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Bakersfield Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Dec 11 1879, Page 4

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Bakersfield Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - December 11, 1879, Bakersfield, California Weekly natures California Root old of flyers son i will not lid dont forget Iii Toad the should Era living Erm Turo and none be loft bit film to Ltd i would not of a Fleri Eon ice Ion of inn i Ibe the lakes Clear breast of be ground hogs neat al Faroe Stream May Good print yell 1 May i be Durn i were All there marvels ild never wed old the lop eared Ion of a gun e whore the Bullfrog Lay her eggs Swan Itell laves her purple logs downward flows Tho Wei fierce and will no doubt Bow thus for for but Noras heart is lost and Bol wedded to old at tors the ring boned and spa ined son of s Aad they have seven Cincinnati Halls Balsam Fob tub the sorrows of Neomer was a Sponcer died in Cervantes died of the was a Dryden lived in poverty and Dis sir Walter Raleigh died on the Butler lived a life of penury and died a life of meanness Bacon lived and Plant the roman comic ran a Paul Borghese Imd h and yet starved with the italian was often distressed for five the lived a life of perfect War with the English died prematurely and through Hun the child of Genius and destroyed himself at Bentivoglio was refused admit Tance to a Hospital he had erected Savage died in prison at whore he was confined for a debt of the death of Collins was through first causing mental de Goldsmiths Vicor of was sold for a to save him from the grip of the Fielding lies in of the English factory at and there is not a Stone to Mark the Milton sold his copy right of Par Adise for at three pay and finished his life in obscurity and the celebrated writer of the the greatest of All the portuguese ended his it is in an at any was supported by a faithful Black who begged in the streets of Lisbon for it Reem Rennod by those use in pre Defonce to All other known for the following complaints habitual All derangement of digest if e or loss of Appe chronic liver al forms of female com weaknesses and in poor feeble cold All weaknesses and complaints of kidneys and urinary pains in the Back and nervous All weakening and wasting malarial California Boot Tea stands beyond Tho Roach of comparison As a blood and u acknowledged to to the Only satisfactory cure for Mich complaints As a thorough blood for Many old Ita Dink cases c Bod internal ii Arouri it i the Only of Well As for Ina ii clip inc liver and kidney this in due to properties distinct to imparted by a and which can not to Cuccias fully imitated or Howaro of articles claiming similar or otherwise calculated to de Mill which depend fur their Sale on the reputation Trio Boot Tea has California Root Toui the Sluman nationality is no humid mixed up Batch of unknown drugs but California of wonderful Medica and has done a vast amount o Good though Only having been Dis covered a Short from the Stockton independen California Root Tea hag become widely Rivito Gniel As a medicament possessing extraordinary Virtues California Root regulates Tho liver and digestive with ult purging or causes a full and proper digestion and degree of nourishment to to derived from Tho thus enriching Tho blood and building up the system in the Only natural Ami Boncil Iclal if Iron or any other constituent to lacking in Tho blood it is snap loud in the proper and in the no by Way that can from Tho food taken into Tho California Root Tea eradicates unit nil the breathing Halkum Balsa ill Sadi to it and Mali Ibe membrane of inflamed and to fined by to and Rente the night menu and Olgh Toneu Aoi Oit the which accompany consumption l an incurable it i Only Nec Euary to hate the right and bail Mam in that dont for this benign May cure even though Profeti Unal Aid read the following o of ends the Index cent i or lewd Trail ii Balsam in a Inge number of Anil always with he Adili that in one e with every appearance of confirmed was a tailored to Hlf final health Oun after commencing to take the John of Rilei one year ago 1 to All appearance to the Siut of and gut no our doctor told 1 could nut Twenty four nun fur flier Simm that after inking nine Tuulo of Allim he is now in perfect having lined no other the above Brief exr anti Are Taxon from a mass of evidence Liuti Linn been during a period of proving the Linmoy of u a a ill in All where the breathing organi Are and ironing lie estimation in i Rulch the hold by Tho Public and the medical hold by nil John ii in Clit Llain of 8 cell by cd m formerly Rojs under the style of Cohen it Cooper 18 now re opening under Tho firm of Cohen a in Tho Logon one door North o Jiin Ston a on Chester a Largo and varied Stock or Good consisting of ready made ladies Staple and fancy at bankrupt prices this urge Stoak of goods must and will be id without regard to original look u i for great Cohen life in a i Homes in California ii fluid extract Bensons Cap