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Bakersfield Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Dec 11 1879, Page 3

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Bakersfield Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - December 11, 1879, Bakersfield, California The weekly item pastor of the Church in Baucm fold Merlc pts in and Vicinity an Zukur Flem Ever at it Iho Turnt and thin of Ench month at 7 cnnfu11 of Ilioof Holme on Trio sni iday it 3 it Ikui Ritly school Houston Tho fourth Honda it 3 All Are cordially invited to attend Thrno for oof go to Weill Frt tit fruit jars and sealing Wax f Haik clothes brushes hat brushes and tooth brushes at Drury drug foil dry dress gents furn Ishing shoes go to Weill they keep ovary thing you unti file Bright Star at is in thu hands of the taxes became delinquent on the first monday in the aged Mother of Edward dec was buried at Oak land on fretto does not believe in Tho narrow gauge rail Road from Baker sliced to the san it does not touch Wilson has consented to another series of dancing two evenings each at Tho town after in absence in the East for about two returned to Bank Crisfield last week and is welcomed by numerous Sho Jiff left for san Quentin on monday with Frank sentenced to states prison for life for to is sixty two years of Wallis have removed their drugstore to Tho building lately vacated by next to the Arlington they Cany a Large Stock of everything in their Queen Victoria was bilious and n Groat commotion was raised through out the United she took some Blue pills and the commotion tub people of lower California arc so fearful of a repetition of last years drough that they can hardly Tum that abundance of rain hits failed to grass growing and Stirt the if nothing More should come before lie Par ret from thu surrounding country Are most sheriff has to in Quick time for san a Nevin with his Irons urus for fear they will Oil by Moonlight he has to keep them Well in their cells for fear they will run and jump out of Tho win a or Kat Deal of interest is being taken in the thu charitable society known As Tho United order of it fakes Tho Lead As a benevolent to under stand Thoon Lor is gaining strength in Deputy sheriff bin Mitchell brought Down last night from Kern Villa Man named who was bound Over in Tho sum of to keep the having threatened to kill his not to i Bonds to was incarcerated in the county formerly of Mil is writing up Tho mines of Inyo and says Gladstone Gold and Silver mining company is about to build a Mill and do great Thoj Inyo debt ended says the wolverines must to a trusting and confiding to build that Wilsons dancing enter 1 Tal Menton monday at the town Tho following ladies were present of offy supers for Halberd of Linns Valley is about to resign his Posi Tion and go to an appoint ment to fill Tho vacancy will need to to it is hopeful and probable that Tho vacancy will not lie created before Tho now officers Ake their places in january Tho Fresno we Olg rowers i6 to elect per Monona officers of the association on december at Ono of Tho Mendocino murder ers was killed and Tho other Cap lured last Tulare from Trio at Mussel Slough All hands arc to Finisy Harv Stingi their potato and Are having a very Good Tho raisers Fluvog organized themselves into a potato for Mutual about Twenty of our Best citizens have joined and All Are bound to by governed by Trio they have Sut the Price of potatoes at per and have passed a resold lion of censure on any inti Rohnn May oppressor try to obtain potatoes from any member of Tho Union fur less Lumu Price set in the Alveh Chsn All Innon Beis Are required to withdraw their patronage from the the bedding in the Culi Booso n the depot at Tulare was stolen last Ali pay car paid nut at Tulare on monday of last the party at mus l Slough has been re Organ the judgment of Trio r co against a settler was by default there being no question of owner ship by that the exodus from Mineral King during the last month his been As Grout is that of negroes from the South into a settlers league has been formed at Mineral Paschal an old resident of Tulare county died Sud Only of bilious Colic on the 5tli in slant at considerable work is being done in the old Quarz mines in Biti River District and by a new pro Cess of Many of them Promise Good Mcnulty is working old grizzly and it goes to the the old eclipse Mill the old Furnace and new furnaces put Placer newly opened by deeper in and other pay from 83 to some 20 men Are now engaged in Placer and 30 or 40 in Quartz prospects for the District Are most Flat to Puso Cheek hmm Tho what an unlucky set Are we that live on Posu Creek tin Ludu he Causo to have no u let the outside world know what an enterprising people