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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 3

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Bakersfield, California Congressional Bonscore major legislation in Congress second session a scheduled o in process a completed As of july 7. 1966 House Lino up Senate line up dem. Gor vacancies 294 139 2 67 33 0 House / Senate i school Board in hassle Over slanted Book ctr Rafors Telb saturday july i6. I966 Reagan picks up 32,073 More votes it elementary school Aid a a higher education a a a a poverty amendments a a a t Ruth in packaging a a a a Hospital modernization a health manpower a a a a cold War i Bill a a a a a a a a a a civil rights a a a a foreign Aid authorization a a a a a he food for Freedom a a a a a transportation department a o a legislative reapportionment a a a a a Auto safety a a a a a Highway safety a a a a a a four year House term a he Campaign financing reforms electoral College changes a tax program a a a a a a a a a a repeal of 14 b a a a a a a a ant strike Law minimum wage a a a a a unemployment compensation a a a City demonstrations a o a a i Urban development a a clean Rivers a a 3 o "5 c 8 c o Ltd Ltd o a san Francisco up angry members of the califor Onia Board of education said Friday they would fight attempts to make extensive re Sacramento Fogt a Republic highest for any but a presided 1735 Braden 677,273 hand 561, priest unopposed 1,777,331 can nominee Ronald Reagan tial primary. The record is 65.7 218. Republican a Davis 331,-i picked up 32,073 More votes per cent tor the 1958 direct Pri 295 Finch 1,211,540 Foster i than originally announced in the Mary election. The record for a 61.446 smart 193.651. Lieutenant governor i Democrat ice Anderson 1.308. June 7 primary Secretary of presidential primary was 1964 a state Frank m. Jordan said Fri turnout of 71.9 per cent. Dux Here Are the Secretary of the state s official canvass. A. tinal official figures on. Which counted All outstanding visions in a controversial eighth Absentee ballots also showed a the june 7 primary Grade history textbook for pub 15 _>62 gain in the column of the i Lac schools. Nian Reagan will oppose in no governor Dorman commons Fullerton i vember incumbent democratic democratic Brown 1,355.262, j i chairman of the boards text gov. Brown. Alexander 43,453 Duffy 77,029 Book committee told members Jordan led All Republican in goad 18.088 Goodlet 95,476 they must resist a pressure of total votes with 1.626.646. He a Yorty 981.088. Republican a ithe right Wing groups who have the on it Republican now hold Christopher 65,683 Dom 44,-i i taken this Book on As target Jug constitutional office. State 812 Maxwell 7,052 Patrick i of the controller Alan Cranston led a 40,8s< Reagan 1,417,623, i demo ratios in polling power1 the Book entitled a land of with 1.867.041 the largest in the was approved by the either party. Board in May. However oppo with a total of 5.079,911 votes cents in the legislature de this years primary was the dared the volume was a slanted biggest of any non i evidential toward civil rights and at primary and the second highest i tempted to Cut off funds for its slat1 history ranking behind Purchase. Only the 1964 presidential pro headed by assemblyman Mary which had ,>.124.1 <5 Vot Jjohn l. E Collierr South t Pasadena the critics also attacked the Book for its treatment of such subjects As americans use of the atomic bomb i and the record of its Republican i presidents. The appropriation was approved after spokesmen for the curriculum commission an advisory group on textbook mat a j ters told legislators that the Book would be revised until it i was acceptable in every Community of the state. Superintendent of Public instruction nonpartisan a Rafferty 2.-925,401 Harper 540.241 Molter 281,887 Simms 522.999. Controller democratic a Cranston 1.867,-041 Burke 433,807 de lotto 163,618. Republican a Flournoy 634,175 Grider 81,480 Mcdavid 491-896 Pace 377.935 Ware 91,845. School Bonds for 2,531,222 against 1641 42 British report fewer murders the turnout is was 64.7 of registered of per cent second attorney general democratic a Lynch 1,756,941 Bennett 444.916 Kristovich 198,-125. Republican a Leetham 391,-i 402 Oppen 339,436 we i i a in London Ute Britain last year had two less murders than the year before despite the abolition of capital punishment Home Secretary Roy Jenkins an a. R ii i re or n j orc in bounced thursday night. Out or uniform a Conn 106,29< Gordon 298.91 Villi Ulm there were 153 murders in Columbia to. Up a four r Jordan 323-763 Marlowe 1%5 and 135 Iii 1964. Parliament postmen who Cut their uniforms it 117.791 Schlei 780,709 Sweeney abolished hanging As the punish to Bermuda Short length in an 243,065 Williams 443.167 ment for murder in the Middle attempt to beat the 100-degree of 1965, but no executions took heat were declared out of in treasurer place earlier in the year form wednesday and prevented democratic a Betts Knop because the abolition a from making their rounds. Posed 1.959,111. Republican a expected. Secretary of state Republican of. Jordan 1,626.