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Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Archives Apr 7 1974, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian (Newspaper) - April 7, 1974, Bakersfield, California White House spy evidence promised Washington a sen. Lowell r. Weicker says he has evidence the White House spied on a dozen major politicians and used the internal Revenue service to pry Loose data on entertainers such As Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis or. Weicker said he also has White House and other Nixon administration documents to show that irs tax intelligence was used to protect such a White House friends As evangelist Billy Graham and movie Star John Wayne once tax audits on them began. Weicker a Republican member of the Senate watergate committee said he has obtained other documents showing the full extent of More than 50 political investigations conducted by the White House Between 1069 and 1972 by undercover political operative Anthony Ulasewicz. Other newly uncovered documentations show the a blatant a improper and perhaps illegal use of us ii Federal agencies As the irs to move against so called political a enemies a Weicker said. In addition he said he has received new evidence of the use of intelligence from the department of Commerce and the Pentagon to Embarrass Sens. Edmund s. Muskie a Maine and George Mcgovern d-s.d., and to use . Army intelligence operatives to spy on a democratic party affiliate in Berlin Germany. The Connecticut Republican is scheduled to present his evidence monday As he testifies before three Senate subcommittees holding joint hearings into political spying and the use of warrant less wiretaps for a National Security purposes. Weicker did not say How or where he had obtained the documents but aides said they include records of the Ulasewicz investigations the White House files of John Caulfield Ulasewicz immediate Superior White House memos relating to use of the irs and memos concerning military spying on political groups. The memos were described As confirming names previously identified As Ulasewicz targets As Well As adding names never before listed publicly. Weicker did not explain Why the White House would be interested Iii checking the tax records of Sinatra and Davis both Nixon backers in 1972. Weicker said records show that the White House also made political use of the confidential irs files on these entertainers Richard Boone Jerry Lewis Peter Lawford Lucille Ball Gary Morton and Fred Macmurray. He said gov. Ronald Reagan of California also was on the list. Alleged attempts to use the trs for political purposes especially in connection with so called White House a a enemies list were first surfaced during the watergate testimony for former White House counsel John w. Dean ii Ulasewicz acknowledged in sworn testimony before the watergate committee last summer that he was the paymaster for the arrested watergate conspirators. He also acknowledged doing intensive intelligence work on political figures for the White House. He answered affirmatively when Weicker asked him if he Hadnot a dealt in dirty or allegations of it during his investigations. Weicker said he has documents to confirm or add these names to the list of Ulasewicz investigative targets Alabama gov. George c. Wallace former new York City mayor John v. Lindsay and former sen. George Murphy a Calif. Also Sens. Mark Hatfield a Ore. John Tunney a Calif. Edward m. Kennedy a mass. And Muskie. Also Sens. William Proxmire a wis. Hubert h. Humphrey a Minn. Albert Gore a Tenn. Quentin Burdick . And Vance Hartke a ind. In addition Weicker said there is documentary evidence that Ulasewicz tailed the movements of a Secretary to Rose Kennedy the matriarch of the Kennedy family. Ulasewicz retired from the intelligence division of the new York City police Force detective division testified at the watergate hearings that he received Large amounts of Cash from Herbert v. Kalmbach then president Nixon a personal lawyer and delivered $219,000 in secret to watergate conspirators g. Gordon Liddy and e. Howard Hunt to Hunts late wife Dorothy and to attorneys for other watergate break in defendants. Calls kidnappers a cruel people Hearst believes Patty a brainwashed by Sla san Francisco up ran Dolph a. Hearst called the sym ionese liberation army kidnappers of his daughter a cruel people saturday and said he believed she was brainwashed before she announced that she had decided to stay with her captors. In an interview in the dining room of his Home in suburban Hillsborough Hearst also said he believed Patricia is alive and that it was a a idiotic to think that she was a party to the kidnapping. Before the kidnapping she was a Liberal but not a Radical he said. He also reiterated that the $4 million placed in escrow for Patricia a Safe return will revert to the Hearst corporation if the kidnappers do not meet the May 3 deadline for releasing her. Hearst who is president and editor of the san Francisco examiner was asked about the theory that Patricia was subjected to a form of brainwashing before she made a tape recorded statement broadcast last wednesday. A a that a a psychological question and you should ask someone in that Field a Hearst said. A i think she was a not that they had her in a Tiger Cage or anything like that but i think that after 60 Days you can change people. I think she believes some of the things on the tape and not others. The girl i knew 60 Days before would never have made the statement she