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Austin Daily Texan Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1970, Page 1

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Austin Summer Texan (Newspaper) - October 4, 1970, Austin, Texas Whew horns by Andy Yemma texan editor the Low keyed Urcla Bruins pulled and tugged and finally snapped in half Texas always faithful Wishbone t saturday but incredibly Ever so incredibly a lanky Young fellow named Cotton speyrer snatched up the Long end and carried the longhorns to a petrify ing 20-17 win in memorial stadium. Indeed the films should show that speyrer gathered into his arms a desperation pass from quarterback Eddie Phillips spam around near the Urcla 25 Yard line leaving Bruin cornerback Allan Ellis in a stumble and raced uncontested into the end zone before 65,000 disbelieving pairs of eyes. Speyrer feat like Randy p e s c h e i a s 44-Yard game breaking reception against Arkansas last year a clutch Aerial destined for the history books was practically the Only accomplishment the longhorns could boast of in the second half after showing signs of Potency with a 13-3 Lead before intermission. But if one can lend credibility to superstition then Darrell royals longhorns should have expected worse in the last 30 minutes. Prior to speyrer a reception the Bruins had not been scored upon in the second half. Acknowledging the hex. However Phillips and the offence lined up on their own 49 Yard line with 58 seconds remaining and Ever diminishing Hopes of a last drive to overcome a clan a 17-13 Lead. Phillips whose inconsistent passing had netted the longhorns Only 57 Yards All afternoon backed up to pass found no receiver available and scrambled for two Yards of Consolation. His next attempt arched High Over the intended arms of tight end Deryl Comer went errant but on third Down and eight Phillips pointed the projectile perfectly 13 Yards to alternate tight end Tommy Woodard for a life giving first Down. A Quick pass out of Bounds stopped the critical time mechanism on the scoreboard and on the next play a possible preview of the Luck that was to come struck. Phillips once again frustrated in finding a receiver was hit with the Ball cocked to throw and fumbled. But the bad bounded end Over end to the sidelines in front of the Urcla Bench and died on Neutral astroturf resulting in a nine Yard loss rather than a loss of the Ball for the a horns. With 20 seconds and no Texas time outs left Texas on its 45, Phillips performed his Miracle and speyrer his magic. Happy Feller added the twentieth Point for the Orange and All that remained was the shouting. But wait done to forget about that fellow who the Texas defensive secondary will remember for a Long time to come a Bruin quarterback Dennis Dummit he had already set a school record for passing yardage with 340 in 19 of 29 completions when with eight seconds left everyone knew he would go for broke again. Longhorn halfback Alan in wry was aware of Dummitt credentials after an afternoon of frustration trying to protect against his deadly look in passes to the ikes of split ends Terry Temoy who took game receiving honors with 114 Yards on six catches and Rick Wilkes who accounted for 82 Yards on five. Who Dummit aimed for on his thirtieth attempt however did t matter because Lowry 20-17 outraged him for 40 Yards to claim the Only interception of a Dummit Pas All Day. After that one second and no doubt remained a Texas Riv Enty third straight win was secure and a clan a first defeat in four games was at hand. Two minutes and 27 seconds to be exact earlier there seemed Little left for the longhorns to do but accept the inevitable Fate of a to. I team. With fourth Down and five Yards facing them on the Urcla 13, halfback Jim Bertelsen was Cut Down on a pitch out to give tile Bruins Possession again after an unsuccessful drive from the Texas 17 which ate up 6 10 of the clock. But the valiant Orange defense dug in and stymied Dummitt efforts at killing the clock on three dives up the Middle by Bruin running backs. Earlier in the final Quarter the a horns drove from their own 20 to the Bruin 37, but the drive went afoul with two incompletion a both Phillips to speyrer. The Bruins went ahead with 3 35 remaining in the third Quarter As Dummit drilled an la Yard pass to tight end Bob Christiansen in the left Comer of the South end zone. Placement specialist Bruce Barnes tacked on the Bruins seventeenth Point. Coach Tommy Prothrow a tradition Rich Bruins almost see a horns Page 6. The daily texan ten cents student newspaper at the University of Texas of Austin Austin Texas sunday october 4, 1970 thirty two pages in two sections 471-5244nixon, aides to Conter on Vietnam Limerick Ireland apr