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Bakersfield Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Dec 11 1879, Page 2

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Bakersfield Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - December 11, 1879, Bakersfield, California The weekly sole to the after to Tot Many tons that have been made by Julius Chester in regard to my claims to the ownership of this it is due to myself that f explain what those claims really and Why my Riattia now appears is on Tho 30th Day of july it was told at sheriffs Sale to satisfy a Large demand of certain gentlemen tuft supposed the natural con sequence if i am correctly in formed of having acted As his and which it satisfied Only in i was among the bid and without particularly wish ing or desiring Tho property was off to when i went to take Possession i found in anticipation of what had he bad Given a lease of it to a compositor in the the lease stipulated the payment of a certain monthly on there appearing a fair return for my i decided to take no to set Asido which was irregular and might easily teen but to leave it in pos of the he said that of Chi months rent was Wilio Frera promised to pay in a Day or and would pay with regularity there but to failed to t Dunne him several times with no until at last it became Clear to to instigated by to not Only had no disposition to fulfil Tho forms of Tho but in connection with that to unlawfully hold and Luy then i appealed to the courts for i commenced suit for rants and about Tho Middle of or nearly two months subsequent to my making both of them sum Mons wore duly and George Venable the Learned and distinguished Tibt riot attorney elect appeared for the but Asho did not deem i necessary to meet Ibe coi plaint filed be my attorn with an or any kind of a default was entered Early in Tho month of the ease was called Early in the no bomber term of the court and Sot for trial on the 29th of Trio same in the meantime Tho Learned counsel for1 the defense in substituting the name of Stetson Houghton in bin but when the Case was called that Tho safety of his la Nous clients would be imperilled without Tho his Legal ability and sex he again appeared As their counsel and moved the Cour that the names of Stetson Hough ton be stricken from the docket As attorneys for the this proceeding was followed by others hardly Dompreh Eusiblo to Legal minds of Ordinary Caliper he moved to Asido the default and then withdraw the of the this mysterious am complicated preliminary h failed to there was u counsel for Tho judg Reed was careful to boo that in advantage was taken of Tho do everybody knows the outrageous Way he has been Slun bored and Villi Iod by the forme editor and proprietor of this paper he throughout the t have Felt a nervous fear she jog animosity or Bias Laguins the defend the extent of fall ing into the opposite the defense was granted every and Opportunity in the my attorney of this com findings which wer allowed by Tup judgment Given in the Learne Eow owl Lor tiie m Tho next o s profound moves served notice of lotion for a new trial on my actor promptly As possible Liu sked the cowl to1 take it up id dispose of Dis Lin it shed counsel claimed to was titled to ten Days time to Raj Mac fall davits in support of his setting his redness with is usual Force Ami eloquence but in tie logic of Law and 10 court could not Grant what he aimed As a and As a favor live him six Days to introduce us Lori ties establishing the right of 10 court to entertain Trio Ich practice or proceeding new to in courts and bar of this Tho expiration of Trio the Atter was called up on monday of us week and the Learned counsel differed Wilh Tho court As Tho legality of the entry of Tho 10 Tho not unwilling to examine this Point in Iho Light f profound Mogul erudition Gnon in until not morning to introduce at that Toiuo my attorney and Tho Learned counsel both eing present in the matter As called up and tie Rolo Nncy of 10 authorities and at Issue Ould not be it was of a train of Mot phys cat reasoning too finely spun for Cabal and Tho court As compelled to refuse to enter Ain the the Learned coun al was Given until the opening of 10 court to Day to file an a Eal failing to do a Rit of restitution was issued at 3 and soon 10 Shoirif placed to in Possession my As 1 us not a lawyer and not