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Austin Daily Texan Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 1

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Austin Daily Texan (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Austin, Texas N to Wilson labels coed s removal Asut decision faculty to receive report on incident at next meeting by Nancy Mcmeans Topian editor president Logan Wilson said saturday that there had been no discussion with the legislature or any outside person when the decision to remove Barbara Smith from her role in Quot dido and Aeneas a was reached his statement confirmed that made tuesday by Leroy Jeffers chairman of the Board of regents. Quot it was an administrative decision made by the administrative officers involved and in what was considered to be the Best interests not Only of the University at Large but also of the student herself a a j or. Wilson said or. Wilson will give a full report concerning the cancelling of the two perform a noes of the opera in which miss Smith was to have appeared of a meeting of the Gen Cral faculty at 4 . Tuesday. J the faculty meeting is the regular Spring meeting of the entire faculty scheduled each year for the second tuesday in May or. Wilson s statement was made following his return from three a i Horal meetings in new York Dur ing the week. The three meetings were the state universities association the National association of state universities and a meeting of a special group making a study of faculty administrative relations with the american Council on education. Or. Wilson presented a paper on state universities and selective admission to the National association of state universities and another on faculty administrative relations to the american Council on education meeting. The a texan first co Liege daily in the South vol. 56 Price five cents Austin Texas sunday May 12, 1957 six pages today no. 172 Sophomore led steers sweep to track title by fat trily trait sport editor photo by Eddie Hughes j. Frank Daugherty top picture tar right Texas senior who sped to upset wins in the two dasher., near a the string in a photo finish in the too winning a 9.6. Bobby while in of Texas third from a qty and Merton Fuquay of Baylor on Walden s right second and third re aces also can 9.6. In the Bottom picture ddn Stewart of sum clears the High jump w the a Ewe Ordo 6 feet Iota inches for other first place. Records biting the dust. Texas rolled up a winning total the Sophomore studded t e x a is a 6 Point die most Ever longhorns painted the to tor or scoped. Texas Aam was second Ange saturday night As they swept Quot Ith 39, Baylor third with 32, Rice to a record breaking championship fourth with 29 1/3, sum fifth with their fourth straight in the South j 29, Arkansas sixth with 14 1/3, and West conference track meet at thu seventh with log. Memorial stadium. J the Brilliant steers won nine it was the greatest conference j outright first places and tied for i Yea it by Texas beats it meet Ever with outstanding per-1 another. They scored in double the longhorns won by 15 Yards figures in five events and set four Over second place Baylor. First a. J Fanner Wally Wilson got them off to a Lead by making up the stagger new league records the record breaking was phenomenal. Texas 440-Yard relay squad zipped around the track in the fastest time Ever run around two turns and the second fastest Ever recorded under any circumstances. 40.0 seconds. Only the 39 9 run around one turn earlier this formantes in every event and six an polite applause greets bad opera by Bradford Daniel texan an rms it it editor Smith refuses Belafonte Aid to stay Here Barbara Smith declined an offer from Calypso Singer Harry Belafonte to help continue her voice training Quot anywhere she saying she wanted to remain of the University for almost 300 years Henry Pur cell s opera Quot dido and Aeneas Quot has been available for Public presentation however during this time it has been performed very Seldom having its american debut in the Early 1900 s. Teacher ties trailing tie tailor tight it Money Bill decision set the joint House Senate Confer-1 lion about $2.5 million More than c Ommittee recommended Pas the appropriation for the two years Sage of an appropriations Bill fun just ending. These figures include which would give the main salaries of All teaching assistants Nuet shy a budget of almost $29 which amount to about $6fx ,000 in million dollars for the next two each year of the biennium. The appropriations Hill i. Said that approximate. I exas was yet another Sophomore Brooks Patrick who whipped around the Field on the stretch and kicked Home to win the 880 in i >3.7. Patrick outran All the favourites at the end when it counted to get his dream first place. Asked about his time later he said Quot i Don t Carp about the time i won i Gordon Ratcliff one of five Tex As sophomores to take Blue rib Iorns. Won the two mile run by a comfortable margin Over team on the next Man and going head a Waist Mcnew. Quot he defend Xvi mgt ads. Anchorman Bobby my Champion. Ratcliff ran a q 34 3 0 a Quot a he last 100 Yards p1-�1 a a Quot his it out Sparen by m a 1110 of i Ltd the mip relay 14.1 for Southern 1 saw another record go by the Way a la Thor a. Side. A. Texas Hollis gained hem ran Only of it of his pet Brooks Patrick Wally Wilson and Jay is Bulfa 5? map Eddie Southern raced in a 3 11.8 i z j Foj we Quot the quoth time boating the old Mark by 2.1, a Frh her l i2 it Yard seconds. Southern anchored with a a hoax of u Ard 16 3 Lap As the four sophomores 3 West he to won by 12 Yards Over sum. The tv.