president Richard m. Nixon said a fond Farewell to Spain saturday lunched with Britain s Queen and nov prime minister then headed for an Irish country House for a session with his top advisors on Vietnam pee is strategy. The Jot travelling White House announced in Advance of Nixon scheduled sunday morning meeting at Khz Rush Home with . Peace negotiators that there would be in major Vietnam pronouncement at this time. But spokesman Ronald l. Ziegler refused to Rule out die possibility that Nixon May speak to the nation about Vietnam before election Day a month from now. Nor would Ziegler Lay be or no to repo trn thai the president intends to exceed atm withdrawal timetable lie set last april a 50,000 Mon is. Troops to be withdrawn from Vietnam by oct. 15 and 130,000 by next May. Caned in from Paris Tor the Vietnam passion were the new chief t a. Envoy to the Pence talks David k. E. Bruce and the no. 2 . Delegate Philip c. Habib. Also attending will be Secretary of state William p. Roger and Security adviser Henry a. Kissinger who Are travelling with the president White Hoof source said Hie eight Point Viet Cong peace proposal put Forward by negotiator mrs. Mguyen Thi Binh in Paris would be carefully studied for possible openings to sough on the surface it appeared to be similar to previous vers fins unacceptable to the United states. Nixon conferred w Ith prime minister Edward Heath of Britain at die latter country estate at Chequers outside London. Nixon flies Home monday after meetings to Dublin with president Ramon de Valera and prime minister Jack Lynch. A amps decision set for oct. 19 professors defend unified College a texan put to by Ink h a ii i Cul University professors Paul English Vartan Gregorian and David Delaural re prepare for their Friday presentation to the senior College committee of the coordinating Board. A decision is expected oct. 19 on the plan to split the College of arts and sciences. Panel upholds teen vote Washington it a a thre judge Federal court Friday upheld the a constitutionality of the 1970 voting rights Law including a provision lowering the voting age from 21 to 18. Hie judges held that doming 18-Yea holds tile vote would constitute an a invidious Dischun Mabone in violation of Ute equal Protection requirements of the fourteenth amendment. Tile court acted in a suit brought by five Mew yorker s against atty. Gen Jolgui n. Mitchell and tile new York City Board of ejections. Tie decision ii pm veld amendments adopted no changes seen in Egypt s policy Washington apr tile United states Las received assurances from die leaders of Egypt s interim government that they Viu continue the policy of the late president Gasser in seeking negotiated settlement Ai he conflict with Israel. The assurances were Given in talks which resident Richard m. Nixon a special envoy o the Nasser funeral Secretary of welfare Elliot Richardson had with the pro Ostonal resident Anwar Sadat and other officials. Richardson returned Here Early saturday. Tile attitude expressed by the egyptian readers Olio hold office awaiting election of a successor to Nasser strengthen Thean a news analysis Relief of Nixon administration authorities hat the Middle East cease fire can be preserved and extended and that serious peace negotiations May yet be started Between the Arab states and Israel. Nixon will face decisions on How the United states should approach the october Liscus Silas at the United nations in new York soon after his return monday from his trip across Southern Europe. U. S. And British officials announced saturday from Ireland Nixon a last Stop on his tour that the two countries have agreed on the desirability of extending tar to Days the cease fire agreement now scheduled to expire nov. 5. Administration officials report privately that the prospects for continuing the ceasefire and eventually getting Israel Egypt my Jordan Kite Penna negotiation under tile auspices of the United a Lous Are brighter than they Wen immediately after the death of egyptian president Gama Abdel Nasser. The initial reaction Here was that Nasser a death raised serious dangers of turmoil and violence in the already unstable Arab world tile dangers of turmoil remain High As Washington sees the situation. Egypt still faces two months of uncertainty and potential conflict Over the select Kin of a successor to Nasser but there is increasing Hope among Washington authorities Itiat the transition will go More smoothly than they had thought. Tile most encouraging element in the situation so far is considered Here to be russians adherence to a Public policy in favor of peace and a permanent settlement in the Middle East. Nixon administration leaders generally have Felt that the russians do not w ant the situation to