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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Bakersfield, California . Jets rout Russ planes Over Japan the Wrath temperature High Vea Terdy it 6 la today. M per ted High today us \ per fed Iyow tomorrow. A a 37 rainfall a Hon Normal j.3 total for Neman _____3.4 last \ ear at thit hate. 4.71 Farer a at i Lear with but Little than. In temperature today tonight and tuesday. Vol. 46 7 cents per copy Kern ruin i it not Trull production Lubbia Arrion Turp i i teat Ort pot a Roe a a Ltd apr. _ Popi 1.ation fire Attr Bakersfield. Rent county. I mire Courtesy of the Kern county Board of Trade i uttered Iii at Baher lipid. A Alifornia. A Leeond Cia matter under the aet of Contr March 3. I ult prod act Ion. Issi. 701 .335.000 93.405.61 a 24.773.337 117.043.171 55,010.799 ii,177.191 iu.uia.93 i 1.739 7ta.�o four sections Bakersfield California monday february 16, 1953 monthly delivered 32 pages no. 170 Sonne Price jets Chase intruders to Buriles one red fighter Craft damaged in Brief Battle Tokyo to two . Warplanes challenged two russian Type fighters Over Northern Japan today damaged one in a Brief skirmish and chased both intruders to the soviet held Kurile islands the far East air forces sail. It was the first time soviet pin no lint speared Over Northern Japan since the government with Strong t a. Backing on Jan. 1.�?~ warned her mighty neighbor to a he North against we wow Uther 1 sized flights. The air Force identified the planes As la i is a russian built prop driven single seat fighter in tie 400-mile-per-hour has. The american plane were f84 Thun j Der jets. Told to i a lid the air Force announcement a said the Thunder jets intercepted the Falls near Demuro on the. E astern tip of Northern hokkaido i this morning. They signalled the intruders to land. One Thunder Jet opened fire when the order was ignored. One of the Falls was hit in tin fuselage and wings. Ruth planes fled toward the Buriles. The Thunder Jet broke off the these a to avoid violation of rus increase set at 2.1 cents Standard Oil co., independents announce boost in motor fuel Cost b i l l e t i n los Angeles a gasoline prices Iii Southern California zoomed upward with a High octane leap to Lay As i Ilion Oil co. Announced a boost of 2.9 cents. Kern county motorists began digging in their pockets for 2.1 cents a gallon More for gasoline today at Standard and Chevron service stations. The Price boost followed a 1.5 general increase Pill into effect Friday morning by Independent dealers throughout tile of Midnight last night Quot Toi i i Standard service stations in j is 1 boosted regular gasoline. From 25.9 cents per gallon to j approval Washington ice the House ways Ami Means commit result of skid and somersault California Highway patrolmen found 170 feet of skid Marks leading to an overturned convertible on . 99, a mile North of Mirage station. The Lote Model car was southbound saturday night when its Driver 16-year-old Manuel Hangca of Upland lost con a photo by Jack Baldwin. Trot. Shown being treated for his injuries is Freddie Hangca 19-year-old brother of the Driver. Two other youths escaped injury when the vehicle skidded and rolled Over into a ditch. The Driver told officers he lost control of the vehicle. Story on Page 17.7 Rosenbergs death set for March new York it a it a execution of ainu held the air Force atomic spies Julius and Ethel to j a Aid. Enberg today was set for the week it is Only 41, Miles from Demuro of March a. To the nearest russian held Island i Federal judge Irving r. Kauf a Man scheduled tile new execution Date for the husband Ami wife. I whose Appeal to the president for clemency has been rejected. �?�2i Japan s air Boundary i ouly continued on Page 2 nominations sent Senate Washington we i a resilient t1"�?~v Liaf Hwn in sin is Quot a pros found Quot klan. It i on death House Ever since. The coast guard today nominated Lloyd w l. I. S. Marshal William Carroll fourth raft was recovered a. Washburn it California for i a a Saki the Date of the electrocution counting for All of the rafts and undersecretary of tailor. ,._. ,. Univ lie March 12. And the hour apparently ending any Hope for he also sent the Senate noun i. A a. La no. I survivors. The raft bad never nations of % j. Appeal rejected hated. Last Hope tor 46 in cult step taken crash ends raft found a Reed did be j agreements dc6 plunges into Gulf during storm new Orleans up a a fourth the couple was convicted nearly life raft from the National air two years ago of conspiring to lines dog plane that plunged into Tran Mit atomic information to the storm tossed Gulf of mex Rossia during world War la. Leo with 46 persons aboard was said the a near safety the coast guard said even if Glare Booth Luce to be ambassador to Italy. She is the wife of Rosenberg a and his wife 36. Henry Luce editor of time. Life originally had been scheduled to a of Fortune die in the electric chair there survivors had managed to get c. Douglas Dillon investment u. On the rafts that the rough Waters hanker to be ambassador to the judge postponed the exec probably would have washed them France. Continue on Page 2 j outboard. The ill fated four engined plane flying in 100-mile per hour wind was