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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Bakersfield, California Quot a a Wreathm it a Tori Arsi uns Ltd 1 44 v a a 17 Mirise i 5 i Tunini ,. Rainfall Al a or slur a a Normal my Kent rive f-i5ev"r a Quot a a partly 428 cfs5 out 456 cos a a in and 0r Ify a earing this for and tonight j. Coo for today winds 8 to it ver to Fonda Northwest to 15 Miles per hour. Vol. 79 of cents per copy $2.00 monthly delivered Bakersfield California monday dec. 13 j 965 42 pages four sections no. 115 Kern production a culture _ Al fessed \ Alue. A Bank deposits a $356,156,000 building permits Petroleum population a telephones $50,810,955 260.170,164 329.400 147.929 say Kern county Board of Trade figures it second class postage paid at Bakersfield. Calif. Published daily except sunday by the Bakersfield californian at 1707 Eye St. Send form 3579 change of address to . Bio 440. Bakersfield. Calif. I i court s action upholds by school prayer ban voluntary prayer ban gemini 6 capsule atop a Titan la rocket stands amid Black and White smoke on the launch pod at Cape Kennedy fla., As it failed to be blasted into space in the planned rendezvous with gemini 7. Engines of the rocket were turned off when a plug apparently was pulled Loose from its connection and astronauts Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford came Down from their spacecraft. Another try in the launching of gemini 6 will be Mode thursday with Hopes it could be moved up to wednesday. A in Phok let stand by education department holds silent worship permissible gemini 7 sets records rendezvous delayed who Washington ufos the supreme court refused today to interfere with a new York decision which barred a group of Public school children from voluntarily praying in their classroom. The action Cann when the High Federal court de Nied a hearing to a group of Queens parents sought a court order permitting their children to voluntarily to god each Dawn ii wik the first ase to reach the court involving bodies of 23 labourers slain by Viet Cong terrorists at ton Huong South Viet Nom soothe question of voluntary student prayers which have Dav orc viewed by fellow villagers. The workers were sleeping in a Pagoda building when ii t a Commine Jure it us a my i twit Viet Cong attacked. Seven other labourers were injured in the Attock and several Den p., i it a tim Ltd ii Ivers or Bible Reading. Othes escaped unhurt. Dead included women Ond children. Map wire photo i Pray t ii to he t Spack Center. Houston Cpd Frank Borman and James Lovell ii on toward new space milestones today while the gemini to astronauts a bitter i i of disappointment and shot for another rendezvous Effort on Wedi Schirra tile Cairn and collected command Pilot and Rookie i Homas Stafford or Crews at Cape Kennedy again were engaged in a headlong Effort to get tin of. Tip Back in shape Foi a launch that hopefully could lie brought off wednes the gemini 7 Crew Given a lion in gemini it Lowed then Lav. Walter a it i it did n voluntary re it Al big Battle ahead w ally we mingle jinxed ate faculties whenever a it Erio it i spa Assn them and sundae we re rive spaceflight Ernat ional silence on Birchim gop leaders rap radicals lint it did leave standing a lower court opinion that said there a nothing in the Constitution compelling a state to allow individuals to engage in Public prayer in they wished. In other actions today tile supreme court a rejected a Louisiana request to initiate rights Law net Ore to i a noting Brid order noted that y South Carolina begin ate at that titties. We id its separate Chalie supreme court. And in a filed state May partied leathernecks search for main red Force a Asua Hies on tile fir government to Divide up it lated pending settlement Oil lands. Louisiana will Utie re i Anc mini Aston Hai t his Des year. Earlier America hours in .707 hours i Tus sians on to wid minute. And a gemini 7 total Oil individual hum in gemini Mav i a-1 to Washington i Pill can leaders approved a it Xiv advising part e Borman and Lovell the american endur re of 190 hours 56 set by gemini 5 Gordon Cooper and on Rad aug. 21-29 of Tion Lier. In the Day. They gave any a total of 1.000 Man Jan space a compared to. To minutes for the to Date a and soared in the margin by the Republican coordinating committee acted swiftly to endorse the stand of gof National win match i Ooster Ltd chairman Ray 7 Bliss. Ital time for an \ spokesman said Ute rum a it Mittee unanimously adopted a by Walt Elk r. Mears u mine Ymeri it Ion a i me into reject membership a in Radical or extremist at Ion. The measure did not name John Birch society. Public any which seeks to i Olu the Basic principles it can Freedom and con Senate Republican Leader eve or Erett Ai. Dirksen of lllinoi.