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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Bakersfield, California Violence puzzles residents by Austin Scott and Hollie West Chicago on a a i done to get it a said the negro cab Driver As he threaded his Hack among hards of Glass littering streets in the West Side District torn by nights of rioting. That just about summed up the statements of residents there. Most seem puzzled by the \ Ioleene. The cabbie speaking of youths who so ear headed the looting burning and shooting added Quot if in a mad at you in a going to get you. Even ii i have to sleep on your Doorstep to do it. But i in not going to do something that w ill Louse up everybody. And that what the a kids Are dozens of interviews during hours of walking tile streets Friday night As heavily armed National guardsmen restored order produced no pattern beyond this most agree that the youngsters Are angry they disagree As to Why. Virtually All feel that tile appearance of the guard prevented another night of violence. Unlike the los Angeles racial riots of 1965, cries of Quot get Whitey Quot or Quot Burn baby Burn Quot were scarce during the thursday Friday Lieak outburst Here. There was no indication that any one cause a alleged invite brutality hate of caucasian merchants for instance was the spark. Quot you can t Tell me it was said Frank Banian an aging caucasian merchant who kept plate Glass windows in two stores intact despite shattered Glass in stores All around him. Quot this negro Guy i know helped me put up plywood to protect my windows a lie said. Quot i did no task him. To volunteered. Then later i saw him running Down the Street busting that windows and the one Over there he pointed to plywood panels covering shattered displays two doors away and across the Street. Quot now How do you figure that a Quot it Wasny to racial a said a caucasian store manager across the Street who had slept at hts establishment to keep windows intact. Quot in be talked to a lot of the Guys today i a running around last night. They done to hate Quot they did no to have no purpose a said a negro gasoline station attendant present throughout thursday night s violence. Quot nobody organized it. One group would go through and smash windows and not take anything and another group would come along and loot. One group started up on Roosevelt Road. Then word spread and another group got started on 16th Street and another near 18th Street la was let Otic kids and witnesses agreed teen agers were involved. Many Felt they started smashing windows and induced adults to join in later. Others believed adults goaded tile youths into the spree of violence. Iii contrast to the pattern Iii other riots some negroes laughed Ami joked with Jagt lice As officers cruised by five to a car rifles and shotguns pointing skyward out windows. But they showed great respect for National guardsmen marching by. Rifles at the ready. Quot Villie cd Mon Back Here a shouted a Mother i rom her second floor w window. A you done to want to get Quot better quit that said a negro teenager to a Friend who walked toward a patrolling guardsman. Quot they i fill you full of Iii a crowded cafe two negro men got into an argument. Quot the kids Are doing it Jusi leu the hell of it said one. No countered another. The whole thing was organized by people who want to see the Black Man go under. Something was funny about the whole thing he said but he did no to say what if. W As. Quot this is awful. Said one woman As she stood outside her door looking at the broken Glass stretching Down the Street. Quot you can to Tell them rioters anything. Tile ministers were out All night last she clenched Lier fist for emphasis. Quot All night and look what several hours later a Lone youth swaggered Dovnik a Street which guardsmen had at one time sealed off. Quot you ainu to seen nothing yet a he told newsmen. Quot wait till tile guard gets outa but for a negro neighbourhood torn by violence just the Day before his refrain was Strain gel alone. Tiu i \ i Iii it of mfr Iii Rev High Vorster play a it l of i Day i Jpn Ltd High Loday it tomorrow to Sunset 8 1? . Sunrise 5 53 a in rainfall season total .18 season Normal a a year it Isabella dam Reservoir 166.415 acre Teet Kern River flow in 337 cos out 1,177 cos forecast Clear skies through sunday with warmer temperatures and licht winds. Vol. 79 to cents Fer copy $2 00 monthly delivered Bakersfield California saturday july 16, 1966 five sections 66 pages Kern mom Hon agriculture $349.315,8 6 dressed value $833,630,311 Bani deposits �358,156,000 bidding in eni its 851,477.1.71 Ivo oleum $313,827,800 copulation 333.300 telephones 147,939 a Kern county Hoard of Trade figures Sec Ond lass pos see paid in Bakersfield. Calif. Published daily except sunday by the Bakersfield Aii wornian at 1707 Eye no 300 Quot Greet. Send form 3579 change of and Dpi is in in o. Bun 140, Bakersfield Calif. Is. Warns Hanoi not to try pilots War temper would Rise Harriman two Chicago police officers arrest a Mon who refused to obey order to move