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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1953, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Bakersfield, California Forest fire out of control near t he Acha i the Wea the tempera no Hirt yesterday Al Lair today. 64 expected his today yes expected Lew tomorrow 6i rainfall Nrec we i Normal , total far kaftan________________8.110 Lait year at thin hate Kern River How __________________388 . Fare raw a fair with slowly Rii int temperature. Hut with temperature still below Normal far the week end. Kern co Canty production. Ims ii fl99.398.440 crude production bbl. Arr culture Cotton Ici est ack potatoes grapes _ 91.467.iss 231.975.419 83.279 380 52.774.390 37.424.953 17.964.066 population greater Bakersfield 119531___125.000 Kern county 1953. �_t47.0oo Fly tires by Courtesy of Kern minty Board of Trade and Kern county agricultural commissioner entered in Post office at Bakersfield California As second class matter under the act of Congress. March 8. 187f pc. 67 7 cents per copy two sections Bakersfield California saturday August 8 1953 $1.50 monthly delivered 26 pages no. 7 / 300 Battle Blaze 3,000acres razed purge ousts moderates Kern county a largest for by Robert Schanne Tokyo ins a the drastic purge in the ranks of the North korean government today appeared to have eliminated most of the a a moderate communist leaders and dampened Hopes that a political conference would succeed in unifying Korea. Purged were former foreign minister Pak Hun Yong and 12 of his top followers. A South korean report said Pak already was dead a St fire of the year is raging to. Tit ,fadi0 announced out of control in the the eight of his followers were sen. ,. Tended to death. Hach api Mountain area five Pak a former communist Miles Southeast of teach Leader in South Korea who went api with an estimated 3,000 acres of grass Brush and up a frees already destroyed. North latest reports from the frenchmen end Brief strike to Pyongyang before the korean i War began was accused of Lead-1 ing a conspiracy to set capitalist government in Paris a5 a French civil servants began trooping Back to work today As the nations worst Gen area indicate control is not expected on the fast moving fire Korea. Pro nationalists his close associate was said to for at least another 24 hours. Be Lee Sun yup. Both Pak and flames Are being fought by Lee were prominent leftist Lead nearly 300 men from the Kern Era strike since the popular ers in South Korea and described county fire department naval front Days of 1936 sputtered to As members of the pro nationalist ordnance test station Marine Ward a close. But mail Tele of crimp a the Korea communist air base at Mojave and the the graph Telephone and elec party. A j Hach api prison Camp. An Esti to in Power services remained out.1 the accuse lib a Taat they plot mated 40 pieces of equipment buses and subways roared Back too Al throw the communist j Are on the lines into operation and government government was interpreted by campers in a Burbank boys employees were at their desks competent observers in the Jap Camp about 5 Miles South of the when offices opened this morning anese foreign office As indicate Hach api Are being evacuated As a trains chugged out of Paris sine the a actual get favored a com precautionary measure but so big stations. Elsewhere however. Pro Mise with South Korea to. Far no injuries or damage to the rail strike continued. I Chieve unification at the Politi farms or Homes has been re red parliament told of startling news a. A a a i . Ahead monopoly no longer Malenkos in a race Metal workers Call strike picket lines began patrolling the entrances to Bakersfield Sheet Metal shops yesterday As workers of los Angeles local 108 of the Sheet Metal workers International association went on strike. John s. Hansing 510 Roberts Lone is shown picketing Gund Lach s plumbing and Sheet Metal shop where he is employed. Employers bargaining through the Kern Inyo Mono contractors association protested the Union violated a 90-Day notification clause in their contract. The returning workers were among an estimated two million j Cal conference. The men who overthrew 90 joyous american pow s returned Solon says Washington Ile a a Moscow up a Russia announced today she has the Hydrogen to feb. Soviet Premier Georgi Malenkos made the statement before a joint session of the supreme soviet parliament. He declared Quot a the United states no longer has monopoly of the top member of the joint1 Hydrogen he added that the soviet Union has Senate House atomic ener now mastered its production. Committee said today the statement that the soviet Union has the Hydro by Milo Farneti Panmunjom some laughter and Joy came to Panmunjom today As 90 americans returned to Freedom in obviously better which would enable him health and spirits than those liberated in the first three Days of the to speculate on the truth of Mal frenchmen employed in a variety Anc his Follower amp Weie reported j 1.55 . It esterday by korean prisoner Exchange. In kovy a statement. A i of Public services from Street t0 he the die hard pro soviet sheriff Tommy Shuell of the i there were few maimed and Haggard men in today a and grave diggers to clique in North Korea once j continued on Page 2 the reds sent Back 250 South koreans 90 americans 35 turks once i rail workers who left their jobs headed by Kim la Sung and in. At Midnight thursday in protest eluding the new foreign minister against Premier Joseph Laniel a Gen. Nam la the officer who be Rui nored plans to save Money at Goti ated the truce. Their exp Ense. J served till Russ walkout in the big government Kim who has been reported owned and electric Power