Amilius with the proceedings of the foregoing relation is give i just As Iho Case appeared to u unprofessional and with Legal Ccu Rucy and precision us to Laii but Tho facts Aru truthfully if there in any which i have tried hard to it s in some nones Euthul Ono can read it without being on inked that a Borchu cd and homeless attempt was in tulo to keep to out of Possession of my and thai for reasons to Ore stated Julius Chester was Given Chance in court to under lie most lenient construction of Law us the practice of to was of Tho publication f this paper will to but to Aims and purposes will to Dieter it will no longer to used As n instrument of As a pc Iolo for Tho dissemination of foul Lander Tho abuse of those who May Tavo threatened Tho machinations f and Tho systematic re ailing of falsehoods in regard to every subject touched above All and first of All it will to truth there Aro no characters 1 wish Blacken Thoro Aro no schemes of Rov ongo or sinister designs i wish to carry i shall industriously collect Tho latest do All in my Power to promote Tho interests of Trio own and Aud before i criticise a county will to very sure a wrong has Boon com Tho politics of Tiik Campo unman will be Republican in National am state affairs of Tho strictest sort in county matters it May sometimes disregard politics in favor of Tho Best always inclining to Tho to Lief that Tho Bost Man is Tho Roub Lioan Pauls or Kelly will hold Christmas aortic a at Pauls episcopal a the school doom Ber with communion service All Are cordially How to become a capitalist spun less than you dedicated to our enterprising Stockton i am coming you will Bear Ray plaintive in accents mild Aud gentle As a Lamb mro Long i will to found bringing two More Conta Par Bey to potato that i Home has not progressed in its manufacturing industries As its facilities love it has a 1000horso never fail ing and never clicked by dry or unfavourable some years ago it was proposed to erect a Wool scouring and offers were made to its Citi runs to join in erecting n manufactory of Woolen the first in almost indispensable to the full development of the Largo sheep interests of the to have a firs class flouring Beer and soil ii furnishing first finality products of their what is now especially required is a manufactory of farming imply Wiki important Branch is now showing a Good Deal of in that the making of carriages and Den two years ago constructed a Largo building in town for this Pur and has since considerably enlarged he is making the Best vehicles of All kinds Ever known in the sumo of the finest Bug Gies to to seen on our stress Are of his he has just finished a top Bugary which for Beauty of style and finish cannot be surpassed in the state it has been on exhibition at his shop the past ten und attracted general the painting is a Model of taste and it is Well known that it is almost impossible for the wagons built at the North or in the Eastern slates to stand this dry the material must be put Here to stand Iho lest of our the work turned out by Denver has during the past dry equal to any exposure and old tiers in the country do not pretend to Trust anything this important Industry is destined to grow into great proportions within the next three a Model one of the finest Small farms of cultivation of Peters and others have purchased latest news Tho new Raisin dryer of Llie Nevada in Fresno ui8 been it requires 1rom to feet of Lumer for the it will have cart parity for thirty tons of fruit a Chii Fri and will Fumi Sli employ out to 61 Fresno claims to to growing into City of Tho Tan Jun juin the Valley is that of about ten Miles Southwest of a Thero is an appearance of Thrift about it Well Worth observing by Tho settlers in that Sec Clark has divided his farm of 170 acres into and is raising some vhf Tho Best Stork in the to has Twenty Young a a Crinan Tho product of this Llo has Iho Jami in Vij Anil All Liin shows care i it u l treat to Sec n acres of land in county for the cultivation of the Plant from which the insect powder is a Facury for grinding Tho the Stockton says a facility for grinding Iho with steam Mills fur the manufacture of will to established which will give employ ment tout least fifty the efficiency of Liis insect powder has Licon and Iho pc of it clip reprise is we hoped Armor who knows Tho use of tic Industry would be located in lie