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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Bakersfield, California To Irr Tram High in Frt. In 1,0 w i Ort a a at k x he Iod Hick Tofts. 3 floret Eft Low tomorrow. Aft rainfall Crafton Normal a. To total for sat Vear a Thi Lisle. Diirr inflow 7 17 a Immiti Ham mortar 39,753 Arre feet Torero it 1 Lear with Rifting temperature look it. Tin Ria Nanri in Nita it North a a win Foft Ift left mile per hour in 9 % a noon. In Petroleum a agriculture. Rank debits. A��nei1 vain a a a Pishal receipts a. Building permits a. Thirlo registration % sso.375.1te s ru.52�.s� 9s.m9.ftm.173 s ftftl.llms.3fto $ 1.875.ft4t $ ft0.0ft3.0ft0 _133.13ft vol. 68 7 cents per copy two sections of Bakersfield California saturday july 2, 1955 $1.50 monthly delivered 28 pages population Kerf canst ________________70, metropolitan Bakersfield 1955 .139 a soft pastern Kern. 37. Mai ii Irons Courtesy of Kern county Board of Trade mered to Post office at Bakersfield. California As second class matter Andre the aet of can groan March s. L�7ft. Tho californian a phone a. A ft-7�31 no. 287 Chiang a will accept 9 u. S. Steel hikes Price $7.50 ton a up telephoto homicide charged held on homicide charges in the deaths of two boys who were drowned in the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia Theodore Armpriester left 12, and Joseph Ryan also 12, Are shown being led Down City Hall corridor by detective Joseph Bohen after questioning. Police said Armpriester admitted pushing the two victims into the River in order to steal their bicycle. Victims were Ellis Palmer to and Adolph Sincavage 13. 4 russian newspaper praises president a editor a note a seed by sol Iet this Story censors. I Las those concerning the a Satel j Litesy and their Lack of Freedom Moscow a the official As Well As the one on the a a Riddle communist newspaper pravda �1 who actually wields Power in lauded president Eisenhower to the soviet l Nion. Such statements never have previously been published in soviet newspapers even As the views of others. The factual presentation was similar to that of an american newspaper. It was followed by a Page one editorial in pravda today in the american concept of separating news from editorials. Although pravda took exception completely without to the president s views on the or even the usual satellites its Praise of Eisen Hower sounded As if he were continued on Page 2 Day for his wednesday press conference statements on changing the cold War to a Battle for peace. The pravda editorial came Atter a remarkable and unusual display of fair play and objectivity by soviet newspapers in handling his press conference statements. Yesterday All leading papers rallied More than a full column of excerpts from Eisenhower a statement comment they carried such statements Oveta Hobby to quit soon Washington top a rumours that Secretary of welfare Oveta Culp Hobby is going to resign soon have Arisen again. An administration official said last night he understands she will resign in a a week or so maybe Booner a another official said there certainly would lie no Adion taken until after the fourth of july week end. This highly informed source stressed no final decision has Horn reached As to timing of an it change. Reader Index radiologist loses Arm from Burns to Rix. Italy a prof. Mario Ponzio Italy a leading radiologist paid with his left Arm today for his lifelong studies of Radium. It was the 70-year-old scientists 18th and most serious operation for Radium Burns pc he h he suffered in 1925. His attn was amputated today together with the shoulder Blade and Collar Bone. The operation was performed by prof. Achille Mario let of Liotti one of Ponzio a former pupils at the la University of Turin where he taught until a month and a half ago. Other firms follow Lead in wages markup Pittsburgh Ltd it a u. S. Steel corp., which granted an average 15-cents-an-hour wage boost to its employees to end a nation wide steel strike is boosting prices i about $7.50 a ton. Big steels action came shortly after the shortest walkout in the Industry a history ended in a Compromise agreement with the Cio United i steel workers. Within a few hours after the 12-hour strike ended yesterday All of the Industry so big six had followed the Leader in agree-1 ing to the pay boost. They Are Bethlehem steel corp., Republic j Jones amp Laughlin Youngstown Sheet amp tube and Inland steel the companies indicated they too. Uhi follow big steel in marking up prices. Other factors As a consequence Consumers