dead or injured seriously and services were scheduled to con Nam both served in the soviet j Tine Unhul Midnight tonight. The j russian army. J governments postal Telegraph i the communist party in North j continued on Page 2 yanks who stayed with reds feared retaliation no com and 25 British a total of 400. They said sundays group of 400 Mentz t0 the russian report and will include 250 Roks 112 Amer press Secretary James c. Hag icons 21 British 13 turks 2 erty president Eisenhower australians i Canadian and i filipino. The 112 americans will be the judge shoots self in foot by Jim Becker Freedom Village Korea i okla., said the three informed once. A state men Korea is reliably reported torn up a an american Soldier freed fellow captives. I us i i i in it ii by factionalism and strife and by the communists today said a they tried hard to get info the purge was said to be the out three fellow americans stayed be mation a Powell said a and we come of the struggle for Power Hind in North Korea not because tried to keep it from three groups waged the Battle they were communist converts j Cpl. Albert Dixon 26, of Man for control. But because they feared Retalia Chester la., declared the Pristine the nationalist group led Tion from fellow captives. I owners were forced to submit to Twain by Pak has been driven from another liberated pow said he indoctrination classes but added biggest shipment of . Troops soviet achievement. Sceptics suggested one big reason if the san Francisco be j. Ii _. ,., Michelsen a Superior court judge Power by the purge. Its members knew of one captive killed by communism in t it for a dog Here was in Stanford Hospital were mostly original residents of fellow prisoners because he was agreeing with Dixon were pfc. Today recovering from Bullet South Korea some had even been a a Stool j Nathaniel s. Thomas of Alliance wounds suffered when his 22-Cali members of the South korean a we had quite a bit of that/�?Tjo., and pfc. Leroy Broom of Ber revolver accidentally Dis government. It favors unification said Cpl. Tommie Hampton of Albany a. All three were in accidentally charged. 1 and the National interest even Chicago. Attendants said Michelsen was Over doctrinaire communism. I m. Sgt. Louis m. Leach of co struck in the left foot but pm secondly the pro soviet group Lumbus ga., was asked by news Pha sized that the wound was not strongly under the influence of men if he Felt the three who serious. The com inform a Asiatic equiv stayed behind diff so because they the judge said he was exam Alent is most yielding to soviet feared retaliation from fellow ining Hie borrowed revolver in demands. Captives. The bedroom of his Home and was the third or pro chinese group i a a you re damned right i think Banks said. Looking for the safety catch when once was very Strong and num a so a Leach said bitterly. A we the wrong Road. The weapon fell to the floor and Breed in its a membership such them we would throw them Over he said some of the Progress discharged. Figures As chairman Kim do the Side of the ship. There a Guys j Sives were separated from the Michelsen was Home alone at Bong of the Peoples Council a Dup there who would give their Oters an Gien Urt or courses the time. He telephoned police two other top Cabinet ministers lives to get who dispatched an ambulance to this group is reported losing another pm Cpl. Roose Elt the same Camp. Cpl. Robert i. Banks 23, Cambridge md., said he knew of a few prisoners who sympathized with the communists. A they were called progressives by the other prisoners a i think they were Mun san up a Hie United nations command official master list of american prisoners of War freed yesterday in the korean armistice pow Exchange included the following from Southern California Willie j. Rudd pvt., Mother Josephine Rudd los Angeles. Oscar Solomon Cpl., father Juan Solomon san Diego. Joseph Wilson pvt., sister Doris Wilson los Angeles. Willie Polee Cpl., Mother Vera Polee 1280 Basilone Homes Sun Valley Calif. So far in four Days of a operation the United states is a a ahead sen bomb and has mastered its production came through soviet censorship. He told the deputies the soviet defense budget a even though less than last year provided for giving a a crushing blow to any aggressor who wants to violate the peaceful life of the soviet socialist president Eisenhower who was informed immediately of the report had no comment. . Atomic Energy commission officials declined to discuss the matter. The United states has never said officially that it has developed a Hydrogen bomb which would carry Many times the Wallop of the atomic bomb. The dec has said there has been experiments in certain thermonuclear devices which has been taken to mean that work has been done on Hydrogen bomb like explosives. Rumours of a successful a bomb explosion followed a series of tests last year in a Pacific Island group. Malenkos was Given a rousing reception. Dressed in a Khaki tunic buttoned up to his neck continued on Page 2 of Russia in the whole Fields of atomic weapons even if Russia really has the Hydrogen bomb. Sen. Bourke b. Hicken Looper Ria ranking Senate member of the committee said he would a neither dispute nor admit soviet Premier Georgi Maten fro Vas statement that a we too have the Hydrogen even if the claim is True Hickenlooper said a it make any difference in our own program. We Are going ahead with plans As they have been Laid no recent briefing Hickenlooper said he had not received an intelligence briefing even guess if it is Likely a he said. The White House said we Ould say nothing himself. But there was considerable inclination Here to doubt the claimed russians had the a bomb they be telling the world about