get out of hand and might really consider a peace settlement desirable. As seen Here there Are two major problems to be overcome. One is subordination of the palestinian guerilla movement to at least tile general authority of the jordanian government or other governments from whose territory they operate. The other is Resolution if possible of the quarrel involving Israel Alto the United states on one hand and Egypt and Russia Over Egypt a alleged violation of the military standstill since the cease fire took affect along tee sues aug. A by Congress this year to the voting rights Law including bans on literacy tests and certain state residency requirements for voting in presidential elections. Tile suit said lowering the voting age to 18 was not am or lord by any provision of the institution and therefore violated the tenth amendment which reserved to the states All Powers not specifically Given the Federal government. The three judges said on the voting age question a is die congressional determination that denying the right to vote to others use qualified citizens Between the Ages of 18 and 21 constitutes an invidious in violation of tile equal Protection clause utterly lacking in rational support a a surety this is As or. Justice Frankfurter observed in Ano Liering setting. A one of those rare instances where to state the question is in effect to answer a on the 18-year-old vote Issue the judges resolved two constitutional provisions in conflict. While the first Section of the fourteenth amendment guarantees citizens equal Protection of tile Laws the second Section in providing few representation in con Gross mentions a voting age of 21. The judges said the second sect xxi a has no limiting effect on the general language of Section one with respect to voting qualification so and thus there is no limit on Congress to lower the voting age by statute. Upheld by die panel were those contested provisions of the 1970 Lawa a ban on All voting a tests and devices in states not originally covered by the 1965 voting rights Law which applied mainly to the South. A abolishment of state residency requirements in presidential elections. A a a a triggering provision which controls when tile ban on literacy tests applies to the states. That provision made die Law applicable to states where less than 50 percent cast ballots in the last presidential elec Tion. Fair with Cool nights and warm Days through monday. Light variable winds mostly East and southeasterly. Low sunday night in Low 60�?Ts, High in upper 80�?Ts. By cuff a very assistant managing editor the senior College committee of the College coordinating Board will announce its decision on the division of the College of arts and sciences at a meeting of the entire Board oct. 19, after having heard arguments on the plan last Friday. Both sides expressed cautious optimism after the hearing saying they Felt it was fair and Well run. Dan Julian a Crockett attorney who represented 28 prominent citizens who had petitioned for the hearing said he Felt i group a got a Chance. But its a difficult Case the plan is so technical. We had the Burden of proof Alto we had to almost infallibly refute the University president and interim Bryce Jordan said a i Felt we go a Chance to say every thing wre wanted to Provost function discussed tile three and a half hours of argument entered primarily on the function of the Provost officer in the so called Jordan plan. Or. Paul English and David de i Iuni professors at the University were signers of a majority report of a commission set up last Spring to View the problem of restructuring five College. The majority of tire commission recommended retention of a unified College with one a super Dean and three sub Deans to Aid in the administration of divided arms. A Elf the Provost does t have a College or Structure under him. He will simply be English told the committee. Del Tui a and English both testified that the Provost could not insure the Unity of a general Liberal arts education without the Power of tile budget and to appoint subordinates. Jordan and vice Chancellor for academic affairs Ken Ashworth argued that the Provost with advisory Powers to the president could insure Unity and Manta ii the ear of the president of tile University on the budget and appointments. Some agreement significantly both sides seemed to agree that tile plan was basically acceptable if tile Provost were Given Powers to Call meetings of the faculty of tile three colleges awl had the Power to make appointments and budgetary requests. Criticized for omissions in the plan and the failure to Deal with undetermined a Jeu s. Jordan said lie was Quot not going to legislate to the faculty. F i la Lulli �liililwllilmiwhi8wi�a w3l�8�a in Ulm l by