soon will pay More for the countless products made from steel. Clifford f. Hood. . Steel president said the 5.8 per cent hike which will put a 8132.50 Price tag on a ton of Basic Carbon night accused steel Wasny to entirely the result i state John be of the wage increase. Hng to avoid direct talk Hood said other factors Are in China solved. Such As int teased taxes a a Dulles press statement last and new construction. Tuesday shows that the United while jubilant steel workers j states does not want direct talks were returning to the Mills Union Wilh China to ease tension a the officials stood by to get More con j broadcast quoted commentator continued on Page 2 Tchiang Yuan Chun in the official Peoples daily. At his press conference tuesday Dulles said the United states and soviet Russia Are deadlocked j behind the scenes in an Effort to j arrange a far Eastern conference to follow the big four sum he ago Pic a 17-year-old Mil meeting at Geneva beginning High school senior was shot to july 18. He said Russia insists death last night in a teen age that communist China be rear gang Battle and police said a 14-j rented whereas the United states year old freshman related he j wants nationalist China included fired the shot accidentally w Hen j both have vowed never to sit to he got excited. I Gether. Kenneth Sleboda 17, was Cut Formosa a a liberation Down by a Shotgun blast fired Dulles also said that w Hile he from one of three automobiles i did not Rule out direct talks with containing some 15 teen agers. Red China these must not involve the three autos sped away with dealing with nationalist China a their occupants. Future behind its Back. Six hours later police seized i commentator Chiang took off Clement cookie Mads who on the question of a substantive they said related he fired his matters which h might be Dis cease fire efforts hit nationalist Leader says reds must disgorge spoils of aggression to i ski. Formosa to a president Chiang Kai Shek has indicated he never will Aglee to a cease fire with the chinese communists until they a Quot disgorge their spoils and withdraw from the territory which they have stolen by aggression.�?�. A up telephoto boast wrong the body of John Secor 16, lies in front of desk at new York police station after the boy had boasted to a pal that Quot no one could Stab me i could take the knife away from the pal said by police to be Conrad Tupper 16, pulled a knife and Sank it into Secor s stomach. The boy stumbled into the station House too feet away collapsed and died. A police photographer records the scene. Piping charges actress Dies during us Al Annj . Performance talks with reds in an interview with a leased today by the official cent r a i news Agency Chiang made the specific Point that the offshore islands cannot be considered separately from Formosa and the Pescadore and a must be Formosa and the Pescadore Are covered by the chinese Mutual defense treaty. The offshore islands of Quemoy and Matsu Are not. Chiang said the nationalists never would allow the reds to keep the chinese Mainland As a fruit of aggression and would never agree to cease fire in Formosa Strait. He said a cease Tokyo up Hollywood prize winning play written by her actress Isabel Bonner fell dead husband Joseph Kramm. She piping radio to before 900 shocked play goers at j was 47. . Secretary of the Carthay Circle theater Fri she was playing a Hospital Ward ter Dulles of night while speaking her lines scene. She had just told her with red in the first act of a the Shrike a a husband in the play co Star Dane Clark a you look much better to sgrtj0n that when she filipino correspondent re will 380 die fatalities mar july 4 Observance by the associated press the nations traffic death rate during the first a it of this year fourth of july week end was running higher today than that re ported for the same period last year. Auto deaths accounted for 62 in an Over All Accident toll of 87 fire policy recognizes the fruit of shorty after Mhz a tel drow Quot aggression and rewards it. Ass were. Ported am a Sce Laneous mishaps took id lives. Called soviet tools National safety Council has a the right time for a genuine estimated that 380 persons will be cease fire with the communists killed in Highway accidents by will be when they disgorge their monday Midnight. Ned h. Dear spoils and withdraw from the in Council president said to territory which they have stolen Day that a unless the Drivers slam by aggression he said. On the brakes we Are going to j Chiang said the chinese com reach or