cite porous plaster Ramovs Lin oct at once and cures where of liar plasters fall oven to greater Moro powerful Palti or Fogth Una diff incl Cottri Illyn properties than Trio common porous nud in fur Superior in Ahtl Kliu and the no culled electrical it is specially recommended for the above also or Hal nil and kidney pleurisy nil local Achem unit when in Ovilur you will do Well to take even u Little Plua to procure this do not allow any other planter to to substituted for sold by All Seani Niy valuable it illegal discovery n the so More ice tar or Mineral Folio Hilife for the Norci Iklo for the and health for an open let tetto the that by Olan Sint Tho Wood mid building we Only Way of Boink should to used by every nursing Mother and new delicate growing boy or or food up old per it contains no peruvian or anything of in there in nothing known of the very much Briksi Down and alter trying the Phy Mcuin Ami pay ii out my Nonoy for Ninny kinds of medi Cines advertised without hiding a permanent i began doctoring using Media cinch made from Ond herbs i namely discovered a wonderful bitters or blood tiie first bottle of which gave me new life and and in time effect per manent i was free from my in Iris a Camo Strong and being Aulon to stand the most i Hugo gained Over thirty pounds in feeling confident that i bad made a wonder Ful in i prepared a Nan Tity of Tho Root and wan in the habit sick Frienda or neigh i found the Medicine effected the most wonderful of All do Oasis caused from Humours or Scot Nlaly the bad kidney torpid the Neva of my Dis Coury in this Wab spread from one person to another until i found myself patients with Medicine far and to Pratab llah a Laboratory Foi Tai Shaa Auke a similar or is to s6000 a or to a Day in your own no women do As Well As Many we have a number of copies of Tho prospectus of the Kern Valley colons to will Forward to any one in Iii Jolo u millions who will scud Lour cents in Stamps for it is route with information of tin great resources of Kern Tirl is full of matter interesting to mini irrigated land to the promoter and Fer Feezor of the reformer and al taller of the the producer and of nerve and the build or and supporter of Piwin Fellows compound syrup is com posed of ingredients identical with those which constitute healthy muscle and Norvo and brain while Lite itself is directly dependent upon some of by its Union with the blood and its effect upon reestablishing Tho one and toning the it la Ca Pable of effecting Tho following results it will displace or Wash out tuberculous and thus cure consumption by increasing nervous and muscular it will cure feeble or interrupted act Ono Tho heart and weakness of intellect caused by or irregular or congestion of Tho oven in the most alarming it cures loss of Vitus epileptic whooping and is a most wonderful adjunct to other remedies in sustaining life during Tho process of do not be deceived by remedies Bear ing a similar name no other preparation is a substitute for this under any look out for Tho name and address on the yellow wrapper in which is seen by holding the paper before the per 6 for bold by All pharmaceutical a specific remedy for al disease of the bladder for loan of in Lap sit Ion to exertion or shortness of troubled with thoughts of dimness of pain in the and head Kotuli of blood Toto Palo counter Autv and dry bin if these symptoms Are allowed to go very frequently pile put fits and lion when Tho Constitution affected it requires the Aid of an incl orator Medicine to strengthen and tone up the Sis Helmboldt Fuchu does in every so desirable As n renovator awl i to Moro than Biol let no my oth can fail to make Money any one mothers should uhf it for their Dron ios cad of Ruiu Iii their digestive organs and impoverishing their system with and prepared if not make a whole packet it to drawing from the the the this making a q and Moro unruly Oxtra noting an Utai in remedy for the russian minister at by which he desires to make generally known to the pub the following remedy used by who made extensive experiments in its and who has it in eight of which were of a very serious All of which Tad a favourable except in one when the child died from a complication of for children of one year old he prescribes or internal use every one or two As follows in distillate Ana i to from 7 to 8 grammes for 100 Gram Mes of distilled with Samp syrup for children from 3 to 7 yours old be prescribed 10 to 15 grammes and for grown Persona from 15 to 25 grammes for each 100 grammes besides this houses also with Proa Success the insufflation on Tho dip therial membrane through a Gliss tube in serious Consos every three in Light cases three times a Day of the for grown people he prescribes for Gur gling a dilution of 10 grammes of this Pulver for 200 grammes of the effect of Tho remedy is after 24 or 30 hours for feverish symptoms disappear completely and the temperature and pulse become this remedy was used also with the same Success by a Ralmon 1 Braun and professor in Ping