off Street on City s tense West Side. Only a few arrests were made last night of 3,000 Illinois National guard troopers moved into the area to help police restore peace. Pwu i it Gnu Rov my ambassador. Warned Hanoi today that is Quot will change the whole he said. Up to now has guardsmen s presence restores racial Calm by James e. Dwyer in some areas cat calling Sion Aliy but there were Only come anew. H iving lettered incidents one re Porter ads of impressively armed Snipel. Shoot tog it with olice a we can to cepe with the stuff National guardsmen and police turning fire bul f iodine Chicago of no stored relative peace today to me. A fire by Nib thrown into a Man scarred streets it a West Street outside a Home a few pol let Ude area ripped since t tuesday stole windows broken several Lukk a racial violence. Make Youthful gangs who Hail loot Lles 111 houses Anil stores. A i burned Aud fired smiler by Midnight police reported. Lie from rooftops faded away a fleets were virtually deserted. Riday night As guardsmen a Cid to shoot to kill if fired upon went on patrol. I 7 n7\._7 a water during got tin those a youth told a news but we can co get with the As Chih a those Gas go these cops Are Gorilla i All gotta die some tune. Washington a Averell Harriman publicly mistreatment of . Capri feeling of the War Whit t0 not been aimed against the people of North Viet Nam. In the strongest words yet issued by a Washington official concerning red threats to try american prisoners As War criminals. Harriman said Quot North Viet Nam till indicate that they let believe that the i United states will give up. Just a France did some years age ii they hold out. Quot now if they think there is anything in this at All. One of the rest Vevay. For it to assure that the american Public will stick u1u to this thing to the end. No matter How Long it takes would be their mistreatment of our airmen. Quot even though i can to give them any encouragement that we will give up a the president has made it very Plain that we will tick to it to Hie end a it will change the whole feeling of the map wire photo Chicago police artist Otis Rathel produced today this concept of the Slayer of eight student nurses in Chicago. He based this concept on detailed description of the Slayer obtained in a two hour questioning session with Corazon Amurao a student nurse who escaped the killer. Guard Quot so tar there has been no bitterness on the part of the american government or the american people against the Jie Ople of North Viet Nam. But this Barbaric act would heighten the temporal feeling and can Only react against the interests of the North police identify killing suspect Harriman speaking in a voice of America radio interview. A a Al fight a said another. I he trouble began i be a it pump Fem Johnson had offered to let Hanoi participate in the Calm contrasted dramatic melt u 11 1,1 p slut turned off a Southeast asian economic development after peace comes to tally with of thursday night when re Ydian spraying kids with Viet Nam and promised the untied states would contribute is an estimated 5,000 were abroad. Eau l fluid in a a hot sp611 a jillion or More. Killed s5�. Gathered. Rocks flew. Gut mistreatment of . Prisoner through the streets of a 140 then. Two negroes were aware Bloke area rolled trucks by gunshot and to were injured bulletin 1 Quot we be been inundated with Chicago Ufi a police phone Calls tit. Aud leads since supt. O. Vav. Wilson announced we added the sketch to our de today that the killer of eight eruption said Michael is hot to. Student nurses had been Iden Deputy chief of detectives tidied through fingerprints. He a police artist sketched the identified the Man As Richard killer s face Atter closely ques a. Speck 25. Turning the Only survivor of the town House massacre who u i a a i i u i Chicago a an artist s ,.ouse<j from heavy sedation Fri a Alvoil ave sketch of the killer who staugh a after Yle Ion a night of Hor mor. 5&Quot a Quot a a a effect against any future relations Between our two Ettl Quot eight student nurses has loaded with soldiers rifles at amid widespread shooting Loo thursday night my a Quot of Quot a Andes Lve base a we Hope would brought a flood of new leads and the ready bayonets fixed and burning that continued during the Day with Unie a lug a burst of new Confidence to i Spiotto said the two hour in jeeps with machine guns into the Day Fyt Day. A Harriman also report of fits to Exchange a captured Viet i detectives determined to Hunt Joe View was eminently fruitful. Mounted police cars with shot got Otto Kernel called up c cd i Page i see Ano Art Page. He Man Down. A number one. We re confident guns licked out windows. Julie. Quot we re going to get this Guy lie knots of negro lined curbs the request of mayor Richard place plan for vie i a a said. A a number two we know the girl can identify t he girl Corazon Amurao 23. Filled in details missing from her first hysterical account header Index Page Sec. Church 6 i classified ---------24 3 comics ___________14 2 editorial 18 2 farm Empire features----------19 