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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Bakersfield, California The weather High yesterday ._.103 Low today 79 expected High today. 105 expected Low tomorrow 76 expected High tomorrow 102 Sunset 7 47 . Sunrise 6 14 . Rainfall season total Trace season Normal 0 last year 0 Isabella Ham Reservoir 478.688 acre feet Kern River flow in 1,430 cos out 4,100 High cloudiness Little change in temperature or humidity possible late afternoon thunderstorms in mountains. Vol 81 to cents per copy $2.00 monthly delivered Bakersfield California monday aug. 14,1967 four sections 36 pages no. 12 Kern production agriculture $301,712,260 assessed value $1,040,175,350 Bank deposits $415,249,000 building permits $47,863,951 Petroleum $266,272,000 population 346,600 telephones 170,772 Kern county Board of Trade figures second class postage paid in Bakersfield California. Published daily except sunday by the Bakersfield californian at 1707 Eye Street. Send form 3579 change of address to . Box 400, Bakersfield hit new targets Bridge bombed in North Viet Saigon up a for the second consecutive Days . Bombers today struck in North Vietnam within sight of communist China i and hit a vital Bridge less than to Miles from the Frontier american spokesmen said. Never before had . Warplanes struck within 30 Miles of communist China. Only a few seconds flying time from red China the jets smashed the Lang son Railroad Bridge crumpling the Southern Span of the 360-foot four Span Structure they said. On sunday american dive bombers smashed another Lang son key Bridge three fifths of a mile away. . Ski Okessen reported no american planes downed in hitting the Bridges of Lang son. Fifty five of the rail cars smashed today were caught at the Lang Dang siding 27 Miles from the North Vietnam communist chinese Frontier. American officials Here said the raids close to communist China were not an Quot expansion i of the air War. Washington apr . Fended off questions on the shift Thieu s running mate for vice the strikes within a record to bombing within to Miles of red in tactics. President. Miles of the forbidden Frontier China detonated Sharp new Crit a but Vas Learnell Tillat Sten i came immediately after the Aira Nisi subcommittee heard secret a we took a personal message Force told up it had been scism o t e Lemma War it a i testimony last week from . From president Johnson to Tkv striking targets in neighbouring Michelle Koons left of san Diego and Julie Helgeson Center of Albert Lea minn., both 19, were killed by grizzly bears Early sunday in Montana s Glacier National Park. They were killed in separate incidents 35 Miles apart As they slept in sleeping bags. Roy Ducat 18, right of Perrysburg Ohio was seriously injured by the same Bear that killed miss Helgeson. All three were employed at Park hotels and were on Day off outings. Map wire photo Glacier National Park a montagnard youngster wearing his father s hat plays with a canteen of water near a sandbagged Bunker in the montagnard Camp of Dak Seang. Children in the Camp Are accustomed to playing with materials made for War. The Camp is located in the South vietnamese Highlands about five Miles from the laotian Border. Up wire photo critics of War policy take at bombings grizzlies Chew two Young girls to death savagely Maul youth persistent critic of Nistra Ulysses s. G. Sharp Pacific lion War policy and appeared commander that Johnson had Likely to generate More debate agreed to some Extension of i warplanes options to strike what one subcommittee Mem Jer called a lucrative and extremely stupid said strikes sunday against North on Capitol Hill. A i think its very dangerous and Thieu on this subject and said As bluntly As it can be said that if there was any one act on their part which would be calculated to alienate the american people it would be to have a rigged election in South yet Channan j. W. Fulbright vietnamese rail cards to Miles said Clifford. Neutral Laos for the past three years and three months. The Frontier area strikes followed a pattern of american bombers hitting fresh prime targets. Friday . Jets hit the mile Long Paul Doumer Bridge All tourists out of the areas and sent armed Park rangers in with orders to shoot the suspected killer bears. Roy Ducat is Perrysburg Ohio a companion of miss Helgeson was clawed and bitten by the Bear that killed her. He is in a Hospital at nearby Kalispell recovering from surgery. His doctor said the youth by Clyde Jabin Glacier National Park Mont. Up a the grizzly normally belies his ferocious scientific name a Ursus hornbills the horrible Bear. But two of the usually pacifist grizzlies turned killer saturday night in this million. Acre Park of rugged Moun i gains and Beautiful glacial lakes. They savagely chewed and clawed to death two Young girls and mauled a teen aged boy. Authorities today hoped to question four distraught eyewitnesses and the youth who los Angeles apr Sud were seriously burned in the sex escaped with his life to Mer Delv a blinding Flash of Light Losion. A it be Able to disuse today details of the tragedy. In the other killing miss Koons and four of her friends went on an overnight trip. They had just bedded Down in sleeping bags when the killer Bear came sniffing into their Camp. Four of the