in route from Tampa fla., to new Orleans when it crashed saturday afternoon less i than five minutes from possible safety. Many persons prominent in Washington ims a sen. Hoi a but to is Miles off Texas and the business and society were aboard land a Fla predicted today that West coast of Florida. The big Airliner. The supreme court rulings Billy Lavendar. Photographer affect California. Texas and for the Mobile press Register. Said Florida senator opens debate on tideland Bill Congress will approve and president Eisenhower will sign a bin if they Are allowed to after a flight to the scene that giving the states title to the Oil a stand Holland said the result the plane went Down about 12 Rich off Shore j could be nationalization. This Miles Short of it. Morgan site of appearing before the Senate in View he said. Has been expressed a Small Airfield terror committee. Holland for various Groin including the a ifs possible that the Pilot of Mally opened the Battle Over the National association of attorneys the Airliner was attempting to tidelands Issue in the 83rd con general. Make it there or somewhere along a a a a this coast for an emergency land run Flor i to spy be said wits less than Seoul Korea Cev it. Gen. Text butt of lilt a. Five minutes flying time from the Maxwell d. Taylor new eighth re see. J spot where the plane crashed. 1 army commander a Aiche would huge losses in raid feared Washington in a the Federal civil defense administration said today Russia could Send 400 planes against any spot in the . And drop numbers of atom bombs capable of inflicting 110,000 casualties with each blast. Such an initial attack the Agency said would come practically without warning probably during working hours and would be aimed primarily at crowded Industrial areas. The civil defense Agency s annual report was sent to president Eisenhower and Congress by acting administrator James j. Wadsworth. Wadsworth s report said a these initial civil defense attack assumptions Are neither a dramatic Over statement of the problem or a Retreat from the reality of growing soviet capabilities a we Are making Progress in civil defense but Are losing ground in the face of the growing threat to our National Security. Make no mistake about it americans civil defense is not developing fast enough to meet the threat that now faces the report quoted the air Force As saying 70 per cent of an enemy bombing Mission we Ould get through americans defense. Washington up a sen. Taft r o said today president Eisenhower wants to make a Cabinet rank government department out of i he Federal Security adminis-1 Gina fuel Quot a Gln ctn is a traction and has set machinery in motion to create Sinh a depart 28 cents. Ethyl was raised from 28.1 cents to 30.5 independents raise. Too j some Independent stations today Are Selling Ethyl at 31 cents and 28&Quot for regular. Tile Standard Oil company in use overrode president Eisen Bow i announcing it Price Rise said it Eros go slow request and voted 21 will cover Tike Pacific coast states f 4 today to Cut individual in Hawaii and Alaska. I come taxes on july i. When Independent dealers first legislation was approved by announced their Price boosts Sajtl e committee despite Eisenhowe of thursday Midnight they Pointer s statement to Congress two de out it was the first hike for weeks ago that a until we can be Dehler benefits since december of Ermine the extent to which �\-194s when Gas went up i cent in a Ndu tires can he reduced it this area. Would not be we ise to red Nee our a spokesman for the California gasoline retailers association i speaker Joseph w. Marlin or. Local unit said the boost at lat s j j tax cutting Hill would not time was a Token raise but we is called tip for action on the i considered necessary to enable a i slight wage increase to service Sta Tiou labor. A six my overdue Quot j explaining that Standard Oil was increasing the Price paid for crude Oil from to to 50 cent a j barrel president t. S. Peterson said the wholesale Price of Mofor a ctr and aviation gasoline would a increased generally 1.6 cents a i gallon heating Oil and diesel fuels 1.8 cents a gallon and heavy re floor until a balanced budget is in sight. Even if the Hill lasses the continued on Page 2 South Korea fights wave of inflation mein. The Senate Republican floor Leader said much of a 40-minute 4 i meeting of congressional leaders with the president was spent discussing the question of repudiate j ing certain a secret agreements�?