-,�? a ponies made a real race out of it in t running 3 14 Flat themselves Only Low hurdles from a tenth Over the record which they 0mp,son and Smail had held Esva Quot no Quot a 1nd neck for of Joe Villarreal Texas Little a a a rpm hut Ahtl Rich May there was no life no indication of Anergy or spirit. True the opera is basically a tragedy a its heroine. I dido overcome with grief at her Lover s parting takes her life in the closing moments. There is hint of tragedy to come scattered j throughout the opera. But in scenes where the two lovers first a Sophomore Quot Dis n,.iv it of in in i both Tai to i ready for la i Quot a of Quot a Quot Slons How much will Ord All by himself in Horn in run. To Quot error Daniel s signal fief is expect a the enfold i ,�?T0 1�?o a a it Early last fall the University de a there should be no glow my apartments of music and drama j 0vertoneb�?T 5 it. There were chose it for their annual jointly there were. Belly lacked Force produced Spring subject i ast Martha Ann Kelly singing of week the subject sprang Back in tic role of dido lacked Force and their faces due to a racial incident Imaku native styling. Her rendition stemming from our Campus. I of dido a lament a when i am Quot polite applause j1 Aid in Earth Quot was most Digap die production was presented fainting. She did no to sound like or Friday and saturday nights As App a to be a heartbroken woman. A scheduled. There w Ere no Demon i she depended too heavily on sex John novel of Texas came up. Urn Nome up or vote in the de a a to a pending r one Jup a 4 10.5 time. The old report j to Quot a re a k a a it a ate to a ceremony at which House a no Canto once with departmental budget was 4 17 2 ored Quot Luton Thomas he was in present awards a week a i knolls. Numbers and amounts of Bruce Parker s preliminary Tov sep longhorn. Page 2 harried student rushed into a this record figure come Are with Nfn academic personnel raises has Elm throw accounted for the fourth professor s office pleading for a total of $23 8 million for the yet a pin determined be new record by Texas. The san an Jast minute assistance. Proves biennium ending next August 31 or / Rpp it it a re prism Ltd 55, Tonio Sophomore hurled the Spear sors and students rushed to his j a aft treated reasonable for general a Perat it sex 220 feet 7% inches. Texas also got Side. Helping the tardy student a we feel that the main univer pm spa which nonacademic i second third and fifth place As prepare for the ceremony. Just sity has been treated reasonably kf18?&Quot is Are drawn Hile 0nly defending Champ de Keasler to info was about to eave 8 Weli in View of the funds available Koiv d r e 9 u p s 1 e d i of Rich could break through the helpful prof commented on the for a it so Nav Quot Uroic $6,018,220. Student s Lack of a the then stratus patrons in Hogg Audi press ions to carry the weight of her gave the performers loud grief and not being Well versed in i a department of music official thorium made the by Keg a tonic Only "p�1,to applause. The the tee Huque of proper Pant mimic telethon a a was presented As scheduled i evolutions was unrealistic. It it h was presented rather badly. I should he noted however that miss i be i euro coed who was re the cast members were tense belly was under More Strain than moved As the romantic Lead of almost to the Point of being Stuffy other Rast members and that so Queen dido in Tho student opera a a a a a a 1 whipped off his own and handed it to the student. Quot but i rant tie a tie Quot the student cried the understanding prof tied it for him. Problems persisted the tie came out too Long it had to be re tied and there just was t time. Equal to the occasion the helpful prof reached into his pocket pulled out a pocket appropriation. Drop Boner vice president for academic affairs a and of the main University told the texan saturday night. While the total main University i and Central administration two year budget Rose s5.2 million the dram on the it general Revenue fund will be Only about $1.7 million greater than in the current biennium. A $2 million increase in local i Revenue accounted for much of the increased budget. The tuition in dec to finance program of it 197 pints Given to blood drive 6-10 2 set by buddy i in die two Day University blood failed to hear it i drive collected a total of 197 pints longhorn javelin depth. High jump record by Stewart two of the most impressive Field event records were cracked As i smut Don Stewart and a amp mrs Emmett Smallwood did the dirty work. Stewart another great Sec Sophomore soared into the Clouds and Over the High jump bar with i a to leap to erase the Mark of Energy commission for the min c tots set by buddy Davis of Aam Chase of equipment will give the t9o2. Stewart tried at 77 but University it fir. $74,500 will go for nuclear study a $"4,500 Grant from