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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1961, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Bakersfield, California A a a 0fa _ o in try a Fatwa to Fol Ali a a a a Terlaj i of thin morning Kex Peterd High today a a Oriord ok tomorrow nun a today. Vul a in Riff tomorrow Quot � a a rainfall or a Moo total. Normal for thin Date _ a Vair thin Date zip i �5 Ina or i la dam storage .2hj2i Arre feet Kern River out flow a. Tto of. Kent Kiter inflow. A i Lor Eratt rant inned fair through tuesday and a lightly warmer. We Rinrin nor mrs ssn.519.411 .4t4ft.a9s.ftm is si4.5lt.15s sdit.ns.i2d Shui in Kwh ___s45.4n.ns to Ltd. 4 j of Temh vol. 74 four sections to cents per copy Bakersfield California monday january 23, 1961 $1.75 monthly delivered 32 pages no. 151 a ret Alture a a Petroleum. A Bink of Tempo _ aide Amoeo 4 Aln i Lee Rte hate ,.-. Hail diag permit population tel in c county Board Heelond cd Portage paid Al Raker Fie. Calif. Published Dany cd kept soday by tho bal afield Calico Mhz at Hsi Eye m. Send farm 57s change of add it p o. By 444. Bakersfield. tug rail strike settled belgian strike collapses Juk confers with key defense aides Washington up a president Kennedy intends to stress the use of Normal diplomatic channels rather than Summit meetings in tackling major foreign policy problems the state department disclosed today. 150,000 die hard workers return in heavy Industry Brussels up a Bel Giumo a month Long crippling strike wave ended today when 150,000 die hard workers went Back to their jobs. The strike against the government s austerity program formally ended shortly after Dawn As the thousands of former strikers trooped into heavy Industry and mechanical plants in Southern Belgium a Liege and Charleroi regions. But die memory and the bitterness of the strike lingered on. Leaders feared the five weeks of violence which left five persons j dead and at least Siso million in damage would topple the social Christian government of Premier Gaston Eyskens. Death toll 15 the death foil Rose to five today with the death of Jean Boarder 25, father of four. Bourdet was fatally injured in the Jan. 6 riots in Liege although he was Only running an errand when a stray Bullet pierced his neck. Although the workers were the announcement came As Kennedy met with his top foreign policy and defense advisers in a session on How his new administration will push its quest for solution of the myriad of foreign affairs problems. The White House session began at mid morning with a recess for lunch. Those attending were headed by Secretary of state Dean Rusk and Secretary of de i if Ense Robert s. Mcnamara. State department press i officer Lincoln White told newsmen that a in general terms it Means a de emphasis on thei i idea of trying to cure inter nation a1 ills by Rushing into meetings of Heads of state. Soviet Premier Khrushchev has been a Strong advocate of sum j Mit conferences. J Sacramento in a a Bill of those who helped Kennedy rights for delinquent or neglected make the far reaching review of juveniles went to the legislature the National Security program in today with gov. Browne a backing eluded a it would provide minors with Mcgeorge Bundy Kennedy a i the same detention safeguards personal aide on National security1 and the same rights to a fair trial matters i undersecretary of state at adults now enjoy a said sen. Designate Chester Bowles and Stanley Arnold a Susanville who Paul h. Nitze designated As As planned to introduce the Bill for Distant Secretary of defense in the governor. Bill of rights for juveniles to be offered \ map wire photo Ann Albrecht Man held in wife s slaying Jackson Minn. Up a a Goldberg s guidance in pact praised new York up a White House intervention ended today a set Ike Over the jobs of 02 men that closed Down the nations second biggest Railroad threatened the Economy of the nations Industrial heartland and dislocated life of the country a biggest City. The 13-Day strike Cost the nation hundreds of Mil i Lions of dollars charge of International affairs. Lemnitzer attends gov. Brown noted in his message to the legislature that some also present was Gen. Lyman i children spend up to six months l. Lemnitzer c chairman of the in custody waiting for a hearing. Joint chiefs of staff. J during the wait the governor Pierre Salter White House a they Are subjected to eve press Secretary said several j companions and ugly habits and other officials were joining in the patterns of thou ,ht.�?