Are also of the inti Molcil number of Lour lodged such at hogs that could to raised on one of our newly discovered Gar of however we arc go mar to hold oui peace until the thin is Ami then do our it tins moistened the ground of six to and the commenced growing rapidly until Jack Frost made his appearance some two weeks ago since then the or with has come to a grit id stain set 1 is have All Coin a coded blowing but Lor the fear of iry weather none have that we have Hoard after a sup fusion of two work has again commenced on the Artesian and with i Loub cd they Are now Ling Day and to will mow whether Artesian water pm e had on Poso or the Woll it Low ij50 feet accompanied by Boss Carport i pail a visit to your town last Gor formerly of is up a Saloon at Poso an average of Throo carloads of lumber arrive hero daily from Stockton also from three to six earn of Hay Roin the co1 ton near a Are six tenant in the and they intend sow no from to acres each Ever marries or die so it is impossible i chronicle anything in that practical the above Tho is Roii your if of ill re Ferring to Tho analysis of Pierrot Jolden medical discovery and Suges Catarrh recently made by Chandler of new and Bays Noth Fiji was discovered which we think of and Tho published anal Ysis should rather than re their to it seems n Little unjust to Call a Man a simply because to corks to reap As much pecuniary Reward As other classes of Tim English press is Yot Notoro careful examination of All the Chi it not Only endorses but recommends Tho family medicines manufactured by remedies Over offered Tho give such perfect As Porcos Golden medical discovery and sagos cat he my Park agent of the in has a now Standard Organ of Tho latest pattern whim huot fifi at Tho lowest Price on Ihn install Nih it it is Tho cheapest and handsomest instrument e brought to the of states the eve Hal in Nico 25o 25o Call and tub United states hotel is the House for Good to Ulo and Good Plant Only Good fresh As ordered of Kern Island a spa Kiriy quietus is riven to n hacking cough by that Inesti mime specific for tin and bronchial bal Sam Vor tub which arcs in cum and it list disorders of the Jospi Ruthory when a conch manifests Tho curly use of this boned Cint Medicino is earnestly Taco As thu Tiffi culty is More in incipient stingo than inter sold by Ull to Ikka is no Litno to be lust when u cough it tacks in adopting nuns of prevention con Hii Niolion and a with perfect to termed he incipient Khagu of Tomso tic sri live and it is Tom Iii rat of fully to disregard if neglect it will assuredly culminate in Sonio Dnn Gratis Pelmo Norv but Halls Balsam Iii tub Lions Lio the complaint is speedily Viii Misund and All Dan Ger there is no Pulmonic Zompa Riillo to this Grout sold by 1 m Ink Stoks Are not a chess any Onn May Utilio r Happy thought and make a lint Many Good inventions Are lost by miss management of ignorant attorneys for full instructions How to protect write to Fos ters Patent 509 seventh Fos ters standing May easily be ascertained at the Patent office before which he has practice Tho Twenty special attention is Given to reviving old and Rejc ced and to cases requiring the services of a practical e ratings cough Tho Groat or Luth them i unquestionably thur ruined Corfu in Wint Kii Cut a Mirl of the Taino at Sliko glom to Ito Ali medical testimony hta Toh in Bette euro for Shiw com Plain in exists nov kirov of Over Liaf a Oon Turvy exper Lopicc they co Lalu no or and violin Artir Keats Nam cub ii lozenges by Thomas London Aro sold by nil fur u3dington and Langley a Sab novl3 Bakersfield in b u x d e u t a k e keens Coli Mummy Imanil a to Anil Var Lii Ani bedroom looking Pic tuck jobbing and Rpp Frong done t with furniture be cofiin8 and caskets of eve11v Fine re Rand in Nunn in Southern kept in or lava to Lull Trio May Agency of san Jose photographs of Ull kinds of Etc in Marble or to Homm at the More pm Lea same As at san Cal Liml examine greatest facilities to buy goods for and soil Tho sur no for lower than the the Stock consists of general merchandise i grand opening foe fall and Winter to o id is the grocery and provision department 18 the finest and most Oom Pleie assortment in misses and childrens moots and i and fancy goods am the most varied and aural and Hiltl gent Romeus furnishing tobacco Tivo in g Pake Kern Sun scribe for the w courier californian Llic Only paper w Aicie is devoted to the in Tekeste of till and Independent of politicians and rings Oxly Thuee Peu every citizen who feels an interest in the Ilc Velo Prat of the vast re Norcis of Iho Hui ill Patro Ilzo the co us 115rca i Fournia n it is Iho he Only medium Lii he us bound us Coqui cilium of thu county Van be ii Idu As nil Trio Covini Iksic no can Pusk Ubhi Auxin