Isiiah to Deans funeral planned or. Nos a. Hiett 61, Dean of the division of Extension at tile University died Friday at his Modem at 2707 Parkview after a sudden illness. Funeral services will be 2 . Sunday in Weed Corley funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. William Holmes of the University methodist Church officiating. Burial will be in Austin memorial Park. Hiett born sept. 24, 1909, in fort Worth had been associated with the University a division of Extension since 1947 when he became assistant to the late Dean t. H. Shelby. In 1951 he was named associate Dean and succeeded James r. D. Eddy As Dean in 1967. Hiett was chief of in service training for the veterans administration Branch office in Dallas before joining the University. From 1936 to 1942 he was state supervisor in adult education programs conducted by the Federal government in cooperation with Texas Public schools. He earned Bachelor of science degree in history and government in 1932. From North Texas state University and a masters in education in 1947 and a pad in 1952 from the University. A former member of Hie Board of director of tile National University Extension association Hiett also served on the committee on program innovation and action Onen ted research for the National association of state universities and Lind Grant colleges. He was a member of the University methodist Church. Hiett served for four years in the . Army air corps during world War ii a a staff information and education officer of the ninth air Force in Europe. Survivors include two sons Robert and Charles both of Austin. Hiett wife the former sue Mullens died in March 1970. Or. Norris Hiett a succumbed Friday. Ashworth added a we feel that the plan can be strengthened by faculty legislation. We did not feel that it was our prerogative to make the inclusions in the plan a in the morning session. English warned that the plan did not adequately Deal with the problem of size in the University largest College because the ratio of student to faculty would be the same. A student alienation and impersonality will continue a Long As they Are taught by teaching assistants a a he said. Called divisive the plan he added divides faculty staff and students. He compared the plan to a for distorted cripples three of which Are eng late decried the Provost and Saki Tbs Mea that a Provost a needed to catch tee attention of the president was a absurd. De Latra testified that those who speak for the plan a Are the defender of hard science who feel that they still far bettor financially under the the plan he said. A tasks the faculty to scrap the prime vehicle for Liberal arts education at the de Laura had criticized tile University administration tar what he called disregard tar the Era agitation of faculty. Administration right i Phend Assi i Worth replied in the afternoon session he Felt there had been extensive faculty consultation and asked a when it become Clear that faculty unanimity on an Issue cannot be achieved the question must ii asked. Does not the administration have the right to decide when it has fully received the faculty Point of View a a Jordan said that when the three new Deans began to oversee their respective colleges that teaching assistants and inexperienced facility members can a watched More closely to insure they ars not Short changing tile students. A Hie Complete Deans can oversee a smaller body of students and a smaller number of problems with inexperienced tags a the president said. Jordan said the Provost could Convene Hie faculties of the three schools to a protect the Basic plan i Bachelor of arts eyes Union use breakfast for to underprivileged Austin children now served in a makeshift cafeteria using Only an electric frying pan May move to the Union building Chuck Wagon. A if we ale allowed to use the facilities. Within 72 hours 2.000 kids Wall be Ovee there a said Larry Jackson director of the Community United front which sponsors tile program. Use of the Chuck Wagon May Binge on the outcome of the oct. 21 student referendum. Jim Arnold. Students association View president predicted easy passage of the breakfast proposal. The proposed referendum would ask students to Check a a yes if they Arr in favor of the breakfast program in Hie Chuck Wagon or a a not if they oppose. But the referendum is not binding tile Union Board still has Power of dec Eitl of the referendum vote to favourable an investigation must be conducted according to Wayland Woof chairman of the Union Board. A the referendum will be treated a any other piece of information. We will look into conflicting interests Tours tar the program and so on. In a not sure How Long Tell Vii take Quot said a

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