in the tape recording Patricia who was abducted last feb. 4, called her father a a corporate liar and said she had chosen to stay with the terrorist Sla and a fight beside Hearst said the Sla had broken its word. A i guessed wrong on the Sla All along and i thought they were going to keep their word and did no to he said. A i do believe she a unharmed physically unharmed but to put out a message one Day saying they re going to release her and then a Day later put out one saying she a going to stay with them this is just Plain cruelty. I think they re just cruel people and i think they fundamentally hate this society so much that they think anything a Only the Day before Patricia a explosions stir fear of new Ira terror London up bombs exploded in the midlands cities of Birmingham and Manchester saturday night and incendiaries burst into flame in major London suburban stores crowded with shoppers earlier in the Day. The Manchester blast injured two policemen police said. Two explosions rocked downtown Birmingham soon after a Man with an Irish accent telephoned a local news Agency and warned bombs had been planted. One Birmingham bomb exploded in an office building above a Bank Branch and another 25 minutes later in a railway station signal Box police said. The second blast damaged four trucks parked nearby. Police said the Manchester bomb was in a bag in an open space Between the City a opera House and the Law courts. Only the Manchester explosion caused injuries. Broadcast renouncing her former life a communique from the Sla received by an underground newspaper said the time and place of her release would be disclosed within 72 hours. Hearst who was in his shirtsleeves was Calm and composed during the interview although his deep concern for the missing girl was evident. He said he thinks Patricia is alive and added a i Hope she a asked if he believed she had any connections with the Sla before the kidnapping he said a no i do not. We know her very Well. She might have known someone who was but in a sure she did no to know that they were and i have doubts that she really knew anybody connected with it. Living in Berkeley she could know Patricia 20, was a student at the University of California and lived in the apartment near the Campus from which she was abducted. Hearst said speculation that his daughter might have been involved see Hearst a Page 2 a Scotland Yard spokesman said 14 of the incendiary devices went off in the space of an hour in four separate communities on the Northern outskirts of London. Bombs planted in England by suspected Irish Republican army Ira activists have killed la britons and injured 107 others since mid december. Most of the blasts have occurred in the London area. Police said the bombs saturday could be the Start of a new wave of explosions and warned All shopkeepers in the London area to search their premises for incendiary devices. Firemen were called in to fight blazes caused by the bombs at two of the department stores but the other fires were extinguished before they arrived police said. They said four of the bombs went off at Wembley four at Welwyn Garden City three at Uxbridge and three at Edmonton. Inside today californian circulation service hours daily 8 .-6 30 . Sunday 7 . 323-8211. Ten cents daily 25 cents sunday. Delivered monthly $3. Rage see. Business and finance. 25 3 classified. 39 5 editorial. To i metropolitan Section. A 13 2 Oil. 25 3 perspective. I scene. 27 4 sports. 3 television. 4 theater. 4 vital statistics. 5 markets. 24 3 it la be a Busy easter vacation for 20 boy scouts of troop 218, including Robert Maggiorini Craig Dawson and Bobby Harris who la travel Down the Colorado River from Davis dam to Lake Hatasu and on to Parker dam in kayaks they built. The kayaks were built during boy scout week by the scouts and their dads in main area of the Valley Plaza mall. Boys and their personal gear will go in kayaks two motorboats will take food and heavy equipment for trip which has been in preparation since fall. Boys had to learn cooking camping and first Aid skills and earn Merit badges in swimming lifesaving and canoeing. They la be accompanied by Harry Reppert Bob Maggiorini and Ken Ross scoutmaster Henry Dawson and Bob Kohlbush committeemen. After an energetic week of kayaking and camping they expect to return next californian color photo i vol. 88 6 sections Bakersfield California sunday april 7, 1974 140 pages no. 97 health care Cost to zoom upward Washington a if you think medical Bills Are High now prepare for a Shock. The next 12 to 15 months May bring some of the most explosive health costs in the nations history. If Price controls Over health costs Are allowed to expire on april 30, As is Likely Consumers May see these kind of increases in the fiscal year ending june 30,1975 a Hospital charges will jump by 16 to 17 per cent. A physician fees will go up about 9 per cent. A nursing Home charges will jump by 14 per cent. The estimates Are those of the Nixon administration which had urged Congress to continue Price controls Over the health Industry Only to be rejected so far. Even with controls Hospital charges would have risen about to per cent doctors fees 4 per cent and nursing Home charges 6.5 per cent the administration estimates. The Public will have to pay an additional $4.1 billion Over the current fiscal year then another $9 billion on top of that in the following year the administration estimates. Consumers will find themselves paying an additional is billion in direct out of pocket expenses for