doubtless a proposition v As the old Farmers injun Cricri son alien be was about in Start in for himself John never go in but if you do go in go in debt for Clark has adopted a novel Way of protecting Young Orange Trees from the Puls a Keg with both ends Over the body of the drives close together around it at n Dis Lance of two then fills Tho intervening space with fresh keeping it Damp it generates heat enough to offset the cold at and his Trees look As fresh As in Clark believes in ibis the lowest grounds of the oranges and Lemons can he protected till they Are old enough withstand the severest frosts of Tea Lark misgiving special attention to tie Breeding of Tine Stock As Tom Bestol Iho farm prod lie also devotes a Good Deal of care to his and last year raised sugar beets for his hogs at Tho rate of Twenty tons to the Llis vegetables and strawberries were Llie wonder of and it would be Well if our banners would follow his delinquent mining to of principal Plant of Kern upon Ilio Clou Cri litre i account of amt Emmitt on the Day of the govern Luix Nett Sot opposite Stu Minca of Trio us made Fronin Lime since to Carr and Haggin for land in this and it was supposed it would be carried it would have been a cat advantage to this i i Elmr i Mycity it Pirn with Pinr tax and Elci Lutfu univ Iii Enid every n try that runic Kuiv uni leu with amt mini i nil Iii Linn Point Niit Nurl Iii thu Diute d Lii in old in Silti Terr uni Tinl inn i Rolt id favor and Cuti Nilvo Liy nil Anil retail fur suit Olio Limilo Liy a i san Emu Cinco nmr2li in Eric tic Magazine of Force in Jefter Tillitt fun Mac Natl 1sto u Iltz Mai Razink r nil urtice Riili Itji Fri lil of ill Lull 4 Fri shout Sion us Union livery and Sale nineteenth prop if to flub a the poll Orleton would infill in Iligir and lit i it Jiuu unit he mix Trio a Limuli will Hij Luici Ortli under Liis Enni Mil personal nil to 11 who Niny inv or Lilin with Iligir tlinw1 ftnlili8 Aru and Dix Taco of Lii Onri Otilit Linni Ica no Jii Lilli a Firth and i Milan will c inn aril nil cured fur it modern to Ulm Khz if Linn no Trio in rim ii in a nest muck n Hutli of sum of buggies am Carriage with i Lonhyn for hero on read Nunuo Alan Zoitl Hiu Mlo i Nitti until which will Liu Hirsil in no in any part of Ibe country Tuu Durau the Fitl Lintini r in in a Bli up Iii uhf Rume of the ii p Llie Fri Nripal j fillip ii ure Ninita nil Ali in mtg who Ivy Tribur Hollister has offered to give As u starter for Iho Railroad out Sanni Ricl Ioco announces o will do All in his Power to for Ard the Atlantic and Iau fio rail on Tho uni in Democrat with the id easing Prosperity of Tho town my county in and lining there is a gradual in Weitso of Tho number f strangers in Sugiura has increased tiring Tho last year u Largo per Cut Over that of several years gone y Tho Boll Villo enlers Rte Public cd t that Plano in ten Osseo says Tho Mariti Amtul fun or bus become Chi Clio in Crocket an attempt to explode Tho while to was on Tho train was made to wrong train was blown and o had a narrow general and Grant of horned hut neither in nor in lie courts of nor in and so Ial Circle which they had Over did they see such express Ivo und elegant toilet a As wore i splayed by Tho tables of san fran who was promo tent Tho past year in the important Vator Milih in Tho District court of Vern has been retained by to City of Oakland to defend its Vonler in Tho brought by to Central Pacific Argo Stock of fall and Winter and their display is us Good to Chin be soon the dry Roods department is and u Tho grocery Lino they Timve every Liing Coli in Are constantly to coving now they have a Complete line of ladies dress and gentlemen furnishing for bargains go to Cohen Bros the Sacramento Olivor Rose 17 foot on Friday in same storm inches rain foil at Tho heaviest rain Over known in thu Hail roads in Oregon Aro seriously injured with Tho head Rains which no heavier than Timo since another Man was arrested will in counterfeit Gold and Silver in his posses i 1 12v 8 nil 10 12 13 no ii 15 18 i m 21 20 Elai Road store third Street leave the most a s 8 o k t i e w t general merchandise out Jde of ban All goods in this House Are marked one counterfeit property in Fresno is rising in Brick is in of by Maalo Paolo Inen for Llaina Aud 1eaiio ii Minoa the Etty told o Saiy Seo nov 025 31 11 is iw5 Sis 1c50 kid Noo aint 25 00 fit 5 la jail