-646 Wagner 358,631. Democratic a Conn 106,297 Gordon 298.917 Battle against drunk driving tops session s Highway Bills by Robert k Nib was Sacramento up California motorists will probably remember the 1966 legislature Best for its attack on the fellow who has too Many drinks before driving. The lawmakers also took action against vehicle smog ugly highways and other automobile connected problems. But nothing brought the immediate controversy or potential effect of gov. Edmund g. Browne a Bill to crack Down on Drunken Drivers now on its Way to incoming Law. Essentially the measure requires that a person arrested is 65,000 award settles suit on brain damage los Angeles Pic a court approved settlement of s165.000 has been won by the parents of a 4-year-old boy who allegedly suffered brain damage because of a delayed blood transfusion at birth. The Sui by or. And mrs. Gabriel Fairfoot of mar Vista was brought in behalf of their son. Gabriel n. Fairfoot against the Park View Hospital and the attending physician at birth. Or. Joel Rowan the couple alleged that their son a because of their own positive and negative re blood factors a was born with a blood condition that dictated an immediate transfusion to prevent jaundice and brain damage. They contended the transfusion was not Given until the condition was discovered five Days after birth. For Drunken do my submit to a sobriety test of his blood breath or urine. La he refuses he loses his License for six months regardless of whether he s Ever convicted on the drunk charge. Because motorists May now refuse such tests without penalty prosecutors claim they cannot get the evidence needed for conviction. And without convictions the bins supporters argued Drunken Drivers would continue to kill and injure thousands every year. The Bill declares that each and every Motorist a implied consent to a sobriety test w Hen he accepted his Driver s License from the state. Opponents called this a coverup for depriving the Perron of his constitutional right against be it incrimination. But the supreme court of the United states undercut the opposition on june 20. The same Day the Bill was voted out of the legislature. In a 5-4 decision the court upheld the constitutionality of such tests. However an intensive lobbying Campaign by police and clergy earlier was most directly responsible for the legislative action. Brown who a wanted an a implied consent Bill for years quickly signed the measure. It will take effect 90 Days after the sessions july 7 adjournment. Brown also wanted stronger Laws to control smog mostly by bringing More counties under state regulations requiring smog control devices on used motor vehicles. Although the legislature refused to go along it did enact a key part of the administration package a Biu to Clear the Way for requiring exhaust control Dev ices on used Cai Quot. Currently the state requires both crankcase and exhaust devices on All new car. Sold in California. Crankcase devices Are also required on 1955 and later models when ownership is transferred in to Urban counties. However exhaust devices Are not required anywhere because the Law a to protect motorists against monopoly a had required that at least two such devices be available for Sale. But Only one company. American machine and foundry was near developing a Dev ice. The new Law abolished the two device requirement and will Pennis the state to require exhaust device installation on Transfer in the to counties when Only one such device is available. To prevent monopoly it established state controls Over the Price which May not exceed $65. State authorities said it would be month before an exhaust device will be required. Meanwhile. The to affected counties Are Alameda. Marin. San Francisco. San Mateo. Santa Clara. Los Angeles Orange. San Diego and the Western portions of j san Bernardino and Riverside. The legislature was also against ugly highways and to prove it enacted a Law to qualify California for Tede Rai funds from president Johnson s Highway beautification act. The Money will be used to remove or screen junkyards within 1.000 feet of interstate or primary highways. There will also be funds to buy Scenic corridors adjacent to the same highways. Billboard control was not included in the state legislation. Lawmakers said they intended to act on that feature next year. Commons said such revisions would a water Down or Ems Acu later the Content. He was joined by or Daniel i Collins san Francisco the boards Only negro member. Ivhon said the opponents were i a going for the jugular and warned he a will fight the Book whose principal it author was University of Cali a fornia prof. John Caughey was approved in response to Crit Cim of current school history books by civil rights group and a Rev a Ewt panel of historians. The Board thursday rejected a Broad policy statement designed to prevent punishment of teachers who participate in political demonstration. Army imprisons gis who balk at trip to Viet it. Dix n j. <2p>�? three army privates were in the stockade Here today after they refused to Board a plane for \ let Nam. They had said previously Thev would not fight in Viet Nam an Carniv spokesman aul the soldiers refused to obey a command by a Captain to Board the plane at nearby Mcguire air Force la a thursday. They were then arrested and charged with wilful disobedience of a Superior officer. The soldiers Are pie. James Johnson 20. Pvt. Dennis Mora. 25, both of new York and pvt. Dav id Sumas. 20. Of Modesto. Calif. 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