services which would have been covered under Price controls. This amount will Rise to $2.25 billion additional in fiscal 1976. Medical insurance premiums would go up $1.5 billion in fiscal 1975, and spending by state and Federal governments would Rise $1.5 billion. Caspar Weinberger Secretary of health education and welfare said he believes the costs will be higher than that. He said the estimates a simply a substantial degree of restraint which i Hope to Weinberger said the Cost in one year May be closer to $5.5 billion instead of $4 billion. Los Angeles apr president Nixon has been granted an Extension in filing his 1973 income tax return because revisions Are needed to comply with the recent internal Revenue service ruling on what deductions he can claim his tax attorney said saturday. Arthur Blech said the presidents tax return a has to be reworked to be consistent with the reasoning used by the irs in its announcement wednesday that Nixon owed More than $465,000 in Back taxes and interest for 1969-72. Nixon has agreed to Pav the entire amount. The irs report disallowed Many deductions claimed by the president. A it changes our position on Many issues a Blech said in an interview. A the 1973 return just can to be done in time. I still Haven to received a conv of the irs he said the increased Bill will add an enormous amount to every americans health Bill adding that controls should be retained in the Industry. A we done to have a free Market in that Industry a he said. Weinberger added that failure of Congress to extend controls Over health costs increases the urgency for passage of the administrations National health insurance plan. However the administrations estimates were called inaccurate by John a. Mcmahon president of the american Hospital association. A i done to believe these Are anything More than scare tactics on the part of the administration Mcmahon said. A i fail to understand Why the administration singles out the Hospital Field for special attention a the administrations estimates show without controls americans will spend $88 billion for health care in fiscal 1975, compared with $83.5 billion in the current fiscal year. They will spend $46.4 billion for hospitals $31.2 billion for health professionals including doctors $4.2 billion for nursing Homes and $6.2 billion for other services. The greatest bulk increase is for hospitals $2 billion with $1 billion of that in insurance premiums $400,000 in payroll taxes $100,000 in out of pocket expenses and $500,000 in state and Federal spending. Americans will spend an increased $1.5 billion on health professionals with $600,000 going for out of pocket expenses $500,000 for insurance premiums and another $400,000 for state and Federal spending. The american medical association did not dispute the administrations figures but said that doctors fees have gone up 7.3 per cent since August 1971, when controls began while All services have gone up 11.2 per cent. Blech emphasized that extensions in filing Are frequently granted by the irs. Blech said he agreed with a lbs evening news report Friday that Nixon May be Able to write off his entire 1974 income As deductible. Though the president has agreed to pay the entire irs assessment for 1969-72, the statute of limitations has passed for 1969 and that part of the payment could be considered a gift to the government Blech said. Irs Laws allow a person to deduct such gifts up to 50 per cent of his adjusted Gross income. Thus the president could deduct about $134,000 for paying what the irs says he failed to pay in 1969. A the Man is entitled to the Deduc see Nixon a Page 2 Moa mar khad Afy Libya shuffle gives khad Afy different role by i he associated press libyan strongman col. Moa mar khad Afy has been a a relieved of Many of his a political and executive functions but has not been deposed. A libyan government source said saturday night in Tripoli. The source who asked to remain Anonymous stressed that the fiery 32-year-old libyan strongman remains in charge of the armed forces although he has relinquished some duties to libyan Premier Abdel Salem Jalloul. The changes in the libyan government were first reported by Egypt a official Middle East news Agency in Cairo which claimed that Jalloul khad Afy a right hand Man had stripped the colonel of Power and pushed him into a figurehead position. A libyan spokesman earlier acknowledged he was aware of the foreign press reports but said Only a that khad Afy has delegated his Powers administrative and political a to Jalloul. The Premier who is in Paris for the memorial services for the late French president Georges Pompidou declined to comment on the reports. It remained unclear whether khad Afy who has ruled Libya with a tight grip since taking Power in a coup four years ago had requested the changes or if he was gradually being eased out of Power. Khad Afy an ideologue and a spellbinder to libyan masses is known to be disdainful of protocol normally reserved for Heads of state. More than once he has threatened to resign Only to withdraw the resignation a Short time later. Diplomatic sources in Beirut said that khad Afy had a voluntarily relinquished some of his duties to Jalloul but that he still remains the undisputed Leader of the Oil Rich North african nation. A apparently khad Afy has limited his role to something similar to a chairman Mao tse Tung in Libya a one of the Arab diplomatic sources said in Beirut. Nixon gets Extension in filing 1973 taxes

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