2 Home and Garden Empire local Section la 2 markets __________30 3 oil_______________30 3 picture Page 20 2 radio 8 i by Raymond e. Pai Mer real estate Heaters _ sports to. Wont int Empire. T i15 2 _ Empire a 21 3 j. Daley. The mayor said he Felt police alone could not Cope w Ith the rioting worst in the North since 34 were killed in massive rioting in los Angeles last August. Maj. Gen. Francis p. Kane held 1,500 troops in Reserve and London Ltd it a prime min sent 1,500 into action operating ister Harold Wilson left for from a base in a parking lot. Moscow today planning to they teamed with 1,000 police. I.1 visit a British Trade fair and Quot if anybody shoots at my hoping to talk to soviet madmen a Gen. Kane told newsmen ers about peace in Viet Nam. Quot my orders Are to shoot Back a soviet newspapers have said shoot to kill. Bluntly hat soviet leaders the word must have gotten around. Newsmen interviewing Levont discuss let Nam with negroes on the streets reported him. Wilson is scheduled to an attitude of fear among Many hold talks with soviet pre a especially of the guardsmen Mier Alexei n. Kosygin Mon j there w As much comment Day. About weapons. And there were some who foreign Secretary Michael i said the guard will leave soon Stew Ait told parliament we Britain s Wilson goes to Moscow son would press the soviets to reconvene the 1954 Geneva conference on Indochina. Britain and the soviet Union Are co chairmen of the conference that ended the French Indochina War and thus Are theoretically in charge of keeping the peace in Southeast Asia. Wilson initiated the trip after disassociating his government from the . Bombings of fuel storage depots on the outskirts of Hanoi and Haiphong. The soviet leadership turned Down a proposal to reconvene the Geneva conference made by Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi. Mrs. Gandhi leaves Moscow today an hour before Wilson arrives. Kosygin asked Wilson to Advance his arrival time by several hours. Soviet sources said he did not want to make two trips to the Airport. Some observers said Kosygin May not have wanted to make too much of a show of Wilson a arrival. Wilson is travelling without any Cabinet ministers lord Chalfont his disarmament minister is in Warsaw. Poland but there Are no plans for him to join Wilson in Moscow. Diplomat.-. It Aid the Kremlin attitude apparently is that it should intervene in Viet Nam Only if Hanoi wants it to and Hanoi apparently does t. Blurted out to police when she finally fled the blood splattered House of death thursday at Dawn. At least one mystery re roamed however and police shed no new Light on it after the interview with miss Amurao the soviets also Are sensitive to communist chinese charges the Kremlin leaders Are Selling out the communist Why were there no loud screams no outcries for help during the time the killer bound. A. And gagged the nine girls Herd cause in Viet Nam to arrange i them iut j a Bank room an j joint soviet american Rule of leu eight of them out one at a the world. Time to their deaths i lie russians issued an of autopsy report produced facial denial of peking a claim no evidence any of the victims that they were informed in had been molested sexually Advance of the . Air raids according to Coroner Andrew j. Against the fuel depots near Toman. He said Laboratory tests Hanoi Ami Haiphong. I see sketch Page 2 Saigh a South Viet Nam apr wave after wave of . Planes pounded North Viet Nam Friday w till a record 121 missions. They struck at three Oil depots to keep up Hie intensified drive against the Hanoi governments fuel reserves and also attacked six missile Sites. Navy planes from the aircraft c a r r i e r Ranger evaded it soviet built surface to air missiles fired from a string of Sites seven to 45 Miles Southwest of Hanoi in an attack on one of the Sites a Navy Al skyhawk Jet was shot Down by antiaircraft fire. . Military Headquarters said. The Pilot bailed out but heavy flak prevented Rescue helicopters from reaching him and he is listed As missing. Loss of the plane had been disclosed earlier. South vietnamese Headquarters reported heavy losses to a 100-Man company of government troops when they were hit by a Quot mane vering ambush of five times As Many met Cong main Force soldiers. A v vietnamese spokesman said the company was hit Friday on Highway 13 a a favorite Viet Cong ambush route a at a Point 18 Miles Northwest of Saigon. The company had been assigned to provide Security for a military Supply Convoy. After the last truck passed the company a area the spokesman said a met Cong Force estimated at a reinforced battalion struck from both sides of the Road. Unofficial reports said most of the company was killed or wounded. Elsewhere in South Viet Nam both the u. S. And vietnamese commands reported Only Small scale fighting Friday. However two Viet Cong hit and run attacks were reported within eight Miles of Saigon. In see War Page 2 18 doves sign statement urging North Viet Nom to avoid War trial 121 missions sent to North

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