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Austin Daily Texan (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Austin, Texas Sunday May in 1957 the daily texan Page 4 of All things and into a May night j a in a year s turning by Nantt my Muns texan editor j tone looking out into the ballroom of the j sex at i Mon. Heiring a nude i May never of of a gain Quot the Light from the Eha Deher reflect a rot the a a first. The room a in for the Many plot it in he c in a whee j ran it beginnings and endings t it h a semester com creation and if it a Good enough equipment to git e the texan a heal my year then i am satisfied. At least in part i never had any delusions about my possibilities for being a really Good editor hit there was something in the texan heritage that t wanted to preserve and thought i could. Organized forms of athletics and who were gracious enough to treat the girl they did t want to win like a lady and a general. I went to an mentation dance to this room four years ago my Date was one of three people tha i knew in a sea of 14 poo student souls the same fall i met or. Ito can Wilson at the preside re a #. E had really gone Fust to observe from a respectful distance but Bill Mcvey Nims the managing editor who put the first ropy Pencil in my hand end told me to get to work took me in Tow and introduced me i remember thinking a i do vef that he looked lust exactly As a University president should. The ballroom had Heen the scene of dances Velores an hour s study Ai noon before going to work. So Many thine. But i member the stump speaking Hest especially my own where i made a Public declaration of my desire to be texan editor probably the most colourful thing about the whole Campaign Wah slogan of one of my opponents a a Man for a Many a Job a i am sure that he lived to regret it and that night upon Sage advice from Ned Caldwell i told the gathered crowd that sex was no criterion of a Good of tor o a i in i he irk r truth 7till he rung on thit High Hill in a year t turn no t thought about these lines As i began the year thex Are Dylan Thomas and they seemed to fit the venture i was undertaking. T cannot know whether it i Sung hut i know that it has grown and for that i am grateful. An sex editor later gave me a Bra a printers line or a Uge a she told me it was to slap against my hand while i was talking to people but i Neer used it for that with Quot a Nan for a Nan n jobs inscribed on the Back. The line gauge a Brandy Glass that somehow always had a Flower in it and a pen that came with a card that said something about heme mightier than a a word were the comm editor Token that accompanied me kindly through the veer. If i have Learned one thing As editor it is that you need people and they Are there when you need them. In the la analysis you Are alone pm your High Hill and the decisions a yours hut the people have made the Way possible. I knew before t to. Am editor that Peov mattered most and that people had made the University what it was for me. After i became editor i realized it even More the people Are the texan staff others some who were friends before and some met because of the Job who became friends too. ,. No Good thing that the texan has Don this year and i Hope there have been several could have been done alone and i Cannel a v Good Bye without thanking them not by name her a use they Hest know who they Are and Why t thank them they counselled me and Thev comforted me and sometimes they scolded me j they drank Tea with me in the Patio and they talked All night with me sometime until it was Light again because we knew that not Only did people matter most hut they were More important than six hours sleep when there was no one Al to do it they did it and when we did not think it we As possible to laugh they made us want to. They were there when w e needed them two aprils ago i was walking acini a the Terrace late to an r of clock class in International politics when i heard the Tower Chimes playing a the kit Tex of t was such an Quot out group cry then that i did no to know what a the eyes meant at 8 o clock on an april morning but i thought All the Way to class about How i could never describe to anyone what the University meant to me i decided tha you could t describe it the on a Way you could know was to live n if has always pleased Ere that i was late to Cia so i could hear the Chimes and think about then the morning i was tapped for mortar Boa re snot tier Memoir of another april and another summer that cannot go unsaid. And it is a thank you too. Is of the girl who shared the secret of a a knowing who the