it. Although first official reaction to a Lenkova a statement was on the sceptical Side no responsible sources suggested that Russia Hacks the scientific engineering and Industrial skills to make Hydrogen bombs. Principles known the atomic reactions involved in the a bomb Are Well known. In fact the theory of Hydrogen nuclear reactions was Well developed before the discovery of atomic fission the reaction of conventional a bombs. A Lenkova a statement that a we big switch and will bring the too have the Hydrogen bomb total of americans returned to and that a the United states does continued on Page 2 i continued on Page 2 Premier Malenkos a. Claims a bomb wife Happy when reds free mate Santa Rosa ins it mrs. Janice Maxey 22, who received a Telegram six months ago saying her husband pfc. Robert h. Maxey 24, of Santa Rosa was missing in action was a Happy Young woman today. Pfc. Maxey was returned to Allied hands in the prisoner of War Exchange at Panmunjom today. Mrs. Maxey said a ooh pm a Happy this morning a i knew All the time that he was All right. I think i would have known if anything had really happened to him. In a very grateful and thankful he is alive and has been pfc. Maxey will have someone new to Greet him on his return the couples 4-month-old continued on Page 2 take him to Aleman emergency ground to the russian faction. Powell jr., 25, of Okmulgee Hospital for preliminary treat a a a ment. Reader Index jul Terr Sec. Auto7 i churches____________12 2 comics______________16 2 county _____________20 2 editorials____________26 2 features ____________17 2 form _______________4 i Home and garden____5 i local section________13 2 Oil .19 2 people and parties 8 i picture page_________12 i radio_______________20 2 real estate i______6 i sports ______________18 2 Heaters to 2 tv.20 2 Waif a s section_____8 i Canadian politicians wind up campaigns Ottawa Ontario it a Cana ing vigorously has declared they Days politicians headed today into could run Canada More econom the Windup of their Campaign to Mically and lower the taxes. They convince the voters North of the have found it Tough however to Border that it is or Isno to a time make a Sharp Issue Over the Way for a the big nations affairs Are being most observers figured How handled. Canada is sailing on a Ever that in mondays elections Crest of Prosperity and the gov of a new House of commons i eminent has managed to balance prime minister Louis St. Lau the budget keep the Canadian rents Liberal party would sex Dollar Strong and make nominal tend its 18-year hold on the gov-1 tax cuts. Eminent. Even the conservatives have the liberals major opponent in been wary in making Victory pre-1 the struggle for control of the diction. They admit the political new7 265-seat lower House of Par picture has changed Little since lament is the progressive con j the last elections in 1949, when Serva Tive party led by George they took a bad walloping. They it Drew of Ontario. I held o the conservatives Campaign continued on Page 2 in communism. Banks said at first the White j prisoners were not separated by. The reds but later the Whites _ were put in Camps away from negroes. He said still later the j prisoners were split up according to nationality but that american negroes were kept away from the Whites. Banks said the communists harped on racial discrimination in the United states but did not make much headway Tow Ard converting americans into reds. Four saved after sinking of vessel san Pedro up a four Brothers were rescued seven hours after their converted Landing Craft Sank Between Newport Beach and Catalina Island the coast guard reports. Joseph Alphonso Anthony and Nicholas Tacelli All of Montebello spent seven hours in the Ocean yesterday supported Only by life jackets before they were held Only 48 seats in the outgoing j rescued by the Motorboat Poco Poca teacher accused in broadcast wins damages California s first verdict awarding $55,000 damages for false implication of communist sympathies was returned by a san Francisco jury Friday in favor of miss Fern Bruner 29 right san Lorenzo schoolteacher. The jury held that James Tarantino cent Erlos Angeles gossip Magazine publisher slandered miss Bruner by calling her a Quot reported communist or communist sympathizer Quot in radio broadcasts nearly two years ago. Tarantino was ordered to pay $25,000, radio station Kya of san Francisco $25,000 and Kya manager h. G. Fernhead left$5,000. Y Ike Mamie off to West for vacation Washington a president Eisenhower whisked through last minute paper work with a Carefree air today As he prepared to shed the heat and frustrations of the capital for a vacation in Colorado. There would still be work to do on More than too unsigned Bills and other government problems. But with the Trout streams and Golf links beckoning there w7as no putting Down the Holiday feeling. Or. And mrs. Eisenhower and their party arranged to take off in the presidential plane Columbine for the six hour flight to Denver. The first fair Lily expected to spend most of its time in Denver at the Home of mrs. John s. Doud mrs. Eisenhower smother. But the president also planned to maintain offices at nearby Lowry air base and to visit a ranch in the mountains near Fraser. Press Secretary James c. Hag erty said the Eisenhower will i stay in the Centennial state for an indefinite period. Only a serious National or International development he said would prompt them to return to Washington in less than three weeks. Late sports declines demotion Pittsburgh u r a Gene Herman ski Reserve outfielder of the Pittsburgh pirates today declined to join new. Orleans of the a Southern a sedation. Set at

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