-. Pro i a Ose it i the Resolution. Dirksen said he acted for himself and House Gap Leader Gerald in Ford of Michigan a turned a1 trial or ii ted while tas to it a i Lei ii it i ii i i Elt egos of drug Al Octivene or and Lola in Biogen in ire y that his fed regi lations lie liven a clinical Mure v c. R food and Dru lie endorsed be treating cancel tearing to new Jersey racketeer Sam pealed i 19til conviction on narcotics charges. Tied Down a request tor a hearing by Chicago gambling Sam Giancana who was jailed lot refusing to answer Ai Gox Iti thousands Flea a i. S. Marines in the sixth troops of a search for a strategic air communist regiment believed bombers again napped in Jungle mountains the mountains. It Miles North of Saigon today reached what appeared to lie the base Camp used by the Over Merit machine gunned where the work command b52 women and today attacked asleep. The known to have was blocked i Pagoda including children were nearby Highway by a line of stunk v Acca i ii the Illust dolls the do Hildren ilm ight \ asked by a ted Era i grand jury. Men it Parent. Demanded that school authorities give their. Iteen warned an Opi it or Unity to express their love and at Lection Toj commander tilt Good each Day through a prayer in their respective War to Date Lite controversy arose after principal Elihu Oshinsky of Public gov. Robert e. Smylie of Ida school la i in Whitestone forbade recitation of two prayers by to j in. To Ixia. Match Coopers time for an Tai a the total Ltd minutes he lolled up i Resolution declaring that re pub 5 and in Mercury 7 Beans should reject member 1963. Ship a in any Salt As their Reward for setting organization. Oiler t a american endur which attempt see gemini Page 4 bean part to to who had earlier called Lor a Kimle cml e Thev ate Mil �?�a1 or extremist including a n y o use the Republic own ends or specific denunciation o f the i ing an i Alt Erin Oon. Birch society set con i de the one prayer \ Vas Sjirk it a ii Resolution. A god i it great. It of i i it l 70 1 silly lie reportedly decided not no we think him for our food to pres Quot for action i it to a resold amen Tion naming the by Reb society i lie other a i i it because in doubted tiler e were a it Hank yes ii tor i no w of a Al so Quot in enough votes to adopt it. T Hank you for the food we eat the question of what a if any thank von tor the i ii t that Quot ii things to do about the Birch thank you to i tor eve t v thing. Thirteen perish ejected customer blamed for Blaze soviet \ Ila i been considered a top problem for the Gap leaders. It they done to formally repudiate the conservative outfit one party chieftain said they will be accused of equivocation. The showdown comes at a session of the 28-member Republican coordinating committee. Created to draft party policy. Barry Coldwater a key Man he parents former a group Call see court Page i caves and tunnels big enough to Corpse conceal heavy trucks and Large numbers of troops. The sunday b52 strike marked the second time the fleeing red Quot. T ii it found univ the area struck by the Guam based bombers have abandoned equipment. B.�2s today was Southwest of Given direct support to a the leathernecks and a cum the target area plastered ground operation. The first11sundav with a it and lock came during the Chu Pong a living government troops had111 us Imp no ,. Pound bombs which probably Mountain Campaign almost a it a 1 a a Al no caught the \ Iet Cong by month ago. Heaviest lighting of major fight Surprise. The b52s Fly so High the ing a was yet to come and i they cannot be heard until their today s events seemed to Bear i him is whistle toward Earth out the prediction. I rooms it Tho i a. 173rd airborne brigade today accept the marines moved Over the of the surrender of 22 n Iet top of a Mountain rid Gene and r ung in the communist zone Down into a Small Highland d stronghold about tit Miles area known As the Phuoc i East Northeast of Saigon. It was Valley. Thev found what believed to be the largest single appeared to lie a onetime a tour to suite Tidei in Masse to communist Field Hospital and i a. Troop it in \ Iet Nam. Abandoned weapons and equip i be marines and government ment troops participating in an the area is 20 Miles South of operation dubbed a Harvest the Danang Marine airbase in Moon so far counted 122 \ Iet the Vicinity of the Battleground,011�?� bodies i int hundreds of prayer rights for american where Tho now trapped Viet other communists were be before a Congreve Cong Force last week inflicted Bevel killed and hurriedly buried by their comrades. In raising the discount rate against president Johnson Slid cookies in morn hearing opens on rates Washington Chi a the seven members of the Federal Reserve Board were called before a congressional committee today to defend their action British author s life ebbs doctor gives him 24 hours me. Place a Chicago apr �?