ii Cassel and several others in a Russia and recently Many parts of i Ibdih Bubo suffered As from an epidemic of this where fits treatment with the Benzoate of soda was attended with diphtheria is due directly to foul but which attains its maximum of activity in a humid dampness is an important a Factor in its production As Are poisonous Anu no Atmos phere surcharged with moisture has he same distinct relation to its Prev Alence As the heats of summer have to intestinal gum Benzoin and the Bonz Oato of ammonia have been used in Tho former in solution which was applied to Tho Throat As As a varnish to prevent Tho to Cess of and the latter on Tho f i general principle that All the combi motions of Bonzolo add have a Bitin ulant effect on the mucous Mem it is very probable that the i soda May have ppm gone specific it u part go the unwritten a v rental that oar own children the dirty Rule without an f the Raip general throughout beco Lunil and no Horn those who do not wish to make it with water can put the Tea into a bottle of cold wine or liquor of any directions inside of if your Dir Gist or grocer will not keep it 11 Bend it by Pic logo to any ad1 on receipt of or by i n n one packet so or 0 for i Sola make from an hour by devoting your evenings and time to the it costs nothing to try the not Liing like it for Money Llu siness Leaa if Yon Best paying al Citra i nest Buforo the Send us your add Orcsi i to you am Pri terms free samples Worth also Freij Vona mind for Ivert Only to on Railroad store third Street b Weil a cinc porous to an 3mly Enlal Foiren cent Nihl and Paru wet want at a Krjat Pevc met Ontha Ordinary k any Ohy Wician n him it laity about the valuable qualities of Tho common porous Piaster arc in this article incr nasal 10 foil fit my Anil it Rel icon Lainoft at 01100 and cures i Here Oiler f nil even it is without doubt twin remedy a Var for Lamo and weak spot Iii and a Lenny complaints ant All local Nochta nil avoid Seaburt it Joom sos 31 1latt delinquent h ate the most Complete assortment Enterprise mining location of principal place of Calico Kern Small t am since i first advertised this Medicine i have been crowded with from Drengk stand country and the hundreds of let Tew Buve received from to Rains p Ove lie fact Tomt no remedy Over did so muons Good in so Short or had so ranch Success in i am that they soon take the Lead of All other medicines in nearly Ono in noted Urcla i Here at Home in of Ovilun now full Llott some of whom have al Rearte Pold Over one thousand Hoot Diters Are strictly a medicinal prepare such As was used in the Good old Days of our when people wore cured by simple Root or and when Calomel and Othor poisons of Trio Mineral kingdom wore they act strongly on Trio Hinr and 11 a Nob a Ftp the it Guilar and build up the Iier voids they Poneto thievery part the Send Chinawut every am tissue the wind to the cleansing and the fintain Springs of life Lien Thuy must reach All diseases by Purina lion and no matter what your feelings or symptoms what the disease or ailment use boo i litter dont wait until you Are i you Only fed bad or use the bitter it May save your thin islands of persons in All so Intro Are already Usina Root bar tech they have saved Many lifts of consumptive who Hal Given up by friends and Pliny Ciptik to awl Sihvo permanently cure Many old chronic cases of sror Lii dyspepsia and where All other Trajn ints had a Vnti troubled with sick Costi Venes bad taste in the moult and broken Down in Constitution Xuwu w pimples face orm Liberal terms is delinquent upon lie following Ori Bud on account of assessment levied on Trio 20th Day of the several amounts set opposite Tho names of tie respective As general merchandise outside Oil 8an All goods in this House Are marked one Lallone selection of the latest of Call and examine newest designs and beat Quality of boots and to invite Public attention to our new Stock of selected expressly for Tali silk and Cotton ladies outfitting of of Evev nuts the Knuter Ijuro Punu a of Woolen goods from the Mission and Han Jose Woolen groceries and Sweepstake the hardware and Tarpeh Tell Sod various other agents for the celebrated Coo Mungo wines and native the too Mungo wine took Premium St the Centennial the Public generally Aro j a cited to fall an 1 3 to 12 18 null 15 18 20 21 20 27 and in i 625 3x2 11d8 025 402 1250 123 100 my 500 accordance amt 125 00 02 51 8120 119 80 02 60 8180 4020 w h Bon jrl2600 to and in tracts to Helmboldt by Ohto is unequalled five thousand acres of the Rich lands of pm Kern within four Miles of Tuo Lino of the Kern la tehm8 of on fourth of or is por As in bbl May will lease for three tears or with the privilege of purchasing at Tho Low est current rates on Long to Nokia 1000 to 00 0000 with no Many of each parcel of such Slock us my will to Wim in in Uttof Inhern Valley Horn on the 13th Day of at 3 Oclock of snob to delinquent assessment together with Oyobu and of nervous vim lieu Norn Pimp Citon nothing will give Jon Moh san and Iwa Uty us