campers Ray t. Noseck his brother Ron dark. Of the Senate foreign from red China and Friday he added Quot it is my private 1.7 Miles from the Center of mine what happened in toe and a blast that rattled win the we exploded As firemen relations committee. But sen against Hanoi a Doumer Bridge View that they will do All in Hanoi. Came after Johnson lifted tem their Power to make them fair never Ald. Paul Dunn and Denise e. Huckle All employed in summer jobs at the Park jumped from their sleeping bags and climbed Trees. The Koons girl get out of her sleeping bag. Her friends told authorities Michelle seemed to a be trapped. The Zipper looked like it the Bear dragged Ber out of the area and partially devoured her. The four witnesses were so up t they were Given sedation and put to bed who out being questioned further. Pave Cutler Deputy Flathead county Coroner who examined the victims at Kalispell. Said the Helgeson girl died a from of blood and two widely separated Inci Dows Shook a quiet residential finished putting out a fire which Puncel re wounds around her Oil Well explosion injures 8 in la ate preparedness subcommittee chairman John Stennis d-miss., said the broadened bombing of North Vietnam reflects a More pressure philosophy which he supports. The new level of bombing came on the eve of Senate debate on president Johnson a foreign Aid program. Debate opening today already had been expected to bring fresh attacks on Johnson policies in Vietnam and elsewhere in the world. Whether one variety of recent congressional criticism that bombing was too sparing affected Johnson a decision to add new targets could not be determined As the White House before hit Hie Paul and honest elections because i Doumer was judged the most think they understand very important Span in North yet Pora Rily two major target restrictions. Pentagon sources say the and clearly the result that will take ministration will continue those place in this country in the loss restrictions except on certain 1 of support for South Vietnam if key vital missions. The restrict they Are not that de areas Are a 30-mile diameter Clifford said he is sure the valleys of Northern Quang tin Circle around Hanoi penetrated Thieu by government would re a province. In two engagements two or three times previously Linquish Power if an opposition 135 communists and two Ameri and a 15-to-20-mile-wide Buffer see debate Page 2 see War Page 2 zone along the North Vietnam red China Boundary. Dents the first killings by bears in the 57-year histor of the Park. Nam. In South Vietnam. American soldiers today battled communist forces in the deep Jungle Reader Index three Bakersfield Junior wrestlers won National titles in Chicago iii., saturday night and will compete in a world meet in Europe As members of the . Team later this month. For the Story on champions Larry Morgan Ron Shearer and John Miller see sports Page 13. Page Sec. Business and finance 35 4 classified 31 4 comics 30 4 editorial 16 2 features 17 2 local Section la 2 oil_______________35 4 radio 8 i sports 13 2 Heaters 9 i to 8 i vital statistics 34 4 women a 19 3 neighbourhood. Started we Hen drills opened a i i Hon cd i ii was an Earth natural Gas pocket. Quake said one resident after an Atlantic Richfield official an Oil Well explosion sent flames four Wells were pumping the inti Weir two i1 hooting 90 feet into the air ear at f in site it an j Well veal old Hummer employees on 1 sunday morning. Which exploded was the fifth to weekend outings 35 Miles Drixie j was nearing com apart. Jude Helgeson of Al police and firemen evacuated nip inn to said but had not Ben Lea minn., and Michelle the area for blocks around the started flowing Oil Koons of san Diego. Atlantic Richfield co. Drilling a talk superintendent Keith site. Joje Derrick was covered with Nielson immediate ordered six drillers and two firemen Canvas and spun Glass sound Che let. She was covered with claw Marks and bites a Mary of them Cutler said the Koons girl was a partially devoured. She had Large gaping wounds Over All of her House control at stake Fulbright said the bombing near red China Quot is directly contrary to what was the established policy of the government in 1964 and it will Lead the country directly into the most disastrous Fulbright a committee including members already troubled Over Vietnam Cut Johnson a $3.4 billion foreign Aid request by $736 million. San Francisco up Senate democratic Leader gov. Ronald Reagan faces a be society programs through Mike Mansfield a foe of test of his popularity the legislature during a presid Reagan faces popularity test in special san Francisco election Ducat suffered both claw and bite wounds. He was Tamn from the area by helicopter after he ran for help. The 1.01-million acre Park proofing customary in reside Haj. A frizz a Latton of tial areas. Although no injuries atom 10q we h Abou 2 k were reported outside the in Smaler Mack the us closure Many residents were a intendant said we eel awakened by the Early morning attacks Murt have Fly the didst. On the drillers who suffered serious Burns were Foreman James Hall 54, Long Beach Ronnie Vandekieft 21, Ventura Nelson Sprague 24, la Habra powerful by John d. Cox Frank Woodfork Bellflower elate would enhance Reagan a plan for tuition in higher Duea cute in his Home town to