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Bakersfield Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Dec 11 1879, Page 1

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Bakersfield Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - December 11, 1879, Bakersfield, California 3jl Kern thursday december weekly shed every morning one year six Lif Cro ton per of and spool no first p Inch per by the Money require ill e nil n cents nun kern1 0 meet fit their Liall every sat 1 urday visiting and song Brothers in Rood rant Liivik r Iron coca Donrue logo meets on the third tuesday even in of each All Brothers and Ulster of the order cited to Iessi onal and Bua Inesa card George Tynejr and at i near Kern Valley Bank physician Kern in Burnips drug guilt attended la hours of the Ilay and i Louis mint Kox it Wallace gos drugstore residence a Etc notary Chester Boxen Del Kern co hrs St Elf Misiax Axi sit pkg Kern uru Rys drug n27gm Chester Nufa Turkeli i3st All kinds of i Ness and Flap timid by 4 Repi Rii a Gin it to Mil and examine my goods and before Send my ook for the a True Manilla on Quino iaihk2dt Ivi Lolong of How to inlay partner fur a what re 1 the of Bewly inn re j Union of the a private to shh married and from real organa of and How to pro Irve them in lir Ali Eihud of How to tie Hull Tiv Anil for a of information of much import nine in Tein Lve Loi food Laito and no family should without u by Addren month Ozark who longer eng aired in the treatment of al to and ipe Oul Ali Baiei and Dubai i of in any other Phil Nunn in the and and Ino armful in Hli in Royalty inn remedies hint Are nil there j till Init Letlon Hai a High reputation Lor to Munnt and Profeti Runnal embryo iry conv Elenoe for re treatment Wlllie Home and Call or 1iu in Tolenti Are Bong by mull and free and in 1 Hample of rubber for Lillei and with or Oulu of Linen Plant by us liable female f s s03 South Ozark Munro by Falva pastu11aoe May us had it the ranch of by the month or Enaud Man u Ink lob printing Ivory variety of Job printing executed notice and on the Moat Rosa Nable t the All i know tin wrong of me who Fain would hold my Darling from Tho lord that of his great love the Boon my heart did and now would take unto himself be do say i know i but nil the agony of the planned Bowcut Job Laid be cannot who Neer gave up what you bid me do not Auk a Mother that hath known the bitter Birtle of she not More glad he nlioiil1 an Angel than live Oil but a child to Call liar own to morn with those soft locks of Golden liner to and my fondling fingers weave no More to Hearken Overy morn and Evo the pretty lisping of his 1 no More to soothe his Little and watch him at gambol or in Rosy rent no More to catch him wildly to my and Seo All heaven in he Dot Blu Eyck i never More to fci1 Tho soft Tendril arms around my neck my nil mine nil mine filled with Awell All other i is be know forge to if i fire to plead with him could he be in heaven with the and with like themselves than More More fair him not 1rnm Bane might stay my with Hopo Lebs and Poison of so i should Hia face Aguin i Tho strongest Knitli is tried by fondest that to in idol clings with heedless hold Blind and blunted to the manifold Waring or whispers from Pardon to that thou so wouldst yearn to take Tho blessed Guerdon it is most meet thyself it was who Maclusi him so thou Well Mayott crave him for the sweetness thy will to done still if it la to Lino own Good who didst freely give what i so gun Djojo to let him that i May know thou Art not vexed with Yea if but for a apply sore and in very overflow of my unbounded May grow 0 Aud who May know the Emosi most merciful i for All there Only according to our poor weak human thou a Hollst to pleased to take to in his do heed will to take to or suffer yet 0 live for thou in invest All my forgive the in the Lovo of thy dear Rondo Rondo Tho French name floated out Iron Tho t pen window of Tho and Renee Courtland come out from Tho Shadow of drooping her braid Hal hanging loosely on Hor Khon Clor whore Sho had pushed it Back from her while standing in Tho Margaret Grays voice had roused Tho girl from dreams of Lester the handsome Blu eyed stranger visit ing at the House that nestled amid Lindon Trees in Tho hollow where Tho old fashioned cottage of the Grays Sho had been dreaming of his deep laughing Hia Chestnut his Nono Talent that always changed to tenderness for whatever was the Charm of Lester Sinclair to had surely won the first Lovo of Renco court lands girlish years before Tho father of Ronee Courtland loft tier to Tho care of Margaret Calm Margaret had been his girl love in their Early Yout i and who had never in mom Ory of that first she scarcely know herself what had come Between Only it had ended in bitter words and a still More bitter and in his us Furlos Courtland had married h pretty Dur Koyed French Mother of years when his wife to Hud come to his Early Lovo and Iskold her to to his wife and a Mother to Liis but with nil her mar ret Gray was prouder than Many and Bho gravely answered almost Sor Yot still it was la to made no second know no How useless it would but three years death called he left his penniless child to the care of mar Jaunt the child