Rou t by co1 know that jealous physicians will cry Humbug because my discovery cures so Many of their but i Oare it is now my Toiro and determination to place my Root bit tub As fast As possible within the reach of All those suffering Bro shout the bold by wholesale Aud retail druggists and country or sent by express on receipt of 00 per or six bottles of wonderful see my Largo Clr cur around each bottle of medi read and judge for Asu your Dru Galst or merchant for for Swierb Root Tho great and take no substitute in May he larger o 888 Superior for by ued1noton Kil t r marh7 cow old and so Noboa it Tab inv Robator a a Standard family if Amedy for diseases of the stomach and a purely never a cathartic and seminal Una Rewt Knet Juliun Anil and All unit Lullow an a of or que Lully nine Nunley by Loalei in by a and Litho Reull of Start of Fludy and pro bloc la then special and Lold at 4 Hirte putt Kart for Yin eol fld circular and full particulars add Rem Date 901 Clark Oul ago input al la a month 12 a Day al Home tin it by the in capital not required we will Start boys and girls make Nonoy faster at work for us than at anything Trio work a Light and and Ruoli us any Ono can go right those who an also who see this notion will Send us their address t once and boo for costly outfit and terms now is the those al ready at work Are Largo sums of address Taue it new maps Jurylo for bees Abou Boe of a Boukje of every pro Arleter of a two acre lot or Flower wants at one blvd of to make his to tue rapid increase of Stock it Tho least owing our Bay state Dee i will dispose of a number of the Boos Are All bred from imported of Gortan stud italian Are in to celebrated liar Bison double observing All per Oliviera will to fur Iii lied with Moll information at will unable them to Belr Little subjects of fear Lesely and with w much skill at an experienced Bee the a never failing Supply of and abundance of Timber for these lands Are Tho richest known in e they will unix line of Barley wheat and from 40 to 00 bin to the for fruit and the bit Alfalfa land Thuiy will in Vico two Dropti per annul o inn 1u inn of no Talon Liay to the fur All lauds sown in no rent will be charged i to first the Cost of putting in Alfalfa is no More than Tho sowing of and can be put in any time during the Corn will mature it planted any time before the Middle of the no Fence Law extends Over the whole and such fencing As needed for the Oare of Stock on the farm will be out of the rent by the Tho lands will be if unprecedented of baker8iield for Bale Twenty or forty acre the lands Are a Bandy easily slowed with a Light at the rate of two acres per Rocqual Opportunity for procuring a fiks class Faem Baa been offered in the where Tho crops of the first season will a the Price of the to Mem i Faiumu in a sure cube for a sure cure for the itching and ulcerated piles Baa bpm discovered by William an Indian called we Lima Indian a single Box ban cured the worst old chronic cases of Twenty no and thirty years no Ono need Buffer live minutes after applying this wonder Ful soothing instruments and elect Aries do More harm than Williams ointment absorbs the al lays the intense itching particularly at night after getting warm in Ucli us a gives instant Anil paid Lviv remit and is pre pared Only for itching of Tut private not nothing i in pm Iladel Loui Villis Indianapolis and this and spent hum found no Relief i Williams Indian Liuti ids of soil lined a Box of four months ago and it has cured to Dune to More Good than All Tho mod in Lars i Ever and i have spirit More than wit i to Sittu Nodi Uinci i am sure coat me Licu u any remedy it is prescribed the most eminent by Viciana All Over Tho i in aches and general kidney liver nervous head general ill health spinal nervous female pain in Tho shoulders sour stomach bail taste in the palpitation of the pain in Tho Region of the and Housend other painful symptoms Are the offspring of Bucu invigorate the and Strau Latch the torpid Bowel Atid kidneys to healthy in cleansing the blood of All and imparting new life and vigor to the whole a single trial will be quite sufficient to con Viloe the most hesitating of Ita valuable rent Odul Pek or six bottles for delivered to any free from patients my consult by receiving the same attention As by by answering questions live your age and Post office county and and your your age and sex occupation married or single now and in How Long have you been sick your color of hair and have Yon a stooping or erect gait Itel nto without reservation All Yon know about your enclose Ono Dollar As Oon Aulta Tiomi tour latter receive our and we will live Yon of your and oar candid opinion Cernig a come earn i physicians attend to Corr Pond All Lotters a lion be to Dot 1817 Filbert ii Elm opium and morphine habit Antl Abiu lately Ami pet rally pallem no ii Belutty Tiu Wutt Caiwei Drudul Tenem Mourod in 10 to Krai Hump for cd Roluri Loolara wart druggist and in soul everywhere Riboud
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