Rea Mer Kibby Ventura and Don chances of pushing his a Mcreat Hon. Gangs 40.9 per cent. A Davis Wilmington. But Reagan a million vote tri the two firemen who were be Burton has attacked Reagan s mph Over the third term bid of creased bombing said he Hopes tuesday in a special election entail election year a a Point a creative society policies and Democrat Brown left the states to hold the line against further w hich could most his rising which apparently has not been his cutbacks in state spending j democratic party Structure in cuts in the Bill but added a i expect it will be Tough he told a newsman he expects a fall kinds of amendments to be Stock As a potential 1968 re pub i missed by the Johnson admin lican nominee. J stration voters in this democratic emphasizing the political in shambles plications of the election he and Marks has Many demo declares a whether there will cratic friends. He sided with piously burned were battalion commander Edwin t. Canfield 49, Garden Grove and capt. See blast Page 2 stronghold will fill a vacancy in in a Telegram to Democrat be a Republican governor in democrats several times while a Loans to the state Senate and a gop Burton vice president Hubert control of the Senate this is h. Humphrey expressed a a icon what is at rident prediction that thoughtful Marks Campaign has been the Senate warmed up to its Victory would give republicans latest Vietnam tussle Friday Contro 01 the upper House it an assemblyman and was the _. _ a a in # Only Republican committee i a of a la a orc chairman in the lower House in y w in More Glacier National Park is one of the last areas in the United states which still has grizzlies roaming free. Nip1 on said there apparently was no shortage of natural foods in the Park this year and added he still a a can to understand How this happened not Only once but a the grizzly normally is a shy Bear a Nielson said. A it prefers to keep to himself. Only the Mother grizzly with cubs will occasionally appear when a Battery of members. Questioned How fairly the South n �?o��?T19 Eise vietnamese elections will be where democrats now hold a san Francisco voters a demo democrats Hope to Stem the rising tide of Republican Power i in Sacramento with a Victory run. Clark Clifford a Johnson emissary said sunday he gave. Sci i for two term assemblyman John South vietnamese leaders earlier this month the presidents warning a rigged presidential election would Cost South Viet crafts and republicans alike a will assure your election to the California Burton and his older brother backed strongly by Reagan and 1966. Brown named him to the Finch. Burton a bid was Given a helping hand by u. S. Sen. Robert f. Kennedy in. Y., and powerful state Assembly zoom in july Nam the support of the american people. He and Gen. Maxwell Taylor visited South Vietnam chief of i state Gen. Nguyen Van Thieu a candidate for president and i Premier Nguyen Cao by l. Burton a Young Liberal Reagan critic. Republicans Are counting on a Victory by popular municipal court judge Milton Marks a War Effort and has denounced mainline Republican moderate the younger Burton a anti War and a former assemblyman to views in his Campaign. Marks throw the Senate into a 20-20 has sought to woo democrats give gop it. Gov. Robert h. By carving out a position inde Finch the tie breaking vote. Pendent of Reagan. For in municipal court Bench when Marks decided not to seek re to Tow election. San Francisco up the j veterans administration Region rep. Phillip Burton d calif., j speaker Jesse m. Unruh. Both campaigns Are heavily Al Ottice said Friday world War Are Vietnam War doves and1 voter registration in san financed and voter interest is a veterans trying to make a student critics of president i Francisco gives Burton a big and High. The registrar of voters deadline pushed i Home loan Johnson a handling of the con a Vantage. Registered democrats predicts a 66 per cent turnout activity in july to its highest Flint. I outnumber republicans 189,980 which would be a record for a level in nne years Marks however supports the to 100,756. Special election in san Francis the program was phased out we have the right bears. But co. For world War ii veterans july the animals normally stake san Francisco was the Only Burton and Marks Are bidding 25, but younger veterans re out a territory that is solely metropolitan county in the state for the Senate seat left vacant main eligible. I air area. If we can i d All a National Park biologist from Yellowstone Park in Wyoming was to arrive in Glacier to try and determine the reason for the attacks. One theory was that the bears May have been frightened into the attacking by lightning strikes in the area. Nielson said there is a no definite Way we can be sure to vote heavily against Reagan for governor last nov. 8. Former gov. Edmund g. Brown by the death of Democrat j. I in july the a regional office the bears immediately sur Eugene Mcateer. He died of a received 1,800 new applications rounding the locations of the heart attack while playing hand a 25 per cent increase com attacks chances Are Republican control of the sen stance he opposes Reagan a picked up 59.1 per cent of the bail last Spring. I pared with june. Well have the right . Raids strike near China

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