�1 just lot mad. They have thrown me this was the explanation of Robert Lee Lassiter As head i tied using a borrowed match to touch off a lire saturday Reader Index Page Sec. Classified a ______37 4 comics 36 4 editorial ______18 2 features 19 2 local Section ______13 2 markets ______41 4 Oil 41 4 Pip Fuls a 13 2 radio to i Heaters la i sports 33 4 to to i women s 21 3 killed British Day that his condition a 3 person tavern. Of murder. Lassiter a labourer for an Elee-1 water in the Ovtia How 1 ant Hon w. Somerset maugham Iti onary without aggravation. A in a coma in a Hospital to or. Rosanoff told newsmen and his doctor gave less than 24 hours to live. The 91-year-old writer Sui feed a stroke saturday at his est Seaside Villa at Cap ferrat. He Alan f. Pearlt handle the Birch society ques Tion. Will not be on hand. Hist Lassiter 2ti, of Chicago was wife is hospitalized in Phoenix. In. Charged sunday with 13 counts after undergoing surgery \ spokesman Aid Gold-1 position on society will be i rep. John j. Rhodes the birth sen ted by a Ariz. Him a the fact that we have no change since yesterday eve Sut lung does not permit tit the door of the Seeley club on West Madison Street then Bor rowed a match to ignite it. The incident that touched off the fire. Lassiter said was Ani argument with Eddie Gaston 38, j a waiter at the club. Witnesses iter had been flourish switchblade knife to it he basis for Iii t i Inman i his first to years a noted were hard but Iii 1907 his Idy Frederick was a Light and thereafter he turned successful plays novels maugham s Short stories that made him a to it j lieu vet. A us in fighting elsewhere at least 288 communists were killed j u1e during the weekend in tile Mekong Delta 75 Miles Southwest of Saigon when government troops surprised a battalion of reds in to Cong masterpiece. Prov Ince. The vietnamese Torii 1912. Ces continued chasing the communists through the a writer. Swamps today. Plav the Viet Cong Mabb vietnamese civilians saturday out plight at the Village of tan an Ujj Huong. 35 Miles South of Saigon in a terrorist Nia Cin Ballas been unconscious Ever Secretary and companion for Fortune in 55 years he wrote 25 Pennsylvania sen. Ii ugh since. His doctor Georges to years said the author had displays 30 novels and 120 Short Kyj we plat00ns of Viet Cong Scott once a National chairman Sanoff told newsmen sunday erected in a will he made several stories. I a himself has called for commit night that maugham was a in years ago that his body be Ere critic Sand literary scholars tee action on a repudiation he the throes of mated and the ashes sent to generally did not consider him a promised to the party a 1964 a England to by placed in Canter great writer but a huge Public it tonal convention. It was Over Rosanoff reported the old Burn Cathedral. Thought him one of the worlds enl Dohs saw Lisa a William Mcchesney Martin jr., chairman of the was to be the Lead off witness at the Public hearing of the joint House Senate economic committee headed by rep. Wright Pat Man a Tex. For Pat Man. An old foe of Martin and the fed the acred 2>. Board s action last week in boosting its discount rate the irate member Banks have to pay to borrow Money from the Federal reserved from 4 to 4.5 Lier cent shows a what s wrong . With the Federal Reserve system. Or. Martin in i Vav Hellingly Gate Best storytellers. His work was characterized by extreme clarity Economy of expression and Strong plot lines. Cd x 22 in recent years his hearing rejected by Dele Many a temperature had risen said Las iter had been Toloui ish Gates Usk chose Coldwater to and pulmonary congestion had maugham a Only child. Lady ing a Large switchblade knife tie a up presidential Nomi-1 set in. John Hope was not at his bed and Gaston told him to put it Nee a Medicine is henceforth pow Iside and it was doubted that she away. J key words in the Scott legless to save or. come to Nice. Maugham postal i he said. A the has entered the i tried to disown her several the two men grappled after death agony. It is a hopeless years ago and adopt Searle but i had failed cataracts dimmed 2 arguing and Lassiter was a we repudiate the efforts of condition and we do not think it a French court refused to per his sight and he looked Forward a it forced to leave. Irresponsible extremist groups can last now More than 24 Mit it. J to death. I a will be b k and they re go six Tias the communists the kit hours. The brain is no longer Mau Glia in a1 on d a medi i on maugham s 90th birthday Ujj Hill Long witnesses quoted flux Elan the John Bitch so-1 irrigated supplied with blood Cal career at the end of the last Searle told a reporter a when l q i others to discredit but the heart is still three maugham w to Lassiter As saying As he left. Sci Etc an Gaston was among the seven Lour party by their efforts to i men and six women killed in filtrate positions of Resev onside Blaze. See Gopy Page 4 holding Century and became a writer i say Good night to him every j after interning at a Hospital in evening at 8 30 he replies. Pray j oct of Quot attending London a Lambeth District. His that i done to Wake up in the said in a bulletin to life As a medical student formed a a ing Days till Chris read Ohr ads Ujj the 72-year-old Texas demo i i Erat said the hearings were i called a to find out who is in i charge in this country the o president who is elected by the a Riepple or the Federal Reserve a Board none of whose members cd j q an outspoken believer in Low in interest rates Patman believes a the boards action could provide Jug him with the Victory he a been 15seeking for 31 years to strip % the fed of its Independent status and make it More responsive both to Congress and the White House. L i

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