g no us i w it or Limo to to Lii r Hoy inn j3jk 10 til 50 to 60 00 Anil acco Linco with Ninny hires of each Jia col of Munok rim ix1 will in in front of tinker Uley kith Oli on the 13tli Day of at 3 oven Ali of Mic i to pity Tinq Piunt Torci Lwi ii Eitta and Pinr orly n ally ii minimal pal Musur c i per blur it ii k h s in Towli ii k mix Ahtl Iriny i linens Atil Ivriy Lull thin Tho Tulare says Stronn Aro Niu Nerquis on the streets of Iowa la Enji Nero the invent works of has Ini arly that Trio season so far is very intr in that and hut Tho Empire Mill at Mineral King is now in full Elmer in Loel no of Tho counterfeiters broke jail at los Angeles by picking the lock on saturday last and Bob harpers Magazine fun flying Llie in pct Olio lorely Ami from the Eilun Kluun Jiuing or to univ de that a taken will be it tie tit flt i to to recut lung Ngo Ilmet in i could have Bill one work for it Culillo i would Leloi a Nom Iileta let of Itai Ziella franc i in Contenti Are contributed by the Moil eminent Ait Tinori and Ariun of Kropo Anil Lille the Long of in uni us ii them Conven tit wit i the Dei Rem of Trio Nelub they will no Effort to Trio Tolomei of tie begin Wilh the for Juno in t december of each when no u will be j James the Ibn crier no Slioma to begin Wii in the m Fri ii re new Ali Igli i Wmk Fin Orivl vix inc m Brumsk n Libr nov in Lient writing ii of the Iii living Miulli in Nril mind volume ii Are Umile from Malert Alii a Lihr upper it Frei full Kanh number Taii it u Tine n in the list Narner lire Neil Toltl ill re to the at 15 one ropy on Venir five fur Tun Ilc Ami any 6 to Gnu intake ire Ito us Ilont 25 Bond Arlington Corner Chester a Gnu and third Street harpers co Iii Tykus Ali Olhiser Nguvu Iiames Linn 4 00 4 01 00 Otie year 7 00 Taupe ii Young one 1 so free in Alt in thu United or Anim in Linn Glit aft and broke lie or or in Lii Imp Fornale and Delta Ethwl to if to bad of Reed to v Eake Esfield lumber successor to Moore it Amor in All kinds of Oregon Redwood Madera building lumber Redwood posts Doo windows and a Fetn plate pot of Itali rus pros off r9 in unit Tuiuli will be Hurt by Irel Plit it Exonie of n Nix it us 85 in Slupko Liy fur m i Rostrand unum foe Maile by Volt office Money on Lar or to avoid Clu Noe of lire nut in copy Tulili ill Holly Uril for of la Norpor a ail drop unit Phil new Panfir Sclass Fine Nui Deri la Masc h dark elegant billiard Saloon and car on the first Itiline Ollendi Milb ill every do May Carload Lola it greatly it diced octet in Central prop Stew Weil bricks Seth Aid a Giffis eighteenth Blacksmith inf of the latest btvle8 of jail and of Wumino Trio now out de Gus Best Quality of boots and to invite Public attention to our new Stock of Belo Tod exp rosily for Lila silk and Cotton Ladin so of Everty Stiltn of and Kikiro Puii of woo Lou goods from the Miralou and ban Jobo Woolen groceries and prices reduced to suit the having Superior for doing i Itin prepared to build to Endor Light or heavy by Jongkees or anything thut runs on at Short notice and reasonable All kinds of repairing and Especial attention Given to Bomi retake the hardware and Aud various other agents for the celebrated Coc Mungo wines and native the Orocu Rougo wide took a to Emlem at the Centennial the Public generally Are us Ltd to Call an having with Fiigon a first Luss Mun our i am prepared to do Carriage and Orna mental painting in bolter Stylo and it lower Nitus than any u the the Public arc invited to cell und Sec our do if Knop Wikton of the to lilt triv Flisik Public that the bum ill to Youdu Czetl by an firs class n i manner to meet the approbation of Kulir nil Ninn Lent w Kiin Plistil with nil the the Market Attorri my my Tingle or lira in the a tit Wagon making and r8airing Morgan v to Tiik Public a wait Huttt Ltd shop Yoeu Wiltil bar and ii now to he lint with Ted in a great reduction in prices blacksmithing and making material the Trade at easy Bat ii pall Milne attn lion will lit it will i tin Boot Ulm Wilhur of Flat to by a an 3 Central fact to Rai time Ramon or train from ban Frati Fiaoo daily it and at at Taibi Vimr Trala from a Lei daily at my Francisco at n from ban f from in a Keten at 15 no freight will to received at the depot elegant a Ultang oar i Nunie and Addrue Cunt poit on Reci iut of 111 Ouatu in ice list or Wilvor v1ng
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