the atomic Smallwood broke the 25-year-old knife and Cut off the offending crease Bill passed by the Senate of boo do Frank Lann of the Austin j Broad jump Standard with a 25-Di length of his own to v production of Quot dido and Aeneas a Given Friday and saturday night to Hogg auditorium said she i Happy at the University and plans to Complete her voice training Here the nationally known negro Folk Singer made the offer to miss Smith in a Telephone conversation saying he would Send her to any school of her Choice. She told him she had exp Riem de no trouble at the University other than the opera incident and that she plans to finish her work Here Bela font gym on the cultural entertain students Start opera petition a petition protesting the removal of Barbara Smith from the Lead in the opera Quot dido and Aeneas Quot was timing circulated on Campus saturday by a group of University students. The petition stated Quot As a group Sang her role both nights. The other parts we Ere double cast. Blanton impressive a id Blanton we As More impress sue than David Richards in the i role of Aeneas. Blanton who Sang the role saturday night has a More j seasoned voice and Sang with knowing conviction. The Best performance of the two night run was Given by Peggy Gregory who Sang the part of the sorceress saturday night. Miss. Gregory has a tremendous Vadlee and exhibits a keen sense of direr a non when on the stage her diction e appeared at Gregory of interested student who Are con n. Expressly hear Shirlee the cultural entertain corned about our Campus policies a a a a a s chef �8iraphy for the opera was one of the Hest qualities the ment series three years ago. He on integration we would like Toi Jet. Remarked in his autobiography Register our protest to the recent it Hor Arunde that the Austin audience was one a on Token in regard to the cur ? ,. Loy ahle dance pattern great of his most receptive Ever but he 1? a Pera production and to any also mentioned that he Wasny table similar decisions which Diserio to get a hotel room in the City. To reduce the e ident by helped tension. Missing dash the Una Chrsity symphony orchestra. Under the direction of Don mate against any member of the student body. A a Tuu a. Quote want our University to he was drilled 1#odwth Ore r is Quot a it v typ a Denh Pavi Smih lacked Day id it Quot Holch Kus Rantem Liberty Faux i to achieve per momentum and Justice for All As the action progressed special inese were the words Barbara approximately five Hundred had a it lacking was proper direction Smith used to describe her excite-1 signed by 3 r a ment in talking to Harry Belafonte thursday. He called to ask if he could be of any assistance to her and if passed almost $2 million to the local revenues. Anticipate Bill passage the report s appropriation for the University includes nearly one million dollars a year which anticipates the passage of the tuition Bill. If the tuition Bill fails to pass the Senate this w Eek the University will be Short that million dollars each year and it will have to be made up from the available fund unless the conference committee meets again and prepares a Harley Clark student body presi App reto3rt Dent has asked each h state Sena-1 report recommends $700,000 tor to Quot keep in mind the financial �r.? University and Burden to married students and Quot Well the Dean told us to be Nice to students Quot he explained Quot in a trying for the Best prof tuition raise hit in Clark letter University its first nuclear study program which will be one of the first in the Southwest says or. C p. Boner vice president of the univ Chrsity news of the Grant came Friday from w. Kenneth Davis director to final Reading thursday will add Pood Bank reported Friday at the i jump Texas Pat Mcguire finished completion of the drive. Fridays i second and also bettered the old total was 129 pints. Mark going 24-114. Ronnie White while a phonograph played Quot i be of Texas was third and also past i of the dec s division n a i of Ender my skin Quot students j 21 for development a of be act a Ned up Friday and saturday and Whilden was the meets High an an Licarion ton a gave blood in the Union building Point individual with 10s, but he to buy of Grant a Jar Opma was disappointed in his attempts die pharmaceutical blood Bank to get a second straight sweep in $50,000 a year for the Central administration be diverted from the available fund for operating expenses. Dip appropriation for fellowships scholarships and research aids has j an Allegro . Saturday a the Short prelude. The slow Intro spokesman for the group circus Duclion. Followed by isling the petition said. Built on fugal i be petition will he presented to touch too fast. Toe administration of the univer in a Hord die opera was Dis we orking students when voting on the proposed tuition raise. Clark in a letter sent to each senator Friday said Quot there is no doubt in my mind that this crease would work a hard our More than 3,000 married dents on countless students com j will be increased by almost $325,000 Petely or partially paying their for the coming biennium. Way through school and on future teaching salaries students planning on getting a teaching salaries Are up to a Good by inexpensive