� discussions. He did not immedi j lately name them. A change the conference started at to the Bill would make these Back at their jobs some plants or Des awaited word from san am an hour and 15 minutes major changes in the juvenile reported a severe shortage of raw Diego calif., police today on a after Kennedy turned up in his court act which has not been re materials and warned they May murder warrant against an exp Rice. I Vised for 45 years have to Lay off personnel until Marine whose wife a body was 4 map wire photo Gotham in a deep freeze Manhattan a Hudson River piers and waterfront Are Well stocked with ice cubes during the current wave of frigid weather. The ice jammed riverfront along new York s West Side had this frosty look in yesterday s 12-degree chiller. Air View looks North from about West 40th Street. Executive held in Bank scandal in wages and freight and passenger revenues of rail lines stretching from St. Louis and Chicago to Boston and new York. The first Feather in the Cap of president Kennedy and his new labor Secretary Arthur j. Goldberg was the settlement this morning of the strike of 660 Harbor tugboat and ferry men against la railroads that use barges to get cargo onto Manhattan Island. Goldberg flew Here sunday at the Behest of Kennedy and announced a settlement 14 hours later. Today after a record cold week-1 inc Issue unsettled end extending into the deep Claude Simmons and John j. South. Gaherin chief negotiators for no immediate general break in the tug unions and the railroads the frigid weather was indicated respectively both termed the but some warmer weather a settlement but East Shivers in cold spell Dixie Chilly by associated press Winter a month old and rugged held an icy grip across much of the Eastern half of the nation geared on the Way for the chilled i Gulf states. I lower temperatures however were indicated in Tennessee the Central Mississippi Valley and parts of the Central great Plains. 70 storm deaths the main Issue in the contract dispute the desire of the railroads to trim approximately 62 men from the tug Crews for the Sake of Economy has been left up to a White House commission studying alleged featherbed the cold weather and last Ding. Supplies build up. With the return of the strikers the nation slowly went about the Salinger said the White House j. Set a two week maximum Sheldon Iowa of Elliott Roosevelt son of would have nothing to say regarding the talks until their conclusion late in the afternoon found stuffed in a trunk in Chicago. The Marine Edward Albrecht business of getting Back to nor 24, was being held in the county a led that there might not be Mal. Jail Here after his Transfer yes an a official comment even then. Both sides claimed a moral ter Day from a Hospital where he a scheduled Kennedy meeting Victory. Socialist strike leaders had been recovering from an and the entire White House staff said they had set the stage for fitted suicide attempt. Was called off. Salinger said with dissolution of parliament and Al Albrecht said he attempted out elaboration tha other Busi reversal of party Power in elec suicide by taking an overdose of Ness prevented it. Between arrest and hearing. In criminal 2. Prohibit trial he court of w Ards of the juvenile court. 3. Prohibit criminal court trial i Sheldon a leading citizens late president was scheduled to j a reeks a Snow storms and blizzards that swept wide areas have been blamed for at least 70 deaths. A the fatalities were attributed to exposure Snow shovelling exer sleeping pills because a i was worried about my the body of Albrechta Stop priority the president arranged to wife i have lunch in the White House Bank cashier and the president j sea 10 biochemical employees upon traffic accidents on icy roads today in a meeting open to towns and fires seven children and of its biggest Industry were in Ann also 24, w As found Friday living quarters w Ith mrs. Ken-1 court proceedings but requiring tons this Spring. Back to Normal the government said it won by maintaining order and pushing through the controversial a aus a inside a trunk at a Chicago rail Nedy. A record of hearings As basis for Verity Bill to pay for loss of the Way station. She had been miss a resumption of the National Appeal. Congo. I ing from san Diego since dec. 19. Security talks was scheduled for communications transportation police said the trunk containing 2 30 . And Public services were operate the body had been shipped dec. The double conference the Only ing normally in most of the coun 20 from i it of Angeles to a non announced business on his Agenda Ifo minors Aruj their parents at people. Roosevelt is economic 133-year-old Man perished in a fire the same jail today accused of adviser t0 the firn which mixes a a a a Home in Pasadena md., this of any juvenile a a it Misdemeanour. 4. Require courts to separate juvenile wards into three cat ego cat Nadav ast april h Hall been operating l ies dependent or neglected. Of Uene Kistner jr., 3. Saturday # Hasi wayward or lawbreaker. Night at his Home. He was taken seven Days a we Etc 5. Retaining and expanding Thel to Woodbury county jail in Sioux Roann of a or to confidential nature of juvenile 1 reason for me charged with a participating in a $million Bank j and Sells animal feeds. I embezzlement. J tile company closed its Plant Federal agents arrested Harold i sunday for the first time since rating basis shutdown City where Burnice Geiger 58, was Given. Operations began has been held for a week. She again at Midnight with the full try. Left Wing socialist Union Lead existent address in Chicago. J today demonstrated the priority juvenile court hearings including meanwhile an autopsy by Chi Kennedy attaches to seeking an court appointed attorneys for in ers made it Clear they were not Cago authorities failed to reveal easing of East West tension while ent defendants giving up in their Campaign to the cause of mrs. Albrechta a j beefing up the nations defences. 