�1 made by presidents Roosevelt and i Truman. Passage predicted some Progress was made toward j drafting a repudiation Resolution such As Eisenhower has called for i Taft added. Taft said the proposed resold i lion will be introduced in con-1 Gress a within a reasonable a i would think it would go through a Taft said. Taft and House speaker Martin to Mas met with newsmen in the office of White House press Secretary James c. Hagerty in a mediately after they and other Gap leaders had held their regu-1 Jar monday morning strategy con-1 Ference with the president. Heretofore congressional leaders have been reluctant to talk about the sessions. South Korea today As the govern flashes dynamite explodes Brownfield Tex. Up a two Hundred pounds of dynamite exploded in a burning City warehouse at nearby Plains shortly before noon today. Fifteen persons were reported injured. Seoul Korea Finan in addition to these increases in Cia i and economic it analysis Grippy a cd wholesale prices retail posted continued on Page 2 me it prepared to Ujiie new currency in a move to Stem inflation. Eighty per cent of Seoul a merchants dosed their shops and prices skyrocketed 400 per cent Ion some items. Police began foundling up food merchant to font til pm to reopen. In Pusan police patrolled the streets with rifles. Most of the j residents stood around on Street i Corners or sat in Tea shops discus. Ing the currency measure. Two thirds of Pusan buses were Idle. Work in government came to a standstill. Adonis guilty new York up a big time Gambler Joe Adonis was found guilty of contempt of Congress i office today and sentenced to three months in a Tel by Federal judge John f. X. Mcgohey. President syn Man Rliebe called his Cabinet into emergency is Siori to Deal with the crisis. Vitol red War Center blasted 3 jets downed department continued on Page 2 Seoul Korea u. Etc More than heels of two other big . Ai Cia i . Fighter the vital Sueiho Center into a a sea of flame and Reservoir along the vain River smoke Quot today while american and last night i. S. Super fort Taft said a Resolution setting up United nations fighter bomb j blows yesterday a new department to take Over or blasted a vital communist War i bombers struck the Gress. The House judiciary committee begins hearings tuesday. Holland co sponsor with 391 senators of legislation to give the states control of submerged lands a asked Congress to nullify supreme court decisions which held that the Federal government Bas a Paramount i before he left off let. Former pre ident Truman twice vetoed Tate ownership Bills and then transferred the tidelands to the Navy As Oil Reserve. At it take is the control of a 3.0u0-Miie-Long coastal strip generally j three Miles wide a distance a could shoot in colonial Days i comics______________22 3 county Section-------14 2 Jim Day s Pip Fuls 17 3 local Section------j-17 3 Oil _________________19 3 people and parties 19 2 radio _________________20 3 to _20 3 sports --------------25 4 Heaters ____________21 3 women s section____9 2 it to a dec it Diho Ai Welcome Chian Kai Eek. Chin at Miami. Flam nationals vice president in charge of operations. National troops in Korea Cap. E. J. Kershaw said the a with open arms Quot in the United dog in saturdays crash May have nations Battle against ctn in met a Tornado ism. Kershaw noted that a Apt. E. A. Taylor said yesterday at i Springer Pilot of the dog. Met first press conference since taking turbulent weather conditions a bout Over his new command that he the Tikie of his last report cans would Welcome the help of any ing him to defend from 14.000 member of the a even on a feet to 4.500 feet. Token the plane came Down in water j a did Lite to have the help of can Pond m Page i i hour friends a be said. Taylor wants up a c a a a a death trap friends help for boy 9 Lancaster in a in a gravel pit eight youngsters dug a Tunnel big enough for a boy to crawl into. Victor Anderson 9, did yesterday. The Tunnel roof collapsed. Some of the children frantically j Sabre jets screening the attack pounded a Largo target Only eight shot Down or damaged la enemy Miles from Pyongyang. Mjg15s. One of the Marine Pilot for Jet fighter bom be r from four Mer Boston ret sox player a Apt. Air Force wings and two Marine ted Williams flew his flaming Washington up it a a defense air kro11 warmed Over the sure Panther Jet Back to an air base ply and troop area at k Pond to and crash landed it without injury department request for $1,200.000,-,2q no Jeg Southwest of the North to himself. Too in new funds for the current j korean capital of Pyongyang and some ground action year was rejected in full today by destroyed 96 buildings with bombs. Jtj James Jahara of Wichita defense fund request lost the House appropriations committee. The committee said the depart rockets and napalm. Kau., american first Jet a Ltd f8g Sabre jets intercepted com said he damaged one Mig near Monist mig15 Jet shot Down r in Sambo revery Cir. It Wahi for a tried to ii him out. Others re intent should use available funds to the 1&Quot 0, Al it another firs Ore Ainee ret,.min and damaged seven. Second met or of Duff in Korea. For help. I father. Rancher Rex an Derson of it. I. Box 59. Lancaster. Got him out of the Sand and rushed him to a Hospital. An hours work with an inhale a tor was in vain. The boy wats i dead. Finance the program for which ithe new Money had been requested. Flame on the ground South korean most of the new in one v sought an air Force announcement infantrymen attacked two it com was for army. Navy and air said the Kyo Huipo strike was Quot Cue Monist to it iou Southwest of Kun Force military pay. Increases were of the largest in recent weeks song on the Eastern f front Early voted by Congress since the last and a turned the arca into a sea today. They forced the re to defense department budget was of flames and withdraw then wrecked trenches approved. Today attack warn Catbe Ami fortifications

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