College Edu a total of a Little More than $13 Mil cation at our institution a a foundation which is for University it Lionts received the largest number of donations with 50 pints. The Austin blood Bank followed with 34 pints and the Nav y Roto received 33 pints. Fraternity sorority and family funds accounted for the remainder of the donations i Ean Cobb chairman of the Union activities Council which cosponsored the drive with the Austin blood Bank said Quot after the slowness of the firt Day we were pleased with the Over All turn cob also expressed hts thanks us in been increased from $53,000 a year to students in the College of phar up on to 5 3,500 Macy who assisted with the drive Stu general administrative salaries Joe Guerrero vice Regent of a Regent Kappa Psi pharmacy fraternity said that he was pleased with the number of donations and interest in the pharmaceutical blood Bank. Shy. A representative of the group appointing. Primarily it lacked said they Hope to get several spirit. But being performed amid thousand signatures. He reported j unusual circumstances each cast that Between five and six of every member is to be congratulated for eight students approached saturday i trying. Wanted to know if she were interested in going some he a else to school miss Smith said. Quot i told him that i had found exactly what i wanted Here and i. I a. That i did want to finish she z Al u a 5 petition. The i Saj j authors Hope to Send copies of the position to the religious foundations miss Smith said she was inter for circulation sunday and will try a erred in postgraduate work else to have a table in front of Texas where but toe did not know Union monday. Whether or Belafonte would Aid a a her either in her work hero or another Resolution condemning i later. It s too Early to say a she i the removal of miss Smith said to to Contact him later House Bill 265, which would Dou be the present $25 tuition was lines was played i Assad t third Reading in the Senate thursday approval on third Reading will Send the Bill to governor Daniel for his signature. Senator Jarrard Secrest Senate sponsor of the Bill said it will probably be brought up for third Reading on wednesday. The dashes. Daugherty Hon Danahe steer senior j. Frank Daugherty. One of the two hic surprises of the meet edged into first place in the Bio and 220 by inches and twice it. Was Whilden whom he nipped at the wire. Daugherty hampered by injuries for three years waited until his last coherence meet to produce but produce he did. He put on a last second burst to the too to win in 9 6, and repeated in the 220 with a 20 i Lime. Walden was Given the same times in both races. The other Surprise Winner for a sea 1-Type nuclear reactor is being made. Or. Boner said. The diversify already has an Quot atom smasher Quot but it does not create i All activity As does an atomic reactor. The addition of a reactor would open a new Field to atomic research at the University. Advances in the Field of nuclear techniques have pressed the University into developing a program of nuclear courses which Are offered Thoush various science and engineering departments. As Many As 20 courses May he developed officials said four can but Given in 1957 by using equipment for which the Grant is intended. With the registration of about to students expected. What Coes on Here was syrian gives opinions on Arab questions Many cameras present but opera uneventful by Noe Okrez to san Mart writer weather a Quot every body and his camera Quot of regents the president of the n a m s show�?T-1 University the student Assembly got dido and Aeneas prepared and the daily texan to get pictures of pickets Barbara Smith or a congregation of demonstrator-., hut nothing happened. The opera went on As planned although several Plaine to Tesmen were stationed inside Hogg auditorium and backstage. Miss Smith a. I awas not seen at either fridays or planning bunday afternoon saturdays performances. A in�8 had tier take Umb a. The weather Bureau says Thunder in wild 5ctl0n re storms Are expected sunday after Poi ted during the weekend was the flying of a Flag from the flagpole in front of the main building Usu adopted by the Alba club a latin american organization on the Campus. This Resolution protested the action and urged that the univer j speaking at the ninth annual sity authorities take Steps to Cor Arab dinner Najmuddin Rifai aired the incident. Copies of the Tomate syrian Delegate to the Resolution were sent to the Board United nations sought to answer two questions most often asked by end More than four years of dreams plans and hard work. The to room originally conceived by three students who decided that engineering students needed a place to drink their Coffee without having to walk one or Rifai listed two things Basic third of 8 Mie for it wil3 for future understanding Between opened mfg Sally with a ceremony the United states and the Middle by the Ramshorn so East engineers to room will open monday dedication of Taylor s to room i Sion brought the work to a crawl at j to . Monday brings to an j in 1955. Sex students and other Volunteer donations raised the estimated $30,000 that was needed to Complete the project. At least $20,000 was saved by the use of Volunteer student help during Quot operation St Aday to Wate Rama Lake Austin to or Alfred Taylor to address unitarian forum on Quot food processing and Chenica ligation As it affects our health Quot 2300 san Gabriel. 