has grown up id a slender with great Gray eyes and a childlike to to the Darling of Margaret irays hurl an 1 the Day Star of Victor Grays some distance Down the Road Vic Tor Gray stood leaning against u his Faco grave and oven beyond ins to was not a handsome Man this Victor Trio to was something better than Beauty in hits proud for manhood Wab Stampo t on his Broad Honor and truth gleamed in his though Tho general expression of his Xiaoe was his smile could be Gui Itlo almost us a and this Man loved childish Ranee with All the strength of f and she loved Loster to threw away his half burned Cigar and turned toward the his face still gravely rence came to meet cant i go Down to raymonds this evening Kathin is 5oing to have a croquet mar Garet says but May i not go you might Home with Kutlo asked to looked at the childish i will go to two hours later rence came Boking like a wild Rose in her Pink Muslin with clustering flow cars in her breast and they were rather Early in i he Cro Quet so Kathie and rence played a game by Victor 3rny watched Renco with pitying knowing the pain in store for which he had been 100 he thought to warn her i could not Tell he and yet 1 wish i to watched her turning Pule its to saw How her eyes wan dered to the she had thrown her hat aside and the soft Breeze lifted the dark curls Olf Low brow and deepened the Rose tint on her he saw the red lips part in smiles and Tho Lovely dark eyes and turning towards they ate to saw Lester Sinclair coming up the path a lady leaning on his the one look at Renee told Victor that she never suspected in her like her was in she believed in Lester Sinclair As she did in her own Loyal to lady on his Arm was a Deli Cate i tic with u certain kind of of the Wax doll with big Blue Dainty features and clustering Flaxen they came Forward to where re Neo he this is the Young lady i told you Cour Niy betrothed miss his betrothed wife the words rung in Renee then seemed to Dio away in a moaning remember Shn was Only seven and childish for her Tho Bright Young face grew pallid As and All Tho Sweet Light seemed to fade from her Victor strode to her Tuko to dont fool very please to the words died away on her and the next moment Victor held her White and senseless in his a magnificent and furnished with almost Orion to from Tho velvet into which Tho foot Sank the Silken inlaid Tho won Drous gems of Art that adorned the the rare statues that filled every conceivable to Tho most minute article in Tho at Ono of the windows a slender woman stood holding Back with a jewelled hand the foam like a woman so rarely Beautiful that even Tho casual passerby half paused with a look of involuntary Admira Tion on his the Low White Groat dark Tho curving Crimson and waving masses of Blueback Mado a picture almost per loot in its and Yot it was not a satisfied face there qua a look of past pain and strangely min resting upon where Tho Lay you could hardly Only it wins and this Graceful who seemed born Lor the Moulth that sur rounded wins Brunoo who bad him so White and Stillin Victor Grays arms six Long yours Tho change in Hor life had come so so an Uncle of Hor fathers who had never spoken to him after his marriage with the Protty French Hud soon and being Hud left Lier All his not for to Hio was too like her French Iliad Mother for though there wus sonic thing of the pm Ortlund about Hor us but simply because Hho was a court Lanzl and his nearest of but had never for gotten Hor old for when in her stately Margaret Gray was with and Ivory summer Tho Little cottage welcomed her fair Young face for woo Sand months after the Duy she tainted in victors Renee had Boon the Shadow of Hor former Pale and it seemed As if Hopu would never reassert her Nway in the Lander Young and Vic Tor watched suffering almost As much in his great love for h at Lbw to Courtland As if Hor heart must with its passionate but hearts do not easily break at and Renco conquered her then Luried it out of sight and As Limo passed if it Rose to confront tier Sho pit it aside with All the strength of her then Caton great change in lick and Smilon came Back to Tho Beautiful though sometimes Tho Shadow of the old pain darkened and four years later Sho Mot Les ter Sinclair if pos than with a Bont him that became he had Laid his Lair Young wife to rest in her and was Freo Renee Faco grow Pale when Sho first heard paler still Asho Bent Over her and then the past seemed to be even when he led the weakly Clara Lester sin Clair know that the Dii keyed irl hold More of his heart than lie would willingly and seeing her Day after so in her and Tho old till Renoo court land hed every Hopo of happiness for As time pcs cd on Victor Gray noticed an added restlessness inc nees that the weary look around Hor Mouth and could scarcely understand he enters the room perhaps sterner than of and the firl came Forward to meet you Are Sho it clasping his and Marga rot will to so very you do not look imply this to his eyes on her Tho girl turned away with a Quick impatient i am not she said my life has Boon Ono Wlinich will to righted in he answered though his face paled when Victor left her she wont Back to her place at window will Liap piness pass to by for Evor Sho cried is