next editor would be she told me mine Anil id be the warmest texan get or ii Hast been in always liked her thinking it would he she dido t get to stay around for the execution of the plan Bio there is no Way to re member the University and the texan and what they hav meant to me without remembering her too and How she understood. I did not com to the Job at in Many do a a person marked to a editor since the Day he first walked into the texan office i came fully aware of of Many inadequacies indeed with nothing to show for myself but some technical competence that Many could a matched and a Tov for the texan and a love for that University without th5 University re. Texan would have no reason for Hane and in love the texan s to love re University a pretty Good equipment a someone said in a 30 a i said i w a not going to mention name hut one i must. Tirol Querolo girl managing editor. Her initials a a cop Reading Mark that Means a a it Safe rights and she is a Gracyus opponent a victorious loser. She came hark to tile texan when we needed her and there a no thanks sufficient to die lob so has Don or the person so is. And a special and very fond thank you to our sport Hove who never really minded the i wanted to do away with an co Fri i have med from the first reality of walking by the editor s of Fie and being surprised afer no on is in the chair and the reason no one is is because it was Rev chair and Iva supposed to he there to a time Quot Hen the Blue chair really seemed to belong to me and i really Wasny to aware when the transition happened hut it was evident when we had come to the final unreality the thirty edition and the saying Good Bye. I entre to the end of the year and find As i am told All editor do the i hav Only now Learned How to a an editor it take a ear to learn what the Job really is what ran he done with it and How to do it it takes a year too. To learn the people who Are your Reader and the people who make your news and All you can do having Learned How to to an editor a year too late is to say a few nerd to the new editor and try in a a he from your mistake and impart your knowledge to him knowing that it Nhi year s timing he will know it ton and my managing editor a just turned her column in and i find so i done it better in a word than i hav in Many inches. Wherein the me says everything in a won by Carol Querol not a my Nar of one word says it happiness thank you and goodbye. Music ending walking across the door tilth the Light going out the Lait time into the May night and the Heather odour 4 wiling rack to a it slight too men a a Spang ago 7 Here jul re n. Under my to Tod of on Kart Gabriel and i had fun t hem e receded or of their of go leg daily in the South. A freshmen comes searching Here he learns How to search by Byron Lindsey Mfd fort Al Aasin at that they could Ever the boy faced freshman Crane i head Down re aisle As the bus top a Bill through the window dead ahead lies the Tower. It dominates the landscape for him Quot there it there it is a a says in silent tones of anticipation mixed with fear. He Bas reason to be nervous As be moves into his first dormitory. Talks to his finst Roommate takes his first exam. But after he forget that he is at the big University and that he must a like a freshman at the University it will be a Tim and place for change of he uses it right he will hardly recognize himself four years later he will be a few inches taller and have an older looking face from packages and packages of cigarettes. Too must h commons Coffee and the sophomoric no do fad but the big change is inside and he will know it if no one Els Doe at its Best hat is what the University is a place of change to Texas youth anyone knows that the University is no Harvard nor even a Michigan and of has a number of Steps to climb before becoming the Oft repeated a University of the first but for the 18-year-Olds who converge on it each fall from new Horton and Smiley Pecos Dalhart and Dallas it is the nearest to a urst Cia ado ration reach. The ascription on the main building become in Tun a platitude and what the Man in the president s office says or Doe in t say is too far removed to have much lasting effect on the University undergraduate the important moments comp in places like Garrison Hall 7 or English building 304 or experimental science building tis where he hears imaginative and patient men like Guy Steffan Robert Stephenson. Dewitt Reddick talk in Batts 106 he teams a language he hardly knew existed Hack in new Boston its there the Chang Start they Are solidified enlarged later in Long talks with the perennial