exceed the estimate of munits Are a pro longer chinese a rift and called them tools of soviet in the no Holiday week end aggression. June 17-20. An associated press a the nationalist government Survey showed 342 persons died in cannot live together with them on j traffic accidents 111 drowned and ick the he declared. H2 met violent deaths from mis Chiang restated his standing As Cellaneous causes a total of 515. In a nationalist inva the three Day fourth of july Day Darling a when she col Sion a the people and even the Holiday last year took an Over All lapsed. Communist soldiers will rally toll of 623 lives�?343 in traffic 192 an autopsy today indicated the around their Banner and surely drownings and 83 in other Acci actress died of a brain Hemor bring the communist regime to dents including four fireworks rage. I he play closes As sched its he said he deaths. Continued on Page 2 youth slain in gang War a up telephoto Isabel Bonner. Dies on stage used tonight. About a dozen actors were on i stage in the scene. One said she was speaking the line when she suddenly slumped on the Edge of Clarks bed. Clark put hts Arm about her and and ribbed. A Mann. Speak to or. Los something the matter what a wrong Darling i love he signalled for the curtain to be rung Down and the audience i thought it was the end of a scene. The theater management immediately asked if there were any continued on Page 2 fathers Shotgun from the car. Police it. Edward of Malley said the shooting followed a clash Between rival gangs on the South Side in which one gang member was beaten with a wrench. Cussed at such a meeting. He said the get a a can Only mean the chinese Peoples liberation of Taiwan Formosa. A these remarks of Dulles Are continued on Page 2 late sports 6 to 6 vote stymies Ike s housing Bill Downey Folk puzzled by underground Hose ill rut Auto ___20 2 churches to a i comics .23 2 county 3 i editorials ___28 2 farm 7 i features 21 2 Homes and gardens. 8 i local Section .15 2 markets �?22 2 Oil a 6 .1 people and parties. A 12 i picture Page 14 i radio. 6 i real estate. 4 i sports a 18 2 Heaters. 17 2 to. 6 i women 12 i Downey a George i the Loose end of the Hose to the peso a truck Driver looked out bumper and pulled away in Low on his front Lawn today and gear. Flinched. It was still there. The Hose broke about 5 feet a a it was a 50-foot length of from the bumper and another plastic Garden Hose which mys 18 inches disappeared into the seriously lie Gan Burrow ing its w a ground. Into the ground yesterday and has i peso tied the broken end to resisted All efforts to pull it out. The faucet and left the Hose Over i peso said about 13 feet Dis night appeared. Scientists from the by yesterday morning two veal of boy was recovering to calif0rriia Institute of Spohn ology More feet had disappeared and Day from the ordeal of plunging Are at a loss to explain the the faucet pipe was Bent out of 60 feet into the icy Waters of a phenomenon. Shape. Well and floating there face up i peso said it All began thurs the truck Driver then boy survives fall into Well Crystal Lake. 111. A a 3 it retains cup Henley. England a rvs the Massachusetts Institute of technology successfully defended the thames Challenge cup in the Royal Henley regatta today after the University of Pennsylvania varsity eight won the grand Challenge cup the Blue ribbon event of the annual rowing classic. Coach resigns Porterville cd a Wayne Hardin director of athletics and football and basketball Roach at Porterville College announced today he has resigned from the College to become Backfield coach at the . Naval Academy at Annapolis. My loan program Washington ins the Fate of president Eisenhower a Public housing program appeared in doubt today As a result of a House rules committee decision to stymie the omnibus housing Bill. The committee by a 6-6 vote. Refused yesterday to Send the Bill to the floor for action. The lineup was six democrats for and four republicans and two Southern democrats against. In addition to Public housing the measure provides for More military and defense housing and increased mortgage insurance authority for the Federal housing administration. The Bill already cleared by the flashes wins air race Detroit up a it. Col. James a. Poston of Columbus of. Flying an f84e. Won the 1.915-mile Ricks trophy race today with a corrected time of 2 hours. 