he or is it that he will not soc Only Thiu morning Hud stood before this girl whom to had wronged in her Early girlhood Atill pleaded for her love us a mat might plead for life almost haughtily Sho hat answered my Lovo for you died years Homo to life 11 Toko ago it could never Reneo to cried in Voici of passionate pain and the girl knew if Slie wished revenge 01 Lester Sinclair most truly she had it my Lovo died years she repeated More half pitying his it can Neve Victor Gray merely went up to change his business suit and speak a Low words to his his and in loss than an hour to joined Licone again Asho entered the room he saw hold a portrait in Hor scarcely conscious of what to was he wont How you love that to said bitterly Tho proud dark face what Man she asked coldly Pardon i was mile i scarcely knew what i you Are not Renne the girl was silent for a moment then she crossed Over to if you moan los Tor Slie you Aro Victor this morning he asked to to to his wife and i refused you refused him Why Rondo i love him no Ilia said was Victor Gray Blind looking on the flushed listening to Tho tremulous could to not understand Tho Lovely Durk eyes note Raisor to his Hobent his stately my you Lovo me he the next Moinot to hold her a his arms and kissed the Rod you Lovo i have Only Suid yes to a Sinilo hovered around her and no one at All said that you loved Rondo i think i nut Hugo loved you All my life Vonjj Bonuro you smiled on Lester that is she said it was Only a girls first wild Lovo dream but to you have Given what my my my purest Are you Victor and Asho Bant and kissed Hor All shadows fled from Rondo court funds Hor heart had Mado its and it rested in Pieace in the Light of Victor Grays Loyal there is not much doing in Cape Horn freights Eithfl Fork Boston the horrors of siberian Karl Blind in the contemporary on Tho treatment of political exits in i a thrilling description from the pen of Rob Ert a German who Las visited the various penal Stab ish mints of Resisa with an official to had Boon to Tobolsk alter which to had to make dreary journal in a wretched until a High Mountain Rose Lefors in its torn and craggy Lank the Mountain showed a Colos al opening similar to Tho Mouth of a burned out fetid which almost took away his ascended from pressing his handkerchief upon Lemke entered the opening of the where he found i Largo with a picket of having shown his a he was conducted by a guide a very dark and Bartow judging from to sloping led Down into some unknown in Spito of Lis Good Tho visitor Felt extremely after a walk of some ton minutes through Tho Dinso the ground becoming More and More a vague Shim of lieu became Vve Aro in Tho said the pointing with a significant gesture to Tho High Iron Cross bars which closed the Cavern before the massive bars were covered with a thick a watchman who unlocked the heavy Iron Stiering a room of Bunsick Rillo but which was scarcely a mans and which was dimly lit by an Oil the visitor Skod where Aro we in the sleeping room of the condemned formerly it was a pro flu Cativo gallery of Tho mine now it serves As u shelter1 Tho visitor sent let 1 h subterranean lit by Neuhof Sun nor was enl led a ing Alcove like cells Hen into the Rock on a Oulu of half Rotten covered with u Tho unfortunate sultor ers were to repose from tin Days Over each cell i Crim pin was wherewith to lock up the prisoners Lite for Ocion no no window any conducted through another Nur Row where a few lantern were and Whoso end a also buried by an Iron or look Echimo to a Largo this was Tho a deafen ing noise of pick axes and hummers there he saw hundreds of wretched with shaggy Sickl reddened eyelids Clad ii some of them Barefoot others in fettered will heavy foot no no now and then thei shyly looked at Tho visitor and i Tho water dropped from the stones Tho tatter of Tho convicts were thoroughly on of them a tall Man of suffering Mien Laboured hard with gasping Brail but Tho it rocks of hid pick use Wen not heavy and firm enough to Loose the Why arc you hero Loki the convict looked confused with an air almost of consternation and silently continued his work it is forbidden to Tho said Tho to speak of the cause of their entombed alive forbidden to say Why i who is Tho convict i Lomko Skod Tho with n Low it is number 115 Tho this 1 answered Tho Visi but what uru Tho mans Antoo dents to what family does h Laily for twelve hours on sundays they must never pause no i am mistaken twice a rest is permitted to them t easter time and on Tho birthday if his Tho death of a notable belong to is a guide a Well known replied Tho conspirator i regret to i can not Tel you about number 1141 the visitor Felt As if wore Sti fled in the grave like As if his Chest wore pressed in by a demoniacal to hastily Skod his guide to return with Hin to the upper mooting there the come under of the military of he was obligingly by thai Olliver what Impre Binn did our Pun a make on you stiffly bowed in olhcei1 teemed to Tuko this As a ind of satisfied and wont on very industrious Tho men below Aro they not but with what Lomko must these in or Tunnes look Forward to a Day of rout after Tho weeks toil Loistl said Tho Don inuit always there is rest for Icey Aro con labor mine but