a boy Down the Hall the girl in history class the lab supervisor who is a Friend accidentally and not at All a part of the official University scheme come myriad expected is the Gie tort of the unofficial discoveries is when the boy from Nacogdoches feels the toy of mature love with the girl from Mcallen. Just finding her fills a Large Hole Between what he knows and that shadowy Region of what he a looking for. The Nacogdoches boy realizes that at least half the Long a search to find himself he Learned to Call his inner uncertainty by that phrase when he took English t77k and read Thorn voila a after a1 just a parch to find her the significant thing though is that the University undergraduate learns to search to look for new answers to new questions that ii beneath the Placid surface of life in Clark Svall or wherever he goes to live and work aft the four year Retreat for spiritual and intellectual in ugh Tenem has ended of the graduate uses what the University offered him. Looks into the doors it opens he May kill cancer for he world or be the Diplomat who stops the War his son May write the great novel. But even if he Doe nothing greater than Heing president of the Cotulla Lions club some of the resourcefulness and pert up. Lion of a University education is bound to rub off on the society that surrounds or is this a Case of snowballing optimism a noted British journalist who toured the United states recently recorded All it blemishes and achievements. In balancing them. He found that the saving Grace of the american people is the by know what kind of Peep e they Are. This might also he Vad or the University of Texas a Quality that even Harvard possibly cannot claim. Through its faculty and its students the awkward Texas undergraduate can come to know what kind of Poi son he is what kind of people his people Ara. Ton and the dim the year he ran with a dream. Tho words that expressed the dream came from the Texas Constitution which is a fair enough place to begin hut they require connotations in the mind of the hearer Beton they take on real meaning. We had a notion of what they meant or at least of what we wanted them to mean we Hen we reaffirmed our belief in the dream for the dream was not ours alone hut a traditional dream of the texan. But it was probably a Little better than a sophomoric notion. A year of watching the University in action a Given us a More realistic approach to the dream and to the possibilities and probabilities of its ultimate fulfilment. The main thing we Learned is that the most Beautiful dreams do not come to full fruition overnight. With the v Ision in mind and the hands Busy with the materials at hand they ran be approached however. As a texan albeit adopted we were shamed last summer by the racial referendums offered to the voters and Moreno by their passage. Yet they showed us what had to he worked with. As a student we were dismayed at the decision our president Felt he had to make about Barbara Smith. A what is Texas coming to a a distraught Liberal asked us not too Long ago. Me we As referring to the segregation Hills w hich have distressed All those whom we like to think of As a a thinking people. We too were shamed of the segregation Hills but we replied a in 1865, there was slavery in the United and we repeat As we have said before old wrongs Are not righted in a Day or a year or two years. And the sad incidents that occur along the Way As time urges the gradual evolution along Are not portentous enough to make us forget the Overall Progress that we see about us. It is testimony enough on the Success of integration within the University that Barbara Smith could honestly say she had been overwhelmed with her acceptance by teachers and fellow students As a just another for the i diversity it Adf. The year has seen Many strides taken in the direction of the dream selective admissions were instituted a must in our Book because a University a greatness is in part in proportion to the Quality of its students teacher salary pay raises were in sight academic standards were raised to a level that in already having a salutary effect on the atmosphere on Campus and the Scholastic reputation of the University. Platts were begun for the 75th year Celebration which will be something much More than a historical Celebration. It will be a focusing on the future by the University and those across the state who Are devoted to its further growth and improvement. The i in varsity moves Forward not w without occasional mishap. But the Overall direction is one of Progress toward that a University of the first e have been As close