforts to ease the poverty and frustration that is the Root of civil strife and Short Range proposals to get Tough with riot ringleaders. The biggest Bill in the Long Range program appropriates 849 million to provide More school classrooms and teachers in among the other laces 3,809 Watts and la other a a poverty while Christopher got 13,058. Republicans who wrote in on the democratic gubernatorial Battle favored la its Angeles mayor Samuel Yorty Over gov. Brown. 3.993 to 1,700. Quot c Quot i per cent in 1913-Lu, increased Watts and la other poverty fact the 1 a was t1 cent to a maximum of 77 per cent by democrats went to the trouble lockets a throughout the state one new Law imposes a five year minimum prison sentence for persons who set fires during riots and other states of emergency. The same measure rip. New statutes although makes a a a felony tune. Possess or Disi it Ose of a Molotov cocktail or other Type firebomb. Under present Law it is a Misdemeanour to possess a Molotov cocktail but no crime Ai All to make one. A companion Bill makes it As serious a crime to attack a fireman As it is to assault a policeman. Probably the most hotly deflated Bill of the entire be Sion was Yorty s proposal to make it a crime to try to stir up a riot the measure was passed on the final Day of the session. Anti War demos warn vie reds against violence w Ash i no ton up a eighteen democratic senators who have fat Een Active in opposing Escala lion of the v Iet Nam War called upon the communist North Viet Nam government Friday a to n train from any act it it a violence against captured american Ait men. The senators warned in a statement that execution of the airmen a would incite a Public demand for retaliation Swift and sure and would a drastically reduce the influence of All Tho a in the United state who have tried to curtail the the statement called a a Pica for was issued at a news conference by sen. Frank Church d Idaho. The statement was a followup to word from a state department spokesman that threats of War crimes trials for the ame icons Are a a matter of i Icrea ing concern to the United states. Asked if tile Ignelis had been in communication with the administration Church said the statement a would not have been issued it we had not been made to feel there is a very serious danger affecting the lives of the american Travis traffic picked up since strike Travis air Force Basi a a combat returnees depend Ems and other military personnel Are being moved through this huge West coast transit bag a in a matter of hours de Pite the civilian airline strike the air Force Aid Friday a military Airlift command spokesman Aid the volume of transit personnel a picked up sharply since the Trike starter Las week a bul Noi Avdy i being thursday a the heaviest Dav in the history of Travis fab it handled 148 aircraft. The pre v Lous record was 142 monday. There were us departures and the Bill was denounced by a 68 arrival i thursday. Among Parade of negro poke Inen a it be personnel mostly troop. An a anti negro measure. They were to dependent. From Over claimed it would i get used by the seas. Police to Buran the City s col military Lulu command is orc i citizens. Responsible for All these aircraft Embly Man in a Douglas movement from Travis and the Ferrell. I los Angeles a negro Maln problem i to match w to represents part of the planes with transients a District Aid he did not a most of them arc flown oui expect any new riots this sum us a matter of hour sometimes Mer. But v oily said a new out Bey Are Here overnight and break a expected Ai almost in a few Case where they Arp any time bound for an out of the Way Des the legislature also parsed nation occasionally they stay Legi lation establishing an Bere two or three a emergency Coli ii system to Hail spokesman Aid. A these things die mass arrests during a riot Are Normal under the circuit Ion demonstration. Stances and of Hurt ble to carry out their Lan Federal government Lias its own United kingdom Italy and ans ung Tiee Ause of world War i but lax rates them Tia 30 of 1 men a 3,1,1 Luxem lax court elves Arentt subject to Liaiga Bourg a 4 Nion. One Treasury department sex strange As it might seem a higher a percentage of the nations wealth is diverted to taxes a pert said there a no cons Titu clonal limit to How High taxes today tha Quot Dunn world War 11 can go so Long As they re non when the t0,Al Ake was 25 per a discriminatory. Cent of Gross National product. The Best Way to measure the land the korean War when the a government tax hike is in rela Lake was 2� per cent. Lion to Gross National product. A one reason a Treasury source by 1917. Individual and contrite income tax collections had surpassed customs revenues and by 1920 accounted for about two thirds of venues a Al jut today a percentage a that a the value of All goods and 4. Ual income tax rates ran cod be kure shipyard a services produced. Said is the higher share of Gross a Bdl Nom Ltd ranged today Treasury experts say i National product now taken by. and local governments. But the Federal Tux level i still of writing in the name of the orly told an emotional As Republican candidate for lieu sen. J. Eugene Mcateer. I Seine la hearing that the states tenant governor Robert in a a Quot Kin Francisco the author of largest City is a now facing Finch. Be Bill said it was intended to planned he said the to Jordan. A Republican seeking assure slum children of As Good lice needed new tools to Deal total Federal tax Rev reelection rolled up 5.004 dem an education As children from with instigators Ive fore they Are socratic write in votes. Well to do neighbourhoods. The measure earmarks so coins flood Seoul of. A a million to provide new class a a the High water Mark for in a ship launched room Aud to repair existing se0ll la i torrential div dual income tax rates came t0�y0 up _ the schools. The other so million Rains battered Seoul and the Cen Oil bulk Carrier Cedros Quot ill be used to hire teachers Tia provinces Friday. Hooding the mid teacher aides to reduce Homes and triggering landslides. Class sizes. A least one person was killed in addition to Watts the a cd 2.000 were made homeless in i free i car drawing ii Hillcrest u % i u u % u Hillcrest shopping enter you can win a great Little fishing car loaded with merchandise absolutely free see it in the Hillcrest shopping Center and Register at any participating store. Draw a a a a a a a a a a a a a it greater than the other two combined of tile 28 jut cent of Gross National product now going toward taxes the Federal share runs somewhere around 19 per cent and most of that is raised through personal and corporate income taxes. It Wasny to always that was. In 1944-45, near the close of world War ii. When they ranged Lon 011 Buk earner from 23 to 94 per cent. Largest ship of its kind after the korean War India id world was launched f riday at the $12.7 from 20 to 91 per cent and were million ship was built tor sea reduced in 1964 first to a 16-77 Tanker inc., of Liberia and is Lier cent Range and this year to expected to lie delivered at the the 14-70 per cent Range. End of october. Surveyor film May give new look at Sun Corona a tax study by the Senate up a Survey arrives Here from Johannesburg. Or Mav have taken the first Dis South Africa. It May be a week Totton free photographs of the Lefor we knt a eau has 10ai see the prime film. House economic committee Hun tulu la Ednes Dav night Surveyor the 620-Pound three noted that customs collections just before the spacecrafts a legged robot which soft landed a which now account for Only i Parent death. Jet propulsion on the Muon june i had taken per cent of total Federal tax j Laboratory scientists said Fri nine pictures As the Sun started revenues a exceeded All other Day. Sinking behind the lunar Hon ing will by held Satur 5 Federal taxes combined during a we Don t know ii we got the Zon. Transmission failed during most of the years Between the i Corona Iii the last picture or the final picture and efforts to Day july 30. A founding of the Republic and not a a jul spokesman said. Contact the vehicle proved Fuji world War i. A we won t know until the film tile. Moue will go to schools Iii East in Seoul according to prelim in Iris Angeles fast and West Ary police reports. We have moved to new location 2018 Chester ave. F. Gutcher music co. Lose your Cool a let Hillcrest Sheet Metal gel it Back for you. Of you have Ever considered putting refrigeration in your Home now is the time for action. 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