7. Restricting hardships for de prevent the government from death. Continued on next Page col. 4 making the people pay for what Albrecht arrived at the farm they consider was a a a mishandling of the Congo. They said they would resort to other forms of action a including Wildcat strikes to prevent the austerity tax measures from going into effect. Home of his Mother mrs. Wilma Robby near Here. He left his daughter Mary Ellen 2, in his mothers care. Detective sgt. Cody Isbell of the san Diego police said he will Contact the District attorney in the lower House of parliament that City to determine what Steps already has passed the austerity Bill and the Senate is expected to approve it in mid february. To take to secure the murder complaint and arrange for Albrechta a return to California. 7 dead Many injured in fire aboard big Carrier Athens Greece up it a the . Few details were available in aircraft Carrier Saratoga put into mediately nearby Pha Leron Bay today with seven dead and a a Many injured after a fire at sea. The fire occurred in the Eastern Mediterranean where the in aircraft Carrier we As on patrol with the . 6th Fleet. Reader Index pm of Ber. Comics ------------26 3 county ------------14 2 editorial ___________22 3 features ___________23 3 Horoscope----------29 4 local section_______17 3 markets ___________27 4 Oil 24 3 Pip Fuls ________17 3 sports _____________20 3 theaters___________15 2 to. 15 2 women a 9 2 . Moves to protect Whites against reprisals has admitted the embezzlement i that closed the Bank police said. Right of counsel j hrs Gejger was assistant Cash 6. Providing the right of counsel j Ier and a member of the Board of the Sheldon National Bank. Kistner charged with aiding and abetting mrs. Geiger in draining sizable sums from the Bank was the former president of the Northern biochemical corp. Mrs. Geiger the principal stockholder in biochemical pendent or neglected children to a maximum of one year without a re hearing. Shift returning to duty. Husband visits mrs. Geiger was visited sunday by her husband. Wallace a Sheldon merchant for the first morning. It was below Zero again this morning in most sections in the Northern tier of states from the Eastern Dakotas through the great lakes Region into new England. The Mercury dropped to More than 20 degrees below Zero in Northern Minnesota after a Bone tingling34 in Bemidji the nations so called a a icebox sunday morning. Freezing Dixie but in Norfolk in Western con 8. Requiring specific approval i owned More than a third of the of a judge for each detention and j firms shares for annual inspection of detention a Quot a time since she was jailed last1 next Cut thermometers plunged monday. He announced two t0 below four degrees shy of Sioux City attorneys had been j recor<1 Reading of _37 in 1943. Employed to represent her. A 56-year-old record was broken authorities said Kistner was William g. Chase director of labor relations for the closed new York Central Railroad said the turning Point in the negotiations came when the principle that the railroads a should be Able to operate efficiently and economically was recognized by the unions. President Paul Hall of the seafarers Union one of three unions involved in the strike praised Goldberg for his professionalism and said there was no question that the strike w Sulci have dragged on a if he had t entered the the Central began to get its interstate operations started again this morning by scheduling a run from Boston to Albany . Other commuter and Long distance trains will be put into operation As soon As Snow removal switch continued on next Page col. 8 . Navy officers in Naples Italy said the Fira was believed to have occurred this morning. Reports received Here did not make Clear the cause of the fire or where it occurred. The . Embassy Here promised a statement later. The american naval attache said he was awaiting a report from the Saratoga. Facilities. 9. Setting up a police citation system to allow juveniles to go i to court on their own without physical arrest As in the Case Leopold Ville the Congo of adult traffic tickets. Up a the United nations to. Allowing juvenile courts to command sought today to protect handle traffic tickets involving europeans from reprisals by sup minors. Porters of deposed Premier Patrice Lumumba in Oriental province. Rajeshwar Dayal special rep-1 resent Tive of Secretary general i Dag Hammarskjold ordered the ethiopian contingent in Stanleyville capital of Oriental and a Lumumba stronghold to give j p rec Protection to any europeans who asked for it. A dozen Whites were reported in Stanleyville jails and too others were trying to get flights out of the City. Chief executed the present strongman in Stanleyville is Antoine Eizenga former vice Premier under Lumumba. Dayal sent a message telling flashes upholds censorship Washington up a the supreme court in a significant free speech Case refused today to strike Down All state and City movie censorship Powers. Accused of helping mrs. Geiger Drain Large sums of Money from the Bank. They said he wrote checks without having the Money Ion Deposit and mrs. Geiger apparently accepted the checks but did not charge the amounts to Northern biochemical a a accounts. Kistner was fired As president More than 40 perish in fires throughout nation by associated press fires that struck in various Lent in the Williamsburg Sec parts of the nation Over the i Tion of Brooklyn weekend took the lives of More j the victims were Anna Fanch-40 persons including at or 36, and Charles 4 Howard least 17 children. 