As any student is privileged to be to that i diversity. We have loved it watched a four year period of its growth. We have seen Petty men in its ranks perform Petty acts but these have been overshadowed by larger acts thoughts and plans by larger men. The year has taught us much in terms of patience for Progress we have comp a Little closer to understanding what the University of the 100th year should be we ar3 anxious to see it for we believe in die dream. Migs in will is the will of the w ind my a no i is the soul of the Swallow and o cry path my footstep go Strang ghosts arc sure to follow. My love it lonely chord from a broken windswept Lyre my curse i at Swift at the a n and at cold a the glow worm fire my life it a Drifting wre it k in the Mist of a dark wide Riv or i change with the swirling tides and shift like the dunes forever pet Gunter the Dafer texan opinions expressed in the daily texan Are Tho of the editor of of the writer of the article and not necessarily Tho of the i nit a ratty administration. Aii\,.t<pxa a to Lent newspaper of the University of Texas it Pui it 2ai<� ,1x"t . Monday and hoi ids periods a no in her through May by Texas student publications. In it i a ftcnfffe�utt0,r tex1 Quot tented by to Lencione or 3?473> re Quot a the Gri Ara Cir Esq or it of a it a m a a associated press Wnuck Kervick Sii new Hunny entitled in thus for republication of Ina to n or not otherwise credited in this newspaper of Ell Tho i put Neou Ort to publish cd herein. Rights of publication or b i Orner matter herein also reserved. Represented tor National advertising by National advertising service inc. In it College publishers representative Tao Madison a Fork h 7. Hies go Bostons to Angelet san Francisco my trek associated Collegia presi ascription Raff k Minemura a subscription a three months i is in in a?.jfjif re month Mai in in austins i month maned out of town. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. Ii11111 .i.i. J to no a permanent staff Fedj or. Nancy Mcmeans managing editor. Carol Querolo news editor. Mark s. Smith sports editor. 11 Pat truly editorial assistants. Byron Lindsey Jimmy Thornton am a serpents editor. Bra of Ord Daniel society editor. Marion Simon wire editor. Rui Rny ton Exchange editor. Terry Stembridge photographers. Paul d. Hope James k. A then feature editor. Pm Ellis Coffee new Counselor. No Pere Carl Howard Don Knoles staff for this Issue night Mcmeans Sot desk ratio t to assistant night editor. Jimmie Mckinley 30 cop readers. Byron Lindsey us r cd Ives Sci Bud Mims n. B. Eads. Benny Goodwin. Dolores a Silva. John Barnhill Arnold Rosenzweig 30derro Evans 136vaden and Maurie Smith night sports editor. Pat truly assistant. Eddie Hughes. Leo Cardenas night amusements editor. Bradford Daniel night society editor. Ann Buffington Fairchild operator. Had Clark proofreader. Frank Davis photographer Paul d. Hope John Steele. Jame e. Wathen a Starr Evod j j Liberal signs lamp t a for y ear sonic words come h Bon others by Fred Kass full up format to sewn Frt Ifor it ? funny be Quot Tilton thousand and thousand of words for the texan mostly with Little trouble trying to write the last words for the texan. I find myself with Little to say. So this will be Brief these Long Day and nights pent in the texan offices have been rewarding they hav taught something of newspaper production More of people and the Way thew Art there is much More to learn hut one ran t stay in school Fores or it is with some sympathy i look on the journalism graduates who hav not worked on the texan for i wonder sometimes what we hav lost. There must be something most of us leave not with Sorow but with a sense of fulfilment. We have Learned a Little hut the most important thing we have been taught i that there is so much the most part the have Good grades hut Are without the knowledge Gan Dore by trying to put a Good new paper of Eveis Day. There Are those like myself vhf go too far in the oth a direction who work on the paper too much. I wonder sometimes what we have lost a there must he something. Most of us leave not with sorrow. But with a sense of fulfilment we have Learned a Little hut the Mosi important thing we hav been taught is that there is so much More to know. This was 1956-57 by Mark y Smith jut an editor a the scandal Sheet run by Hunch of left Wing Liberal it id representative Jerry Sadi it iwo weeks ago near its final edition tor this year silence reigns in the texan office the Only audible sound is that of soft falling tears from graduating so the Hope seniors who Are recalling fond memories of their four years at la forty a it res. Nancy Mcmeans. Illustrious editor and nationally famous television Star Lush really Quot As on television a a result of the a a opera incident is sitting across the room brushing away tears of nostalgia and writing her 30�?