57 minutes and 14 seconds from Ontario calif., to Detroit. His air Speed unofficially was 546.505 Miles an hour. Catholics in protest Liege Belgium a gtd fifteen thousand catholics paraded through Liege today to demonstrate their opposition to a government Bill cutting financial Aid to Catholic schools. New Snag f Ancog note bad Washington ims a a new and unexplained Snag today dashed Hopes for the release of As Many As five million shots of Salk polio vaccine this week end. Record in 1950 the record Over All toil for any Independence Day Holiday period was set in the four Dav Holiday in 1950 w Hen 792 perished. The National safety Council estimates that 40 million automobiles will be on the highways during the Holiday period. The period of greatest peril is near the end. When motorists tired from hours of. Travel a e returning Home on crowded highways. Fireworks deaths have dwindled sharply in recent years. V Arious states prohibit their Sale. In 1903, fireworks killed 466 persons and injured 3,983. Snow blocks Scenic Road West Glacier Mont. Up a huge rotary plows and a gang of men worked today to Clear a foot of Snow from la Gan pass atop Scenic going to the Sun Highway in Glacier National Park. It temporarily closed the main route across this Northwest Montana playground. Military Reserve Bill passes House w Ashington ins a president i the rider and said the program Eisenhower was reported pleased was essential to the nations be today with House approval of air Unity. Modified military Reserve Bill. Its purpose is to create a Quick congressional enactment stained. Ready Reserve of 2.900.000 now seems certain. Men by july i 1959. At present Panapa fill Al the Bill already cleared by the legislators close to the pres about 700.000 reservists Are in in Colt Volven House banking committee would enl reported his feelings Atter of Oln raining. Washington Ltd it a housing authorize construction of 90.000 the House passed and sent the the legislation sets up a six dug and Home finance Agency re Public housing units including measure to the Senate yesterday month voluntary training pro and unconscious for 45 minutes Day afternoon when his 10-year about two feet Down around the ported today 1.718 Home Mort 20.000 for the nations aged per minus an anti segregation rider Gram tor youths Between the Little Kenneth Stoerp a body old daughter Suzanne ran into Hose. The ground was dry. The gages had been placed with Pri sons. Which had stymied the program17 and 18/2, to be followed temperature dropped far below the House and breathlessly an Hose had penetrated hard Clay. Vale lenders by its voluntary the president had requested tor six weeks Normal but was bark up to 92 bounced at that Point or. Ian Camp Home mortgage credit program authority to build 70.000 new units i he original Bill was shunted degrees last night�?24 hours after a the Hose is stuck in the Bell. Of the Cal tech geology de in its first few months of opera in the next two years but the after the House adopted a his Rescue. apartment arrived to inspect the Tion. Senate rejected this and approved National guard anti segregation Frederick Stoerp a Farmer in her Mother. Mrs. Ruth i stubborn length of plastic. He the Agency said 1.146 of the a democratic proposal calling for amendment sponsored by rep. Crystal Lake. 30 Miles Northwest peso went outside find tried to speculated someone was playing total placements up to june 15 135,000 units in each of the next Padam Clayton Powell any. Of Chicago missed Kenneth at pull a the Hose which has no a practical joke but could not were made in the first two weeks four years. Powell sought to tack his proviso bedtime thursday night. He found nozzle from the Hole. No Hick. Deride just How it was being done of june and bigger increases Are one of the rules committee Dis onto the substitute but he was the cover off a Well. Lob feet from neighbors tried still no Luck. A Brut i ii Tell you Camp expected. Senters was rep. Less p. Wol rebuffed. 156 to 105. The Stoerp Home and peering i peso came Home and tried Bell Aid. A Elf that were my Hoe. So far. The preponderance of a raft . Ranking Gap opposes rider Down saw Kenneth floating face his hand. Still no results. He id Start digging and find out plications and Loans have been member of the banking group Eisenhower had urged con up. Then backed his car around tied what s on the other a made in the South and midwest.,who opposes Public housing. A Gress to approve the Bill without for youths Between to of by 7vt years in the reserves. Men 181 through 25 who Are drafted for two years training continued on Page 2 Speed kills 66 died in Kern county thin Vear Ai a result of traffic Accident

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