9 Josephine 7 Nancy 3 Flor in Pasadena md., flames ence. 2, and Helen i. Broke out in a Frame House Early police theorized that Charles today and seven Young children might have started the Blaze in and an adult caring for them playing with matches. He was were killed. Spanked a month ago by his the dead were Donald l. I father for playing with them. In Windsor locks conn., near Hartford with a Mark of26. In contrast to the East a and South a frigid readings Anchorage Alaska reported 32 above while Juneau had 18 and Fairbanks 17. The Mercury zoomed to 73 at Salinas calif., sunday. Nine Navy men die in crash a a it the Saratoga which will be 4him not to to d Whites in the Green 9 months his Sisters and j the explosion of an Oil stove years old in april normally car province against their will. Brothers Maryland 2 Winifred i was blamed for a fire saturday Ries about 3,Soo officers and men she is one of the Navy a Forre Stal class the worlds largest aircraft carriers. Chief in Leopold Ville had been the vessel is 1,046 feet Long executed in reprisal for a beating with an angled flight deck and a Lumumba suffered at the hands Width of 252 feet. With a full Load she weighs 76,000 tons. The a a Toga was launched oct. 8 1955, and completed april 14, 1956. The i Cost is listed by Jane a lighting ships authoritative naval refer Jence work As $182 million. Stanleyville radio said in a 3 Yvette 4 Joe Ling 5 Aaron that killed two persons in Marl broadcast saturday night that 6 a Cousin Regina Wright to Boro . Judy Boykin whined Gilbert Pongo former Security an it an Uncle Bernard Green 33. 19. And her sister Anna p. Boy parents of the Green children Kin 14, died in the Blaze that j were visiting neighbors when the j destroyed their two Story House Blaze broke out shortly after mid j another fire in new \ Ork was of his captors during the flight night in the Community Halfway believed to have killed Adda from Leopold Ville to Elisabeth Between Annapolis and bal to Wright 72, a hotel clerk when i More. Flames wrecked the Headquarters in new York Early sunday a of the famed Chautauqua ins Titu Mother and six of her nine Chil Tion in Chautauqua. Swept in Clermont. Fla., four Chil apart continued on next Page col. I Ville last week. Lumumba was flown to a new jail in Katanga province last week where there was Lessl Dren died when a fire continued on next Page col. 6 through their tenement unseasonable cold nipped the South with freezing weather Honolulu up a a Navy of the company by the Board of reach a into Northern Florida radar plane with 22 men aboard directors last Friday after num Blairsville in Northern Georgia i a red off the runway on Midway Erous criticisms by Roosevelt of was the coldest spot in the South Island sunday and smashed into the firms financial system and with a Reading of eight below a ground Crew truck touching after it was revealed that Kistner sunday three inches of Snow off a fire which consumed the had been convicted of the illegal covers the ground. Atlanta Sio plane. Sale of securities in Nebraska above was a record for Jan 22. Be men including three of several years ago. I continued on next Page col. 2 a Quot men on f in lire truck were killed or missing the Navy j said. Sixteen of the men aboard the plane escaped unhurt or with minor injuries. A preliminary investigation showed that the 70-ton four engine Constellation apparently landed Short of the runway and sheared off a Landing gear which struck two engines on the left Wing. Hit runway the Wing was sheared off As it hit the runway causing the plane to veer to the left. One thousand feet Down the runway it smashed into the fire truck we hich was in a routine position for an aircraft Landing. The by said the huge radar plane flipped onto its Back and burst into flames. The plane was returning from an 11-hour flight along the Pacific air defense Barrier Between Midway and the Aleutian islands. Presume dead the Navy today issued the following list of crewmen missing and presumed dead Robert j. Baxter 21. Aviation continued on next Page col. 5 map wire photo jailed in Bank embezzlement Harold Kistner jr., 35, and mrs. Burnice Geiger 58, two leading citizens of Sheldon Iowa Are in the same jail today accused of participating in a 52 million Bank embezzlement. $

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