� column it s presumptuous of in a darned aggie Transfer to stick in my two bit a Worth since i in not graduating i done think Ever Willby i la write this anyway people and students and profs cast aspersions invective and rocks a this rap they claim that it s biased prejudiced ill crate and corny they brr their garbage can with it stuff effigies with it. End suggest that it be printed on softer paper and perforated a fairly Good idea at that i won t Der a any of these accusations. Being a a left Wing. Starr eyed. ,. Myself it whatever that Means. But this is a Good time to say thanks and goodbye to All the really great graduating folks who have helped transform a gaping aggie into a full fledged a i sip. Especially the Edi trix St til sniffing and typing things going to be i to different next year. I fear no More catering to her whims she wants her venetian blinds just so needs to be supplied with chewing gum Etc a no female editor and managing Titer around next year just a couple of Guys who Arentt nearly As cute and i hear rumours that Bud is coing to strut around with his Silver spurs on chewing tobacco and talking Western next year Gad wha1 a change till be lots different tip it year and even better than this year i guess what amazes me i the Friend me ? of everybody Quot on walks into the texan office. I alway s Rem e m Berba Bra a Smith s remark a couple of Days ago. A i ii look you up if i get thrown out of Ani it ther opera i ? great to work around people All Over the forty a res who retain a smile while seeking an education a i v e really Entov d this \ ear. Sure in a Bua sed a i like it Here where else court a Goy jump from rub Quot Porter fresh from the farms along the Brazos to news editor a this paper is probably the most democratic thing on this Campus it does matter what race religion or major a Guy is if he want to Tell 17 ski students what s going on he ? Welcome a the texan warning this �?o29�?� make me a seasoned old timer now so 1� me extend a cordial invitation to every bod1 to amp both texan office next year to drop off inform 11 on maybe 1 irk awhile or just s5? to in and snoot the Hull the ? a a a Friendly paper and it Welcome any student who a he to drop in and Chat the Tower hell chime and Narv eve finishes her �?o30�?� column another texan is finished for the year us been a Good year and those of us who Are returning Are look my Forward to an Etc hotter paper next year. And you know what Quot with the Good co operation we be been getting from student and profs alike we ens miss to a1 who a # been so swell in me this year thanks and be you next year. To co i no it right Glt up it a Dit a terse of Bucko a a glance begun last september he pre Enta tii e periods in i a to it fatty Lite hate been ret leu cd with the perspective of a half Century d Quarter Century a de Ade a it cd a u a. The Mien a been to promote an no Aren it t of toe past of How much a changed and Hon t erf much endure it a the Quot set enly dour year old Community for the Young a Oli of 5 of the to Xan began it varied unpredictable serial store with the first Issue last june. That paper told of an after effect of the editor regents controversy of the Spring at their commencement meeting the regents had removed the texan Cactus and Ranger editor a voting members of the Texas student publications Hoard. Also in june 42 coed moved from the Quad dorms to the health enter. Diagnosis food poisoning in july the University ? biggest budget yet so million for h57-59 a drawn up for the state ? consideration in August a x Bible athletic director a cd for emeritus status in 1957. Registration snapped the Carnous out of the lethargy of late summer a enrolment exceeded 18.000 for the fir a time in history. Do new policy of limited admissions Kepi few away. Record number increased the need for Union expansion and the Regent okayed spending so i million of it funds tor that purpose election year 1956. The great Lue program brought such speakers As senators Bricker of Ohio and Sparkman of Alabama. In a Straw of on election Day the i University liked or Eisenhower along Quot us the rest of the state. The Campus also was interested in constitutions i amendment 3. Which opened the Way for Mer profitable investment of the permanent fund. Permanent fund promotion was one of a Nam her of a a causes winning student interest As petitions