Piliu Iii nut Only a Lapu in Kern in Trio Huu Liru unit if lilt Evi by Kii miss Man who of orcs to in Reni Unn Liilo Java bring lie Koch my Ali Willil Lulic Twu la Ilia executed neatly and Pho Motly on the we Havo ind of great improvements in huh Job vol lire now Jiff Pard in execute world in that from n Small Viii Iii card to a Luxo Bouw parties Jabiri Ivy Job rid tiny should Call Puiul Camino our our turn to in richly Cash in Advance to will furnish clubs of ten for 525 Wes Kavo not disposed of this space s Luff la a week in your own town ind you Oiin Rlou i by nothing until you Bob Fry oui i what you do at the Minini Niew we in room to explain you ran Lovoto All your Tomti Only your Quiri Tiu to Tiu and Nalie Hwy for by lion unit you world a Ninon malic Mutoli an Honeil for enc Tho Roith or once i Iii it i of of Artilo to a common or mercurial jul firm and their Aro health and a Ennd vat Ali fiver bar nov in nil in Nice Liy bul 1 la of ulu All i tin lie ruin rail Are i Torunn Nom torm r in Many if 1 in r u it i it 1 v i in in uru of Hrco Trio City i or i to Iii in i i i of ill or i m d 99 i Verjil si2c pellets o oooo 9 o the of f it cons Tow a icons of Crift Mil Lilily weft Anil Lulky from Ilio Tom float Njoto in Iho Lii Kouo 1uln in to in iriv of Mitiu Mill Lori notion the Economy l a Fotland or to liver mint pro Aero it the Pron Trlica of to limbo tji Cyc i Tyml incl cd in com bottles tin in i hereby preserved for any of any re i inn in that they Aro no ways Ivr h this id not die title la put in in dump wifi turn or Punsti Linnrll inv nil we Iron n or i Ali so to Tolu iliuts will Ylva bom by Aud in mint Ricail Trilck n or Lull a in eel of the nasal Pas 1 h Kller Cougle x Ini Paluci lit l u turn of of Binch Olla in incl rfcs Only a l r Uduc Lilily Tubu or Coli in any part sacks Catarrh remedy in Siivo the worst ram of r r Tho Lui ult re Mode 11 r Mit no Willod by thu use of i Zylik Usu Only form of instr Flum to i i to at 1 mid the clinic in Welcl i Irrin Niilyn and from which r its Tuo to from dlr colom sous on v it Tel at inlets of cold in the u u in old Imil pub in it map or u nil Jii Narhi to ant fat 1 i allans ant fat is tip rat a Contr for it purely pc Tulilo Mil Porf tally 11 Arisen in i into taken in it Wiloh a co Liivi buitmin1 is a Nar Aiolfi mall let by 1 took u to nil ii Nir ivc 1 Wun in run Tail Over the nit thai i suit to Akk zimans i Riig f for Lii Sec Oil a Liliyan or Lucy fur patient from prov Ldene Iii four Lio Eiliv have Lier we Luht Froin if in Milf i9j improve Iii ii in a writing fron Lens ton Ihnut pc Cal re Pinko or intention to two lmllli4 of allans Aii Tofal inc Hiir Juliu Well known whole Faiu 103 write at follows allans and Kiil Lia i a in our Elty a Van non Nils in Izreo a in Vrr i a uni at in Bluml to twelve three Nurt Nina flier i Havo lout Livent Siivo Linro liar rom whole inti or Willot of allans tin Lugii week mull 1 r report i from Ihu y who t v i r v1 two to live a Eek until 1 had Loit Liminik 1 Ivy Riki Ilii Wlms i Anil at u in it promotes to Cine by for to Luil Bantu that natural i Liao named it pierces favorite prescription Iii 1iiu to i or Milim of u nut As tue Lemur Croin liar Arm of no or Daloul on Lulia a and i Tactual liar Elan mid Ono dial at Ull and tinder nil act i am willing to Hake i that it will uni do appoint Iho innit no lilo All Ninta fur we Deli 1 Nunn mind hint 1 Oitto mid sell it under a tobit Ink for i i he following Fri among Iliou Uli Caiti in which my Kar Orllo incr Letlon Tun worked if Liy and with a cirt Nunly never i Liiro attn Ned Liy Kiowa Leo 1alnnil monthly when from unnatural weak 1roj railing or Ilio Anlo Milon and Kumh Licar Slagis than Alq in Lipor or and we acne in Oliy Iii ail i of a i Ike rust la Ull Ali Rollo ill Rawn of he Al of u will nut for it nil i f to not ii till Kilili Niwell Clitu an a fill dolls to Ioka who on Liono Picu can obtain it in the common by mob a Hook of Over iwo Hub on receipt of u Tinati Kiili Puldy of Mihok Seoul Lar to and Muon yawl Kalilu and rfcs la regard to Trio Mazag treat of san the Margont Milo Inonu on Trio Couff if you Vris i to buy a Piana or warrant Oil to stand Trio climate Tho san we can1 s furnish and recommend Tho Webor Hains bios piano Pease do not Koop bogus every piano inert have tic nukes name engraved i Tho j110 at or it is lie Tiro of Ament Artio do not Repoff sent any reliable soil bogus sold m easy brass and everything in Tho Nusio line1 or cull san a to All wlm Aro Burlij Illig Riim lib Vern a Tourt of Sta i y Hohhof i will Olp i that will Ono lri0 of Ohi Uruu at no Coly we into overed by u in South Bond a Ted envelope to the to Araji station be a York a Bijj would inform to citizens of private lessons v
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