10�?"the Quaker attitude toward symbolism and ritual Quot friends \ Center 2106 nieces. 11�?honors Day for Newman club St. Austin s auditorium. I Phi my mothers Day dinner. Driskill hotel. It or Paul a Mensch to address def University Christian Church. 6 30 Delta Phi Epsilon dinner Austin hotel. 6 30 Quot Austin symphony a Kofi. 6 Ion Sigma Delta Chi awl Theta Sigma Phi to hear Fred Gipson and Walter Prescott Webb Spanish Village. A 30�?sing-song, Hillel foundation. Llu Quot Austin symphony Quot know. Monday 1 45 Newman members leave club i a student Art exhibit music building for picnic on Bull Creek. J building Loggia. 2 water a final Beauty revue. 14 Willis Bodine in Organ recital City Park. Music building recital Hall. 5 student coordinating commit noon with a generally mild and Cloudy Day expected otherwise. Xuy a or. A i saturdays High was 82 degrees alb displaying the Texas Flag. The a with a Low of 68 the thermometer pranksters Flag spoiled a nazi is expected to climb to 78 sunday Swastika and the words Quot no com a with a Low of 65 expected Early communism in the arabs sunday morning. Ment Quot americans i. Why Are certain countries in the Middle East turning to the soviet Union for Aid and 2. Why ran the arabs not comp to terms with rho West on we Hom they must ultimately depend answering the first question or. Rifai said that when those us Hom i the Middle East considers to be her Friend reject her she must look for sympathy to those who will give it to Here in Case Russia. Their relations with Russia however Are purely on a business basis said or. Rifai and should not be taken As a tendency toward world. First the United states must understand Arab nationalism is nothing More than a movement toward Independence very much like americans own. Second the i touted states Muo consider relations with the Arab world on a basis of Sovereign Equality. Gipson Webb to speak Fred gip Sori and or. Walter Prescott Webb will speak on Quot writing today Quot to journalism students at a dinner at 6 30 . Sunday. The dinner sponsored by Sigma Entrance tests Given to 1,000 piety governor Price Daniel will he the principal speaker for the occasion. W. R Woolrich Dean of top College of engineering and Carl Ed-1 Mort than 1,000 High school sen vein in it Kejr president of the ions we Cre registered to take the engineering Council will also University admission tests Given in Spray it 19 Texas cities saturday the to room a rec cation Center testing began at 8 30 in for engineers is located under the Abilene Amarillo Austin Beau West Wing of the engineering Delta Chi and Theta Sigma Phi. Journalism fraternities will be at to answer the second question the Spanish Village. Budding. The removal of approximately i Soo Ruhr Yards of Rock begun in december 1952, was completed just before the Christmas holidays in 1954. Using Only Volunteer help the students worked in shifts in their spare time until the Job or Quot operation Gopher Quot As the excavation was nicknamed was completed. Red tape Over the specifications 2 International club meets at 2500 Whit is to go to Oglesby ranch. 2-5 Reserve Reading room open. Main Library. 3-5 pictures by Peter Hurd and other artists. Laguna Gloria. 3�?eulenspiegelverein meets at Littlefield Fountain to go to City Park. 3 30 bus meets at Baptist student building to go to Zilker Park. 4 Richard Maag cello and Suzanne Jankay piano music building recital Hall. 4 30 meeting at University Myca for River boat party. 4 44 Yea rus budding Mem i Phi my Alpha initiation music mom Corpus Christi Dallas Al building 200 paso. Fort Worth. Galveston har j 5 discussion and supper. Gamma Linden Houston Laredo Lubbock i Delta Center Midland san Angelo. San Antonio 5 3�-Caljege training Union sup of the room and the food Coneen said Tyler. Waco and Wichita Falls High school senior applicants for University admission May take either a College Board aptitude test at their own expense or the free University admission tests or. H t. Manuel director of the testing and guidance Bureau per Barnst student building. 5 30�?dr. Rudolph Millard to speak on Quot the Bible As history Quot lutheran student Center. 5 30 a Quot Texas business review a know. 5 30 the Rev. Joe Matthews to address psf presbyterian student Center. Tee Texas Union 311. 5 intramural managers Cactus picture women s gym 5 6 Silver spurs to officers Eltoro. 6.30 a symphonic band banquet. Hills. 6 30 Institute of aeronautical sciences to elect officers. Engineering building 337. 6 30�?aaae meeting. Main Engi Neering budding 141 t us de Mexico texan Union 311. 7 to and 7 15 Quot University highlights Quot a tic 7.30 a prep movie a rhapsody in Blue main lounge Texas Union. T to dedication of Taylor s t room engineering building 7 30 a Chi Gamma Iota Texas Union 301. 7 30---students invited to army Reserve meeting 525 Barton Springs Road. I 15 mrs. Mae Wilmack to demonstrate hair arrangement to business administration wives Texas Union 311,

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