strewed the area All year. The first set protested retaliation of parking meters along Twenty first Street where some ired residents resorted to violence Moi Noble motives inspired the next ones in outrage o or the brutal crushing of the if a Garian b Edom fight i Lexas tribute Carn Paun collected several thousand Dollar for Refuge Relief in the Spring it see below Cam Staten ants on the opt it a Hill and a cast change in an opera n football King of sports in Texas had a rather doleful reign i 1956 Hie longhorns won a up a Rte with Tulane by Ore Point and the rest of the season a a bad dream of heartbreaker and dishearten ment a St m even broke the memorial stadium Jinx weeks before that hitter end Howe to Victor Hunt a Perth it ins had judged the coach and Guesser Hun guilty. They opened fire on o tuber 31, the Sam a his student elections and the s Iez inva de Price resigned. D in Decemb Quot Darrell to by Wah m edit in a thief irs same time was named heir to or. Bible basketball fans who be earn Tinniey on learn and in the conference cellar Tao. By sprung championship in Tenni baseball a unfit than a n be and or Ion r a to a cd. It it the e i k u t Hrh i for traditions h year time staggers on and forty acres a irs to carnival r this 4 hut greek far tin stress timed $35 mix plans let in he Cpd fat run a Hies Are no More inned bigger than Ltd a after a year s absence. One in Tea ted on pc in preference to going Al out p p it enthusiastically incident a y a Paigr an additional it disposition now that a dido vat Campus How Ever Ade. The round ution not Romp t bion a by it the $13 too Campus Chest of previous carnivals. I Awa nor theater hav been cancelled. A a it it. A so will never be just another opera on Fri new Monger a is the nation have told of How p administration dismissed of amhara Smith # x Gro Soprano from the heroine ? role she had Pilot us in months. To. Reason a fear of extremist a legislative pressure seem not to have precipitated the derision although this was the widely circulated store. Otherwise the first year of desegregation has Heen uneventful confirming the judgment of the regents who deemed the i University ready. A not he Leger. Decision recently removed the ban on partisan political speakers tile object of a texan Campaign fridays texan headlined final Senate passage of the Bill to increase tuition although endorsed by the student Assembly As a mean of bettering faculty salaries the ? Bill a opposed by the no and file of students by a vote of 3-Trvj in a special referendum quite sure of How the wind Hie Quot almost every candidate in the Spring election Spok against he hike the student party dormant Leat fab reorganized to we nominee into four major posts one with Ehi of Justice ship after a recount which changed a one vote Matin for Don Stodghill into a 17-vot� win for Tom Bousquet. And look what esp happened a Actu investigation. Abolition of the 8 30 curfew for freshman girl. Salk shots. ,. Work on Kin solving dormitory and the Roth building. Completion of Taylor Tronn. Be action of re committee of 75. Students association award for feat Bing per Rolenc. A sold of Issue of the Ranger Kuta telecast.? to the Union ,. Some unsolved bombing and an unsuccessful panty raid or two. Swing out and the Power show pledge lines Ria Coffee Breaks quizzes parti term papers in treats final exam graduation. That in Brief and in part., a 1956-57. A a a and now its files of the student newspaper hav provided most of the sour material for these reminiscent rambling. This writer thinks it a proper e that the last of such a series a i valedictory on the texan for four car the texan has been the Vantage Point from which by a viewed i University. It Habern much More a Well an in Supra de workshop in prep fica journalism a forum for idea a fraternity Coop. A recreation Center it a teen in environment tor personal growth end the Birthplace of friendships to he valued forever. Pardon the testimonials non inures list a of May regard the texan As merely an Amateur newspaper that often make mistakes. Or you May share our conviction that it the Hest of us kind in the world. If re latter i the Case you know Why staff me Herx flt so a Little nostalgia and a great Deal of Pride when it s Tim to sign numeral after our names. Jimmie Mckinley <3o> t spinning Quot ? v5pinn1n6 through wat do you space Ime eau ice an \ keeps of Skinny spinning \thp0u6h space. Of by Charlie brodln.1 Ufau a Mav not be tue brightest person in the world Bot you Suk have some imagination it of Walt to Theoda grief1 j sate. \

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