this is barbarous Tho of Licor shrugged his Shoul and said the exiled work few Emma in a letter to the term Dun refers to the death f the widow of Eaton at Washington last and con Ludes with the following graphic history Eaton remembered her thir Een years in Spain As the sunniest period of her she seems to Moo been sincerely attached to her Brilliant and in Noral and the Spanish Queen liked him also and made Nuch of his handsome wife and step on returning to Wash Tho grew in into marvelous had for a Lover the dissolute Philip Barton who was after cards slain by general Mother prevented Tho marriage hit encouraged the suit of do Jam an attache of the French As above lie afterwards married and became i elder and Oss Beautiful but More filial Daugh married of Vir who had been chief clerk in he War department under she has lain for Many roars in Oak Hiji George and it was two of her Chil a son and a married who ministered tenderly to the aged grandmother to Tho very last n 185u general Eaton and about two years after Tho silly and married a handsome italian dancing master of Twenty Tho dancing teacher of her after a years of during which to possessed himself by de Grees of her he eloped with her Emily ran Tho wife sobered by mis obtained a and has since lived Jui cily in lodgings never going in society and turning her attention More seriously to re though she has for a Long time been a member of the Metho dist she died in Tho full Oder of in the fold of Tho metropolitan though she was characteristically Gay and vivacious to Tho and carefully cherished her lingering remnant of even up to the present month Sho would spend an hour every night at bedtime in crimping her still abundant Gray it full in Sikau Tipul masses Over her Marble forehead when she Lay at and bonding Over Hor Colin i thought of Tho Toast that Edward Coo to Pinkney Long ago wrote to dedicating it to most boastful woman in it commenced thus i fill thu Cap to Ono Mode up of Lov Ulinai a woman or Ilion Mutlu aex Tiu beaming old Washington in its Fossil relics was Well represented at her withered and toothless old men were who remembered her real estate transfers sold to mod 83 200 Gates to Hatlie commencing it no Corner town of along Une of said blot Rheubo s co Shenoo e thence n 60ft also of lots in blk town of Mccullough to sum we seventy five Ftp on Side of main town of hatrif4h bounded s by lot of n by lot of e t r Stony Creek to Margrot Bouton bout ont s i of n e i of new no of and of 10 t re s by Susan Tungate to Gnu House and lot situated on Side of Trio main bounded on s owned by Gustavo the n or lot owned by Houser w by main Southern Pacific to we of Nolfi an of t 29 s r m d Darden Long t 30 r also j shard in and 4 California the report of the we select Tho partial inventory of the business statistics of the state in 1879 acres of land acres of land bushels of wheat acres of bushels of acres in acres in pounds of Horas in Gallons of barrels of flour Quartz 264 tons of Ore mining mining irrigating 800 pounds v pounds of pounds of number of Lemon number of number of Olive x number of number of neat number of number of number of Gino al per As a social Power and women most As old who had haps envied her Mardenly and matronly charms with Many a secret Long before you and i were Cai cd Forth by omnipotence from formless executive Atten Tion was not wanting there were Flowers from a note of Rugrat and condolence from the and a Boquet from the Secretary of though 1 have never known of her receiving any recognition from them in her Limo the close of her eventful career was Placid and peaceful she wus even number of Angora goats new scientific press Patent Agni received of Noial notice of the of the following patents to coast for the week ing november 0 can Bruckner pm or reducing apparatus i almost to Tho very i have soon a shadowy a Looker on at pageants and pro like a cheerful ghost of the her disease was but its advances wore fierce and though for months she had known that Hor end was Tho Day she did she looked out into the Sun Shine and said it is a Beautiful world to leave i am not afraid to but it is so she was buried beside general Tor second arid bes beloved bus who had Given her her in r career and also by ice daughter Linn Tho trial of Frank Salmel charge id with murder has of pied the District court to jury re turned verdict of guilty and Hows Ento Nood Pound for Drain tiles elevator device for a plying or to Eye lashes whip valve Beer faucet Mokins paint and roofing compound 22171il8t Moore and Cam for stamp Mills mining Sluice g middling and Tressler parlor Man Tel county auditor and schooled to District actor Noy of Tulare county after quoting Tho various provisions relating Toj v the county audit give judgment it is my opinion that it would inconsistent with the the now Constitution county auditor to per Sruv ties of county Superino eydent Public school softer that 1st f in for the that the office of county Tendon of Publio constitutional office and he m upon Bia duties on the of Yeilhe lit of of a to imprisonment for his it a also tiny opinion if present county auditor will t his office until the for 1880 Jim i in
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